it was awesome though seriously

I just want to see Mike Faist, Will Roland and Ben Platt perform the dance routine to Candy Store from Heathers is that too much to ask


The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

What other people in the ANE fandom title their fics: Really cool titles reminiscent of the story, often which have a strange sense of irony and/or foreshadowing, often even go so far as to research outside their native language to search for the perfect name.

What I title my fics:

Because I met @purgatoryjar in Hamburg and she is beyond awesome, as is the city. (seriously though guys go give Elena all the love ever because she is fantastic and totally deserves it… she even illustrated this little fic JUST LOOK AT HER AMAZING ART!)

There are two dancers who salsa in front of the Kunstalle. They twist and spin and fall out of their holds like the joyous amateurs they are—always with smiles on their face. They learn together; stopping deliberately to demonstrate a new move or step behind their partner, pressing too close as they move the other’s hips with their hands. Lips brush against earlobes in whispered instruction. Fingers squeeze encouragement. They own an ancient boom box that plays homemade CDs of current pop music.

They dance every Sunday evening, long after the curators have gone home and the tourists have ventured off into pubs and biergartens. It’s only them and the trains, then; the deliberate push and pull of bodies contrasted with sluggishly-moving metal. The soundtrack is a mechanical clunking overlayed with Pitull. This is the only time the green-eyed dancer will ever admit to listening to Pitbull.

The sun sets and bathes everything in gold, and the pair mistakenly crash into each other, dissolving into huffed, out-of-breath laughter. They’re drawn together by tethers no human can see. “Hi,” says one, grinning as he pushes dark, sweat-curled hair behind an ear.

“Hello,” the other answers with a similar smile.

The blue-eyed dancer spins out and they start all over again.

^^once again, this beautiful piece was done by @purgatoryjar​. Go love on her!

Father's Day (Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta)

Requested by @anonymousglitchingowl: Do you think you could possibly do a thing where Peter makes something for Yondu for father’s day? Cause I seriously think he was a pretty awesome dad. Even though he’d probably act all grumpy about it in front of everyone I could see him being pretty touched by it. Basically cuteness, I’d really like to see some Yondu cuteness.

A/N: I hope you will like how this turned out :)

No warnings.

“Sometimes, the thing you’re searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along” - Star Lord

~ ~ ~

“Oh, this is just stupid and ridiculous.”

Peter sat on the bed in his chamber, studying the little blue, glass figurine standing on the table in front of him. He wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be, but its blue color and red eyes reminded him of Yondu. Peter knew why he had bought it, but now it felt so stupid all of the sudden.

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Connor MacManus
character sheet

Murphy’s (x)

inspired by: (X)

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Okay, so this is probably so cheesy and trashy af, but I was put in such a good mood by @beep-beep-trashmouth ’s callout post for me, that I wanted to share the love around too, and just let you guys know that I genuinely love you all so much! (I thought I’d do it in a bit of a different way for a change and hand write it all-excuse my bad handwriting haha 😹) You all make so happy it’s unreal, and I look forward to coming onto tumblr at the end of the day to talk to you all and see what you guys have been up to! You are all so lovely, and kind, and some of the best people I’ve ever had the honour to get to know! Thank you so much for all your kindness and love, I friggin’ love you all! Stay amazing my friends! 💕💫💫💫

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Something Like That

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“Okay, there’s a list of important phone numbers on the fridge and I made sure to put most of them in your phone, too. The schedule’s on the fridge, too. Don’t forget that Hana has ballet tomorrow night and Thursday night and Min has soccer practice after school every day this week. They have a big game on Saturday and it’s our turn to bring snacks. I’ve already bought them, they’re in the pantry in a green bag, just grab them on the way to the game. Takeout after the game is fine but please, for my peace of mind, cook something for them during the week. Or feed them some kind of vegetable. It doesn’t matter. Just don’t gorge them on McDonald’s all week, okay?”

Jay’s trying his hardest not to laugh as he nods at your instructions. “I know,” he sighs for the third time, “I’ve seen the schedule and the lists. You left recipes by the stove, too. You’re only going to be gone for a week. I think I can handle the kids for that long.”

You fix him with a look before you sigh and nod. “Fine, fine. I know. I trust you. It’s just, this is the first time I’ve been away from them for this long. A day or two, sure, but a whole week? It sucks.”

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  • Me: *playing one of those text-based games from Choice of Games on my phone cause those games are totally awesome*
  • Me: *suddenly has urge to write a fanfic for the Protaganist and one of the non-romanceable characters*
  • Me: *checks AO3 to see if this game is listed as a fandom*
  • *it isn't*
  • Me: *checks to see if it's listed on*
  • *it isn't*
  • Me: ...Well... Guess I can't write it...
  • My Brain: *has already worked out an interesting plot for the story*
  • Me: FUCK
  • Me: *decides to make this post in case anyone loves the Choice of Games as much as I do and may be interested in my story if I end up posting it*
Houses as PSAT 2016
  • Gryffindor: Pliny the Elder
  • Hufflepuff: Fluorescent mouse brains
  • Ravenclaw: The Robert Galbraith/JKR complex
Slytherin: "It was awesome anyhow"

Holy heck guys, thank you all so much! When I first started this blog I never thought I’d get this far, so I’m grateful to all of you guys. Seriously, thank you all!