it was cute

one time a friend of mine programmed a thing called “coke.exe” and all it did was bring up a little pop-up that asked you if you were thirsty for cola and if you clicked “yes” it opened your CD tray and said “here is a cup holder”

“There’s flowers growing in my ribcage,” Luna whispered.

Ginny turned around, watching her closely. She didn’t understand. Luna had always said strange things before. But, after the war Luna seemed to retreat into herself, making less and less sense. 

“Do you think they’ll die in there?” Luna asked, hand settling on her chest.

“No, darling. They’ll flourish.” Ginny placed her hand atop Luna’s. 

It was easier to go along with Luna when she got like this. Ginny was always patient, always understood, always bringing Luna back to reality.

“How will they survive?” Luna’s eyes bore into Ginny’s.

Ginny moved closer, stroking her hand through golden hair. She placed a soft kiss on Luna’s temple. Luna smiled, eyes bright, focused.




Warm ups 3.23.17

Also there was a cute mccree last night that kept going for the same flank presumably to high noon my team and I killed him like three times and finally I said hi and we were just hanging out above the point while our teams murdered each other below

My boyfriend got me this elephant necklace because I told him I dislike elephants on jewelry (he’s extremely ironic) and he calls me his ‘elephant’ whenever I wear it (to remind me how hilarious he is)
So today we were in a dessert parlour and I come back with napkins and he goes “there’s my little elephant” and I hEAR A GASP FROM THE TABLE BESIDE US AND THESE TWO YOUNG LADIES ARE LOOKING AT ME AS IF THEY HE INSULTED MY ANCESTORS AND WERE WAITING FOR ME TO SMACK HIM IN THE FACE. And now he’s too afraid to call me his little elephant in public.