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  • Beric Dondarrion: "Now, that looks to me like some sort of swarming mob."
  • Tormund Giantsbane: "Yeah, I know."
  • Sandor Clegane: "What are they so angry about though?"
  • Jon Snow: "I don't know. Something bad's about to happen to somebody."
  • Tormund Giantsbane: "Is it us?"
  • Jon Snow: "Yep."
  • Sandor Clegane: "Yeah. Go, go, go!"
This Christmas || Chapter Six: Cookies (Denny Duquette x Robin Ballard)

Genres: Fluff, Holiday, Romance, Self-Insert, Series 

Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy 

Pairing: Denny Duquette x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character) 

Summary: Denny helps Robin decorate Christmas cookies. 

Rating: SFW 

Warnings: Language 

Previously: Denny and Robin watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Denny acted out her favorite scene.

Story Masterlist 


I stand next to Denny, tilting my head curiously. He finishes and straightens up proudly. “There,” he declares, glancing sideways at me, waiting for my opinion. 

I take a deep breath before asking, “What… is it… exactly?” 

His face falls. “Babe! It’s a Christmas tree! I worked so hard on it!” He pouts and I reach out, turning him to face me and pulling the frosting tube out of his hand so I can set it on the counter. I’m trying to think of how I can explain that I had to take multiple classes in cookie decorating before I was good at it without hurting his feelings more. 

“I know!” I find myself saying instead. “I was just teasing, Denny. It’s perfect.” I don’t even care. I’ll put it in the window and sell it if it will make him feel better. 

As I stare at him plaintively, his lips curl up in a smile and he starts to laugh. “Are you serious?” he snorts. “Because that cookie looks like shit.” 

I poke him in the chest and try to back away, but he grabs my waist and drags me closer to him. “You ass!” I giggle. “I thought you actually felt bad!” 

“Aw,” he coos, kissing my nose as I attempt to frown up at him. He chuckles as he drops his mouth to mine. “You’re physically incapable of being mad at me,” he points out giddily. 

“Shut up,” I protest, my arms automatically going around his neck as he pulls me in for a kiss. He kisses me once, twice, three times, very gently, teasing me. I grip his shirt collar and nip at his lower lip. He smirks and I whisper, “You owe me a lot of sex to make up for this, Duquette.” 

“Yes, ma’am,” he agrees. “Want me to start now?” 

“Damn straight I do,” I breathe. 

He presses me up against the wall, kissing me harder; when his hips dig into mine, I gasp. “Hang on, sweetheart,” he murmurs, pulling my thigh up, massaging it in his large, warm hand. 

“I love you,” I answer. 

“I know.” He winks at me, and then his lips begin to trace a hot, damp trail down my neck.


Chapter Seven: Snow