it was awesome though seriously

Houses as PSAT 2016
  • Gryffindor:Pliny the Elder
  • Hufflepuff:Fluorescent mouse brains
  • Ravenclaw:The Robert Galbraith/JKR complex
Slytherin:"It was awesome anyhow"

just wanted to write a quick note telling you how much i have enjoyed being on tour this month (and this entire year!). meeting my australian fans at the shows and afterwards has been such a cool experience for me. i keep every handmade bracelet, every letter and shark-shaped bookmark and plastic flower and wooden ruler that you give me, and i treasure all of your sweet words about my music. yes, these are real things i currently have in my coat pockets. seriously though, thanks for making this awesome. just wanted to let my melbourne buds know that while tonight’s show is sold out, there are a couple remaining tickets for tomorrow night’s show, which can be found here: also, brisbane’s riverstage show, which is outdoor and basically going to be the most magical experience, here:

(ps: this photo was taken by tumblr user floricawild)

Okay, rebornica is probably the nicest fucking person you’re gonna ever meet, hell, I used to not be in good terms with them. But they are amazing and talented, and as well the biggest memer I know. If someone tells you otherwise, punch them into the fucking sun, because they obviously never had a decent conversation with them.

Do not let anyone tell you who you can and cannot like. For you could just miss the friendship of a fucking lifetime.

Deo, you stay awesome, you nerd.

i think it’s pretty grand that i managed to trick 40k people into following me i’d like to thank the academy and lee pace’s eyebrows

also you

i’d like to thank you bc well damn idk why you are here but im grateful even so to all of u guys may your eyebrows look fine as hell for the rest of your lives 

i don’t know what to say ???? have some extra thrandoo at the bottom of this post 



This girl took the lyrics of Let It Go, translated it into multiple languages in Google Translate, then translated it back to English and sang the results

Scene from Leigh’s really cute Body Switch fic!
(It’s probably a lot more fluffy than you imagined when you wrote it but this is the kind of artist I am, I do what I want LOL)

If you haven’t had a chance to check her stuff out yet, please do! The stories are so cool and there’s a bunch of AoKi like omg

“What is it?” said Sirius urgently, sweeping his long hair out of his eyes and dropping to the ground in front of the fire, so that he and Harry were on a level; Lupin knelt down too, looking very concerned. “Are you all right? Do you need help?”

The whisper was for his father alone, and Harry knew that only the moment of departure could have forced Albus to reveal how great and sincere that fear was.

Harry crouched down so that Albus’s face was slightly above his own.

Sirius and Lupin showing fatherly concern for their best mates’ son by getting on his level. Harry doing the same for Albus.