it was bound to happen again sooner or later

Night Out

Okay so this goes with my The Seven Drinking post here

Percy was getting suspicious. The seven were out drinking and have been for the past three hours. Piper, Annabeth, and Leo were promptly drunk. Something bad was bound to happen sooner than later. They usually don’t hit the four hour mark without someone acting too much like a demigod. Aside from Piper’s charmspeak which become uncontrollable about two and a half hours ago. 

Percy was once again thankful that they had found this bar. The bartender was the owner of the bar and also a son of Hermes. They all felt a lot more comfortable knowing that one of them was behind the counter. Joey, the bartender, was older than them so he’s not fully up so speed on everything that has happened since Percy came to Camp when he was twelve. In a way he’s thankful for that too. A demigod that doesn’t know what he or the rest of them have done. He was though still at camp when Annabeth came. She was the only reason they found out he was a demigod at all. 

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High School Sweethearts

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: Reader can sing but it’s like barely talked about, a shit ton of fluff you might suffocate, and editing

Summary: You and Shawn have been together since the start of high school after a life long friendship. When Shawn came to fame, you asked him to keep you a secret for the time being as you were not ready for the spotlight. Now that high school’s over, you reconsider and Shawn surprises you.

Word Count: 2.8k….I have a problem

A/N: Let’s imagine that the reader’s parents are always super busy and they let her do whatever she wants ok?


“Bye Mrs. Mendes! See you tonight!” You yelled as you and Shawn left the Mendes residence. You were going to drop Shawn off at a radio interview after picking up Aaliyah. 

“Bye Y/N, Shawn! See you at dinner!” Shawn’s mother called from somewhere inside the house.

“You’re never going to call her Karen, are you?” Scoffed Shawn as he got into the jeep.

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readorsigh  asked:

So this occurred to me while I was scrolling through some fan-art stuff and I saw this picture of Dany and Daario side by side. It got me thinking; what exactly is their relationship? From the only outside POV we get on the matter (Barristen) it's apparently just Dany being infatuated cause she's young and horny and he's exotically attractive. Is that literally all there is? Is Daario just a boy toy in this story? Does their relationship (sexual or otherwise) have any bearing on the narrative?

Definitely there’s more. And even if it was just Dany being infatuated because she’s young and horny it’s still a big deal that Dany, who was sold off to her first husband, is now in a position where she can choose to have a romantic and sexual relationship.

Back to the more going on. It has to do with the contrast between Daario and Hizdahr, and the political paths they represent.

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Gender and Kids

Today on our walk, Minky (who is always jibber jabbering about things) stopped and said “Baba, I’m a boy, and you’re a girl, right?” We talked about it at length and I explained how I’m not really a boy or a girl, but somewhere in between. I’m not sure that he fully “got” it (though to be fair, plenty of adults don’t get it either), but he listened and then we eventually moved on to the topic of our names and where our various names originated from and who shared whose names in our family.

After a good stretch where it didn’t really seem to come up with him at all, the gender categorizing conversations have popped up a little more lately. When we were on the way to Milwaukee he loudly asked as I took him into the bathroom at the train station, “Baba, why are we going in the girl bathroom, are you a girl?” Thankfully no one was in immediate earshot of it. But it came up once or twice during the weekend in various forms. And then when we were at our not-Super Bowl party, his best friend from daycare came up to me (I was presenting female) and asked, “how come you like looking like a girl?” I laughed and responded, “Because it’s how I like to look,” and then followed it up with “why do you like looking like a girl?” To which she shrugged and replied “I just like to.” That seems to be about where Minky’s understanding of his own gender identity is at this point too.

It’s very possible that today’s conversation was brought on by reading Introducing Teddy a few times already this week. But it’s interesting how the whole gendered categories and questions thing has come back around again. I am relieved that the conversations are still free from any sort of judgment. He seems totally fine with my gender identity and expression, even if it doesn’t match up neatly with the categories he’s used to, or many of the other people around us. But the questions also are a good reminder that we still have some more coming out conversations to have. At some point, and probably sooner rather than later, we’ll have to have that chat with our daycare provider and with his teachers at preschool. These conversations are bound to keep happening.

drabble | valentine’s kiss

Summary: Whether it was due to the season or just Riley’s thoughts about their new defined relationship, a second kiss was bound to happen sooner or later. [AO3] 

She remembered wanting to kiss him again after their date at the movies, once they were officially together, but she didn’t do it; still too conscious of the idea of kissing him.

But she did keep on thinking about it until Valentine ’s Day arrived.

Being the fuzzy goof ball she was, she had organized a secret friend exchange, and after the trades had been made, she announced to Lucas she had gotten something specifically for him.

She ignored the responses she got from her friends at her request, and extended her arm to Lucas so she could lead them both to a more private place. For a moment, Lucas stared at her before drifting his gaze to her extended hand, only briefly, then taking it and make his way out alongside with her.

They were in the benches outside Topanga’s. Surprisingly, it was a slow night so there was no one outside, perhaps it had something to do with the chill air; but it came to be helpful since what they wanted was privacy.

Riley motioned Lucas to sit, so he did, still curious as to what his girlfriend was about to tell him. He waited, but she kept on fidgeting and avoiding his gaze…

She was biting her lip and her hand still held his, so he let her; just waiting for a moment as he took her in.

“I’ve got a present for you” she finally broke the silence, calling the texan’s attention back to reality.

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Kiss Me Again

Title: Kiss Me Again

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader, Implied Beronica , Hermione Lodge x Fred Andrews

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut.

Summary: Reader is best friends with Reggie Mantle but the truth is, she’s wanted to be more for a long time now. She’s seen him with countless girls throughout their friendship but none of them, unfortunately, have been her.
So, when Reggie is finally single again, she sees her chance and takes it. Along with the help from her best friends Betty and Veronica, of course.

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! (Requests are closed for the time being).

You watched as Reggie played his football game, cheering him on louder than any of the others.
Reggie was your best friend and you were always supportive of everything he did and vice versa. It had been that way since Kindergarten when the two of you first met.
You were sure that day had been the best day of your life.

After the game you watched as Reggie took his helmet off and ran up to greet you on the bleachers, smiling his bright smile as he did so.
“You did it!” You gleefully declared, laughing as he picked you up and spun you around once before setting you back down.
“This is great.” He agreed, “Hey, you wanna come down to Pop’s with me and the guys to celebrate?”
As much as you were tempted, you shook your head. “This is your night. Go out with the guys. I’m probably just going to hang out with B and V.” You shrugged before giving him another big hug. “I’m proud of you.” You whispered before pulling away and running down the bleachers.

That was your problem, every time you had a chance to tell him how you really felt, you chickened out. Besides, you were okay with the two of you being best friends. You didn’t want to ruin that because there was a chance you were hopelessly in love with him.

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Fake Love (part ten)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter Summary: Bucky is suspicious of Sam and reader. Reader and Sam come up with a plan as they head back to the Tower. Bucky and reader finally get the chance to talk

Warnings: be prepared

Author’s Note: Okay, this isn’t the last part to the story but I just wanna say I’m glad all of you enjoyed this fic. It was my first one and I never thought so many people would like it, so I just wanna thank you guys. You are the ones who have motivated me to keep on writing and made me confident in my work, so really I’ll never stop thanking y’all. I’m sad that Fake Love is coming to an end but that means that there’s more stories to come (Tag list is open and so are requests)

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(Bucky’s POV)

Okay, something weird is going on. When Sam admitted that they didn’t know the full story of things, Bucky let a flicker of hope ignite the flames of love for Y/N. He actually felt that they would have a chance at a relationship.

But, then Y/N came and basically announced that Sam and her were going on a date. And Bucky was getting annoyed by how much they felt the need to touch each other. No, he wasn’t jealous. 

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a-rosewood-by-any-other-name  asked:

In lieu of 2X15 today: Malec + 6 pretty please?

malec + “Stay with me.” 

Magnus knew this conversation was bound to happen sooner or later. Ever since his time spent in Valentine’s body and being tortured by the Inquisitor herself, Magnus didn’t feel like himself. All the memories he was trying to bury deep inside of him for decades or even centuries were back. And everything hurt like the day it happened. He knew you could never truly forget about the trauma, but for a long time he was trying to achieve it anyway. But now everything got uncovered again and it was so hard to breathe. So hard to function and pretend like everything was okay.

He couldn’t sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, he saw the same scene over and over again.
He was 8. It was evening and he’s just came home after spending most of the day at his friend’s house, playing with him.
The house was quiet which was unusual, his mother often sang in the kitchen while preparing food.
He went to her bedroom and noticed that she was already lying in bed. He uncovered the sheets and there was so much blood everywhere. The keris was still in her body. Her eyes were closed.

Magnus would wake up screaming “Mama!” every single time.

He didn’t want Alec to know about this, he didn’t want to know this ugly side of him. So when Alec stayed the night, Magnus wouldn’t sleep.
He would sit in his living room and his thoughts would go back to that night. He would often feel tears running down his cheek.

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Writingwife83 said: Congrats on all those followers, lady. ;) Ok so this au may have been the first one I saw on the list, but it just screamed Sherlolly to me. I mean, how hysterical would this be?! XD… ‘i’m an ikea employee and every day for the last week i’ve had to ask you to leave the store bc you keep coming in and sleeping in the beds seriously are you homeless or something i can call a shelter’ au


“Oh for the love of - this is ridiculous! Look, you, I’ve had to wake you up six nights in a row and straighten out the displays and you can’t keep doing this! Are you homeless? Do you need me to call a shelter?”

Molly Hooper, uni student and part-time Ikea employee, glared down at the good-looking bloke blinking sleepily up at her from the Fjellse display bed he was currently resting on.

“Not homeless, just sleepless and besides, if I wanted to, it’s obvious that I could keep doing this,” the good-looking (okay, gorgeous) stranger - about her age, dressed in jeans and a rumpled hoodie - muttered as he sat up.

“Excuse me?” Molly’s glare turned icy. “What makes you think I’d let you get away with…”

“You haven’t called security or reported me to management,” he said, cutting her off as he swung his trainer-clad feet over the side of the bed. “Which means you either feel sorry for me - your offer to call a shelter was expressed out of sincere worry for my well-being, I could tell - or you’re attracted to me.” He caught her gaze and grinned cheekily at her outraged expression. “But as I already said, I’m not homeless. I’m a uni student just like you are, but with an unfortunate flat-mate whose snores could wake the dead.”

“How did you know I - never mind,” Molly interrupted herself irritably. “I suppose it’s easy to figure out based on my age or something. But you can’t keep flopping here; sooner or later someone else is bound to catch you and then you will be in trouble.”

He shrugged and stretched, giving Molly a very nice view of his arms and chest and the long, pale lines of his neck. Cheeky bastard was right about her finding him attractive, with those cat-like eyes and the cheekbones to die for and the gorgeous mop of dark curls atop his head. “It won’t happen again, this was my last night. Mouth-breather is moving out, thank God.”

Molly fought a surge of disappointment; in spite of her remonstrations, she really had looked forward to seeing him again after this. “Oh, well, that’s good,” she said unenthusiastically.

He hopped to his feet, towering over her as he hiked his knapsack up on one shoulder. “Liar,” he said with a grin. “I knew I wasn’t the only one of us who was attracted to the other.”

Molly’s mouth opened and closed a few time as she came to grips with what he’d just said. “You’re a-attracted? To me?”

“Yup,” he replied, popping the p obnoxiously. “Far more than I’m attracted to any of these beds. Although,” he added musingly, “the Tyssedal model wasn’t half bad, or at least the mattress wasn’t. It’s why I came back after the first night instead of just buying ear plugs like I’d originally planned.” He gave her a brilliant smile. “Anyway, the name’s Sherlock Holmes, and yours is Molly Hooper, or so says your name badge, and coffee?”

It took her a second to realize the last word was a request rather than a non sequitur. “Oh, um, yeah, my break is in…”

“Ten minutes,” he finished for her with another flash of that cheeky grin. “Don’t worry, I’m not a crazy stalker, I just asked your friend Meena when it was. She’s arranged to have hers at the same time so you’ll have an extra pair of eyes on me. See you at the cafe!”

He strolled away, whistling cheerily, while Molly continued to gape after him. This had to be the craziest encounter of her life; she shouldn’t have agreed to coffee or anything else with a nutter like him, but if Meena, who had an excellent radar for losers, had told him her break time, then it was probably safe.

And besides, it was just coffee in the Ikea cafe, and he’d already said he wasn’t planning to kip here anymore after tonight, so why not? “Take a chance, Hooper,” she muttered to herself as she began straightening the bedding he’d disarrayed.

If she’d known the next disarrayed bedding she’d be tidying up after him would be her own after a night of blissful lovemaking…well, she’d have taken her break early!

7. Lisa X Reader •Grief•

It happens to everyone.
It’s inevitable.
At some point in your life it’s bound to happen. Wether it be sooner or later, loss is going to come walking through your life like She owns it.
Still, you could have never fathomed the pain that came along with it.
Something inside of you was missing, and it would never be replaced.

Lisa had been walking on eggshells around you during the week. After all these years of knowing you she had never seen her girlfriend like this.
Like you would never smile again.
The thought terrified her beyond belief, so she carefully walked up to your fragile figure, sitting at the desk you had assembled together a few months prior, hunched over a dark sheet of paper.
You had been working on the piece of art non stop over the last few days, leaving your workplace just to use the bathroom and slip into bed next to your worried girlfriend.
She had been so good, taking care of you when you needed it the most, making sure you ate regularly and always had some water on the desk in front if you.
You couldn’t help but jolt upright as her hand rested on your shoulder,
“Come to bed with me?” Her voice hopeful as she masked the fear that burned her inside as your eyes locked with her own.
The spark that had once made the tall girl fall for you was nowhere to be found, your eyes dull.

Lisa sighed as she heard you shifting around in the king size bed for what seemed to be the one hundredth time tonight. She suddenly faced you and gripped your hands in her own,
Something snapped inside of you as Lisa’s voice trembled with emotion.
Tears pooled in your eyes.
“I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now, but I need you to know that I love you and… And I miss you.”
Hope spread from the tip of her toes when she noticed you were showing some sort of emotion. “I love you, I love you, I love you.
The words resonated inside of you,
your stomach twisting when you suddenly felt a little bit of pain leave your soul.
“I love you more than I love chicken.” Her face inching closer to yours, gently rubbing her nose against your own.
The corner of your lips turned up, reminded of the deep feelings you felt for the girl.
She’s smiling.
Lisa couldn’t believe her eyes as she noticed this, her soft lips lightly pressed against your own chapped ones.
It would take time, but she hadn’t lost you.

Update (1/1)

…in which Han helps Leia in the only way he knows (or maybe the only way he’s allowed).

Leia is in the middle of organising another supply convoy when she feels her world fall apart again. For a moment, she can’t breathe, her heart thumping loudly enough to drown out the hum of old machinery and the bustle of conversation and orders in the command centre. Her eyes seem to be stuck, staring at the holographic display.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, of course. The star maps need to be up to date. Some updates take longer than others, and this one, fraught with political implications, has taken longer than most already.

It hasn’t mattered. Stories travel faster than updates, especially among spacers. But the update, it seems, has finally caught up.

Leia stares at the spot on the hologram where, since childhood, she has found home.

The tiny symbol denoting planet has been replaced by one for asteroid field, along with the relevant warnings.

Her heart thunders. Her eyes sting. Her lungs can’t seem to draw enough air.

Alderaan is gone.

Gone, gone, gone, her heart pounds.

And she knows: she needs to get out of here. She can’t face this here, now, in the middle of a meeting.

She looks up, eyes sweeping the room, looking for the door. For escape.

It’s all the way at the other end, and between it and her is the meeting, the one she is supposed to be sitting in on. General Rieekan is still talking to Luke and Commander Narra, their heads bent over a datapad with the convoy’s inventory. Han is watching them from where he’s leaning against a console, an impatient look on his striking features, probably about to tell them that no sensible smuggler would try the route they’re considering.

Her eyes are just sliding past him when he looks up, and she’s sure that he caught her looking.

She needs to get out.


It’s Luke’s voice, and he sounds concerned. He looks it, too, when she meets his eyes. Leia tries to remember her expression from before, tries to remember how she looks in meetings, but she can’t seem to feel her facial muscles at all.

Gone, gone, gone.

Luke is going to ask what’s wrong. Worse, he or Rieekan or someone will figure it out, the evidence blazing right beside her.

And if anyone tells her they’re sorry, or asks her if she’s okay, or offers so much as a sympathetic look, she knows she’s going to break. She can already feel the crack.

She looks away from Luke, a desperate attempt to stall, but it leaves her looking at Han instead. His eyes flicker past her to the hologram, and then back, and he seems to straighten, no longer lounging against the console. He knows.

His mouth opens, and for the briefest moment, she thinks he’s going to say it. She can almost hear the words already, can see them in his eyes, in the way they’ve softened ever so slightly. She can’t brace herself; it’s already too late for that. It’s too late to run. He’s going to say it. He’s going to—

“Oh, hey,” Han says. “They finally updated the charts. You mind if I grab a hard copy, princess? Your techs never upload ‘em to the Falcon in time and I’m getting real tired of yelling at them about it.”

And just like that, her heart is thundering for an entirely different reason. This man and his… his… Of course it’s all about him.

“You could try asking nicely,” she snaps. The sharp words come easily, like loading a blaster, and with them comes an angry kind of relief. A relief that, for the briefest instant, she would swear he feels too.

He scoffs. His hair is sticking up at the front, and there’s a smudge of grease on his cheek. He does not look like someone who should be in an official meeting in the command centre of the Rebellion. “I thought I just did,” he says, and his tone does not belong here either, casual to the point of insolence. “What, you want a royal petition? Do I have to say pretty please?”

“Oh, no, by all means, help yourself,” Leia tells him acidly, the words flooding back to her. She no longer feels cold. Anger is warming her all the way to her toes. Her eyes have stopped stinging, and she has drawn herself up without even noticing. “That is your specialty, after all.”

“Only ‘cause other people won’t do it,” he fires back. “Even though it’s supposed to be their job.”

She shrugs. “It’s not the techs’ fault that the Falcon is so old that it’s not even compatible with Rebellion equipment.”

“That’s not—”

“Captain Solo, please,” Rieekan cuts in, sending Han a stern look and glancing at Leia as if to make sure she’s okay with letting him mediate. “You’re welcome to take a hard copy of the charts, as her Highness says. If you’re having trouble connecting to our system, maybe Anselm can take a look at it.”

“Don’t bother,” Han says, waving the issue away as he leans back against the console again. “Chewie and me’ll figure it out.”

They get back to the convoy plans, Han shooting down Narra’s route suggestion as expected and moving over to the hologram to point out a different one. Still seething, Leia manages to drag her mind back to business, and her mind becomes clear again, her heart no longer pounding, just aching in that dull, persistent, familiar way she has learned to live with.

Alderaan is gone. But she is still here.

Han’s eyes keep lingering on her throughout the rest of the meeting, as if he’s looking for something. And there’s that odd feeling again, like he’s relieved somehow.

Probably because Rieekan intervened before she could finish insulting the Falcon and move onto insulting him, Leia decides. Yes, that’s probably it. Got to be.

Well, she thinks with a savage kind of satisfaction, that’s what he gets for picking stupid fights with her. He should know that by now.

Idiotic nerf herder.

[Ch. 1] - Epic Mickey 3: Sealed in Ink

(by waltsluckyrabbit and 09alih [on DeviantART])

“I don’t get it, Ortensia,” Oswald muttered as he leaned against a wall. “I can tell something’s bugging him and I’m tryin’ to help, but every time I bring it up, he acts like I’m threatenin’ to punch him in the nose. And frankly, I’m gettin’ close.”

Ortensia smiled at him as she herded a group of bunny children outside to play. She knew he was just concerned, even if he wouldn’t admit it. “Now, Oswald, I don’t think you’ll have to do that. Why don’t you just ask outright?”

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You sighed as you got up and slowly dragged your feet along the floor to the front door.

There had been knocking at your door continuously for a good hour. You’d planned on ignoring it but you thought that it might be your brother because he’d forgotten his keys again.

You wrapped your oversized jumper around your body as you opened the door to see a very cold Damon.

Damon was your brothers best friend, he’d been in your life for over 7 years. You’d all grown up together and you found that he’d somehow grown into a Greek god. Developing a crush on him was bound to happen sooner or later.

“Finally, she opens the door"he rolled his eyes as he shivered and walked into your house uninvited.

"Damon Luca isn’t here, he’s out for the night"you shook your head as you held the door open for him.

"Oh no, you thought I was here to see Luca? Well your wrong for once I’m here to see you"he smirked.

God that smirk.

"You are?"you raised your eyebrows.

"We need to talk y/n"he mumbled as he started to boil the kettle.

"We do?"you questioned.

"Are you dating Stefan?"he frowned.

"What’s it to you?"you furrowed your eyebrows as you folded your arms.

"You dating Stefan?"he ignored your question.

"Why do you care?"you replied.

"I don’t”

“You do, why did you travel across town to ask me that?”

“Are you jealous Salvatore?"you added poking his arm continuously.
He grabbed your arm gently and pulled you closer to him. Wrapping one of his arms tightly around your waist. You could feel his breath against your cheek as he whispered in your ear.

"I’m not jealous, because I’m better than my brother. I’d just prefer it if you dated me”

“Why didn’t you just ask Damon"you blushed.

Hello everyone, I’m here to convince you that out of all of the magical girls Kyoko was the one truly created to suffer, more so than Homura. Kyoko, by nature of her existence as a magical girl, can never have a happy ending no matter which universe she’s in, the original world, Madoka’s world, the PSP good end world, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s look at the original world in the anime. This world is a world where magical girls usually end up fighting over territory because there isn’t enough soul gems to go around, but here we see that in some timelines all five of the girls form a team and survive together until Walpurgisnacht, with enough grief seeds for everyone. Why is this? Because the number of witches in Mitakihara was artificially boosted by the coming Walpurgisnacht. If Kyoko survives Walpurgisnachts attack, assuming that Madoka dies and Homura leaves, in the best case scenario there will only be her, Mami and Sayaka left.

Now, there might still be enough grief seeds to go around for a while, but they’d be spread pretty thin, especially considering the state of despair the girls would be in after everything that had happened. Sooner or later, either someone would witch out or someone would have to leave Mitakihara, and the only logical person to leave would be Kyoko. She is homeless, she doesn’t go to school and she has no family to miss her, she’s the only one who could leave really.

Now she is on her own, with two friends dead, the others in another town and traumatised and she probably has to reclaim her territory. That shouldn’t be much of a problem given how strong she is, but it does create additional stress. How long is she really going to last before she falls into despair after everything that’s happened to her?

But let’s say that she doesn’t, because the thought of Mami and Sayaka keeps her going. How long do you really think those two are going to last post-Walpurgisnacht? Mami is an incredibly lonely, unstable girl who latches onto Madoka like a limpet in every timeline. Seeing her die and knowing the truth behind being a magical girl is bound to push her over the edge sooner rather than later, especially if Kyoko leaves again. She’s not going to last for long, and when Kyoko hears about her death…Mami is essentially her only family left in the world. After having her heart softened by being in contact with her and her other friends again she’s going to be emotionally vulnerable and she’s going to be pushed over the edge into witchdom.

But then there’s Sayaka. Maybe her new friendship with Sayaka could see her through? No, of course not. Sayaka falls into despair and turns into a witch because of mere unrequited love and guilt about being a bad white knight in almost every timeline. There is no way that having failed to save her best, lifelong friends life (and prevent massive destruction and probably loss of life in her home city) that she’d be able to live with the guilt, no matter whether she’s been able to work through her white knight issues or not. She lasted a week in the anime before falling and it’d be a miracle if she lasted for a month in the best case scenario post-Walpurgisnacht. She’s a walking witch as soon as Madoka dies and so is Mami. The only question is which one of them turns first, the other won’t last 5 minutes after realising what’s happened to the other, and so now Kyoko has lost literally everyone she has ever cared about. Hello Ophelia.

But wait. What if Mami goes with Kyoko? Surely that would be enough to see them through. Mami could plausibly go after all, she has no family to stop her. But even then there’s no hope for Kyoko. Having lost her friends, suffering massive emotional trauma and then uprooting herself to live in a strange new city with a girl who has already rejected her and left her once, Mami would not last long. She would witch out, and Kyoko would have to kill her, undoubtedly pushing her over the edge. There is simply no hope for Kyoko in any timeline before Madoka made her wish.

So what about Madoka’s world? A world where only 3 of the holy quintet remain; Mami and Homura are both unstable, Sayaka is dead and Madoka never existed.  Of course her family are still dead as well. Not the happiest world even before Homura was kidnapped and probed by aliens. Before that happened the best ending she could have wished for was to die and be reunited with her family…but there’s a caveat to that which I’ll mention later.

The PSP good end? The happiest ending she can get to be certain, but still not particularly happy. She has no education, no job prospects and as the girl least likely to witch out, will have to watch as each of her friends fall into witchdom over the years. As the witch Roberta’s profile reveals, magical girls become weaker with age until they can no longer survive and almost all are dead by the age of 30.   Even in one of her better lives Sakura Kyoko will die before she reaches 30 years old having seen all of her family and friends, except perhaps Madoka, die or turn into abominations.

Then, let us move on to Rebellion. In the main part of the movie we see Kyoko finally living a happy life, but of course this happy life turns out to be nothing more than a dream. The only time we’ve seen Kyoko live a truly happy life, it turned out to be part of an evil alien plot, and it only lasted a mere month. At the end of Rebellion, she is relatively happy in Homura’s new universe to be sure, but it isn’t as happy as the dream world. While Kyoko is the closest thing Homura has to a true friend, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be as close, if they’re even friends at all, for one main reason:

Homura entrusted Mami and Kyoko to finish her off, end her suffering and protect Madoka, but of course they didn’t. While Homura’s probably happyish that they didn’t in retrospect since this allowed her to stop the Incubators from repeating the experiment until they got the result they wanted, it’s safe to say from her actions at the end that she holds a personal grudge against them, probably Kyoko more so than Mami because she respected her more. So, one friend gone, but still, not a bad world. She has Sayaka, Madoka, Mami and Nagisa, she goes to school, she isn’t homeless, it’s pretty much the best she can ask for. But it won’t last. Homura is unstable and borderline suicidal (and who knows what would happen to the universe if she actually died or lost control of her faculties), Madoka’s powers are imperfectly sealed and Sayaka’s going to start rabble rousing sooner or later. This world will fall apart, the only question is how bad Kyoko’s lot will be when it does.

You’ve probably thought to yourself while reading this ‘hey, all the other girls have horrible fates in store for them too. Why are you singling out Kyoko like she’s something special?’ And the answer to that is: because she is special. Out of all of the girls, excluding Madoka, she has the greatest capacity for hope. No matter how shitty her situation has become and how much she’s taken to acting like a coldhearted hardass, all it takes is hanging around with the other girls for a few days for her to soften back up. The others don’t have the same capacity for hope that she does; Mami barely holds herself together, Sayaka crumbles like a dust statue under the slightest despair and  Homura never had any real hope, just enough to keep her alive (and it’s debatable whether that was true hope or some mix of determination and self-delusion). Kyoko and Madoka have true hope, but unlike Madoka, Kyoko has no one fighting for her, and she made her wish long ago. There is no chance for her situation to improve, and no one will save her, no matter how much hope she holds onto. That just makes her fall all the worse in the end. And besides, Mami and Sayaka might suffer, but at least it ends quickly for them. Kyoko’s misery just keeps going and going and she’s always, always the one left behind.

But let’s imagine a scenario where a miracle occurs and Momo survives their fathers attack unscathed. Surely then Kyoko could be happy? No. Their father killed himself because Kyoko is a magical girl etc. Even if he didn’t say as such to Momo and his wife, as soon as Momo sees what Kyoko is she’ll figure it out. And there’s no way that Kyoko would be able to keep that a secret forever, especially now that Momo is dependent on her. She’s bound to ask where Kyoko goes at night, and Kyoko can’t keep a secret like that for long. How well do you think Momo’s going to take finding out that Kyoko has magic powers considering her religious upbringing and the fact that her father recently committed suicide for no apparent reason? She’s going to decide that Kyoko is to blame, not entirely incorrectly, and grow to hate her, shattering the only family bond Kyoko has left. Blaming herself for her parent’s deaths and Momo’s misery, she would soon fall into despair. Of course, not knowing that magical girls turn into witches, there is a high probability that she would be near to Momo when this happened, sucking her sister into her barrier. I’m sure you can imagine what would happen next.

And then there’s that caveat I mentioned. Magical girls turn into their soul gems. They either turn into witches or are killed and have their souls destryed when fighting, either way their souls cannot go to any afterlife that may exist for normal humans. Of course the same applies to Madoka’s world, it’s either soul destruction or magical girl heaven. Momo was not a magical girl. No matter how or when Kyoko dies, no matter what universe she dies in, her soul can never go to the same place as Momo’s. Because she exists as a magical girl, Kyoko can never, ever see her sister again.

Malleus Maleficarum - Part 3

Word Count: 2204

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I was fucking drunk when I wrote this so uh…sorry. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Tammi swung her arm toward Sam, throwing him against the wall and pinning him to it. “Tammi, what’s wrong with your eyes?” Elizabeth gasped. She turned her head back toward the two other women and changed them back to her normal brown.

“Tammi, what are you doing?” Renee demanded.

“Renee, shut your painted hole.” Tammi seethed.

“What? I – I will – You can’t – Not in my house, Tammy Fenton!” Renee said with an air of superiority. Tammi sighed in annoyance and waved her hand at Renee, sending Renee’s head snapping to the right and snapping her neck, killing her instantly. Her body fell to the floor as Elizabeth covered her mouth and screamed in terror.

“Look. You got me.” Sam surrendered. “Let the girl go.”

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Could you do an jack howard imagine where yn is watching spider man with jack and something happens and dean or Tom catch them

I had the biggest hangover. Last night is all a blur! No idea what happened or how I ended up in bed, someone must have either carried or dragged me!
I checked my phone to see what had happened in the night on twitter and tumblr. I had a text from Jack 
What you up to today? Also how’s the head?’
‘Dear Lord! I’m pretty sure Ive had the life taken out of me, I don't think I can move from bed…save me!' 
I rolled over to hide from the sunlight, I felt so sick, and every move I made made me feel worse! Then my phone buzzed again which made my head hurt 
On my way with films and cures for the headache :)’ 
Aw he was good to me, I tried to sleep a little longer, Dean or Beth would let Jack in anyway so I didn’t have to move. 
I was woken up by someone stroking my hair 
“You look like a piece of shit, how you feeling?” Jack was sat by my side, on my bedside table there was toast and a glass of orange juice
“I literally feel like death warmed up”
“Well you look like it too! Come on lets get you showered and back into bed shall we?” he smiled, helped me get to the bathroom and put the water on for me 
“I’ll let you do the rest, just don’t kill yourself in there alright” He closed the door behind him and I got into a nice hot shower. Lets steam this fucker! 
When I was all clean and back into some new pi’s I met Jack back in my room who was under the covers.
“You have a choice of movie, Captain America or Spider-Man" 
Even though Captain America was my favourite superhero I was going to have to say Spider-Man as Jack had been so nice to bring me all these things to make me feel better. 
He beamed with glee as he ran over to my tv to put the movie on. I struggled to climb back into bed without being sick. It was hard but I did it and could just snuggle up and try to eat some toast. 
Jack joined me back in bed 
"Uh I feel so sick!” I curled up into a ball 
“Oh sweetheart” He rubbed my back to make me feel better but it only made me feel worse. 
He cuddled up to me and gave me a big hug, we kind of just stayed in the position for the rest of the film, part way through I feel asleep but managed to wake up for the end credits
“You are the cutest thing when you sleep” He kissed the top of my head which I thought was sweet “You feeling better?”
“Much, thank you for being so awesome” I looked up to him and that moment when two people look into each others eye and you connect, like in the films. That made my stomach knot again but in a good way. He kissed me softly and I kissed him back. This wasn’t him taking advantage, who would do all this if there were no feelings involved. 
“WOAH!” Dean came into my room “I came in to see if you were alright! Did no expect that! Well I kind of did but still! she’s hanging to fuck!”
“Alright DEAN! get out will you fuck!” Jack and I laughed
“It was bound to happen sooner or later” I winked at Jack 
“Too right, even when you are hung over you’re still the prettiest thing I’ve seen”

( @killiantheking )

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Seeing Killian again - her ex again - was not in the plans for the night. Emma was perfectly fine with having a beer or two and then heading home, but she was not fine with seeing him again…granted, she was the one to fuck things up, but still. “Nope,” Emma muttered to herself as she slapped a twenty dollar bill on the counter before grabbing her purse and heading for the door.