it was awk

Am I the only one?

I’m sitting In class, happy sunshine and rainbows. Randomly thinking to my self about what I’ll do after school and out of no where I get thoughts like: What If I just killed everyone? Then I’m sitting there questioning my sanity and my teacher thinks I have multiple personality disorder or I’m insane because I’m looking like I’m talking to myself but why do we get these thoughts out of no where oml


commanderofraccoons  asked:

Lowkey, but does Lexa make her family play in a family fantasy football league each week where she kicks everyone's asses? (Though it's usually a close call between Anya and Lexa when they play each other.)

Idk about fantasy football but they have family games in the yard (now that Alex and Ana are here it’s gonna be lit) so you can expect to see that soon. Of course, the Delinquents and Abby are invited (awk parent bonding about their sexually active teens…yikes), and Lexa wants to show off for Clarke, so…. family football match disaster 😈


i found these in my drafts from like 5 (?) months ago so

sorry for not inverting noya’s uniform and apparently forgetting the others </3