it was awk

Ugh fuckboys are intolerable. I hung out with one today, and not even 20 minutes in I get the typical questions. “So, how many people have you dated?”, “I must ask - are you a virgin? Haha”, and even got a bonus, “we should buy like $50 worth of condoms and-” but interrupted him by saying, “PUT THEM ON OUR ARMS” and he was like “yeah… Put them on our arms, yeah.” Also, he said his “objective” of the night was to touch my boobs. Obviously - did not happen. He was such a piss baby about it lmao. “What am I doing wrong??” “Uhh. I’m just not feeling it, pal. Sorry.”

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like idk they're probs at an a capella party stacies sophomore year and probably chloes drunker than stacie but whatever and chloe is so smashed that someone asks stacie if she'll help her home and stacie can still stand so why not right? and so she gets chloe home and chloe is handsy when she's not drunk and it's 100000x worse when she is drunk and shes trying to flirt with stacie ("i didn't think it'd take you this long to get me out of my clothes" when stacie is helping her to bed) and

chloe stands up and its super awk at first because chloe is so short compared to stacie and shes on her tip toes and goes “you’re so much taller than i remember” and she has her hands on stacies shoulders and stacie has her hands on chloes waist and they kiss and i die okay im done

fjust fu ck me U P

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Post two things you like about yourself and then send this to the first 10 people you see on your dash!

awks because i may have sent this to you on anon and youre sending it back lolol

so many posts about onion being autistic that are totally ignoring the fact that onion is purposefully and clearly written to be creepy and scary. kids watching the show are supposed to see him as terrifying because steven sees him as terrifying. like autistic coding doesnt change how the show portrays him and it has showed him time and time again doing terrible things like blowing up motorcycles or stealing or flinging cars at the gems so like…if someone is scared of onion its cuz thats how hes shown! like plz dont pretend onion is shown in some kind of positive representative light - the main character of the show is terrified of him!!