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Do you think on the ride home Dean took off his flannel and made Cas put it on to replace his bloody shirt?

“I really am alright, Dean. You don’t need to sit back here with me.”

Dean ignores Castiel’s reassurances, just like he has been ignoring them for the last fifteen minutes.


“Cork it, Cas! Mom’s drivin’, Sam’s shotgun, and I’m back here with you, makin’ sure you’re really holdin’ it together. That’s just the way it’s gonna be so stop tryin’ to fight me on it!”

Both Mary and Sam give each other wide-eyed looks, but stay quiet—knowing that Dean is still processing everything that had happened back in the barn. He’s still drowning in the feeling of being out of control, and it’s driving him absolutely nuts.

“Here, Ma” Dean grunts, shoving the Impala’s keys at the woman and then turning back to tend to his angel.

She swiftly nods and takes the keys before ushering her other son around the far side of the car—and then, all at once, they climb in to join Castiel, who has already been carefully placed in the backseat by Dean’s steady hands.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Dean asks—slightly calmer now but his voice still has a rattle to it.

“No, Dean. I’m feeling fine—just like I said before.”

“Well, you don’t look fine. You’re kinda pale. Sam, doesn’t he look pale to you?”

Sam turns around and gives Cas a sympathetic look before shrugging silently at his older brother, knowing that his opinion doesn’t really matter right now anyway.

“Yeah, see—Sam thinks so. You should lean back a bit.”

“These seats don’t recline, Dean.”

Dean frowns at him. “Then scoot down a little! Jesus, Cas … I’m just tryin’ to make sure you’re okay!”

“I am okay … I have already told you—”

“Scoot down, Castiel!” Mary grits  firmly from the front of the car—glaring at him through the rearview mirror, eyes flicking back and forth between the angel and her eldest son.

He wants to protest again, but then Castiel nods, finally understanding that the only one not fine right now, is Dean, and doing what he asks—no matter how pointless it is, will make him feel a little better … a little more useful. Cas scoots down in his seat.

Dean smiles, happy that his friend is finally listening to him. “Alright then … better?”

Castiel stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yes … better.”

The proud smirk that immediately graces Dean’s face seems to trim away the tension in the car—until the moment that the folds of Cas’s coat fall away, exposing the dirty, blood-stained white button up beneath. “Oh … shit, man! That looks bad!” the man yelps as soon as he sees it.

Castiel squints and cocks his head to the side, finally following Dean’s eyes down to where the usually clean looking garment, is now a tattered mess strewn about his body. “Oh. Yes, well … I can just—” Cas begins, already lifting his hand to will the mess away, but he stops mid motion—cutting the magic short because the man beside him is starting to fidget in his seat. “Dean? What are you …”

Dean teeters back and forth, wriggling from side to side in the confined space until he finally manages to free one of his arms from the black coat and plaid overshirt that he’s wearing.

“Hold on … almost …” Dean soon rocks all the way over until his head is practically in Cas’s lap—but he doesn’t seem to notice because he’s too focused on freeing his other hand. “There!” he yelps victoriously, finally holding up the plaid shirt for everyone in the car to see.

Sam nods and Mary holds back a chuckle, and Cas just continues to stare at the man—confused and slightly annoyed by everything that he’s doing.

“Okay, Cas. Your turn” Dean says after another moment, eventually turning happy eyes back on the angel.

“My turn?” Cas asks, feeling suddenly nervous about what he’s expected to do.

“Yep” Dean chirps, looking Castiel up and down with a long pull. “Strip and put this on.” He holds the flannel out towards him, but he doesn’t hand it to the angel just yet, as if he’s planning on dressing him himself … and at this point, Cas wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Dean had in mind.

“Dean …” Castiel grumbles again, now—rolling his eyes for all to see. “You realize that I can fix this, don’t you?”

Dean only grips the shirt tighter in his hand.

“I am an angel … I have the power to—”

“Just put on the damn shirt!” All three Winchesters bark in unison.

And that makes the angel finally throw up his hands in defeat. “Alright!” he exclaims, quickly sitting straight and leaning forward so that he can work his body free from his coat. But before he can completely shimmy it off, Dean’s hands are on him, fiddling with the buttons of Cas’s dirty white shirt. “Um … what are you doing?”

Helping” Dean snaps, but his cheeks are turning red and his hands are starting to shake against the angel’s chest.

Cas stares at him a moment, and then up to the front of the car where Sam and Mary are vehemently avoiding eye contact with anything but the road. So he turns back, just as Dean undoes the final button and pushes the cloth aside, displaying every inch of Castiel’s unmarred skin.

The man then stills for some time—never looking away and holding his breath until the second Castiel is finally able to speak.

You see, Dean … I’m all healed.”

Dean quirks up the side of his mouth, but his face quickly falls flat again, while his eyes bounce away and back several times, seeming torn as to where to look now.

After that, it only takes another minute for Cas to slip out of the ruddy, old shirt and into Dean’s flannel—and for the first time since they left the barn, Dean doesn’t interfere, nor do Mary and Sam act like anything is happening just behind their heads. In fact, the frenzied tone of their drive has seemed to mellow, and even Dean appears to have settled down; although, his hands still twitch with the need for something to do … which doesn’t go unnoticed by the angel at his side.

Castiel sighs, flicking his eyes down towards the soft plaid that’s now draped over his own shoulders—the fabric is warm and smells like Dean; so just as he begins to fasten the last two buttons, he purposely skips one—so the thing is now bunching up across his stomach. “There” he confirms, drawing Dean’s focus back to the task at hand, and of course—Dean notices the mistake instantly.

“Ah—jeez, Cas … you’re helpless, ya know that?” Dean mutters with a smile, reaching over eagerly to straighten out the buttons and get them all in the right order.

But Castiel just smiles too, taking the moment to take in the worried Winchester—his charge, his family … a man that he loves—and he nods. “You’re right. What would I do without you?”

A beach episode sounds good don’t you think?

okay, but sometimes i like to think about dean and cas moving in together for the first time. they’ve been best friends since 3rd grade and they’ve been saving up for a place since their sophomore year and all they end up being able to afford is this cheap little single bedroom apartment in a not-so-great part of town but damn it, it’s theirs and they did it together. 

castiel instantly buys all of these bright little trinkets from thrift stores to make it feel more like home and dean cooks them meals every night with whatever scraps they’ve got because they can’t afford a big grocery haul at the moment and cas kisses him on the cheek and says his thank you while dean flushes and shrugs it off all shy and happy. 

at night, they both squeeze together on their crappy twin sized mattress, cas slotting one of his legs in between dean’s and dean burying his nose in castiel’s messy hair, the scent of his stupid vegan shampoo comforting enough to lull him to sleep even during his most restless nights and this is how they live together *happy sigh*

Light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me
You are with me


one of my favorite wincest ideas/tropes is that Dean says he’s such a playboy and womanizer and kinky in bed. That’s just his personality. But when Sam and Dean get together sexually, Dean is so fucking shocked to learn about all the crazy things Sam has done in bed. Or in the impala. Or in bars. Or in grocery store parking lots. It makes Dean feel so so embarrassingly vanilla. 

I Missed You

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1625

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: This turned out a lot longer than I expected because being me I got a little carried away and it’s been so long since I watched the Pilot of SPN so if somethings wrong sorry (did someone SPN marathon anyone?).. Enjoy!

“Damnit pick up.” You heard your brother cuss as he paced around the room, “Dean give it up, let’s just go look for him.” You suggested as you sat up from laying on the bed.

Your dad has been missing for awhile, he usually calls but for some reason he stopped a few days ago and now Dean won’t calm down. “Okay, I got an idea, come on” Dean said as he grabbed his stuff and headed out the door, you not to far behind.

“Dean where we going?” You asked as you walked to the passenger side of the Impala, “I’ll tell you later.” Dean replied as he got in. “How ‘bout you tell me now.” You snapped as you buckled up and Dean pulled out onto the road.

Dean sighed, “Stanford.” He stated, your eyes widened. There’s only one thing in Stanford that involved you, Sam. “No, no, no, we are not going to Stanford! We’re leaving Sam out of this!” You yelled throwing your arms up.

“Y/N, we don’t have a choice, we need his help.” Dean said calmly, “Sam made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with us.” You leaned back in your seat with your arms crossed. “Argue with me all you want you’re not going to change my mind.” Dean stated, you sighed and looked out the window. You remember that night like it happened yesterday.


“You’re what?!” You yelled as you chased after your brother Sam, “I’m leaving.” Sam replied as put his bags into the trunk of his car. Sam just told you that he’s leaving the hunting life to go to Stanford, how could he do this to you?

“Sam please don’t! I need you!” You begged, you tugged on Sam’s jacket whilst giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Sam looked at you, his eyes soft. “I’m sorry Y/N/N, maybe when you get older you can leave this life to.” Sam said.

“You can’t bail on me! You can’t bail on Dean!” You yelled as you took a step away from him, “I’m not bailing on anyone! I just.. I just want nothing to do with hunting.” Sam said as he shut the trunk to his car. “I always knew you would abandon us.” You quietly said, Sam paused.

“I just want nothing to do with this family.” Sam said not even looking at you, and with that Sam got into his car and drove away. That was the last time you ever talked to him.

…End Flashback…

That was four years ago, he left you when you were eleven, now at fifteen you have a lot more to say to him. Actually scratch that, you have nothing to say to him.

You fell asleep on the ride to Stanford, you were awoken by someone shaking your arm, “Y/N/N, wake up we’re here.” Dean said. You woke up and rubbed your eyes, you looked out your window to see a small house.

You got out and followed Dean, “Dean why are you lock picking the door?” You asked afraid of the answer, “Have you seen the time? Obviously he’s not awake.” Dean replied.

A moment passed before Dean silently cheered in victory for getting the door unlocked, he had a smug smile on his face, you rolled your eyes and proceeded to follow your brother inside.

Everything was dark, no lights were on, you could barely see anything. Then you heard a crash, “Shit.” You heard Dean from across the room, you face palmed realizing that whatever he broke woke Sam up.

Then you heard a loud bang and grunting, “Dean?” You heard him, Sam. You placed your hands on the wall and began looking for the light switch, once you found it you turned the lights on. You looked down to see Sam on top of Dean, Sam looked shocked before Dean threw him off.

“Looks like you’re out of practice.” Dean chuckled, “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam whisper-yelled. You observed your brother, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him.

Sam’s eyes landed on you, his face instantly softened, “Y/N, hey you’re uh… Older..” Sam pointed out the obvious. “Yeah it tends to happen after four years.” You snapped, Sam’s eyebrows knitted together, before he could reply a woman’s voice was heard.

“Sam?” You all looked at where the voice was heard, a blonde woman was standing there in her pajamas. “Uh hey Jess, um this is my brother Dean and my little sister Y/N.” Sam said while he walked over to Jess.

“Oh nice to meet you.” She said, giving you a small wave, “Hey Jess.” Dean winked at her giving her a flirty smile. You elbowed him, “Ow, alright, alright, we need to borrow your boyfriend here, for some family business.” Dean informed her. “Oh what happened?“Jess asked concerned.

“Oh uh, it would be better to talk to Sam alone.” Dean said, “No, anything you have to say to me you can say in front of Jess.” Sam said putting a arm around Jess’ shoulder. You rolled your eyes, “Okay, dad hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean replied hoping Sam would get the hint.

“So, he’ll be back later.” Sam said like nothing was wrong, “Let me rephrase that, dads on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean repeated hoping once again that Sam would get the message.

“Jess could you excuse us for a moment?” Sam asked, Jess nodded and went into the next room. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” Sam snapped as he approached Dean, “Listen dad may be in trouble we need your help.” Dean informed Sam.

“No you don’t, you have Y/N.” Sam pointed to you, you decided to let them hash this out and left the room.

“So you’re Sam’s little sister.” Jess stated, you nodded, “He talks about you a lot.” She said, “I highly doubt that.” You responded, why would Sam talk about you?

“No really he does, he cares about you a lot.” Jess gave you a smile, “Okay Y/N, let’s go.” Dean said, you didn’t even realize that Sam passed you to go upstairs and he came back down with a bag.

Sam said his goodbyes to Jess and you all went back to the Impala, you by natural habit went to the front seat. “Nope.” Sam said as he kept your door shut keeping you from getting in. “Really?” You sighed, “Sorry Y/N/N, you know the rules.” Dean replied as he got in, you threw your arms up in defeat and went into the backseat.

You all drove for a while before you stopped at a gas station, Dean got out to refill Baby and you got out to stretch your legs. You walked over to Dean, “Hey gimme some money.” You said quite greedily as you held your hand out. Dean sighed knowing it’s better not to argue and handed you twenty dollars, and you went into the gas station.

You heard the door open after you went in, you looked over the shelves and saw Sam looking around. He came to your isle and stood next to you as you looked at the assortment of food.

“So what have you been up to since I’ve been gone?” Sam asked, you rolled your eyes, “Like you care.” You mumbled, “Hey, I do care.” Sam replied obviously offended. “Yeah whatever.” You said as you grabbed the food and headed to the register.

“Hey what’s your problem?” Sam asked, concern laced in his voice, and that’s when you had enough, “You’re my problem Sam! You can’t just talk to me like nothing ever happened!” You yelled.

“Whoa hey,I know that I said some things that I’m not proud of, but I just thought that since its been so lo-” You cut him off, “Y'know what Sam, just don’t.” You replied as you grabbed your stuff and headed back out the the Impala.

You got into the backseat, Sam got in shortly after you, “I missed you Sam, you hurt me.” You mumbled to yourself hoping Sam wouldn’t hear, but he did.

When he heard that his heart broke, “I’m sorry.” Sam turned around in his seat to look at you, “I’m sorry I said the things that I did, I’m sorry for leaving, I’m sorry for… Being a crappy brother.” Sam said as tears filled his eyes.

“It’s just..” Sam stopped, he turned back around and got out, the door opposite of you opened and Sam got in, “I hated hunting, I wanted a normal life, and I regret leaving the way I did. I’m sorry.” Sam finished. By this time a few tears already made its way down your face, you jumped into your brothers arms and he didn’t hesitate to wrap them around you.

“I m-missed you so much.” You said in between sobs, “I missed you too Bug.” You smiled at the nickname. You heard the Impala door open and felt the car shift, Dean looked back at the two of you finally happy to see that you both made up.

You didn’t let go of Sam, and he sure as hell didn’t let go of you. You soon fell asleep while listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you write a sisfic where she’s about 15 and Dean and her go and get Sam from Stanford but she’s pissed at Sam and doesn’t make an effort with him and Sam’s a but hurt by it and then fluff please?”

A/N: This didn’t turn out EXACTLY like the request… Mainly because I forgot the whole request like half way through and didn’t bother to read it again.. *hides* I would never..

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!


Okay, so you know how people always talk about there needing to be a human version of the Impala?

Well, imagine Human!Impala looking, sounding, and acting exactly like Castiel?! (and is played by Misha, naturally)

However, Human!Impala is not only Cas’ doppelganger, he’s also extremely sassy and flirty.

But Dean doesn’t notice. He thinks it’s just Cas.

Sam noticed Cas acting weird, and mentioned it to Dean.

Dean is in denial at first, but then he starts to notice subtle differences in him.

At one point Human!Impala asked Dean why he keeps calling him “Cas”.

Which confuses Sam and Dean.

Human!Impala asked Dean to call him what he always calls him.

That simply confuses Dean further.

They get into an argument, and eventually Human!Impala tells him, that he always calls him Baby.

Sam loses it. Dean is embarrassed and confused.

Dean refuses to call him that, and Human!Impala becomes upset, and decides to go “have a drink”.

Which is highly un-Cas-like.

Dean chases after him, trying to stop him, but is too late. He’s gone.

Dean also notices that the Impala’s gone, and that just pisses him off.

Later, Sam somehow manages to convince Dean to forgive Cas. He probably just saw a movie or something, and he thinks he should have a pet name, or something strange like that.

Dean eventually decides to apologize to Cas, and tell him that he doesn’t need a “pet name”.

So later on, Castiel walks in. (Human!Impala is still not back).

Dean confronts him, something like. “Hey baby. I’m sorry, But I just want to call you Cas, okay?

Sam’s surprised that Dean actually said it, and Cas is just confused.

Sam notices Cas’ confusion, and talks to Dean about it, in private.

After a bit of arguing, they decide to just tell Cas.

Cas is confused, and has no memory of any of that happening.

Are we dealing with a shifter? How could we be so blind?

But then Human!Impala returns.

Sam, Dean and Cas become extremely defensive, but Human!Impala doesn’t even notice or care.

He walks in all like: “Hey guys.“ As if his existence is perfectly normal.

He’s drunk off his ass, and extremely flirty. He acts as if nothing happened. Maybe he just forgot?

Sam and Dean do all the tests. Salt, Iron, Silver, Holy Water, etc. Human!Impala doesn’t mind, and nothing has any effect.

Cas is extremely cautious around him. He keeps a tight grip on his angel blade, and doesn’t let human!impala out of his sight.

They all question human!impala, and Cas can sense there’s something not quite right about him. Other than the fact that he looks exactly like his vessel.

Human!Impala, doesn’t seem to care. He answers all of their questions as sassy as possible, and flirts with Dean the entire time.

Dean is extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing.

At one point, Cas visually becomes annoyed by this.

Human!Impala takes note, and thinks that Cas is jealous, or feels left out. So he starts flirting with Cas, which only pisses Dean off.

Sam is confused, but can’t help but laugh at the bizarreness of it all.

Human!Impala insists that he knows them all very well, and that they always call him ”Baby“.

*confusion intensifies*

Castiel can sense that he’s not entirely human, but some how he knows that he’s not evil.

Dean feels he can trust Baby. He doesn’t like the way he’s acting exactly how Dean would act in this sort of situation. But for some reason Dean doesn’t feel threatened by him in anyway.

Eventually they figure out that Baby actually is the Impala. They have no idea how that’s possible.

It’s the only logical explanation for how he knows everything about the Winchesters, and also why his "name” is Baby.

Dean is freaked out by this, and then asks Baby why he looks like Cas, instead of a hot chick.

You know why,” explains Baby. *winks*

Dean: *blushes and is confused*

After awhile, Sam mentions the time when Gabriel turned him into the Impala, so they think their dealing with a trickster.

Gabriel’s long dead, so it can’t be him.

They spend a long time trying to find a trickster, but find nothing. They also seem to be the only ones affected by the trickster, so it can’t simply be a coincidence. Besides, how would the trickster know that making Human!Impala look like Cas, would mess with Dean the most?

They search everywhere but find no evidence of a trickster being involved in any way.

Eventually, Gabriel makes his big entrance.

He exclaims that it “became boring”.

They all freak out. Gabe’s back!

Dean’s pissed off, naturally.They could have used his help with the Mark of Cain.

Gabe apologizes, he explains that he could not have helped Dean with the Mark, anyway.

Gabe also admits that he’s actually been following them around for quite some time, looking for the best opportunity to show them he’s alive. (He just REALLY didn’t want to get involved with the MOC.)

He also didn’t just want to pop up like: “Hey guys, I’m alive. How have y'all been?” The moment after Dean finally managed to remove the Mark.

Cas is glad he’s alive but angry with him, and feels betrayed because he didn’t even tell him that he’s alive.

Gabe wanted to do something memorable, and funny. Something to take some weight off of all the hell that broke loose while he’s been absent.

After he saw the spn musical, he decided he needed to do something big, as a means of showing he’s alive.

That’s when he came up with his master plan.



THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bleedingwinchesters vs. orgasmicsam
round 5 | season 5 + favourite relationship 
| the winchester brothers

Okay but please consider an AU where TFW goes to the state fair and:

  • Dean dares himself to eat every single thing that comes deep-fried on a stick.
  • Sam goes through the funhouse and accidentally punches a clown.
  • Cas insists on petting every animal he can find and is absolutely terrified by the sculptures of people in butter.
  • Dean spends the entire afternoon working up the courage to go on the most intense ride in the park (and let’s just say the chocolate-covered bacon is much better going down than it is coming back up).
  • Sam fucking Winchester enters a lumberjack contest and totally owns.
  • Cas wins every single prize in a carnival game and gives them all to Dean.
  • Dean and Cas get stuck in the rain near closing time but it doesn’t matter because it’s as good a time as any to totally make out for 20 minutes.
  • Sam decides to take the bus home.

So genuinely had no idea there were THAT many people on here who would be up for some good old, crossover fic between NCIS and Supernatural. Now that I do know, and it seems like a fair amount of us want some adversarial Dean vs DiNozzo I shall write the shit out of it. Just for you guys!

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1335

Request from anon: “I was just thinking it would be a cool idea if the reader went into purgatory solo to find Dean.”

Okay first off, brilliant idea. Second off, I had way too much fun working through this one shot. It was a brilliant idea, and while I didn’t include a while lot of detail, I still love this one shot so much. If I have the time, I would like to do another part, focusing more on what happened in purgatory, before and after the reader found Dean. If you would like another part, let me know! Enjoy!

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“I seriously can’t tell whether you’re joking or not, Cas, and that’s actually really scary.”

Castiel shot him a look, one of those grumpy glares of his, before turning back to the stove. “I hardly find it daunting, Dean- learning to cook.. that’s something humans do, right?”

Dean looked between the stove and the angel several times, the idea seeming worse and worse, by the minute.

“Well, yeah,” he agreed, “but you aren’t human, Cas.”

“My grace is waning.” Castiel pointed out, leaning in and frowning at the plethora of buttons. “Is this set up supposed to make sense?”

Dean bit back a laugh- it’d only fuel Cas, even further. And, yeah, okay, Dean was fond of the idea of Castiel trying to learn about human culture. But he was also fond of the bunker, and letting Cas teach himself how to cook could only end in disaster.

“Alright; let me help.” Dean offered, gently pulling Cas away from the stove. “But, let’s start with something smaller, okay?”

“If you think it best. I trust you.” Castiel stated, as though the mere idea of someone else teaching him how to work a freaking microwave was ridiculous.

Cas had a flair for the dramatic, apparently.

Dean grinned, pulling out some bread and cheese. He’d keep it simple, start of with a sandwich. Maybe next week they’d try to toast it. He wondered what human Cas would be like; surely, he couldn’t be all that different from the current Castiel, right? Maybe a little scruffier- but, Dean could teach him how to shave, as well.

“First, you have to take out two slices of bread.” Castiel did just that, struggling with the wire holding the wrapper together a bit, but eventually figuring it out.

“Now, play close attention,” Dean said, in a teasing tone, “cause here’s when it gets complicated.”

Castiel leaned in, paying rapt attention. Dean snorted, but he couldn’t say that it wasn’t endearing.

“Do you place it in the burning, electric table, now?” He queried, bright blue boring into Dean’s green.

Okay, that was too much; Dean burst out laughing, dropping the cheese and throwing his head back. Jesus, it’d been a rough couple of weeks, it always was for them, and he deserved this, he deserved to laugh.

Sobering, he looked over at Cas, who was glowering darkly at him.

“Do you find my limited knowledge of human customs amusing, Dean?” He said, enunciating clearly.

“Not amusing, Cas. Adorable, maybe. But not amusing.” Dean clarified, and this was blatant flirting- but, who cared? Later, he’d blame the moment, and how cute Cas looked, lower lip jutted out, hair unruly. Right now, Dean didn’t give a damn.

“Just shut up and teach me how to successfully create a hybrid of bread and dairy products.” Castiel demanded. Dean, swung an arm around him, grabbing the packet of cheese, and maneuvering his way around Cas. They were close, too close, some might say, but lack of personal space was their thing. Dean, for one, found that he didn’t mind it as much as he originally had.

“All right, Ariel, so here’s what you do…”

ideas for the longevity of sooperbloop to continue without recycling the same plot every year:

  • don’t make a big bad. just have sam and dean do MOTW cases mixed with them living domestically. cas is there, too. who cares about plot? i certainly don’t. 
  • have sam or dean have a couple of kids and then over time replace sam and dean with the kids and that way you can go on til like season 30 and still keep the whole winchester family business thing going (without having stars that are like 60 years old)
  • make it an ensemble show that includes jody, claire, alex, donna, and whoever the fuck else is still alive. develop those characters to the point where sam and dean can be side characters and the audience won’t mind. ensemble = fresh and new perspectives each week, even if the storyline is the same.
  • bring charlie back.
  • actually, bring everyone back with no explanation. seriously, eNSEMBLE.
  • make dean bi

a few subtle ways to canonize dean’s bisexuality:

  • camera pans in to dean talking to a bar-tender in a bar. he nods to a guy and girl sitting at a table and asks to buy them a drink. the bar-tender leaves and sam approaches him and they start to talk about a case. when they leave few minutes later the camera goes to a wide shot and you see the bar-tender place the drink in front of the guy at the table.
  • dean talks to a witness and writes down a number at the end of the interview. he tells the guy to call if he remembers anything else. later, in the middle of the episode dean looks at a message on his phone but when sam asks what it is he brushes it off and puts in his pocket. 
  • the winchesters contact a resource dean knows and meets with him for information. afterwards, sam asks how they know each other and dean just says “miami” and leaves it at that.