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just realized from the pic of you in a tux that you got some great thighs,thighs are my kink and you know usually not into dudes but shit Id go hetero for thighs like those,p.s I imagine your voice to be yuuri from the Eng dub but whiner+voice cracks

((I’ve literally got the lankiest body i kno im like a daddy long legs but a person but thanks anyway))

  • Shitty: I love the term "partners".
  • Shitty: Are we dating? Are we robbing a bank? Do we run a legal firm? Are we cowboys?
  • Shitty: Are we the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies and are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit?
  • Jack: Why are you making me suffer?

After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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“… and Mythal harried their enemies until the end of their days.”

Old tarot | full body