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I actually just want to post this for anybody still in school who has naturally oily hair: do not be ashamed of it. do not let people make you feel ashamed for having oily hair. I was picked on pretty relentlessly my first few years of high school because my hair gets noticeably oily after not washing it for one day, so I would turn up having washed it only the day before and people would make fun of me and call me dirty and say the nastiest most horrible stuff to me. this caused me to start washing it everyday (which is really not good for your hair) and be extremely self conscious about it. I just wanted to tell anybody with this same problem to not let people make you feel like you are gross and dirty, your oily hair is not a weakness and do your best to not wash it every single day because I’ve been there and it’s not healthy for your hair. Dry shampoo is super cheap and your best friend for making your hair look clean and fresh so you can afford to skip a day or two between washes! I love you guys so much and I feel like oily hair doesn’t get enough love on this website because people assume it means you haven’t washed for weeks when you probably washed it only one or two days ago. So here I am, sending the love to my naturally oily haired folks. don’t let it get you down, okay?

島﨑信長(島崎信長)  @nobunaga_s  Apr 26

Thank you very much for coming to the “Orenchi no Furo Jijou” eventー!  Well, we spoke about a lot of things…it was so fun! Did everyone else have fun? From here on, please continue supporting “OreFuro”!


Sword Art Online - Gifset per Episode
Episode 4 | The Black Swordsman

The teleport square of the forty-seventh floor was full of countless flowers. Narrow lanes in four directions framed the open space, and the rest of the curved plaza was walled off into larger brick flowerbeds overflowing with an infinite array of unfamiliar flora.
“This is incredible…”
“Most people call this floor the Flower Garden. The whole forty-seventh floor is covered with flowers, not just the town. If you’ve got time, there’s even the Forest of Giant Flowers on the north edge.”
“Maybe some other time.”
Silica smiled at Kirito and bent over a nearby flowerbed. She stuck her face into a pale flower the resembled a bluebottle and breathed in its scent.

Sword Art Online Vol. 2, Part 1 [THE BLACK SWORDSMAN]

[BTS Twitter Update] [26.04.2015] Jin’s tweet

재밌어보여 저도 한번 해봤습니다

화로구이가 먹고싶다
양고기역시 먹고싶다
연잎족발도 먹고싶다
화이팅..내 다이어트


It seems fun so I tried too

I want to eat grilled
I want to eat lamb
I want to eat Lotus Leaf Jokbal (Glazed pig’s feet)
Fighting… My diet


*Note: He did an acrostic poem for 화양연화 (Bloom Of Youth)

cr: @BTS_twt

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i honestly think about being your friend and buying you fries and frozen coke and fine sushi a lot and i feel like we would get along bc we would make fun of all the same ppl but you live on another fucking continent and its sad AF

You must be a capricorn. See you one day.have a blessed life


A tacky barista with a tacky sign in front of his store. Really, how could anyone fall for that? Really, how could anyone resist that?

7/10 of the 1k follower series
Pairing: Takao x Reader (gender-neutral)
Rating: K
Word Count: 1005
—inspired by this post

              for kurobasuimagine who is possibly the sweetest thang

Your Barista for the Day:
1. Super awesome and fun <3
2. Single ready to mingle (*>◡ó*)  
3. Makes the best coffee in the morning ;)

Recommended: Giving him your number

You stared at the tacky sign posted up in front of the store. How in the world could someone ever write something that weird? And why in the world would anyone fall for something like—

“Ne, ___, let’s go here!” Your friend grinned with twinkling eyes after she noticed the signboard. Never mind. You reluctantly followed her in and she instantly bounded over to the counter. Your friend was peppy and always so happy and you wondered how you were always with her sometimes. She instantly started flirting with the admittedly cute barista.

He had messy black hair with soft blue eyes. Wow, that was one hell of a combination. Funnily enough, he first greeted your friend with the goofiest of looks before putting on the charm and man, his charm game was strong. He gave her his most seductive look and the sexiest of smirks. You might’ve felt your heart beat loudly with his changes. Nope, don’t do it. Don’t fall for him.

Your friend already seemed interested in him enough anyway. His name was Takao apparently and he was the main barista at that specific café. When his eyes moved to you, you saw a twinkle of excitement and you frowned. “And what can I get you both today?”

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Melting Zombie Candles

Bask in the warm glow of decomposing flesh by lighting up some melting zombie candles. Nothing sets the mood quite like snuggling with your significant other, lighting a zombie’s head on fire and watching him melt away over the course of several hours.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


Some screenshots from last night’s Jed’hin tournament! Even though I didn’t get to rp as much as I wanted ‘cause I was under the Very Tired™ debuff all along (it was already 2am here when the event started), I enjoyed the event sooo much, it was good to see so many people there!

Thank you again shadowsofargus for hosting this event!

Edit: tallgeezwow for president

Edit 2: bonus selfie

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pls don't spoil for me but if been seeing people already disappointed by avengers and I'm scared af

It’s really individual preference! I mean I’ve been waiting for this movie for 3 years so rn I’m casually ignoring all the problems and enjoying myself… Objectively speaking its a good action movie and the plot and pace is very fun to watch and casual movie goers will probably enjoy it. But characterisation-wise wow whedon fucked up bad with a few of them man. Still a pretty enjoyable movie overall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

very fannish weekend

So, I’m working Chevron 8.2 (little British Stargate con) and I like Stargate, it’s fun. I fangirled. I’m doing all the coffee and food for the actors and staff (which is fine, feeding people is a good task). It’s pretty chill, and a very quiet little con, (only a couple hundred people, only 6 actors). 

I’ve spent most of the weekend sitting in the green room, drinking coffee and watching Swan Queen fanvids and writing fic. (which is a great use of the weekend). It’s very chill. Hope you are all right, my lovelies. 

Quick dash through London back to Sheffield tonight, including St. Pancras, my favourite train station.