it was at this point i completely lost it

Leo Valdez is a fan favorite, but the fandom seriously discredits his intelligence

I’m re-reading The Lost Hero and he could literally complete math equations college students couldn’t complete at the age of 8. 

There’s no point going on about the Argo 2 and Festus, we all remember that.

The kid is literally a genius, yet I keep seeing memes of him where the punchline is ‘Oh leo, ur so slow xD’


Please stop making people feel like they do this without even telling them what it is.

This is a frankly horrible definition of maladaptive daydreaming. It’s not about what you’re daydreaming, it’s about how often you do it. Maladaptive daydreaming means you daydream to a point where it interferes with your life. I have lost hours and sometimes even entire days to daydreaming. That’s what maladaptive daydreaming is.

It’s when the daydreams keep you from living your life. People who do this often can’t sleep because of their daydreams, they may also move around, make facial expressions, or even talk with their daydreams.

Everyone daydreams, that’s completely normal. Maladaptive daydreaming is more than that. This has been your informative post of the day.

my steven universe prediction.

(btw, i just wanna point out that i do absolutely hate giant cutesy cartoon eyes and try to avoid doing it bc its boring as fuck design wise and an excuse to make your cartoons “cute” and “appealing”. steven universe used to have great designs at first and everyone had different eye shapes and sizes! now they all have the same giant bug eyes??? i just realized that since they started having this “make everyone tiny and cute and smol and thin and have them colored w bright colors uwu” style i lost complete interest in the show bc its style is so unappealing and a pain to watch. give me back oval pearl. give me back stevens tum. give me back amethyst being actually fat. give me back connie with smaller eyes and a realistic size(and her glasses!). anyway sry for the rant im just angry at this goddamn show)

thank you


These two pictures were taken just a little over a year apart. After looking at these you might think that a change like that would have made me super happy and satisfied with myself. But the night I took the second picture, I was not very happy at all. See, for that year my only goal was to loose the weight for other people. I never focused on what I wanted. I focused on how certain people would feel about me. Therefore the year was a complete rollercoaster. Back and forth, and that picture was taken at my lowest point weight wise, and self esteem wise. I was not accepting myself for the right reasons. I was looking at myself as only this lump thinking people actually cared about that.

Even though I had lost the weight I wanted, I was not satisfied with myself because I was always my biggest critic. I always wanted to be more fit. Until I realized that no one but me really cared that much about the way I looked. I started looking past my body and past my self esteem issues and started looking deeper.

The second picture is still me today. I am working now to maintain a good weight. But doing it the healthy way. I find my worth not in my outer appearance, But in ways I can be an encouragement to others, or some sort of motivation. Not a weight loss motivator. But a motivator to become the best person you can be in every way.

So ever since the revival happened I’ve seen the words “pining” and “like Luke” a lot when people start talking about Jess and I thought I’d add my two cents on the debate. While I do agree that a) Jess deserved a much better and more in depth storyline and b) the Jess-Luke parallels are intentional and point to a future with Rory (and I completely understand anyone who is disappointed by his scenes), I absolutely do not agree that Jess is now portrayed as a pining lost man who doesn’t know how to let go and keeps watching the woman he loves from the sidelines. If this was the case, he’d act so in his scenes with Rory. He’d throw her ~meaningful looks~ and he’d make comments hinting at their romance and how much he loved her and/or was hurt by her. I’m not saying that the Rory/Jess stuff would have to be full of “unrequited love” kind of angst but a line or two would be thrown in there. Instead, Jess acts completely normal around her, answers things about his personal life  (vaguely but with no hint he’s waiting around for her) and he shows no signs of inner struggle or lingering feelings to her (and to Luke when asked about it).

What I got from the revival is that Jess is fine with his life, moving on, growing as a person, casually dating and doing a job he loves. When he looks back and sees Rory through the window he allows himself a moment to acknowledge that yep this is still not over before taking a deep breath and going back to the life he’s built. Honestly, he seemed really settled and calm during this whole thing for me to buy that he’s unhappy because he can’t have Rory. But that’s just what I think.

Uh… COnnie what did you do?

I’m sure you didn’t mean to do whatever it was but guilt is a very hard emotion for kids to deal with.

She beat someone up, huh. So I’m guessing that kid we saw earlier was the person she attacked.

I mean… I doubt it was intentional but I’ve been there. I’ve been in a lot of fights, almost all of which I’ve lost.

Ohhh so it was a reaction. I mean that’s not really… her fault? But I completely understand why she feels horrible about it.

“Sometimes you hurt people… without meaning to.”

Yeah, Steven would know a bunch about that huh.

Poor kid needs some therapy

“You just have to try not to think about it.”

That’s… no. That’s not good advice I’m afraid.

It would be great not to think about your problems but you have to face them at some point or another.




Today in 1914 the legendary Christmas Truce occurred at various points along the Western Front. Alfred Anderson, was the last living witness. He died in 2005 at 109. He said: “I remember the silence, the eerie sound of silence".

There are many stories about impromptu football matches. The Royal Welch Fusiliers apparently lost a no-mans land football match to the Germans. On penalties.

Captain Edward Hulme of the Scots Guards wrote, “On my return at 10.00 a.m. I was surprised to hear a hell of a din going on, and not a single man in my trenches; they were completely denuded (against my orders) and nothing lived. I head strains of "Tipperary” floating down the breeze, swiftly follwed by a tremendous burst of “Deutschland Uber Alles,” and, as I got to my own Company HQ dugout, I saw, to my amazement, not only a crowd of about 150 British and Germans, at the halfway house which I had appointed opposite my lines, but six or seven such crowds, all the way down our lines, extending towards the 8th Division on our right.“

I don't want Tamlin to die

I want him locked up in the Prison for all eternity. I want Feyre to visit him once every year, on the anniversary of the end of the war, to share some tidbits of her happy life as High Lady of the Night Court. I want Tamlin to both love and hate these visits, because they are his only glimpses of the outside world, but they are also an annual reminder of everything he has lost because he made all the wrong choices. I want him to slowly, slowly go mad in the solitude, until you would no longer recognise him as the former High Lord of Spring. At that point, Feyre stops visiting him, and from then on his solitude is complete. He is immortal, so his suffering never ends. He remains in the Prison forever.

In my opinion, that is a much more fitting punishment than merely dying.


I had been self medicating for more than half my life. And as the band grew, so did the introduction of more drugs and more alcohol. Each time I thought I had hit rock bottom I really hadn’t seen the worst yet. When the band broke up, my using had intensified and I fell into total darkness. In the true form of an addict, I disconnected from everyone I knew and pushed away every one I loved. At that point in my life, I was not only lost but in complete self-destruction mode. In February, I was told I should never have woken up.


Secrets of Sienar 
Star Wars Rebels Magazine (UK) #13
Words: Martin Fisher
Art: Eva Widermann

A mission to steal intel from Sienar Systems gets sidetrack when Kanan becomes fixated on kidnapping an inventor/worker who will know secrets and needs to learn the errors of his ways. Everyone - including the kidnapee who works for the Empire to protect and support his family - objects as it’s not worth the effort, the heat and danger it’ll bring from the Imperials. Ultimately it doesn’t work out, and the Ghosts get away empty handed.

It’s about the big picture - Kanan got fixated on this one potential asset losing sight of everything else, whilst everyone else is considering survival and the mission at large: if they die or get captured over this, they can’t carry on fighting for the galaxy; if this man disappears his family will suffer and die; the incidental toll on innocents as the Empire rips the planet (galaxy?) apart to regain this one asset. There’s also the importance of family, of home, of a purpose worth fighting for. Weighing up the odds. And Kanan just can’t. This one failure is, to him, an absolute failure, let the Empire win. 

If anything i think this issue reinforces the point of Wings of the Master where, yes, they lost a blockade runner - whether it was at full- or skeleton crew, it’s still a notable loss, but not as much of a loss as losing a whole planet (or city, I don’t think it’s made clear what area the supplies were supporting - ultimately irrelevant). It’s about acceptable loss, the bigger mission, picking and choosing fights and priorities. 

(That last panel of Hera and Kanan is just lovely.)

The Gentleman with the Thistle-Down Hair ~Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

This is my part of the christmas fan art exchange organized by the amazing @jsamnfanart Thank you so much! :3

My match was @traces-to-nowhere / @dreamslender-exquisite <3 Their prompt was “The Gentleman consumed by the tree in the ballroom at Lost Hope”.

And somehow I have the feeling I got it slightly wrong …? Maybe you imagined to it to be a bit more raw and visceral like in the TV show, but somehow I felt drawn to that slow consumation-thing, where the Gentleman just turns into the tree bit by bit and then vanishes completely at some point.

Still, I do hope you’ll like the picture and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a lot of fun and joy for the next year and I hope you’ll make more amazing fandom experiences like this, because I certainly enjoyed drawing this picture for you <3

Okay...some ToG fans need to get something straight...

When Aelin loses her parents, she goes off and gets a new identity and becomes an assassin and starts butchering people for a living (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Sam, the love of her life, she makes a promise to herself that she will be the one to murder Arobynn with pleasure (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Nehemia, she launches herself at Chaol and mauls his face and would have totally killed him if Dorian hadn’t stopped it (again…I totally understand).


I understand that people can have their opinions about certain characters, BUT I think it is a completely and utterly selfish point of view to hate and be annoyed with Chaol by the actions of him in Queen of Shadows. Why is it okay for our beloved main protagonist to act in the drastic measures that she did when she lost someone, but when Chaol loses Dorian, all of a sudden people think he is a terrible person for being angry. People also say that Chaol was out of character in this book…but I don’t think he was at all…I think he had absolutely every right to act the way he did. Hell I would act even nastier…even Maas said she would act that way if she lost her best friend

He is 22 years old. And in the 22 years that he has lived, he had no family, and absolutely no friends…except Dorian. This boy literally never had ANYBODY in life besides Dorian. So when Aelin comes back 2 months after not seeing each other and not having any contact with each other, she tells Chaol that they would need to kill Dorian. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO CALL HER A MONSTER. She is talking about killing the only person Chaol ever had. And I UNDERSTAND why she would want to kill Dorian…hell I would say that too if I went through the experience she went through with the Valg. But Chaol doesn’t have clue what the Valg is capable of…and I don’t think he needs to listen to a girl he dated for literally only 2 months over the life of his best friend and brother since they were kids. 

Why is it so hard for people to understand Chaol’s mindset I will never understand.

Hi, I'm new to witchcraft. Where do I begin?

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen an ask like this pop into my inbox and it’s gotten to the point where I’m not going to bother answering them anymore because I say the same damn things over and over.






IF YOU FIND A SPELL YOU WANT TO TRY - RESEARCH THE COMPONENTS AND ASK YOURSELF “Why is ______ in this spell?” AND “Why is the spell structured like this?”






Reminder: Becoming ‘GOOD’ at witchcraft doesn’t happen over night. For some it takes months and for some it takes years. Being a witch (in my opinion) is the work of a lifetime - you keep learning new things and evolving your practice.

I also have my witchling and witchlings tags (witchling is a term used to refer to young or new witches) which are both full of resources for new witches:
OK im gonna rant

I’m gonna start with the simple affirmation that i might be completely wrong and also that i’m speaking only for myself and not every latino on the planet.

The thing is that lately there’s been a lot of discussion about the Floriana Lima not being latina problem and i’ve seen a shit ton of opinions about it, not one from a latinx and, as a queer latina, i’m here to give mine.

From my point of view, there has been so much drama about it because the term “latinx” is a very grey area. There are people who think that being latinx qualifies as being “of color”, there are people who think that it means you were born in Latin America. I’m on the second group,so, the way i see it, there is no harm in having someone from another country playing that character.

For me, it makes no sense to call it whitewashing because there is a fucking huge amount of white latinos. Being latino does not mean you have to look a certain way, we’re a very diverse group of people. We have black latinxs, we have white latinxs, we have blond latinxs, we have ginger latinxs, anything you want, we have it. So, in my humble opinion, complaining about an actress who does not look like the generic white girl playing a latina just because she’s not really from Latin America is not really helpful at all.

I’d rather have a brown looking girl with Italian heritage playing me than some white blonde blue eyed girl from Brazil any day of my life.

On how to write a history essay.


That’s probably the most important thing you should do, especially when you get to university. I’ve had multiple teachers who expect you to cite your source for every single sentence you write in your essay. It seems a little intense at first but as long as you have good articles/books/etc., you’ll be fine.

As for finding those good references, I definitely recommend going to your school’s library and also using online ressources. A trick I always use before starting an essay is finding out every thing I can on the subject through sites like wikipedia or even youtube (crash course for example), just to get an idea of the main things I’ll have to research. Also, the bibliography on wikipedia articles can be a great starting point if you’re completely lost.

Keep in mind that not every thing is easy to find online. I’m a classical studies student and most of the essays I’ve had to write were on really obscure subjects that don’t even have a wiki page. In those cases, you just have to work a little bit harder. Don’t underestimate mainstream ressources (such as magazines/vulgarizing books) but don’t rely on them completely. Also, if you are a classics student, check out « L’Année philologique » (The Year in Philology), it’s basically the bible.

Start by analyzing your subject. Is it about architecture ? an important emperor ? a long historical period ? Find a starting point and write a list of hypotheses. If it’s about a roman emperor, Augustus for example, you’ll have to talk about his rise to the throne, the emperors that came before him, how long his reign lasted, what kind of emperor he was, his biggest accomplishments, wars, art, architecture, religion, etc. Make a list of things and start researching.

The more you’ll research, the clearer everything will be. You’ll probably end up adding items to your list, items you hadn’t thought of before, and you’ll also probably delete some that aren’t important. Go through your list and create an outline. History papers are usually done in chronological order, meaning that in an essay about Augustus, you would most likely start with the death of Cesar and the battle of Actium, and finish with Augustus’ death. But if you’re writing a history essay on Babylonian art, you might want to create sections, such as sculptures, architecture, paintings, literature, etc. Also, make sure you have a research topic, preferably in the form of a question, that you introduce at the beginning and answer in your conclusion. It doesn’t have to be a super complex question, it can be pretty simple like « what were the impacts of the Persian War on Greece ? » or « what were Alexander the Great’s greatest accomplishments ? »

History essays usually have to be straight to the point. You’re telling a story, yes, but you’re also showing facts. You can add in anecdotes and fun facts, as long as you know your teacher will enjoy them/find them interesting. It’s all about knowing what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Some teachers are really fun : I’ve written essays on how  Commodus’ bisexuality is never acknowledged by historians or on how Cleopatra is the greatest female icon ever, and i got an A+ on both of those because the teacher was awesome. But I’ve also lost points on essays because the teacher was very strict and serious and didn’t enjoy my anecdote about toothbrushes in Ancient Greece.

A little more about conclusions : I was taught in high school that conclusions should 1) answer your research topic and 2) introduce some new questions. When I got to university, I realized that the second part was completely unnecessary. Most of my teachers ask for a simple conclusion, 5 to 10 lines, with just a summary of your paper and, if you had one, an answer to your initial question. 

Lastly, make sure you have a complete bibliography with a lot of references. Don’t forget to add annexes if they are useful, for example if you are talking about architecture, you can add pictures in your annexes, or if you are studying the death of Socrates, you can add an excerpt of Plato’s Phaedo.

Good luck yo.

Do you ever get to the point where you think, ‘Wow, I think I’m over you’ and for an all too brief moment, it seems like you can breathe again, but then the memories come washing over you like a tidal wave and all you know in that instant is how bad your heart still aches for that person you lost and that how unlikely it seems that you are ever going to stop loving them completely.

so I rewatched episode 8 again because apparently I love suffering and pain and you know what I realised? I think the scene where Even started talking about their wedding wouldn’t have been as bad and dramatic if Isak had gotten the Pretty Woman reference?

without knowing what Even was talking about it seemed like he completely lost his mind, calling Isak Princess Vivian etc. but now that I’ve rewatched it with the knowledge that he was just telling Isak about one of his beloved movies it actually seemed kinda sweet? I don’t know, I really don’t want to offend anyone or romanticise a manic episode but I just wanted to point it out… 

The Five Times Mike Called And The One Time Ginny Picked Up

Five Voicemails can say a lot, and for Mike and Ginny, that couldn’t be more true.

Hey Baker. It’s Lawson, thought I’d let you know they changed the number on the back on my Rookie card. No point sitting around thinking about the game, we lost, sucks. The guys are going out, and who knows, between you, me, and Blip we’ll be able to keep the idiots at bay. Just, try not to incite another riot, alright? Beep.

In the sixteen years he’d been in the game, Mike had never grown completely comfortable in front of the camera. Sure, he could fake it, just like his high pain threshold and small talk the morning after. But, there was some moments, where his smile looked as forced as it felt, that it was clear how much he’d rather be anywhere else.

This was one of those days.

“Guys,” Mike cried, throwing his hands up, eyes narrowing as the cameras flashed, “her first game was rough but she’s more than proved she can handle the mound.”

“And tonight’s game against the Giants?”

Dragging a thumb along his chin, he glowered in the general direction of the question. “You want to ask me about the swings I missed? Or the catches that slipped through Sanders mitt? Baker’s not a team all on her own, so like I’ve said time and time again, I’m done talking about her. You want to ask me about the weather, fine. You want to talk about how I got my ass looking so damn fine in my uniform, I’m all for it. But I’m telling you know, anyone else asks me about Baker and we’re done here.”

“But Mike…”

He leaned forward. “We’re done here.”

He walked into the bar an hour later, shooting Blip a dark look when he came up to him with a beer. “Don’t say a thing.”

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I admit it, I am completely hopeless right now when it comes to this show, especially Bamon. I have little to no faith left. I have been screwed so many times throughout this series that I just feel numb towards it all. It happened with all of my other fave ships on this show (the main one being Stelena and the other being Klaroline). I spent all this time hoping that something good would happen for the things that I loved on this show, but now, I have lost faith completely. I’m tired of the show forcing me to believe that Delena and Bonenzo are epic love stories. I’m tired of them retconning and erasing Bamon (and Stelena) in order to prop up another useless ship. It hurts to much. And at this point I’m just going to turn off my emotions when it comes to this show. Because, I’m just tired and can’t take anymore.