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Not an unpopular hc, but a hc nonetheless: i hc that, since drug use in the zones seems to be common in the fandoms perception of the canon, the drugs kjs use (coke, lsd, pills, other stuff besides weed) are almost all made by the city. Most joys assume theyre made by other joys, or left over from the old days, but the city manufactures and sells it on black markets (cant be traced back to them ofc)Its all laced with horrid, slow killing poison and used as a chemical weapon against the rebellion

Damn, that’s brutal. But it would be efficient, too. I’ve always thought that the city could easily poison Power Pup, knowing it gets smuggled out into the desert (they don’t actually do this in my headcanon, but they could.) They could even “allow” a poisoned batch to be smuggled out of the city, with the Killjoys thinking that they got away with it.

The joys of hairdressing

Very rarely do I have any clients that are outright rude to me. However, the other day, I had an older man come in (probably late 50’s, early 60’s) who was near impossible. TL;DR at the bottom.

I sit him down in my chair and the following occurs:

Me: How would you like your hair cut?
Him: I’d like a [clipper guard] #3 all over.
Me: So you want a buzz cut? #3 all over, including the top?
Him: Yep.

I proceed to buzz his hair with a #3.

Him: Wait, wait, don’t you normally use scissors? Isn’t there some technique to this?
Me: Not for a #3 all over. That’s a buzz cut.
Him: Well, now my hair’s ruined. I have to take photos soon!

Dude, it’s not my fault you’ve reached the age that you have and still can’t communicate the kind of cut you want. Don’t berate me because I can’t read your mind.
My manager, who’s heard all these exchanges, comes over to investigate/defend.

Him (client): This girl normally cuts my hair, she knows what to do!
Her (manager): You asked for a #3 all over, right?
Him: Yeah, I wanted a #3 around here (motions around sides and back of head) and scissors up here (motions to top of head).
Her: That’s actually a #3 around the sides and back, and a trim up top.
Him: Well I wish I would’ve said that!

My manager hangs back and observes while I trim his neckline and around his ears. The other stylists give me sympathetic looks.

Me: Would you like me to trim your eyebrows?
Him: Yeah, but don’t take them off! (Laughs derisively)

I measure out an eyebrow length with my comb and bring up my trimmers. My hands are shaking because hso I accidentally catch his eyelid with the edges of the trimmers. No blood, not even a scratch.

Him: OW! Jesus, maybe slow down! Okay? Maybe then you wouldn’t mess up so much! I just went to the doctor for that eye!

Yeah, because I totally knew that and did so out of malicious intent. Again, not a mind reader. I finish the rest in silence and comp the cut.

Him: Great. Gotta get photos taken and…(trails off as he leaves the salon)

Luckily, my managers and coworkers were on my side. They all said he’d been an asshole to them before, too. One of the older ladies told me I should’ve charged him regardless. The staff is very supportive and will defend stylists over customers every time.

TL;DR: Old asshole can’t verbally communicate how he wants his hair cut, verbally abuses stylist for her inability to read minds. There is no One True Men’s Haircut.

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 .so-`            .d+mMMMMNNMMMMMMMMNomNdyo+/:-...-:/oydNMMmh-       /dddhs:``yNNdmNNdMMMMMN/ddMhd- 
 -h.       `-:///:/doNMMMMmNMMMMMMMMhoy.`    `.-://::-..-+hNNy-       .::../ydmdddmmNMMMMNdsyNdMmh/ 
``+s.      :ssooo/+doMMMMNdMMMMMMMMMos/    .++/-....-:/+/.`-ss`         .+o+:::-----:/sdNMNmMMdNNss 
o++dy.       ``..`+doMMMMmhMMMMMMMMM/y-  `++.           -o:  .         .+::///::::/++- `/dMMMMmmMoy`
``...`            /m+NMMMhhMMMMMMMMN/y` `s/`             `s-           `.++.`       ./+. .oNMMNmM+h.
                  .moNMMMsdMMMMMMMMdoo  :o        ``      -s`          `s:            -o: .mMMNmMoh-
                  `dsmMMMhmMMMMMMMMyy:  s/        .-      `s-          +/              .y``mMMNNM+y-
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        `.-::////::-.` :yhNNMmNNMNmy+                                         ````         .mydNds` 
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///::-..`               `:+yNNNdNMdoMd+.                 .y.      -ms`                     /NMm/    
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              `s:`oy/`y:o/`-:homNNNNmmdys+/:ys`         `+s. .o+`     -dyo++++sdd`                  
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               ++oooyh-y/:+ho::dyd-  `-+dhmy/        -ss:`-s+`      ```hNNNNNy/-`                   
               :yy.:mhyhoossohosdy`    -dmh:.      -oo---oo.       `:. so...y+                      
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               -m/`os++/- ``:h:yh:.`  `hoNmmmmmmho/.:yNmhhyyssoo++////-/d.  -d.                     
               -d+.oy/-`.sso+/--/:/++//dhNNNNNdo:osdNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN:  `h+                     
               .h:-oo:/.y:     -s   .hmNNNNdhoohmNNmNmmNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNd.   oh.                    
               `y/-+s-./+      +o   :mdysyyhmNNNNNNmmmNNNNNNNmNNNmNNNNNNm-   `:ys.                  
                .h+oy.`s.`- :.`y:   ohoymNNNNNNNNNmNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNo      /d:                 
                 `:+yyh/ :/`s.-y`   hmNNNNmmNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNd.`````:m+```.........-----

Headcanon: When Party Poison and Kobra Kid die, because of their devotion to the Zones and spiritual connections, they take the Phoenix Witch’s place and shepherd souls to the afterlife. Poison collects souls during the day and is associated with the sun, while Kobra collects souls during the night and is associated with the moon. Some say that just before dawn, you can see them wandering the plains together.

I don’t have a great visualization for this, but I imagine them having tribal outfits like the Witch. Poison wears a deer skull that covers the top half of his face, and Kobra wears a goat’s. People paint altars/holy places with plant-made dyes and leave out small toys for them.

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Car or plane?

car: everyone.


  • the plane engines during takeoff would almost get loud enough to deafen you. you could suffer permanent hearing damage from a plane ride. flight attendants had to use megaphones to speak to passengers. No Thanks.
  • planes would randomly drop hundreds of feet from turbulence. there were motion sickness buckets under every seat.
  • the planes had bathrooms installed but you weren’t advised to use them in flight because “we dunno what flushing a toilet will do to flying. you piss and we all might fucking die.”
  • one plane ticket could cost like half as much of a new car we’re just near the end of the depression do you think anyone working in an animation studio can afford that?? …maybe joey, but everyone else?? n a h

so to sum it up?? none of the human muses trust a plane. the toons might because falling out of the sky wont kill them, but its not like they’re allowed to freely roam the world anyway :’D

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Rfa reactions to pregnant MC cravings for something that are extremely hard to get! Even in Jumin's position, its still difficult to fulfill their needs..


  • MC p lease…. oh my god please…
  • he’d give MC the world if he could but
  • how
  • how does he, a broke af student,
  • get his hands on Beluga Caviar????
  • that… that’s like… £20,000….
  • MC is moody due to the hormones and they cry when they realize they can’t have the caviar
  • Yoosung also cries because THIS IS NOT GOING WELL
  • he tries to bring other foods to MC in hopes it helps a bit, and eventually MC settles for tacos from the nearby restaurant
  • neither him nor MC have a clue why MC wanted caviar


  • she’s a master of the coffee so when MC wanted coffee, she was like
  • “This is great, MC! I’ll be able to give you the food you want!”
  • hahaha it’s not that easy
  • because MC craves not normal coffee
  • they want KOPI LUWAK
  • those are just, y’know, the most expensive coffee beans in the world
  • when Jaehee finds out the price her soul physically leaves her body
  • she tries to find a way to replicate the taste of the goddamn expensive coffee and kinda succeeds??
  • she’s sweating buckets when MC tries the coffee 
  • MC accepts it because it tastes close enough (and they’re too tired to complain)
  • also she knows that during pregnancy the maximum of coffee a person can have is like, a cup or two per day so she begs MC to try and crave something else…. please…


  • he’s at a loss on what to do
  • MC has cravings- he had expected that much
  • but…. but why
  • what was the chances MC would crave an ice cream you can only get in Australia
  • how the hell does he get his hands on a…
  • on a Golden Gaytime
  • he can’t even say the name without laughing. how is he supposed to ask his friends if they know where to get one
  • he’s seriously dying here he wants to give MC what they want
  • he knows Jumin could probably have it imported- but he doesn’t want that trust fund kid’s grubby hands over MC’s food no no no
  • since nobody can quite ship icecream to another country, leave alone continent, MC just. can’t have their Golden Gaytime
  • he feels forever guilty


  • oh come on, he’s rich, how hard can it be to get whatever MC wants
  • right?
  • right?
  • that’s what both him and MC thought
  • and it seemed easy enough!! MC only wants cinnamon tic-tacs!!
  • that should be easy enough!!
  • just send somebody to the grocery store and get ‘em
  • the thing is cinnamon tic-tacs are no longer made
  • they’re just. disscontinued
  • Jumin Han may be able to buy the entirety of the real-estate business in South Korea but he sure can’t buy a packet of cinnamon tic-tacs smh
  • still, he makes 707 look for them- and surely enough, the hacker finds that you can buy some old cinnamon tic-tacts on ebay
  • jumin is… not sure if he should. it seems sketchy and what if it’s poisoned???
  • so he settles on not buying it after explaining to MC all the dangers of buying food on eBay 
  • (he didn’t know of those dangers. 707 explained them to him before he went crazy and bought all of them)


  • he’s stressed enough with his internal “will I be a good father” monologue so when MC’s cravings come in he kinda
  • A A A A A A A H
  • so it turns out MC wants rainbow grilled cheese
  • he actually has, no idea. where to buy one of those where he and MC live
  • so it should be easy to just cook them right?? the internet is full of recipes how hard can this be??
  • he has so much coinfidence in himself even though he internally knows what’s coming
  • long story short: he almost sets the kitchen on fire because he turned on the stove and put a pan there and… put the heat too high. and sorta forgot while he made the sandwich
  • He would try to cook again but after ruining both the stove and a pan he calls Yoosung
  • “Yoosung I’m begging you please make a rainbow grilled cheese I’m on my knees please it’s MC’s only craving and I almost burnt down the house trying to make one.”
  • Yoosung ends up bringing a decent rainbow grilled cheese and 707 has to promise not to tease him anymore
Aging headcanons

As Party Poison and Kobra Kid age, they become calmer. They still suffer from bouts of anxiety, but a lot of things that frightened them in their 20s don’t bother them anymore. Kobra becomes less high-strung and more patient. He retires from derbies and keeps a low profile. Poison still makes art and custom jackets/ray guns, often working with his brother as they have for years.

When Poison discovers grey streaks in his hair, he initially dyes them, but later makes them part of his outfit. He wears his long hair combed back with grey streaks around his face. Both brothers start wearing more muted clothing. No matter how old they are, they always have a big brother/little brother dynamic. Part of Poison always sees his brother as an excited little kid.

After all those years, I never thought I’d lose

              It’s over isn’t it–

                           isn’t it

                     isn’t it


*adds to the hundreds of drawings of this scene*

pixiv || twitter

Submitted by dadthinksdoctorwhoisacrimeseries!

My friend sent me this saying she found Gerard Way, but it made me think of your headcanon where Party Poison is abducted by bli and put up as an entertainer in the city. That looks like the kind of merch he would be selling.
(I asked her if i could submit it)

Oh wow, that looks just like something BL/ind Poison would sell. That’s pretty awesome. I think he’d have some pretty wild ideas, even while on the medication, and BL/ind would give him an assistant to tone them down, haha.

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Since you are officially a JadeKat expert, what are some fics you really like with the two of them? Any tropes you like or ones that you find tired within that tag? Sorry if that's a lot to cover in one ask

Oh MAN, have I got answers for this ask. Have I got answers.

The fics I’m drawn towards are not very shippy since they’re mostly elaborate AUs which tend not to lend themselves well to romance (speaking of which, your fic looks pretty baller, I’m going to read that once I’m done), so I’ll be ordering this rec list from Most Jadekat to Least Jadekat, the last of which is pretty much straight up gen.

Five First Kisses, Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - If you haven’t read this fic, you haven’t lived.

There’s a She-Wolf in her Closet, HSO Team Jadekat 2012 - This isn’t a fic, it’s a visual novel from back in the day that I programmed. However, I didn’t write/draw anything on this one (that credit would go to my 9 other teammates)! You are free to enjoy without being like, ‘ha, that oxfordroulette, reccing her own writing, what a narcissist.’ Anyway, two in a half years later and I still laugh at every joke. (Applebees)

Call of Shakira: Gears of Jadekat, HSO Team Jadekat 2012 - Again, this one’s a game I programmed, and I did not do the writing or art for it (minus the troll country buffet background, my magnum opus which shall never be dethroned). It’s funny, in character, and the backgrounds are beautiful. My one regret is the stupid Jade-sprite freezing for like a second after any dialogue which fucks up the walk cycle. I still think about my programming failure there and weep a little.

Midnight Flush, friendlybatteringram - This fic rec list is slowly turning into a mixed media hodgepodge, but when is anyone going to ask me the question ‘top five elaborate jadekat comics?’ Never. The answer is never. Anyway, this comic is great fun, has excellent dialogue, has a good serving of Jadekat, and this author’s handwriting is killer. Seriously, I could stare at those capital letters all day. Damn.

Midnight City Madness, FH14 - Oh, hey, an actual fic. This AU is similar to the previous comic, with lots of Spades Slick, bad romance advice, weird mafia plot shit, and good worldbuilding! It’s also got the funniest Karkat dream sequence I’ve ever read.

The Thief of Prospit, mitspeiler - I gotta say this fanfiction isn’t for everyone- it’s a love letter to the old romance movies in the golden age of Hollywood. It’s one hundred percent an adventure fanfic, and you need to just let yourself be tugged along by the long, gorgeous descriptions and winding, imaginative plotlines. Also it’s got a lot of Vriska/Karkat interaction, which is my silver bullet.

C’est Magnifique, mais ce n’est Pas la Guerre: c’est de la Folie, composer - I’m bolding this one because it’s damn good. I could shout this fanfic’s praises from a mountaintop and send my sound echoing across valleys and it still wouldn’t be loud enough. Jadekat is only a small piece of this, but if you are going to read one fic on this list it should be this one. I originally clicked on this fic thinking it would be an absolute trainwreck (a WWII AU in France? Am I in the ‘terrible Hetalia ideas’ section again? I have to witness this.) but it turned out to be gorgeous. And heartbreaking. And brilliant. And most importantly, dead fucking accurate on the historical side. Read this.

Child Gods: Emotions, Consequences, and Clauses of Sanity Through the History of Art, 8The_Great_Perhaps8 - Not much to say about this one, it’s written like an art history paper and is a good, creepy look at what the world would be like if the beta kids were gods. I live for this faux academia shit. FYI, jadekat is barely in this one.

And to answer your second question, here’s the worst jadekat fanfic I could ever think up:

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Person Of Interest Soundtrack

The entire soundtrack of POI seasons 1,2,3 and 4 condensed into one vid on youtube by the amazing HSO!

01 - 0:00:01 Massive Attack - Angel (1x01) 
02 - 0:05:15 Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Truth (1x02) 
03 - 0:10:52 Massive Attack - Live With Me (1x03) 
04 - 0:15:39 The xx - Intro (1x05) 
05 - 0:22:39 Nina Simone - Sinnerman (1x07) 
06 - 0:28:09 Unkle - When Things Explode (1x10) 
07 - 0:33:28 Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (1x15) 
08 - 0:37:34 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy (1x16) 
09 - 0:41:30 Unkle - Burn My Shadow (1x19) 
10 - 0:46:28 Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Revenge (1x21) 
11 - 0:51:25 David Bowie - I’m Afraid Of Americans (1x22) 
12 - 0:56:52 The Black Keys - She’s Long Gone (2x03, 3x01) 
13 - 1:00:03 DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (2x05) 
14 - 1:06:48 Moby - One of These Mornings (2x08) 
15 - 1:10:49 Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (2x10) 
16 - 1:15:27 The Who - Eminence Front (2x12) 
17 - 1:21:15 Sun Kil Moon - Heron Blue (3x08, 3x09) 
18 - 1:28:53 Johnny Cash - Hurt (3x10) 
19 - 1:32:33 Digitalism - Miami Showdown (3x10) 
20 - 1:36:04 D.L.i.d - Color In Your Hands (3x10) 
21 - 1:42:30 Daughter - Medicine (3x18) 
22 - 1:46:57 Radiohead - Exit Music (3x23) 
23 - 1:51:22 Jetta - I’d Love To Change The World (4x01) 
24 - 1:54:30 Portishead - Roads (4x03) 
25 - 1:59:38 Emiliana Torrini - Gun (4x04) 
26 - 2:05:09 The Black Angels - Young Men Dead (4x05) 
27 - 2:10:42 The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days (4x11) 
28 - 2:17:02 Moby - Violent Bear Away (4x12) 
29 - 2:23:55 Nat King Colne - Happy New Year (4x20) 
30 - 2:27:14 Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine (4x22) 

(Be sure to like their video on youtube to thank them for all their hard work in compiling this!)