it was for like a few seconds but oh my god they did

You know when you have found the perfect Fanfiction; when you have to put down your phone or look away from your computer at one part of the story, just to stop reading it for a few seconds so you can react to it…because oh my gods did that really just happen? Then when you have done all the reacting you go back to reading it like nothing happened.

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I'm kind of curious since I think I remember you complaining about Jason being portrayed as the bad boy who sits and drinks in bars in B&R:Eternal, what did you think of Jason and Artemis taking place in the bar setting in the last issue of RHATO?

Yes, I did indeed complain about that, haha.

I have zero issues with the bar scene in RHATO though! 

First of all, they’re at the bar for a reason–Artemis is looking for troublesomeone. I can only see Jason hanging out in bars to get intel or to meet with someone, not just…dragging some underage teenager in for fun. 

Second of all, Jason is so fucking cute in this issue what the fuck??? 

Like let’s just?? Take a moment??? To appreciate his face? Oh my god he’s so smitten.

I can forgive a lot for the sake of this adorable exchange tbh. 

Third of all, as I’ve mentioned a few times before, I acknowledge that this Jason’s personality is very different, but that doesn’t make it bad. Contrary to past accusations, I’m not incapable of accepting change. I just, y’know, don’t like reading pure garbage for the sake of embracing change. 

Would Judd Winick’s Jason be this cute and vulnerable? Absolutely not. 

Would Rebirth Jason? Absolutely. Rebirth Jason is way more honest with his own emotions (Pre-52! Jason loved to lie to himself, such as when he claimed that he didn’t give a damn about the world even though he’d just gone out of his way to save London), more willing to share them with others, and more obviously an early 20-something.

Fourth of all, this is also yet another instance of Jason trusting Artemis, which I like. Not only does he trust that she won’t hate him for anything he blurts out (even though she has very little patience with him lmao), but also that if anything threatening showed up, she could handle it. It’s done more organically than his relationship with Kori. 

It really is kind of funny that New52 put Jason in bars all the time to make him seem like a bad boy, as you said, but in Rebirth, he just comes across as a lovesick puppy instead. 

Okay to preface I am a big ol’ Bioware fan, love their stuff, Mass Effect is wonderful, etc etc, being vent-y about some shit doesn’t mean I’m hating on it or saying it sucks

But oh my god can we talk about eyes for a second


Lookit me, right here. In my eyes. My eyes that look like eyes. Just for a second.And answer me this.

The fuck is THIS?

Okay there’s a few things to take in here

Look at that detail. The depth of the face, the noses, the lips, the texturing therein. NICE. We’ve come a long way since Mass Effect, right? Andromeda’s lookin’ shiny.

And then we hit... the eyes.

Those staring, haunting, creepy, flat DOLL eyes. Seriously, did you use creepy haunted Stephen King dolls for reference?!


Look I know this shit isn’t easy, may I be struck by lighting sent down by the gods of artists’ wrath if I ever say that shit.

But let’s take a quick look BACK.

Here we have a couple of shitty screenshots from Mass Effect 1.

So my Shepard up there still has that flat look going on in some ways, right? The whites are a bit too white, the color doesn’t have a tone of depth.

But you know what, neither does much else. EVERYTHING has a fairly flat colored look to it, so the eyes don’t stick out.

It was 2007, we didn’t care much.

Mass Effect 2 kicks us up a notch.



Mass Effect 2 is still finding its footing with things skin and facial details (and diving into Uncanny Territory on occasion, like with Miranda) but the eyes grab my attention every time.

The color we have in ME2 is beautiful. Vibrant, with actual shading. The whites are still a bit WHITE, but again, with the rest of the graphics we’re given, this doesn’t stand out and feels fairly natural in the setting. Plus shadows work on the whites so we’re good.

Quick extra “man look at that color”

And then….

And then we hit Mass Effect 3 and the fire nation attacked and everything died

Look I don’t… KNOW… who was behind the decision to take “mostly realistic colors for eyes” and turn them into “okay so imagine the flat shiny porcelain of a dolls eyes in front of a lightbox so the colors glow a bit BUT JUST THE EYES because we’re gonna have shadows so fucking dark in this game that the eyes are like the only thing you see clearly in cutscenes. Oh and ALL the rest of the game? Super desaturated and dark, because drama, but make sure the eyes are fuckin’ neon. Do it. Do it, Greg, or you’re fucking fired”

Even realistic-ish colors like the one on top there still look… just… OFF.

And considering the huge leaps in texturing for the skin and such, it’s INCREDIBLY jaunting.

That last one, BTW? Here’s that Shepard in ME2 vs whatever the fuck radiation she was exposed to in 3.

Now I don’t remember all the changes I made in the character creator in between games (I know I had to make the skin way darker since they bleached everyone between 2 and 3) but even though the top pic has rather vivid green, I could buy into that - they’re in the future, whose to say they can’t have vivid green eyes? They still fit the setting and look right enough on the model.

And then… 3 happened.

And it looks like this is getting somehow WORSE in Andromeda.

Beautiful skin, amazing textures, they’re even improving hair a bit. Looks like hair can MOVE a little now!

But. Those eyes.

Those haunted-by-a-little-girl-that-giggles-at-night doll eyes. Weirdly shiny when everything else is dark, shaded JUST BARELY to show they’re not FLAT but they’re also damn sure not playing by any OTHER rules. THOSE EYES.

Like were they going for some kind of… bright-eyed anime look? Because look, either commit or go another direction. Because the closer to life your skin and hair and such looks, the scarier these eyes get.

I may not sleep tonight.


✲Olicity Holiday Project✲
↳Dec. 9 - Headcanon about Olicity getting back together/ getting engaged for the second time

I think that when they get back together/engaged again, it won’t be in front of everyone like the first time, but it will be more intimate. They will be back at Felicity’s apartment and sitting on the couch. They will start talking about Billy and how Felicity is doing. This will be a few months after his death. Then afterwards, Felicity will bring up their relationship and her feelings, how even though she did love Billy, she never stopped loving him. He would look at her and she’d say, “Oh my god, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean it’s not a lie, but it’s not what I meant. I-”, “Felicity.” She’d stop talking and look into his eyes. Oliver would kiss Felicity, and she’d kiss him back. They’d both smile.

B.A.P Reaction || Making Their Girlfriend Squirt


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| Block B | BTS |


He would have the most surprised look on his face for a few seconds before he realizes what just happened and feels the overflow of confidence in his bed abilities


“… Oh my God. I don’t know how I did it… but I’m glad I did it”


He would give you the most dorkiest surprised look ever. It wouldn’t last long because it would be quickly replaced with a proud smirk as his duty as a man has been accomplished

“Who knew you were the squirting type”


Stares at you in disbelief, a little taken aback by the sudden reaction from your body. But it would fill him with a very fulfilled feeling (So much feels in one sentence)


“… why’d you just pee on me”

Ok, no, no, I’m joking


You’ve awoken the beast within this puppy


Firstly quite surprised, that was unexpected after all. But he would just feel accomplished and happy about you being able to do something like this (thanks to him).

“So young, so talented, aye, that is Choi Junhong~”


so I was at uni on the way to the bathrooms and I was speedwalking down the stairs because I was running late and I passed literally through the middle of a group of like four to five students and I heard one of them saying “oh my god, hi!!” but I continued walking because I had an agenda, but a few seconds later his voice registered and I was like shit I think I know this guy he probably meant me and I heard his friends laughing and being like “who was she are you sure you even know her lmao” and he was like “yes we did like three projects together??” and by this point I was sure he meant me but it’s too late and awkward to walk back and set things right so if you were wondering how not to make friends in uni this is the answer

My laptop’s screen just glitched a few seconds ago, but like this purple blurry glitch and it is night and raining and i was so fucking scared because i didn’t even touch it and the first thing i thought was ‘shit, did i anger a spirit or something please don’t kill me’ like my heart hasn’t calmed down yet oh god

Sweater Paws

“Calum! Oh my god I haven’t seen you for like-…” I said but he inturrepted me and then said, “For three days.”

“Oh whatever just hug me already damn it!” I said before running to him and engulfing him in a bear hug.

“I missed you.” Calum said with his voice muffled by burying his neck to the base of my sweater.

“I missed you too!”

“I missed your hugs and your little hands wrapped around me.” He said.

A few seconds passed and he finally realized what he just said and quickly apologizing with his hands forming sweater paws.

I giggled and said, “Don’t worry. I love it too when you do sweater paws when you’re nervous.”

“Y-you do?” He asked before scratching the back of his neck.

“Michael already told me Cal! I actually feel what you’re feeling too.”

“H-he did? Fucking wanker. Wait! You actually do?”

“Yes. I do. Now fucking come here, haven’t had a proper cuddle for three days now!”

“My pleasure princess.”

oh yeah the fuckiest thing happened when i booted up harvest moon ds for the first time other day. i started my new file then immediately picked up my dog and went off to the left of my house and pressed a at a certain point to put down my dog but instead it suddenly teleported me to the mines and this song i had NEVER heard before in the 10 years i owned the game was playing. and the mine had no doors but it was filled with the sprites of the bachelorettes and it displayed them for a few seconds and then the screen went black and a text prompt popped up saying “how many was lumina?” and i had to enter a number so i said 4 and then it teleported me back to my house like nothing had happened. i swear to god this sounds like a dream or madeup creepypasta but it genuinely did happen and i want to know if it happened to anyone else before yasuhiro wada shows up in my house and kills m

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Top 5 hilarious stories of things your cats have done? :D

:D I like this one! They’ve done so many ridiculous things that I can’t even remember half of them, so I’ll go with a random few that pop into my head.

1. That time, while I was sleeping, that Pickle ripped into this enormous bag of chai-latte powder mix in the kitchen cupboard. He got it everywhere - the counters, the floors, the sink, oh my god it was such a mess. There were even a few chai-powder pawprints on the bathroom mirror. How do I know it was him? First clue: He smelled excellent. Second: It was dusted all over him, and he had a ton of it stuck in his claws. Brat. Good thing he’s adorable, because that took forever to clean.

2. That time that Tiko went running down the hall with an entire porkchop in his mouth, pilfered right from my plate. He did it so quickly - he was up on the table, into my plate, and down again in two seconds flat, and I had to chase him all over the house to get it back. He was purr-growling the whole time. Brat.

3. Finn and his love/hate relationship with water. If I put him in the tub for a bath he whines and flails like an average cat, but he jumps in the shower with me on a regular basis, and loves to splash around when I’m draining the tub after I take a bath. If he’s really intent on being cuddled he’ll actually step on me while I’m in the bath and sit right on my stomach. Brat. I think the funniest was the time I found him swimming laps in the bathtub because I’d forgotten to close the door while I filled it.

4. Lir trying to get attention from someone who doesn’t want it. I had a family member who was on my computer and Lir decided he was their New Best Friend. First he jumped into their lap - three times - and was put back on the floor each time. Then he tried jumping onto the keyboard three times. Then the monitor three times. Then the computer chair behind the family member three times. Then the arm of the computer chair three times. Then the back of the computer chair three times. Then he finally squeezed onto the computer chair seat behind the family member, and stood up, put his paws on their shoulders, and rubbed his face all over the back of their neck. The family member finally said OKAY FINE and let him stay. It was hilarious in person, at least.

5. Parker. Just… Parker. He has so many little quirks that crack me up constantly. He wakes me up in the middle of the night via nose-booping when he wants to play fetch. He gives high-fives. He can open anything with a door - closets, cupboards, fridges, rooms. He jumps into my arms on command. His basic internal monologue is ‘la la la’, and he makes me smile every second of every day.

jealous wonwoo

// Wonwoo

“Oh my god, Mingyu! You’re the best!”

In only a few short seconds, Wonwoo had felt his life crumble. He saw the sun to his stars, his one true love, his world - hugging his best friend. He noted how you had wrapped your arms around Mingyu’s chiseled body, and how the latter gently rested his arms on your hips, reacting to your tight hug. 

Wonwoo grumbled silently as he sipped his scalding hot drink which resulted in him jumping up and burning himself. Secretly, he glanced over to you to see if you had noticed, but you were busy caught up with Mingyu.

Even though only five seconds had passed, it felt like five minutes to suffering Wonwoo. In a rage, he stood up and pulled Mingyu away, pretending like he needed to ask him something.

“Yo, wait what’s your problem, man?” Mingyu glared at Wonwoo, obviously upset that he wasn’t hugging the girl he also has a crush on.

Wonwoo stood there, still clutching Mingyu’s shirt. He looked up and down, wondering what to say. He didn’t think he’d make it this far to be honest, but he did somehow. He hesitated with his next sentence, “Do you have the math homework?” Wonwoo raised a brow to emphasize his question.

Mingyu was obviously irritated. “What? I don’t even have math with you,” he scoffed and tugged his shirt away and grabbed your arm. “Come on, let’s go buy something for you.” He started to walk forward, pulling you with him.

In a rush, you turned back to Wonwoo in worry. “We’ll be back in a bit, Wonwoo!”

Wonwoo grumbled. “They can take however long they like,” he sat down at the booth alone, continuing to sip his hot drink.

When the duo returned, they came back with baskets of food. He noticed you were carrying a large amount, so Wonwoo hurriedly stood up and took a few baskets away from you. “Let me help you with that,” he grinned. 

You smiled in reply and patted his back. “Thanks, Wonwoo!” Out of nowhere, Mingyu had pulled you down to sit next to him - on the opposite side of Wonwoo.

“You know,” Mingyu stretched an arm over your shoulder, obviously making you uncomfortable, but you brushed it off. “That new movie is coming out. You wanna go see it later?” Mingyu quickly glanced at Wonwoo, but the boy appeared to be too busy looking at his phone. However, Wonwoo couldn’t bear to look at his crush and his best friend flirting and he tried his best to distract himself.

“Well, uh, isn’t it a horror movie?” you anxiously asked.

Mingyu smirked and replied, “Yeah, but I’ll be there to protect you. Don’t worry.”

At this point, Wonwoo felt like vomiting. He stood up abruptly out of anger. “Uh,” he looked at the duo who were caught by surprise. “I need to get some napkins.” In a rush, he exited the booth and went to the condiments table where he rested his elbows on.

Oh my god, Wonwoo. Why did you leave? Now you have to go bring some napkins back. We already have napkins! God, you’re such an idio-

Hey, Wonwoo?”

The boy turned to look at the source of the sound and found you. You were standing there, obviously with a question in mind.

“Yeah?” he quietly replied.

“Mingyu really wants to go to this movie and I asked if we could bring you too. I felt like you were being excluded.”

Yeah, excluded. That’s what I feel. Wonwoo looked at you anticipatingly, waiting for the rest of your question. 

“So, I’m asking if you want to go?” Your eyes shined with hope, which influenced Wonwoo greatly, but he still remained quiet - not from awkwardness, but by shock. However, you took it as a sign that Wonwoo didn’t want to go. “I just feel safer when you’re around me,” you continued. “Mingyu can be a brat sometimes, but you’re usually so relaxed.”

Wonwoo turned away and grinned to himself. Go for it man! He looked back and nodded with a gentle smile. “Sure, I’ll go with you.”

Immediately, you pulled him into a tight hug. “Oh thank you!” you grabbed him and pulled his arm towards the booth. “But don’t tell Mingyu that I called him a brat,” you whispered close to him so only he could hear.

Wonwoo’s eyes gleamed with happiness when he laughed. “Trust me,” he winked, “I won’t tell him a thing.”

your hand touching mine (this is how galaxies collide) [o’solo]

five times hope and kelley just can’t stop flirting like oh my GOD & the one time they get really serious


The ice on Kelley’s ankle melts fast under the blistering heat of Brazil’s sun. Manaus is hot and humid like no one could have imagined and the sweat that soaks through Kelley’s training shirt is heavy and unrelenting. Beneath her, the grass pokes at her back and neck while she has one arm draped across her eyes to shield the brightness away.

This is not the way she wanted to finish her second training session—already nursing a knock.

Half of the team has already scurried inside the training facility where the air conditioning and shelter is welcomed like water in a desert. Tobin punts a ball at Kelley’s hip and Kelley removes the arm from her face, squinting one eye open.

“Are you coming?” Tobin asks, spritzing Kelley with her water bottle as she passes. “Or are you trying to even out your sunburn?”

“Coming.” Kelley mumbles, already feeling the skin on her nose starting to peel—it all makes Georgia summers feel like child’s play. “Just…give me a minute. I’m almost at full lobster.”

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(showers u with love and kittens) ilu! can we see momo having a fight with his s/o and in the end they just storm away like 'i refuse to put up with this for another second' and momo spends the next few days freaking out because 'oh god did they just break up they did didnt they they probably never want to see him again oh my god' and he begs his s/o to take him back and they're just like '????? ? um dude we just had a fight im not breaking up with you chill. calm your swimmer tits.'

momo you panicky otter

He was absolutely insufferable sometimes. Sure, he was lovely at other times, but the reality is that, despite his long-term relationship with you, he refused to stop calling out to cute girls. I mean, you’d think that your boyfriend of nearly two years would recognise that you weren’t comfortable with that, right? You had tried to accept it as a simple flaw in his character at first, your new, blossoming love veiling the blossom of jealousy that you felt every time he pointed out yet another ‘cutie’ to you. You knew he didn’t mean it like that, and he was just appreciating the aesthetics of another human - which was fine, of course; you did it yourself! But he took it too far this time.

“I’ve just had enough of it Momotarou!”

You loved Gou, you really did. She was such a sweetheart, and probably not interested in Momo in the slightest, but the fact that he repeatedly complimented her (and sometimes even made a move on her!) whenever he saw her was unacceptable.

“____-chan, I don’t–”

“I don’t really care, Momotarou.” you had tried for so long to ignore it, to push down the overwhelming jealous and bitterness you felt every time he paid a compliment to her that he’d never even thought to pass your way. The differences between you and Gou were huge, and you honestly found youself insecure about whether or not Momo actually wanted to be with you.

“I just… I need some space.” Grabbing the small bag of your stuff that you’d gathered from his house, you headed towards the door, brushing him off when he tried to make amends. 

“Maybe you should go find Gou to comfort you!”

Maybe that last part was unnecessary.

Momotarou was in shambles. He never thought his relationship would end like this. He never meant to upset you that much… He loved you. He adored you. He didn’t think that anyone else meant as much to him as you did, and he had managed to completely and utterly screw up your relationship. He hated himself for it, and locked the door to his room for nearly twenty-four hours straight.

“Hey, bro, you coming out yet?”

“No. Go away.”

Seijuro had been bothering him for the past few hours now, asking if he wanted food (he really did, but refused to give up his bravado), or if he wanted him to speak to you for him or not. Of course he didn’t! That would only make him seem weaker, and well… What was even the point? You’d already broken up with him, right? You probably never wanted to see his face again…

What was he going to do without you?

“So what’re you going to do? Mope about in there all day, not even bother to call ____?”

“Don’t wanna.”

A long pause came from the other side of the door, before a thumping sound was heard. Probably Seijuro sitting outside the door.

“Maybe that’s why ____ broke up with you then. You know, you’ll never see their face again if you don’t try to make amends… Or maybe you don’t want to? Maybe you really do want to just find a cute girl to date, and forget about ____-”

Seijuro didn’t even manage to finish his sentence before  a very riled up, very puffy-eyed Momotarou came barging out the door, kicking him out of the way in the process. Momo was instantly next to him, despair written all across his face as he considered what his brother had just implied.

“Are you saying that you think I don’t want to be with ____?” He was confused - he really hadn’t thought about it that way, but from how he’d been acting during the time since the fight, it really had make it seem as though he didn’t care for you. “That’s not what I want!”

Seijuro sat up, rubbing his head from where it had collided with the floor, and turned to his brother with a doubtful look on his face.

“Really? Because I’m pretty sure that ____ thinks by now that they never want to see you again…” He had an eyebrow raised, and was giving Momo the look he always gave him when he had done something wrong. And of course, Momo believed him.

“Oh no.” Now he was on the verge of tearing out his hair - what if you never wanted to see him again?! He hadn’t even made any attempt to apologise, let alone try to stop you when you left yesterday… “I’m such a useless boyfriend!”
Honestly, he could cry. How had he let this happen? You meant the world to him, and now you had probably told all your friends what a shitty boyfriend he was, and how he was only interested in cute girls, and how he accidentally forgot your birthday one year and–

“Well? Go get ‘em back, bro!” Seijuro’s mood had changed pretty much instantly, but Momotarou was too far gone into grief to notice the abnormal change, rather taking his elder brother’s advice, and, without even getting a jacket, grabbed his phone and left as swiftly as he could.

When Momotarou called you, he was only really calling because it was a stupidly long journey from his house to yours, and he wanted to fill the time, but when you didn’t pick up the call at all, it only made him more worried. What if you were ignoring his calls because you were angry at him? What if you weren’t even at home? That thought made him stop dead in his tracks - what would he do then? Sit outside your house and wait until you got home? What if you just threw him out… Or didn’t let him come in?

All these questions were making Momotarou’s head hurt, and so he kept running, as fast as he could, desperate to reach you as quickly as he could. He didn’t quite know how he kept up the pace for so long, but when he eventually reached your house, he was panting so hard he could barely knock on the door. But then, yet again, the thought that you would reject him completely filled his head and heart, and his persistent knocking began.

It was only when you finally answered the door, looking a little irritated at the racket he’d been causing that he realised he had no idea exactly what it was he wanted to say.

“Yes, Momo?”

“I…” He wanted to say that it was because he was so out of breath that he had to pause, but in reality, the gears were grinding in his mind, trying to come up with something, anything, that he could say to convince you to take him back.

 "… I just–“

“Do you want to… Come in?“ 

Momotarou had been expecting anger, rejection, withdrawal, and an end… Not for you to welcome you into your house.

“Um…” Now he was even more at a loss. He thought you hated him! Why would you welcome him into your home?!


“… I thought you didn’t want to see me again…”

He was panicked, frantic, and desperate to get you back from what had - thankfully - proven to be something that wasn’t as big as he (or his brother, damn him) made it out to be.

“What on earth are you talking about, Momo…?” The look of confusion on your face was, admittedly, adorable, and Momotarou found himself returning to his usual upbeat self, knowing that you hadn’t rejected him completely.

“I just thought that like… You broke up with me? After the fight? And that you hated me, and wouldn’t want to be seen with me, and that you’d already told everyone–”

Before he could continue rambling, you threw yourself at him, arms squeezing tightly around his body, face pressed against his chest as he stumbled under your sudden weight.

“You are such a stupid guy, sometimes.”


Your laughter was like music to his ears, even if it was at his own benefit.
“Relax, Momo! I was just upset, that’s all… It’s not like I broke up with you or anything!” Momo let out a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding when you said this. “We can talk about it more, if you want…?”

“No!! No… I mean, I was being stupid and made a stupid mistake and–”

Once more, his words were cut short as your mouth covered his momentarily, your swift kiss bringing a red flush to the redhead’s cheeks.

“Then let’s not talk about it and go inside, huh?”


Maybe he was being a little overdramatic… 

Hello there my beautiful people, and I’m here again doing a special follow forever, bc it’s the end of the year and it was not easy but i’m still here so i’m really thankful and bc i’m really close to 8k which is insane, ilysm. We’re saying goodbye to 2015, it was a tough year but we did it, we made it and i want to say thank you for you staying and make this whole situation better, thank you for making people smile and forget a little bit about this crazy year.

bold - ultimate favorite

Before i start this ff, first please don’t feel sad if you’re not in here, i follow more than 2k so i can’t put everybody in here, but feel the love, and second i want to say some things for some people that made my year and just spread love:

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The 100 Fandom

hey lovers I need you to take a break from your angst about wednesday for a second cause I just watched all the existing episodes and I have a thing to say to the 100 fandom on tumblr dot com –

I didn’t even know there were adults, won’t lie. So that was a boring unpleasant surprise. but more importantly this show is fucking heartbreaking constantly what the hell
Watching the last few episodes I was screaming at the fucking screen “kill the doctor jasper kill the fucking doctor” “Clarke oh my god don’t” “ OCTAVIA PLEASE” “bellamy get tHE HELL OUT OF THERE" 

so basically i'mma need you guys on wednesday night when i’m panicking but fuck y'all

Luke and Y/N European adventure part 3

Part 1 

Part 2 

I felt the panic course through me as I heard a knock at my door a few days after I ran into Ashton. “Oh god…. he told him. Or luke just finally decided I was worthy of his time…. Or he decided I was worthy because Ashton told him…. Oh god.” I mumbled to myself as I slowly made my way toward the door.

“Y/n. It’s Calum!” His familiar voice sent shivers down my spine, but did calm me down. 

I slowly opened the door. “What do you want?” I asked cooly.

“I came to see an old friend while I’m home for break…. Someone’s grumpy. Should I come back another time?” He asked. 

I searched his face for a sign of what he was doing coming over. His eyes looked innocent, like he really did just want to catch up with an old friend.”No… come on inside.” 

Calum looked around as I led the way inside. “Um…. are you a nanny or something?” He asked as he looked around at all the baby stuff before his eyes fell on Eli. 

I bit my lip. “No… that’s my daughter. Her name is Elizabeth.” I told him. I watched his eyes go wide. 

“Wow… really? Who’s…. Who’s the dad?” He asked. 

I ignored the question. “Would you like to hold her?” I asked. 

He nodded and let me put her gently in his arm. “Wow she’s so cuddly. “ He said laying her against his chest. I smiled and took a picture.

“Yeah she is, she’s a nice little cuddle buddy.” I smiled

“She’s Luke’s isnt she.” Calum looked at me. 

I nodded slowly. “Yeah… we got drunk in Italy and slept together. When we woke up he told me we should just forget it ever happened…. so I figured he regretted it. I have his family sworn to secrecy. I couldnt distract him from the tour like this any way.” I sighed.

“He thinks you hate him, Y/N.” Calum sighed. “He thinks you regret it and he didnt’t want to admit how in love with you he truly is.” 

I shook my head, “He won’t love me after he finds out about Eli. He’ll hate me. Whether it’s because he doesn’t want a baby or if he does he’ll be pissed we hid it from him. “ 

Calum sighed again. “Yeah he isn’t going to be happy. But he’ll love her. And he loves you far too much to hate you.” 

I shook my head. “Just don’t tell him Cal… Please.” I begged. 

Calum nodded and lay Eli back on her blanket. “i have to go… but I think you should tell Luke.” 

I shook my head again. “Bye Cal.“ I sighed as he left. “What do you think Eli? Should I tell daddy you exist?” I sighed again and turned on Gotta Get Out, because it was her new favorite song. 

Later that night Eli woke up screaming her poor little head off. I got up and tried to soothe her but she just would not calm down. I got her in her car seat to see if driving her around would help but she didn’t stop screaming. Of course today was the day my mother had left to go to a conference three hours away. Eli was screaming so loudly I couldn’t even think straight. I was freaking out, and only got worse when I touched her head, which felt like it was on fire.

I bit my lip. I had to take her to the emergency room; I didn’t know what else to do. I got to the er and pulled out my phone.

“Liz! She won’t stop screaming. I’m at the ER.” I sobbed into the phone.

“Y/N?! You’re at the ER? Who won’t stop screaming?! What’s going on?”  Luke’s voice rang through my phone. I looked down at the screen. I had clicked his name by accident.

“Just come to the ER. Please Luke. I need you. Please.” I sobbed.

A little bit later I was pacing outside the room they had taken Eli into. Luke ran down the hall and looked at me. “Luke.” I sobbed.

He ran and hugged me tightly. “Shh babygirl. I’m here. It’s gonna be okay.” He whispered in my ear. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Eli… her ear drum burst. They have to take her in for surgery.” I hiccupped.

“Back pedal a moment for … Who is Eli? Is she going to be okay?” he asked stroking my hair.

I bit my lip as I looked up into his eyes. “Eli is…” I started but was interrupted by the doctor coming out of the room. “Is she okay?!” I asked.

“Your daughter is going to be just fine, Ms. Y/L/N. We put a patch on the eardrum and will need you to set up an appointment for her to get some tubes put in but other than that she has a clean bill of health and can go home as soon as you fill out some paperwork. Since she’s so small we will need you to fill out yours and her father’s information. Just so we know to look out for or avoid anything specific that we would normally be all right giving a baby of her size and age.” The doctor said kindly.

And this had been exactly why I had needed Liz here with me. I glanced over at Luke who was staring at the doctor in shock. “Daughter?!” He mouthed.

“Thank you, Doctor. I’ll go fill those out right now. Um… can you go get them while I get Eli?” I asked Luke. He stared at me but nodded as he went with the doctor to get the forms. I took a deep breath. “You can do this.” I whispered to myself. They told me I couldn’t take Eli until she woke up, so I just stood in the hall waiting for Luke.

“Can you please tell me what is going on? You have a daughter? With who?! When did you get with someone? Why isn’t he here? Why did you call my mother to come and help you?” Luke was getting warmer but he still didn’t seem to realize the truth.

“Luke…. Elizabeth is your daughter.” I looked up at him. “She’s our daughter.” I said softly.

Luke dropped the clipboards and looked at the door of the room Eli was in. “My… we …. What?…. We have a … Elizabeth? Oh my god… the first time I meet my daughter is because she’s in the ER! Oh my god my daughter is in the ER!” He stared at the door. His face and words changed with every emotion. Finally the emotion I had been waiting for flashed over his handsome face. He turned to me with a look of hurt and anger. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you let me see her?! Why didn’t I know about her?!”

“Because you told me to forget that night! I didn’t think you wanted to know we had a permanent reminder that we drunkedly slept together! Plus you were on tour! I wasn’t going to interrupt you for this!” I cried.


The nurse came out of Eli’s room. At first I thought she was going to yell at us for being loud but all she did was flash me a smile. “Elizabeth is awake. I think she wants her mummy.”

I nodded in thanks as I rushed inside. “Oh Eli, it’s okay. Mummy’s here.” I soothed picking her up gently. She fussed and cried.

“Her equilibrium is a bit out of whack so she might be a bit uncomfortable when she’s moving.” The nurse warned.

“Thank you.” I said. Luke stared at Eli like a little kid stares at a Disneyland character. “Hey… someone else came out here to make sure you were okay.” I whispered to Eli. “Elizabeth… Meet your dad….”

Luke took her gently and looked down at her. She reached out and touched his lip ring. “Hi…” He whispered

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Post-Game Karezi

It feels weird to not have the letters “AU” in this title, but this is post-game, set after the end. (Oh God. The end. I’m still trying to process the fact that Homestuck is officially over, even if Hussie did say there will most likely be an epilogue.) So, in essence, if you haven’t finished Homestuck in its entirety then this will have some spoilers.

But here is my highly self-indulgent Karezi. If I end up doing more to this, I’ll actually edit what I’ve written and proceed to put this up on Archive of Our Own just for simplicity’s sake.

For the moment though, have this. It’s the first full-story I’ve written in a few weeks and the first Karezi thing from Terezi’s second person POV for a while. (which means pls have some mercy on me)

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Peace and Quiet

// you like your quiet coffee shop-that is, until Luke discovers it as well //

‘Oh god, not again’ I thought to myself, as I pushed past around 20 excited girls that swarmed the entrance to my favourite LA coffee shop. When I had discovered the place over four months ago, it seemed like it was a safe haven-not only did they serve amazing drinks and cute pastries, but it was quiet enough so that I could escape from the bustling city. It was for this reason that I found myself angered when Luke Hemmings, band member extraordinaire, stumbled upon it as well.

The first time I experienced the frenzy of fans was over a month ago. I’d just finished a bad day at school, and all I wanted was a nice, large coffee to keep me alive for the next few hours. However, to my surprise, the normally silent coffee shop I depended on was loud and crawling with people.

It was then that I overheard the squeals of numerous fans, 'that none other than Luke Hemmings was in line, right now!’ at that very same time. Obviously, my stomach flipped spontaneously. I was a huge fan of 5SOS, there was no denying it, and, like the crowds of people waiting Luke’s blessed exit, I felt a rush of adrenaline surge through me.

That was the first time.

However, after the same scenario happened for the seventh time in two weeks, I was over the shock, the rush of excitement, the squeals of fans. Luke Hemmings had developed into an ordinary person, if not one that I was now profusely annoyed by. I’d seen Luke already countless times from afar, and every time, he brought a flock of noisy fans at his trail-sometimes I felt bad for him, but he seemed to enjoy the fame, always pausing to take pictures and talking happily for a couple of minutes with various girls. All I wanted to do was study, enjoy some silence for a bit, and a month later, I was just about done with Luke visiting my favorite cafe in all of Los Angeles.

This was how I found myself on Friday, around six weeks after Luke had first started coming to the cafe. The line up until I could place my order seemed infinite, and fighting passed the crowds, I took my place in the row of people. I sighed dramatically, causing the person in front of me to turn around and give me a confused look. It was then that I realized this person’s height. And the person’s blonde hair. And the lip ring. And the all black everything. I’d just dramatically sighed to Luke Hemmings.

I’d seen Luke before now, countless times, however, never had I been so close to him. Normally, I watched him order from afar, then sat in line for ten minutes. By the time I’d receive my coffee, Luke had already escaped to wherever he escaped to. But now, his blue eyes staring into my own, it was all much more real.

Luke looked at me for a few seconds, waiting to see if I’d call out his name, however, my usual fangirl instincts had faded long ago. Instead, I smiled back at him weakly. I expected him to turn back around, but instead, I was surprised to see a flash of recognition dart on his face. 

“Sorry, I see you around here often. I know I can’t do much about it, but I feel like I gotta apologize for the commotion I always cause,” to my surprise, Luke was talking to me, directly to me, and I stalled a second before realizing what he was saying.

“What, what, oh yeah, that, its okay, I know its not your fault,” I rambled, suddenly snapping back into reality, answering him after a slight delay.

“It’s hard going to ordinary places, so yeah, I mean sorry. I really like the coffee here, is all. And I mean, I like the space too. It seems like it would be a good place to get away,” he continued, fidgeting with his hands uncomfortably, and I raised my eyebrows, feeling the awkward tension build between us.

“Well, actually yeah, I mean…it was you know, a nice place to get away, until, um, yeah, until-” I couldn’t bring myself to say that it had been my favorite spot in the city until he had showed up, but Luke caught on to my drift.

I felt bad. It wasn’t like the cute, blonde boy in front of me asked for any of this. He just wanted some peace and quiet.

“Well, hey, let me at least buy you a coffee?” he offered, smiling slightly, and biting his lip ring.

“Oh, um, sure, aw, thanks!” I stuttered out, unused to adorable boys (that were also famous singers), offer to buy my beverages.

“Yeah, no problem,” he answered, now grinning widely, and I blushed.

“I know this might sound bad, but maybe I can defer some of your fans in the other direction,” I volunteered, suddenly realizing the bags under Luke’s eyes.

He was tired, even if he couldn’t admit it, and truthfully, I wanted some silence almost as much as he probably did, if not, more. Luke contemplated my words for a couple of moments, deciphering them carefully.

“I don’t want to let anyone down,” he said slowly, and I smiled. 

I hadn’t realized how genuine of a person he was.

“Don’t worry. Just order me a large coffee and a blueberry scone, I’ll take care of the rest,” I grinned, feeling a sense of comfort wash over me.

It was just like talking to an ordinary person, except for that it was Luke Hemmings, that he was super attractive, and that he was buying me coffee. 

I squeezed out of line, making my way towards some fans that were eagerly waiting in the same line, as well as a couple of girls who were waiting outside on the sidewalk. In total, there were maybe fifteen or so people, however, in the tight space of the cafe, it seemed like a lot more. 

“Hey, guys, I just saw Luke walk that way!” I called to one of them, pointing them in the left direction, my words being carried like a wildfire. 

Soon, the shop was almost completely empty, apart from a few fans who’d stayed behind, and were now taking a quick picture with Luke before darting off.

“I think we’re good,” I returned to Luke, smiling hopefully, and he handed me a steaming cup and pastry wrapped in a delicate paper napkin.

“Thanks,” he blushed, fiddling with his fingers, obviously wanting to say more, but not really sure about what, “do you wanna, maybe…” he trailed off, trying desperately to motion with his hands towards the back of the room.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to comprehend what he was saying.

“Fuck, would you want to sit with me,” he blurted out, a mug of tea clutched so tightly in his fist, his knuckles were white.

I giggled at his recurring struggle for words.

“Sure!” I replied. brightly, trying to ease his nervousness.

I was a little bit overwhelmed myself, not only at the fact that Luke had asked me to spend more time with him, but that I was actually flirting with him at all. I kept this all in, however, trying to appear nonchalant as I followed him towards the back of the shop, where two cushiony chairs faced a quiet side street.

“Thanks for all that,” he started, sitting down and wrapping his long legs around each other, “but I don’t think I got your name,” he blushed honestly, and I looked down.

“I’m (Y/N), and thanks for the coffee,” I mentioned, taking a long sip of the hot liquid.

“It’s the least I could do,” Luke mumbled timidly, stretching out and looking out at the street, “you’re right, it is nice when it’s quiet,” he continued, and I nodded.

We proceeded to talk about nothing really-I asked him how he liked the fame, and what he was working on, his favourite songs at the moment, but mostly, we spent an hour with quiet pauses to contemplate whatever was on our mind. 

After our drinks were long finished, I got up, tapping Luke on the shoulder lightly.

'I’m going to go now, but it was really nice meeting you-“ I started, before Luke cut me off, getting up as well.

"Yeah, I better go too. But wait,” I halted in my steps as Luke grabbed my wrist, “you really have no idea how much this meant to me. Sometimes I just need some peace and quiet…and anyways, you seem like a really cool person, so, you know, maybe, I mean, only if you want to,” Luke started slowly, and I raised my eyebrows expectantly, Luke’s grip still tight on my wrist.

“Well, maybe I could get your number, and we could meet up again,” he sputtered, obviously not skilled in asking girls out. 

I couldn’t help but laugh as a light blush crept to his cheeks, my eyes crinkling and my mouth parting to reveal a toothy smile.

“Of course I would,” I giggled, entering my contact information into Luke’s phone, “but I have to go now…text me, and maybe we can find somewhere even quieter,” I added, waving as we parted in opposite directions.

So maybe Luke Hemmings discovering my favourite coffee shop in Los Angeles wasn’t the worst thing ever. 

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Just watched Benedict’s cameo in Zoolander 2. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

First: the trailer took that scene so out of context it was ridiculous. The scene is not funny, Hansel’s commentary isn’t meant to me a joke (nor is All) and All seemed pretty hurt by it. And Benedict’s acting in this part, man… Just a few seconds, All had no expression at all, but you could see in their eyes how affected they were by the shitty comment. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch did it again. Blew my mind, this time in a goddamn trash movie.

All is also a fucking genius, by what they did to the two idiots later (the “old lame” joke oh mY GOD.). Derek and Hansel ARE the biggest joke in it, made even more clear by how the audience inside the movie laughed AT them and by the conversation both had after All was gone. All is nothing but a badass.

I’m in love with this character, and it was on screen for less than 5 minutes. What the fuck, Cumberbatch.