it was either kasamatsu; midorima; or midotakas

theswahn  asked:

kuroko no basket for the different shipping meme B)

-lowkey otp: mayuaka probably haha
-not really my cup of tea: murahimu, i have such a hard time pinning them down I just don’t get it how it works. More like I don’t get how Murasakibara works and how Himuro works with him lmao.
-secretly uninterested but everyone loves it: midotaka probably? I know everyones love it, and I love Takao to bits and love when he makes fun of Midorima and I can really see it, but I’m just like…meh
-secretly interested by not sure where it fits: momoriko probably
-highkey otp but I’m scared of saying it bc it’s everyone’s notp: kikasa and aomomo probably because like 50% of fandom either hates kise or kasamatsu and call him abusive and some people call aomomo incest and it makes me laugh. I’m not scared of saying it tho :3v
-highkey otp and everypne knows it: if you’re on my blog and don’t know by now, where are your eyes??? 
-a rarepair/crackship appears!: ogifuri. I TRIED LETTING THIS ONE GO BUT I CAN’T. /LAYS DOWN