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83. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

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Some days you woke up to Jay whining his ass off and being clingy as hell about wanting you to do the impossible and take the day off, or half at least, just so he could spend some time with you. You couldn’t blame him, though – he was his own boss after all. Others, like today when he wasn’t around, your mornings were exceptionally quiet and despite the fact that you guys have dated for a solid two years, you just couldn’t get used to it.

Most days you’d either occupy yourself with house chores, deadlines of your own that you had to meet, or head down to the office with him but here you were, utterly bored after having your boyfriend whisked off for a music video shoot bright and early in the morning while you were still pretty much knocked out and unconscious in your sleep.

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I'm curious to read your take on 6x12 events, sometimes A&E get me really tired of their drama just for the sake of drama, like they are sending to hell all narrative coherence, and are just "we screw up with everything just because we can, thus proving how smart we are and how you have nothing figured out"...

So I finally saw the episode just now, and, honestly… You and me both. And I don’t really say that lightly, but yeah. Drama for the sake of drama (which this most definitely was) can get repetitive and boring, and I totally feel you about this.

Honestly, Snow having been involved would’ve made for a helluva more interesting storyline. At least it would’ve given Snow something to do other than sleep and coddle Regina! And it would’ve made Snowing a more interesting couple, because, seriously, I feel like the writers have just been pretty “meh” about Snowing since S2. They were interesting in S1. After that, the narrative belonged to Captain Swan, and Snowing fell into Pleasantville stagnation. “Oh, he’s good! And she’s good! And this couple is all good and always good! And when they occasionally slip, they coddle their abuser ten times over to make up for it!” *Sigh* Meanwhile, with Captain Swan, you have him climbing to the light, them falling in love, her becoming the Dark One, him becoming the Dark One, secrets and hurdles and overcoming darkness. Dark sides make characters interesting. David’s character became interesting in this episode! Snow’s character? Still boring! And she continued to baby Regina in this episode, so…less than boring! Annoying! So much for that couple-building twist!

When the guy who killed the dude is exactly who you expected to kill the dude, how is that supposed to be a twist?! I would’ve said the same thing if it was Regina or Rumple who killed him. They had a good opportunity to give a nice character-building twist to things, and then…this. Ugh…whatever.


My writer’s brain didn’t have that many problems with the episode, to be honest, though. It wasn’t bad. It was a SHIT TON of foreshadowing, which I will get to when I get to it (I’ll give a short rundown here), but…it wasn’t bad. It both foreshadowed Killian’s arc throughout the season and set it up with the twist at the end. So…I get the twist at the end, but do I like the twist at the end? No! It’s like…do I like the fact that they’re going to age-up the CS Baby? No! Do I get why they’re going to age-up the CS Baby? Yes! Do I get why they did this whole episode and made Killian Robert’s killer? Yes! 


Sometimes, I don’t like my writer’s brain. Sometimes, I just want to be emotional!

It doesn’t let me!

Okay! So…here’s the thing—Robert’s flashback storyline foreshadowed Killian’s present-day storyline for 6B, and it was a little bit reversed. Remember the part at the beginning? When Robert had to choose whether to keep both his children and watch them both die, or give up one child and have them both live? That foreshadowed Killian (and Emma) having to make that decision later on in the season—do they want to keep their newborn and Henry, and watch them both die? Or do they want to keep one of the boys and give the other one up so that they’ll both be able to live? When Emma was born, Snow and Charming had to make the same decision about keeping her. Now Captain Swan will be forced into the same (slightly twisted) situation. A curse will be coming to Storybrooke, and Emma and Killian will be on the verge of losing their family to the curse. The solution? In Killian’s words:

“There’s one way for you not to lose your family, and that’s to let it grow.”

That foreshadows them letting go of one baby (the CS Baby, the newborn) in order to keep all of them alive. They’re literally going to let him grow (apart from them, in another realm). Then they’re going to trust that he’s going to come back twenty-eight years later and save them all.

Just like with Ruth and Robert (and Snow and Charming), giving up their child in order to give both boys their best chance is going to be a sacrifice for Emma and Killian.

That’s what Robert’s story (in the beginning) foreshadowed for Killian later on. The rest of Robert’s story is Killian at the present. It’s Killian from the moment he finds out that he killed Charming’s father (end of 612) all the way to when he almost sacrifices himself to get his newborn to safety (end of 619-620). Robert’s drunkenness is a parallel to Killian’s lack of self-confidence. It was remedied by David a little bit when David said yes, but the twist in the end is what started Killian’s self-confidence problem all over again, just like giving up James was what started Robert’s drinking problem. Does that make sense? That’s WHY that twist was there! To clarify:

Robert’s guilty conscience about giving up James 
== Killian’s guilty conscience about killing Robert

Get it? That’s why that twist was there—it started Killian off on the exact same arc Robert went through in the flashbacks. So I can’t really fault the writers for it, can I? Do I like it? No. Do I get it? Yes!

So just like Robert found a purpose and resolved his guilty conscience on his journey to rescue his son, so too will Killian get over his guilty conscience and find confidence on his journey to fatherhood and having to rescue his son. He’s not going to parallel Robert exactly, because there’s always a flip between the present-day and the flashbacks. Like Charming, he’s going to be injured in the end, but not killed. Besides, Colin’s singing in 620, isn’t he? That means he gets caught up in the curse. So…there.

Ultimately, this twist in the end wasn’t about creating drama between Killian and Charming, because Charming got over it in this episode. This episode was about Charming getting over it and moving on. If he didn’t kill King George, he won’t kill Killian, even if he finds out the truth. He’s already had his arc. This twist wasn’t about creating drama between Killian and Emma either. Emma knows what kind of man Killian was. She knows he killed his own father! What she sees is his guilty conscience and the hits his self-confidence takes with every reminder of his past misdeeds, and that’s what’s important to her. She sees his regret and his regret is what tells her and keeps telling her he’s changed. No…this twist was about creating drama between Killian and Killian. It’s man vs. self.

Killian’s guilty conscience is going to get him down in the beginning, just like it did Robert. Then he’s going to find out he’s going to be a father and he has to save his son, and then just like it did Robert, it’s going to change everything. Then you’ll see his hero’s journey.

Feel better about that now? Not that big of a deal, huh? Still bitter it wasn’t Snow, though. That would’ve been so good! Instead, I’m stuck watching her sleep and continue to baby Regina. Fuck that!

By the way, I’m calling it—Baby Charming is the one who wakes his parents from their curse. (It foreshadows the CS Baby doing it for Captain Swan in 6.21.)

I hope to find the time to actually write my wrap-ups this week. Thanks so much for your patience, and thank you for the question! :-)

I hope you have a great week! :-D

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It's pretty pathetic to be hard core anti-whatever ship. Btw lydia loves stiles and 'i think i loved him' establishes that and was a good line and if you genuinely ship marrish then that's gross because he had wet hallucinations of lydia which he didn't try to stop he would have had sex with a high school girl if he could

I’ts pretty pathetic to come here as an anon with hate, at least have the balls to come with your user, you know? And sweetheart, can you show me where did I ask for your opinion about that line of if snake martin loves mieciu? 

And Finally, I don’t ship marrish. Do I think they’re cute and Lydia deserves someone better than all the boyfriends she had? Hell yes. But one think you should know it’s that the one who had those hallucinations was the hellhound and not Jordan, and that hallucinations can’t be control when, where or about what happens.

Please keep coming, I’m bored :))

I’ve seen this, so I’ll do it, what the hell...

Get To Know Your Fellow TCC Members

Name: Sapphire

What Got You Into The TCC: Charles Manson, Son of Sam, Ed Gein, but then I bought a book on Richard Ramirez and it just kind of exploded

Favorite Killer: RICHIE, my inappropriate crush, also Ed Gein, Dylan Klebold, and Jeffrey Dahmer (plus some obscure ones, ever heard of Herb Baumeister?)

Least Favorite Killer: Bowlcut

Favorite True Crime Book: Dahmer Detective, the Night Stalker (life and crimes of Richard Ramirez), A Father’s Story, A Mother’s Reckoning

Favorite True Crime Movie/Documentary: Jeffrey Dahmer files

Favorite Case: I’ve always been fascinated by Jack the Ripper, HH Holmes, and the Zodiac

Future Career Choice: I’m a licensed social worker, and despite all this crime stuff I prefer pretty “boring” work like geriatrics (old people), helping people sign up for stuff, etc… but someday, maybe, I’d like to be a consultant

anybody can do this, I’m too low on spoons to pick


@spiritguide thanks for understanding, I do owe a lot of people replies tho (at least not money lmao). I dropped that book finally, I just lost the mood and I don’t want to force myself to read something that’s boring the hell out of me. I’m glad to hear that at least you’re faring better with yours! What are you reading, if you don’t mind me asking?

@kaibatxt thank you! Well my dad’s going to convene everyone, sort of, this Saturday, because of it, and idk if things are going to be okay, but yeah. 

@therepublicofletters I visited my cousin in another city cause my parents are going to someone’s funeral. Ish. It was pretty fun and I did get to stay in a creepy haunted hotel lmao.

@archistratego thanks bb! It always means a lot <333

Just finished Iron Fist and I'm kinda just exhausted. Thoughts:

1. The last two episodes were great.
2. Danny is temperamental and prone to annoying tantrums.
3. Colleen Wing is so amazing I love her so much.
4. I don’t know why Colleen likes Danny at all but okay. He doesn’t deserve her.
5. Rosario Dawson is, as always, the literal best.
6. One of the villains is great in a really fun way while the others are pretty boring and confuse the hell out of me.
7. I liked the characters for the most part but the plot lets them all down.
8. There are like at least 5 minutes of great scenes or moments out of every episode. But for hour long episodes that never saves it.
10.They don’t show the dragon. 0/10

The show, in general, is boring and bland. Its not even really BAD its just really boring and not worth spending 13 hours on.
Good episodes: Episode 6 (the one RZA directed), parts of ep. 7, and episodes 12 &13.

Definitely the weakest out of all the marvel netflix shows. 2.5 stars.

Cheating Girlfriend Prank (FAIL)

ME: so I was just REALLY bored and decided to make this after watching a hundred prank videos

“Come on Y/N don’t you wanna get him back from pranking you at least once?” Gilinsky asked and I thought about it.
He wanted me to be in on a new prank against my boyfriend Jack Johnson. I don’t know when the hell their channel start being about pranks but they’ve been pranking people for a while now, especially Johnson.
“Yeah but this might end my relationship and I don’t think 5 years is something I wanna throw down the drain.” I said. The prank was ‘Cheating Girlfriend Prank’ and I was supposed to be the cheating girlfriend.
“Come on I’m pretty sure he’ll understand it’s a prank when we tell him. Please Y/N just this once and it’s not like we’re actually doing anything, we’re just making it look like we did.” Gilinsky said and didn’t answer giving him an unsure look.
“Please!!!” Gilinsky pled doing his puppy dog eyes and I laughed.
“Fine! But I swear if he breaks up with me, you’re finding me a new boyfriend.” I said and he picked me and swung me around.
“Yesss! Thanks Y/N!” He exclaimed.


Gilinsky, Sam and Skate were hiding the cameras and my heart was beating out my chest.
“You ready?” Gilinsky asked and I nodded slowly.
“Here put this on.” Sam said throwing me a white Victoria Secret lingerie gown.
“Ew what the fuck I’m not wearing that!” I exclaimed.
“Why? Is it too small?” Sam asked cluelessly.
“No sam, it’s because it’s sexual and I don’t feel comfortable wearing that next to a half naked Jack Gilinsky. That’s basically cheating.” I said.
“Well you have to wear something convincing. He’s not gonna believe you two did something if your wearing casual clothes.” Skate joined in and I rolled my eyes.
“Fine, whatever.” I said taking the piece of clothing and changing in the bathroom.
“Alright Johnson’s gonna be here any minute so get in bed.” Sam directed.
Gilinsky got in first and I crawled in next to him. He had nothing but his boxers on and I was a little uncomfortable.
“Get closer Y/N, I won’t bite.” He said and scooted closer and he pulled me even closer.
“There, now he’ll believe us.” He said laughing and I was nervous and I think you could tell because Gilinsky patted my head.
“It’s gonna be alright. Just calm down.” I giggled.
We all heard the front door open and I panicked a little. Sam and Skate hid in our bathroom connected to our bedroom.
“Babe I’m home!” I heard Johnson yell from downstairs.
I heard him coming closer to the room.
“Hey baby… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!” He yelled and Gilinsky and I acted surprised.
“Bro it’s not what it looks like!” He said going up to Johnson. He didn’t take his eyes off of me. He looked like he wanted to kill me and cry afterwards.
“How could you Y/N?! I loved you! I fucking loved you!” He yelled.
“I’m sorry babe.” I said laughing a little bit.
“You think this is fucking funny?!” He yelled rushing closer to me and I was scared.
Gilinsky put his hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
“Don’t you fucking touch me!” He yelled and with that Gilinsky was on the ground with blood running down his nose. Jack was on on top punching him repeatedly. Gilinsky was guarding himself as much as he could.
I jumped off the bed and tried to pull Johnson off of him but he was too strong and angry.
“Jack stop! We were just joking! Leave him alone!” I yelled pulling Johnson but he didn’t budge. Instead I felt myself hit the floor.
“Sam , Skate help! He’s going crazy!!” I yelled in terror realizing this was serious.
Sam and Skate ran in and with a terrible struggle pulled Johnson off Gilinsky.
Tears were running down my face and blood down Gilinsky’s.
“Dude it was a fucking prank they didn’t do anything! Chill!” Skate said struggling to keep Johnson from getting to Gilinsky again.
“What kind of fucking prank is this?!” Jack yelled angrily.
“There’s a camera right there and over there!” Sam yelled pointing to the cameras in the corner of the room.
Jack looked up and realization hit his face and you could literally see the guilt and relief in his eyes.
By this time I was busy cleaning up Gilinskys face with the first aid kit from the bathroom.
“Oh fuck bro I’m so sorry!” Johnson said going over to us.
“It’s alright,” he said holding his jaw that was most likely broken.
“But I’m never pranking you again, you play too much.” He said with a little laugh.
“Y/N I didn’t mean to push you I was just…”
“It’s fine.” I interrupted him.


“Daaayyyuuummm!” Sam and Skate said in unison as we watched the video.
“I think we’re gonna have to rename this ‘Jack beats the hell out of Jack.’” I joked.
“Forreals I’ve never seen you so mad in my life.” Gilinsky said holding an ice pack on his head.
“You made it seem like you were having sex with the woman I love, how else was I supposed to act?” Johnson replied defensively.
“Yeah well I’m sorry baby. Gilinsky made me do it.” I said kissing his cheek.
“Aw you could act cute all you want, but I’m still getting you back. All of you.” Johnson replied and everyone groaned.
“See Gilinsky I told you this was a bad idea!” I said in an annoyed voice lightly hitting his shoulder making everyone laugh, especially Johnson.

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Hey! So I'm rewatching the first season of The 100 bc bored as hell haha and I can't stop wondering if Lexa was aware of everything that was happening with the Sky people like before it got super serious, because I'm pretty sure she lives in Polis and not the middle of the woods so idk. Do you have any thoughts about this? I love your blog btw:)

oh girrrrl. I wish I could have somehow compile the hours i have spent watching this show, seriously I watch like an episode or part of an episode everyday. This show is so full of symbolism and parallels and excellent quotes and I just LOVE IT OKAY!?!?! Thanks for liking my blog!! :D Okay…now onto your question:

No doubt that Lexa saw the Dropship fall from the Sky, or at least hear accounts from something falling into Trikru territory. Lincoln was sent to scout out the delinquents and that is when he drew the stuff in his book. You see in in the tree’s at the very end of (1x02) and you see his book in (1x07):

Bellamy and the others while looking for Octavia walked into Trikru territory where scouts killed a few of the delinquents. This is when Lincoln sounds the horn and saves the rest of them from being killed. In (1x07) Lincoln was captured and was held captive and tortured, he probably missed a check in or something and maybe that is when Anya came to TonDC? Or maybe Anya was in a Unit General for the warriors in the TonDC area so she was already there. Anya was the ‘ambassador’ for Lexa in (1x09) when she met Clarke on the bridge, talking about peace negotiations. Then Jasper fired the first shot and effed up the peaceful negotiations. Anya was shot and probably went back to TonDC where the rest of her Unit was waiting. A message was probably sent to Lexa about the failed negotiations. This is probably when Lexa gave Anya the ‘green light’ to move forward on the attack. 

Then in (1x10) that is when they sent Murphy back into the Dropship camp to weaken them with a virus. They use this virus to weaken their enemies before they attack. This is when the Delinquents blow up the bridge and this is when Tris is injured. Tris dies in the next episode and in the next Clarke is captured. I have a feeling Anya was going to take Clarke to Lexa before Tristan showed up, and told them to kill Clarke. Tristan shows up to tell Anya that Lexa is giving her Unit to Tristan because she failed at the peace talks and at the attack on the bridge. That is when you see Anya’s face drop, and knowing know that Lexa was her second you can see how much more this moment hurt for Anya.  Then Tristan also failed at killing the delinquents. I think Lexa was sent messengers with updates on the battlefield constantly.

When the rest of the Ark Station fell from the Sky and Lexa probably called a Coalition meeting or something, but then Finn massacred TonDC and that is why Lexa came herself to deal with the Arkers. (P.s. I’m kinda thinking that Polis is Philadelphia…they better tell us where it is this season) 

Anywho that’s my ‘off the top of my head’ run down of all the events that happened in Season 1 and how Lexa probably was getting the sad play by play in Polis. She knew of Clarke ever since Anya went to go meet her in (1x09). 

Pretty boring art but that’s what I get for picking up an old WIP from 2 years ago and working on it again, also completely forgetting the original idea I was going for. So I pretty much used it to experiment with some coloring and effects and I think it looks neat at least!

The lady on the left is one of my old OCs and I don’t really have much use for her since I ditched most of my alien/scifi OCs to focus on Hallow. She’s fun as hell to draw though and maybe I’ll focus on her again one day, I’m not ready to completely throw her under the rug :’)

How To Deal With Anons

I was hoping that the anon hater in the Markiplier tag would go away, but apparently they’re stuck attacking anyone who so much as thinks of posting something in this tag. I’m pretty sure it’s just one really bored evildoer here, but that doesn’t make their presence any less serious and I’m tired of watching them hurt people in this community. So here’s the battle plan, for everyone here:

Don’t respond directly. You don’t want to give them the satisfaction of a reply. Even if your reply is bad ass, it’ll still make them cackle with glee that you saw their hate and also encourage a reply from them. If you need help, tell someone you’re getting ugly anons in private messages–hell, send me a pm and I’ll be there for you. Otherwise, at least wait a few hours/days after they’ve sent it to reply, if you feel like you need a reply on your blog–and if you can, have it under a read more so the anon’s less likely to see it.

Hit the ignore button. The ‘X’ or 'Block’ button in the message. Yes, you can do this on anons too. It will help keep them off your blog as well and keep future messages out of your inbox. Nothing discourages a hater more than having no idea if they’re being heard or not.

Track their IP Address so you can report them. Do this ESPECIALLY if they’re encouraging you to kill yourself, because A) they can face jail time for that kind of bullshit and should be held accountable for that sick behavior, and B) even if they ultimately get a slap on the wrist for it, the warning should keep them from sending similar anons to vulnerable people all the same.

Please reblog this if you or folks that follow you frequent the tag a lot. We need to get this hate out of our fandom.

And if you’re the one sending hate? Seriously. Stop being a child.

> ID: Go penguin sledding!


ID’s job, you decide, is boring as hell.

This is a well-informed executive decision formulated based on the fact that you’ve been in his office for all of ten seconds and you kind of want to kick out a cubicle wall just so something will happen. You suddenly understand why he was so focused on his freaking cardigan, because despite the temperature gauge reading something perfectly reasonable, the moment you entered the premises, you suddenly became slightly chilly. You’re pretty sure that slight chilliness is a universal constant of offices.

A synthetic breeze wafts past your belly, and you shiver. The main sound you can hear from here is the clack of computer keys, and quiet phone conversation. This is fucking depressing.

By the time you make it to ID’s desk, you’ve lightened up just a tad - at least there’s more sound than at a wake, now, and the cubicles are personalized for all that they’re cubicles. This doesn’t stop you from dramatically smacking down a paper-wrapped package on ID’s desk, leaning over on it to show off your new scar. It’s still pretty gnarly looking and bandaged up for the most part, but the edges are shallow enough that you can drag down your collar and poke at it proudly.

“HEYA, buttercup,” you greet, “I’m here to rescue you from your death by BOREDOM! Check it! Got us both a new LOOK - c’mon, c’mon, OPEN it, and don’t ever say I don’t follow through, AIGHT, dude?”

It’s a folded button-up sweater, not that you expect ID is going to use the buttons if he can get away with it, cashmere and bright fuchsia in its entirety. You salvaged the damn thing from Clydes’s closet, because he’s only ever been able to wear it the once and ID totally deserves to have it. Plus, you can’t wait to see their eyes bug out - ID, when he sees the cardigan, and Clydes when… well, when he sees the cardigan on ID.

(You’d warned him! You’d totally warned him about this sweater. He probably figured that you were gonna steal it for yourself, of course, but - well. There are better causes.)

“Got your FLOWERS, bee tee dubs,” you inform him. “QP said they were for HUMILITY and that if you’re gonna send flowers then you should at least TRY to make ‘em believable. I just thought they were PRETTY, but I was also on enough meds that I could actually APPRECIATE the pun insteada smackin you one.”