it was emotionally draining to make this as well

Comic of the Week: Love is Love, by far too many talented people to list here.

This single issue is $10. It’s a series of short, usually single page, stories dedicated to the the LGBTQ+ community, with all proceeds going to the victims and families of the victims of the Pulse night club shooting. I haven’t finished it, it’s only 140 pages but I wasn’t able to in one sitting. It’s emotionally draining at times and incredibly uplifting at others. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman all make appearances, and there are many stories of regular people going through their lives. There’s even an Archie story. As well as some other character I don’t know but recognize from the internet.

Here at the end of 2016 it’s nice to remember there are people doing good work. I wholly recommend supporting it if you can. 

I hate to be that astrological new age sap


As a Taurus, whose been raised by a Scorpio, whose loved a Scorpio, whose broken the heart of a Scorpio, whose heart was broken by a Scorpio, who has plenty of Scorpio friends and family, I know damn well how penetrative and insidious Scorpio poison is. Though I’m thankful I’ve learned how to turn those toxins into good energy. (preface, dear scorpios, this doesn’t apply to all of you LMAO.)

The thing about Scorpio poison, is that it’s so emotionally taxing. It will make you do things, even after everything seems it’s settled. It’s that friend who drains your life force. It’s knowing you’re completely over someone, but still remembering what it was like or what it could have been. It’s someone self-victimizing and enticing you to coddle them. It’s a snake behind irresistible doe eyes. It’s planted seeds of guilt. It’s sometimes like experiencing withdrawal, because Scorpios can have addictive personalities. 

Scorpios are fixed WATER signs who have a firm and almost LITERAL grasp on emotions. Emotions to Scorpios are not metaphysical, they are as factual as cutting your arm off, and this is their weapon.

How do I prepare myself for this? How do I find the antidote?

Accept how real it hurts. Remember your emotions are yours. Understand that even after you think you’re cured, phantom pains still exist and you will have moments, random pangs of that same pain from the smallest stimuli. Find strength in having survived a poisonous Scorpio. Accept that maybe, whatever change was spurred due to a Scorpio, is now a part of you, but know that, it doesn’t mean they are still part of you or that you are still part of them.

a-galleon-for-a-sugarcube  asked:

1/2 I have so much i wish i could say to you about how much i appreciate your incredible talent i just read all 16 chapters over the last two days and i am utterly astonished as well as COMPLETELY BROKEN HEARTED but your talent is beyond so many published authors that i have read and i commend you on that. You have this ability to pour so much emotion into every scene you wrote, create such complex characters while also bringing in the characters created on the show. I was emotionally drained..

2/2 i was emotionally drained after each and every chapter. I want to honestly thank you for writing my absolute favorite fanfic of all time. You managed to make me, a rather non sporty person (except for a brief soccer phase dont ask) fall in love with a hockey fic and damn you are such a talented writer thank you for all that you do Also WHY THE BRACELET WHY WOULD YOU BE SO CRUEL AS TO MAKE HIM THROW AWAY THE BRACELET MY POOR CHILDREN!

all of it in 2 days?? holy fuck, did you sleep??? have you had enough water and sun??? IM SORRY FOR THE PAIN!!!!! i haven’t shied away from saying since the beginning that this fic will have a happy ending, and that hasn’t changed. i hope that’s enough to keep you going!!

and well, now i want to know about the soccer phase…? ♡ xx

So I LOVE crazy ex girlfriend
I think the title threw me off for a long time because I thought it’d be one of those sexist shows written by a bunch of douchey men who think two and a half men was a good show
But it’s actually really insightful and smart and shows this woman who is just so accomplished trying to find happiness, maybe in ways that end up as self-sabotaging, and dealing with childhood traumas with absent fathers and emotionally draining mothers.
It’s just really well done and the musical numbers are amazing and it tackles mental health issues subtly and sweetly ♡

It’s just such a great show and so cathartic to see someone making mistakes that are real and scary and seeing her undeterred optimism for what it could be.

anonymous asked:

Hey , I’m sorry if this bothers you or something but I read that you don't mind if someone ask for advice and I really need one .Today I broke my relationship with my best friend . We've been friends since 2006 ( we’re 20 now ) . It saddens me to tell this but he is a very toxic person . Although we had amazing times together , I couldn’t do this anymore . He drained me emotionally . He always wanted more , see this as a romantic relationship or sexual . I didn’t want either . (+)

(+) So, he always bring it up , making me feel worse than I already was . A week ago, I took the decision that I deserved better. A better friend. So tonight, when he came to my house I told him everything. You may ask how did he reacted. The only thing he told me was: ‘well I don’t know what to do with you’, then he tried to hug me and when I didn’t let him , he took off . So yeah , that’s it. I don’t know how to feel. A part of me is really proud that I could tell him everything in the face and stood up for myself but the other part just want to cry and call him . I really care about him. I’m sorry if this bothers you but I really need to talk about this with something. He was my only friend. Now I will curl in my bed and listen top till I start college again. Thank you for reading this, I hope it makes sense. Also, sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language. PS: I love your blog. 

Oh friend, don’t be sorry about your English. English is not my native language either!

And well, I’m actually proud of you, friend. I know it might be sad and it might hurt to lose someone that close to you, but sometimes people change and this changes are not that good. And it’s totally okay to cut some people out of your life because toxic people can really bring us down and no one deserves that. 

In that situation, I would probably have done that: I would have talked to him and asked him to stop with the romantic comments, etc. Explain to him that that make me uncomfortable. Then, if he didn’t stop, I would probably end my relationship with him too. Because just like I said, sometimes we really need to think about our own health and be a little bit selfish. Maybe that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth. Like, if he really made you feel like that, sad and drowned, then you chose the best option, friend.

But yeah, it might hurt for a while and you’ll miss him, but sometimes we really need to lose a few people in order to feel better and to grow. Because not everyone we know will be with us forever, friend. That’s sad but it’s the truth. Sometimes we’ll lose people because they don’t like our changes. Sometimes we’ll lose them because WE don’t like their changes. And sometimes people get distant. It’s life. 

It’s totally fine to cut some toxic people out of our lives, friend. It might hurt sometimes, but it’s for the best. Like, probably it would hurt more if you decided to keep him in your life.

Hope you feel better soon, friend. And if you need someone to talk, come talk to me. I’ll be here. It’s okay to miss him, but remember that you did that for yourself and for your own health and good. 

You are not alone, fren. Have a great day and stay safe!

Ben is the sweetest.

Teaching Ben how to properly selfie (with a iPhone 6S Plus) was the /greatest/ thing. It blew his mind and I /lost/ it. I was trying my absolute hardest to be composed and polite and when he became baffled and hilarious, I lost it. Hysterical. Completely laughing in the photo as he was jokingly telling me one of the photos he had accidentally taken of us was “horrible” and “shall we go again?” And I replied with “why not?!” with a slight smirk on my face. Competely adorable. If any fan reading this has ever felt nervous or afraid to approach him like I was at one point, fear not, I say you go for it. He’s honestly the /sweetest bean/ on the planet and we got on quite well. I’m not bragging or making it up. So goofy he is and happy to give you time and is incredibly patient for just having done a long emotionally draining show. He even put his coconut water down to properly selfie with me and my partner!! That’s dedication! Haha… And even with all the great selfies we got with him two nights in a row, he signed our playbills and enjoyed our jokes and we made each other laugh continuously throughout. He’s totally and undeniably human and spending time with him is like having a great laugh with an old friend. For those of you who are still unsure of approaching him, do it. I swear it. He may be shy initially, yes, but he really opened up with us and we had a pretty lengthy conversation because it was so few of us waiting for him (four others besides myself and my partner). I will speak more of my experiences in detail when I get home but I felt this needed to be said. All my previous nervousness was all in my head. Literally. He’s a peach. Absolute Irish spring smelling peach (yes, I couldn’t help but smell him with us being so close for the selfies). He actually kept instructing me to get closer which was pretty hilarious since he got really into it. Just do it if you have the chance. Again. I can’t express that enough. Probably my top two favourite experiences this week in New York. More in detail later, Ben fandom. x

Prayer request.

I’m working a 16 hour shift today and could really use some prayers today. I have three new guys in my unit and they’re very emotionally draining. And if you’ve been following me for awhile you know I met a 14 year old in juvenile who’s a practicing Satanist who’s asked me to help him change and become better. Well, he’s gotten in 3 fights in the last two weeks and currently is being sent to segregation for trying to make a shank so I pray for strength and wisdom to make it through today…

Lord hear our prayers.

Ready to fight

Continuity: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Name: Canon

Who Are They: Canon’s duties are overseeing the cadets and working closely with his counterpart Mirth who oversees the detention area.

About: Assigned to work in conjunction with Shaak Ti, Canon oversees the cadets and ensures that his younger brothers are abiding by the rules laid out for them, and that they are not being mistreated by the current bounty hunter trainers who he generally does not trust or like.

His job ensures long days that can be more emotionally draining than he ever lets on. More than once making him thankful for his training in resisting torture so he can hide any difficulties he may be having on a given day from his General as well. Despite her kind words that she is always available to talk if need be, training has drilled into him that certain things must or should never be spoken.

The roughest times he has is when dealing with the detention center. If on his own he takes a moment to check in on brothers who have been injured and are now unfit for duty. Feeling a mix of emotion when he finds their cells cleaned out and empty. When with Shaak Ti, he is protective. The verbal abuses she has suffered when questioning would be defectors or traitors has brought him to blows with a brother on rare occasions; something he tries to ensure Shaak Ti never learns of. One of the more memorable times was with the traitor Slick and the beating he gave him after he ran his mouth with insolence and threats instead of answering her questions.

When in need of an outlet, he enjoys participating in fights and spars against his brothers, and even at times against Bounty Hunter Trainers in his off hours. His winning streaks only adds to the proof that he is a well trained soldier despite not leaving their home to go on missions like the rest of his brothers do or eventually will.

Personal Views: No matter the upbringing, all are capable of betrayal.

Why Did I Create Them: Sometime back in 2012 I pretty much thought it would be cool if Shaak Ti had a Clone Commander to aid with her duties in some way, since every other General had one except her.

This month has just been…sigh. It’s been so hard emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you’re so drained of life but you’re still supporting and still trying to make sure other people are okay. And maybe that’s what love is sometimes, making sure they’re well being is okay even when you’re not okay, or giving energy that you don’t have, to make sure of that. I’m hard.