it was better live tbh


The crew explaining that  X-Men: First Class  is actually a romance between Charles and Erik.

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

depression schedule:

  • consciousness: 1pm
  • deciding whether its worth it to exist today: 1-2pm
  • moving to the couch: 2:30pm
  • food?? (nutritional value optional): 3pm
  • wanting to be productive: 3-6pm
  • food part 2: 6pm
  • family time (laying on couch in proximity of a relative): 6-9pm
  • forcing yourself to do some of the things you didnt do during the day: 9pm-5am

repeat ad infinitum

  • me, being ignored: *puts my phone on airplane mode so i can pretend that not getting any texts is my own choice*

Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

Cat Noire → ♡ → Ladybug
Eli → ♡ → Nozomi

Bonus: Nico runs the LadyBlog and ships LadyNoire


the 4 stages of listening to someone who’s bullshitting you


robert „romance novel” sugden

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Why did you apply to work at Walmart and not somewhere a bit better? Tbh I’m just speaking from based where I live the only people who work at Walmart are like.. somethings up with them some of them look like pedophiles or drug abusers

You kind of sound like you’re an asshole anon

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have you listened to dear Evan Hansen

ive seen a bootleg of it pretty recent and to be honest im not that fussed about it, but holy wow sincerely me is such a bop and its been stuck in my head all day

anyway heres the nerves boy::

“Nice to meet you!”

Imagine if they expanded Whiskey’s character arc. 

Imagine if they gave us more scenes of Eggsy and Whiskey bonding so it was more shocking when Harry shot him and when Whiskey betrayed them. Imagine Eggsy and Whiskey talking more than just about cheap seduction techniques and dick jokes before or at Glastonbury. Imagine Whiskey being purposely gruff when Eggsy asks him about what if he had someone at home and would he sleep with some other random woman to get information for Statesman?

Imagine Whiskey trying to subtly question Harry’s sanity and refuel his efforts into befriending Eggsy in hopes of dividing them. Imagine him being more frustrated when it doesn’t seem to work, wondering just how close the butterfly guy and Eggsy were before all this. Imagine him trying to probe Eggsy for more information, chatting him up under the guise of helping to understand why Eggsy was so ready to defend Harry’s right to be in the field again. 

Imagine Whiskey hinting he’s experienced great personal losses in his life, brushing off Eggsy’s happy memories of Tilde because he remembers having those once. Imagine Eggsy trying to figure out what’s going on, but being unsuccessful. Imagine the parallels that could have been drawn with Eggsy and Whiskey losing people they cared about and how they reacted in different ways. 

Imagine Whiskey and Harry trying to awkwardly interact and Harry slowly putting together clues that Whiskey’s intentions are actually legitimately warning bells. Imagine Whiskey slyly dancing around Harry, with Harry looking like he’s increasingly more paranoid and trustworthy. Imagine Harry glaring at Whiskey, trying to pin down an exact ah-ha moment as evidence, but this American agent is too fucking good. 

Imagine Whiskey having a reason for general asshole-ish behavior. Is it a cover so he can cover up his true emotions and intentions? Is he genuinely a jerk? Does he ever let his guard down, save for when Ginger shows him a picture of his dead wife?

Imagine Whiskey not simply getting chucked into the meat grinder because he fucking lost people he loved and sometimes that fucks you up beyond measure and yet that doesn’t mean you’re totally irredeemable. Imagine Eggsy confronting him about his past, that he and his family and friends used to or still do drugs and if that means that they deserved to die if Poppy succeeded. Imagine Whiskey countering all of these, really showing the grief he’s repressed over the years before telling Eggsy to fuck off or simply turning away. 

Just imagine. 



DAY 18 - R for Rocker!Chen

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Top 5 ushiwaka moments

Hi anon! I’m going to specifically pick moments when he isn’t playing volleyball, because he’s just so damn cool everytime he spikes. Ushiwaka tends to come across as very serious, but I feel that it’s exactly this trait that makes him so adorkable:

1. Anytime he makes his classic deadpan face

like the first time he met kageyama and hinata

or in the training camp arc when tendou suggested hinata and kageyama were monsters HAHA


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2. tbh I live for all his interactions with tendou

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look at him clapping for tendou in the back I mean what a pure human being

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3. Rare smiling Ushiwaka who is actually feeling fired up about his match

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4. Farmer ushiwaka

5. Baby ushiwakas


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“You should have come to Shiratorizawa”

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???