it was fun painting and designing this though

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So I don't know if you've seen it but skin wars is a body painting competition (it's on netflix very fun to watch). But now imagine R the body painting artist being paired up with model Enjolras for a challenge and all he can say is "holy shit fuck me"

(Oh my god I need to watch that, fantasy makeup design is one of my hobbies!!)

This is actually such a great headcanon though, because i can tell you from personal experience that something as up-close-and-personal as having your face (let alone your entire body) painted by someone you’re attracted to–or being the artist–is incredibly nerve wracking and awkward and just a little exciting.

I think that, although the usual slightly antagonistic/politically flirtatious dynamic would still be there, Enjolras would definitely be very excited to have Grantaire use him as a model–strictly because his art is so beautiful, of course. It would be kind of cool to have Enjolras as trans man for this as well, and R constantly telling him how wonderful his body is despite the fact that trans men aren’t exactly seen as ideal candidates for any sort of modelling.

I imagine R doing something like this, with Enjolras as a stained-glass image of Apollo: 

The finished piece of ~cyber punk anime dad~ (as I’d liked to call this (’: ) I did for Lawrence’s birthday (and as a little thank you, honestly<3)! 

Put way more hours in this than expected, but that usually happens with my paintings, honestly. I’m pretty happy with the results though! Especially since I worked outside of references /a lot/ with this piece, lots of trying to imagine how things would work and lots of fiddling around with lighting and stuff. Was fun to work on though, especially ‘cause I really like the colour theme with the greenblue and red! 

(For anyone who’s curious; the kanji on the collar says ‘anime dad’, and the barcode is ‘′ which stands for the individual letters in ‘Lawrence’. The arm/shoudler tattoo was loosely based on circuits and simple minimalistic designs like in Mirror’s Edge. Hatsune Miku was added in as a kinda virtual reality/artificial intelligence buddy, like Cortana in Halo or the A.I. in Red vs Blue. I also added the little astrodemonio from the TKDK hoodie he wears sometimes; cause I thought it was a cute design that fit the colour theme here! Lastly; I did the clothing design myself which makes it not as interesting or unique, but I tried my best painting folds without reference for the first time (’: )

Also here’s a bonus note I did that I plan to tweet alongside the painting:

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Zimbabwe, Yemen :)

YEMEN: What kind of art do you like?

oooo this is a fun question, i could probably talk about this forever. i grew up singing and practically lived inside a dance studio, so performing arts and music will always hold the most special place in my heart. since i haven’t left my computer since the late 90′s, i’ve become very fond of graphic design. literature has always held importance in my life and i secretly have aspirations of becoming some sort of writer or poet (prolly won’t happen because i write almost exclusively in fragmented, run-on sentences). 

though i can’t paint, draw, or sculpt for shit, i could stare any of these works for hours. i tend to gravitate towards surrealism, impressionism/post-impressionism, and high renaissance art, but there really isn’t a specific movement that i couldn’t learn to appreciate with the exception of modern art (i just don’t get it tbh).

ZIMBABWE: Who is your favourite character from any folklore?

lol i grew up in a catholic household, so i have this internal fascination with biblical characters. one of my favorites is salome - who’s not only a biblical figure, but also a character in oscar wilde’s “salome.” basically, salome was brought in to dance during a party thrown by king herod. she was gorgeous, seductive, and single-handedly captivated a group of royals and commanders and, as a reward, was offered anything she’d like. salome consulted her mother, who said to ask for the head of john the baptist - a holy man (and one of jesus’ besties) who had wronged their family. 

like wow what a badass. imagine being so sexy that the king offers you whatever you want, then using that offer to get the head of your mom’s greatest enemy delivered to you on a platter. 

thanks, these were great questions! and sorry my answers are embarrassingly long 

Another commissioned piece for indie game “the molten rock”. This is the 2D sprite for the main character of the game.  His normal form, injured and powered up form. Had a lot of fun making this character 😁, though its tough trying to make it clean for animation.Pretty pleased with overall look of each form 

Currently open for commissions btw if anyone is interested in Something like this, just send me a dm or email me at


This is a custom “madball” I designed, sculpted and painted for my partner who collects them. It’s (obviously) inspired by Little Shop of Horrors but also carnivorous plants in general since he also likes those.  I made it for his birthday this past November.  These projects are fun for me because I almost never work in actual 3D and it’s a very different experience. My sculpting skills are pretty rudimentary. This is the one I made the year before though, so I think I’ve gotten a bit better! It’s made out of Das paper clay and painted with acrylics with glow in the dark sculpey teeth. I named her Audrey Spew.

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Do you hear that? It's the Hoshido retainers calling for Halloween Headcanons (plus Corrin and her 2000 retainers, and Azura)

I do hear it +_+ the sound of Halloween spirit

This is a pretty tall order though lmao, I’ll have to split this ask up into two posts. Hoshidan retainers first - Corrin’s retainers + Azura to follow in another post!

Saizo + Kagero - Saizo is not at all fond of Halloween. There’s nothing inherently meaningful about it and there’s way too much candy everywhere. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a holiday for children. But… if Ryoma is interested in this holiday… then Saizo will personally secure high-end candy and fine fabrics for a costume. All for his liege. Kagero will dabble in pumpkin carving, planning out intricate designs beforehand. It’s really hard to tell just what she was trying to do with her design. She’ll also try her hand at face painting, again, usually difficult to tell what she was gunning for there. She has fun with it though, and isn’t that what matters?

Azama + Setsuna - Azama finds it pretty amusing that there’s an entire holiday dedicated to making light of death and horror. He’s the type to go to haunted houses, not get spooked, and give the poor actors a lot of shit for their inability to scare him. Setsuna goes  trick or treating, but forgets to bring anything to hold candy with. Instead holds out her hands for candy like an orphan begging for food and holds her candy that way. Goes about as well as you’d expect (badly). Has to be escorted while trick or treating or she’ll end up in someone’s backyard.

Oboro + Hinata - Oboro despises store-bought costumes and adamantly refuses to let her close friends wear them. Instead, she goes about painstakingly designing stylish and intricate costumes. She enjoys walking around fairs and such for inspiration. Hinata is absolutely the one to suggest investigating legitimate haunted places, such as abandoned hospitals and the like. He’d be completely oblivious to any ghost even if it breathed down his neck.

Hana + Subaki Hana goes trick or treating for hours and thoroughly goes through her haul to separate all the sour candies from the sweet ones just for Sakura. Definitely gets matching costumes with Sakura. Subaki trains himself two months in advance not to react to jump scares in case anyone invites him to a haunted house or to go see a scary movie. The training did not pay off. His costume is perfect, though.

Was in the mood for painting some Overwatch fanart so this happened tonight. Did my bae Mercy first since she’s the hero I play the most. I also realized how deceptively complex OW character designs are, even one of the more simpler-looking designs like Mercy. She’s got subtle segments and other details everywhere. Still a lot of fun though!

Started the sketch of this around 10PM last night, and finished it at…5AM this morning. I really need to stop working these kind of hours, but I feel like I’m getting faster at this whole painting thing, or at least more confident, since results like this used to take me several days to finish.

Still gonna do more Overwatch fanart! I’m sort of thinking about doing everyone’s (least) favorite edgelord Reaper as an ode to all of the 13 year olds who’ve told me “KYS” after losing a solo-queue game lmao, but I’ll let people decide which character I do next x3


ANI 112A Final: Momotaro Project

Last 112A spam. Hahaaa so this was our final project for 112A. I really loved this project. This was our first opportunity in the program to do a visual development project, and it was loads of fun.

The assignment was to choose a story as a class, and then put a spin on it. We would then design a character, sculpt it, and develop a final illustration using our character. Lots of work.

The story we chose was the Japanese folktale of Momotaro, the Peach Boy. But in this case, we spun it around and set it in pre-colonial Hawaii. I chose to do the scene in the story where Momotaro confronts the Oni—in this case, a Mo’o, which is essentially a Hawaiian dragon.

Designing Momotaro was a cinch, but the Mo’o was a little tougher. Mo’o’s are typically jet black, and live in swampy environments. I chose to have my Mo’o live in a cave with luminescent water, based off the glowworm caves in New Zealand. The Mo’o’s horns are based off of Hawaiian bone fishhook carvings, and I incorporated the fishhook motif in his markings. 

I’m really pleased with the end illustration—it was my first time painting in Photoshop, and I think it turned out pretty nicely! Gotta say though, designing the characters was my favorite part. Buff guys are fun to draw ;D


Another Book of Life post! I had the fun challenge of figuring out how these soldiers worked in 3D space.  Jorge originally designed the soldiers to function like a Picasso painting as a 2D asymmetrical silhouette.  Even though their faces are always to camera, the modelers still needed the entire form figured out to help make their job of translating Jorge’s 2D designs into 3D easier.


And here we have some attempts at diversity for Aequis. I have yet to decide if they are merely subspecies, as that’s a lot of variation in form. Naturally, making them subspecies would be more fun, because INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. (Within reason, I don’t like form impeding function, though the swallowtail on that top right one is sticking out like a sore thumb.)

I like these enough that they may very well constitute the first round of designs for sale! I already have color palette ideas for most. I’m going to get laughed off of the internet for painting/drawing these all traditionally. (If someone complains, they get to give me the latest copy of Adobe Photoshop.)

Anyway. Thoughts?


As the year draws to a close, I slowly realize that all of my favorite photos of myself involve me looking literally almost nothing like myself.

I like doing the “10 fave selfies of the year” things, and this year is not exception. I guess this time it’s just the cosplay edition lol

Making yourself go through all your photos from the year is really fun though, I recommend it, ten out of ten. 

Show me your ten faves, ya’ll. I’m not gonna tag anyone, I just wanna see happy positive thoughts on my dash. ;w; Do the thing, do the thing~

Do the thing if you want to, I’m not gonna force anyone lol

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GOM + Kagami + Takao dressing up for Halloween with s/o? witch costume would they wear? Btw, you guys are amazing! So funny! And you write very well!!:D

(Thanks so much!! <3

And I know a lot of these outfits seem gendered but my friends… it’s halloween!! All people can wear dresses and all can be whatever they choose to be, so I don’t mean to make it seem like this is just a male/female only ask ‘cause it’s not!)

Generations of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: You remember a story from Teiko that Akashi had told you about where he had dressed up as little red riding hood and his friend had been the wolf; when you mention this idea for your Halloween costume he visibly pales, but when you tell him he’ll get to be the wolf this time he seems to grow fonder of the idea. The next day you have a beautifully made dress that fits your measurements perfectly, modeling for Akashi who nods in approval and gives you a brief look at his own costume before telling you to wait patiently for Halloween, and to trust him on the fact that it’d look good. When he shows up looking like a professionally done werewolf you joke that you should star in a move that remakes the fairy tail, his eyes widening as he agrees with the idea and starts to make some calls (while you tell him to calm down and make it through Halloween before planning a movie with you). 

Aomine Daiki: Aomine refuses to dress up in anything intricate even as you and the rest of the team tell him he’s no fun, as he doesn’t even want to go out on Halloween (newsflash: he’s not getting his way with you around). You want to make a play on Touou’s ‘Newly Crowned Tyrant ’ reputation, telling Aomine you were going to buy him a crown and he was going to wear it to be the King to your Queen uniform (you stole Sakurai’s jersey, borrowed a black skirt from Momoi, and bought yourself a sparkling crown that was bigger than the one you got Aomine). You tell him to simply dress in his uniform and act like he was going to play basketball, the simplest outfit you could think of since he dressed up like that almost every day (sans the crown). 

Kise Ryouta: Kise had been plotting for awhile what outfits the two of you would wear during as you had left it up to him, but had been at a loss for a costume that would properly show off both of your appeal. When he heads into his photoshoot that morning he’s surprised to see the outfits he would be wearing, mouth dropping as he realizes they’re absolutely perfect for his Halloween plans; he snatches them after he’s done, stating he wasn’t ‘stealing’ just ‘borrowing’. When he shows you the beautiful God/Goddess uniforms his eyes are glowing and there’s no way to shake him from the idea, taking as many photo’s of the two of you as he could before you freeze in the cold autumn air.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko left most of the decision for the costume up to you, only putting in his two cents if it wasn’t family friendly (as his mother and father wanted pictures) or if it was far too embarrassing for him to think about doing. When you show up with the two superhero outfits you tell him to pick one, and he naturally feels as though he’s suited for the role of Robin; he slides into the tights, looking in the mirror before sliding the mask down his face and posing for you as you judged how it fit him from his bed. When you give him a thumbs up you put on your Batman costume, posing in the mirror beside him and saying it definitely fit the two of you; you giggle as he leans over to give you a kiss, telling him you had to stay in character for the night, meaning you were going to become dark and brooding until it hit midnight. He shows clear unhappiness with this idea, telling you that he dealt with enough angst regarding the Generation of Miracles and would rather not deal with it on a fun night such as Halloween. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima didn’t understand Takao’s laughter as he left his house in a mage robe with a staff that his sister had helped him paint, thinking the costume was perfectly fine (there were some ridiculous looking people out on Halloween, after all). You’re dressed in a intricate design that you hadn’t seen anywhere in Halloween stores that you’re almost positive Midorima made especially for you (he refuses to admit to anything, though his mother did give you a knowing smile as she took a picture of you two). When Takao off-handedly mentions that the character your playing is the royalty that the main character mage is in love with in the story, he denies, denies, denies, until you come upon Kuroko who also had a love for the books, and the truth. Kuroko lists off the various shows of love the mage performs for his ruler while Midorima looked for a means of escape (Takao wasn’t going to let him get away at this point). 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Appreciating her aesthetic and having always loved the board game, you chose Queen Frostine to be your desired Halloween costume, excitedly telling Murasakibara all about your idea (though you’re sure he only heard the part about being allowed to eat candy all night instead of just when you got home). When you bought the outfits you realized you might have to tailor Murasakibara’s out a bit more, finding it difficult as he refused to stand still while you were sewing and trying to make it comfortable for him to wear, but were finally successful when Himuro came along and helped you out (You tried to convince said pretty boy to be Princess Lolly but he didn’t seem to enjoy the thought of being your and Murasakibara’s love child). 


Kagami Taiga: Kagami isn’t entirely on board with the idea but after you buy the black shirts, he knows you’re in it for the long haul; you model the jersey perfectly after Touou’s, making one for you and Kagami while using color hairspray to dye your hair blue. Aomine isn’t entirely happy with you both mocking him so openly, with Kagami commenting that being him was the scariest thing he could think of, while Aomine retorts that it’s only because Kagami has realized how great he is and wants to spend a night being brilliant.

Takao Kazunari: Takao needed his outfit to be absolutely perfect, one that would bring tears to the eyes of the many who would see him, but he had trouble thinking of something that great. He realizes during practice one day exactly what he should be, pulling you into his scheme as he pushes his jersey into your hand and tells you to be him. When you question his intentions he refuses to tell you, locking the door to his room as he got ready. He had stolen Midorima’s outfit earlier that day under the guise of washing it for him, wearing glasses that were far too large for his face and having poorly painted his hair green with some sort of Halloween hairspray; along with that he only talked in his perfect imitation of Midorima’s voice, adding ‘nanodayo!’ at the end of each of his sentences. When you laugh and comment that the Midorima would absolutely kill him when he saw him, he tells you ‘I’ll do my best to survive and let the heavens do the rest!’ with a serious face. 

So i couldn’t resist the cute little octopus and painted this mug last night (took me way too long). Baked it this morning and drank my first coffee out of it this afternoon. It’s inspired by Olga Kay’s make-up (i love it!). I’m so excited for #oscarshotel ! The costume designs look really gorgeous. I hope everyone on set is enjoying themselves!