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Reaction where it’s his first time seeing you in a dress and he’s a bit turned on but you are at a formal event. Requested by the wonderful shreyaatwork! -Admin R

(All gifs were found through google images, credit to original owners+ I’ve realized that our scenarios and reactions are very geared towards females, and if any of you go by he/him or they/them or any other pronouns, please message us here so we can write for you as well. We wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.)

Rap Monster:

His eyes traveled up from your high-heel clad feet to your sleek waist and torso, stopping for a moment on your chest. It was the first time since you had arrived together that he had been able to get away from the other party-goers and find time to talk to you. It was also the first time he took a really good look at you, in your silky black dress that hugged you just perfectly.

“Damn.” Namjoon mumbled at the same time as you reminded him that your eyes were a bit higher up. He smirked, throwing a wink at you. Both of you sat rather comfortably at the bar of the ballroom where some celebrity idol or the other was having a party for something. You really weren’t sure what for, you honestly were only there because your boyfriend had begged you to accompany him to it.

A large part of you suspected that he only asked so he could see you in the short black dress you were wearing, but hey, you weren’t complaining.

“You look amazing in that dress, but you know how you’d look better?” 

You rolled your eyes. You had heard this line multiple times before, but you decided to humor Namjoon. “How?” 

“With it on our bedroom floor. Get up, we’re going home right now.”


His typical quiet, caring demeanor was long gone, replaced instead by a far more dominating side of him that few outside of you had ever seen. Jin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as he pulled you into a side room, a room in one of the side hallways of the large house. He shut the door, shoving you, not too hard, against it. 

“You look too good for your own sake.” His breathing was more constricted than usual, his voice lower. His hands found themselves roaming your body, reaching your sides, chest, bottom, anywhere he could touch. You curved into him.

“My own good? Or yours?” You smiled, silently challenging him. 

“Both.” He whispered against your cheek, bringing his mouth close to your ear. “I’m really more concerned that I’ve never seen you in a dress like this before.” 

You laughed. “From my experience, you prefer me not wearing dresses at all. Or, you know, much else.” He rolled his eyes. 

“Are we going to get back to the party, or are we going to have our own little party right here?”


“Wow.” Yoongi’s mouth fell open as you stood in front of him, running a hand through your hair shyly. You had both agreed to meet up at the formal party instead of going together. 

“Wow, good wow or bad wow?” He laughed, his smile saying one thing and his dark eyes showing you his true thoughts. Immediately, you were much more confident. 

“That good, huh?” You teased him, gently placing your hand on his shoulder, pressing your body to his. 

“Yeah.” He choked out, honest even in the position you were putting him in.”I can’t wait to leave now.”

“We just got here!” You exclaimed, trying to hide your laugh. He shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re going back home now.” He paused for a moment, and then continued.

“Or, more importantly, to our bedroom.”


Jimin bit his lip, trying to hide his smirk. Your dress had no straps and a sweetheart neckline, not to mention a shorter skirt than you were accustomed to wearing. He hadn’t been able to stop staring at you throughout the entire car ride to the restaurant. You sighed.

“What are you looking at?” You quirked an eyebrow expertly, one corner of your mouth upturning slightly. He smiled, all of his fantasies pooling behind his eyes. 

“Just my beautiful girl.” He responded, placing a hand on your thigh underneath the table. “My beautiful girl who looks a bit beyond beautiful at the moment.”

“Just a bit?” His hand crawled up your thigh, making your heart race faster and your breathing a tiny bit sharper. 

“That’s an understatement. You passed sexy a long time ago.”Jimin’s hand had reached the hem of your skirt. A breathy exhale left your mouth. Suddenly, the weight on your thigh disappeared as he pulled his hand away. You let out an imperceptible groan. 

He smiled. 

“Don’t worry, baby, we’re going home as soon as I pay.”


Your boyfriend took in a deep breath. “You should wear formal dresses more often.” He said quietly, making sure that nobody outside of you two could hear him speak. Hoseok and you had been invited to a black tie gala, and you had both dressed accordingly. 

Black tie events for men were easy to decode- wear a tux. Simple. 

For women, it was a lot more difficult. It had taken you hours to figure out whether you would wear a long gown or little black dress. In the end you had settled for a strapless gown that hugged your figure tightly. 

Judging Hoseok’s expression, you had made a good choice.

“Actually, you should wear any dresses more often.” Your boyfriend said, eyes trailing to your chest. You crossed your arms, teasing him. 

“We’re at a party, Hoseok.” He smirked.

“You’re invited to another party. One in my pants.”

“Hoseok!” You swatted his arm as he began laughing.

“What? I thought it was good!” 


You didn’t know which one of you was more turned on- you or Taehyung. He had kept his arm around your waist the entirety of the time you had been at the ball, but recently it had started slipping to just below the place where your back curved. In the middle of speaking to your boss, he had pinched your butt, making your breath hitch.

Luckily, your boss hadn’t noticed, but you definitely had, and you vowed to get back at your boyfriend. 

Practically draping your body over Tae’s, you excused the two of you and pulled him to the floor where everyone was slow dancing. Pushing your body into his, you placed one of his hands on your waist and took the other in your smaller hand. 

Your thighs brushed against each other, and he let out a low moan.

“Must you really do this?” He spoke directly into your ear, tickling you. You laughed. 

“You started this.”

“Yeah, well, I’m ending it too. I don’t care that it’s only been a couple of hours, we’re heading back. Right now.”


Jungkook looked away for a moment after you caught him staring, biting his lip.

“What?” He asked innocently, flashing you his million dollar smile. You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“Don’t act innocent,” You started, “I saw you looking.” He laughed softly.

“I couldn’t help it, you’re so beautiful.” Jungkook smiled and took your hand in his, pulling you out of your seat. 

“I tried. I know how you like beautiful things.” You pressed your lips to his cheek.

“Yeah, well, who doesn’t?” He pulled you into his body, twirling you around. The couples around you were all dancing as well, and the slow rhythm filled your body. Suddenly you noticed Jungkook’s hand had moved much farther up your body than where it was before.

“We’re leaving soon, Jungkook, couldn’t you wait to grope me until after the party?” You whispered, standing on your toes to reach his ear. 

“Sorry.” He mumbled, unapologetic. Suddenly, he smirked and leaned in close to whisper in your ear.

“Care to make ‘soon’ sooner? I can call a cab.”

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