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The Smol Shiro Fic Rec MasterList
updated: 11/19/17

because there isn’t enough smol!Shiro in this fandom, and they’re hard to find. I’ve compiled a list of all the ones I know of.  

Disclaimer: in the course of making this, I realize that @bosstoaster​ and I have written 98% of the smol!Shiro fics that I know of. There’s so much between us that I guess I forgot smol!Shiro isn’t as prevalent outside….us…? - I must’ve missed some somewhere. I’d love to remedy that. Any other smol!Shiro fics out there?

In the meantime….the list, as I know it!

Toaster Smols

The first half of this list is populated by an excellent smol!Shiro writer herself, @bosstoaster​.

  • Your Grace Is Wasted, ch. 4 - featuring the smol!Shiro that inspired mine. first in the fandom.
  • A Dream Away, ch. 2 - one-shot featuring smol!Shiro and Hunk
  • You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - 3k, smol!Shiro, this was my birthday fic and everything about it is good
  • A Smol Outake - 2.5k, one-shot, Sam suggests Shiro purposefully take an afternoon off. Gold.
  • The Mane Event - 7.5k, double-whammy featuring both Kuron and Shiro as smols. Regardless of how you feel about Kuron, this is entirely too cute to resist. So worth itttttt aka boss tricked me and it’s so cute I’m weak

Onion Smols

by yours truly. 

  • The Size Of Our Actions - 65k, 12/20 chapters. Shiro’s deaged and the rest of the Paladins must cope until he can be restored to rightful size. ….hopefully.

The remainder of my smol!Shiro set has only been posted on tumblr. These range in size from 200 - 2000 words.

Other Smols 

…. I can only think of one I’m sorry

Know some smol!Shiro fic that I’ve missed? Inspired to write your own? Hit me up! The world needs more smol, and I may update this list again at a future point in time. I’d love this corner of fandom to not merely be a toaster-onion party. :) Come join us! And happy reading!

The Scarf, cont’d.

(Part 1)

More from the fiber witch!Dex ‘verse, since it got so much interest. Honestly, this could have been even longer, but this part hit 4k and got to a nice endpoint (and I’ve been working on it all week), so I’m cutting off here… for now. I even went so far as to download pictures off my real camera for the first time in months just to illustrate this.

But y’all. There’s kissing. I mean, it’s me, so it’s still entirely T, but kissing. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

“Are you sure about this?” Nursey asked.

Dex looked up from the weird new binding off he was trying to do on the pair of fingerless gloves currently on his needles. “Yes? I invited you to come, and I meant it.”

“…’kay,” Nursey said, but in a tone that had Dex rolling his eyes and setting the whole mess of glove and needles to the side so he could roll forward on his knees and really look at Nursey where he was sitting on the floor in front of Dex’s bed.

“Do you not want to go?”

Nursey kept playing with the ridiculous kid’s potholder loom Dex had bought him at a craft store when he accidentally unwound one ball of yarn too many going through Dex’s stash. “No, I do.”


“But you don’t really talk about your hometown that much, and I’m, like, worried? I guess? Because I know it’s a small town, and I know you don’t really think about it, but I’m gonna kinda… stick out. And I didn’t know if you were starting to regret asking me.”

Dex blinked. “Oh. No, that’s not going to be a problem. I swear to you, they have seen black people in Maine before. But, um, there is probably something I should talk to you about.” He settled back on the bed nervously. “Can you… can you come sit up here so I can see you when I tell you this?”

Nursey put the loom down and moved to sit cross-legged on the bed facing Dex. Dex could see him letting his whole “chill” thing take over and knew he must be freaking Nursey out, so he just took a breath and plunged into it.

“So, yes, my town is different. But not like you think. It’s not that I don’t talk about it because I’m ashamed or anything. It’s just… hard to explain.” The string he always carried in his pocket had made its way into his hand, and he wove his fingers through it nervously. “We’re witches.”

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The Sides As Things I Have Heard In The System:

Patton: Ugh! I can’t stand this person?

Virgil: Do you want me to stab them?

Patton: Nonono do not stab them DO NOT STAB THEM! NO STABBY!!!

Logan: This is completely ridiculous.

Roman: Maybe so, but it’s awesome and fun, so we’re doing it!

Patton: *screams*

Logan: What’s wrong?!

Patton: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to scream.

Roman: I can’t think of anything to say…

Virgil: Wow, that’s a first!

Roman: Shut your face, Virgil.

Roman, Patton, and Virgil: *singing All About That Base at the top of their lungs*

Logan: *screaming*

Roman: I want to do this, and this, and this, and oh! This looks cool too!

Logan: Great…you do remember we have to sleep sometime, right?



Roman: …I see your sleep and raise you my hypomania.

anonymous asked:

The first time Kat saw Adena took off her hijab.

She makes it up to the second floor, to Adena’s apartment, in a daze. Because the taste and feel of Adena lips is still zinging through her body and Adena’s palm is warm in her hand, guiding them toward the privacy of her apartment.

Adena shuts the door behind them and the first thing that Kat registers is all the warm light illuminating her living space and the soothing smell of what she thinks is a candle or incense. She’s curious, so curious to take everything in, to learn more about Adena from the intimacy of her living space. But right now, she’s far more curious if it’ll feel just as electrifying to kiss her again.

They’re standing together in the entryway, charged silence filling the space between them, when Adena looks into her eyes, opens her mouth as if to say something. But she doesn’t want to talk right now, even though she loves talking to Adena. 

Talking is the last thing on her mind.

She leans forward, takes a shaky breath and tilts her head down to look into Adena’s eyes, to make sure this is okay. Adena looks as captivated as Kat feels, and she reaches up to cup Kat’s face again like she did outside just moments ago, slowly pulling them into another kiss.

It’s so gentle, almost fragile, and she can feel Adena’s breath fan across her face when she exhales. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, not really, other than chasing after what she wants and trying not to second-guess herself.

 And the one thing she knows with absolutely certainty right now is that she wants to keep kissing Adena.

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For the prompt list, either the British monarchy one or the teddy bear bed one pls! Thank you ❤️❤️

  • I don’t want you to stay over, only I don’t know how to tell you it’s because I have a mountain of teddy bears on my bed, not because I don’t like you.

There are still days that Steve still can’t believe he’s going out with Bucky Barnes.

If anyone told him three years ago that he’d be going out with Bucky Barnes he would’ve laughed in their face. Hell, if anyone told him three years ago that Bucky Barnes, the most popular guy in their high school class, would go to the same college as him, walk onto campus and join just about every club for queer people on campus, Steve would’ve laughed in their face.

But here they are, three years later, four months together, and going strong. Except.

“We can’t go to my place, Stevie.”

Steve pulls away. “Nat’s got Sharon over tonight, so we can’t go to my place, either,” he says.

Bucky smiles a little sadly and says, “Then I guess parting is such sweet sorrow.”

Steve rolls his eyes but leans in for one last goodnight kiss before he goes.

And tries not to think about why Bucky never invites him over.

— —

In the end, it’s Sam who invites him over to drink cheap beer and watch Project Runway. He texted Bucky to ask if it was okay, and he said yes, but he’d be out the whole time. Steve tries not to think that’s weird and heads over with a six-pack and a rooting interest. He doesn’t mean to fall asleep on the couch, but he does. Sam just left him with a blanket and a pillow to go chill with Riley at some point, which is valid.

Bucky must’ve come home at some point, because when Steve opens his eyes the door to Bucky’s room is open.

Groggy, Steve stands up and sort of shuffles over to say hi. He doesn’t know whether Bucky saw him or not (he was kind of lumpy underneath the blanket and Sam turned out the lights), but he feels like he should, at least, say hi.

He gets to Bucky’s doorway and freezes.

Bucky is sitting on his bed and after he looks up at Steve, he freezes as well.

“Uh, hi,” Steve says, eyes wide as he takes in the room.

“Oh God,” Bucky says.

Because Bucky’s room is covered with shelves. And those shelves are covered in small, bean-like stuffed animals of various Disney characters.

“Tsum tsums?” Steve asks.

Bucky swallows, then nods. “Tsum tsums,” he says. He kind of winces. “Becca started getting them for me after I came out. And then…”

“They multiplied?” Steve says.

He nods. “And this is why I didn’t want you over.”

“Because you were afraid I was going to want to play with that totally sick limited edition set of Fantasia tsum tsums?”

“More that you would judge a grown-man having a dorm room full of stuffed animals.”

Steve snorts. “Hell no,” he says. “Well, I will judge you if you don’t stack them all into a pile on your bed and let me drop into them like the king of the tsums.”

Bucky grins. “I love you,” he says.

Steve laughs. “I love you, too.”

I cannot believe that I have been role playing wendy and being apart of the tumblr community for two years now !! time sure flies by, i first made this account on november 19th 2015 as a freshmen, unsure how my life is going to go and now i am preparing for college as a junior. guys, i am surely blessed by each and every one of you and i am soo happy that you have kept up with me over these two years. warning you all now. you aren’t getting ride of me any time soon. anyways let me stop being so gay.

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