it was during the encore and it was just emotional

B.A.P ATL Fan Account


I had to lean or I would have been stepping on Zelo’s feet

My B.A.P Fan Account! Atlanta Boom

It all started in the morning of the concert! We woke up around 4 AM, however I woke up at 3:30, my friend couldn’t really sleep so she was waking up all through the night. So really it was just my granny who woke up at 4.

We all got our things packed and headed to the airport, the first flight was good. But we were running late so we rushed to our other flight only to find out it had been delayed 30 minutes. We didn’t think it was a big deal until every 20 minutes, it kept delaying another 30. Soon our flight was delayed to 2:30 PM. We were suppose to already been in ATL long before then, at 10:00 AM! 

We were so afraid that our flight was going to get canceled as well as the concert because it was extremely bad weather. However it didn’t happen!! We made it to ATL and went to our hotel, by that time it was 5:45 PM. My friend and I got ready and dressed in 45 minutes got our stuff and went to the venue. I passed out 21 lightsticks for free, we made new friends and met some old ones! 

I was panicking so much that at one point I thought I had lost the gifts I bought for Jongup when I was holding them in my hand. After some confusion I put the gifts where the others were, got our photo op pack and went to our seats. One of the staff members had to check my sign I made for Jongup to see if it was okay and she saw nothing wrong with it!

The concert started with DJ B Shoo hyping everyone up for about 30 minutes before B.A.P came on and snatched everyone’s souls. Zelo took out a water gun and became spraying everyone. But I wasn’t about to get my hair wet so I kept ducking and I saw him laugh and he started spraying again before running to the other side of the venue and spraying them but still so crazy that the water flew and hit me! 

Our seats were right by the confetti blasters, which they wasted no time using. There was so much of it that the floors looked like that got a new fresh job of white paint! Himchan was the first to come off the stage to the confetti blasters. He then sat down and began waving at us, so we were waving and recording him. He started to dance with us before going back on the main area of the stage. He came back again later on in the show and began dancing and waving to us before throwing his towel out to the crowd, which my friend’s girlfriend caught! 

Zelo was the next to come to the blasters in which he began dancing and swinging his head to the beat before acting shy, kicking the confetti at us, smirking and ran back to the main stage. 
During their talks they kept telling us how thankful they were that everyone still came to see them and that they were scared the concert was going to be canceled. They got so emotional that Zelo almost cried and Jongup actually did cry so Himchan was checking on him and seeing if he was okay. They also kept promising to come back next year and that even though the weather was bad, we mad everything worth it. 

I had made an LED sign for Jongup that just says UP on it and through the concert he would look at it. During the encore Jongup came over to my side, looked at my sign and gave a huge smile while pointing and waving at me so I began to scream and cry so hard and looked at my friend who was looking at me, screaming. I looked back to see Jongup still smiling at me so I started to wave my lightstick and he waved back.

After the concert we had to wait in our seats to get our hi touch passes. Once we got them we were held down the hall and as soon as I turned that corner. Zelo was right there so I was taken aback that it was so soon with no warning.

Zelo smirked and held my hand, “Hi!” I said to him. He responded with “Hey!” Jongup gave me the biggest smile when he saw me and took my hand. I told him I loved him and he said it back!! Youngjae and Daehyun hi fived me and said thank you as well as Yongguk which I said back. Yongguk gave me the kindest smile ever!! 

Himchan wasn’t even facing me at first. He had turned around to drink some water. He turned around with a big smile then gave me a hi five while telling me thank you. I said “Thank you Himchan!” And he told me thank you again. My friend and I were about to accidentally leave the venue but the staff member stopped us, seeing we had green wristbands, saying “You still have your photo to take!!”. We waited for the photo op in groups of 10. I was the first in line for my group! I peaked around the corner and told my friend how they were standing for photo opp.
I shyly walked up to Jongup and Zelo who both looked down at me with bright smiles. “J-Jongup!” I stuttered, showing him a piece of paper that said in Korean “Jongup, can we make a couple heart" 

He gently took the paper from me, read it with a smile. “Yes!” He smiled bigger and held up his hand for the heart. I got really nervous and held up the wrong hand. “Oh!” He chuckled, I quickly switched hands and looked at the camera for the picture. Because I’m so short, my head was on his chest!!

“Let’s do it like this.” I heard Zelo say to my friend as he put his arm around her. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I’m unsure as to who’s it is, either Zelo’s or Jongup’s? it turns out it was Zelo’s body! Lol 

The staff was rushing us so I had dropped my lightstick and Jongup tried to pick it up for me but my friend bent down faster than him and got it and Jongup just smiled at me and so i smiled back and looked and I turned around to see Daehyun was right there! He grabbed my shoulders and smiled at me saying “thank you!! Thank you!” I said “thank you!” back. Yongguk looked at me and smiled and said “thank you” while holding my hand!! Himchan gave me a sweet smile also thanked me and gave me a hi five and squeezed my hand before I left.

Thus ends my fan account!

Dir en grey Tour Mode of MACABRE Osaka Day 1 live report

Well most of it was the same as in Kochi and apparently the prohibition was a misunderstanding, so let me repost this live report with a few precisions:

- Of course they began with Deity.

- Then came Macabre right after, if I remember correctly. Two great songs, but you could tell that the energy had really not been stirred yet.

- In Kochi, sadly for Macabre, the audience definitely became more awake after the first four or five songs, when Dir en grey played Hydra 666 followed by Uroko. In Osaka, thankfully Kyo was really more into the songs this time, so the fact that he danced a lot during egnirys cimredopyh +) an injection really helped hype everyone.

- As I mentioned in the preliminary thoughts, Kyo’s hair is now dyed turquoise, still somewhat bowl cut, definitely in the back. It is not just blue, definitely a little green. Kaoru is blond and it fits him so well, especially with the eyeshadow.

- Drawings coming up, but here were the outfits:
* Kyo: A trenchcoat with a harness on top, and really ample clean pants. Overall a bit too much like a slim Kim Jong Un. Underneath the trenchcoat with studs like on a leatuer biker jacket, he seemed to have a shirt with two cute animal blobs on it. People who were closer may know better. In Osaka, he wore the skinny black jeans with torn knees, and he had a long large coat with a big hoodie, tied around his neck. He used the floating sides to create the illusion of a winged creature when, during Macabre, each member gets illuminated by a huge spotlight behind them, creating odd shadows on the veil in front of the whole stage. Underneath, he had some shirt with a triangular pattern on the shoulders and top.
* Kaoru: A very nice top with naked shoulders, the sleeves were attached to the sides of the abdomen. He had either very ample and low sarouel pants or a sort of long skirt, but what is more interesting is the leggings he had underneath that were like bandages, with some black showing under. * Shinya: white blouse or whatever, as usual essentially. * Toshiya: sort of marshall jacket, similar to what the singer of Lost On You is known to wear, with tight black pants. At Osaka day 1, his jacket seemed blander and he definitely wore a white shirt with a thin black tie. * Die: some long coat with a fur scarf even though it’s a heat wave? With tight pants that resembled the relief you would get if you were to wrap bandage around your legs, with skin actually looking like it showed through in some places. ! – The back of his left leg actually shows a lot of skin. The coat might actually be short and the part below was definitely some sort of long skirt cut on the sides, at Osaka. For the encore, Kyo wore the same pink and black blouse as in the sukekiyo niconico interview, with tight black pants and a sort of bow with two ribbons dropping from it. In Osaka, they were white, rather than black. Die and Shinya wore the cat shirt from the tour goods. In Osaka, Die wore the jam shirt instead. Kaoru had a black long-sleeve long shirt and you could really see the leggings then. Toshiya removed his jacket to reveal a white dress shirt, I believe. - Berry was fun, in the sense that Kaoru and Die took this opportunity to come on the side ramps closer to the audience. All the members seemed to have fun in this song too. The English dialogue in the middle of the song was either cut entirely or way too low to be heard. In Osaka Grand Cube, of course there are no ramps, but Kaoru and Die still exchanged their side of the stage. Overall less fun for the other members, in Osaka, during Berry.

- Overall again the only songs that brought everything out if the audience were more recent ones, but they ended the main setlist with Wake and then Zakuro, which was very emotional. They left and we did not know what to do at all, what was happening. It was silent. After a minute, the chants for the encore began. You could feel that Kyo was not bored at all during those two songs, whereas in others, he would move less, sing just the same rythm as in the album recordings, like in the Psychoconnect Gauze tour. In Osaka, there was less silence, so members left to fans clapping, at least.

- The encore was packed with energy, having notably Kr Cube (Kyo loves this one, he danced and came to the side ramps in Kochi, while he danced a lot but mostly teased the audience with the original arm moves for this song), un deux and Utafumi, ending with Rassetsukoku. In Osaka, un deux was replaced with SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH and he had us sing along a lot.

- Kyo left early, but Kaoru threw a lot of picks.

- During Ain’t afraid to die, a video of a man getting burnt alive was played, and it was very emotional. It seemed like it might have been refering to some Tibetan cause. Apparently self-immolation is commonly used to protest things. In this and another song, in Kochi, all members except Shinya turned and faces the back, the screen. In Osaka, Kyo was clearly crying at some points.

- A huge disco bell came down near the climax of Zakuro and somehow it felt just right.

- In Osaka, there was almost a back collision between Kyo and Die.

- Also in Osaka, Kyo wanted to walk to the right side of the stage but his mic cord got stuck in the central cage. A staff member came put to help but he tugged it out while singing like a pro, as if it was nothing.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions or tell me what to focus on more, as this is literally my first live report.

Overall, a great show of course, but it did not necessarily make me like my ‘least favourite’ songs more: I loved what I knew I would love.

I cannot say this enough: I do not understand how anyone, but especially the Japanese audience, can simply remain immobile during Dir en grey’s ‘slower’ but so emotional songs. Know that, friend or stranger, I will never remain unmoved and not stretch a hand in your direction if you display sadness. You are deserving of my shoulder muscles cramping progressively.

Oh boy!

It’s been one hell of a week since I saw Depeche Mode last Friday. I had several assignments due and a concentration portfolio review. It’s like a make or break sort of deal where at least 14 art pieces you’ve created are judged anonymously. They’re basically making sure you’re progressing in the Fine Arts program. You can only fail a review once. The second time, you’re asked to change your major to something non-art related RIP. This was my first review and…… *drum roll* I PASSED!!!! I can’t wait to sleep when I get home tonight.

On to last Friday! What more can I say? It was an amazing show seen with amazing friends @glitteringfrownies and @simonlebon

We were on Martin’s side, which for makes two concerts on Martin’s side, and one in the middle with Dave. The stage started to get dark and they were playing Revolution by The Beatles, which didn’t last long and they cut to uh… I think Cover Me (alt out). The little legs were marching on the screen while we waited for the band to come out and come out they did. I don’t remember the exact order, but I remember seeing Martin first, then Fletch. Dave finally appeared, but he was on a platform directly in front of the screen projections. It was a really cool sight.

Speaking of screen projections, the one for In Your Room was hands down my favorite. It was beautifully choreographed and I admittedly watched that instead of Dave actually singing the song. I really hope we actually get these on DVD this time around unlike the last tour.

One thing I really want to talk about was what this show meant to me. I remember when I first walked in, Warpaint was finishing up. I wasn’t really feeling the hype yet, and I honestly didn’t feel anything fully until about halfway through Depeche Mode’s actual show. I was tired, stressed, pissed at myself for taking a short vacation when there was so much to do… The band was playing songs I really loved, but I couldn’t bring myself to fully enjoy the experience. It didn’t help that the two guys in front of us were tall and it was hard to take any video or see the actual band. It was making me more irritated to the point where I decided to stop trying to record anything and I angrily shoved my phone back into my dress pocket. I was visibly pissed off at life in the middle of Depeche Mode concert and it was ridiculous. 

Watching the screen projection for In Your Room really brought me back down and I got to thinking about life and how I was at a fucking Depeche Mode concert. I waited 4 years for these guys to come back and I was doing nothing but bringing myself down. Cover Me started playing and I forced myself to enjoy it. I tried filming a bit of it since it’s one of my favorite songs off of Spirit, but it wasn’t the best footage. Afterwards, Martin began his solos, starting with A Question of Lust (first time hearing that live) and then Home. Maybe one day I’ll get Judas live. During his solos, I tried my best to just forget all my problems and it started working. The next few songs, I started dancing more too. We had plenty of room because I guess there were some unsold seats in the row we were in, so we were able to spread out a bit. By the time Everything Counts started playing, I was feeling the full hype I should’ve been feeling the whole show, but I’m happy I at least was finally able to enjoy myself to the fullest. All three of us were shouting THE GRAPH when we could and it was so much fun! 

The next few songs were Stripped, Enjoy the Silence, and NLMDA. I really let go, dancing my heart out and shouting the lyrics until my voice was hoarse. I waved my arms so hard during NLMDA that I thought my arms were just going to fly off and smack Dave in the face, which actually would’ve been ideal. Then the encore came and Martin started singing Somebody (which I think this was actually my first time hearing him sing this live, surprisingly). I was suddenly smacked in the face with this…. just this huge wave of emotion and I started bawling while singing the lyrics. I cried and cried, singing through my tears. I had to grab onto @glitteringfrownies and @simonlebon at one point because I was just suddenly so emotional. I don’t know what it was, but it was one of the most cathartic moments I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I had truly let go of myself and let the music wash over me. You’ll never read this, but god damn Martin Lee Gore… I owe you my life!!!

For the rest of concert, I went hard and danced like there was no tomorrow. I ended up headbanging a lot during I Feel You which I think is what made my neck sore for the next few days after the concert. I’m so happy I finally got to see them cover Heroes live as well. I almost cried, but I think I was all out of tears due to earlier. It was still very emotional and I’ll never forget it.

My concert experience may have gotten off to a rocky start, but it ended on such a high note that’s been keeping me going through this tough week. I’m so happy Depeche Mode is in my life. I’m happy I got to see them again with people I love, and I can’t wait to see them next time. Until then, I’ll be keeping them close to me, because in the end, they really have helped me through some of my worst times and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you and have a great weekend, y’all! B)

tokyo dome (day i) - 150314

the encore was like melon daesang x10. jonghyun wouldn’t stop crying and even taemin lost control over his emotions.

in one of the vcrs shinee went “undercover” (dressed as women) to a “shinee academy” where fans are trained to be saesangs. undercover shinee can’t keep up with the stamina of the academy fans but they somehow graduate…, and then they get caught.

during “colors of the season” they stood on tiny platforms that extended straight up. it looked so dangerous. they had a handle bar to hold on to but i just wanted them to come down as soon as possible.

after the encore, shinee took turns speaking and jjong cried but, when it was key’s turn and he cried, jjong teased him for it.

love” was the last song and it had a full orchestra (even a harp) as expected. they asked shawols to sing. it was their white day special and, after “love” ended, we raised the colored paper banners (most shinee color, some yellow) and they spelled: “thank u shinee.”

the lightsticks (watches) were really impressive. the way they were programmed to change colors depending on the member singing and the song. speaking of light watches, after the encore, jonghyun asked if the staff would turn down the lights so he could see the view again, and cried. (source: fodfran)

jonghyun cried many times. he first started during the ballad set and the waterworks kept flowing at the end too.

everyone was deeply touched by the fan message. everyone was crying. jonghyun asked the lights be dimmed to see the pearl aqua sea.

jonghyun instructed fans on how to sing the “la la la” part of “déjà-boo”. he had the shinee suit on and the contacts to match! (source: missezri)

Breakeven (III)

Author: Megs

Warnings: None 

About: Luke, (part I) (part II)

“Raise ourselves and a middle finger Because they all think we’re twisted” It was Michael who noticed you first. How could he not? He would always notice his prank partner anywhere, especially since you were one his best friends  outside of the band. You were always there for him whenever life just wanted him to lose, always there to help pick up the pieces and put himself together again. The sister he never had and never knew that how much he needed. So when he saw you gloomily dancing around as they performed “Safety Pin”, he was not sure if he should inform Luke that you were sitting just to his left in the second row. The next thing he he wondered was if Calum and Ashton knew about you being at the show alongside Colleen. When he made eye contact with you and saw the shame that quickly graced your once vibrant features, he realized that not only was he the only one to notice your presence but also that you didn’t willingly come to the concert. Michael wanted to give Luke a heads up about you being in the second row, but before he could it was too late.

“All my life, I’ve been waiting for moments to come”  He never thought that he would get this chance ever. He finally accepted the belief that once you walked out of his life he would never get the chance to obtain an explanation. Since he was away soaking in the California sun while working on the album when you two broke up, you had long moved out of the shared apartment by the time he was able to come home. If that was even the right word for the place. Without your presence there, the apartment felt as empty as his heart. All Luke saw when he looked around was a shell of all the memories, laughter, and tears that once echoed off the pale colored walls. It was a shell of what once was. Not even a week after coming home, Luke moved out because he could not stand living in that shell. But there you were, sitting right there at his show wearing the shirt that he brought home from first performance of the band’s first headlining world tour. Granted, you looked just as mad as you were when he accidently fried your laptop the night before a major paper for uni was due. He wanted to speak to you so badly, wanted to apologize for every mistake he had ever made, and most of all wanted to just understand why. Why you ended things so suddenly. Why you ran from everything the two of you had built throughout your relationship. Why you had been avoiding him like the plague. Just,  why. He wanted to speak to you so badly, unfortunately he was a tad bit busy performing the sold out concert.

“Where you going? Always running. Find a way to call it quits again” While Luke was putting every emotion that resulted from the break up behind his performance of “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” during the encore, Cal exchanged worried looks with the other two members of the band, and hoped that the fans in the audience did not catch on that what Luke was doing was not normal. While Calum did miss you like crazy, much like Michael and Ashton did, he understood why you refused to contact Luke. Extremely similar to himself, you were closed off emotionally and had a difficult time letting people get close to the real you. But much like himself, Luke was able to worm his way past the walls guarding your heart and take a permanent place inside of it. That is why the two of you worked so well together, you two just understood each other. While you and Calum were not as close as you and Luke or Michael, he still held you as an extremely dear and close friend who he would often confide in when life seemed to be just a bit too much. And he was the same to you. So when the news broke that you left Luke, he just did not understand why you made that decision. But he did know the reasoning behind you essentially falling off the face of the planet when it came to talking to the band and any individual associated with Luke. When he spotted you in the crowed while on Michael’s side of the stage, everything about Luke’s attitude while playing the current song made sense. He looked over and saw that Luke was too invested in the song and letting every single emotion that he had bottled up out to notice you grabbing Colleen and making your way out of the crowd rather quickly.

The first thing Luke did as he walked backstage after the final was pull the all of the available security guards over and gave them instructions to try and find you somewhere in the crowd of fans leaving the venue. He explained to them that he was in desperate need to talk to you, and that you left early so the window of time to catch you was waning quickly. Sensing the guitarist’s urgency, the small number of security guards hastily made their way out into the gigantic crowd of ecstatic fans in search of you. The problem was, was that when you didn’t want to be found you were like a chameleon. Able to hide in plain sight by camouflaging yourself into the surrounding area. However, for Marcus this was not the first time he has had the task of finding you in a large crowd when you had no intentions of being found. 

Fan Account 21|02|2016: History in London, 히스토리

Okay so I’m waiting on the bus to go back to Scotland and I’m writing this on my phone but I felt I need to get this out as soon as possible.
I am just out from seeing History and honestly… I’m emotional wreck. This band has meant so much to me because of many different reasons. They helped and continue to help me through rough times (and I had a really rough time near when they debuted) and on top of that I met some amazing storias (you know who you are Geosquad) who have come to mean the world to me, all due to history.

OKAY so now to the actual concert. I can’t remember quite when I started queueing but it was hella early and we were… 15 away from the front I think? It was a big group of us and there was a wee bit of gossiping and nastyness going around because we left to go get food for the group and people thought we were jumping the queue when we got back.
To be honest, it was quite… chaotic the entire queuing time. I met some awesome, truly awesome, people but some fans also severely disappointed us because when History arrived, they chased after the. After that Sihyoung and (I’m not sure because he was wearing a hoodie) Jaeho/Yijeong left to go get food and drink. Again.. fans literally followed them and I got really angry because Sihyoung was obviously pissed off by it. So yes, I was the really loud Scottish girl if anyone heard me telling people to back off from the members.
The queue was a mess but anyway skip forward and I had VIP tickets so I got early entry. I was .. one person away from the front I’d say and at first it was fine. Slowly but surely the entire place was packed and I thought I would be okay, but fans were kinda crazy and I nearly fainted after one song (Dreamer).

Before they came on they kept peeking through a little partition at the back and the crowd obviously went wild. As they actually came on, they looked genuinely surprised at how the fans were; they were going wild.

So anyway after one song I moved to the back where I had some friends and I enjoyed myself more there. I could see everything perfectly and the songs after dreamer were from various albums, none title tracks. Each and every song was performed incredibly, I swear to goodness I knew they were going to be good but they shocked me with their talent.

So their of course they had their initial hellos after two songs, they talked about how loud and energetic we were and said they’d like to reciprocate that with their performances in order to show their love. They didn’t take long talking that time and quickly started performing again.

The next time they started talking however…. Sihyoung was a completely idiot oh my god. He waddled around the stage and I can’t quite remember the reason.

They had two main talking moments and my memory of what happened specifically at each part is iffy so I’ll just say the things that happened.
They definitelly all specifically talked about London and what they loved about it. Kyungil said the music, films, the fans and “herry pottah” hahhaah. Yijeong was surprisingly quiet and simply said the UK storias. Dokyun said british football players. Sihyoung and Jaeho were similar too.

History also had a moment where they took questions from the crowd and oh dear… forst person to go I could tell was my friend even from the way she breathed into the mic. Claire you are a unique breather. First kyungil goes “so cute!” To her. She asked them why they are so handsome and they could'nt understand her and neither could the translator so… her bias Sihyoung imitated her by babbling and making a face HAHAHHA. For quite a few minutes everyone talked about how cute she was but eventually Kyungil instead said “Why are you so beautiful?” and everyone went wild. So they all listed why they were handsome and Dokyun said “because my father is handsome”. They all agreed and started going on like “… my mum is handsome!” “My gran is handsome!”. Then kyungil answered and he said “but I’m ugly” we all called him a liar. Jaeho then said that kyungil was sexy and that so was he HAHHA.

Another question was “can I stand beside you in the Meet and Greet?” to sihyoung and he said of course. Anothrr question was “what is your favourite song” and kyungil was like “well we listen to this pretty much every day… it’s called History by One Direction”. They proceeded to sing that song ahhh.

Another question was what british food had they tried so far… apparently subway and mcdonalds are british food hahha.

Okay now to the biggy. Someone asked their ideal type and honestly that’s been overdone but.. they made it special. Dokyun said someone that is kind and has a nice smile to which all of the members started pointing to all of the crowd. Jaeho said that London storias are ideal type which made the members laugh and call him a liar LOL. They then said he was called casanova in SK. Sihyoung said that his ideal type is someone who looks good in jeans!

BUT. THEN Yijeong thought for a wee bit before saying that his leader was his ideal type, he then approached Kyungil and touched him. He was then encouraged to properly hug and he literally clung to Kyungil. Then we all encouraged Kyungil to hug him back and he did BUT then he burst out like “I LIKE GIRLS”. Yijeong laughed really loudly the lil bab. Then Kyungil said that his ideal type was a girl that loved him and yup, crowd went wild.

On top of that History also told his that they’re going sight seeing tomorrow (22nd Feb) and that if anyone saw them that they have to come and say hi. They then asked the light directors to turn on the lights for the crowds so they they could “memorise” faces!!!!

Okay so this part wrecked me you have no idea but they also said that initially History had come to London/Europe in order to give his strength and energy but they feel like instead it is them that is going home with more energy and happiness.

So performance wise Dokyun and Yijeong both did solo performances and Yijeong got really really emotional. You vould see he was crying throughout but at the end as he was walking off he was properly wiping at his eyes. I’m not okay.

They also did some sort of collab performance Jaeho with Kyungil, Kyungil with Sihyoung and Yijeong.

So they performed Might Just Die last, but obviously came back for encore (I started the chant hell yeah baby) and performed Ghost and Tell Me Love. LOTS OF FANSERVICE.

During the entire thing all of them interacted a lot with the crowd, and specifically with me it seemed that everyone else was waving at them and I made a heart sign with my arms abive my head to which (oh dear god) Yijeong pointed at me and made a heart sign back.

So that was it for the performances (I’m sure other people will remember more so look out for other fan accounts). Now onto the M&G!

I was daaaamn near the front but unfortunarely I wasn’t at the back to give Yijeong the tartan stuffed bunny we had brought from Scotland… he definitely got it though and that’s what matters. So it was all pretty chill but they were adamant not to hang around the members too long when giving high fives.

I said thank you to all of them, and Dokyun was first AND HE’S A SWEET LITTLE BABY AND HE SAID THANK YOU BACK. Also I noticed that all of them really GRABBED onto our hands, like properly.

Then Yijeong, and this will be with me to the end of my days (yeah he’s my bias but I love them all). I said 사랑해 but was so panicky that I forgot to add 요. Buuut he then said 나도 사랑해 and I died.

Then was Kyungil and uh… who allowed him to be so beautiful? He was super sweet though, as they all were and his smile was so big.Then Jaeho and that cheeky smirk omfg NOT ALLOWED. He said thank you as well! Sihyoung hahahha this boy I swear to god. I die. I die. I die. They all were so happy and smiling. To be honest… ALL OF THEM are legit so beautiful in real life, you have no idea.

So after the high five (we were split into 10 people) we were told to wait at the side. One girl was stressing out trying to figure where to put us and oh boyyyy I was put infront of Yijeong. I 100% looked a mess because I was still panicky and I couldn’t smile properly. Still, it will be a precious memory and photograph.

After that was done I turned around and specifically said thank you to Yijeong again and he was a lil bab and said thank you too.




Am I ridiculous enough yet. Uh yeah. Thank you History and thank you Storia. I’m so so sorry if this is a pile of shit.

Project Update

we are aware that fairly local was not played tonight, opening night of the tour. unless the setlist is changed and it is added, we must have a backup plan. the backup plan is to hold up the signs during goner. we feel that besides fairly local, goner best represents our project. it is the last song on blurryface and the last song from blurryface that they play during the encore. we want everyone to feel united as the few, the proud, and the emotional, knowing that we defeated our blurryfaces, even if just for one night. although we hope fairly local is added to the setlist, we feel like the project will still be successful if the signs are held during goner. feel free to ask us any questions you have! we want to make sure everything is clear for you guys!

{FANACC} 140817 Taemin - Mini Fanmeeting Event

compiled by: @almightykeybeom

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- The fanmeeting is at a park so we have curious random bystanders watching and trying to figure what this is XD
- I’m gonna touch Taemin’s hand how the fuck am I supposed to handle that?@!!!!!
- This brat actually opened the thing by saying today you are all my girlfriends ㅠ ㅠ
- My legendary first and last meeting with Taemin was me shaking before, bursting into tears during and forming the very meaningful “Hi”
- I forgot to hold his hands, couldn’t look him in the eye and I just froze and cried and he took my hands instead.
- I… I just stood there. Looking down. Crying.
- I don’t do shit like that, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d do that but I just couldn’t do anything else
- Fuck this seriously.
- I need to get on the subway and I’m alone and I’m still crying and I’m never gonna see him ever again so why did I fuck up like that?
- He looked shocked cuz I probably looked so scared. I mean there’s an idiot at a handshaking event who isn’t even touching him…
- But he just smiled and took both my hands and said Hi and then I said Hi and then I started sobbing so I had to leave.
- I had this whole thing planned, I was gonna tell him just how proud I am to be his fan and thank him but nope. Hi. Fucking Hi. With tears.
- Didn’t help that as soon as the handshaking part started after a few people Taemin himself burst into tears.
- He, this beautiful person inside and out got too emotional and had to go away and he just sobbed for a while. Everyone was crying by then. I mean there you are shaking cause you’re about to hold his hand, instead he is the one who gets overwhelmed by all the love he’s getting.
- We were talking about his hair. The colouring process and it was painful getting that shade etc does it suit him etc etc and someone in the audience shouted “you look like a prince” and then Taemin was like “aren’t you being too much?” Everyone lols. But then he took it further by saying “If I’m the prince then all of you are princesses” at which point everyone was like Taemin please, no.
- Fans asked about Cry for Me and he was like ehm… well… that song… and then he said he was shy and someone asked if he could sing a little and he did. But then in the 2nd verse he burst into laughter XD
- Because we were at a park there were ppl with dogs and the dogs would bark at the worst moments lmao. Over and over again.
- Taemin said that after the MV came out he received a drunk kakao text from Jonghyun. He actually said you know kakao right? I got one from Jonghyun hyung and I knew he was drunk and he was crying and was talking about how proud he was of him and Taemin stopped for a sec and he said after getting the text he also started crying. Him and Jjong just cried like that for a while. Said he saved Jonghyuns number on his phone as jjongmanie? Hyung 
- I’m not sure how to write it actually but he mentioned how jjong is saved on his phone.
- Fans asked about an encore concert & he kinda talked around the subject at first but mentioned they have to consider their physical conditions.
- During the Q&A section a fan asked if he had seen the Shawol section on the 3rd floor at SMTOWN and Taemin said aren’t you being too much? How can I not? Of course. He said the fans were too supportive and he felt very emotional and he said they took pics and he was just very happy from the amount of support he and the group got.
- He was very talkative,open,witty.When that fan got cheesy&called him a prince he was like this gurl has never seen a prince in her life XD
- During cry for me and experience he burst into laughter. I burst into tears.
- Taemin couldn’t help but laugh when singing. Crying came after.
- He sang I think 3 songs.Play me-his favourite, experience and fan request-cry for me. Burst into laughter during both cry for me&experience.
- He talked about the recording process of ACE a lot. I honestly didn’t get all of it because the sound system sucked and it was a little complicated for me. What I got was that it was difficult because he had problems hitting the notes, made for a different type of vocal and there was a lot of technique involved so it was very difficult - technique was in english XD.
- They told us it would be a handshake event in the end AFTER we got there. It was a mess after that. I received hand sanitizers and wet wipes from Korean girls all over me and I passed around some hand cream so our hands weren’t too rough and the Korean girl was so surprised I gave her something in return she told her friends lmao. Everyone brought out their cellphones to use the front cam as a mirror. It was like the nerves before going on a date ._.
- Its been raining on and off the whole day basically and during the handshake event a few drops of rain fell and everyone panicked and chanted for the staff to find an umbrella for our Taeminnie. Taemin heard it and put his hand over his head to check but it was literally just a few drops, so he kept going on shaking hads but fans were insistent and after a while one of the staff came with a giant black umbrella and stood next to Taemin holding the umbrella for him while he shook hands.
- He talked about his SMTOWN stages, thanked for the incredible support he received. Fans asked about his body and he talked about ripping his top off.. He said he’d it was difficult because he’d hated working out before and he said he worked out for 3 weeks. And the SMTOWN stage was very burdensome ♡
- There was a long haired older girl right before our line. When she tried to get up she just collapsed. Her legs would not work and they kept giving out under her. Her friends were trying to hold her up but her legs looked like jelly. She kept going down. SM supporters called the security guys and they tried to hold her up. Tried talking to her. Once she’d calmed down they took her to her place in the line but she never got better even when she made it to Taemin =(

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- Taemin you reduced some 600 girls to tears.
- Taemin, you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- At the end of the fanmeet was imprompt to handshake event. Everyone got to go up and shake Taemin’s hand and everyone ended up in tears.
- Even Taemin broke down in tears quickly with all the support. Manager had to run and get him a tissue and see if he was okay. That got teaes.
- He mentioned being happy that the other members came to visit him at Inkigayo today.
- Fans asked Taemin about Shinee’s comeback but he wouldn’t really say anything concrete about it.
- He spoke a little about each song and even sang a bit from each. Except ‘Pretty Boy’….
- A dog kept barking at Taemin and what was going on so he laughed and said sorry!
- The manager brought out a cake for congradulations for Taemin then sprayed him with snow confetti. Even messed up Taemin’s hair after.
- Fans were asking him to take off his shirt/show his abs but he peaked under and said no. He was really shy about it too.
- He was doing the gun shot move of the dance again as fans really like that part.
- I told Taemin congradulations in Korean. K-Fans helped make sure I could say it right. He told me in English 'Thank youx3’ and 'I love you’.
- When Taemin first came down into the park everyone was chanting his name so he raised his hands up and was dancing all excited.
- Taemin broke down, like we had to stop for 5min. He tired to hold it in but just couldn’t and had to take a break. He never ever cries.
- No one expected the handshaking. When it was announced girls started wiping out mirrors and makeup. Hand wipes to clean their hands too.
- One girl had to be helped up by two people and when she got there she collapsed again and couldnt do it. Taemin was so shocked.
- I am so proud of you Taemin. Keep working hard and we will all keep supporting you and making sure that your light shines bright.
- We ended with a group picture. Taemin asked we make the triangle with our lightsticks so fans borrowed or teamed up to do it.
- Shawols help each other a lot… a lot of hand wipes and tissues got passed around..
- I do have to add, Taemin really does have lovely hands. His fingers are so long and delicate but have a strength to them.

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- Shawols have been here from 4am this morning until 7pm at night so far. Danger & Ace pre-recording, Danger post-recording for next week and now fanmeet.
- Taemin-ah…thank you, thank you, thank you. 영원히 고마워요. 영원히 응원할께요. 영원히 사랑할께요. ♡
- Shawols collapsed in a public park and clutching at each other in tears after Taemin left. I hugged and comforted people I’ve never met.
- Every Shawol began passing around wet tissues to wipe their hands before approaching Taemin. Sharing wet tissues so everyone had clean hands.
- Taemin has been holding back tears all weekend. Whenever we chanted his name you could see it but he was strong until he offered us his hand.
- We never expected to be allowed to greet Taemin personally. It was such an unexpected gift. So thankful to Taemin and the staff and SHINee.
- The fanstaff were helping crying Shawols back to their seats, handing out tissues and getting emotional themselves.
- The managers crowded Taemin when he was crying, rubbing his back and smiling like proud dads. Thank you so much for caring for him managers!
- We took a huge group photo at the end and Taemin was directing people and making sure everyone moved into the shot safely.
- We used SHINee lightsticks to make the Ace triangle and two Korean girls behind me encouraged me to join them and make the triangle together.

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I'm really confused. What happened to Woohyun? Everyone is talking about his breakdown but how did he breakdown???

Woohyun started sobbing during his ending speech at Infinite effect, yes, he usually does get emotional during speeches but never like this. He said that he was having a hard time because of something that happened at home. The other members also said that the CEO and Woohyun had a fight recently. (I read a fan account saying that ifnt was trying to get the CEO and Woohyun to make up but the CEO looked really upset about it).

A lot of people are worried because he basically just disappeared from the public right after, apparently he didn’t go out for the encore stage. He didn’t go to ISAC because he was supposedly going to have a personal schedule, but apparently that isn’t happening. He was supposed to do a performance with two Apink members + Hoya but now Myungsoo is his replacement and he didn’t show up for today’s recording so Dongwoo and Myungsoo sang his lines instead. It’s obvious that something is wrong and a lot of people are worried that Woollim royally fucked up this time.

Woohyun is always thinking of the fans like the time his shoulder was injured but still did all of his schedules or the time he used his own money to buy gifts for fans. The fact that he has been MIA for the past couple days is really unsettling. Hopefully when he returns (which I hope is soon) we can show him how much he means to us and to Infinite. It’s really important that we all send our love and support his way especially when he feels down.