it was either this or homework

seriously though, I’ve noticed that bigots like T////ERFs, M///RAs and anti f///eminists always use the same tactic whenever you call them out on your bullshit.

“explain it to me then!”

“I’m genuinely interested!”

“I need sources and for you to explain your views exactly!!!”

spoiler alert: even if you DO this homework for them, there is no winning in this argument. sources will be ignored. they will tell you why your views are bullshit anyways. 

either way, it’s a trap. if you refuse to argue with them, because why the fuck would I spend my own time explaining trans-ness to someone with how evil trans people are all over their blog, they will take that as a victory. They will take an unwillingness to talk to a fuckin brick wall as conceding.

it’s like that old phrase with pigeons and chess…. you can try to play chess against a pigeon and win, but they’ll still knock over the pieces, shit all over the board and strut around like they’ve won anyways.

THIS IS NOT TO SAY that you shouldn’t ever educate people. if someone genuinely doesn’t understand trans-ness, feminism, etc, educating people is always a great thing to do. it won’t always change people’s minds, but sometimes it does.

HOWEVER, my point with this is that it is important to recognize a genuine misunderstanding and openness to other sides of the debate vs. when someone already has their minds made up and just wants to tell you how wrong you are. Like, if someone is asking for sources on why feminism is really necessary but their blog is covered with posts talking about all of those “femin*zi lying wh*res,” it’s proooooooobably a safe bet that they’re not worth trying to talk to.

save your time and energy for the people that are open to actual debates, friends.


FOR @badlydrawnbrokuyasu​ 

Wants me to do my homework… bUt I just ate yogurt so I was only drawing because I was gonna digest it before my homework because what if I got a stomach ache ya know??? 👀

EITHER WAY –i’ll go do my homework now since I’VE BEEN CAught 

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sometimes “doing your best” is being top of your class, straight As, etc. sometimes “doing your best” is just showing up to class without your homework and sleeping through half of it because that’s the best you can do. be proud of yourself either way.

Fanfic Recommendations! ^_^

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Hey everyone! *waves*

So, I decided to make a list of some fics I’ve read that I recommend that you guys read! (Duh @ me, hence the title of this, why are you so dumb sometimes? cx)

I spend a bit too much time reading fanfics sometimes, when I should really be either doing homework/writing my own stuff buuut… cx 

But yeah, these are going to be pretty much all BTS fics, because I’m trash that belongs in a bin somewhere buuut cx Please do check them out, I think these authors deserve recognition!

I will also update this list as I find more cx

These are also in no particular order!!

Last updated: 22/01/17

1. Wanderer by @roseok

Reader x Park Jimin - soulmate!AU (ongoing)

So, I really liked the concept of this and how beautifully written it is c: The storyline is rather quite unique (although I haven’t read a whole lot of soulmate!AUs, it does still come off as unique!)

2. The Joker by @astro-child

Suicide Squad!AU - BTS (ongoing)

So, I’m still not over how well this goes, with Jungkook as the Joker, and Jimin as Harley Quinn?? I’ve kinda been bugging Shanel over how much I liked it, but I needed her to know that I really liked it! cx

3. Catalyst : Unbroken by @zephyoongist (collaboration/one shot)

Hunter!Yoongi x Angel!Reader (One shot)

This was honestly beautifully written, the details are really well done c: And the ending, ah the feels cx

4. Tenacious by @jin-oppa

Reader x Yoongi - Mafia/gang!AU (Ongoing)

Because I’m a sucker for mafia!Yoongi cx I really liked how this was written, and it was interesting to see how each member was portrayed as a gang member c:

5. Masquerade by @happy-meo

Reader x Jimin x Hoseok - Office!AU x Hosts!AU (Completed - 4 parts with a sequel which I also recommend)

Ah, this one had me binge reading for ages cx It also had me conflicted between Jimin and Hoseok, I couldn’t choose who I wanted (Y/N) to be with cx But it was honestly written really well, I enjoyed it ^.^ (warning: This one does have slight smut in it cx)

6. Red Skies by @jungk0oksthighs

Werewolf!AU - BTS (Completed - 10 parts)

This had me curious to find out more, and it was interesting that Jungkook is the alpha here, rather than one of the older guys like Jin or Yoongi cx

7. Strings by @minsuxga

Soulmate!AU - BTS (Completed - 2 parts)

The feels with this one was too much, ah my heart T_T But it was so so well written, the details and everything, and the ending, ah my poor heart T_T

8. Out of the Egg by @happy-meo 

Jungkook x Reader - War/Rebellion!AU (Completed - 6 parts)

So, I just read the first part of this, but I’m already hooked, the concept and storyline are so good, and it’s written so well ^_^ Ah, it’s so good!

9. Wishful Wings by @writeiolite

Jimin x Reader - Royals!AU (One shot I believe cx)

This was so cute, had me swooning over Jimin (but then again, when am I not swooning over him and the rest of BTS? cx) And I really liked the detailing of the story c:

10. Heartless by @bangtan-spells

Namjoon x Reader - Fantasy!AU (One shot I think c:)

This was unique, I haven’t read any fics with this concept/storyline before c: And as with many on this list, really well-written, props to the writer! ^.^

11. sinners to saints by @seoulscapes

Jimin x Reader - Spy!AU (Ongoing)

So, there’s actually one only part of this out so far, but that first part had me intrigued and genuinely wanting to read more ^_^ I really like the concept, and it’s written really well, even the action ^_^

12. the heir by @taegonia

Jimin x Reader (I am literal trash for this boy as you can see cx) - Mafia!AU (I’m not sure of the status of this one)

Looks like I found myself a new fanfic to binge read cx I really like how it’s written, I’ve only started reading this, but I’m already really liking it so I thought I should add it to this Fic Rec list ^_^

I will definitely be adding to this in the near future, but for now, please do check these out and support the writers! I know as a writer myself how gratifying it feels when someone leaves feedback on a story, so please do go read these, I assure you they’re good! ^_^


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series
  • Red Rising: *George RR Martin approved*
  • Lux: Main love interest is the child of Jace Herondale and Number Four.
  • Raven Cycle: Fun with Dick and Jane. Except instead of fun there's dead people.
  • Ruby Red: Homework is a more appealing option than time travel.
  • Endgame: The 39 Clues, rated R. Also everything you know is wrong.
  • Shadowhunter Chronicles: Racist and oppressive society keeps blatantly ignoring that its racism and oppression is why the oppressed keep trying to kill them.
  • School For Good and Evil: Two girls are the first in +200 years to call BS on heavy prejudices that have made their school an incredibly toxic environment.
  • Vicious: If you relate/agree with either main character, PLEASE seek professional help.
  • The Young Elites: Kindly check your moral compass and whatever sense of morality you may have left at the door, thank you and try not to die.
  • Throne of Glass: Protagonist will love you if you give her a gorgeous dress, a puppy, chocolate cake, or an assortment of deadly weapons (and preferably a reason to use them).
  • Coldest Girl In Coldtown: Vampires go viral. This is basically a quote.
  • Steelheart: Nice try, Brandon Sanderson, I still want superpowers.
  • Gates of Thread and Stone: "ALL RIGHT, WHO STARTED THE APOCALYPSE?" *magic and science point at each other accusingly*
  • Red Queen: Superpowers+racism=a whole lot of dead people.
  • The Darkest Minds: Good news, you survived a deadly plague. Bad news, the government officials who now dictate your life REALLY wish you hadn't.
  • Penryn and the End of Days: Angels and Humans differ in every conceivable aspect...except sarcasm. That's universal.
A Hoe’s Guide to Flirting

in person:

  • smile! don’t cheese too hard, but smiling will show that you’re happy and open to conversation
  • ask for help! something as simple as asking for homework help, or to lift something heavy, will give a sense of pride knowing that he/she is needed
  • leave him/her wanting more. don’t play too hard to get, or they’ll just give up. but don’t go around giving your life story either. find a middle ground
  • physical contact is one of the most foolproof flirting tips i could give. something as simple as a thigh graze, brush of the arm, or shoulder graze will keep them interested and wanting more 
  • eye contact
  • flirt a little everywhere you go: with the waiter, the mailman, a taxi driver. practice makes perfect, and you’ll be surprised to see how well this helps when it’s time to actually step up
  • laugh at his/her jokes even if they aren’t funny. you can admit to their shit jokes only after you’ve snagged them
  • genuinely compliment them. it’s a great icebreaker and will automatically get this person interested 
  • be yourself! never feel like you need to be a certain version of sexy. you should be liked for who you are
  • don’t cross your arms: you’ll seem reserved and unapproachable. instead, lean towards the person you’re talking to. maybe cross your legs in their direction, or lean a bit closer

through text:

  • try not to get too serious or overshare. important things should be discussed in person
  • don’t reply to every message: it will make you seem busy, and not like you’re waiting for their next reply (even if you are)
  • don’t force yourself to reply to a text. if things are getting dry, stop texting back. it’ll make him/her want to work harder to grab your attention. 
  • ask about them! don’t go on and on about your life too much. getting to know the other person will keep the conversation going.
  • don’t underestimate the power of emoji’s


Boyfriend Jungkook

•"let’s go outttt, I wanna go out"
• lots of holding hands
• buys you coffee
• wins you a toy in the arcade
• girl group dances together
• “watch me work out at the gym”
• “Jimin hyung says I look cool, I want you to see!!”
• sings you to sleep
• makes you listen to his covers
• do weird things together
• helps you with homework
• “…”
• “to be honest jagi, I don’t get it either”
• plays with games on his phone
•"Don’t ask me, I haven’t graduated highschool"

a short description of the signs
  • Aries : not happy at all and wishes people liked them. a good, peaceful person
  • Taurus: tough on the outside soft on the inside. athletic
  • Gemini : is either vibrant and full of life or pissed off. very into gossip
  • Cancer : a generally negative person and knows that they're angry all the time but doesn't know how to stop. nosy but it's only because they care
  • Leo : thinks they're funny but everyone hates them. too loud
  • Virgo : stumbles over their words a lot but it's only because their brain is working too fast to form full words and they can't help themselves. please be nice to them
  • Libra : happy but only sometimes. doesn't do their homework and when they do they don't turn it in
  • Scorpio : has watched every single show on netflix despite hating the majority of them. eats the entire bag of doritos but leaves the empty bag in the pantry
  • Sagittarius : tired and too stubborn for their own good. somewhat humorous and very likeable
  • Capricorn : a good person but they're ready to die anytime. tired of everyone and wishes everyone would shut up
  • Aquarius : does their best to stay in their lane but doesn't last very long and they Explode. likes listening to music
  • Pisces : makes fun of people too much and is too violent and should really calm down before things get out of hand. can be embarrassing to be around a pisces in public

I wanted to finish this today but I spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to fix things here and there and now I’m tired. I might even look at it within half an hour from now and find more things to fix. Lmao, rip.

I’m Sorry Mr. Lancer, but Your Homework Assignment Attacked Me

William Lancer was prepared to accept many things. After all, when your hometown suddenly becomes populated by a wide variety of wild, dangerous ghosts — and particularly when those wild, dangerous ghosts caused quite a lot of physical collateral damage to the surrounding areas — you learn to have an adaptive mind pretty quickly.

He had also learnt to be adaptive to one Daniel Fenton’s continual excuses, which ranged from legitimate enough (“Mr. Lancer, can I go to the bathroom?”) to outright ridiculous (“Mr. Lancer, sorry, I know it’s been four times already in two hours, but can I go to the bathroom again?”). Lancer had given up trying to stop the boy. If the teacher refused to give him permission, he would just stand up and leave anyway, regardless of the consequences. Simply put, Danny didn’t care — and now Lancer was beginning to wonder if he really cared, either.

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  • Professor Snape:  Ah, Mrs Patil, can you guess which potion requires a powdered root of asphodel?
  • Parvati:  Um, no.
  • Snape:  Try, Mrs. Patil.
  • Parvati :  Uh, Pepper Up Potion?
  • Snape:  Incorrect. Okay, either someone give me an answer or I will give you all double homework and a quiz tomorrow. Now, I want a volunteer with the answer... Now!
  • Hermione:  (Sighing in disgust while raising her hand for the answer)
  • Snape:  Granger, stop showing off!
MBTI Squads (Read pls)

inspired by @officialentp

The ‘’has either killed someone or is thinking about doing so. (shhh, don’t tell anyone)’’ squad - ENTP, INTP, ESTP, ISTP

The ‘’is too pure for life you can’t even handle it. Just hail at their holiness’’ squad - INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFJ, ISFP

The ‘’forgets their keys in their car, forgets their homework at home, FORGETS THEIR BACKPACK at home, forgets to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom. Would probably forget their head if it wasn’t connected to their body xD’’ squad - ENFP, INFP, INTP, ESFP, ENTP

The ‘’you think is reading your mind but they are actually thinking about the hamburger they just ate and how it had way too much lettuce’’ squad - INFJ, INTJ, ENTJ, ENFJ

The ‘’could roast you to death’’ squad - INTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, ISTJ

The ‘’seems intelligent but just spent 10 hours on google searching random facts that somehow come up during a conversation’’ - INTJ, INTP, ISTJ, ENTP

The ‘’seem all harmless but could kill you in five seconds and will turn everyone on you. If you hurt them enough’’ squad - ISFP, ESFJ, ISFJ, INFP, ENFP, ESFP

The ‘’if you are stuck with them in a room for no windows, call 911.’’ squad - ENTJ, ESTJ, INTJ, INTP

The ‘’seems like is on drugs all the time’’ squad - ENFP, INFP, ESFP, ISFP

If you want more reblog this and tell me so. Hope you enjoyed :)


Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Character: BadBoy!Yoongi x Reader AU

College AU 

Word Count: 3,304

A/N: I feel like Yoongi would best fit the bad boy role. Inspired by the hundreds of pictures of him in a leather jacket. My love for this man is unreal… I can’t. Hope you all like it! I really enjoyed writing this female lead c: 

Please feel free to check out our Masterlist for more!

-          Admin Mochi

Originally posted by itsdoradaxx

              Min Yoongi, just from hearing his name some people would quiver in fear, but not her. While others tried to distance themselves from the bad boy she insisted on getting closer. The whole world knew about her crush on the leather clad flower boy and that was because she had publicly announced it several times. She claimed him as her own the moment she had laid her eyes on him in the college campus. Y/N followed him around like the little love struck puppy she was and at times he used this to his advantage. Y/N often found herself doing the silver tongued boy’s homework because he would either forget or because he didn’t feel like wasting his time on it. Yoongi also didn’t ever have to worry about packing or buying lunch because every day without a fail she would make him some. And that was nothing compared to some of the other things she would go out of her way just to do for him. Many could argue that he was only using her, but even if that were true she had fallen too hard to care.

               Although at times he appreciated everything that she did for him he often found himself getting annoyed. No matter how much he pushed her away, she kept coming back. It all started when she was walking home from school one cold winter day, she tightly wrapped her scarf around her neck and nuzzled into the soft fabric. Her ears perked hearing high pitched whines and cries, squinting she noticed a boy wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a black beanie kneeled in front of a cardboard box. Inside was a puppy, reaching into his pocket he took out a can of wet dog food and set it in front of the hungry pup who happily ate it. What he did next intrigued her the most, he took off his seemingly expensive jacket and set it inside the box with the stray dog. With that the mysterious mint haired man walked away. Y/N hurriedly ran over to the small dog, its tiny tail wagged in excitement at the pretty girl before him. The dog was snuggled into the boy’s coat, a small smile formed on her lips. How sweet. Carefully she wrapped the dog in it and carried it off with her, to its new home, her home.

               The roaring of an engine could be heard, his obsidian black Harley Davidson Iron 883 pulled up and parked in its usual spot. She squealed in delight as she skipped over to greet him. His mint hair slightly sticking against his pale forehead due to the broiling summer heat. Her hand wandered into her backpack, she took out an ice cold bottle of water then handed it to him. Without even a ‘thank you’ he snatched the bottle away and unscrewed the lid then proceeded to gulp its contents.

               “Good morning Yoongi oppa!” Y/N happily hummed taking away the empty recyclable plastic from his hands.

               “I don’t see what’s so good about it.” He grumbled shooting her a glare that she was very well immune to.

               “You get to see me~” the smaller girl cooed as she walked besides him to their first class.
               “You say that like it’s a good thing.” Yoongi groaned trying not to roll his eyes at her pouty face.

               “I made you lunch today!” she exclaimed taking out a kumamon bento and setting it in front of him. They sat outside under a big oak tree, Yoongi hated crowded places and quite honestly she did too. Plus, this way she had him all to herself.

               “Don’t you always?” his tone dull and sarcastic, but nevertheless she continued to smile. Without another word he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat from the cutesy lunch box while she gazed at him with her big doe eyes. “Are you just going to just stare at me the whole time?” she could tell he was getting irritated, she shook her head in response and he sighed. “Then eat.” he hissed taking another bite of his food. Yoongi didn’t have to tell her twice, without another word the girl slowly started consuming her own lunch but not without sneaking glances at the fair skinned boy besides her. He shook his head at her subtle attempts, they were everything but that.

               “Oppa!” Y/N waved her hand over at the taller boy and ran towards him hugging what seemed to be papers to her chest. “You almost forgot your homework.” She panted going through the folders and handing him his trigonometry packet. His eyes scanned the sheets, everything seemed just about right. He gave her a quick nod and pat on the head before heading to trig. Y/N gleefully shrieked at their slight physical interaction, she could care less about the strange looks people were giving her. It was funny how something so small could make her heart swell up in utter delight. The affect he had on her was unreal.

               Unlike him Y/N was done for the day, she peacefully sat in the library flipping through cook books. She had recently found out that ‘her’ Min Yoongi had an odd obsession with lamb skewers and she was determined to make him some of the best he’s ever had, problem being she had never cooked lamb in her life but that wasn’t going to stop her. After writing down several recipes she checked her phone and realized his class would be dismissed any minute. Hastily she packed her belongings and bolted towards the building his class was held. Y/N peeked in the room since the door was open only to notice they had already been released, yet he was still there.

               “-But yeah, you should tutor me one of these days, seeing as how you’re always getting straight A’s.” his classmate commented in her sickly sweet voice.

               “Should I?” he mused licking his lips before continuing. “What’s in it for me?”

               “Depends, what do you want?” her voice thick with desire, while Y/N’s face was full of disgust.

               “As if he’d want to waste his time on someone like you.” Y/N growled through her gritted teeth as she stormed into the room.

               “And who are you?” the girl snapped raking her eyes over Y/N.
               “His girlfriend.”
               “Says who?” Yoongi snarled.
               “Oppa!” she whined stomping her foot on the ground before making her way to his side. “I’ll give you till the count of three to leave, if I hit one and you’re still here you’ll have more than just your failing grades to worry about.” Y/N crooned with  a cute little grin adorning her lips, not wanting to find out what would happen if she stayed the other girl scurried away but not before cursing her under her breath.

               “Can you stop going around acting like I’m your boyfriend?” his husky voice lower than usual.
               “Why?” she was genuinely confused and that only irked him more.
               “Because I’m not!”
               “But you will be.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, because she’d always made sure to paint it that way.
               “No, I won’t be. Ever.”
               “Oppa don’t say things you don’t mean.” Her giggling infuriated him further, enough was enough.
               “I don’t like you and never will.” His words made her frown, but that didn’t stop him. “Not only are you annoying, you’re stupid now too?” she had never seen him so furious. “So stop following me around, stop making me lunch, and just leave me alone.” his words hurt. Although she didn’t care what others had to say, he was a different story. She felt as if someone had socked her in the stomach and in that one blow all the oxygen had left her lungs, she found it quite difficult to breath. Every now and then Yoongi would lose his patience with the girl, but never had he gone this far. Had she finally pushed him over the edge? She refused to accept defeat. Looking back up her frown was replaced with a meek smile.

               “So what do you want for lunch tomorrow oppa?” Y/N questioned dismissing his outburst. “How do lamb skewers sound?”

               “Are you fucking kidding me? I know you heard me just now.” Yoongi stared at her in disbelief. “So get it through your fucking head, we never were and never will be anything.” He spoke through his gritted teeth. “So fuck off.” With that he walked out of the room not bothering to look back. Y/N bit her bottom lip so hard she could taste iron in her mouth, her heart clenched at his words, which replayed in her head like a broken record.

               The following day was a peaceful one for Min Yoongi because she wasn’t around. At first he had assumed Y/N had taken the hint, but he soon realized she wasn’t even at school seeing as how she had not showed up to any of the classes they had together. It was odd because he thought the heavy hearted feeling that had formed after he went off on her yesterday would have left by now, but instead it had only gotten worse. He sat under his usual tree with the lunch he bought, after unwrapping it he took a bite but quickly set it down not liking the taste. It was bland, it lacked something, something that he usually only found in Y/N’s cooking. Love? He shook his head at the ridiculous thought, why was he even thinking about her? Not wanting the food to go to waste he tried to ingest as much as he could, but unlike her cooking it wasn’t enjoyable.

               It was now past noon and he sat in the empty classroom looking out the window, the lecture had ended twenty minutes ago but he found himself sitting there for some odd reason. Then it hit him, he was sitting there waiting for her. It had become a routine, he tried to tell himself as he finally left the class. The hallways felt empty despite them being crowded with several other students and he didn’t understand why.

               Outside of Y/N’s home Yoongi could be spotted on his motorcycle, he had subconsciously driven there. It had become a habit to take her home every Wednesday because on that day she would stay late after school due to club activities. No matter how many times he would tell her ‘next time ride the bus’ he would always be there waiting for her with an extra helmet in his hand even though she didn’t ask, but she was always grateful. He scolded himself as he prepared to leave, but right before he could something caught his eye. Exiting from her front door was a tall chestnut haired male, before he could get a better view the man had already disappeared.

               “And this is where I go to school!” she exclaimed waving her arms at the several buildings behind her, Taehyung grinned at her cute gesture.

               “So when will I be meeting that boy you’re always talking about?” he questioned wiggling a brow at her. “What’s his name again…? Yoongi?” Y/N’s composure immediately dropped at the mention of his name, the events from the other day coming back to her. His cruel words still lingering in her mind.

               “About that…” she murmured fiddling with her fingers, she didn’t want to tell him out of embarrassment but he was her best friend. After a quick summary of what had happened Taehyung’s usual cheerful face was anything but that.

               “What a jerk Y/N.” his face scrunched in displeasure. “He must be blind not to see how lucky he is to have you even give him the time of day.” Typical Taehyung, being a sweetheart as always.

               “Taetae…” she croaked trying to keep back from crying, having noticed this he quickly engulfed her into a heartfelt hug.
               “Don’t you dare cry, he’s not worth it.” He whispered while stroking her hair soothingly.

               Yoongi froze noticing it was Y/N who was being hugged by the tall male whose face he couldn’t see, quickly composing himself he scoffed and continued to class. He refused to admit the scene bothered him, even if it was just a teeny bit. 

              Sitting in his seat he could see from the open door out of the corner of his eye as she approached their government class, but she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by the same guy from earlier and to his surprise it was the same brunette from yesterday, the guy who he spotted leaving her house. He gave her a tight hug and then ruffled her hair before he left, Yoongi could see her smiling brightly just how she would whenever he would pat her head. He didn’t like the fact that she was smiling like that because of another man.

               The class felt longer than usual and as soon it had ended she was out of there. Although he would never admit it, Yoongi was annoyed by the fact that she had not bothered to even approach him once. But that was what he wanted, wasn’t it?

               The mint haired boy stirred in his sleep after some hearing noise. He groggily rubbed his eyes trying to get rid of the sleepiness. Yoongi could hear the voices getting louder, it was them. A couple yards away Y/N sat close, too close to the same guy from that morning. They were under a shaded tree enjoying their lunch together talking about who knows what, it must have been interesting because they couldn’t stop laughing. His eyes landed on the two lunch boxes and one was his bento, his kumamon. She didn’t. He thought enviously peering at Taehyung take food from it, he wasn’t sure why, but he felt betrayed.

               As the teacher continued to lecture, Yoongi could only think about what he had seen today. His eyes wandered everywhere except the white board until they landed on the window besides him. He admired the view outside. He spotted something familiar, he knew that turtle plush charm hanging off of that backpack anywhere. Taehyung’s arm was placed on Y/N’s shoulders as they walked further and further off campus. He’d had enough.

               Unable to stand the nagging feeling in his heart any longer, he stormed out in the middle of the lecture and made his way towards his bike. Reeving the engine angrily he sped towards her house not caring whether he had broken a couple of laws in the process. He parked his bike in front of her home and hopped off, there he leaned against his Harley with his arms crossed looking like all of hell just broke loose.

               “Bye Taetae!” his girl called out before giving Taehyung one last hug and waving at him frantically, he had to be somewhere urgently so he left her about two houses away from her own. Turning around she continued to walk to her residence and that’s when she noticed Yoongi standing there in his ripped skinny jeans, white V-neck, and black leather jacket, looking as good as ever. Y/N bit her bottom lip trying to resist the urge of running up to him and clinging onto him like a needy baby koala. She was confused as to why he was right outside of her house, but she didn’t dare ask. He had been the one to push her away, so he should be the one to pull her back. Pretending not to see him Y/N continued to walk up to her front door.

               “Yah, where do you think you’re going?” he hissed walking up to her and grabbing her arm then turning her around. Her eyes widened in shock at the sudden contact.
               “That’s surprising, you usually come running to me whenever you see me.” He cockily stated ticking his brow upwards.

               “Yeah, but I have better things to do now…” she mumbled looking down.

               “Like what? Hang out with that loser?” Yoongi sneered causing her to snap. Oh hell no.
               “Don’t call him that!” she was obviously mad and he hated that what triggered her was talking about another man.
               “Struck a nerve I see.”
               “You can say whatever you want about me, but don’t you dare talk about Taetae.” Nonetheless he tried to remain calm, but she was making it hard with how defensive she was being over some guy.
               “Taetae? What kind of name is that?”
               “His name is Taehyung, Taetae is just my nickname for him.” He suddenly felt a pang of insecurity, she’s never given me a nickname.

               “Whatever.” Yoongi scoffed. “I don’t ever want to see that guy around you ever again, understood?”
               “Excuse me?” she shot him an incredulous look.
               “You heard me, you should know by now I hate sharing what’s mine.” Wait what…
               “And who says I’m yours?” Y/N grimaced.
               “You. You’ve said it several times.” but
               “Last time I checked you didn’t want me anywhere near you.” She quickly countered.
               “About that-“
               “So you haven’t forgotten? Then go, I don’t know what you’re doing here.” As much as it hurt her to say those words she refused to keep letting him step over her. She didn’t want to go back to how things were before, she wanted much more.  
               “Is it fun? Playing with me that is and with my feelings?” her dry bitter laughter caught him off guard. “I can’t do this anymore… It hurts, Yoongi… It’s just too much, I-“ tears threatened to fall if she continued, he quickly shut her up by crashing his lips down on hers. She had been waiting months for this, it felt surreal. The kiss was soft, yet rough at the same time. Her heart pounded rapidly against her chest as his lips continued to move against her, they were so warm, so sweet. She could feel her worries melt away along with her anger. His hand rested on the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her long locks. His free arm was wrapped around her waist tightly, he refused to let her go, again. He found this easier, because Min Yoongi had never been good with words.

               “I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to ride on a motorcycle…” her sultry voice made him inwardly cringe. “Maybe you should show me.”
               “I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.” The leather clad flower boy stated with a smirk, but even with that she didn’t seem to be backing off.

               “She doesn’t have to know.” She suggested resting her hand on his chest as she shot him a coy smile.
               “Yah. Look here skank, if I ever see you talking to my oppa ever again you’re going to find out what it’s like to ride on an ambulance instead. Understood?” Y/N snarled roughly shoving the slightly taller girl away from Yoongi.

               “Crazy bitch…” she whispered walking away, but Y/N didn’t care. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she buried her face in the crook of his neck and pouted.

               “Oppaaaa!” the girl whined pulling away enough so she could see his face. “You’re not supposed to talk to other girls!” his eyes twitched at her childish tone.

               “And you’re not supposed to talk to other guys.” he argued rolling his eyes, it wasn’t like he wanted to talk to that girl, she had approached him first.
               “If you’re referring to Taetae then we’ve already been over this, he’s my best friend.” She reasoned, he could be a little too possessive sometimes. It was just one of his many odd ways of showing he cared.
               “And I’m your boyfriend.”
               “Exactly, so you have nothing to worry about.”

               “I better not.” Yoongi whispered into her ear causing a shiver to run down her back. “So… When are you making me those lamb skewers?”

MBTI Types as stereotypes I've built about them through my posts on this blog
  • INTJ: Totally done with life and thinks everyone else is stupid.
  • INTP: Anti-social and just wants to either kill or offend people.
  • ENTJ: Very very very passive agressive.
  • ENTP: Just always going out of their way to offend people.
  • INFJ: Quite fed up and also makes a lot of mistakes in life.
  • INFP: Obsessed with all the dark and violent products of nature.
  • ENFJ: Wants to make the world a better place.
  • ENFP: Really...random...mostly food is involved somewhere.
  • ISTJ: Even more fed up than INFJ, but is also an advocate for homework.
  • ISFJ: Hardcore teacher-shipper.
  • ESTJ: Always calling other people out for their shit.
  • ESFJ: Will participate in anything but really just on the Earth to gossip.
  • ISTP: Hater of small children who is always hurting other people (accidentally or purposely).
  • ISFP: Lover of sweaters and cats. Supporter of laziness.
  • ESTP: Food fanatic who doesn't think before they speak.
  • ESFP: Chill person who is always willing to have a go at anything that will give them attention.

Request from @cheeseloling, my lovely cheerleader 

Prompt #3: “Newsflash, I’m still really fucking gay.” (List can be found here, send me the request here, and I will write any and all of them requested of me!)

Word count: 376

Squinting at their math homework, Lafayette muttered, “I am fairly sure that this is not in either English or French, because I have no idea what the fuck it says.”

Hercules looked over their shoulder, peering at the paper curiously. “It’s just sines and cosines,” he said. “It’s easy.”

Laf glared at him. “Oh, thank you. That is the most helpful thing someone has said to me all day, and Sam Seabury was informing me of his belief that immigrants should not be allowed in the US anymore earlier.”

“Sorry.” Hercules sat back against the wall of the classroom he and his friends usually sat at lunch. “Wait, he said that to you?” he exclaimed suddenly as he realized what Laf had said.

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English Lessons

(sorry, request was really long and detailed and you guys know i don’t like to give too much away in the request line ^.^)

Member: EXO’s Sehun x Y/N x (ft. Baekhyun) x (ft. FX Amber)

Type: Fluff

I slammed another textbook against the picnic table I had commandeered outside of the surf shop. Blowing a free piece of hair off of my forehead, I looked up at Amber who sat across from me, sipping her smoothie happily. I was a new SM trainee and also Amber’s responsibility during SMtown workshops in Hawaii. I felt terrible for trapping her here on the beach while I worked on homework, but there was nothing either of us could do. I had to pass my Physics class for my mother to let me remain training, and that ship was sinking quickly. 

“Unnie, you can go play,” I sighed, looking out at the waves around us. Dozens of other SM artists walked around, playing in the water, enjoying cold treats, and overall having a much better time than I was. I looked over to the table beside us, finding solace in most of the members of NCT Dream working on homework as well, sour expressions on their young faces. 

“I’m fine Y/N,” Amber nodded happily. “The view is incredible. Plus I wouldn’t be a very good unnie if I abandoned you.” 

I nodded slowly, looking back to the equation I was working on. I read it over again, first in Korean, then in English as I contemplated the formula. Speaking multiple languages was difficult in times like these. I had to go through at least two translations in my head before I could even begin to answer. I was mid thought as I felt my shoulders tense at Amber’s voice ringing out suddenly. 

“Sehun-ah! Baek!” she screeched, her hands around her mouth in a makeshift megaphone. My heart froze it’s beating for a moment as her words sank in. I carefully turned my face to look over my shoulder, seeing Sehun and Baekhyun from EXO only a few feet away. 

Although we worked for the same company and it sounded incredibly dramatic, most of the members of EXO frightened me. It wasn’t that they were rude, or scary, but that they were so accomplished for being so young that it was intimidating. I tried to keep from whispering to myself as I calmed my nerves. They were just regular people, just like me, chasing their dream, with an overwhelming amount of talent. 

“Ah, noona!” Sehun smiled cheerfully, approaching the table and plopping along side me. “Y/N-ah, how are you?”

“Don’t tell me you’re doing homework,” Baekhyun clucked, sitting alongside Amber. 

“She has to,” Amber sighed, looking out at the waves again. “Don’t you two distract her either.”

“Yah, why’d you call us over then?” Sehun gasped, crossing his arms. 

“Yeah, distractions are what we’re best at!” Baekhyun laughed, shooting me a wink. I couldn’t help the smile that appeared alongside the heat getting trapped on my cheeks. 

“Whoa, is this all in English?” Sehun asked, furrowing his brows and taking the text book out from in front of me. “You speak English like Amber noona?” 

I nodded shyly, eying the problem I was just working on over Sehun’s large hand. He traced the words carefully, his mouth moving without making a sound. 

“You should teach him,” Baekhyun smiled, jutting his chin out at his member. “He’s nearly impossible to teach anything, but I mean, he’s made it this far so some things must stick.” 

Sehun shot Baekhyun a dirty look as he continued to look at my page. “What are you working on?”

“Physics,” I nodded. Sehun nodded as well as he slid the book back over to me, but continued to look over my shoulder at the pages. 

“She’s much smarter than I anticipated,” Baekhyun grinned. 

“She’s a genuis!” Amber giggled. “You should’ve known since she’s decided to keep my company.”

“She’s decided?” Baekhyun said, elbowing Amber. “I thought you were forced on her.”

“Really the situation is relative,” Amber laughed. “Forced, decided, it’s all a matter of perspective.”

“Why are you studying physics?” Sehun asked, completely missing the exchange between Baekhyun and Amber as he looked up from my text book. “Fall back plan for if you aren’t placed in a group?”

My eyes grew wide as I looked up, shooting a panicked expression at Amber. 

“Sehun-ah!” Amber clucked, shaking her head. “Of course she’ll get placed, of course you’ll get placed Y/N.”

I nodded, a bit unsure now that the words had left Sehun’s lips. I looked toward him as he blinked slowly, an embarrassed smile on his face. “I didn’t mean it like that…”

“I know,” I said softly, giving him a reassuring smile. “I just want to make sure I finish up my schooling. It’s important to my mother.”

“Schooling is important,” Baekhyun nodded surely, crossing his arms. “But aren’t you old enough to make the decision yourself?”

“Well, yeah,” I nodded. “But I guess I’m continuing on because I want to do it for myself as well.”

“That’s admirable,” Sehun smiled. “I’m sure you’ll do well. And I’m sure you’ll debut soon as well. Obviously they thought enough of you to cart you to Hawaii with the rest of us.”

“Such a poet with your words Sehun,” Amber grumbled, sipping the last bit of her smoothie. “I’m going to get a snack, anyone want anything?”

“Yes,” Baekhyun and Sehun said in unison. 

“Sucks to suck,” Amber giggled, getting up from the table. “You want anything, Y/N?”

“I’m fine,” I nodded, giving her a large smile. Amber really was like a real sister to me. She was always incredible in the face of the boys. 

“What she meant to say was she wanted-” Baekhyun began quickly as Amber began to back away from the table. 

“Nice try Baek, you have your own money,” Amber smiled, walking out of ear shot as she waved off the boys’ shouts behind her. 

Almost as soon as she disappeared, a girl came to our table, a confused expression on her small face. “Um, excuse me, could you help me?”

Baekhyun and Sehun looked at each other with large eyes as they both glanced towards Amber’s retreating frame. 

“Uh, uh no English,” Sehun said quickly, shaking his hands. The girl looked as if she was about to cry as she looked up hopefully to Baekhyun. He shook his head as well when her eyes fell on mine. 

“I speak English,” I nodded, giving her a reassuring smile. Sehun and Baekhyun both eyed me from their peripherals as I spoke easily with the girl. “Is everything alright?”

The girl immediately perked up as she crossed the space and came around to the area where Amber had left. She leaned over the table and sighed. “Well my mom told me to meet her at the scooter rental and I don’t know where that is. I can’t find her anywhere. Do you know where the scooter rental is?” 

“Sure,” I smiled. “Would you like me to show you?” 

The girl nodded happily as I stood, shutting my books. I patted Sehun on the shoulder. “I’ll be back in a second.”

I motioned for the girl to follow me as we shuffled down the boardwalk, side by side. “It’s not too far, only a few yards away,” I nodded cheerfully, looking down at her. 

“What language did you speak to those boys in?” the girl asked. 

“Korean,” I smiled. “That’s where we’re visiting from.”

“How far away is that?” she squeaked. 

“Oh, so far,” a deep voice came from behind me. I jumped to notice Sehun had followed us, a large grin on his face. 

“Oh!” the girl smiled, looking up at him. She tugged him by the arm so he was walking on the opposite side of her. “I thought you said you didn’t speak English?”

“Yes, uh, very little. Little English,” he nodded, his cheeks turning scarlet. 

“It’s good!” she nodded. “Better than my grandpa’s. He’s from Germany and he doesn’t even try.” 

“Lily, have you made friends?” a kind woman asked as we approached the scooter shop. 

“Yes mom, I couldn’t find the way here and dad had to go put something in the car,” the girl I now knew as LIly pouted. “These are my friends from Korea.”

“Well thank you for bringing her to me friends from Korea,” Lily’s mother nodded. “I appreciate it.”

“It was no problem,” I said happily, patting the girl lightly on the shoulder. 

“Yes, very much no problem,” Sehun repeated, a proud smile on his face. 

We both gave short bows to the reunited family and turned back around, making our way back to Baekhyun. 

“You’re English is pretty good Sehun oppa,” I smiled up at the tall boy beside me. 

“Not as good as yours,” he whispered, avoiding eye contact. “Your voice is so pretty when you’re speaking English…I mean…it’s pretty all of the time. All of you is, not just your voice. Yah, I’ll stop talking.”

I felt heat rush to my face again as my gaze fell away from Sehun. He thought I was pretty?

“You’re pretty yourself oppa,” I whispered, immediately embarrassed by my words. I winced as I looked at him through my peripherals, my throat dry until he spoke again. 

He smiled at his shoes, casting a charming glance my way. “I know.”

“You know?” I gasped, suddenly not as embarrassed as before. 

“I own a mirror,” he chuckled, placing a cautious arm around my shoulders and tugging me in to his chest. I became very aware of my own body as I stumbled along beside him. I could hardly believe the intimate contact we were sharing as we approached the table where Amber had returned. 

“What’s happening here?” Amber asked, wiggling her brows. 

“Y/N is going to teach me English,” Sehun stated proudly. I looked up at him with wide eyes. When had I decided to do that?

“Is that right? Well, I don’t think there’s any better teacher,” Amber smiled. “But before she does that, she has to finish her Physics homework.”

Sehun smiled, settling into the picnic table again. “That’s fine. I’m patient.” 

He elbowed me in the ribs as I sat down as well, attempting to focus on my notebook. He continued in soft english as his mouth was beside my ear. “Very patient.” 

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Study methods + tips

02.03.2017 | Day 3 of the February study challenge! 

What are my favourite study methods? 

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To be honest, I’m still experimenting with different study methods and finding out what works best for me. But here are some of them! 

For math and sciences: 

When I do my homework, I highlight the questions that I had trouble with, so when it comes time to review my notes, I redo the highlighted questions to make sure I understand everything. Then I do ALL the review questions I can find in the textbook. 

Ideal study music: Either have no music, or play some light jazz. 

For arts and languages: 

I go over my notes with a blue pen and underline, summarize + annotate my notes to make sure I really understand the material. Usually on the side I will put some funny acronyms and pictures to help me remember the material. Then I just quiz myself by making sure I can explain each subtopic I have learned so far! 

Idea study music: Kdrama OSTs (Scarlet Heart Ryeo/ Descendants of the Sun anyone?) or any laid back feel songs. 

Thanks again for everyone’s support!