it was from a photoset hm

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Excuse me, but what is the name of the game?

story of seasons: trio of towns!

its a farming simulator game and ITS SO!! GOOD!! n relaxing and fun n takes your mind off things esp if youre stressed heee. if youre family with the old harvest moon games (the latest one with the title hm is tale of two towns?) sos tot is literally its new installment

long story short natsume isnt handling the harvest moon game and the new hm ones are a fraud whereas marvelous is the True farming game from the old old franchise

also there are so many great bachelors n bachelorettes get the game n the doctor

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Hi, I saw you reblogged this gif of Armin covered in blood and candles being blown out and standing from the opening of SNK and said something like "This moment" in the tags. Uh this sounds dumb because I watched the anime, but I don't get the significance of the gif or the moment? Like do the candles being blown out show he's going to be the only one to survive? And like there's another photoset where it has pictures of Annie and Armin as" the traitors" or liars? I get Annie but not Armin.

hm, Armin is not a traitor, but I must say that he can actually be no less of a liar than Annie, if not more. Annie was lying during a long time period to almost everyone, and she was tired of it. Very very tired. When it’s necessary, Armin despite the weakness people tend to see in him on the first sight, can fuck people up and manipulate them into doing something he carculated is necessary for the mission, like he did with /certain people/ in the manga, like he did with Annie in her titan form when they were outside of the walls in the mission in order to save lives.

I love that ‘candle moment’ from the second opening because in a way it can be seen as symbolic to Armin’s clear mind. Whenever shit goes down and people are dying here and there and everyone is on nerves he can be cold blooded enough to still see the situation clearly. In a way, the light in the dark to guide people to survival if not with his skills but with his mind. Gods, I love Armin.


sorry I had to make a photoset because for some reason I can’t upload more than one image to a text post any more? hm

“Hahaha- Dyl, c’mere- look-”

“What is it?”

“I was going through my Tumblr- and this turned up. See- they think we’re in love with each other.”

“Gimme it,” Dylan said mindlessly, taking the phone from Thomas’s hand.

His eyes were met with a photoset of him and Thomas, in various interviews, just looking at each other. It was captioned: “God, they’re so in love.”

“Funny, isn’t it? These girls’ thoughts are so far-fetched,” Thomas said, glancing at the clock. “Hey, it’s late. I think I’ll go check on Issy, hm?” Thomas was getting to his feet from where he was lying on Dylan’s bed while the other boy had been playing video games. Their usual thing.

“Do you have to go? It’s not that late,” Dylan protested, not taking his eyes off the Tumblr post, feeling a strange sort of fear in the pit of his stomach.

“Dyl, god knows these girls might have cameras fixed in your room. They’ll say things,” Thomas shook his head at his friend, amused.

“Is it a bad thing? You being in love with me?” Dylan asked, without thinking.

He didn’t really like Thomas, obviously. He was just making sure, right?

Thomas looked up from where he was fastening the laces on his trainers, and frowned at Dylan.

“Dyl… what’s wrong, mate?” he asked, feeling a sudden urge to grab his best friend and do anything it will take to make the pain leave his face.  What is wrong with you, you fool? He mentally scolded himself.

“It’s just… is being in love with me a bad thing?” Dylan asked stubbornly, his eyes finally meeting Thomas’s. Thomas was horrified to notice they were moist.

“Dylan! Of course I love you, man. I didn’t mean it like that. I do love you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you, like a brother.”

Yeah, some brother, his subconscious teased. Brothers don’t dream about kissing each other while sleeping next to their girlfriends. They don’t get jealous when the other is with his girlfriend. They don’t look at each other the way you look at him. Shut up, Thomas snapped at the ever annoying voice in his head.

“Like a brother?” Dylan chuckled dementedly. “Do brothers look at each other like I look at you?” He held up Thomas’s phone to the boy’s face, on which was displayed a gif of Dylan watching Thomas.

Thomas’s heart rate picked up as what was happening started sinking in. He stared at Dylan, his eyes wide.

Dylan, on the other hand, had no control over what he was saying. He kept telling himself to stop, stop stop speaking, before he pushed too far and Thomas left him for good.

He didn’t actually like Thomas.

He loved Thomas.

The way the boy’s eyes crinkled at the side when he smiled, his sleek figure and his smooth skin. His soft blonde hair, the blood red in his lips, the way he took his acting so seriously.  The way he dressed, the way he talked, the way he made Dylan’s hair stand on end by merely shooting him a wink. Dylan loved every bit there was to love of Thomas-Brodie Sangster.  

“Dylan… I…” Thomas tried, his eyes fixated on the gif. He observed his own expression in the little moving picture. Beaming like he knew he never did with Isabella, body relaxed and carefree. Blushing.

“You what?” Dylan asked rather harshly. “Cut it out, Tommy. Get out. You were leaving, go now.”

Dylan was breathing hard, filled with a rage he knew wasn’t aimed at Thomas but at himself.

How had he fallen so hard in such a short amount of time?

He’d acted with hot guys before. Nothing of this sort had ever happened then. Why with Thomas? Why with the one boy he would die rather than lose? Why did he have to fall for Thomas- Brodie Sangster, the best friend he could have ever asked for?

“Dylan, listen…”

Thomas didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Was he dreaming, perhaps? But dreaming could hardly be in such vivid detail. He could practically feel the scarlet in Dylan’s cheeks and smell his frustration and angst. It triggered some chemical in Thomas’s system that had been dormant for as long as he could remember.

He couldn’t possibly…

Oh, no.

“Yeah, they don’t.”

Dylan was so taken aback by Thomas actually responding that he almost gave himself whiplash by the speed at which his head snapped up.


“Yeah, brothers don’t look at each other like that,” Thomas whispered, his face inches from Dylan’s within seconds. He gently acquired the phone from the brown haired boy’s grip, clicking on another gif. Of him watching Dylan. He held the phone to the boy’s face, a weird shine in his eyes. “Do they?”

He stepped forward, so that his and Dylan’s noses were touching, and smirked, before seizing the back of the boy’s head and pressing their lips together.

The action was readily answered to as Dylan moaned in pleasure and satisfaction, arms curling around Thomas’s waist, both their bodies ablaze in arousal and desire and love.

Their own, pure and real love.

The kind of love that brothers don’t have for each other.

“No, they don’t.”