it was fricking freezing cold

cs fic: take the weather from your heart

Summary: CS Neighbors AU. Emma finds herself in possession of a cabin in the wilderness of New England with only one neighbor: a certain Killian Jones.

a/n: This is an ode to pioneer women, New England in the winter, and flannel. So much flannel.

cs fic: take the weather from your heart

Her phone lost reception about twenty miles back and the road went from pavement to gravel to dirt somewhere during that time and she’s in the goddamn middle of rolling, twisting nowhere.

There’s a lingering stillness sitting heavy just above the day, grayness swallowing mountains and frost-burnt grass blanketing the ground in quiet.

It’s such a Granny thing to do: to up and die on her and leave her a stupid cabin of all things in a place that hasn’t seen civilization since before the French and Indian War and takes an orienteering degree to get to.

Just goddamn like her to teach her some murky, cryptic lesson from beyond the grave.

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First Dates - Pietro

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First Dates (Pietro)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Prompt: Hey, I was wondering whether you could do a fan fiction where all the guys in the Avengers have a crush on you so you go on a date with all of them and then choose one? I don’t know, just an idea (berrystained)
Warnings: None :)

First Part:

(( Sorry guys for making you wait so long!! School is terrible tbh ,_, But anyways, here’s the next part of First Dates! ))

    You would think that Pietro, being fast and all, would be ready before you. But no. For the past seven minutes, you have been waiting at the exit of the Avengers tower, simply waiting for Pietro. You had on a bathing suit top underneath a t-shirt and swimming shorts on, just like Pietro asked you to. Tapping your foot anxiously, your arms crossed across your chest. What was taking Pietro so long? Right on cue, Pietro zoomed up in front of you. He had swimming shorts on.

    “Sorry printessa for being late,” said Pietro breathlessly. 

    “It’s fine… why do we have bathing suits on?” You asked, slightly tugging on your shirt. 

    “Just wait—I think you will enjoy this,” said Pietro, smiling. 

    “Well then, I’m excited.” Pietro led you out of the building and into his car. He opened the door for you, and you smiled as you sat onto the passenger’s seat. In a flash, Pietro closed the car door, and appeared on the driver’s seat. 

    “So… what music do you listen to?” You asked, opening the glove compartment in front of you. 

    “I—ah…” Pietro said, trailing off as he started to drive. Dozens of CDs were stashed inside of the compartment, ranging from hip-hop to classic rock albums. You picked up a random CD, gazing at the album cover art.  

    “Is this ‘Compton’?” You asked. Pietro turned to you, clearly surprised. 

    “You listen to Dr. Dre?” asked Pietro incredulously. 

    “I listen to Dr. Dre when I’m feeling a bit annoyed, or on top of the world. Only Bucky knows that I listen to him, and I guess now you,” you said, putting the CD back into the compartment. Pietro turned his eyes back on the road.

    “Huh.” You went through the compartment throughout the rest of the ride, pulling out random CDs. As you flipped through Pietro’s CDs (and thankfully, Pietro wasn’t complaining about it), you learned interesting facts about him. Apparently, Pietro was a huge fan of hip hop and rock and roll. He had several albums from NWA, Drake, Dr. Dre, and J-Cole. You also stumbled upon some old bands, like The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, and Def Leppard. 

    “Hey—Def Leppard!” You exclaimed, quickly opening the CD case and shoving the CD in the player. Throughout the whole car ride, you and Pietro listened to Def Leppard. After fifteen minutes, Pietro pulled up in a parking lot in front of a a large body of water, and you could see people either kayaking or paddle boarding. Wait a minute. You spun to Pietro, who was taking off his seatbelt and opening the door.

   "Are we going to go… kayaking? Paddle boarding?“ 

    "We’re paddle boarding. Have you ever done that?” You shook your head, already feeling butterflies in your stomach. You have never paddle-boarded before, or done anything on a board. And you know you have terrible balance. Oh, this is going to be embarrassing. “At least we’re trying this out together,” said Pietro, stepping out of the car. 

    “You’ve never done this?” You asked, getting out of the car. 

    “Nope, but I’m excited,” said Pietro, grinning. You laughed nervously as you closed the car door, and followed Pietro to a little shop near the lake. The fact that Pietro also haven’t paddle-boarded before made you feel slightly better. As long as you aren’t left out, you’ll be fine. You and Pietro entered the small shop, and Pietro immediately went up to the counter. 

    “My name is Pietro, and I think I’ve rented two paddle boards?” The woman behind the counter nodded as she typed in the information on the computer. 

    “For two hours?" 

    "Yes,” You stood behind him awkwardly, peering around the store. There were pictures of people paddle boarding and kayaking on the waters, and both kayaks and paddle boards were displayed around the store for purchase. 

    “Okay, follow me,” the woman said, before walking outside with Pietro. You ran after them, curious as to what happens next. The woman stopped in front of a shack, opened it, and went inside. You and Pietro stood waiting outside.

    “I think paddle-boarding to be easy, ” Pietro said, turning to you. You also turned to him, finding him grinning at you.

    “Oh yeah hot-shot?” You said, raising your eyebrows. “The first one to fall of his or her paddle board loses,” you said, stretching out your hand.

    “Deal,” said Pietro, grasping onto your hand and shaking it. 

    “Are you two ready?” The woman asked, reappearing out of the shack. She had two long paddle boards, one under each arm.

    “Ready,” you said, hurrying to help her. You held onto one board while Pietro held onto the other. 

    “Ok, the both of you have two hours on the water. Paddles can be found on the shore. Have fun,” The woman told you and Pietro, before turning back to the shop. 

    “Well, this is exciting,” said Pietro as he walked towards the water. You followed him carrying the extremely heavy board. 

    “Me too,” you said quietly, feeling anxious. This was a lot scarier than those missions you want on with Bucky for some strange reason. Once the two of you stepped onto the small beach, Pietro quickly zoomed over to get paddles and zoomed back to you. 

    “Now remember, whoever falls first, loses,” Pietro said, handing you the paddle. 

    “Sure, sure,” you muttered as you carefully placed the board down. Oh boy. You and Pietro waded into the freezing water. 

    “Frick, this is cold!” Pietro yelped as he trudged his way further into the lake. You nodded your head feverishly.

    “Out of all the things we can do for this first date, you have to choose this?” You said grimly.

    “I thought it would be fun and romantic. Besides, we have a really nice view of New York from here,” Pietro said. It was true, all that surrounded you and him were towering buildings and blue water. “I think we’re good, I’m getting on my board,” said Pietro. You watched Pietro attempt to hoist himself on top of the board. He did a little jump and his torso landed on top of the board, his butt stuck up in the air. You let out a short laugh. 

    “Nice one speedy.” Pietro frowned as he shimmied his way up on the board, and to your surprise, he got onto his knees without falling. 

    “I believe it’s your turn, printessa?” You rolled your eyes, smiling. You hopped onto the board, managing to get one leg on it. Grunting, you pulled your other leg on the board, sitting up.

    “Hey, I didn’t fall!” You exclaimed, thrusting your fists up in triumph. Pietro clapped slowly.

    “Here, why don’t we paddle a bit farther on our knees, and then we can stand up later?” Pietro suggested, picking up his paddle. 

    “Aye aye,” you said, raising your own paddle. You and Pietro paddled out further on the water. Thankfully, the water was extremely calm, and there was no wind to knock you or Pietro over. The glaring sun shined onto you and Pietro, and you felt your whole body warm up. Thank goodness you had the sense to bring sunglasses and put on sunblock. After paddling on your knees for a good seven minutes, you finally felt comfortable to stand up.

    “Hold on Pietro,” you said, stopping your paddle. “I think I’m going to stand up.” Pietro’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “Before me?”

    “I think I’m ready,” you laughed, before setting your paddle down on the board. Ever so slowly, you raised your right foot up and placed it flat on the board. You could feel Pietro’s eyes staring at you. The board wobbled a bit, and you squeaked and pressed your hands on it, trying to make it steady again. Once the board was still again, you gingerly brought up your left foot and placed it flat next to your right foot. Now, you were on both of your feet with your legs still bent.  Pietro snickered at your position.

    “Seems like your about to go take a dump,” said Pietro, laughing to himself. You rolled your eyes.

    “Like you would do better,” you said sarcastically. Steadily, you started to stand up straight. Beneath you, the board rocked slightly, and you tried to keep your core as tight as possible. It seemed to work, and you finally stood up straight without falling over. You gasped in excitement.

    “I did it!” You squealed. Pietro laughed. 

    “Alright then, my turn,” said Pietro as he, too, put down his paddle on his board. Pietro did what you did, placing both of his feet flat on the board in just a few seconds. “That was easy,” Pietro said, making you snort. 

   "Ok, now stand,“ you ordered. Pietro did what you told him, and he stood up straight. However, Pietro stood up a tad too quickly. His quick movements made him immediately lose his balance, and Pietro yelped out as his board rocked on the surface of the water.

    "Woah!” Pietro yelled, before stumbling and falling into the freezing water. You gasped in surprise, clamping you hand over your mouth to muffle your laughs. Pietro quickly rose up from the water, gasping for air. His white-blond hair stuck onto his forehead, making him look like a wet dog. And my goodness, he looked hilarious. 

    “Oh my gosh Pietro!” You exclaimed, laughing hysterically. Pietro scowled at you.

    “What, like what you see?” asked Pietro angrily. Giggling, you nodded your head. 

    “Pietro—you—look—so—funny!” You squealed. Suddenly, Pietro slowly grinned. 

    “Oh yeah?” All of a sudden, you felt something grab your ankle. You let out a squeal, before being dragged into the water. You fell into the frigid water, the freezing water engulfing your whole body. Quickly, you kicked your legs and came up out of the water for air. 

    “Pietro! How dare you!” You gasped. Pietro responded by laughing out loud.

    “Oh… the look on your face.” You frowned and splashed him with the cold water. “H—hey!”

    “Serves you right for picking this as our first date,” you said, laughing. Pietro stuck his tongue out at you, before turning to his board and hoisting himself up.

Author’s Note: (HAHAHA I HATE SCHOOL HAHAHA) Yay! First Dates part 2 is up! I hope you enjoyed this, it took me a while to write this out 😅 (and I still have hw to do but who cares lol) In this story, I kind of guessed what kind of music Pietro was into, and i figured it might be hip hop and/or rock and roll (i mean look at his hair like god dmn) For the next part, you guys can decide who the reader can go out with next (either Steve, Tony, or Thor :3) Just shoot me an ask, and after a couple of days, I’ll tally up the votes and see who I should write next! Thanks angels, you guys are the best 😄 Follow for more stories like this <3