it was better like this lol

I was curious as to what Peridot would have looked like if they hadn’t squished her proportions when she lost her limb enhancers. She’d still be pretty small, just not as tiny. So taller than Amethyst and Steven, but shorter than Lapis and Pearl.

Here’s what I think she’d look like compared to Ame and Steven (if they both had better proportions too lol)

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My crush has a girlfriend but he still texts me, he always tell me that he wants to see me.. What does this mean ¿¿

this means he is a bad boyfriend lol he probably does like you and genuinely wanna hang out w you and that would be great if he DIDNT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. there is not even a QUESTION in this situation that you need to back off if he keeps talking to you. not just out of respect for his relationship and his GIRLFRIEND (if you were dating someone you would NOT want some girl texting him all the time and hanging out w him and flirting w him nooo) but out of respect for URSELF cause u deserve better!!!

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technically, doesn't make a difference. sky high and marvel films are both disney. lol

Sky High: 

  • Warren Peace
  • Superpowered Gym Class
  • Mad Science Class
  • Sidekicks Kick Butt
  • Has Actual Nice Colors
  • Has Kevin McDonald 


  • Bucky Barnes, blatant Warren Peace knockoff
  • No Superpowered Gym Class
  • Mad Science Class always ends with Gamma Radiation
  • Do Marvel Superheros even have actual sidekicks?? Classic mistake, 
  • Looks like Sad Upholstery 
  • Does Not have Kevin McDonald

Clearly we see which is better

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For your Haunted!ABO!PGD AU (I'm sure you have a better name for it but I don't know what it is XP), does that mean Dean is dead and bound to something in the house?

I don’t have a better name for it. Maybe we should give it a gaudy novel title like “The Fiery Lord of Winchester Manor” or something *lol* (Ideas welcome)

(I’m also not sure if it will be omegaverse or not. I would imagine a slightly different story if it were omegaverse.)

No, Dean’s not dead. Due to something tragic happening in his past (what depends on a/b/o content or not) he lost almost all of his powers and went into a death like slumber. I imagine Sam allows women and men to stay in the manor, hoping that one of them will be able to wake Dean up.

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Why does everyone hate la la land lol? (I haven't seen it yet)

i feel like people don’t necessarily hate the movie, i think it’s more that it got so much hype and praise from critics, swept awards shows etc when there are a ton of other great movie options with better stories. i haven’t seen la la land either os i don’t really have a valid opinion

lol currently on the treadmill at the gym but I thought I’d put my 2 cents in on this remy/nicki beef. Ok so everyone’s saying remy ended her/ is a better rapper and saying nicki is all pop rap but like in my honest opinion I can’t see nicki not responding and dropping fire bars like she is one of the best rappers of our time and her pop phase was for her to get her coin like yea remy roasted her but it wasn’t THAAAAT hard like she brought up all these rappers that nicki apparently fucked which first off who cares and second off nicki’s been adamant her whole career that she doesn’t do that to get a come up plus trey and the other dude denied these claims so I mean idk

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This might be really weird and you don't have to do it, but... Since you said you liked Erased (amazing show <3); Atsushi in Satoru's role and Lucy in Kayo's? It'd either be Lucy or Kyouka; both of them fit imo. Atsushi doesn't really fit with him but he has ties to either of the girls so (again, just throwing out crossover ideas lol).

Lucy seemed to fit better for Kayo in my opinion lol

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can we see what the skins actually look like on the minecraft chars?

Oh Sure!! I made aquas skin first, and then went off hers to work on the other two lol. I’m pretty proud of my work!! I’m looking to get better at minecraft skins lol.

funny how part of the reason i thought sherlock was just queer baiting before i first joined TJLC was because when i was like 14 moffat wrote asylum of the daleks where clara is like “when i was a teenager i went thru a bi phase lol” and the doctor and rory are like !!!!!!!

shit made me feel so humiliated bc i was still in my kinda embarrassing Whovian™ phase and i thought moffat thought of me as just another “typical” girl who says that they’re bi but doesn’t really understand who they are???????

it’s stupid bc it’s literally just one tiny scene but six years later im still kinda salty like……………….why did you think that was a good idea

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can u believe they really thought they could make a live action Ghost In The Shell? like no matter how cool the effects are in this movie…it will always look better animated LOL

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no reeree i'm the one that's crying omfg thank you for showing me that there's people who can reach more than larries fucksjfks how long did it take you to think of that? what's fabricated? that he hasn't known ot3 since 2013? or is it his face in fanpics? do you think sugardaddy!jeff holds a gun to his head to make him look like he wants to die whenever a plebeian fan is near him? is his friendship with fellow angel™ justin huchel fabricated too? thanku though,this is better than the shoe reach

ok first of all…..what am i reaching towards……i’m a larrie and i personally don’t enjoy reaches bc it’s pointless, so i know the difference between reaching and defending. honestly your arguments are so flawed like lol i can make a fucking collage of all the times harry has loved 1d even after 2013 but i wont put effort on someone like you so i suggest you just check my tagged/ot4 for reference, as well as my 23doh harry + 1d edit :) what is his face in fanpics?? that he looks tired?? honey holy shit all the boys have had fanpics where they look dead tired bc guess what, theyre all busy?? also lol i fucking resent that you think he hates his fans bc holy shit fans that he sees are so invasive and yet he fucking steps out of his car, calls out for a group of fans, and does many more just to give them what they want?? if you want more proof bc im fucking tired of this just check my tagged/heart-of-gold. lastly, i know harry has problematic friends, i get that, but so do all the other boys. i don’t personally know any of them so i have 0 right to even judge their friendship and neither do you. thing is, when the other boys have problematic friends yall are just like “protect him from them!! get him away from the nasties!!” but when it’s harry yall are just like “ew by association harry is nasty too” like wtf is this double standard? if you think this is more extreme than the shoe reach i really am questioning your logical reasoning sorry fam

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Tbh sometimes I really wish (good) fanfic writers would take over the screenwriting for shows bc you guys have a much better understanding of the characters etc lol, youd never butcher them like that

I can think of at least three people besides myself off the top of my head who would have written this season so much better than the actual writers have, and there are a lot more of them I don’t know about out there

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Lucky number: 11

favorite character: Lillie, Acerola, Lusamine some other Pokémon SM characters and Muffet for Undertale! oh and some others from different fandoms

How many blankets do u sleep in: 2

Dream job: Artist & Animator

Following: too many to count I need to unfollow a bunch

The Aim of Elves

Summary: You disobey Thranduil’s orders and decide to help the dwarves which has a better outcome than you expected.

A/N:It’s a bit “too good to be true” but I don’t care lol. Also, this is only a test to see if people would actually like it so if you do, please request more for this. If you don’t that’s fine :)

You pick up a large black arrow from the ground. It is evidence of a man’s failed attempts to kill the dragon.

“Y/n!” King Thranduil barks and you run back to the front line where you’re supposed to be, forgetting about the arrow in your hand. Over the hill, you can see dwarves running from a place they had once called home. Defiled by the dragon Smaug.

There you see a dwarf waving and shouting,“help us!” You look towards Thranduil but he turns around. How dare he turn his back on these people! He would risk the alliance over this! He was more selfish than you thought.

You move to jump over the mountain, but the voice of your King brings you to a halt.

“Y/n! If you take another step, you will be banished from my lands,” Thranduil tells you and slowly, you take off your helmet, throwing it at his feet.

“I do not want to live in a kingdom where the king does nothing to help the suffering of others,” you tell him and you jump down the side of the hill.

As you reach the bottom, you hear footsteps following you and you turn around to see that ten others have joined you. You already know who has followed you because they have been faithful to you from the day you became a guard.

You turn back to direct them, needing to get the dwarves to safety as soon as possible.

“Four of you, help these dwarves move away from this mountain, four of you help the dwarves stuck inside, the rest follow me,” you announce, running past the dwarf who was calling out for help.

You had no time to look at his face. If you did, you would have noticed that he was the Prince.

You go inside the mountain to look for that blasted dragon. You have no idea why you want to go looking for him instead of helping the evacuation. Maybe it’s because there is a slim possibility you could kill him but that was very slim. Slimmer than a strand of your hair.

The heat is unbearable as you run further into the Kingdom, but you have to deal with it. You hear and feel the footsteps of the beast and the three of you make our way to the source.

The dragon has already made its way to the treasury.

“I – smell – elf,” he growls turning towards you.

You hide behind a pillar as he blows fire at the three of you and the two elves who followed you does the same as well. You pat your tunic, trying to douse the flame that has started. It goes out quickly and you carefully look at the dragon again. There is a scale missing. The aim of men had not been false.

You run to one of the other elves, finally recognizing him. “Elrohim. Under his left wing, there is a missing scale. We need to hit him there, but I do not know how,” you tell him.

The only thing that could pierce him was a black arrow from a dwarvish windlance. Both of which you did not have.

“The arrow in your hand, y/n. It can pierce the dragon,” he tells you and you roll your eyes at your stupidity.

You had somehow forgot that you had picked the arrow up on the way here. Who forgets that they have a 7 foot tall arrow in their hand? You, of course.

“Distract him and I will kill him myself,” you say. He nods and goes over to Gallean. The two move to get Smaugs attention and you move over the coins to get closer.

“You will perish with these dwarves! Perish!” Smaug rumbles and he breathes fire, thankfully missing the two elves. You sit behind a pillar before he can see you. There is no possible way that you can kill this dragon by throwing the arrow.

“I smell three elves, but I only see two. Tell me elf, do you think that I am that stupid?” Smaug roars, head over your pillar. You stand and run, diving into the coins. You hide behind the stairs as he breathes fire again.

You sigh, knowing what You have to do. You snap your longbow in half. That was a bow gifted by the Lord of Dale and best friend Girion. You hope that he will forgive you for it.

You run as quickly as possible to the other two. As you’re running up the stairs, you see Fallan and grab him as well. You drag him behind a pillar, avoiding the fire.

“Over here!” You shout.

The three elves follow you and you lead them under a platform.

“Elves. They think they’re so amazing,” Smaug says, walking around. You motion for two of the elves to stand at either pillar and You hand them the two ends of your bow. You direct Fallan to stand in front of the string. The two elves, sensing your plan, try their best to hold the ends, pushing their entire body against the bow.

You notch the arrow into the string and lay its shaft on Fallan’s shoulder pulling back as far is it could go.

“And yet they did nothing to help the dwarves and will continue to do nothing as I kill their kin,” Smaug snarls. You see him making his way towards the platform and as soon as you see the missing scale, you let go.

He lets out a great howl. He flies away and back to where he came.