it was beautiful and awesome and i miss it

Ho sempre odiato dover dimenticare le persone.
Per due motivi:
Numero uno: Ci sono persone che non riesco a dimenticare.
Numero due: Quando devi dimenticare una persona, vuol dire che è uscita dalla tua vita. E quando mi siedo e ci rifletto, penso a quanto sia ingiusto che questa persona non faccia più parte di te. Vuol dire che poi non sarà più con te. E perché mai? Ecco perché odio dimenticare.
Che poi, per me, la mente umana non dimentica. No…archivia semplicemente. Perché “dimenticare” vuol dire: eliminare totalmente un ricordo.
Mentre “archiviare” vuol dire semplicemente che il ricordo rimarrà dentro di te, ma tu sarai costretto a doverlo riporre da qualche parte per pensare ad altro. Ma c'è sempre un momento nella vita, o nella giornata, in cui il ricordo tornerà a te da quel piccolo archivio. E per quanto tu proverai a chiudere quell'archivio, finirai solo con l'aprirlo di più.
Quindi la gente non dimentica, ma archivia. Ma in entrambi i casi, che sia dimenticare o archiviare qualcuno, io provo sempre un gran dolore dentro di me.
E, per quanto mi riguarda, il mio archivio viene aperto ogni giorno.
—  @il-tipo

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So…back in June, mongoose-bite won my follower giveaway, and has been the most absolute patient sweetheart while I got my August cosplays in order. Thank you so much lovely!

They requested a scene from their outstanding fic, Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid. Which I have read several times and can’t recommend enough. Go read…NOW.

I hope you like it!!! And I hope it was worth the wait! <3<3<3 Enjoy!

My Favorite Anime

Many of us have watched a lot of anime through the years, but there will always be that one list of anime in the back of your mind that become timeless and close to your heart. No matter how many years have passed they still remain the best of the best,  because let’s be honest, anime is not what it use to be.

This will include series/movies/OVAs. there are also many series in this list that i couldn’t decide which i love the most, so there isn’t a particular order.

Ghost in the shell

I really like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, but the 1995 animated movie was my favorite. the execution of the animation and the story/plot was definitely something special, and no matter how many years have passed it still remains one of the best. The fact that the Matrix was inspired by the GITS 1995 movie supports my point.

The music for stand alone complex by Yoko kanno was awesome.

Rurouni Kenshin - Trust and Betreyal  OVA mini series. (the franchise better known as Samurai X)

You guys have no idea how much i love this OVA, because not only am i a sucker for symbolism and everything that has to do with Feudal Japan,  but because this mini series did a wonderful job at conveying  so much wisdom and depth. It has something poetic about it. to me it’s a masterpiece. 

i have the DVD somewhere around my house, but, i can’t find it and i’m freaking out about it,  cuz from what i’ve heard you can’t find that original version anywhere anymore since it was discontinued , so basically it’s a rare relic.  3 :’D

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Coming Home - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer gets released from prison and comes home to the reader and their daughter.

Y/N - Your name

Y/D/N - Your daughter’s name

Word Count: 1,169

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been gone for almost two weeks :( I went on vacation with my friend and then came back to so much make up work and ap testing. Hopefully you guys don’t hate me, here’s this! :)

It had been weeks since the three of you were together, hell, it had been two weeks alone since you visited him in there. Spencer looked absolutely horrible when you did, bruises aligned his jaw and he had a black eye that stuck out like a sore thumb.

It was obvious he was going out of his mind in that place when he snapped saying that he was capable of murder, even though you knew it wasn’t true. You worried about him almost every second after that moment and just wanted him to come home, but you couldn’t show your daughter how scared you really were.

She asked almost every night when daddy would be coming home and lately you were running out of excuses, but telling a seven year old what was really going on was just not an option.

Your thoughts ate you alive most nights, but you couldn’t stop blaming yourself until you would eventually fall asleep.

*phone vibrates*

It was four a.m when this was going on and you were usually passed out until at least seven, nothing was waking you up tonight.

After four missed calls, they gave up.

Once the sunshine hit the curtains Y/D/N came running in your room and hopped right next to you in bed. She seemed to always be full of energy in the mornings, which wasn’t a good thing on weekends.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Y/D/N was pushing you a little by now trying to get you up.

“What? I’m awake..” your eyes hadn’t opened because you were determined to get a few more hours of sleep. It was Saturday anyway, you had nowhere to be.

Y/D/N let out a loud sigh that made you open your eyes and laugh.

“Oh we’re pouting now, are we?”

Y/D/N nodded and crawled under the covers next to you. Her hair was long enough to be put into a tiny ponytail but it never seemed to stay tamed, especially after sleeping. Once she had turned four it was apparent she had gotten her daddies hazel eyes, which wasn’t a problem until now, when all you could see was him while looking at her.

“Someone was knocking at the door a few minutes ago but you and daddy told me not to answer to strangers, but I think they gave up.”

You looked at Y/D/N with confusion, it was 7 a.m, who was at the house this early? Oh no. What if something happened to Spencer? You jumped up and searched for your phone that was scattered somewhere in your sheets.

Four missed calls from Emily Prentiss. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

You didn’t even bother putting a sweatshirt over Spencer’s old t-shirt and walked as fast as you could to the front door. If something happened, you had no idea what you were going to do.

The peephole wasn’t even a thought before you yanked the door open to see Spencer standing there.

You were completely frozen seeing him, shock completely took over your body. This wasn’t real. You felt tears rolling down your cheeks but couldn’t move. For all the times you’d dreamed this, you never thought it would come true.


His voice felt like home, something that hadn’t been the same since he was gone. Relief washed over you but before you could get a word out Y/D/N came running past you and latched onto Spencer’s legs.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Y/D/N’s smile was as big as could be, as was his.

“I missed you so much goober.” you watched as Spencer kneel down and hug Y/D/N.

“I missed you too, I lost a tooth!” Y/D/N took a step back and smiled showing the hole inside her mouth. Spencer’s mouth dropped playing along as if it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“No way! Wow, did you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?”

“Yes, mommy helped me and I got five bucks the next morning!” Y/D/N pointed at you and giggled as Spence looked up at you.

“Well isn’t that awesome! Hey Y/D/N, wanna go get me some water while I talk to mom?”

She nodded and ran into the kitchen.

“I uh, um..” you tried saying something, anything really, but you had no idea what to say.

Spencer stepped towards you nodding, understanding everything that was going on in your mind. He knew you like the back of his hand, surprises were not your thing.

The height difference between you two was perfect for him to kiss the top of your head. You loved this, especially when you would get stressed.

“I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry Spence.” you mumbled as your face was scrunched against his shirt, which smelled of faded cologne.

Spencer looked down at you confused, “You’re sorry? Baby, what do you have to be sorry about?”

“All of this is my fault, I never should’ve let you go across the border, especially alone.”

Before he could react to what you just said Y/D/N came running back in with the glass of water. You backed out of his arms and watched as your daughter and husband talked.

Spencer kept looking over at you to make sure you were okay and flashed a couple smiles until you got up to go to the bathroom, or just sit in there.

After a few minutes a light knock came on the door,”Y/N, could I come in?”

You quietly sighed saying yes and unlocked the door. You sat back down on the side of the tub as he walked in, staring at the floor once he shut the door behind him.

“Can we talk?”

You nodded, “About what?”

“About you feeling guilty, because you shouldn’t.. At all. I was going even if you hadn’t agreed Y/N. None of this was your fault.”

“Okay.” you mumbled so low that he could barely hear you.

“Y/N.. please look at me.”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had fallen. Spencer bent down and took your hands in his.

“Baby..” his voice cracked, “please?”

You squeezed his hands then looked up for your eyes to meet, Spencer gave a slight smile as you realized how badly you missed his touch. Those puppy dog eyes were all you needed right now.

“What do you need me to do so you’ll feel safe again Y/N?.”

“I just.. I can’t lose you again.”

“You’ll never lose me Y/N.”Spencer leaned in and placed a kiss on your forehead still holding your hands.

You smiled at those words, “Good.”

Spencer leaned back and glimpsed at your shirt and messy hair smiling, “You’re beautiful Y/N but I think that shirt is pretty awesome too.”

You blushed and shoved his shoulder, “You’re too sweet to me Spence, but you know I always steal your shirts.”

“That’s okay, you wear them better than I ever did.”

Lose Your Keys, Find A Man

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Prompt: For the anon who sent in “Can you do a Derek Morgan x reader where she’s being harassing by some guy who won’t take a hint and he comes to her rescue?” 

A/N: Ah! I do love and miss my beautiful Derek Morgan so much! (Do I sound like Penelope yet lol? XD) This one is for the awesome anon who requested it and all the Morgan girls out there, not enough fics for him exist and I am happy to add to the collection. Enjoy :) Also, I’m still taking requests so if you want to hit up that asks box!

Note: (Y/N/N): your nickname

Word Count: 1.7 K

Rating: PG (maybe PG-13 if you really squint)

“Just one more drink she said, it’ll be fun she said! More like she’ll become a pain in the ass who can’t stand up,” you muttered as you dragged your friend Elizabeth out of the club with the help of your other friend Molly. The three of you had met your freshman year of college at Virginia Tech. Other than having one freshman english class, the three of you had polar opposite class and career tracks. You were a corporate lawyer, Molly was on the fast track to being a neurosurgeon, and Elizabeth was an aspiring painter. The three of you became inseparable and still shared an apartment, six years later. And it was times like this where you were glad you all had that kind of history else you might have killed the two of them by now. When you went out, you usually assumed the duty of being designated driver and “mom” of the night, while your two friends chose to drink ‘til they dropped, literally. 

“Look on the bright side, you can give her hell for this and shine a bright light in her eyes in the morning,” Elizabeth mumbled, stumbling slightly due to her drunk state and Molly’s extra weight on her shoulder. 

“Yeah right,” you snorted, “We both know that I’ll be handing out ibuprofen and coffee to you both in the morning and saying, ‘poor sweet baby’”. 

“True, but hey at least I’m not as much of a pain to handle,” she replied, as you hailed a cab. 

“Don’t even go there,” you said playfully bumping her shoulder. The passing cab came to hault and with you and Elizabeth’s combined efforts you managed to settle Molly inside. You reached in your purse for your wallet to ensure you could pay the fair and made a horrible discovery. “Shit, I think I dropped my keys,” you groaned.

“Just run inside and go find ‘em. We can wait.”

“No, it’s fine. I have no idea where I dropped them and this could take awhile. You need to get her home before she gets sick in the car.”

“Ok, just be careful. See you at home,” Elizabeth said. You closed the door of the cab and watched them drive off. You quickly walked back into the bar, not wanting to be outside for two long. You weren’t paranoid, just cautious. You’d heard too many horror stories women getting kidnapped outside of bars late at night. You quickly started scanning the room for a thick wad of keys as you walked back in. Not immediately catching sight of them, you trudged over to the bar. 

“Hey, Nick. Has anyone turned in a set of keys in the last ten minutes?” you asked the bartender, who you’d gotten to know since your friends loved this bar. 

“Afraid not (Y/N). Only things back here other than little old me are the drinks and a couple of notepads,” he replied cheekily. 

“Ha, well that was worth a shot. I’m going to go look over at the booth where we were sitting but if I can’t find them and they get turned in you’ll let me know right?”

“I’ll holler if they turn up.”

“Thanks,” you replied sadly, and dragged your feet over to the booth where you’d been stationed with your friends for the past three hours. You could kick yourself right now. All you wanted was to go home, but instead you were stuck at the bar looking for keys that you weren’ t even sure were there. You looked under the booth, then crawled in and stuck your hand down in the seats hoping maybe the keys had slid down in between. 

“Hello, pretty lady. Come back for more already?” some guy slurred as he stumbled toward you. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye and immediately recognized him as the man who’d spent the majority of the night trying to pick you up. And in turn, you’d spent most of the night trying to get away from him and his awful breath that stank of alcohol, which signalled to you that he’d had way too much to drink. 

“Just trying to find my keys,” you replied, casually and kept sliding your hand around the seats. 

“Well, maybe I could help you with that,” he muttered, in as sultry of a voice as he could muster up and slid his hand up your thigh and onto your ass. 

“What the hell are you doing?” you growled and flipped around, after ripping his hand off you.

“Just trying to get a little play baby.”

“Well find someone who wants to play with you.”

“Aw c’mon, pretty lady. I seen the way you and your friends dance with anything that moves. I just want a little of that attention.”

“And as I have politely told you all night, I’m not interested,” you snapped, using your foot to push him back a few feet. The man glared intently at you and you instantly regretted that last move. 

“Now listen here you-”

“Hey buddy, the lady said no so why don’t you back off,” a voice said from behind the man as a hand landed on his shoulder. You flicked your eyes up to the owner of the voice and you savior. Tall, muscular, and handsome as hell. Honestly, he looked more like he belonged in a movie than here in real life rescuing you from some guy. 

“Why don’t you mind your own business buddy?” the drunk man sneered, shrugging the foreign hand off of his shoulder. Your hero (as you had labeled him in your head) stepped between you and the drunk.

“It is my business when men like you are harassing a woman. So why don’t you scram before I have the other FBI agents in the room book you for attempted assault and harassment?” he replied flashing a gun and credentials. The man took one last look at you over his shoulder before stumbling off toward the door. “Well, that takes care of that,” he muttered straightening up before turning to you and offering a hand to help you out of the booth. “You alright?” 

“Yes,” you replied, taking his hand and pulling yourself out of the booth to stand in front of him. “Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to shake that asshole all night.” 

“Sorry I didn’t notice sooner.”

“It’s ok. He wasn’t being that ballsy earlier.”

“Well, no woman deserves to be treated that way,” he said. “Didn’t I see you leaving with your friends a few minutes ago?”

“Yeah, I put them in a cab to head back to our apartment once I realized I had dropped my keys somewhere in the bar earlier,” you told him as you did another scan of the bar. “I was trying to see if maybe they had slid down into the seat when the drunk bastard started creeping on me again.” You turned your eyes back to your companion and found him kneeling on the ground, pulling your keys out from under the booth. 

“These what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, thank you so much…”

“Sorry, manners slipped my mind. Derek Morgan,” he replied, handing you your keys. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and given that you just essentially rescued me from some creep minutes ago I’m pretty sure your manners are fine,” you teased fiddling with your keys. 

“Like I said, it’s not right to treat ladies that way, especially one’s with smiles as pretty as yours,” he said, flashing a dazzling smile at you. You grinned at him and tucked your hair behind your ear. You were suddenly very aware that you were being watched. Glancing over your shoulder, you noticed a table full of people who were trying to nonchalantly watch the exchange going down between the two of you. 

“Well, I think I’m going to get going. I’ve got to drunks to take care of at home and I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friends any longer, but you might want to tell them to try being more discreet if they plan on watch people,” you chuckled. 

“I can walk you out if you want,” Derek suggested.

“You’ve been nice enough already, and the bartender is a friend so I’ll ask him to. It was nice to meet you, Derek,” you replied. 

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” he said and sauntered off back to his friends. You sighed dreamily and walked up to the bar. 

“Success,” you declared, leaning on the bar, and dangled your keys for Nick to see. 

“Awesome, now I don’t have to scour the bar for those when I close,” he replied washing glasses. 

“Nick, would you mind walking me out to my cab? It’s kind of late,” you asked, slipping said keys back in your purse where they belonged. 

“Didn’t Derek offer to walk you out?”

“How did you know that? And second question, you know him?” 

“First, I’m a bartender I hear everything. I was about to step in for you earlier, but Derek was ordering a drink and said he would handle it. Second, I don’t know him per say, but the crowd of FBI agents over there are regulars,” Nick explained as he set the glass down and picked up another. “He’s a big hit with girls, but I don’t think he’s seeing anyone.”

“I know what you’re implying, and knock it off. He’s way out of my league,” you shot back. 

“C’mon, (Y/N/N). You, my friend, are a catch and he’s a great guy who knows how to treat a woman right.”

“What do you want me to do, Nick? Walk over there and drop my number on a napkin in front of him?”

“Or you can give it to him now since he’s walking over here,” Nick mumbled, suddenly very busy cleaning that glass. 

“(Y/N),” Derek said as he walked up beside you. 

“Hi again,” you replied. 

“Stop me if I’m being too forward, but I was wondering if I could maybe take you out to get a coffee?”

“Like right now?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Derek nodded. “It’s almost one o’clock in the morning.”

“Well, I am a man who believes in living in the present,” he replied chuckling, “but I do see your point.” 

“You know what, I know a great diner that makes a mean cup of coffee and a fantastic milkshake,” you mentioned adjusting the strap on your purse. 

“Well, Miss (Y/L/N), let’s go,” he said grinning as he offered you his arm. You giggled as you took it. Who knew you’d find your knight in shining armor as a result of losing your keys under a booth? 


A/N: ok so when I was writing the first part it suddenly hit me what the conversation with the team would be like after Morgan saves the reader and goes back to the table, but I couldn’t figure out how to work it into the story so I’m including it as a bonus scene. Enjoy :)

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Derek muttered and strolled back over to the table the other BAU members were perched around, still thinking about (Y/N)’s beautiful eyes and smile. 

“So, is she prettier upon closer inspection?” Rossi teased as Morgan leaned against the table. 

“What are you talking about?” Morgan asked, snapping out of his stupor. 

“Derek, c’mon you are sitting which a group of profilers. Don’t think we haven’t noticed that you’ve been staring at her since we got here,” JJ replied, waggling her eyebrows at him. That was true, the team had arrived about an hour ago to continue their night of bar hopping and that was when Derek had noticed (Y/N). She had thrown the BAU’s resident player off of his game, big time. Instead of approaching and mingling, he’d decided to take the road of observing watching the way her smile lit up her face as she laughed with her friends and swung her hips. 

“We also agreed never to profile each other and I haven’t been staring,” Derek grumbled. 

“Right, so what’s her name?” Penelope asked leaning toward him. 


“And I’m assuming you got her number, so when are you seeing her again?”

“I didn’t get her number,” he replied. A collective groan spread around the table, while Spencer smiled in the corner and extended his hand. 

“Told you, now fork it over all of you,” he said victoriously, taking a ten dollar bill from each member of the team. 


“They bet that you’d have a date and her number by the time you walked back over here, and I noted the fact that you were ‘off your game’ as you would say, so I bet them you wouldn’t and I definitely won,” Reid explained, smiling smugly. 

 “Chocolate Thunder, bet aside I expect you to march back over there and score yourself a date else I hack her phone and call her for you,” Penelope threatened, poking his chest.

“I’ll show you who’s not off his game,” Derek grumbled, downing one of the shots that had been for the table before spinning and marching toward the bar where (Y/N) was chatting up the bartender. 

“Atta boy!” Prentis shouted.

“WHOO! GO CHOCOLATE THUNDER!” Penelope cheered.

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anything for you j-dog

  • ‘yes i have abs they’re just under this protective layer of fat’
  • he recruits hunk into making allura 10,000 years worth of birthday cake
    • ‘look dude she missed ten THOUSAND birthdays and we don’t even know if they had cake on altea,, this is pretty much our duty’
    • ‘ha duty’
  • give me that sweet Big Bro content 
    • like him going around and trying to make a dress for pidge because she showed him some pics of her from before the garrison
      • it takes a couple of weeks to find the material but in the end he produces a dress so blue and amazing that not even pidge can make a sarcastic comment 
      • ‘they don’t call me the tailor for nothing pidgeon!!!’
  • let him jsut,,,, talk about his insecurities 
    • i don’t know or care how it happens but in the end its just hunk and pidge saying ‘we’re sorry, we didn’t know. that’s not an excuse but,, we honestly didn’t know you felt this way man. you act so confident all the time so we just assumed…. we’re sorry.’
    • then lance just sniffs and wipes away some tears (guh) and just laughs ‘it’s okay,, let’s just,, hug it out’
    • and then they do just that
  • allura teaches him how to use the pool!!! and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    • cuz that b got a fucking swimmers bod and he needs to stay Active
    • ‘princess, i, really am sorry for, flirting with you all the time. i was missing home and,, i dunno,, not to sound rude,, but you are very beautiful so,,, *sighs* i’m sorry. i overstepped my bounds.’
    • but then allura would just smile,, cuz she’s amazing
      • ‘its okay lance. if it makes you feel any better,, your charms would never really have worked on me because, i am,, what pidge calls, ‘hella gay’ so you no need worry’ 
    • and then they bond ever their respective gayness thank you for your time
    • *keith voice* what does that even mean
    • *pulls out one gun* ‘prepare for trouble,,’ *pulls out the second one* ‘and make it double’
    • ‘shiro,, do you think we’ll make it home? do you think my family is looking for me? shiro? SHIRO???’
    • *shiro voice* can you be like mcdonalds and give me a BREAK
  • lance: *flirts with alien*
  • alien: *flirts back*
  • lance: *blinking noise followed by an immediate blush forming on his cheeks*
    • keith: ‘wasn’t that like,, a guy alien??’
    • lance (in a DREAMY AND LOVESTRUCK VOICE COUGH COUGH): ‘does it matter?’
      • bonus: keith.exe has stopped responding 

It’s in this moment that Aria realizes, truly, there’s no where in the Universe she would rather be. 

Sitting on their bed, Jaal’s legs bent and acting as a rest for her back. Sayren on her lap, balanced by one of his fathers hands, his own tiny fingers pressed eagerly to her belly to feel the baby kicking. Adrien sprawled on his stomach beside her, legs kicking back and forth, talking animatedly - Piper laying on his back, comfy so long as they’re all in one place.

Their family, all together, safe and comfortable and happy, so very, very happy. Aria wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Gorgeous commission I grabbed from miss @lynngo-art a while ago now; it goes with what is now the next chapter of the Misadventures, so I was trying to wait till I finished it. Alas, I figured everyone could use some fluff, so here we go. Everything looks beautiful and perfect as always; if you get the chance, go commission Lynn!! She’s awesome to work with and her art is gorgeous!

Here’s a little look at the current kiddos ♥ ♥ More Rydaal family fluff coming soon ♥

ML fic appreciation week, day 6: longfic

Behold my appreciation recommendations

I kind of wanted to do something for this day too, but there’s too many amazing fics to choose from and I would feel bad having to. So for today I chose to list all my favs.

Please note I’m a newbie in this fandom so that’s definitely not a complete list, I’m discovering new-old fics all the time - if you know of a good longfic that’s not on my list send it my way ASAP!

Here comes my list of recommendations in purely random order:


In progress:

I guess that’s all for now. I bow to all of you fanfic writers for giving us so much joy (and sometimes so much angst). Thank you~

(and I’m looking forward to discover all those stories that I don’t know are out there yet).

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The gross part is you turning an incredible female hero into an object. There was no more sexual innuendo in her fights than in fights between men. You might have a thing for kylo but the character of rey does not. And her fight scenes are not a sexual come on dance for kylo. You reducing her to how her body looks wet while fighting is sexist period. Whether you are a woman or man doing it.

These REDUCTIVE uninformed arguments are OLD, antis.

Female sexuality is NOT wrong.
It is not “turning a woman into an object” when she is KICKING ASS, taking names, and the sexual tension is in the SUBTEXT.

It’s not like Rey is running around in booty shorts and tits out, or falling victim at every turn for all the BOYS to come and SAVE her (Twilight - a comparison y'all misinformed basics like to throw out there like you know how to make parallels at all).

Sit down for a second. Ask yourself why you are so quick to throw out the window decades of storytelling techniques that are used as SUBTEXT because you want to specifically AVOID sexualizing a character in the LEAST. Their origins come from a more conservative time - sure - but nowadays are used to make stories thrilling and keep up the tension.

If telling the story of female adolescence - which WILL include sexuality - bothers you, I need you to ask yourself who the real misogynist is.

Once again, all together:

It. Is. Not. A. Bad. Thing. For. Women. To. Be. Sexual.
It. Is. Ok. For. Women. To. Feel. Sexually. Attracted.
It. Is. Ok. For. A. Heroine. To. Have. Romance. Or. Sexuality.

It’s ok to show sexual imagery, it’s ok to hint and put in subtext, it’s ok for her to be CONFUSED about her attraction - which is a huge point I will touch on in a second. Women ARE confused about sexuality cause people like you going around and saying that using CLASSIC film techniques and picking up on the FIRE and chemistry is somehow SEXIST. Great, so women don’t get to analyze films about heroines now, because we gotta tiptoe around antis who don’t know the difference between subtext and objectification.

Watch the new Wonder Woman for reference, if you’d like to see some female sexuality done right! And, in my opinion, JJ did an AMAZING job with the way he portrayed female sexuality in TFA. I know y'all antis wanna refuse it was there, but the imagery used was - again - classic! And it was FIRE and beauty. And it was done SO tastefully. So tastefully, in fact, that a lot of people didn’t get it… lol, the irony in this conversation though.

Look, if you can’t see subtext in a woman standing on the edge of a cliff, locking eyes with a man for 20+ seconds, who is saying, “I can show you the ways of the Force.” then… I dunno if we were watching the same film to be honest. If y'all can watch that fight scene and not see a beautiful, marvelous yin and yang dance… I’m actually SAD for you and the beauty you missed out on. You saw a basic fight?? How sad, seriously, that you missed the imagery, the symbology, the representation of a woman discovering and conquering her fierceness - and yes - conquering her sexuality. It is EPIC. AND IT IS FEMINIST. And I will FIGHT you on that.

I want you to really imagine for ONE moment that fight between Kylo and Rey, and put ANY OTHER TWO CHARACTERS there. Put Darth Maul and Obi-wan on that cliff, staring into each others’ eyes for 20+ seconds, with Maul - his face aglow in the cross-section of interlocked sabers - saying, “I can show you the ways of the Force!”

You can’t imagine it - or if you can you are thinking, “that is RIDICULOUS.” Only characters with sexual energy can pull off a scene like that. That doesn’t deprive Rey of her agency - SHE STILL KICKED HIS ASS. However, you DO deprive the scene of its sheer beauty and symbolism, missing the mark of a chance for female sexuality to be PORTRAYED AS AWESOME AND KICK ASS AND POWERFUL.

It is not a bad thing for women to show their bodies a little bit and be empowered as they do. It is not a bad thing for women to be attracted to someone physically, even if in her mind she thinks, “no way!” That’s actually the ENTIRE point of the Beauty and the Beast archetype btw - which y'all antis keep dismissing, but I keep SAYING. So much is clear in TFA and it becomes clearer as more details come out from TLJ.

Oh, and read up on some Carl Jung and get to know the Anima/Animus, the coming together of the male and female, LIGHT and DARK. Why? Because that’s what Rian Johnson claims is his big influence for writing TLJ. I wonder… now… what two characters could come together in a union to represent the balance of the LIGHT… and the DARK….?????….?

Anyway, seriously, I am upset by this ask… it is so reductive and shallow it makes me ill. Anyone who wants to, feel free to add onto this. I am tired at this point, because I am actually sick at how reductive people are about art and the portrayal of female characters within it… like we have to throw hundreds of years of women’s stories out the window because people are afraid of showing a sexual woman coming into her sexuality and owning it on screen.

Do this anonymously or not, I wanna know, be honest guys ❤
A - I love you.
B - I hate you.
C - I love your blog.
D - You’re cute.
E - You’re nice.
F - You don’t belong here.
G - I don’t like you.
H - Deactivate your tumblr account.
I - I’m your secret admirer.
J - I love the way you express yourself.
K - You’re too beautiful.
L - I miss you.
M - Stay humble.
N - You’re too popular.
O - You’re tumblr famous.
P - Awesome blog.
Q - I’m in love with you.
R - You annoy me.

HELLOOO 👋🏻  so I only made this blog in March after leaving my old one and I’ve met so many nice and awesome people since I’ve been here. I’ve already almost reached my goal of 1k (how) and I just wanted to thank anyone who follows me!! idk why you follow me but thank you sm you are all wonderful 💕. I’m glad to be a part of this family so I just wanted to make this follow forever to especially thank the wonderful blogs that reblog/make wonderful content and are genuinely nice people. all of you are cool af keep doing you 😎

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anonymous asked:

Can you write another fanfiction with Souphead. Like when nobody knows Jughead has an identical cousin and they keep mistaking him for Jughead like in the comics. Thank you and your fanfiction are fantastic!

Let me give it a go! This is gonna be pre relationship bughead so kinda au.

“Hey!” Betty giggled, snatching her apple from Jugheads hands “I do have to eat something from my own lunch tray.”

Jughead shrugged carelessly, his fingers tugging on the end of her blonde ponytail
“I’m a growing boy, and it’s your job to keep me fed.” His boyish smirk never failed to make Betty weak in the knees and this moment was no exception.

Raising a perfectly plucked brow, Betty grinned
“And why would that be my job?”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet, the color so satisfying to Betty she couldn’t help but reach her hand to his face and let her fingers brush over his cheeks,the color only darkening.

“Well.. ya know.. it’s just.. we umm.” The poor dark haired boy beside her stuttered, his fingers tapping nervously as his eyes fluttered slightly due to her touch.

Their relationship was new, it had no labels and neither of the flustered teens knew quite what it was that they had. They were close, that was for sure and the physical and emotional attraction was the strongest either of them had ever experienced. They may not have labels but they did have stolen moments.

Betty’s body pressed against his in the blue and gold, Frank Sinatra crooning in the background as they slowdanced in the empty classroom. The way Jugheads lips felt on her cheeks when he dropped her off at home, holding her a little longer when she didn’t want to face her mother. Betty’s homemade blueberry pie, that seemed to almost replace his fathers scotch when she would make Sunday dinner for the two Jones men.

Pulling herself back into the moment Betty decided to put her “not quite Boyfriend/Boyfriend” out of his misery. Ruffling his dark waves lazily she turned back to her lunch.

“So when does your cousin get here? I can’t wait to meet him.”

With a very audible groan Jughead dropped his head to the table.
“Tonight. He’s nothing like me. He may look like me but don’t be fooled, he’s nothing like me.”

Betty smiled at the distressed boy in front of her
“Two Jugheads doesn’t sound so bad to me.”

Popping his chin in his hand Jughead stared lovingly at the beautiful blonde before him.

“Yeah well. Let’s just stick with one okay?”

Betty rolled her eyes as the warning bell rang
“Whatever you say Juggie. I still can’t wait to meet him. I have this weird feeling we’re gonna be good friends”

Something in Jugheads eyes flickered, something Betty had never seen before, before she had a chance to ask him what was wrong Veronica was by her side dragging her to last period.

“Listen to me. No messing around, these are my friends. Well kind of, Betty and Archie are my friends and.. well I guess Veronica and Kevin are too.. thats not the point.. just… try not to mess anything up.” Jughead sighed as he addressed the boy beside him.

The resemblance was uncanny, Jugheads cousin had the same dark almost purple waves and sky blue eyes, his tan skin was just as smooth as Jugheads except he was missing the spattering of freckles and beauty marks that were so uniquely Jughead.

Souphead rolled his eyes
“When have I ever let you down cuz? This is gonna be awesome. I’m sure the babes here are much more fun then all of the stuck up barbies out in California .”

Jughead shook his head and started moving quicker than he had ever walked in his entire life, his cousin scrambled to catch up.

“I’m thinking a blonde. Ya know how I like the dark haired girls but new school new me, ya know what I mean?”

Jughead turned to him, a bored expression on his face as they made it to his locker
“Whatever soup, just try not to get in any fights. It’s your first day and you know F.P will kill us both if you get suspended.”

Suddenly souphead was nudged forward into the locker quickly turning around and coming face to face with Cheryl Blossom.

“Watch where you’re going Jughead. I don’t need to catch whatever germs you’re carrying under that disgusting beanie of yours, I mean really..” Cheryl’s words were cut off when she caught sight of the two twins in front of her
“There’s two of you?! Oh Jason save us all.”

Souphead gripped Cheryl’s hand in his, dropping a kiss to her knuckles
“I promise there’s only one of me, maybe I’ll introduce you sometime.” He lifted his eyebrows, Cheryl flinched in surprise before she seemed to melt in front of Jugheads eyes

“Per..perhaps you can.” She gulped

Souphead smiled that ever charming grin and turned back to his locker right beside Jughead, Cheryl stumbled backwards at his dismissal nearly tripping over her heels as she scurried away.

Jughead stared at his cousin for a moment before the boy slung his backpack over his shoulder
“Redheads. Not my thing.”

“Hey man, you’ll never guess what game i copped from Dilton!” Archie clapped souphead on the shoulder, completely disregarding his best friend standing right next to him.

Souphead stared up at Archie for a moment before turning to Jughead
“Once again, redheads. Not my thing.”

Archie moved away from souphead like he’d been burned staring wide eyed between the two cousins.
“You got cloned.” He questioned seriously.

Jughead couldn’t help the snort that came out
“Arch, meet my cousin. Souphead this is Archie.”

Archie nodded, grinning
“Totally weird man.”

It all happened before Jughead could stop it, he could see her but she couldn’t see him, he was hidden behind his locker door while Souphead was out in the open. Betty came up to Jugheads rowdy cousin, running her fingers through his hair.

“No hat today? It looks nice.” She whispered, fingers tangling at the ends as she pressed a little closer to the boy in front of her. Soupheads arms came around her waist, tugging her closer as Betty yelped her smile widening. Souphead grinned
“Now this is what I’m talking about.”

Jughead growled, stepping out of his place behind his locker.

“Let go. Now.” He demanded.

Betty’s eyes widened when she saw Jughead standing in front of her, she pried herself out of the look alikes arms and blushed rose petal pink.

“Oh my god. You must be souphead. I’m so sorry! Wow what an introduction right? I’m Betty Cooper it’s so nice to meet you!”

The grinning teen took her hands in his and squeezed
“Pleasures all mine Betty Cooper.”
Betty raised a confused eyebrow as she pulled her hands from his, smiling slightly.

Jughead cleared his throat and took Betty’s arm in his
“We have to get to class, I’ll see you at lunch. Try not to cause too much trouble again.”

Veronica had joined them at this point and was currently listening as Archie explained how Jugheads cousin was cloned to look just like him.

“Quit telling me that .. dad.. I got this” souphead smiled wickedly before throwing a wink in Betty’s direction

“See you at lunch sunshine.” Then he was off.

Jugheads grip on Betty’s arm was tighter than usual and she looked down at it pointedly

“I like him. He’s funny.” She smiled, shifting into Jugheads side a bit more.

The boy beside her sighed as his fingers played with the end of Betty’s cheerleading skirt

“That’s what I was afraid of.” He whispered.

Betty pulled away for a moment, realization dawning in her eyes. Oh. He was jealous.


Moving to stand in front of him, Betty took her favorite boys face in her hands

“He’s funny juggie. And I like him. But you’re more than funny.. you don’t have to worry about losing me to him.. you’re…you’re everything.” She whispered, dropping her own kiss to his cheek.

Jughead let out a sigh of relief before dealing his arm over her shoulder

“Okay Betts. You’ve convinced me. And by the way?”

Betty looked up at him, green eyes sparkling

“You’re more than everything”

Tales from OUAT Con Vancouver

Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) talked about how awesome it was to be paired with an actor you really like and can be friends with (Colin O'Donoghue who plays Killian Jones).

“He knows me better than I know myself. Like one time on set my hand kept itching, and Colin totally figured out why. ‘Did you eat the carrots?’ I said yeah, and he said the carrots were next to the peppers and I probably brushed up against them. He remembered that I was allergic to peppers.”

Raphael Sbarge (Archie Hopper) talked about reconnecting with an old psychiatrist friend over Facebook just before his audition.

"I asked her if she had any glasses I could use for the audition, and she said, 'It’s funny, I just found these ones in a drawer, and I bought them 20 years ago when we first met.’ Those are the glasses I wear as Archie. Usually they don’t let actors bring their own props on set because it would be disastrous if they broke, but the props folks are very careful with the glasses and snatch them back between takes. At the end of this season, they very carefully put them in the case and reverently handed them back to me.”

Keegan Connor Tracey (Blue Fairy) talked about her first day on set.

"I was in the green screen room, and there was no people, just a water bottle for Prince Charming. I was hoisted into the air about 40 feet up for hours and hours. And since I was a new mom, eventually things started getting… uncomfortable, and I had be like, 'Um, excuse me, do you think someone could get me a breast pump?’ Otherwise I would have started leaking through my corset.”

Karen David talked about her audition for Princess Jasmin.

“The part originally stated it was for Shahrazad, who was described as a tough tomboy sort of person. So I thought I would wear the same outfit I wore for my Galavant audition, which was a baggy jean jumper and riding boots with some dried mud still stuck on them. And I get there, and all these other women are wearing beautiful elaborate dresses, and I’m like, 'Did I miss the memo?’ Because they had all figured out it was for Princess Jasmin, of course, but I got the part anyway.”

Gil McKinney (Prince Eric) was such an awesome singer! He talked about his first time on set, and how his first scene was to walk down the stairs in the green screen grand ballroom.

“All I could think about was, ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall.’”

And of course, who could forget Papa Hook, aka Adam Croasdell?

Here’s a bunch more Jennifer and Colin pictures, because they’re my favorites.

Cinnamon Roll Ratings: Leigh Goes to NYC Edition

Thayne Jasperson

20/10 best most greatest cinnamon roll, hugged me not once, but T WO times! A giggly adorable child

Jonathan Groff

17/10 heck yeah dude, super chill and shy and nice. What a babe??? anyways he liked my shirt and was a total sweetheart

Jeremy Jordan

10/10 He was a bit shy and quiet but nice dude!! He ( sortve ) liked my art ??? he thought the blue paint was dirt though lmao

Lucas Steele

16/10 kind dude, put my art backstage so he wouldn’t lose it, and pointed at the shirt after realizing it was a shirt he actually wore and was kinda like ???? But liked it none the less, also signed an egg shaker and took a pic with me

Nick Choksi

15/10 nICE so kinda and funny like a little scruffy dog tbh. Anyways told me his eyeliner was guy liner and apon telling him Preparations was my favorite he told me that he wouldn’t tell the other bc they would get “jealous”

Tommy Bracco

18/10 !!!!!! FUCK YEAH !!! We kept on saying thank you to eachother bc he would compliment my art and say thanks and I would say thanks for the compliment and that went on for a little while. Plus he trusted me and my shaky ass hands to hold his tea??? Like thanks???? And he liked my tweets and retweeted my art that one time!!

Adam Kaplan

12/10 super kind and patient, was genuinely concerned when I told him I was missing school, his face got all sad an was like “high school is important…..”

Aaron J Albano

11/10 super nice, didn’t talk to him much tho, I asked him what his favorite Disney movie was and he was like"I C AN T CHOOSE" ( he did choose, said it was Moana )

Tommy Martinez

11/10 super nice too, I asked him where he got his heels and I completely forgot what he said bc he was being so kind to

Jack Scott

12/10 Also super nice!! We told him about the Barney Peanuts fan page and he was so?? Happy???

David Guzman

13/10 so nice?? Tbh I thought he would be a total Bro but like he was so kind my man. Liked my insta photo and my tweet :,)

Brittain Ashford

16/10 LET ME TELL YOU SHE IS SO NICE AND FUCK like I told her her voice makes me cry and she was like “yeah I have that effect on people haha” ( like she was joking that she was bad ) so I was like “Wait! I mean in a good way! I messed up!” And she reached out and touched my shoulder while saying “Hey, it’s okay!” She smiles “You’re doing great” and I think my heart stopped

Gelsey Bell

12/10 smiley happy, genuinely kind my dudes

Blaine Krauss

13/10 okay I didn’t MEET him, but he did reply to my tweet and he seems like a goofy, kind guy, plus he’s from HOUSTON

Paul Pinto

15/10 so so super nice omg, I told him it must be exhausting to do the show bc he has to run around a ton and he was like “Yeah well after the 300 th show you got used to it ” and I DIED

Scott Stangland

12/10 I met him twice and he’s super kind and heckin awesome Pierre! He totally didn’t recognize me but I was like “I’m back!” And he said “Welcome Back!” So yep!

Sumayya Ali

14/10 I told her I loved her dress and she looked so fuckin happy and was like “Oh my god thank you so much!! ”

Gregory Haney

16/10 totally wasn’t expecting anyone to see him leave the stagedoor before the show got out, but I was there early and saw him and was like “!! Hey! I follow your Snapchat !! Can I get a pic?” And he was like ????????? “Sure!” So yeah kind and awesome dude

( okay these ratings are shit but I miss all these beautiful people someone please take me back to NYC )

When you start watching a drama that you really love…

When it’s almost over…

When it finally happens and you just can’t say goodbye…

But then you see a preview for an upcoming epic drama….

And then the vicious cycle repeats itself again :l

Yeah, it’s tiring ._. But we love it so we’re never going to stop ;)

everyone talks about the “original” beauty and the beast with the rose theft and sisters and all that 

but nobody talks about the ACTUAL original where the beast’s widowed mom had to lead her country in war and so left him with a fairy as his nursemaid and then the fairy tried to seduce him when he grew up but he refused her so she cursed him. oh and she’s also beauty’s mother. and beauty is a secret illegitimate princess raised by a merchant for her own safety

so basically gabrielle-suzanne barbot de villenueve missed her calling as a writer for once upon a time

Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - July 28th, 2017

In honour of Emily Bett Rickards birthday this past Monday - some pics of her reading!

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

If Your World Falls Apart (I’d Start a Riot) by @overwatchandarrow - William comes home from school with a bruise. Felicity is not happy.

What Did You Do? by @imusuallyobsessed - Oliver comes home some day rocking a new look, and Felicity is understandably horrified. OHFAT prompt: At  odds.

Nanotechnology For Dummies by @laureningall -  Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon prompt “Out of Place.” Oliver joins Felicity on a Smoak Technology business trip to Hub City. Although Felicity is having the time of her life Oliver is out of his element. Luckily they make a good team in both business and pleasure.

South of the Equator multi-chapter by @charlinert -  A young teacher from Boston will do anything in her power to ensure that her upliftment project goes ahead, when the ground of a small farm school is threatened to be sold to a buyer who has no interest in her project. Oliver Queen, movie director of Queen Studios volunteers to do a documentary on upliftment work in a small farm town to put as much distance as possible between women, love and his broken heart. Oliver and Felicity’s paths cross 9000 miles from home, when their worlds come crashing in the heart of Southern Africa.

The Mirror in the Attic multi-chapter by @sophie1973 - When Felicity Smoak inherits a house from the late Oliver Queen, she struggles to understand why the old man would leave her his home. They are at least two generations apart, and as far as she knows, they have never met. Until she walks into the house and experiences the weirdest feeling of déjà vu, and discovers Oliver and her actually know each other very well. Just in another lifetime. - This a MUST READ!!!

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. YOU NEED THIS STORY IN YOUR LIFE.

Redemption multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza Oliver returns for being with the League after five - this story gets better and better - you should be reading this!

The Emerald Umbrella multi-chapter by @arrowgirl20 - All it took was a little rain and a emerald umbrella for Oliver and Felicity to take their relationship to the next level.

We Won by @geneshaven - The team arrive back from Lian Yu in Season 6

Defy the Odds by @dreamsofolicity - “Our chances of meeting in a city with a population of over five hundred thousand people were small to begin with but the likelihood of meeting in another country entirely are infinitesimal.” “So we defy the odds,” he said. “Yeah we do,” she agreed, finally weaving her fingers through his. “I like that.”

Savin’ Me multi-chapter by @green-arrows-of-karamel - Oliver Queen, a Bratva Kapitan with an implacable reputation, will face the greatest challenge in his violent life. A traitor looms over all what he holds dear threatening to destroy it all. The only way to unveil the faceless menace is if Oliver trust the people closest to him. In special, trusting in Felicity… a babbling hacker, who holds his heart captive.

The Love Thieves: Ludus multi-chapter by @truemyth - Section One is the most covert anti-terrorism group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are never simple. Just as Felicity is finding her balance as the organization’s newest operative, she is thrown off center again by the most bittersweet of demands. To stop a series of terrorist gas attacks, Oliver and Felicity must pose as married assassins and infiltrate the domain of a depraved mastermind. After all, Section One demands more than life, liberty, and loyalty: sometimes it’s your heart on the line.

Unmake the World by @quant-um-fizzx - Short, sad and beautiful Olicity story

Somethings are Meant to Be by @pimsiepim - sequel to His Girl Wednesday which you REALLY NEED in your life. Set after Oliver returns to Star City after being missing for 3 years, it is shaping up to be just as awesome as His Girl Wednesday

Untitled by @yet-i-remain-quiet - Olicity spooning - so sweet!

Untitled by @lostolicityscenes - What was going on with Felicity right before she met Oliver Queen for the first time

Thursday by @someonesaidcake - There is something about the girl next door that Oliver Queen is only now noticing… Felicity is moving to college just down the road from where Oliver is a senior.  He suddenly becomes very protective of the girl next door.  Thursday night dinners might not ever be the same again.

You Had Me at Hello multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak met at a Gala and had an instant attraction but Smoak Technologies and Queen Consolidated have to work together. Can they make that sexual chemistry work and still work together.

(Don’t) Let Me Go multi-chapter by @emmilynestill - Felicity told him to let her go, but even when Oliver tried, it didn’t seem to be something he was capable of. In the end, there would be nothing in the world Felicity was more grateful for. Weaving in and out of the final four episodes of Season 5 and beyond, follow Oliver and Felicity’s emotional journey back to one another, one step at a time.

Trust Me multi-chapter by @felicityollies - When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.

Swallow My Pride by @wherethereissmoak - After Felicity is shot by the Clock King, she and Oliver run into a Russian mafia member who causes Oliver to lie and say they are engaged. This is the last straw for the girl who has been burying her feelings for him for far too long.

Breath by @oneofakindxx - Olicity Neighbours AU

The Donor multi-chapter by @spaztronautwriter - Felicity Smoak has always dreamed of being a mother and she isn’t going to let a little thing like men stop her from making that dream come true. Having a baby by herself might just be biting off a little more than she can chew, but one way or the other it’s about to change her whole life. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

Killer Frost Smoak multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity is with Barry during the particle accelerator and becomes Killer Frost. How does she handle this and does she tell Oliver?

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

A Talk At The Bunker by @geneshaven - Felicity comforts Oliver

Never Far Away multi-chapter by @onceuponanolicity - When Felicity Smoak moves to Starling City and attends a new high school, she expects things to be hard on her, she is twelve after all. But then she meets new friends and life becomes easier. What isn’t so easy is growing up. Oliver Queen met Felicity when she was twelve and he treated her as nothing more than a friend, well, except for when his big brother tendencies kicked in. Until one day, something in his life changed. He looked at Felicity as she was growing up and began to realize that he didn’t want her as a friend anymore. By the time, Oliver was man enough to admit his feelings for Felicity, he went away on the Queen’s Gambit only for it to sink. Now that he has finally made it home. He has to win her back. This is a multi-chapter au fic that follows Oliver and Felicity through high school and into season 1.

Oliver’s Journal (In the Aftermath) by @geneshaven - Oliver reflects on the damage done by the island

Deployed by @arrowgirl20 - Oliver’s deployed before the birth of their child and Felicity has to deal with this major life event without him.

One Last Time: Out of Place by @wetsuiton - Felicity finds herself out of place and calls on Oliver for help

Reasons: Colorful by @madhaj - Felicity and colour

Looking Through Your Eyes multi-chapter by @felicityollies - Felicity Smoak has had her world turned upside down. After an accident she’s moved to another city for rehabilitation. By chance she runs into the one and only Oliver Queen. Both of them are surprised when they find that neither is all that they seem.

Praised by Love: Of CEOs and Accidental Drugs by @walker-oliciter - Oliver and Felicity are under the influence of a drug that makes them want each other more than usual

An Eye for Poetry by @wetsuiton - Oliver and Felicity make great use of the fridge magnets that they’d originally bought for their kids to play with.

When I’m With You - Barely Breathing multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments - ARROW AU - The prodigal son returns! After five years…away, because Felicity knows he wasn’t on that island all the time, Oliver finally finds his way home. Her feelings for him are as strong as ever, but there’s something about him that isn’t quite right, and she can’t seem to figure out what it is that he’s hiding from her. (Part 3 of the ‘When I’m WIth You’-Series)

What Goes Around, Comes Around by @felicityollies - Oliver insists on teasing Felicity while he’s working out. Felicity decides she’s going to tease him in return.

A Different Life multi-chapter by @izzyface - When Felicity Smoak was 7, the FBI came looking for her father. Her mother responded by driving them across the country. Because of the kindness of stranger, Felicity’s life would change for the better in every way and she’d learn the true meaning of family. Response to the prompt “out of place” for the week 5 fic-a-thon.

Mirror Image by @geniewithwifi - Felicity Smoak has always lived with a boy on the other side of the glass. No one else could see him, even when standing right beside her looking in the mirror. Everyone thought she was crazy. So did she. Until the day she broke a mirror.

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