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Boo! Here’s the Ghost Adventures AU dub! 👻 I can’t thank the following people enough for helping me out with this short animatic, so please go check out their blogs! They did such an amazing job voicing these characters, so send them some love! <3 

Voice cast:

@zootopia123 (Nick) 
@hoppsforwilde (Judy)
@mickelpickelvoiceacts (Finnick)

❤︎❤︎❤︎ Enjoy! 

Incomplete PJO HOO/Hunger Games crossover where Leo is the Boy On Fire

The seven (plus Nico) are randomly and magically transported to the Hunger Games universe on the day of the reaping. They each arrive in the district representing their power at the exact time of the reaping.

Piper goes to the Capitol

Hazel goes to district 1

Annabeth goes to district 3

Percy goes to district 4

Jason goes to district 5

Frank goes to district 8

Leo goes to district 12

And Nico goes to district 13

This is all completely unexpected and of course they’re all a bit disoriented. But of course Leo is the one who, ending up in a crowd of boys between the ages of 12 and 18, puts up his hand and says “Excuse me, could anyone tell me what’s going on here?”

No one hears what he says, but a loud voice with a funny accent comes from the stage: “How wonderful! Two volunteers at the same reaping! Come up here, now, don’t be shy!”

Everyone looks to the boy with his hand in the air, and Leo is ushered onto the platform. The blonde boy who passes him on the way back down looks very confused.

He still has no idea what’s going on, but being Leo he soaks up the attention naturally and improvises nicely. Everyone already thinks he’s slightly crazy so they all assume that he's rather air-headed too. It’s the only explanation.

He opens up (slightly) to Haymitch on the train. Katniss is extremely wary of him, especially after he tries to flirt with her. Haymitch explains stuff, but Leo doesn’t take the “killing other kids” part very well. By the time they get to the Capitol, he’s pretty much made up his mind to undermine the system somehow.

When everyone cheers for the flaming district 12 tributes in their carriage, Leo decides to make it a little more spectacular. Luckily the costumes are fire-proof, and everyone assumes it’s all part of the act. Only Cinna knows different. Katniss only gets slightly singed.

Leo is advised to keep his powers secret for as long as possible and only use them in emergencies in the arena. Effie isn’t even told about it.

During training, Leo can’t stop watching the girl who looks so like Hazel. Eventually he confronts her, and tells her outright to stay by him in the arena, and that he will protect her at all costs. He even hints that the games might go a little differently this time. (He has no idea what he’s going to do, but he knows he has to do something)

Later he’s surprised to find Thresh glaring down at him, asking about his conversation with Rue. He doesn’t lie, but Thresh doesn’t believe that he can help or that he’s worth anything, so he makes sure no one is looking then lets Thresh see a flame run across the palm of his hand. “Want to fight me now?” Leo’s still not confident in himself and thinks Thresh could still beat him up but has to act as if he knows what he’s doing. The next day Thresh is like “right I have come to a decision we are going to fight the Hunger Games we will create our own career pack but not kill each other” (His ultimate plan now is to take out everybody else and let Rue win but he doesn’t say that) so Katniss joins up and Leo also ends up making friends with the district 3 tributes (they bond over gadgets) so they join the gang and maybe a few others idk this is where I leave off because there’s so much more to this crossover like what are all the rest of the 7 (plus Nico) doing? Someone please continue this and add your ideas!

Class of 2002 - Short Update

I’m trying, guys. I really do love writing for this fic, because it makes me SUPER nostalgic! But life and work are so busy…hoping you’ll like this little bit. Let me know.

First Part is here, or on ao3.

xoxo, CC

(still) year1 | ’98-‘99

It’s constellation night, when all Astro 101 kids go out to this huge field off campus to take their constellation quiz. It’s a cold November evening, but Katniss doesn’t mind, especially what with the beautiful sky of stars above her. She just wishes she had the foresight to bring something warm to dri-

“Hot cocoa?”

She turns around, and there he is, his blond tufts peeking out of his grey beanie, and his bright eyes somehow bluer in the moonlight. Eyes that she only really noticed that day…

“Hey you,” she says softly.

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Volleyballs & Bows

Prompt 12: Spring break beach volleyball fic!! [submitted by @peetabreadgirl]

 This fic was submitted by the lovely @peetabreadgirl, I hope I did justice to this… love @mega-aulover

 Rated K/G / warning Unbeat’d

 Volleyballs & Bow’s

Katniss watched Peeta as he stood hands braced on his knees watching for the serve from the other team.  Her eyes zeroed in on a small drop of sweat that drip from his forehead down to his chest.  It rolled down his shoulder blade, cascaded down past his man nipple, zigzagged over his washboard abs and down into his cut-off shorts. Katniss licked her lips. 

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Mockingjay part 2 :0

Ok so I went and saw mockingay part 2 (personally I thought it was the best movie out of all four) and I thought I would share the highlights and stuff from the movie :) Having read the books in advance not much was the surprising but it was still awesome (sorry if it’s kinda boring :/) 


When Finnick dominated with the trident

When she showed up at snow’s assassination and we were all “Byeee coin” 

Well then there was this and Hayffie shippers were like KJLFHKLASHDFKJDS

And. Then. Tigris.


When Katniss was goals

The moment I realized Katniss was under water in the first place

And lastly this… because arrows are amazing

2013 in Fandoms!
  • Supernatural: Nooooo Kevin!
  • Glee: Rachel got a role on Broadway. Klaine got engaged. And we bid farewell to our beloved quarterback Finn Hudson/ Corey Monteith.
  • Marvel: Thor 2: The Dark World was released. We saw an imprisoned Loki. Tom Hiddleston really is totally awesome. Agents of Shield began airing on our screens, and Fitz-Simmons are brilliant.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Delena got together. Delena broke up. Silas stuff happened. Klaus and Elijah are now rocking it in New Orleans (in The Originals) with Rebekah, Hayley and Klaus' unborn daughter.
  • Sherlock: Watson got a mustache, we all got a mini-episode, which led to the birth of Anderlock.
  • Doctor Who: The 50th anniversary came and went, we had the War Doctor and a reunion between 10 and 11. Gallifrey is saved! We said goodbye to our "raggedy man" and welcomed Capaldi as our new hero.
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness was released. We saw more Benedict Cumberbatch. And read more Spock/Kirk fanfics.
  • Harry Potter: JK Rowling announced a series of movies based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. JK Rowling announced a West End play based on Harry's life pre-Hogwarts.
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was awesome. Finnick! Also, Jennifer Lawrence proved that she's more awesome than we thought was possible.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Desolation of Smaug was epic!
  • Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Ygritte. Our khaleesi, Dany, got herself an army. We were all left in tears by The Red Wedding. Robb! Catelyn!