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Over the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that a lot of fanfiction inspiration comes from music lyrics or movie prompts. I’m sure a lot of people have millions of songs that can used for as inspiration for an OTP or a story-line or an edit.

Sometimes you think during a song, these lyrics are absolutely perfect for a situation for xxx and xxxx.

So I decided do something for it.

I’m going to create a document where you can write down all these inspiration quotes/lyrics/prompts so you can share with everyone. You’ll find other ones that you’ll like in that doc too, which will hopefully inspire you to write.

It goes for all fandoms, anime or not. It really doesn’t matter, I just hope you’ll feel content and inspired after reading!

Even if you don’t write, your contribution still matters a lot!! As readers, you guys have a lot of opinion, and we want to hear everything from you! You guys will definitely have the best prompts and quotes/lyrics, and who knows, maybe a writer will write your prompt one day!!

To join, it’s super easy!!


(optional) must be following your local meme.

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this must receive over 70 notes, or else I’ll pretend like it never happened.

I might even create a WhatsApp group for this, so you guys can talk about your fanfictions there, and other writers can help you!! The only way this can work is if you share, reblog, and tell your friends!

Personally, I think it’s a really cool idea. It’s really helpful for one, and you could be helping someone who’s on writer’s block or down in the dumps! A whole list of prompts? Hell yeah!

So feel free to join!! I’d love to have you, and I’m sure you will contribute a lot!! The more people, the better. Once this reaches 70 notes, I’ll share the doc with you through link, or through email. Thanks!

the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

How goddamn refreshing is it to see these 2 beautiful men not only skating together but also BOTH of them taking on the male and female roles during their ice dance? Absolute perfection.

As a gay man it has been a wonderful journey seeing these 2 men be an accurate representation of a gay relationship.
They are not fetishized, there are no specific gender roles, just wonderful love.

During a mind-blowing orgasm, you have an intense moment of clarity and in your minds eye, see an equation that calculates someone’s EXACT lifespan, like down to the very second. In an extremely overpopulated world, this equation could stop the reapings, an event that culls groups of people to free up resources. Once the orgasm is over, you can’t see it anymore. Not an issue, right? Just have sex again. Except it isn’t that easy. The person that gave you this mind-blowing orgasm is your worst enemy, and your tryst had come as a result of hate and alcohol. Now, they refuse to help you.

Me, playing McCree: I’m your huckleberry

A Hanzo: understood

*I will always love you starts playing*

Hanzo: *climbs up a building and out of my life*

Me: don’t leave me here alone

Me: don’t go where I can’t follow

Hiccup the Romantic

Hiccup has thought about kissing Astrid first multiple times and he always waited until the moment was “Perfect”. 

So even though Astrid was the one always initiating the kissing before Season 4 of RTTE, Hiccup was FAR from being the shy type of lover. He’s a romantic, and as a romantic he waited until the perfect moment to initiate their first kiss as a couple.

When Astrid was confiding in him about her fear of being permanently blind, Hiccup comforts her by saying that they’ll get through it together. Telling her that he will never abandon her side and that there will always be a “Hiccup and Astrid”. His genuine confession of commitment was practically a declaration of marriage as he leans in to kiss her before they were attacked.

And when Astrid finally gets her sight back at the end of the episode, Hiccup doesn’t hesitate to kiss her during the sunset after she comments that the moment was perfect for it. And can I point out how passionate that kiss was? Seriously from that moment on all of their kisses has been Husband and Wife level of affection. 

So let’s get one thing straight: Hiccup is not a shy lover, he’s a romantic. And he’s not afraid of going in for a more passionate display of affection. 


Spent my afternoon putting the finishing touches on this glittering moon purse ✨🌛 

I’ve been sitting on this design for a while (something like two years?!) waiting for the perfect fabric to make it in to come along. During a trip to the craft store last month I finally found it! The fabric itself (holographic glitter canvas) is kinda stiff + rough textured, so I wasn’t quite sure if it would get along with my sewing machine, but luckily I was able to stitch it up without any issues. 

I salvaged remnants of black leather from another project to make the detailing on the face & used the leftover glitter fabric I had to make a matching tassel pull for the zipper. 

I plan on gifting this one to a friend…fingers crossed that she likes it! 😊

[STARCAST] Welcome to the shooting site of BTS! They’ll take care of your year 2017!

   The autumn season of this year has already approach! And BTS went to romantic city of Chuncheon to take pictorials for the 2017 calendar!
They enjoyed the pictorial as if they went camping in Chuncheon. They also celebrated this autumn season by holding a mini sports competition.

As I’ve gathered every detail of their funny episodes, I’m specially showing them to STARCAST readers!! (Tada!!) Just trust and follow me-

  Chapter 1: Peeking on the pictorial site
-Warm ups-
Aren’t you curious on how they did the pictorials? Revealing each member’s pictorials!

  Senior Jin.. He’s making me think of romantic high school memories which I never experienced,,♥

SUGA’s perfect look! SUGA the genius and perfect and lots more!

During his test cut V(^ㅡ^)

#Double life_of our classmate? I want to ride roller blades with RAP MONSTER…

# Double life_of our classmate? I want to share notes with JUNG KOOK…

J-HOOOOOOPE showing off his mood!!!!!

 Did you just look at me? (*´ლ`*)

 This generation’s real king of pose = V (V, Taehyung, a BTS member)

 Chapter 2: What could they be doing in the waiting room?
They are enjoying their waiting time by playing games!

  J-HOPE who finished his preparations, starts the game first…

(Starts joining…) One by one sits together with him.

 They gathered together and went busy playing games as SUGA the basketball professional also joined!

Meanwhile, JIMIN who loves games,

immediately played game as soon as he arrived here…

He plays game right after changing his clothes…

Plays again with JUNG KOOK…

Chapter 3: [Exclusive] BTS did something during their pictorial shooting….!!

Who vandalized the black board?!

 Gotcha! ㅇ.ㅇ The three are super excited

Draws each of the members.

Meanwhile, RAP MONSTER is showing off his cool looks in Chuncheon 

by taking selfies… and…!!

Someone took his picture… Who? V and J-HOPE! So I got you the pictures taken by them. Ho ho ho!!!

photo by V

photo by J-HOPE

Also, as I was looking for SUGA and J-HOPE who disappeared during the pictorials, I found them doing:

 [ J-HOPE] found a flower.

[SUGA] found a shade.

Chapter 4: Episodes on the mini sports competition

They also had mini sports competition. Our emcee for today is RAP MONSTER!

They played various games in the competition! Slap-match game, mini archery competition, mini rifle(?) competition, and penalty shoot-out!

 V the slap-match master is kneeling down?! It’s the competition match of who’re born in 1994s! Who’ll win?


Gracefully doing the archery…*

(We could assume his score by looking at their expressions)

Who’s the ace of blue team? (JIMIN: Me)

The ace’s unusual way of doing archery…Wow

They’re enjoying archery and rifle with their different styles >.<

The last big match! Penalty shoot-out…!! Making us nervous just like A match..!!!

Meanwhile, there was someone who stole BTS’ attention. Cluck, cluck… JIMIN tried to communicate with his eyes…

And JIN tried to lure it with food…

And RAP MONSTER tried to touch it. (You’re cute, RAP MONSTER!!!)

Chapter 5: JUNG KOOK in Wonderland (Subtitle: JUNG KOOK’s happy days)

① The chicken and JUNG KOOK

 As JUNG KOOK was waiting for his pictorial part with RAP MONSTER, he finds out something.

Slowly approaches it. He lowers his body little by little to communicate with him…

(Body language)(I’m becoming a chicken… I’m a chicken…) (Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)

Chicken: Who’s that strange guy…

② JUNG KOOK gathers the power of light

JUNG KOOK suddenly stops and becomes serious.


You’re shining

 My eyes….!!!!!!

③ Can’t find JUNG KOOK anywhere

JUNG KOOK suddenly crawls down the table

(I bet he doesn’t know he’s being taken pictures) JUNG KOOK: Hihi, no one would find me here

 (Found the camera) (Though I saw where JONG KOOK was, I’ll pretend not knowing it!)

 JUNG KOOK: Oh… You found me… (Done playing hide and seek with his drink)

I bet my everyday life would be happy by seeing BTS 365times a year (Or maybe not…)
It was such an exciting shooting site of these youths at the youthful city of Chuncheon!

cr: star cast

Touhou Game Summaries (PC-98):

  • Highly Responsive to Prayers: Local Shrine gets destroyed. Local Shrine Maiden destroys everyone in her path while attempting to find the culprit.
  • Story of Eastern Wonderland: Local Shrine Maiden stars in the classic tale of “GET OUT OF MY SHRINE”. A lot of youkai were harmed in the making.
  • Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream: Disgraced scientist breaks into Gensokyo and attempts to prove magic’s existence to the outside world via attempted kidnapping. She gets hit with a chair.
  • Lotus Land Story: In “GET OUT OF MY SHRINE” the sequel, Yuuka Kazami Just Wants To Sleep. She’s not the culprit.
  • Mystic Square: Demons invade gensokyo, Local Shrine Maiden & Friends travel to Makai to have a word with the Queen of Hell. The culprits just wanted a nice vacation.

Touhou Game Summaries (Windows):

  • Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Local Vampire just wants to walk outside during the day and not get burned. This is apparently unacceptable.
  • Perfect Cherry Blossom: Local Ghost Princess wants to see her giant cherry tree bloom. She steals the entirety of the season of spring to do so. This is apparently a really bad idea, for entirely different reasons.
  • Immaterial and Missing Power: Local Oni just wants to see her friends again. They never show up.
  • Imperishable Night: Moon princess creates a never-ending night. This turns out to be for everyone’s benefit, and it comes back to bite them games later.
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View: Unexpected Flower Blooming leads to all-out brawls. No-one involved really knew what was going on.
  • Shoot the Bullet: Nosy Tengu Reporter takes photographs without permission.
  • Mountain of Faith: Local Mountain Gods from a nearby Outside mountain move in. They recieve the traditional Gensokyo welcome.
  • Scarlet Weather Rhapsody: Bored celestial wants to be entertained. In the process, the Hakurei Shrine gets destroyed. Again.
  • Subterranean Animism: Local Hell Raven eats a dead sun god. Decides the best thing to do with her newfound power is to nuke the surface and turn it into a New Hell.
  • Undefined Fantastic Object: Youkai followers of a Buddhist Monk want to rescue their leader sealed in Makai. Everyone wants to know what’s up with the floating boat.
  • Touhou Hisoutensoku: Something about dreams and a catfish?
  • Double Spoiler: Different Tengu Reporter has rivalry with aforementioned Nosy Tengu Reporter. More unauthorized photographs ensue.
  • Fairy Wars: Literally what it says on the tin.
  • Ten Desires: Local Taoist resurrects from the grave. Resurrected Taoist turns out to be Prince Shotoku. Prince Shotoku is actually a girl.
  • Hopeless Masquerade: Upset Noh Mask collection wants her missing mask back. Everyone is confused and just enjoys the flashy fighting.
  • Double Dealing Character: Inchling unwittingly gets tricked into causing a tsukumogami uprising. Poor girl.
  • Impossible Spell Card: Culprit from previous game takes Gensokyo on a Grand Theft spree to evade capture.
  • Urban Legend in Limbo: Lonely Psychic Outsider breaks into Gensokyo, causes absolute chaos.
  • Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom: Lunarian infighting accidentally spills out into Gensokyo. Gensokyo residents are not amused.

Manga Stories:

  • Silent Sinner in Blue: Local Vampire wants to go to the Moon, enlists Local Shrine Maiden & co’s help. Turns out they aren’t welcome there.
  • Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth: Daily adventures of Gensokyo’s rabbit population.
  • Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity / Oriental Sacred Place: Fairies doing Fairy Things.
  • Visionary Fairies in Shrine: Fairies doing Fairy Things 2.0, featuring AMERICA Clownpiece, the Local Hell Fairy.
  • Wild and Horned Hermit: Local Hermit makes suspiciously specific denial that she’s not a youkai. She’s a bad liar.
  • Forbidden Scrollery: Local Human Bookworm gets way in over her head. Repeatedly. On purpose.

Written Stories & Trivia Books:

  • Curiosity of Lotus Asia: Local Shopkeep recounts his experiences with some of the rather eccentric personalities in Gensokyo. 
  • Cage in Lunatic Runagate: A bunch of characters reflect on the events of Silent Sinner in Blue.
  • Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red: A collective work of articles from Local Nosy Tengu Reporter.
  • Perfect Memento in Strict Sense: Book from Local Archiver, recording information on various personalities in Gensokyo, part 1. How truthful the contents are is probably another story.
  • The Grimoire of Marisa: Local Thieving Witch really wants to steal everyone’s spell cards.
  • Symposium of Post-Mysticism: Book from Local Archiver, recording information on various personalities in Gensokyo, part 2. Her sources are dubious.

CD Stories:

  • Dolls in Pseudo Paradise: 10 outsiders become the unwitting participants of an Agatha Christie-like murder story.
  • Ghostly Field Club: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry explore a graveyard in the dead of night.
  • Changeability of Strange Dream: Local Outsider Merry recounts the dreams she’s had of Gensokyo. Questions reality. And her sanity. 
  • Retrospective of 53 minutes: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry ride a train! And talk about the current state of the world outside gensokyo while doing so.
  • Magical Astronomy: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry want to take the new space tour of the moon! Turns out they’re too expensive.
  • Trojan Green Asteroid: Local Outsider Merry dreams herself onto an abandoned space satellite thought to be lost. Partner in crime Renko gets jealous and wants to go with. Turns out it’s not a dream.
  • Neo-traditionalism of Japan: Merry gets hospitalized due to events in the space satellite. Has visions of what she thinks is hell. Turns out she dreamed herself back in time and witnessed the birth of japan.
  • Dr. Latency’s Freak Report: Renko and Merry write a book! And discuss the plausibility of youkai existing in reality along the terms of quantum physics.
  • Dateless Bar “Old Adam”: Renko and Merry investigate a bar full of people spreading conspiracy theories and supernatural rumors. They get very drunk in the process.
What I love about each B.A.P member


  • His favorite white bracelet
  • Daejae Home Shopping Network
  • Hip Hop Chicken song
  • Always flirting and throwing hearts to BABYz
  • The varying degrees of his smile
  • Shy smile with lips closed
  • Cute smile with teeth
  • All out laughter with his pointy canines showing
  • Cute kitty
  • Eye smile
  • His different laughs
  • Breathing in instead of out when laughing
  • When he laughs while breathing out it is so loud
  • You can hear him laugh in the background of a video and know it’s him
  • But it’s cute
  • Also his giggles
  • Pls tickle him more
  • His love for B.A.P
  • His love for BABYz
  • His tattoos that express that love
  • The biggest most squishiest heart you will ever find
  • Seriously just give the boy your love already
  • The face he makes when he eye f*cks the camera
  • Do I need to even mention his singing ability???
  • Honestly so in love with his voice when he talks
  • And the way his mouth moves
  • Always tries to expose Jongup for us
  • Awkward with Bang but denies it
  • When he really just has a lot of love and admiration for him
  • But maybe he doesn’t know how to express that to him
  • He would rather eat chicken than look professional during an interview
  • Practices non-stop to give a perfect performance every time
  • His never ending struggle with WiFi
  • But he doesn’t let that stop him from doing V lives
  • Seriously he was going around the world performing, exhausted, but would still chat with us on an almost daily basis
  • The glorious tradition of getting his face smashed in his birthday cake
  • Constant selfies
  • Looks good with any hair color
  • He named his car “Red Horse”
  • Seriously
  • Always keeping us updated
  • Struggles with fashion yet always looks great
  • Can’t decide his favorite food
  • That time his mom thought he had thrown up or something in his car, but really he was holding a hamburger
  • His eyes literally sparkle when he performs and when he smiles

Feel free to add some of your favorite Daehyun things! I’ll be making a list for each member.

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