it was definitely all ad libbed and that just makes it better

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List A Edition

Acidikinesis - Control Sloth

  • I have a personal vendetta against someone wildly more successful than me so I’m trying to make them lazy.
  • You don’t know how to relax so I’m literally filling you with laziness but you just won’t stop.
  • I work at an animal shelter and I sometimes make the animals fit what people are looking for by removing or adding laziness. You haven’t lived until you saw a cat with 0% laziness.

Aciukinesis - Control Sharpness

  • Did you know that most man made spheres are still more jagged than the earth itself? You haven’t experienced softness until you felt a perfectly smooth ball. There’s also not a lot of traction so please cup it in your hands.
  • I’m one of the only chefs here that doesn’t have some sort of hot or cold ability. But me being very clumsy, the ability to make all my knives dull saves my fingers a lot.
  • I keep making all the knives in the kitchen blunt so I can watch my parent-in-law get frustrated and lose their dominance over me.

Aerokinesis - Control Air

  • I can control the air but that doesn’t do a lot so I just got a few wind turbines for my property, so I get power for free. It’s a small win, but I like it. 
  • Sometimes I go to the beach and set up a kite rental booth while making it windy. It doesn’t make much but it helps with rent.
  • No one thinks that controlling air is that cool of a super power until I take it out of their lungs.

Aestatekinesis - Control Summer

  • I hate sweating so I made this summer really mild but it’s affecting my town’s farming economy.
  • I forgot that Alaska’s still supposed to be pretty cold in the summer and I may have made the ice caps melt a little more.

Aggressiokinesis - Control Anger

  • I work in tandem with a crisis clinic and so far, there isn’t a patient I can’t calm down.
  • My anti-aggression dog classes are the best in the business. I even stop by pet shelters.
  • I just love watching these people tear each other limb from limb with blind rage. I’m gonna be sad to see you go though.

Aidoskinesis - Control Humidity

  • One of the only things good about my powers is that I can make my boss’ office so humid they have horrible hair and sweat stains for their meeting with corporate. 
  • My greenhouse is always at the perfect humidity even in the dead of winter.
  • I’m gulty of making someone so humid they’ve taken off their shirt before. It’s a blessing.

Alcokinesis - Control Alcohol

  • You always get too out of hand with your drinking so I just take the alcohol content out of your drinks.
  • My coworker bugs the hell out of me and they’re going in for a company-wide drug test today. I made their breakfast have a healthy amount of alcohol.
  • It’s very fun to see someone pantamime being drunk when they think they are when in actuality I’ve taken all the alcohol out of their drink.

Amokinesis - Control Love and Desire

  • Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?
  • As a joke I was going to make my classmate fall in love with whoever came in next but you did and now I’m very jealous.
  • I make people forget about me when we break up so it’s easy on them but I can’t get rid of my own love for them, even when there’s no chance of getting back together ever now. 

Anthracokinesis - Control Coal

  • I like being alone so I move to Centralia and just turn off the surrounding coals when I’m walking over them. It’s very quiet but very smoky. I need to leave town to buy a gas mask.
  • I bought a bit of land and made a little mine before buying a truckload of coal and just stiking it in the walls. Then, I compressed it all into diamonds.
  • So my parents gave me a little tough love as a child and gave me a piece of coal one christmas. I’ll admit, I was a naughty child. But that piece of coal made me learn of my powers. It’s the only piece I’ll never manipulate anymore.

Antikinesis - Control Antimatter

  • No you can’t come to my antimatter dimension. It’s very private.
  • I think we had a good run, I’m just gonna get a black hole in here real quick.
  • I always wanted to visit Chernobl, good thing I can just sort of turn off the gamma radation and go for a walk. 

Argentokinesis - Control Silver

  • Whoops I’m in werewolf country better make all my clothes and stuff have silver mesh.
  • “Yes this is genuine gold” I say to someone when I took the silver content out of a ring.
  • So I don’t have the best impulse control. I made my rude neighbor’s prized dog into a silver statue and now it’s like… eighty sets of flatwear.

Arthrokinesis - Control Joints

  • I may be a very inactive person, but damned if my joints ever pop. I’m doing sprints anytime I feel like it.
  • I got too excited testing how much I could let my joints move and may have dislocated by shoulder. 
  • Yes, I tried to suck my own dick. Yes, I should have realized that there is actually bone stopping me from bending my spine like that. Don’t laugh at me.

Asterokinesis - Control Cosmic Energy

  • I’ve ascended to be the god of the universe and all I want to do is to stop being in charge and just have some time off for once.
  • I saw how much earth was desperate to meet other beings so I made some closer planets support life. 
  • I’m not just some giant being in space. I’m a regular person. I buy groceries, collect rocks, and I’m desperate for people to never know I made them. 

Astrakinesis - Control Astral Energy

  • I am nearly constantly disassociating. The good news is that I have like thirty dream selves I can be while the others go on autopilot. 
  • I can see spirits so I just deal with ghosts for a living. Most of the time they’re just confused.
  • I can work as a medium for ghosts to talk through but you roleplaying with your dead datemate is the last straw.

Astronkinesis - Control Remnants of Cosmic Substances

  • I realized that in my lifetime I would never see a mission to a star so I made some much closer to us.
  • I don’t feel like this world’s really going anywhere. I’m just gonna supernova the sun next weekend. 
  • My tarot card readings are always perfect and I sincerely want you to leave the country.

Atmokinesis - Control Weather

  • I am the best weather forecaster the world has ever seen. I work for a small town in rural country though. I think I have five hundred viewers on a daily basis? 
  • I always make sure my neighbor’s/parent’s/friend’s/etc farm gets the best weather.
  • My entrences are always punctuated with lightening and I love it.

Atomkinesis - Control Atoms

  • It’s like 3-D printing, only much better. Check out this awesome watch I made.
  • I hope you like nuclear wastelands, because that’s what you’re getting.
  • Surprise, your house is full of radon gas!it’ll stay that way until you do what I say.

Audiokinesis - Control Sound 

  • Nothing quite like a day of absolute silence when you have an audio processing disorder.
  • Movies are very fun to watch when I can make one character silent and just ad lib the dialogue.
  • The fact that I can chat style silence someone is the best.

Aurokinesis - Control Aura

  • I can see how people act before ever talking to them, that’s why you’re the only one in the room I’m going to talk to. 
  • Where I live, auras are very important. So I can easily hide among them as someone without giving an inkling of malice.
  • I personally hate you so now you get too radiate bad energy until you apologize. 

Aurokinesis - Control Gold

  • I’m allergic to what they use in fake gold but I have no money for good jewelry so I just make it gold after I buy it for cheap. 
  • It’s not quite the Midas touch, but I’ve pulled that prank before. 
  • I make golden jewelry and sculptures by making them out of clay/wood/etc and turning them into gold for huge profits.

Autumnuskinesis - Control Autumn

  • My hometown capitalizes on my love of pumpkins and sweater weather by becoming a destination for those looking to beat the heat but don’t want to own a down jacket. 
  • I can make things rot. So I rotted my neighbor’s garden a week before harvest. 
  • I make autumn immediately follow winter so now the world’s harvesting systems are fucked because I get pollen allergies. 

Avarikinesis - Control Greed

  • I’m trying to make the world fair by taking all the greed out of high-ranking officials but sometimes that was their only driving force and they have no actual job experience. 
  • I made someone comically greedy because being a superhero in a town in which no banks need protecting is boring.
  • I want so desperately to not have to take greed out of anymore people. It’s getting so tiring. I need to go on a vacation. 

Avikinesis - Control Avains

  • Having hawks fly to my aide when my boss was giving me shit in the parking lot was definitely a sweet move.
  • I may live in this cottage alone, but these birds are more than enough company. One of them just told me about someone who ate shit on pavement last week in a city ten miles away. It’s awesome.
  • “Bats fly, right? Why can’t I control bats?” “Please just let me do my work.” ‘What about bugs?” “Please go home.” “Do flying fish count?”
seventeen’s reaction to you dancing to their song flawlessly

thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me really happy to hear that you like my writing~ you’re too sweet :) I hope you like this reaction [p.s i wrote it as if the reader is their s/o, is that okay??] and my sincere apologies for how long this took… i mean it’s literally almost been a year. i feel really badly …. I’ll do better in the future.


seungcheol ~

Seungcheol would be totally ecstatic. He sees you dancing to their music jokingly all the time so he hadn’t expected you to actually follow their choreography for once. “Oh my~ jagi, have you always danced this well? Why were you hiding this from me?” After saying that, he’d sit in front of you and smile with his mouth slightly agape. He wouldn’t want to interrupt again, he was too afraid you’d stop. Once you finished he’d jump up and lift you off your feet into an embrace. “That was amazing, Y/N!”

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jeonghan ~

Jeonghan would sit back and smile widely as soon as you began to do their choreography. He would be a happy kind of surprised, his wide eyes not leaving you for a second. Jeonghan would clap for you once you finished, stopping so he could grab your hand and pull you to him. “When did you have the time to learn that, Y/N? If you have that much free time you should be spending it with me.” He’d laugh and place you on his lap. “Just kidding, jagi. That was unbelievable! I never knew you could dance like that.”

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joshua ~

Joshua’s would smile brightly when he realized what you were doing, his eyes widening in admiration. He would yell out ad-libs throughout the whole ordeal to show his approval. “Wow! ….. Yeah man!…. Ay yo Y/N!” When you finally finished, he’d release one closing ‘wow’ and give you a loud round of applause. As you came up from a bow, Josh would take the chance to grab your wrist and pull you towards him. “I can’t believe you learned the whole dance! That was really amazing, jagi.” 

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junhui ~

Jun would merely raise his eyebrows at you as you passionately went through their choreography. He’d be hesitant to show how impressed he was, but couldn’t help his mouth forming a little ‘o’. When the song came to an end he’d break into a tiny smile and walk up to your side. “You did this move wrong.. your leg should’ve been like this, not like this.” He’d place a hand on your thigh and show the correct position. You pouted at his critique, Jun’s smirk splitting into a grin. “-but that was fantastic, Y/N. Really, it was. If I knew you were this good at dancing I would’ve had you practice with me a long time ago!”

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soonyoung ~

Hoshi is the type of boyfriend to give constant, genuine, and loud praise- he sees you as nothing less than perfect. So, when you began to recite the 아주 NICE choreography flawlessly, he wouldn’t hesitate to show his amazement. “That’s my jagi! WOW~ Y/N, you’re so talented!” He’d be smiling so hard by the end of your performance that you were afraid his face would split in two. He’d giggle excitedly and scoop you into his arms. “Do you know how long it took the boys to learn that? You should be so proud of yourself!”

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wonwoo ~

Wonwoo is such soft, shy, sweetheart~ I think that no matter how long you were dating, he’d get flustered by all the little things you do. Seeing you dance would put a bashful smile on his face. He’d watch quietly, his smile along with the pink tint on his cheeks growing each second. When you finished he’d clap his sweater paws together slowly, “That was really..cute, Y/N… you’re really cute….”

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jihoon ~

Woozi’s eye smile would be evident the moment he realized what you were doing. He’d watch you in pride and admiration, not being able to think of anything other than how lucky he is to have someone like you all to himself. 
“Is this what you’ve been doing while I’m working late?” He’d laugh lightly when the song finally ended. “I can’t believe it~ that was so cool.” He’d rub his neck shyly, his eyes fixated on the floor.

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seokmin ~

We all know how extra Dokyeom is. There’s no doubt that he’d be up in an instant, reciting the choreography at your side with a cheesy grin on his face. Though, he’d be laughing to hard to do it properly, collapsing on the ground to enjoy watching instead. “You’re a better dancer than me!” He’d exclaim when the song ended, dragging you down beside him. Seokmin would lace his fingers with yours and place a kiss on your cheek. “You should be promoting with the boys and I- seriously. You’re full of surprises, Y/N!”

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mingyu ~

Mingyu’s initial reaction would be a look of pure awe, his jaw hanging open at the slightest. It would take him a minute to compose himself, but soon he’d break into a beaming smile. He’d love the thought of you practicing one of his group’s dances, his cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling so much. “Oh my god! I can’t believe that just happened..” He’d yell as soon as you were done. “How long did that take you? That was insane! I love you, jagi, you’re so talented!”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

minghao ~

When Minghao turned on their title track BOOM BOOM, the last thing he expected was to see you start dancing along out of the corner of his eye. He seems like the kind of boyfriend who would mostly just tease you all the time, but internally would find everything you do to be insanely cute. So, the fact that you took the time to learn the complex choreography and practice it, would 10/10 make his heart palpitate. “Y/N, I love you so much. You know that right?”- is about all he could muster up as your performance came to an end.

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seungkwan ~

I can just see Seungkwan’s dopey, surprised face as he watches you perform Seventeen’s choreography with precision. “Is this really happening right now?!” He’d think aloud. And when I say he’s excited, I mean like… bouncing in his seat, flailing his arms around like a crazy person kind of excited. He would just look at you with more admiration then he ever did before, thinking about how lucky he is to have someone as dedicated and talented as you. “Y/N, YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!”

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hansol ~

Naturally, Vernon’s go-to reaction would be a meme-sol expression. He’d stare at you with his eyebrows raised and bottom lip sucked in, looking more meme-sol than ever. I feel like he’d stay quiet until the very end, just marveling at you as you execute each dance move flawlessly. When the song ends and you bow in his direction, he’d break into a beaming smile and laugh heartily. “I can’t believe you, Jagi. Only you would do something like this. You’re too cute!” Be prepared to be pulled into a tight hug- once he finishes his guffawing, of course.

Originally posted by sneezes

chan ~

Dino, most definitely being the type of boyfriend to put you on a pedestal, never stops being amazed by you. Like, the way you eat your cereal is some kind of miracle to him. So seeing you doing something as complicated as the 아주 NICE choreo would just about break his mind. Instinctively, he’d join you, dancing at your side a bit sloppily as he tries to watch your dancing at the same time as concentrate on his own. When the music finally fades off, he’d take your hands in his and praise you endlessly. “My Jagi is so gifted! Is there anything you can’t do?”

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Klaine one-shot - “Caught in the Act” (Rated PG13)

There’s an amazing man in one of Kurt’s classes, and Kurt just has to find out more about him. He tries to consult the man’s student profile in an attempt to find some clues, but he can’t remember the man’s last name. Luckily, a serendipitous stranger wanders by to lend a helping hand. (1226 words)

Different first meeting, NYADA, inspired by this video.

Read on AO3.

“Jesus, Rachel! Could you take any longer calling me back?” Kurt grumbles, juggling his phone and his books as he fights his way through the crowd for a seat at an empty table with an available computer. The campus coffee shop is always busy during the school day. Students pop in to log onto the café laptops between classes and check their email more than they do to buy coffee, so Kurt usually makes it a point to never go there. The coffee tastes burnt anyway, and he prefers to use his laptop at home. But this is an emergency. He needs information, and he needs it now.

“According to my phone, I called you back literally a minute later,” Rachel says in her defense. “I just got out of class a second ago, too, you know. Cassie’s glaring at me as it is. I think she’s about to grand jete over and fan kick me in the face!”

“Bob and weave, Berry, bob and weave. This is important.”

Keep reading

Show Review 29/03/2017

This show was the most important performance for me because it was the one I was seeing with my Mum. I was actually quite nervous. I really wanted her to understand why I keep going back to see the show again and again and why it means so much to me. My Mum says I’m obsessed. I say I’m passionate. Maybe somewhere in-between. ;) 

I was also full of trepidation because my Mum is a cynic, and very hard to please. She is much more critical, generally-speaking, than I am and I was worried that she simply wouldn’t find the play as wonderful as I do and I was so desperate for her approval of it. If she didn’t think as highly as possible of it, I would be devastated. My Mum read and enjoyed the books - she would borrow my copy after I’d finished with it on every release. The last time she read one of them was nearly exactly ten years ago, when the last book came out. We saw every film together. There’s a lot of personal history for us that is attached to Harry Potter and in a relationship that has been tested at times to its absolute limit, the Harry Potter memories are positives of our time together that stand out for me. It was vital to me that this memory would be as jubilant as all those memories and that she would understand what the play and its themes meant to me and think as highly of the play as she did of the books and their themes and histories for us. Given that we disagree far more than we agree, my worries were not unfounded.

She thought the play was “outstanding”. The highlights for her were the acting, the choreography, the special effects and the music. She was particularly admiring of Anthony, Sam, Noma, Jamie and Anabel (as Myrtle), even though Noma and Jamie both stumbled on some lines (just momentary hesitation while they remembered the line. I don’t know if it was something in the air, as there were a couple of moments where I thought the cast might break, or whether they are all just very tired - it was enough for a first-timer like my Mum to pick up on but it wasn’t held against them at all). During certain moments she actually grabbed me and grinned at me like a child in Hamley’s, her eyes just shining with awe, such as in the Polyjuice transformations and the appearance of the dementors. I’ve never seen her react to something like that.

She wants to see it again. My Mum never wants to see anything twice. She gets bored incredibly easily - as I said, she’s really hard to please. She’s also disabled - it’s worth bearing in mind that sitting upright for five hours is difficult for her. But she wants to do it again. I didn’t dare to dream that she would want to see it more than once. There is no greater compliment to the show, for me, than my Mum wanting to see it more than once. For this particular performance, her reaction alone was everything to me, I wouldn’t have minded if anything else wasn’t ideal.

However, as luck would have it, the performance itself today was an absolute smasher - probably the second-best I’ve seen. The cast was almost entirely in their original roles, bar one - Josh Wyatt was on as Karl/Dudley - I really liked him in this role - I thought his Dudley in particular was very good:

I found out at the end of the night that @mrsellacott was at the same performance - it’s a shame I didn’t know she was in or I would have gone to introduce myself. I know what she looks like (though she doesn’t know what I look like, mwah-ha-ha-ha) so I feel foolish for not spotting her four rows in front of me (she was in AA, I was in C but I walked right between where she was sitting and the stage more than once - I’m so unobservant, but then when you’ve been holding your bladder for the interval, the loos beckon you rather determinedly). 

She has already posted her recap ( so I apologise if I repeat anything she has already mentioned. I notice different things in every performance, so indeed, I apologise if I’m repeating something I’ve mentioned in a previous recap, or something someone else has mentioned. 

Act One Scene One:

Albus and Lily were holding hands on arriving at King’s Cross. Sibling moments within the Potters are few and far between in the play so that was lovely.

Act One Scene Two:

Ron and James laughed really hard when Albus asked about being put in Slytherin. Is it a running joke or do they find the idea ludicrous?

When Rose went to get onto the train after telling Hermione she couldn’t give a Professor love, she hurriedly said “Bye, love you, bye” as she left. It was cute and Rose-y and genuine. I love ad-libs - they make things even more real somehow.

When the kids left the platform, Albus last of all, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and he held her and gave her the sweetest kiss. Swoon. Okay, I promise to try to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum.

Act One Scene Three:

Cherelle varies the “It’s exciting!” line from show to show and my favourite version of it is the one she did in this performance where she grabs Albus and shakes him back and forth as she squeals “It’s exciiiiitiiiiiiinnng!” Her enthusiasm is infectious to the audience and it always gets a good laugh when delivered like this.

Act One Scene Four:

During the flying lesson, Madam Hooch stopped the other students in their teasing of Albus by saying a scolding”Ah-ah!” at them and pointing her finger in termination when they Karl calls Albus a squib. This isn’t scripted but I really liked it because it bothered me that there was no scripted reaction from Hooch (though I understand that for the stage one has to make allowances in terms of cutting details from scenes that would extend the play). I always imagined Hooch (and any other teacher for that matter) putting a foot down if they heard that kind of thing from any student toward another. Anyway, I hope Helena keeps doing that.

The DADA scene - Rose really did try to help Albus with his wand in this scene. She hurried over to him and very briefly tried to assist and then said ”I can’t help” and re-joined the class.

Act One Scene Five:

When Hermione nagged Harry about his paperwork with a “Consider this a gentle nudge” he avoided her eye and tried to wave it off with an abrupt “Yeah, yeah, yeah”. It was childish and gave me strong book throwbacks with Hermione nagging Harry about homework or revision or working out his egg clue and I liked it. At this response, Hermione seemed to think he wasn’t quite heeding her authority, so she added the “from the Minister for Magic” which Harry reluctantly acknowledged, still avoiding her eyes. Such a kid. (I love it when something in the play gives an anamnesis of the books).

Act One Scene Seven:

Poppy gave the softest chuckle at Lily and her fairy wings. It was so natural and the way she was looking at her was with so much love and fondness. Poppy is one of the more unsung heroes of the cast. Her role isn’t as big as Noma’s so she gets less recognition but she deserves just as much, because her performance is just as outstanding. The way she looks at the people she loves, Albus, Lily, James, Harry, even Heroine and Ron - it’s so hard for me to remember that she’s acting. She is utterly, utterly convincing and she just radiates love and warmth. I imagine Poppy to be the kindest, warmest person in real life, because I really feel it from her on stage. She’s my favourite actress of the cast. It amazes me how readily she can cry real tears, too. She’s superb.

Jamie extended the “never wanted gratitude” line. It was “I never wanted gratitude or anything-” before Albus cut him off. As I’ve said, I love these ad-libs and actors playing with lines because it gives the play so much authenticity for each show and it works better for the cast because they have more to play with from each other.

Sam skipped the “Sometimes” in the infamous “wish you weren’t my Dad” line. I really like it like this because it makes it so much more hurtful and provocative to Harry. The line became simply “I wish you weren’t my Dad”. It changes the line so much - it is no more just something Albus is feeling on a bad day, the absence of the “sometimes” makes it definitive with no room for alleviation. It’s brutal. I’ve not noticed Sam changing it like this before (has anyone else?) but I prefer the line that way. Harry’s following line was the same “Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.”

Act One Scene Eight:

Little Harry for this performance was Jabez Cheeseman (epic name) and he is my favourite little Harry so far. He is adorable! He is indeed, really little, the smallest of the all the cast members (child actors included), and he’s excellent in his role. The child actors, particularly the young Harrys, as so impressive.

The whooshing noise in the transition between this dream scene at the lighthouse and scene nine sounds like waves. I don’t know if that’s intentional or if that’s just my interpretation.

Act One Scene Nine:

Ginny was stroking Harry’s hair when comforting him in bed. Sweet.

Act One Scene Ten:

I really feel for Rose in this scene. She is really trying with Albus, yes, it’s prompted but she’s trying. Cherelle added a new line here (it might not be new - maybe I just haven’t noticed it before - can anyone else weigh in? It’s definitely not scripted): when Albus tells Rose to leave him alone she gets really frustrated; she’s visibly hurt and angrily says “Why are you so angry all the time?” (unscripted) but they are then interrupted by Scorpius. Rose saying”I’m here, OK?” is very genuine. Rose has a good heart and she does care.

Sam was really on his game today, he gave the best performance I’ve seen from him. When he was explaining to Scorpius the conversation he overhead between Amos and Harry, he quotes Amos and says it exactly as Amos said it, same tones, same pronunciation, same expression of outrage, everything and it showed how much he’d been influenced by Amos (fuelled by their shared animosity toward Harry). However, Albus’s “I need to do this” shows that his motives behind the mission are selfish.

Act One Scene Twelve:

I mentioned in my last recap that when sitting in Row AA I could hear things in the general meeting that weren’t on microphones. In particular was Martin Johnston indignantly saying “that was unnecessary” when Hermione conjured silence from the crowd. I listened out for this time from Row C and could still hear it - he does say this every performance, it seems.

Act One Scene Fourteen:

This scene opens with an elderly witch pushing a walking frame which gets stuck. She hits it with her wand and it suddenly shoots out of her reach and zooms away. When the frame shot away this time, the witch said “You bugger” in an endearing northern accent. It was the first time I’ve heard it - can anyone else say whether she says it every time?

Act One Scene Sixteen:

When Albus, Delphi and Scorpius stand outside the telephone box at the Ministry, you can hear Big Ben chiming in the background. It’s a cool detail and I don’t remember noticing it before. Obviously, sound effects don’t change between performances, but as I said, part of the joy of seeing repeat performances it noticing new things each time - you just can’t pick up on everything in one show - there’s too much to focus on!

Anthony didn’t do his sea lion barks. :(

I love how Jamie!Scorpius looks at Delphi after he tells Paul!Albus to go to his room. He really grins at her, you can really see how much fun he’s having but it’s also as if he wants a bit of Delphi’s approval. Jamie!Scorpius was so dorky with his cloak that he actually almost fell over. I’m sure Jamie’s stumble here is intentional but it looks klutzy and accidental. He’s brilliant. Noma!Delphi gets impatient with the boys very quickly when they tussle with each other. She gets in between them with an impatient “Excuse me.”

Act One Scene Eighteen:

Hermione put her arms around Harry when she was trying to reassure him over what he said to Albus. I love the Harry/Hermione relationship. I only wish there was as much Harry/Ron in the play.

Noma did the two-fingered “I’m watching you” gesture to Paul. She doesn’t always do it. 

Paul’s mortified moan is wonderful as he buries his face in his hands once Harry  and Hermione leave. Paul is pure brilliance in this scene. I don’t know how he doesn’t crack every time.

Act One Scene Nineteen.

Paul!Albus got indignant at Jamie!Scorpius teasing him about kissing his Aunt, as if he felt Scorpius didn’t appreciate what he, Albus, had just been put through. :D

Jamie!Scorpius got so overexcited and high-pitched at seeing Sonnets of a Sorcerer and collapsed onto his knees looking as though all his dreams had come true. The audience loved it; it got a big laugh.

Act Two Scene Six:

This is always one of the more poignant scenes for me. Scorpius’s line about the “little tingle” is example of Jack Thorne’s genius because he knows that is exactly how the audience feels (Of course he does: he’s a Potterhead). I find the Hide and Seek soundtrack simply beautiful here. To anyone who knows the song but hasn’t heard it in this scene, it doesn’t sound like the original song. The song is cut to start from “Hide and seek, trains and sewing machines…” It sounds as though it is being sung by a choir from inside a nearby church that you are standing outside of. It’s so, so beautiful. If you recall the Part One film adaptation of Deathly Hallows, where Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow: in that scene you can hear a choir singing from inside a church on screen. The soundtrack to the play in this scene sounds just like that as the theatre glows around you to make you feel as though you are in Hogwarts. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes of the play and it never fails to give me and everyone else a “tingle”.

Act Two Scene Seven:

Cherelle was great in this scene. She really went for it when cheering for Harry “HARRYYYYY! HARRYYYY! HARRYYYY!” She sounded like a football fan. Then, when she questioned the boys and Durmstrang!Albus apologised to her, Scorpius did the most ridiculous accent I’ve ever heard saying “Mmmmmm, yeeeessss” as Albus was trying to cover for him. Oh, these boys. 

Act Two Scene Eleven:

I hadn’t noticed before that when Hermione warns “if anyone else interrupts me again” it’s because Polly and Yann are just in the process of rising out of the chairs again with the mouths open to speak and Hermione sits them down with her hand as she says this.

Act Two Scene Twelve:

In the musical transition between this scene and the last (impeccably smooth) you can hear the staircases being moved on, but the set pieces are so soft in sound that the movement of them against the music sounds like a background of soft rain dissipating into the scene. It’s something I noticed before but forgot to mention. Perhaps it doesn’t sound that way to others but it is what it sounds like to me and only in the context of this scene. It’s the most haunting, beautiful, soulful, emotive sound and it will stir emotion inside me before I’ve even laid eyes on the actors.

Act Two Scene Thirteen:

This was my favourite performance of Alex’s that I’ve seen. I thought he was brilliant tonight. He was softer in general and his timing and his comedy was superb. When Harry asked if he was sure Scorpius was his, there was the longest pause I’ve seen. It was as if Draco was trying to work Harry out, did Harry genuinely believe the rumours or was he just trying to antagonise, or simply just clutching at straws? Alex’s “take that back” was almost comical, almost playful, as if he didn’t entirely believe Harry meant it but that Draco wanted an excuse to get wands out anyway; he drummed a pointed finger on the table with every word. When he drew his wand and Harry warned him, he emitted this high-pitched “Uhhh” as if he was really quickly thinking about what Harry said before deciding he really does want to do it. It was funny, but the Malfoy confidence with which he expressed his thoughts without becoming sinister and taking from the scene was excellent.

Act Two Scene Fifteen:

I finally saw the infamous “cooking” reaction from Alex, which I hadn’t seen him do in this way before. Upon hearing that Harry is the cook, there is a beat while he takes this in and then the biggest, most charming, adorable grin, as though this is the best piece of news he has ever heard and he’s immediately thinking about how much fun he is going to have over teasing Harry about this.

The rest of his lines in this scene were soft. I love it when Alex plays this scene soft because it seems that Draco really feels what he trying to say. Sometimes Alex can be quite rough with this speech which I understand, given the character and his reluctant to show vulnerability but I think it takes away from what is a very profound few moments from him so I loved his delivery this time.

Act Two Scene Sixteen:

The library scene. As well as being the best performance from Alex I’ve ever seen, today was also the best performance from Anthony I’ve ever seen (and Sam, as mentioned earlier). He really showed why he got that Olivier nom. He was incredible. He has never made me laugh and cry so much in one scene. Up until this performance, my favourite version of this scene had been when I saw James Le Lacheur as Scorpius (I’m sad she’s not staying on, I’d love more opportunity to see her in the role) but Anthony did it for me this time around. We all know how heavy this scene gets but a couple of comical moments include Scorpius giving an impromptu apologetic wave with one hand to Polly when she tells them to “Sshhh!”, Scorpius really starts to lose his patience and raises his voice when he says “This is bigger than you and your Dad” - Polly looks around again and he turns to her and puts both hands up in the air in apologetic surrender which got a chuckle from the audience. The highlight of this scene was the hug at the end. I’ve never seen Sam hug him so forcefully. As soon as Scorpius grabbed his hand to shake it (sneaky Albus never wanted just a handshake) he pulled him in for the hug so forcefully that Anthony completely lost his balance and fell into him and Sam was literally holding him up with his head buried on Anthony’s left shoulder, facing away from the audience, while Anthony just hung there looking awkwardly at the audience. There was this pause and then Anthony, pure genius that he is, just goes “Okay…” (it was a slightly muffled “Okay” because Sam was squeezing him so hard and Anthony’s face was squished) and his delivery of it was hysterical, as if he was gently trying not to offend a mentally unstable person. Big audience reaction.

Act Three Scene Five:

The Neville revelation got a gasp, from a handful of people, but one person in particular gave the biggest, most comical gasp I’ve ever heard and then the rest of the audience all laughed.

I have to say that I’ve never been convinced by Paul Bentall as Snape but this performance changed that. He made me tear up. Paul normally raises his voice quite a bit, which I don’t like as I find it very out of character but he hardly did so at all this time. He was definitely convincing in this show and the way he broke when Scorpius revealed what he knew - he really showed Snape as a broken, lonely, desperate man and it worked so well. I thought this different approach made his relationship with Hermione work much better in the next scene. Kudos.

Act Three Scene Seven:

Paul (Thornley) didn’t do the thumbs-up when Ron finds out he and Hermione are married in the other world. :(

Act Three Scene Nine:

Anthony did the long drawn-out version of “it’s HARRYY POTTAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” He doesn’t always exclaim it this way, sometimes he just says “It’s Harry Potter!!” I love it when he draws out his euphoria at seeing Harry because the audience loves it and they really feel his relief. It always gets a big reaction when he delivers it like this and the audience claps and whoops because they are just as overjoyed to see Harry back to life but their reaction is definitely fed by how Anthony delivers the line. Anthony also did the McGonagall dance which gets a good laugh. He doesn’t always do it.

Act Four Scene Six:

I know I promised to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum and I think I’ve been quite successful but the kiss was awesome, as always. It was quite short but so full of emotion. Jamie literally grabbed Poppy and took her off her feet - she had to step into him to get her footing back. He also interrupted her - the end of her sentence got lost in his mouth. ^^ Swoon.

Act Four Scene Ten:

Paul took his coat off in this scene as he volunteers and it’s the first time I’ve seen him do it.  @mrsellacott can tell you more about this.

Act Four Scene Fourteen:

Anthony’s robe-thing on the staircase with Rose gets more and more adorable and ridiculous. This was the first time I’ve seen Cherelle really get into Anthony’s face and she held the longest beat, ever. Scorpius was nervous, Albus, was nervous, the audience was nervous because none of us knew what she might do but then she just calls him Scorpion King and laughs and Scorpius looks slightly relieved. Albus’s mouth falls open. Scorpius gave Albus the most adorable hug. They were standing quite apart for most of the scene (I still haven’t seen the nose hoop in any of the performances I’ve gone to) but you could see Scorpius thinking about hugging Albus. Part of him wanted to and part of him didn’t want to and then he just decided to go for it and slowly, gingerly put his arms around Albus’s middle (Albus was standing above him) and just kind of rests his head against Albus’s side. It was adorable.

Act Four Scene Fifteen:

Albus telling Harry that his childhood was a constant struggle got a big laugh from the audience. Jamie was very weepy in this scene - more weepy in this one than any other. Aaaaaaaannnnddd he did the hoodie thing! Not the tie-thing (because he hadn’t ruined the tie presentation this time) but he zipped up Albus’s hoodie and neatened out the hood behind his neck, smoothing his shoulders. Swoon.

And that’s the recap. It got very long, sorry! 

Roommates || Suga || Part 2

Request: From a lot of you guys, and I’m always one to please!

Summary: Part 2 of Roommates. You and your roommate entered what you thought was a period of peace. Oh, how you thought wrong.

Word Count: 1,559

A/N: Thank you to everyone who showed love to Roommates! I really appreciate it since it was my first scenario on the blog! Hope you all enjoy x

<< Part 1 || Part 3 >>

You sat in your bedroom as you reviewed the notes you had taken from your most recent lecture. Your dorm room had been quiet over the past few weeks after the break, with no appearances from Hyemi’s boyfriend. Hell, you hadn’t even seen Hyemi anywhere at the dorm or on campus. You had been living as though you had scored a single dorm, relishing in the silence and freedom that you had been blessed with.

You weren’t the only person enjoying the sudden disappearance of the disruptive couple; your entire dormitory floor had been ecstatic at the lack of bumping that would normally come from your room.

And then a thud from the front door of the dorm sounded, making you freeze. “No…” You mumbled in disbelief, shaking your head at the same time. You heard the faint fumbling of a key followed by several heavy footsteps trudging together in a mismatched harmony.

And then you heard Hyemi’s soft giggle.

You groaned, dropping your head into your books in defeat. “I knew it was too good to be true…” You said, listening as Hyemi and her boyfriend stumbled clumsily down the hall towards their room opposite yours.

The door shut and no less than a few seconds later you were subjected to hearing the usual moans and airy groans resonate from the next room.

Within another few minutes your phone began to light up with notifications in the Floor Kakao Group Chat that lovingly excluded your roommate.

Park Eunah:
I fucking knew it was too good to be true!

Song Insik:
Are we sure she’s not a goddamn rabbit!? She goes on for fucking ever!

Lim Dongchan:
Shoot me. Please

Park Bokyung:
Why should we shoot you? You aren’t the one in the dorm next to her! Youngmi and I are!

The chat continued on in that manner, with each tenet arguing and complaining aggressively until you saw a familiar name appear.

Min Yoongi:
At least we all aren’t in the same room as it. How are you holding up, [Y/N]?

You found yourself smiling at his message. Yoongi was never one to actively talk in the group chat. You only ever saw the small notification that he had read whatever message was sent, Namjoon was always the person to speak on behalf of them both.

The mere sight of his name made you recall the night you had camped out in his dorm room. You had taken Namjoon’s bed, which Yoongi had told you had been in the cleanest state all year long. Instead of sleeping, however, the two of you found yourselves talking throughout the remainder of the night. He had shown you a few of his songs, which you proceeded to download the following day. It was a surprising entertaining night that you were thankful to have had, regardless of the fact you hadn’t actually slept.

As you starred at his message, a mischievous thought crept into your mind.

[Y/L/N] [Y/N]:
I’m holding up. Word of warning; don’t be alarmed if you here PSY coming from my room.

You laughed as you sent the message, immediately rushing to your laptop to blare out the world famous ‘Gangnam Style’ in hopes to deter the couple from their fun.

As soon as it started playing, the group chat continued to flood with your floor mate’s laughter and amusement. But despite the volume of the mood killing song, you still heard the noises echo from their room, undeterred. You cringed and started singing along off key and making sure to ad-lib every now and again. If there was one thing that Hyemi didn’t like, it was the sound of your singing. Normally, you’d be offended since you didn’t consider yourself to be that bad, but now you were thankful for her dislike of it.

Sadly, the sounds resonated over your own voice, making you sigh in defeat. The EDM beat continued to play as you reclined back into your bed.

Your phone vibrated again, this time signalling a message from a personal chat from none other than Yoongi himself.

Min Yoongi:
I assume from your lack of horribly beautiful singing, my strategy didn’t work?

[Y/L/N] [Y/N]:
You could say that again, yeah.

Min Yoongi:
Sorry for the bad advice, 9/10 times it works. Should have said results may vary.

[Y/L/N] [Y/N]:
It’s all good; Hyemi is just ridiculously talented at being completely oblivious.

Your conversation fell quiet briefly before another vibration came.

Min Yoongi:
Wanna get ddeokbokki? I know a place open this late?

You couldn’t stop yourself from immediately accepting his offer, practically sprinting out of your room without a care as to what you were wearing and leaving the laptop running.

As you passed by Yoongi’s room to make your way to the elevator, the door opened to reveal a tired Yoongi, bundled up in a hoodie and sweatpants smiling at you. “Good timing there.”

“Definitely did not plan it.” You smiled back, walking with him to the elevator.

You rode it down and left campus together, walking through the tired streets of Seoul as you caught up. You talked about how the remainder of your break was and Yoongi rambled on about his new songs he was planning to release soon. You liked listening to him talk about his music, especially when he discussed the deeper meanings behind all of his raps.

Your conversation had aimlessly led you to a small street food stall that was still open; a small crowd huddled around the front. “There are a few seats around the back if you wanna sit down for a while. I’ll go buy us some.” He grinned, rummaging around his sweatpants pockets for his wallet. You shook your head.

“I can pay for my share-”

“[Y/N], you have just been subjected to your roommate going at it for the umpteenth time this year. I’ll buy.” Yoongi argued. As bad as you felt about him paying, he had a point. And you did forget your wallet in your flurry to leave the dorm.

You followed his vague directions towards the limited seating, practically falling into one of the chairs positioned at a small table for two. A few minutes later, Yoongi appeared and placed your food in front of you, signalling for the two of you to dig in.

The conversation between the two of you fizzled out, resulting in the two of you simply stealing glances at the person sitting opposite you through bites of food. Yoongi looked up at smiled, thankful he had picked up the courage to ask you out - even if it was at a ridiculously late hour of the night.

When you two had finished, you disposed of your rubbish and went back on your way to the dorm block, mumbling brief lines of conversation to each other. The two of you stood much closer together than on your journey to the stall, the closeness made you smile slightly.

“Thanks for buying tonight, Yoongi.” You thanked happily, watching the corners of his mouth curve upwards into a shallow smile. He shrugged.

“You’re welcome. Thank you for coming out here in the cold with me.” He responded, looking at you knowingly.

“Yeah, well, you’re welcome.” You laughed back in response.

“How about we make a deal? Every time Hyemi decides to bang her boyfriend, we go out for ddeokbokki? It’s better than staying couped up in your room.”

“Yeah… I’d like that.”

The two of you huddled back into the elevator and travelled upwards to your floor. As the elevator doors opened, you were met with a screaming match from multiple open doorways. Hyemi stood from your room, wrapped in a bed sheet, angrily yelling at the Engineering Majors across the hall. They were standing in the doorway and several of the other floor mates were also putting their two cents into the argument. The beat of ‘Gangnam Style’ from your laptop had been replaced with the pounded EDM coming from one of the other rooms further down, their door firmly shut. You noted that it was Dongchan’s room, and you made a mental note to thank him in the chat.

“You always fucking annoy everyone on this floor with your high pitched noises! It’s not our fault we’re trying to counteract your voice!” The Engineering Major yelled at her, her own hair knotted itself into a bird’s nest.

“No one has been disturbed before!” Hyemi argued back, resulting in a snarky reply to arise from someone further down.

“We all are fucking disturbed by you two - physically, mentally, emotionally, cognitively!”

The tension was thick in the hallway, and you felt slightly guilty at the fact you hadn’t done anything to stop Hyemi over the past year. Yoongi noticed your sudden leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Wanna head back and get more food?”

As the words left his mouth, Hyemi spun around and met your gaze. There was a fire in her eyes that you had never seen before. You nodded vigorously at his question, reaching out to close the elevator doors before your roommate could rush down the hall and scream at you too.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” Yoongi commented, his laughter ricocheting around the elevator as the doors closed and the machine took you back down to the ground floor for another ddeokbokki run.

anonymous asked:

I'm a newcomer. I'm just getting into b.a.p and I wanted to know if you could enlighten me about them pls. Thank you :)

Hey! Ah welcome to the b.a.p trash pit, hope you enjoy your stay here 

but yeah definitely! I don’t know how familiar you are with B.A.P but I’ll try to fill you in on the basics :) (Putting it under a read more)

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hey are u sad??? here are some funny band videos to cheer u up !!!

fall out boy


my chemical romance

panic! at the disco

pierce the veil

of mice & men

all time low

twenty one pilots

a day to remember

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the academy is…

this took a rlly long time so it would be cool if you reblogged or added more vids bc i feel like im missing a lot of paramore, mcr, om&m, and atl but i cant think of what exactly. enjoy some laughter pals.

the 1 thing about... Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Platform: Wii U

External image

Like its extremely convoluted name, conceptually Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (#FE) is not a game that should exist on many counts. 

Given the task of blending elements from the Fire Emblem series with the Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) series - the design team definitely had their work cut out for them to create anything that would fit together somewhat coherent, and was faced with a great degree of skepticism over dev time. And yet, after the dust has settled, I personally feel that the team at Atlus managed to do all that and then some, and created one of the most enjoyable (and probably understated) games of 2016.

Adding the weapon triangle to the Press Turn / weakness system of the SMT games was an ingenious fit, and building on that with the sessions mechanic - in which exploited-weaknesses can be followed up with attacks from other team members who have the right follow skills (e.g. Fire -> Blizzard) - the battles of the game actually ended up being really enjoyable and makes efficient use of having over 10 different weakness types that makes good design sense. 

However, more so than making a battle system that really works with elements from both series, the ONE thing about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is despite how ludicrous the setting is… it actually works.

In typical tradition of being based on an impending-apocalypse Tokyo setting, #FE follows suit, but wraps it in a glossy, saccharine layer of J-pop, where saving the world is almost directly tied to guiding a group of aspiring idols through their road to stardom, with a page borrowed from the Persona series to account for the Fire Emblem characters thrown in for good measure - the whole premise is as ludicrous as it sounds!

However, what was really impressive was how committed the team was in running with this almost-impossible premise. Not wanting to half-ass it at all, the dev team actually consulted with a J-pop industry expert to really understand the inner workings of the industry to better base their scenarios on, and they managed to pull this off with a great degree of conviction. Collaborating with Avex Trax on just made it all the more authentic, as the soundtrack in the game is something that you could believably imagine being churned out of the J-pop factory.    

Growing up with a J-pop phase, I personally felt that the scenarios through the different chapters of #FE really felt authentic in depicting the rise of a group of aspiring idols which was easy to invest in. Couple this with some awesome character work featuring multi-dimensional characters, the characters development reaches just a notch below that of the excellent Persona series, which I think primarily comes down to just having lesser (sub)plot points per character than in Persona. 

The theme carries through in almost all aspects of presentation for the game as well, with examples such as menu headers being renamed “Casting” and “Wardrobe” for the typical Party or Equip options, actor calling cards to depict character stats, and full-on anime song-and-dance concert cutscenes (that would not be too out of place in the world of J-pop, really) - #FE game really commits to the setting.

And even when game often wanders close enough to the 4th-wall in its own realization of how ludicrous it all is, it perhaps manages to get away all over-the-top ad-lib attacks based on cooking shows and Music concerts and whatnot, without even batting an eyelid perhaps precisely because the suspension of disbelief is moved so far up the curve that the whole premise still plays by its own rules but leaves enough space to also realize more heartfelt moments and the character development without compromise.

In the end, for me, the biggest takeaway of what #FE shows is how far you can sell a premise - no matter how absurd it sounds - as long as you put enough heart and soul into it.

Twenty Questions with Ed Stoppard (Doctor Lemay)

Firstly, Ed, thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview for fans. Before we start, I’m under strict instructions from everyone who has heard about this interview to let you know just how much fans of The Musketeers loved your portrayal of Doctor Lemay. He became a firm favourite very quickly, becoming quite possibly the most loved of all the supporting/recurring cast, and the fans were utterly devastated by his tragic and deeply unjust death. But in that regard, never underestimate the ingenuity of fans. One of the fan communities I belong to had a tradition of a ‘live’ communal re-watch of each episode a couple of days after it aired, and our coping strategy during Lemay’s final scene was to have him whisked away from certain death by an invisible unicorn. Adrian Hodges even entered into the spirit of things behind the scenes and named the unicorn Gaston! But for the purposes of this interview, we’ll keep up the pretence that the much loved doctor met an unfortunate end at the hands of the show’s main villain….

1. Using a) one word and b) one sentence (but without overly creative use of punctuation!), how would you describe Doctor Lemay?

a) Principled.

b) A scientist first and foremost but one blessed with open-mindedness, integrity and humility.

2. Had you read Dumas’ works before taking the part? If so, did that influence your decision join the show? And in the same vein, had you already seen the first series?

I had read the Count of Monte Cristo at University (I studied French) and had certainly enjoyed his writing, so the chance to inhabit the world of his imagination was definitely an attraction. I had not seen the first series though I knew it was very good, so joining the show was a no-brainer.

3. Were all Lemay’s scenes filmed in one block, or did you have to go to and from Prague several times and if so, did you get to see anything of the city and the surrounding countryside?

I was back and forth over several months. I have 3 children, so I’m afraid I was one of those actors who goes straight to the airport on wrap. I knew Prague from previous jobs and enjoy exploring foreign cities. The Old Town is, mercifully, preserved and I would wander off for a few hours on my day off, hoping to stumble on something memorable.

4. Were you aware when you took the part how Lemay’s storyline would end? If so, how – if at all – did that knowledge affect your performance and how did you prepare for such an intense final scene?

If memory serves, I knew he wouldn’t make it from the beginning. However, that knowledge was mine not Lemay’s, so it was not until very late in the story that I felt he would have realised the end had come. That said, life in the Court would have been precarious and that threat could certainly inform performance throughout. As for the execution, we all have different processes - I’ve found that ‘remaining in character’ doesn’t work as well for me, as sustaining it for hours, days, weeks at a time ends up diminishing my connection with the character somehow. The only time I’ve found such an approach useful is if I am in every scene, with a very intense, detailed storyline. Acting is in great part an ‘immersion’ - in that respect I find that assuming your character for the minutes of the take works “best”, particularly when your scenes are very spread out. As for something like a death scene, I do whatever I feel I need to do to find a truthful physical and emotional state but we’re talking minutes, not hours and you’re never sure whether you’ll hit it first take or fifth. At the highest level, I feel there is an element of ‘lightning in a bottle’, which almost by definition precludes staying in character - but then some of the very best do exactly that, so what do I know?

5. If Lemay hadn’t died (for ‘died’ read ‘been rescued by Gaston the unicorn’), how would you have felt about continuing in the role?

I’d have been utterly delighted. It was a blast from start to finish.

6. We saw during the episode when Captain Treville was shot that Lemay was clearly the ‘go-to’ person for medical advice that went beyond Aramis’ capabilities. Did you ever get a sense that although Lemay didn’t appear in series 1, he might in fact have already been well known to the musketeers?

Well, I think it would have been unlikely, as he was the Court Physician, and for us it was very useful to view Constance as the connection that brought him into contact with the Musketeers.

7. Did any of the medical scenes, particularly the above, make you in any way squeamish and did you do any research into medical practices at the time?

Yes, I did do some research into techniques at that time such as using a drain, although Adrian had clearly done most of the work for me! I’m not too bad with that sort of thing though Hugo’s performance was so striking it required very little acting on my part.

8. The Musketeers often seems to play with the modern detective genre, and as a medical expert Lemay seems to have fitted in very nicely with this. How did you feel about the balance between authentic period drama and more modern references/sensibilities in the show?

As long as you make clear the tone of a show and remain consistent then nothing’s off the table (it seemed perfectly right for Heath Ledger to be dancing to David Bowie’s Golden Years in A Knight’s Tale). And in the case of Musketeers, at no point did the script jar for me, which frankly is not a given, so I’d say the balance was right. To some extent, you create your own ‘authenticity’.

9. Along similar lines, Lemay sterilises his instruments but insists on faith as his instructor. Do you think this dual view has modern parallels?

Absolutely. We have doctors who revere Darwin but still go to church on a Sunday. Despite what Richard Dawkins might think, I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive positions.

10. Although we never see it on screen, do you think it would have been in character for Lemay to have tried in any way to counteract Rochefort’s malign influence over Louis, and could that have given Rochefort a reason to want Lemay dead, over and above his attempts to blackmail Constance into betraying the Queen?

Even if Lemay had become aware of such an influence, I’m not sure he would have gone up against Rochefort, particularly  as he didn’t really have the ear of the King.

11. Lemay comes over as an immensely honest man, one who was prepared to give credit where it was due to Constance for helping save the Dauphin’s life, even putting his own position at risk by doing so. Do you feel he would have been a good match for Constance if she’d accepted his proposal? There are certainly a lot of fans who believe they could have been happy together.

I do. Their personalities are eminently compatible and I think his more enlightened sensibilities would complement her progressive, smart character. But then, D’Artagnan is a handsome devil.

12. Lemay’s very gracious acceptance of Constance’s gentle rejection of his proposal was in utter contrast to Rochefort’s reaction to discovering that Anne didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her. Fans were hugely relieved that Lemay was never portrayed as anything other than a thoroughly decent man. Do you think he would have been able to continue as a friend to her, despite his disappointment?

Yes, I think, as a scientist, he is rational enough to appreciate that her friendship would be better than nothing - and anyway for him, her happiness is paramount.  

13. The final scene with Lemay on the block was shocking and very saddening. How did it feel to play such an intense scene and how did you prepare for it?

It’s nice to have something clear to play, even if that is terror at one’s impending death. It was certainly intense, but as a result absorbing. In terms of preparation, it’s tricky when you have to play a scene you (hopefully!) have no frame of reference for. I questioned how I felt Lemay would approach his execution (sang-froid; screaming; mute terror etc?) and how for example the suddenness of the realisation might affect him. Then it’s a question of connecting as best one can, so that it feels as truthful as possible. You can do physical things to help inform the emotional (quicker, shorter breaths; strained vs weak physically; eyes focused vs alarmed/darting etc). All these things combine to help you - some will feel ‘right’, others very ‘wrong’. Then you rely on your director to be judicious in guiding you towards what works best on camera. It might feel real to me but look ridiculous on screen. And definitely a need to just throw yourself into it.

14. On a hopefully happier note, what was your favourite scene to film?

Well, we had a scene with the leeches which sadly was cut but they were extraordinary things - I always like coming into contact with unusual stuff at work , it’s one of the perks. And Tamla was very welcoming and very, very good, which makes your job a hell of a lot easier (it’s hard to be in the moment when the person opposite you is doing something bizarre).  

15. From snippets of information that have come from the show’s producers, we’ve seen that the occasional ad-lib did make it through to the final edits. Are there any parts of Lemay’s portrayal that stem from your own interpretation of the character?

I honestly can’t remember! Things have got stricter in the last few years, so I tend to run any thoughts past the director. I think on this occasion my ad-libs were kept to a minimum.

16. One thing we did hear from Adrian was that although it never made it to print or screen, in his mind Lemay’s first name was always François. Were you aware of that or did you have another name in mind for him?

I don’t think I did know. I played a captain at the Battle of the Somme years ago called Charles May, so I though of Lemay as another Charles.

17. Can you share any behind-the-scenes moments with us, maybe an ‘out-take’ or a ‘blooper’?

Um…. I dropped a leech on the Dauphin - fortunately just the doll. Otherwise, only the usual forgotten lines, I’m afraid.

18. You’ve done a lot of period work. How did your costume compare with those from other roles, and can you tell us anything about it?

I tell you, the heels were murder! After a day of standing up, my calves were killing me! I don’t know how the regulars do it. Otherwise, it was rather comfortable and quite flattering, I thought. Not quite up to late 19th century though. That’s my favourite.

19. If Lemay was to have had his own spin-off series, how do you think he would feel about starring in a period version of CSI:Paris with Poupart (the fascinating gentleman from the mortuary scenes in series 1) and Constance as a crime-busting trio?

Where do I sign? Always delighted to share screentime with Tamla.

20. Were you already aware of the strength of the fan’s reactions to Lemay as a character and their deep affection for him, and how do you feel about this?

I genuinely did not! I’m only sparingly engaged in social media but I’m very gratified. I don’t think the majority of actors set out to make the audience ‘like’ them, rather believe them. But it’s hard to achieve the former without the latter, so I’m properly chuffed. Thank you all for the support - maybe there’s a Lemay twin brother…?

I’d like to say thanks again for taking the time to do this interview and I’d also like to thank the many fans from the online communities on Live Journal, Tumblr and Twitter who contributed many of the questions. Doctor Lemay was much loved and will be very sorely missed! Thanks are also due to Ed’s agents for all their help with this and for and providing the photo for our use.


kuuxkat  asked:

So everyone under the sun is either obsessed with 1)Third Year Angst, 2) Idol Serious Business 3) Aqours Finally Getting it. But what about Chika? I mean - this isn't the first time she had frozen up after things had gone wrong. Yes - she tried her best to get her act together as a leader, but she should be aware that it isn't enough. I mean - even You was waiting patiently for her to just let it out. She isn't really quite leader material yet. How do you see her developing?

The short answer: Chika definitely has leadership qualities. Her issue is that she’s trying to force herself to grow too quickly; ironically, this is exactly what’s hindering her development. In order to become the leader of a school idol group, Chika needs to learn how to trust her friends. Once Chika learns this, she’ll have a much better grasp of the group dynamics and can properly advance as the leader of Aqours.

As for the long answer: we’ll need to analyze not just one, but two former leaders in order to do this. Say hello to our old pal, the read-more cut.

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Jay Baruchel Talks How To Train Your Dragon 2
From The Human Centipede to the origin of ‘Useless reptile’

Jay Baruchel is an immensely engaging human being. Smart as a whip and with a mouth that can spit words quicker than a Hookfang can blast flame, he is a journalist’s dream interview: funny and not afraid of the odd swear or two. Here, in an interview that ran in part in issue 160 of Empire back in February, the voice of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III talks about everything from the word “bud” to what the original version of the first How To Train Your Dragon was going to be like before the new directors, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, came in and changed almost everything…

How was the original How To Train Your Dragon first pitched to you when it was that initial incarnation?
Oh, holy Moses. Going back six years or maybe more. It was a lot lighter and a bit sillier. It did have any of the gravity or nuance that the movie eventually had. I don’t have a ton of memories of what it was like back then, but it wasn’t half the epic that it became.

And back then Toothless was very small, and Hiccup didn’t fly him?
That’s right. The whole thing was just a bit goofier in a lot of ways. I don’t want to be disparaging, because I was interested in it in the first place. That being said, I guess in its first incarnation it would have been diversion, at best. Then once [co-directors] Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois got involved, it became a proper movie.

Would it be fair to say you stumbled into this? You signed on for one thing and it evolved into this epic…
[Laughs] No, it’s pretty awesome. I am very, very aware of that fact. I’m so absolutely psyched. To be honest, if you want to get real macro about it, every gig is something of a crapshoot. Some you have a better idea of what it could be going in, others you’re just winging it. The chances of any movie succeeding are about the same in my experience. Although by “succeeding” I don’t necessarily mean financially, I just mean them being… good. But yeah, I signed up for something that I thought would be kind of fun, something I hadn’t done before, and I ended up getting to be a part of this pretty massive flick that means a great deal to a lot of people.

In the very beginning, I would never have imagined that it could be somebody’s favourite movie. That’s not to say that I thought it would be bad. It’s just… that kind of impact just wasn’t even a possibility, and then it came out, and went off like an atom bomb.

Okay, well, not the first weekend but the second weekend it caught fire, and everybody started to connect to it. Then I had this wonderful realisation about movies that I dug when I was a kid… that experience is like nothing I like I have now. When you’re into something when you’re a child you just love it – you connect to it in such a pure, impactful way. And what you’re really passionate about when you’re little, it often steers you towards what’ll eventually be your life, your career. When I saw the way that How To Train Your Dragon connected with people, it blew me away. I had a small hand in making something that a lot of kids would dig and mean something to them… All this to say, I’m a lucky motherfucker.

When you see fans, do they recognise you? And how do they talk to you? Obviously, you’re not Hiccup, but people must want you to be. Yeah, the little ones want me to be Hiccup, anyway. I’ve left a few voicemails and may have recorded a few videos for kids of people that I know. No, it’s weird, there seem to be two ways that I get recognised – one is that it’s either kids see me (or people, period, see me) and they’re like “Oh, it’s that fucking guy from all those things.”

But what’s happened in the last couple of years that’s even weirder is that people that won’t even be looking at me and they’ll know “who I am”. I’ll just be out in public and I’ll ask “Where’s the washroom?” or “Can I get a Big Mac with large fries and a coke?” and then I’ll see people turn towards me from my periphery.

For better or worse, my voice is… distinct if nothing else. [Laughs] All the same, there aren’t that many people out there who sound as nasal and Canadian as I do, I suppose. So, yeah, it’s been kinda weird. The most awkward, though, is when I’m with friends of mine, friends who have kids who have seen and loved the movie, and the parents will ask them “Hey, do you recognise this voice?” And the kid is just like “What the hell? What? What do you mean? Why would I recognise…?” And then they’re like “Say something!” So I’m say, er, “How’s it going? Pass the pickles.” I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, y’know. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I’m just like “Why are you asking?” And then the kid is just on the spot, devoid of answers, asking “Why’s everyone staring at me?” Nobody wins in those situations.

And there’s no Hiccup catchphrase to help…
No, I know! The closest thing I have is “Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile”, which usually seems to make a few bells go off.

External image

How To Train Your Dragon 2: Hiccup and Toothless in full flight

When the project got reimagined by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, how did they explain their new take?
There were omelettes involved… I mean, it was over a breakfast, when they told me these things. Okay, it wasn’t an omelette, but it was definitely something good and eggy. Anyway, I think they just started talking about the different angles they wanted: the coming-of-age aspects, making it more Star Wars-y, all that Joseph Campbell-y stuff they wanted to put into it. How they saw that it could be really cute and funny, and still be this big adventure. It was like the movie went from being in 4:3 to widescreen.

Once the first film was a success and the franchise evolved into a trilogy, how did Dean expand upon this original pitch?
We had talked, years before the first one even came out, because there’s a whole bunch of books. I think the series goes on for a bit. There was always talk that there was more of this world and Hiccup’s life to be explored. But when he first starting telling me about How To Train Your Dragon 2, it was clear that – and being a filmmaker myself I knew this already, and I need to put this in quotations – the sequel would be “the darkest” one of the series. And when I say “the darkest”, there are no decapitations, or necrophilia, there’s nothing fucking awful. No-one’s mouths are being sewn to strangers’ anuses. But, all the same, it’s the second act, and so it’s a bit more complicated.

It’s just that the answers aren’t as easy, and we have to amp everything up. So, in every way that the first one succeeded, the second one has to succeed more. The basement of this one has to be as good as the first one, ideally better. The best thing about the first movie was that it’s fun, it’s really charming and incredibly compelling, but also unexpectedly heavy at parts. And so all those same things are the essence of the second one, but amped up. The stakes are higher. We knew that we were doing our Empire Strikes Back.

Dean DeBlois has mentioned that there was idea originally that Hiccup would be facing off against his mother towards the end of the second film, before he realised you can’t really have a kid fight his mum.
Yeah, no, no, um. If it was a Dogme 95 movie or something, then potentially. But not with this particular franchise, no! [Laughs]

What is it like when you’re being directed in the sound booth?
Well, what’s awesome is that over the years that I’ve gotten to know Dean we’ve obviously developed something of a shorthand. Actually, we’d be pretty fucked if we hadn’t by this point.

So I kind of know what he wants and can push back on some stuff. I mean, obviously he knows these movies better than anyone, but I also wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t take ownership of my character. Which is what he wants. So in the moments when I feel it’s not exactly the way it should be, or could be, then he allows me to chime in with that stuff. It all depends on what the scene requires. It sounds really hokey and company line-ish to say this, but the truth is that we’re all just serving this story. So whatever the story requires we work backwards from that.

External image

How To Train Your Dragon 2

With Dean being a writer-director, do you have much opportunity to put in lines of your own or put twists on his words?
Oh god, yeah. That’s one of the coolest things. Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of whoever hires me, that’s part of the deal. Whether or not they choose to use any of it – the shit that I spool out, I mean – is completely up to them. But I’ll be ad-libbing pretty much regardless. I just can’t help it, I have a real big mouth.

Throughout the first one and this one I was always encouraged, if I had my own way of saying things or my own ideas, to chime in with them. It was neat-slash-weird seeing your ad-libs in a massive movie, where people had to take the time to animate the mouths to say to say this stupid spiel. It’s just cool. It’s just really crazy and cool.

Was “reptile” one of yours?
Er… fuck. That’s a good question. It might have been, it actually might have been. You know, yeah, I think that one might be.

Are you behind “bud”?
Oh, god, of course, yeah. That’s just like the Canadian version of “man” or “dude”. That a great example of one of my hooserisms working their way into the movie.

Do you have a similar level of influence in the TV show?
I mean, in terms of how Hiccup reacts and the way he communicates, yes, definitely. They’ve been really cool about that. I was Hiccup before there was a TV show. And to everybody who was involved in that show’s credit, I was always viewed as an attribute, as a benefit to the show.

So I wasn’t ever sitting there fucking holding my arms going “You know, guys, Hiccup wouldn’t do that…” Once or twice that would come up, but I would tell them why “No, I can’t say this, because this is not how he communicates. This is the guy that we’ve created. This is the guy we’ve cracked.” So as a result there hasn’t been too much of a distinction, and that way the TV show connects to the movie in a very good way. We’ve allowed it to have a certain kind of continuity because they were cool enough to just let me be Hiccup.

Have you been given notes on what might happen in the third film?
Yeah, sort of. It’s an ongoing conversation over the better part of the last six years. I have inklings, I kinda know where it’s meant to go. I know where the books end up, I know some of the mile markers, I know what the end results will be. How we go about getting there though, that’s all the fun part to look forward to, once Dean is done creating.

WORDS: Ali Plumb

Anonymous asked: prompt - Dean says ‘I love you’ to Cas when he thinks they both are about to die and Cas replies with an ‘I know’. Later after Sam saves them they talk about what happened?

A/N: I had a little too much fun writing this :)

“So, this is Star Wars,” Castiel eyed the computer screen Dean had placed in front of him, his other hand filled with a bag of popcorn. They were waiting for a sign that the monster they were hunting had shown his face, so what better to do than wait in the comfort of the dingy motel instead of cramped outside in the woods?

“Dude,” Dean slide next to Cas on the couch, hesitantly leaning his knee so that it barely ghosted the angel’s next to him, “I still have no clue how in the hell you haven’t watch these. They’re actual classics.”

“Angels don’t have your version of entertainment, Dean, and it most certainty does not include humans wielding swords made of light.”

“Sabers, man. They’re light sabers.”

Castiel eyed Dean skeptically, clearly confused with the entire situation. Dean couldn’t help but stare at the way Castiel’s eyes crinkled inwards while he weighed the situation, jaw clenching as he crunched his teeth. God, this angel was a mess, he chuckled to himself, sending Castiel into a new round of eye crinkles. After a minute of simply staring, some silent conversation going on between them without Dean really catching anything but a brief moment of content, Dean sighed, shook himself out of whatever the hell that was, and pressed play.

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LANA FOR COMPLEX (interview)

When you’re writing, what comes first? Song titles, melodies, music? Well it took me a long time to write the album as it’s listed. I was writing a lot since the last record came out, but for some reason, 70% of what I was writing didn’t feel right for me. So if I’m lucky enough to have an experience that really impacts me, it comes with a verse and a melody. From there I ad lib it. But they come together, the melody and the words come together. But it happens rarely for me.

What do you mean? Actually having that happen, where it just sort of comes. I remember with “Carmen,” I was out really late and walking to the tempo of my own rhythm, and then I just started singing, “Carmen, Carmen doesn’t have a problem lying to herself cause her liquor’s top shelf.” And it was an easy cadence. The whole thing just came, and I think I was in a really good place then, so it was like things…it was really easy to channel.

What defines being in a good place? Feeling really happy and just circumstantially like nothing’s going wrong, which becomes more difficult but that’s only my experience. I think a lot of people think the whole thing is really great. Making Brooklyn my home base for the last two and a half weeks has really helped me out, like I’ve actually started thinking conceptually that I have this addition, an addition to this record that could come really easily. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Not since I wrote that Paradise addition to Born to Die, which I really loved.

Did you miss Brooklyn? I missed Brooklyn. I missed the people.

How are the people here different? They’re not different. I’m a little different. The vibe is the same. I met some guys from here last week I had never met before, and they were just really easygoing. All artist types—writing during the day and hanging out at bars at night. I miss that, I like that. I haven’t really found that in California yet. I relocated there because my record got a little bit bigger, but I didn’t really find a music scene that I was a part of. There was something happening—there was kind of a reemerging Laurel Canyon sound. Jonathan Wilson, Father John Misty, and I really liked those guys. I felt like maybe I had something in common with them and I slipped right into that atmosphere really well.

Let’s talk Ultraviolence. The crop of the photo on the album cover is similar to the crop of your first two album covers. I liked that, I wanted the continuity. I didn’t have that for the album cover at the time and I wanted it to be a continuation of the story. I did like the idea of it being in black and white so that there was, literally and figuratively more to be revealed. Even color-wise.

You wanted a continuation in aesthetic for this album cover, is that something that was important to you musically for Ultraviolence as well? Yeah. Not being misleading in terms of your personal aesthetic, like your psyche coming through design-wise and musically—I like continuity.

You have this way of exacting your creative vision through so many different parts of your art—music videos, lyrics, tone and the melody, style of dress. Are those things that you plan ahead when you think about an album? Is it a concept that grows from one idea? I don’t know. I was in college at Fordham when I was 18. I was living between Brooklyn and New Jersey and I was working with this guy who was more famous than anyone I had met at the time, this producer David Kahne. I had that record—you know they shelved it for two years—and I had all this time to think about what was really important to me and what I actually wanted to do if I had the opportunity to do what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to make life easy for myself in the way that I would always be living in a world I constructed and whatever felt true to me, regardless of however that appeared to other people. That definitely extended to song titles, whether I shot in black and white, hair color, things like that. It’s not really something that I planned ahead. I had a sense that I wanted the world I lived in to be really personalized to what I liked.

When I hear the words “ultra” and “violence,” I think about WorldStarHipHop. What does the phrase mean to you? That’s funny. I feel connected to two emotions—aggression and softness. I like that luxe sound of the word “ultra” and the mean sound of the word “violence” together. I like that two worlds can live in one.

What’s the relationship between violence and love? I like a physical love. I like a hands-on love. [Pauses.] How can I say this without getting into too much trouble? I like a tangible, passionate love. For me, if it isn’t physical, I’m not interested. Everything I do feels so organized: touring, playing a show night after night with a couple months in between to make a record, and being in charge of all of it—mixing, mastering. Sometimes I meet people with a lot of fire and energy. Mentally, maybe we’re not that similar. Telepathically, we’re not on that same wavelength. If there’s a physicality and a chemistry, that ends up winning for me every time because it’s the opposite of what I have every day.

Who’s the last person you met who made you feel like that? Dan Auerbach, for better or for worse.

Do you think a “guilty pleasure” is a real thing? Yes, but I don’t have many of them musically. I have tons of them in life.

Do tell. Well, smoking is one of them. Sugar, coffee. I must have 13 cups a day. It’s a shame about the health consequences because a lot of great things happen over coffee and a cigarette. A lot of great songs were written.

Why did you choose to cover Nina Simone’s “The Other Woman” on Ultraviolence[Sings, “The other woman has time to manicure her nails, the other woman is perfect where her rival fails.”] I relate to being the person who people come to for “such a change from the old routine,” but not being the main thing. I had a long-term relationship for seven years with someone who was the head of a label and I felt like I was that change of routine. I was always waiting to become the person who his kids came home to, and it never happened. Obviously I had to seek other relationships, and I felt like that became a pattern. I was younger—24, 25 at the time. I had known what I wanted to do for a long time. I had been serious about music since high school, and I stopped drinking when I was 18. By 24, I was a pretty serious person. I thought I was a writer, and I was a singer. I thought I knew what I wanted my path to be. The people I was drawn to were already established, but they were probably looking for someone more on their level, age-wise. But I love the idea of wrapping up the record with a reference.

Many artists use obscure references to try to prove individuality and originality. Why do you go for icons like Marilyn, Elvis, and Jesus? When I had put out only “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games,” I caught a lot of grief from journalists asking me why I was being so literal and obvious. I referenced things like Marilyn without trying to be accessible. I have a personal relationship with my perception of who Marilyn was. She was the kind of female who was really warm and giving. I like that type of girl who’s friendly and easy. I was always looking for girls like that as friends. I felt like I knew her in that way. And Jesus—I mean, being raised Catholic, it was just a way of life. Spirituality and religion were strong. I was in Catholic school until I was 13. Like a lot of other people, I think foundationally I was hymn inspired—musical hymns, not Him, Jesus. [Laughs.]

How did you meet Dan? I met Dan at The Riviera strip club in Queens. He was with Tom Elmhirst, who’s an amazing mixer, and I was with Emile Haynie. Emile asked if I wanted to go hang out with them and I had a lot of fun for the first time in a long time. Dan had been mixing Ray Lamontagne’s record with Tom down at Electric Lady studios. And he left by the time I was there—Lee Foster gave me Electric Lady all by myself for three weeks.

Wow. It was incredible. By the end of the three weeks I thought I was done. Then I met Dan and he said, “Why don’t we just go to Nashville and see what happens?” I went because it sounded like a good time. I didn’t want the party to end. I flew there with Lee and we rented a farm for six weeks. We drove to Dan’s studio on 8th Street every day and I loved it. He was what I was looking for, because he was a facilitator. He said “yes” a lot. If I was like, “I only want to sing this through once,” that was normal to him. It was natural that someone would like what they got on the first try. He was cool like that. [Lights a Parliament with her plastic purple lighter.]

You’ve been smoking cigarettes on stage a lot. Dude, I have to. I can’t get through it.

Is it an addiction? Yeah. I’m a chain-smoker.

How long have you been smoking? Since I was 17. It’s crazy. That’s why I try to play mostly outdoor festivals. [Laughs.] Because 45 minutes into the set, when you’ve still got 45 more minutes to go, you need to smoke.

That’s a long time to be standing in front of people. It’s a long time. If people come and see you at a show for 80 minutes they literally know everything about you. With 5,000 people coming, they film you so the people in the back can see you on the screens. There isn’t a moment when you can turn around and gather yourself. Everything you feel, everything you’re emoting, is just there. I have toured so much more than I thought I would; I thought I would be more of a studio singer. But I toured Europe for two years.

There was a time after Paradise came out when you said you weren’t sure that you were going to make any more music. What changed? A year after Born to Die was released, a lot of people asked me what the new record would sound like and when it was going to come out. I said, “I don’t know if there will be another record.” I didn’t have songs that I felt were good or personal enough. Dan Auerbach changed things for me, and I have no idea why. He was just interested in me. That made me feel like maybe what I was doing was interesting. He gave me some confidence back. He listened to songs that were folk songs at the time, and he thought that maybe, with some revision, they could be more dynamic. I started to see a bigger picture. For me, if I don’t have a concept it’s not worth writing a whole album. I don’t like it if there’s no story.

There are a few different ways to take your song “Fucked My Way Up to the Top.” Is it about people not wanting to give you credit for your success? Or is it about fucking people to get to the top? It’s commentary, like, “I know what you think of me,” and I’m alluding to that. You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.

What’s the worst relationship advice you’ve received?That love doesn’t come easily and that relationships are supposed to be a struggle. Everything else is so hard; hopefully love is the one thing that is actually fun.

That reminds me of an Eartha Kitt interview clip you once posted. Asked about love and compromise, she says, “What is there to compromise? I fall in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me.” She was so right-on with that. It’s nice to have a fiery relationship that enhances everything you do, that doesn’t feel like part of it is not what you want.

What is the most valuable thing that you’ve destroyed in life? In terms of money?

It doesn’t have to be, but that works. I don’t know. I don’t think money has had an influence on things I’ve sabotaged. But there are things.

What’s something you’ve destroyed that’s actually valuable to you? Probably the relationship I’ve been in for the last three years. Definitely demolished that through tons of depression and insecurity. Now it’s just an untenable relationship, impossible because of my emotional instability.

Sometimes people do their best writing when fucked up. And I am a little fucked up. This whole experience has fucked me up.

Fucked you up how? I don’t know. It’s been hard. I was in a good place when I wrote my first record because I wrote it for fun, but then, I felt like everything that went with the record was heavy. I was also trying to deal with stuff with my family. The world was heavy for a couple years. That’s why I liked Dan: He was casual. It didn’t have to be so serious.

Speaking of non-serious, what restaurant has the best red sauce in the world? That’s a good question. I go to the same place in Los Angeles all the time, Ago on Melrose. I order the same thing every time, penne alla vodka.

What were you listening to when you were writing? I love jazz. I love Chet Baker’s documentary Let’s Get Lost, which influenced my video for “West Coast,” which Bruce Weber shot. I love Nina Simone and Billie Holiday like everybody else. I have a ’70s playlist that I listen to daily. A lot of Bob Seger, who I love. He’s probably the main person I listen to, and also the Eagles and Chris Isaak, Dennis Wilson and Brian Wilson. I like Echo and the Bunnymen, “Killing Moon”—just like single tracks.

Do you have a guilty pleasure song on that playlist? No, they’re all pretty good.

You experienced a level of scrutiny that was very personal. How has that affected you?The good thing about catching so much grief from critics is that you literally do not fucking care. It put me in a mind frame where I expect things not to go right, because they generally don’t. But it’s not a pessimistic place. The music is always good, in my opinion. That’s what I expect now from my career, that the music is going to be great and the reaction’s going to be fucked up.

Why do you think they reacted so vehemently to what you were making? If they thought it was supposed to be categorized as pop music, that was the first mistake. It wasn’t made to be popular. It was more of a psychological music endeavor. I wasn’t out to make fun, verse-chorus-verse-chorus songs. I was unraveling my history through music. People were confused as to why I would stand on stage and just sing and not perform. To me, performing is just channeling and emoting through inflection, cadence, phrasing. That’s pretty different from what’s popular, so I think maybe they thought it shouldn’t be popular. What do you think?

It felt like you were being critiqued not as an artist or even a pop musician, but as a celebutante. You presented such a comprehensive, seemingly calculated project—the videos, the styling, the references, etc.—that people felt compelled to pick it apart. It’s funny, because my process was natural. I remember making “Video Games,” and I did my makeup as I did it every day. I put my hair up like I did. I was wearing a dress and filming myself. I didn’t think that the juxtaposition with this found footage that I had taken from people’s honeymoons on Super 8 would get the reaction it did. The reaction to everything six years prior to that, from the day when YouTube was actually born, was a non-reaction. People just didn’t care.

Do you feel vindicated? I feel a sense of relief, but I don’t feel vindicated.

How come? I don’t feel like things have gone well. It’s not the way I would have chosen them to go. So it’s not like I feel everything’s turned around and it’s great.

You’ve got quite a few gold records, and a handful of platinum ones.Yeah, but I still didn’t find that community of people I was looking for, like the way Bob Dylan found his friends, or the respect of being a writer. Because that gold and platinum stuff, it doesn’t mean as much if you’re walking down the street and you can hear people saying things about you. That doesn’t even out.


Maki and Todou wearing Tama-chan and Tomoki-kun’s clothes from The First Result cast talk. Sorry I couldn’t help it. The whole time the cast was talking all I could think of was, “Tomokun where the frick did you buy that shirt!?” His fashion sense is as amazing as Maki’s. They will forever be my best Maki and Todou ;;;;u;;;; I’m so sad Tama-chan isn’t in the next dvd… they had so much chemistry together…!! ;u;

Pedasute First Result dvd rant!! 

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