it was awk

we need a reminder that just because reyes is latino and a love interest if you DON’T flirt with him he literally does not make any advances onto ryder (or anyone else for that matter)

so let’s stop with the “he flirts with everything that moves” idea thats rooted in the spicy latino trope 

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Maybe you could do how NCT 127 would react to you ignoring them? You can make up whatever reason!

A/N: This is a rlly weird reason to ignore someone, but-

You let out an exasperated sigh as you entered the apartment, slipping your shoes off as your gaze trailed over the mess.

“I told you to clean earlier! Your parents are visiting later-”

He stood from the couch, removing the moist mask from his face.

“You’re back early-”

Rolling your eyes, you stalked past him, toward the bedroom. He called out to you, receiving no answer


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Jaehyun would stay silent, doing as told, not wanting to start any petty arguments.


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ignore Sicheng
Yuta wouldn’t mind much initially, knowing you’d soon get over your anger. However, I think his patience would wear thin as you continued to ignore his questions and comments.
*forces you to sit and face him while he talks.*


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*enthusiastically begins to clean- hoping for forgiveness*
“Wow, look at how clean this table is!”


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Taeyong would be so sad as he’s ignored, but he’d do his tasks obediently, staying quiet.


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Taeil would make things worse.
He has spontaneously playful moods that can sometimes cause damage.
He’d enunciate his words clearly and loudly, pretending you weren’t ignoring him, you just ‘couldn’t hear him.’


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*brashly acts cute*
Doyoung would be unashamed, acting playfully childish in hope of forgiveness.
“Don’t ignore me-”


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Mark Lee would get annoyed?
He’d grow annoyed as you continued to ignore him, claiming it was so trifling and you were taking it too far.
“I’ll call and tell them not to come if you’re going to be childish-”
*makes it 385x worse*


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*lowkey avoids you*
Johnny wouldn’t want to disgruntle you anymore so he’d avoid you, doing his own tasks in silence, giving you space.


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Sicheng is naturally cute and wouldn’t really understand as you stared past him as if he wasn’t there.
He’d hope you’d notice him, pouting as he thought of ways to win your forgiveness.