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Barba and Elisa, for @booyahkendell and her lovely series, To Build A Home.

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Thank you for you rant about Katie. Things are getting out of hand and I appreciate you stepping up and saying what everyone else is thinking.

you’re welcome:)

people really need to remember that their favs are real human beings, with real lives, and what they do outside of acting/performing is none of our business unless they chose to share it.

making inappropriate sexual jokes and speculating and digging into their personal lives isn’t okay. just, drink some tea. chill out. do some yoga. think about things before you post them online.

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Is it okay if the tags are specific to a certain fandom? Because I found some funny ones but they're super specific

Probably not. We post a few of those but we try to avoid them. It’s okay if the tags can be funny to anyone without knowledge of the canon they’re from, but if the joke can only be understood if you’ve watched/read/etc it, we probably won’t post them.

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cherik headcannon : okay so during first class Charles was interested in learning german and asks Erik to teach him so Erik starts by teaching him lullabies and soft songs (which is mother use to sing to him). When they start sleeping together and Erik has night terrors left over from his time with Shaw, Charles would hold him and sing the german lullaby until he fell back asleep. After the beach divorce, Erik has more trouble sleeping and on rare occassion lingers outside westminster with

 (2/2) helmet firmly on, hoping to find some sort of peace from just being near Charles. He finds the window in the study where they use to play chess and talk for hours open and from inside comes a soft melodic voice of charles humming the same lullaby, knowing Erik was there but never saying anything because he knew Erik needed this and maybe he did too.


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i got some angst here for y'all... ok so everyone lives but the chocobros' s/o doesn't... a few years after the ending they see someone who looks exactly, to a t, like their passed s/o but isn't and maybe in a happy and stable relationship with someone else (maybe they have a family or something)? (bonus if the s/o's body was never recovered so the bros might think there's a chance their s/o could still be alive)

Oh man, why do you guys do this to me? You’re all so freaking clever with these prompts that my tragic-loving self eats right up.

Okay, anon, remember that you asked for this sadness— so the angst queen delivered. Giving these series of drabbles a title like my “The Day Insomnia Saw the Dawn” because it’s gunna be epic.

Note: [I’ll be uploading each guy in parts (and linking them together) as I finish them, but right now I only have Noctis done— in which everyone but him has died and the s/o somehow traded her life for his]

Read at your own risk. Ow.

{1,603 words}

                           A World in Which You Don’t Exist


“I’ve… I’ve never been good at these things. Moving on.”

It was cold. Eos had experienced its first snowfall in ten years. Noctis shuffled his feet as he stood beneath the willow tree that marked your grave. It was just on the outskirts of Duscae, near the lake that the catoblepai frequented. You had loved it here. It was your favorite place to visit during your travels, always begging Ignis to stop the car when you drove near, if only for a moment to appreciate its beauty.

“I can’t help but think that you… that you would know what to do, how to make this easier—“ Noctis’ voice failed him as he pursed his lips and tried desperately to swallow his grief. He shoved his hand into his coat pocket, procuring a ratted carbuncle doll. The one he had given to you as children. The one you had held on to after all these years.

“I brought you something. I found it at Hammerhead after…” he crouched down beneath the willow’s weeping leaves. They stirred around him, icy with snow crystals. He bowed his head as he carefully laid the torn doll upon the frozen ground. He ran an idle hand along the granite that was used as your headstone for a body that was never found.

“You left it behind,” he croaked as the tears finally fell. “You left it behind— all alone.”

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Fane and Faye

@fanesavin​ / @cara-faye-stewart

  • Name: Benjamin “Ben” Rhys Savin
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Witch – affinity for solar/light magic
  • General Appearance: Possesses his father’s dark hair and eyes, as well as his height at a solid 6′0″, but his general features are fair mix of both parents; though slightly less formal and more colorful, his style also tends to take after his father – a vest and tie typically adorns his attire, but flashy scarves and the occasional hat can work their way in 
  • Personality: Ben is kinder than he makes himself out to be. He tends to hold himself with a scathing attitude that hints at superiority, but he’s really just a rather shy and cautious individual. He cares very deeply for those close to him and is known to be generous to strangers when the mood strikes. He comes off as cynical and spoiled to protect a truly sensitive, empathetic heart. Just don’t question his style or bartending skills because he is fully capable of being downright savage.   
  • Special Talents: Uses his light-based magic to perform optical illusions; has a great sense for color and style; well-versed in pesky hexes; excellent and mixing drinks and easily the life of the party
  • Who they like better: Faye, mostly because Fane reminds him just a tad too much of himself and he does his best to maintain a certain originality.
  • Who they take after more: Fane. Hands down. They have that ‘ostentatious facade with inner gentle heart’ thing flawlessly executed. Not to mention their shared loved for attire and events.  
  • Personal Headcanon: Fane had to set up strict rules with Ben early on to stop him from practicing magic in the house. Magic is all well and good, but light magic in the presence of a vampire wasn’t something his father was willing to risk. As such, Ben has set himself up a nice designated magic space out in the gardens at the estate. There is plenty of natural sunlight to draw from there and the vast unoccupied area makes concentration a breeze.
  • Face Claim: Hale Appleman

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I know youre not doing the meme but i do ship you with otayurism and altisetsky lol



Do you ship me with them separately or as an OT3 WAHAHAHAHAHAHA 8D

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Poor Nagisa... I'm cheering for you!

…Are you okay?

*groans* I’m okay…I’ll just have a bump…

Huhuhu, at least you stopped the ball. Good work, goalkeeper.

I’m sorry Daimon-kun, I will try to stop the ball with my face too next time…



Hahahaha ! Your face !! It’s too funny ! You took the ball in full face and you still have the marks hahahaha !

*laughs* It’s true. I should ask big sis Hiyoko to take a picture…

…A perfect round shape.

….You guys…

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Okay so you know the whole sapping quintessence thing Haggar does right? If she couldn't handle the entirety of voltron what about just one lion. What if she could steal the quintessence from the lion and the paladin completely. Imagine if that paladin was Lance and Blue.


this reminds me of that one theory where the blue lions quintessence gets sapped so lance gives up his own life force and puts it into the blue lion believe me i have cried so much over that

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Okay but thanks for being here and representing! I'm a gay woman of colour, I haven't met many people like me/openly support people like me in the music world. I play euphonium and sing contralto professionally but I (white-passing) have to act like I'm white sometimes and (femme) have to act like I'm straight to get by, bless you for existing, really. 🙌

any time, welcome to tumbl

Anon - “Everything will be okay.”

You tapped the screen and the communication cut off. You didn’t feel your legs pick you up from the seat and carry you from the comms room back to the bridge.

You didn’t really feel anything until there was a hand on your shoulder. You looked up and saw Nyota standing in front of you.

“Are you alright?” she asked. “What happened?”

You just shook your head.

“Can we talk at dinner?”

At dinner you sat around a table with Nyota, Hikaru, Pasha, Scotty, and Jim. They all listened while you quietly told them about your father’s illness. Nyota wrapped her arms around you when you told them that this morning he didn’t wake up.

Leonard and Spock came and sat down just as your circumstances came full circle in your mind and the tears began to flow. Leonard sat on your other side and rubbed a hand on your back while you cried on Nyota’s shoulder.

“Everything will be okay,” he whispered.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” Hikaru said, reaching across the table.

“I’ll find a way to get you home,” Jim promised, standing and coming around the table to stand behind you. “Promise.”