it was demons by imagine dragons

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[Monster AU] How would Genji/Dva/Reinhardt/Lucio/Mercy react to Imp!Reader following them around? I imagine Imps would be these human-like creatures, who like to attach themselves to other people/creatures, either to terrorize them, or to make a deal, i.e. you offer protection/shelter, and I'll help you around. Imps are not very powerful and can't stand being isolated for too long.

imps are more like annoying little (literally) demons. theyd have human disguises, like most creatures of that caliber, though.

Overwatch [Monster Au]

Genji probably enjoys having them around- if only to have someone to talk to. A younger Genji would play a lot of pranks with them, most likely.

D.Va gets a bit annoyed at how clingy they are- which is why the Imp probably pushes her buttons even more.

Reinhardt probably puts the Imp in their place- telling them to chill the fuck OUT.

Lucio likes having them around- someone’s always willing to listen to his music and help him point out flaws. Although, they have a habit of saying everything’s bad.

Mercy probably wouldn’t even know the Imp existed- or, she would, but only by sensing when they’re nearby. Demons and Angels- fallen or not- don’t mix well.

endgame fan made playlist
  1. how far we’ve come by Matchbox 20
  2. Demons by Imagine dragons
  3. Still breathing by Green Day
  4. Kill all Your friends by My chemical romance
  5. heathens by 21 pilots
  6. 21 guns by green day
  7. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
  8. This aint a scene, it’s an arms race by Fall out Boy
  9. Fake your Death by My chemical romance
  10. This is Gospel by Panic! at the disco

Some of these fit well, some of these don’t, but i thought all of them made sense, so i decided to make a playlist.

bonus! a shitty album cover i made:

Music of Escorpio

Descripción: Imagine Dragons - Demons

Eufórico: Rihanna feat Jay Z - Umbrella

Triste: All I Want - Kodaline

Revelación: The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face

Romance: Guns N’ Roses - November Rain

Recuerdos: Aerosmith - I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing

Bonus: IDFC - Blackbear

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