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POP QUIZ WHAT CHARACTER COMES TO MIND IMMEADIATELY WHEN U THINK OF UR CLOSE FRIENDS/MUTUALS GO! AND NO THINKING ON IT JUST GO ON INSTINCT PEACE OUT -S (a v enthusiastic follower of urs and Riley's who wants to try this question thing out too)

F i n a l l y 

I am so ready for this let’s do this 

@red-undead-redemption got Keef Keith from VLD 

@nanananananananabatfam got Sokka from ATLA 

@setphaserstodone got Bruceman the Batwayne

@fliaway got Wally from YJ

@tgkl got Lance from VLD

@googhost got…Amythest from SU? I don’t even watch that show that makes no sense @meandmystrangemind what are you doing?  

@queenoka got Toph from ATLA for some reason 

BOOM done. Literally in 30 seconds. Awesome. Seriously though, S, that was a cool ask. Thank you for putting an interesting spin on a classic question. 


TFW your fandom keeps on forgetting about the most terrifying character to get tragically killed off after one episode, so you’re forced to make an entire music video about them.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.


I was Undyne the Undying, and I met all these great people at the con! Man, it was awesome, and I had a great time. Thank you!
If you see yourself, let me know and I’ll tag you. Also, if you have any photos of me please let me know and give them to me if you can. Thank you for such a long, awesome, amazing day!!
These pics were taken on Saturday,  and not all of them are mine.

||August BPC: Just One Word|| 4. Hot. There was a very brief stretch of my high school life when I thought Jace was super hot. Then I realized that was mostly me wanting to be a kickass shadowhunter myself, and that the face-mashing touchy-feely bits that he and Clary got up to were Not Appealing, and, oops, I’m asexual. So that was a little awkward, but here’s City of Bones featuring Jace’s bizarrely bare chest? Because … why not, I guess?

Tarot Perspective - August 12


Okay, we’re starting with The Aquarian (far right) this time because it’s the most traditional and I have problems with it. Which is to say that it’s super, super biblical– the book straight up identifies the angel as the Archangel Gabriel trumpeting in the Last Judgement so that souls can ascend to heaven. 

It’s actually a really beautiful story, but it’s a limited mythos and while I understand the traditional place for this narrative I want to rename this angel for a second here and tell an alternative and equally beautiful story:

Let’s name this angel Gabrielle. Let’s make her decidedly female and not an angel. Let’s make her a bard with levels in fighter. Let’s tell a different story of redemption, a tale of self-made redemption…

The Story of Xena: Warrior Princess. (That’s way more universal, right?)

Okay, awesome. I feel better about this card already. 

In all seriousness though, the strongest meaning I was getting from this card IS the idea of redemption and absolution. Atoning for one’s past by devoting oneself to doing good in the future. 

I think the most apt aspect of Xena’s redemption is that she initially thought the only way to achieve it was to deny her talents as a warrior and live a peaceful life– and in the very first episode Gabrielle offers her a different path: a warrior hero. I feel like this is a really powerful message– to start fresh you don’t have to deny everything you’ve ever known, you just have to shift how you use it. Are you using your strengths just for your own means or are you using them to better others as well? I think Gabrielle and Gabriel alike pose this question to us, prepping us for our connection to The World one stop in the Fool’s Journey later. 

If the Aquarian is about redemption, the Joie de Vivre (center-ish) is about the phoenix-y rebirth aspects. It’s similar to redemption, more from the coming-out-of-a-bad-situation place. The character depicted is named Renaissance! How perfect is that? I can’t help but think of the Italian/European Renaissance after the dark ages, it’s kind of the perfect rebirth metaphor. 

Lastly we have the Linestrider (left), which is absolutely stunning in person. A hint of the angel’s true face, just a bit of a smile, shines from underneath a mask. This is discussed a little in “The Linestrider’s Journey”-

“… the image speaks to transformation and absolution, a discarding of your “masks” and old ways of being, a renewed exploration of your true self.” 

Between this and the card’s proximity to The World (both in the Majors and in this exercise– timing!) and all the other references I had bouncing about in my head at this point the phrase “the better angels of our nature” kept coming back. More than the true self, this is a call for our higher selves. This ties back very nicely with the imagery on the card itself as well as its keywords relating to awakening enlightenment. 

So, basically this card is all about cutting your past a break AND breaking with your past to move forward with better intentions. The past is past, but the present and the future are yours– and its never too late to start over/again/being better.  “Stripping our sins away in the tide” as Judy Garland sang it. (Why hadn’t I made THAT connection before? Almost makes me okay with the Aquarian as is, but I like my Xena take.)

my vet is seriously so awesome for real though, she has a solid 5 star rating on yelp and when i switched to her, she screamed about how pretty autumn was for a good 5 minutes (if u love torties i love U), i wasn’t condemned for her weight and the staff went out of the way to tell me how friendly she is and the tech brushed her when she stayed overnight

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Pssss... Your ten scenario...LOVE IT. Continue the awesomeness

Pssss… You…. I LOVE YOU!
Seriously though you are too sweet, these kind of messages are what make me want to write more for you. So thank you so much 💚