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What Hurts The Most Pt. 2

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 2592

Warnings: NSFW! 18+. Graphic smut, oral (male and female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up!), swearing, some angst and some fluff.

A/N: Thank you for the great feedback and love I have received! I appreciate it more than you know! This is an emotional roller coaster my friends… 

Read the first part here to get caught up!

One month later…

You were drunk.

Looking down at the whiskey in your glass, you tried to remember what number you were on. Raising the glass to your lips, you downed what was left with ease and motioned to the bartender for another. He smiled at you as he refilled the tumbler with the amber colored liquid. Taking your drink between your hands, you turned on the barstool to look at the party going on behind you. Tony’s parties were always this way. Lavish, cheerful, and full of people with money in their pockets. There was good music and people dancing. The merriment of the evening was in celebration of some new software Tony had created. Again.

You really should have been in a better mood than what you were. You had put on your favorite dress, took time on your hair, and put on make-up. You chose the heels that made your legs look a mile long and your ass look fantastic. But here you were, sitting at the bar, scowling at the happy people around you.

There he was. You knew Steve would make him come. It really wasn’t his scene either, but if Steve asked you to do something, you normally did it. Bucky was sitting on a couch on the other side of the room, sitting next to Wanda. Was her hand on his arm? Did he just laugh at something she said? You raised your glass again, letting the whiskey burn a path to your stomach. You swiveled your bar stool back around before you threw up.

“Ya know, Jack is everyone’s friend in the beginning, but has been known to make enemies quick,” Sam said pointing at your drink before sitting down on the stool beside you. You glanced at him as he ordered two waters and leaned his elbows on the bar. He looked over at you, “How many of those have you had?” You shrugged as an answer, taking another sip.

“I believe that is her fifth,” Vision stated while settling himself on your other side. Shooting a glare at Vis, you looked back over to see Sam frown at you. You rolled your eyes and hopped off your stool. You finished your drink and slammed the glass onto the bar.

“Goodnight gentlemen,” you said over your shoulder as you walked away.

You punched the button for the elevator and chanced a glance in Bucky’s direction again. Steve had joined their conversation, all of them with smiles on their faces. You turned back to the elevator. You blamed the feeling in your stomach on the alcohol. The tears in your eyes, you blamed on yourself.

You were woken up by the bed dipping next to you. You rolled over and slowly opened your eyes. Bucky was sitting on the other side of the bed. You couldn’t have been more shocked and he must have seen it on your face, because he was frowning at you.

“H-how did you get in here?” you croaked out. You sat up and pulled the blanket around you.

“You never changed your keycode on the door.” He said while fidgeting with the corner of the blanket.

“Ok, why are you here?” It came out harsher than what you had intended but you weren’t a morning person.

He didn’t answer right away. He turned his head and looked around your room. You knew what he saw. Your clothes were in laundry baskets and you had books and papers strewn around various surfaces. He bent down and picked up a drawing that was at his feet. He studied it a second before turning back to you and pointing at the paper, “Is this a memory or in the future?” You looked away from his face and looked at the drawing. It was a sketch of Bucky looking out a window, his hair falling over his brow and he had a small smile on his face. It was in the future. In your sketchbook, the drawing was continued on the next page and it’s of you outside playing with yours and Bucky’s young son. Apparently, your visions can be wrong.

It hurt.

“I don’t know, I just saw it and had to draw it.” You said before getting up and going in the bathroom. You closed the door and turned to the sink. Running the cold water, you grabbed a handful and splashed your face. You turned the water off and leaned against the sink. You let your tears mix with the water dripping off your face. You gripped the edges of the counter as racking sobs took hold of your body. Hanging your head, you cried. You cried so hard that you didn’t hear the bathroom door open or Bucky’s boots scrape across the floor to take you in his arms. When you connected with his solid chest, you cried even harder. His strong arms hugged you tight and he was murmuring soft words into your hair. You gripped his t-shirt in your hands and held on. You let out all the heartache, the anguish.

Finally calming down, you pushed away from him to look up at his face, “Why are you here?”

He wiped the tears off your face with his thumbs, “I’m worried about you.” He tucked your hair behind your ears. “Steve said that you are skipping gym sessions and Wanda mentioned that you haven’t been meeting with her to strengthen your abilities. I saw the video of the mission you went on with Sam. That could have ended up a lot worse than it did. And the drinking…”

You cut him off by pushing yourself farther away from him. You pulled yourself together and faced him fully. “You don’t get to have a say what goes on in my life anymore Bucky.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at you, “I have only ever wanted you to be the best that you can be.” He said, getting angry. “But you see it as me wanting to keep you under my thumb. Or what is it that you said? That I will never see you as part of the team? Well, when you get your head out of your ass and start being a part of the fucking team, I will see you that way. Quit thinking that you can do it all on your own and rely on other people.”

“I’ve only ever had myself to lean on, you fucking know that,” you said shoving him away from the door so you could get away from him.

He followed you back into your room. The way he said, “You had me,” stopped you in your tracks. You turned around to look at him. He looked sad as he dropped his arms to his sides in defeat. “You have me. You will always have me. I love you.”

Your feet moved before your brain registered what you were doing. You practically launched yourself at him, fusing your lips to his. You placed both hands on each side of his face as his arms went around your back. The kiss was slow, letting the hunger build. His tongue tangled with yours before his teeth sank into your bottom lip. A soft moan left your lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. He took his time, savoring the feel of your lips against his. Bucky’s metal hand started lifting your shirt to strip it off, leaving you only in your panties. He crashed his lips on yours again while his hands smoothed over your naked back.

You moved your arms down to strip him of his shirt. Leaning forward, you placed soft kisses across his collar bones. You traced the muscles on his stomach with your fingers and dipped them in his sweatpants at his hips bones. Lowering to your knees in front of him, you tugged his pants down his legs and looked up at his face. He was staring down at you, bottom lip between his teeth. You brought your hands up and wrapped them around his thick cock and gave a slow pump. He closed his eyes and placed his flesh hand behind your head, tangling his fingers in your hair. You swiped your thumb over the sensitive head, smearing the pre-cum that had formed. You leaned up and took him in your mouth, swirling your tongue along the tender underside. His soft groan turned into a moan when he hit the back of your throat. His hand tightened in your hair as you set a torturous pace. His metal hand clenched into a fist at his side when he opened his eyes to watch your lips around his cock. Wetness pooled between your thighs at the intense look on his face.

“Fuck,” he grunted when you gave him a hard suck. He started to move his hips, thrusting himself into your mouth. You loved when he did this, lost in the pleasure you were giving him. All too soon, he pulled your hair and popped your mouth off his cock. “Get on the bed, doll face,” he said, wiping your bottom lip with his thumb.

You crawled your way onto the bed and sprawled out on your back. Bucky placed his knee on the bed and bent to tug your panties down your legs. Tossing them aside, he lifted your leg and placed a soft kiss on your ankle. He trailed open mouthed kisses along your calf, the side of your knee. Spreading your thighs, he licked a path to your pussy. He stopped, hovering over where you wanted his lips the most. You whimpered when he blew warm air across your clit.

“Tell me what you want,” he said, a smirk appearing on his lips.

You knew that Bucky loved this game. He loved hearing you tell him how good he was making you feel or how you wanted him to do something. You tunneled your fingers through his hair, scraping your nails across his scalp, “Fuck me with your tongue baby,” you said breathlessly.

With a growl, Bucky licked straight into your cunt. His tongue entered you repeatedly, sending lightning bolts throughout your body. You cried out when his fingers started to rub circles on your clit, matching his tongues rhythm. You gripped his hair harder, grinding your hips against his face. His metal hand grasped your thigh to hold you in place. His tongue and fingers switched places, burying his fingers deep as his tongue gave your clit quick flicks. He easily found your sweet spot, relentlessly stroking across it with each thrust of his fingers. You moaned long and loud when he sucked your clit between his lips. Your legs began to shake and you tried to close your legs around his head because the pleasure was too much, too sharp. But his metal hand held you still.

“Bucky… p-please baby.” You cried, arching your back. “Please let me cum.”

He looked up at you as his metal hand left your thigh to run his fingers across your nipples. When he rolled one between his fingers, your orgasm hit you hard. You slammed your eyes shut, screaming out your release, legs quaking around Bucky’s shoulders. He removed his fingers but gave your clit soft licks, bringing you down from your high.

You opened your eyes when you felt him climb over you. He lowered himself to his elbows, his face inches above yours, your bodies were skin to skin. You wrapped your legs around his hips, as he kissed you softly. Bucky readjusted his hips to align himself with your entrance, pushing in slowly. Your quick intake of breath made him pull back to look at you.

“Are you ok?” he asked, while stopping his movement.

You smiled up at him and tightened your legs around his hips, pushing his cock fully inside you. Cradling his face in your hands, you brought his lips down to meet yours again. You both sighed into the kiss when he pulled out and pushed back in. He ground his pelvis against yours, the hair at the base of his cock rough against your clit.

“I’m perfect, don’t you dare stop,” you said against his lips.

Bucky groaned, burying his face in your neck as he quickened his pace. You wrapped your arms around his head and whispered naughty things in his ear. His teeth nipped at the tender spot below your ear, causing your walls to clench around him. He moaned low, his thrusts turning more rough, deeper. He reached his metal arm down to wrap around your lower back, angling your hips into his thrusts.

“Doll, please tell me you are with me, because I’m not going to last much longer.” he said, adjusting his knees for better leverage. “You feel so damn good.”

“I’m with you baby… let me feel you cum.” You moaned.

He raised up to watch your face. The smile that was on his lips was your undoing, you gripped his shoulders are you came with a startled cry. Bucky closed his eyes and groaned when your walls contracted around him. He buried himself as deep as he could get and came with a shout, his hot spurts of cum spilling inside you. You smoothed your hands down his sides as you both settled.

Bucky leaned down to give you a quick kiss before rolling over, bringing you with him. You leaned on an elbow and looked down at his content face. Reaching up, you brushed away the hair that had stuck to his face. “I love you too Bucky,” you said softly.

He turned his head to look at you, “I know we always agreed that you would never use your abilities on me, but I want you to right now. I want you to see how I feel instead of me telling you.”

Nodding slowly, you placed your hands on each side of his neck and closed your eyes. Pushing yourself into his mind, you became overwhelmed with emotion.

You… you were what was all over his mind. Past, present and future. You saw the hurt from missing you, you saw the good times and the bad. You saw the future he wanted with you. His first memory of you was the day they rescued you from HYDRA. He was the one that unstrapped you from the table and carried you out of the facility. You saw the moment that he knew he loved you. It was a rainy day spent in, he walked into your shared room and seen you dancing in your underwear, using a hair brush to sing the song. That memory faded into what he wanted his future to be. You were outside playing with a little boy who had your hair color and his daddy’s eyes, while he watched out of the window.

You let go of his neck, returning to yourself. Bucky reached up and wiped the tears away that you didn’t realize had started to fall. You quickly got out of the bed and grabbed the drawing that Bucky had seen earlier and searched for your sketchpad. After retrieving it, you sat back down on the bed next to him and opened it, finding the other half of the drawing. You put them together and turned the book to show him.

He chuckled and traced the page with his finger, getting a little teary eyed himself, “You’ve seen it.”

You dived into his arms, nuzzling your face into his neck. Never letting go.

It didn’t hurt anymore.

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Muse - s.r.

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pairing: steve x reader (she/her)

summary: he’d never admit to anybody but himself how enamored of her he was - it’s not like he needed though, considering everybody on the team, including her, knew about it. however, he could never muster up the courage to do anything, his 40s’ persona taking over his captain america confidence. instead, he chose to admire her every detail, momorizing from afar every curve of her body, every smile she had, how her eyes lit up when she talked about things she liked - and put it all on paper. sketches of her that took over pages and pages of his sketchbook - up until the day she found out and he knew there was no going back.

warnings: some slight sexual action, movie reference, swearing, angst if you put like a magnifying glass on it, fluff, nsfw gifs

word count: 3.2k

n/a: hope you guys like it. it’s my second piece and i really like it, who doesnt love cute shy!steve right. also, the reader doesn’t make a real significant/solid appearance until like the halfway, i decided to write this one as mostly steve monologuing with himself. if you guys want a part two with smut, let me know.  ♥

✤ gifs found on this blog. doesn’t belog to me & if the owner wants it down, just contact me. x

masterlist ask

Steve sighed softly, his eyes roaming the room and stopping on her figure. She was laughing wholeheartedly, showing Sam something on his own phone. He guessed it was – what’s the name of that thing again? Mimi? Meemee? Meme? Ah, yes, meme. The way she was moving her hands enthusiastically and showing his friend something on his phone screen meant she was explaining that meme thing to Sam, just like she’d done to him countless times before.

She was so pure, so simple, yet so beautiful and unique. Her mere presence was enough to light up the room she was in, to lift his mood – in fact, he was so used to her that he could barely remember the days before her arrival at the compound and, subsequently, at the team. All he remembered was that the days were longer, darker, duller. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with her nor when he realized and admitted to himself he was enamored with her, but he knew that every time she did the bare minimum – such as breathing – he’d fall deeper on that hole people called love.

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sweet love

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request: might be weird but could you do a scenario with being in a poly relationship with taehyung from bts and amber from f(x)? id understand if you don’t want to😅

author’s response: i had so much fun doing this! i hope you love reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! thank you so much for requesting and i hope you have a good day!

otp(s): kim taehyung x amber liu x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 2,177 

synopsis: a nice home doesn’t always come with a side of romance and delicious bacon.

it was barely nine a.m when taehyung sleepily cracked open his eyes. russet pupils adorned with exhaustion started all over the soiled white ceiling, once again analyzing each and every crack building in the surface. taehyung had a habit of memorizing the shape of each crack and crevice when he had trouble drifting off to sleep, his legs snuggled beneath worn wool, his arm hanging over a pillow of smooth skin. sometimes when sleeplessness would only prevail to stretch its existence, his lips would find themselves marking unidentified shapes of flesh. swollen lips would languorously part with a small murmur of his name, but tired fingers would rake through his hair, coaxing his ministrations not to stop. to continue.

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The Summer (31/33)

The Summer (31/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 400,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 18,257 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: teasing, edging, dirty talk, neck kink, handjobs, stretching, penetrative sex, schmoop

A/N: Hey guys! Honestly, we cannot believe what a wild ride it’s been over the course of the last… how long? Few months that we’ve been posting this. When we started this RP, I don’t think either of us realized it was going to end up being over 400,000 words long, and yet it most definitely did. We set out for this fic to be an exploration of sexuality and, obviously, sex, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We honestly hope you guys have enjoyed this wild ride as much as we have! But don’t worry, this isn’t quite the end! We’ve still got the massive epilogue to go, a whopping 55K words long that we’ve decided to split in half and post back to back thanks to your guys vote!

On Friday, we’ll hit you with part one of the epilogue over at @snowbunnylester ‘s blog, followed by part two on Satruday on @botanistlester ‘s blog! Of course, it’s also getting posted to ao3 in the same chaptered fic as chapters 32 and 33, so stay tuned, and I can’t believe the ride is nearly over… I’m going to try not to cry!

Chapter Thirty-One

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It's Dark Out And We're Wearing Sunglasses - Part 10

This was not meant to be posted it ain’t even finished but since half of y'all have read it I’m 2 lazy to do anything so…enjoy the plotless smut. I’ll format this shit later cause i literally just woke up and saw that this shit was posted. 

Edit: k i actually finished it…not gonna add a tag list cause half of yall have already reblogged it. @negans-network @simons-thirst-squad (this is laziness in its prime you guys)

Rest of the fic FF.NET.


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No Harm Done

Request: Jungkook where you two are having sex but he accidentally hurts you.

Warning: SOME SMUT

*Your P.O.V.*

   A soft sigh passes my lips as Jungkook trails his moist lips over my neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake. I can feel him smirk ever so slightly against my skin before he continues to leave soft kisses all the way up to my cheek. “Are you ready?” He whispers gently, his minty breath fanning across the shell of my ear. I give a nervous nod, inhaling a shaky breath. He senses my hesitation and pulls back slightly to look me directly in the eyes. “We don’t have to do this right now, you know. We can wait another day until you’re fully ready.” 
   His suggestion brings a tiny smile to my face. “I want to. I want to share this moment with you. Please?” Blush flecks on the apples of his cheeks as his smile widens from ear to ear. 
   “I just don’t want you to regret anything. I want this-no-I need this to be special for you just as much as it is for me.” He murmurs, his eyes shyly darting away from mine. 
   “I don’t regret anything I do with you.” I reassure him, caressing his cheek with my warm hand. He lets out a light chuckle before nodding.
   We both take deep breaths before he supports himself up on the bed on either side of my head. “Ready?” He whispers, looking at me straight in the eyes for conformation. With a smile tugging at the corner of my lips, I nod my head. 
   Jungkook rests his head on my collarbone before slowly pushing into me. Pain sears up my spine and down my legs. I harshly bite down on my bottom lip, drawing blood. Not wanting to alarm Jungkook, I keep my pained grunts to myself, trying my hardest not to let any tears glide down my cheeks. The pain is unimaginable and almost unbearable. 
   With no protests coming from me, Jungkook begins to speed up, his thrusts become harder and quicker. He lets out a string of satisfied moans every few moments, his grip on the sheets tightening. “Oh, fuck.” He moans pressing a harsh kiss to my collarbone. Unable to control it any longer, I allow a few tears to cascade down my cheeks. 
   The undying need to please him overtakes my own needs, and instead of telling him to stop, I decide to silently cry. My mouth cracks open, but I fight the want to cry out with every plunge. Jungkook gives a particularly jarring thrust, rocking my body upwards.
   Crippling pain spirals through my body pushing me over the edge. “Stop! Jungkook, please stop!” I cry out, my walls crumbling down as I begin to sob. 
   Jungkook’s entire body tenses as he pulls out, shocked etched all over his face. He glances down to where were just joined and lets out a tiny gasp. “Shit. You’re bleeding.” He looks up at me, his eyes wide and swimming with regret. “You’re crying, too! W-Why didn’t you tell me to stop?” He yells at the end of his sentence. 
   He only makes me more upset, prompting me to turn onto my side and curl into a ball. Jungkook looks around helplessly before sliding out of the bed, shucking his pants on, and walking out of the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

   It’s been four days since Jungkook has spoken to me. Every time I go to talk, touch, or even approach him, he runs away from me. All he has been doing recently is sulking. I tried telling him over and over again that I wasn’t angry at him and that he shouldn’t feel guilty for what happened. I was the one who chose to keep going rather than stopping him. It was my decision, not his. 
   Finally fed up with his dramatics, I storm into the leaving room where he is currently perched on the sofa, a giant frown plastered on his stupidly adorable face. “Get up.” I growl. His eyes dart to me and he quickly moves as if he is going to run away. Thinking ahead, I lunge forward, clasping my hand around the back of the collar of his shirt. He gags slightly from the tug and quickly back pedals. 
   “Are you crazy?” He barks, whipping around and rubbing his neck.
   “I’m going crazy, yes.” I snap. “You haven’t spoken to me in four days, Jungkook! Any time I try to touch you or kiss you or even talk to you, you bolt away. What happened was not your fault! So stop overreacting!”
   A fire seems to ignite within him. “You think I’m overreacting? Are you serious? You were in so much pain that you were uncontrollably sobbing! I should have been able to tell that something was wrong. There was blood everywhere! I-I did that to you!” He yells, guilt oozing from every syllable.
   “Can’t you see that I’m fine now? I chose not to tell you that I was hurting. That is my own fault, not yours. There is no way you could have known that I was in pain. But it is okay because I was with you. It was a special moment and even though it didn’t go as planned, I’m glad it was with you.” I say exasperatedly. “There was no harm done. I’m alright, Jungkook.”
   “B-But.. you were crying.. I didn’t know what to do. I panicked and was angry that you didn’t tell me to stop. It was supposed to be special.” He whines, running a hand down his face.
   A small smile graces my lips. “Everything is fine, Jungkook. We can make the next time special. We will go slower and everything will be okay. I promise you.”
   He skeptically scans my face but soon lets out a sigh of defeat. “Alright. I give in. I’m sorry for handling this so immaturely.” 
   I lean in quickly and kiss his soft lips. “No worries, Kookie.” I smile, knowing that this will only make us stronger and help us grow as a couple.

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Hell and Silence || Chapter Six


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Drinking

Word Count: 5,002

Authors Note: Chapter Six! Horray! I know this chapter is considerable shorting than the proceeding ones, but it’s action packed. Hope you guys have been enjoying this so far… and what do you think of Derek and Vanessa? What’s going on with them? Well….

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four     Chapter Five



I can’t believe I fucking brought up Isaac when she was about to go down on me. How stupid am I?

I feel like such a stereotypical horny guy thinking this- it’s selfish, really- but I can’t help thinking about Isaac’s words, telling me how amazing she is with that sarcastic mouth of hers. I was about to know just how good she really is, but I just had to bring up the boyfriend. Is it even about that, though? Cause I would have been perfectly fine just holding her in my arms for just a few minutes more. 

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Instincts - Nyx Ulric

I’m sorry this piece is late. Graduation is in !4! days and then hopefully I’ll have a regular updating schedule. I hope you like this little Nyx fic - it’s not the one I had originally planned but I like this one way more. This piece is sfw but the next piece will probably be smut. 

As always, let me know if you wanna a certain character next.

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Fic: How Lucky We Are (4/?) (M)

Author’s note: Funny how evil cliffhangers draw in the reviews, huh? This took a bit longer than I hoped but I hope you like it! Plenty of twists to come!

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 4

“Where is he? What have you done with him?”

It was David, not Snow who answered her. “Emma, you weren’t supposed to see…”

“I wasn’t supposed to see the guards dragging the man I love away? How could you do this?”

David scowled. “He’s a pirate, Emma,” he snapped sternly. “He admitted it!”

Emma blinked, stunned. “What?”

Snow appeared, a piece of parchment in her hand. “We received this a few hours ago.”

Emma snatched the latter and read, fury and heartbreak warring in her. How could he do this? How could Killian throw their future away? Didn’t he love her? She made her choice, she wanted him above all else. But as she read his words, over and over again, the real knowledge of what he’d done weighed on her heart. Killian did love her. He did. He loved her so much that he was willing to give up his freedom so that she wouldn’t sacrifice her family. He was willing to give up the only life he’d known for over three hundred years so that she could be happy. I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust. How could those few words bring her to tears?

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"Strawberry Moon" - (4.5/5) - (Vatya) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star.

A/N: Enclosed: a fair bit of smut, a fair bit of angst.

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Sticky Sweet (Part 6 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy.

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, and Rough Around the Edges.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, use of dessert toppings during sex

Word Count: 3000ish

Pulling one of Dean’s t-shirts over your head and sliding on your softest flannel sleep pants, you flopped onto the couch and started a movie. It didn’t take very long for your eyes to droop. All the sex you’d had over the last twenty-four hours- had you really only been here that long?- had worn you out, despite the good night’s sleep you had gotten. It seemed like the movie had barely started before the sound of Dean carrying in groceries woke you up, and a different movie had begun.

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Is Grocery Shopping a Code For Something? - Stiles Stilinski Smut; Jeep Series pt 2

Originally posted by whovian182

Part One

Part Three

Part Four

Summary; Requested by a large number of people who wanted a jeep smut trilogy with Scott and Stiles. This is part two, and things get a little out of hand. Enjoy.

Warning; oral [male on female], making out

Okay, okay, this is different, just slightly, but trust me, you want to read the third part ;)

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The Most Special Present

Pairing: Jungkook (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,601 words

Warnings: first-time pain (?)

Originally posted by jibeom

This year, you’d decided, you wanted to give Jungkook something really special. Something he would never forget. Something that only you could give him, and no one else could.

This wasn’t the same as a designer t-shirt or a video game (both of which you had, admittedly, chosen to give him anyway). And you settled on something perfect. The idea did frighten you when you thought about it too much, but it also filled you with joy when you thought about how happy it might make your boyfriend.

You were determined, this year, to give Jeon Jungkook your virginity. You’d done plenty of research beforehand, and were feeling rather confident in your abilities.

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Smut Rec Masterpost

As requested by an anon on the Friendly-Larry-Reminders blog (for which I am an administrator), this is a masterpost of my all time favorite smut fics, which I warn in advance features 100% top!Harry! All fics are categorized into “kinks” and fair warning that this probably will be long, but not exhaustive. As late as this is, prepare to wet your panties…

(Also note that the categories are very general. Many of these fics feature multiple situations or kinks, but the one I chose to sort it under is either my favorite aspect or the most important part of the story. Some of these also combine fluff and smut, while some (most) are just absolutely smutty xx)

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Get Lucky

It was an unfortunate situation for a married couple; having to share a hotel room with another, unmarried couple. It wasn’t either of our fault; after driving for tediously longs hours at night, we needed a pitstop for the night to recharge our batteries and resume our cross country road-trip the next day.

Funny enough, the first hotel we saw only had one double room left. It was either that or the single with a sofa bed…or sleeping in the car and that just wasn’t an option. Too tired to keep driving in hopes to find another or - well a risk, we settled for it.

In that sense I felt sorry for Jimmy and Naomi because of Roman. It was very unfortunate that it was Roman and I that they were sharing with. I wasn’t a problem, not so much, Roman on the other hand, he talked too much, liked to sleep late, fidgeted awake and in his sleep, and he was way too horny given the circumstances.

Exhibit A.

He tossed and turned restlessly for a long while. I made a comment and he argued that the bed wasn’t comfortable.

Eventually, I ignored him and tried to go to sleep.

“Baby…baby,” I heard him whisper. “Baby…you up? Babe?”

“No. Shhh,” I whispered back as we lay in the dark, Naomi and Jimmy across the room sleeping.

“I’m trying to sleep, but I’m just so horny,” he said almost too loud. “Dude just wont go down,”

I couldn’t help but giggle. I pulled the sheets over our heads to try muffle or at least mute our voices in case we disturbed our companions.

“Surprise there,”

“I can feel you rolling your eyes,”

“Well yes, we need to go to sleep, we’re back on the road in a few hours,” I said. “Especially you, it’s your turn to drive,”

“But I’m so hard,” he whined.

“That you are - hard-work, goodnight baby,” I teased him.

“Noo, please don’t sleep, help me out here,”

“Take care of it yourself in the bathroom whilst you overlook the beautiful views,”

“Ever so poetic. Can you take care of it, please? I’m a man in need,”

“In want,”

“Stop with the semantics,” he said pulling me against him. He wasn’t lying, I could feel that bulge, portruding, hard and desperate.

“Big word,”

“Yeah, big dick too-”

“Y'all need to quiet down with that nasty, I don’t wanna know,” Naomi’s voice pierced across the room.

Roman and I froze in place as she complained.

“I’ve tried to ignore you guys and sleep, but I can’t. Just…sleep…please? Or stop talking. Roman, you’re horny, we’re all horny. I’m married and horny but here we are, stuck in this room so please, shut up,”

We paused briefly and then started giggling like teenagers before we felt a soft object land on our heads. We threw the sheets off our heads and felt the pillow that she’d thrown, laughing again we disappeared under the sheets and Naomi groaned irritably, Jimmy groaning and mumbling sleepily to her.

“Shut me up,” Roman whispered, again gluing our bodies with just a move of his strong arm.

He lifted my legs over his, and grinded his his hips into me. I hissed, big mistake, he found my lips, massaging them with his own and grabbed my butt as we kissed. Now I started rolling my hips against him.

“Don’t do that if you’re not gonna see it through,” he whispered as quiet as he could get.

Feeling adventurous and daring with the given predicament, I was suddenly curious how far we could go without getting caught or told off again by our roommates.

“I’m going all the way,” I assured him.

“Good, so am I,” he said before drawing my shorts down and rubbing between my legs.

I sighed and grabbed his hand, unable to moan; I had to gain control somehow. We didn’t have time for foreplay though. Either we did then got caught half way or we went straight for the mains. We chose the latter, without even discussing it. We knew the game.

He hooked my legs around his waist, rubbing his stiff member against my lubricated lips and entered me. I’d never had to refrain from moaning before and it was the most painful yet blissful thing. To have him plunge deep, roughly and not being able to vocalise how good it felt. I had to resort to showing him, so I bit on his shoulder, pulled him too tightly against me, bit his bottom lip too hard as we kissed and met his thrusts one too many times. He huffed in response and his began snapping his hips into mine speedily, his shaft twitching inside me.

We just bit on each other, grabbed each other, low sighs and breaths as we satisfied each other. It was a desperate fuck, but it was exciting. Well I’s sure at this point that Naomi knew what’s up and there was nothing she could do about it.

“I’m coming,” I whispered to him, gripping his hair.

“I wish I could see your face right now,”

“Oh, Roman, fffuuuu-” i began squealing, my voice increasing, no fucks given anymore.

Let them hear.

He cut me off with a kiss and I came, squeezing him with my clenching walls, my body quivering against his rock hard body, and he followed seconds after.

We panted carelessly under the covers, the adrenalin too high to even muster up any words.

“I hate y'all asses, we’re gonna do it in front of you in the car tomorrow, see how y'all like it,” Naomi called out angrily.

Roman and I snickered, unintentionally winding her up, but laughing was the only solution we had.

“Yeah, keep laughing,”

“Damn baby, what’s up? Why you mad and shit at this time? Tryna sleep but you keep yelling and shit,” Jimmy interrupted, his voice groggy from his disturbed sleep. “Can your man get some sleep?”

“What-? It’s them! They’re having sex in the same room, I’m tryna sleep,” Naomi said defending herself.

“Oh snap, Uce?” Jimmy called out, Roman threw the sheets off as if that’d help him see in the dark. “That’s what’s up,”


“Thanks Uce,” Roman sounded as surprised as I was.

“My man,” Jimmy said laughing.

“I hate all of you,”

“Baby, go sleep,” Jimmy said.


“Shhhh, sleep,”

“Round 2?” Roman whispered to me.

“NO!” Both Jimmy and Naomi yelled sternly.

Oh, well, it was worth a try.

The 5th Floor - Chapter 6

Members: Yoongi and Hoseok focus. All members featured.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Light Smut in later chapters

Length: ~2.7k

Blurb:  College/University AU

Link to all Chapters here


I give a stern glare. “It’s not funny.” I can’t help but get aggravated with him. What am I doing being alone with him in the middle of the night?

I pick my keys up off the table and start toward the door to leave. I’ve had enough of Min Yoongi and his bullshit.

“Yuna.” His voice makes me hesitate, fingers just resting on the door handle, but I don’t turn around.

I hear him move slightly, sitting up. “Just wait a little. Don’t go.”

Chapter 6

I remember what Namjoon said to me outside my lecture, about how Yoongi has ‘had a lot going on’. Everything about this guy is vague and confusing. And perhaps it’s exactly this that makes him so intriguing to me.

I turn to face Yoongi. “Why?”

“Why not?”

There are quite a few good reasons I could give for ‘why not’ – it’s late, I should go to bed, I barely know him and we’re alone. But instead I feel this urge to stay.

I narrow my eyes at him but go over to their table, after a pause, throwing my keys back down and perching on the end, leaving a few feet of space between us. He smirks ever so slightly.

Not for long, I tell myself.

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