it was around easter

I was thinking the other day how it would have been like to have the Fade quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition be a little like in Origins, where you have to find your companions first before you can progress. The quest might have gotten too long and confusing probably, since so much else is happening: the wardens, Hawke, the Divine and what really happened at the Conclave, and so on. So at least we get to see the (arguably not very fitting in terms of worldbuilding) tombstones telling you about the companion’s worst fears, and as such I found that a really nice little easter egg that you can miss if you don’t look around a bit. And as a easter egg I think the tombstones are totally fine in my opinion. As a disclaimer though, Here Lies the Abyss was one of my favourite main quests in the whole DA series so far and I think it’s great the way it is, nicely balanced and engaging.

But I imagine, since the tombstones don’t really seem to fit (in a world were in the most common/ biggest religion people are usually burned after their death, rather than buried with a tombstone), that you could maybe see them as a placeholder for actual small ideas for sidequests that just didn’t fit in the whole story very well.

If you picture everything happening to the Inquisitor as if it happened in real life though, with no time limit and the typical restraints of a video game to make it enjoyable, the companions might get separated from each other at some point. Maybe either while entering the Fade or a little while after, either by accident or by the Nightmare’s hands. To face the Nightmare they have to reunite first. Since they enter the Fade differently though than in Origins, not through a demon-induced dream, but physically, they wouldn’t be caught in dreams in the same manner probably. Instead though, what if they were somehow still facing their worst nightmares - not necessarily even memories of the past or idealistic scenarios of the future like in Origins (e.g. how Alistair meets his sister or how your warden meets Duncan during a victory celebration because Ostagar never happened the way it actually did).

So maybe you’d meet a Dorian who couldn’t resist the temptation of power and became a corrupted magister, or Vivienne in beggars clothing having failed in all her endavours and having lost everything, or Blackwall who is more like the old Thom Rainier he used to be, ruthless and doing the most cruel things for money. Maybe you’d meet Solas, the last one to be barely alive after a cataclysmic event (>.>) realizing his mistakes and falling to his knees in despair.

I think it would have been a really great opportunity to add a little more companion-content, show some character development - and depending on where you are in the story in cases like Solas and Blackwall it might have given some more hints about how neither of them are who they pretend to be. Imagine the conversation with either of them after the Fade like “so, what was that about” and them somewhat struggling with an explanation.

I need to work this into a fic or something xD

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

Everyone knows about the Easter Bunny, that lovable giant rabbit who hides prize eggs all around your property. But have you heard of the rarer Easter Denny? The hopping anthropomorphized diner that leaves piles of scrambled eggs all over your house and yard? Wake up to find scrambled eggs flopped into corners, stuffed into your mailbox, crammed into your shoes, pouring out of your sock drawer…It’s wild. And messy. And delicious.

I met the Sweetest Couple

So just a heads up I’m mentioning race but it’s not negative at all, quite positive, and crucial to the story.

So I’m stocking things in our cosmetics, and I see this male (white) frantically looking around in our black hair care section, glasses askeew, hair all meessed up. I ask him if he needs help finding anything and the poor guy was shaking like a leaf but he breathes this huge sigh of relief when he notices me. (Note: I’m black, native american, and samoan).

He proceeds to explain to me his girlfriend (also mixed like me) has been wanting to transition her hair for a while from perm to natural. But everytime she thinks about it she realizes the products and upkeep necessary are just too much for her. So I immideatly jump into action as transitioning is something I’ve had experience with before.

I ask him about her hair type; the texture, the thickness, fragility, everything. Based off his description I start giving him the low down on how perms work and point out the products she would need to grow out her hair happily. The things she’d have to do and what not. He just nods eagerly and soaks up the information like a sponge. He then buys this cute basket since it’s around Easter time we have tons of these things, to put it all in.

Since I had helped him find the products I was familiar with I actually look up tons of coupons for them like buy one get one ½ off, or buy two get one free. He’s so grateful and estatic, it was contagious happiness.

Well a a week later I see him come with his girlfriend. After he points me out to her she makes a beeline towards me. Shakes my hand, asks for a hug, an tells me how lovely all the products are that she recieved. How she’s so happy that her boyfriend did this and I helped them both so much by doing this. She left a stellar review for me apparently to my manager and my store site. AND THEN, she leaves this huge package of homebaked cookies and I guess she knew the rules on our gift policy cause she also sneakily left a gift card in there with a bit of money on it.

They were so nice, they make up for all my shitty experiences

Day One Hundred and Twelve

-I handed an adorable girl, scarcely one year old, a sticker. She was so overwhelmed by this gesture that she attempted to pay back my kindness in the only equivalent way she could imagine: she attempted to hand me the sticker back.

-A manager stopped by my lane on his way out of the store to discuss a podcast that we were both listening to. The sweet elderly woman I was ringing up asked if we were discussing a television show, and wanted all of the details. I then had to explain to this kind women, well into her seventies, how a radio drama about a brave man, a spiritually-flexible dwarf, and a Tex-Mex wizard made for good entertainment.

-A young girl demanded that her family walk through the grocery section so that she could feed her starving doll. I was grateful to see them oblige and take care of their daughter to the same extent that their daughter took care of her young ward.

-A church group left dozens of Easter eggs around the store, stuffed into merchandise and behind displays, each holding an advertisement for their upcoming service. Their use of our store for their own promotion without our consent was one thing, their leaving their litter throughout our store for us to clean up was another, but the final straw to me is that they did not even leave us chocolate for our troubles. It’s what Jesus would have wanted.

-As with most bad nights in softlines, I have made for myself a friend. A stray smiley stress toy and a stray single Spider-Man glove have combined to make a snuggly blue burrito of a friend. I have christened my son Leonardo and he has salvaged my night.

Okay Kiddos: Let’s Talk About Blood Libel

- If you know anything about Jewish history, it’s that no matter where the jews have been, they’ve suffered.

- Lots

-Like literally all our holidays are about suffering

- Blood libel is specifically about accusing Jews of crimes they didn’t commit, as an excuse to make us suffer more. 

         - Specifically, accusing Jews of murdering gentile (often christian) children             for ritual purposes

- The earliest known claim is by Democritus, who alleged that Jews ritually killed greeks.

- The first classic example is by the citizens of Norwich, England, who blamed their local Jewish community for killing a child. A local monk spread the rumor that every year around Easter, Jews would gather to pick a gentile to kill. He also claimed that Jews believed that killing a gentile every year would help them return to their holy land.

- This trope continued in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, with libel inspired pogroms (mass riots to kill jews) often occurring around passover, with people alleging that Jews put gentile blood in their matzoh, which is wholly untrue.

-Blood libel still exists today, both outright, as in the case of a Jordanian Senate member named Sheik Bassam Ammoush accusing "In [the Gaza Strip] we are dealing with the enemies of Allah, who believe that the matzos that they bake on their holidays must be kneaded with blood. When the Jews were in the diaspora, they would murder children in England, in Europe, and in America. They would slaughter them and use their blood to make their matzos… They believe that they are God’s chosen people. They believe that the killing of any human being is a form of worship and a means to draw near their god.“

- But also Blood libel exists in liberal and leftist circles, especially in anti zioinist activism.

- Claiming Gal Godot killed Palestinian children, had notches on her rifle, poisoned wells or anything of that sort is blood libel. Why? Because she didn’t DO any of that. You don’t have to like or approve of her continual support of the IDF (I know I don’t), but it is historically crucial that you critique her with actual facts.

Missed Easter

Lance’s family always made a big fuss on Easter. They would fill the house with eggs hidden in every possible place for all the younger kids to find.
Then they would decorate the various eggs they had found before sitting down for a big family dinner.
Lance particularly loved Easter because it was one of the few times a year his entire extended family came together and his home was filled with noise and laughter.
Then he went to space and didn’t even realise it was Easter until Pidge checked the calendar they had on their phone telling them exactly what kid of day it was.
Lance demanded that they celebrate in some way, much to the others protests, and got to work decorating the common area.
While Lance was running around hiding egg shaped things he had found and making little Easter treats for everyone. No one else really got involved.
Sure Hunk made a big meal when asked, but everyone else went on with normal.
It wasn’t until Allura tripped over a hidden egg did she snap and yelled at him for acting so childish. She went on and on until the other paladins began to feel sorry for their team mate.
Lance just stood there taking it all in with his hands behind his back.
When Allura finally asked if he had anything to say for himself, Lance just broke.
His face crumbled and tears started falling down his face. He started mumbling about how sorry he was and that he would do better.
Allura felt awful.
She had been fed up and stressed so took it out on him which she knew wasn’t fair.
She tried to explain but Lance dropped what he was hiding behind his back and ran off to his room quickly followed by Hunk.
The others felt bad but when they saw what Lance had dropped they felt even worse.
It was a drawing made in incredible detail of the seven of them standing in front of the lions.
Written on the picture in small curly handwriting in the corner was:
“Happy Easter to the best space family a home sick guy could ask for.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda being charming af on the 2017 Olivier Awards red carpet (x)

What else have you learned about British culture since you’ve been here?

…You guys have Cadbury Creme Eggs like year round, and that makes me very happy because we only get ‘em around Easter.

How do you eat yours?

One fell swoop–like a snake eating a rat I eat my Cadbury Creme Eggs.

ok but dave was always my favourite homestuck character and has managed to cling onto that title and sometimes i wish i could be a bit more original since he seems like such a cliched choice as silly as that sounds but just….. hes so much fun to read. 

his characterisation is so strong and consistent but it also develops. his flaws are so interesting and relatable. like today i was rereading openbound and his conversation with meenah. she goes about trying to convince people to go take on an evil almost unbeatable demon. and most people say  i want to, but its too dangerous, now isnt the right time, im not strong enough yet, or we’re making another plan, this can be plan b, but hell yeah we need to take this guy down!! 

then she asks dave and just nah. not interested. what does he want to do instead? draw comics. what has he been doing all this time on the meteor so far? finding ways to manipulate the afterlife - get this - in order to emulate one of his shitposty blogs, leaving his quotes around in ‘ebubbles’ like little easter eggs for people to find. despite most people literally being dead aliens who dont know or care about who he is. like its just so ridiculous. this kid is impossible. how insanely clever and creative and funny and yet so weird and apathetic and passive - why is he aiming so much lower in terms of heroics than all his friends? why is he so damn normal and desperate to ignore what is going on in the face of all this reality-threatening catastrophe in comparison for everyone else? 

also, may not be worth reading into, but interestingly meenah seems to account for his behaviour as being due to him ‘being down in the dumps’ or something which is just so odd since its not something dave ever really explicitly lets on and ESPECIALLY never says anything to meenah about it but implies that the ebubbles to her look sort of like… you know when ben makes that stop motion animation of himself when hes depressed in parks and rec? yeah, like that.

and he literally prattles about bro and dirk unprompted in that conversation too and also randomly brings up the fact that he also sometimes thinks about puppets (’#unrelated’) like argh

theres literally so much emotion and stuff buzzing around just below the surface and he NEVER makes it clear or explicit or easy, at least not for long but its all there and bits are always slipping out haphazardly like hes begging anyone, everyone, from his sister to some random alien ghost girl to notice, and its just so interesting

with easter right around the corner let’s all give a special shoutout to:

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family who don’t know they’re nonbinary or trans

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family for the first time since they came out

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family who they know have very bigoted beliefs

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter alone because they can’t deal with being around their family

💐 nonbinary + trans people who don’t have any family to celebrate with

💐 nonbinary + trans people who would love to spend easter with their family but can’t because they live too far away or there are other financial/time restraints keeping them away

💐 nonbinary + trans people who can’t celebrate with their family because they have to spend easter working

and to all nonbinary + trans people who celebrate, no matter what your circumstances, i hope you all have a happy easter and are able to enjoy the day!

12 Sept 16 – 19 days until I return to Cambridge for second year, and I’m slowly easing myself back into early mornings ready for the 9amers fuelled by last minute caffeine, key text reading for modules ready for the supervision lists, and dissertation idea(s) planning for the proposal to be submitted sometime around Lent/Easter term next year. ⭐️


Let’s all not forget what Easter Sunday is really about: Jesus riding a dinosaur around to collect rainbow colored rabbit eggs. Happy Easter.

Here’s a short, poor quality iPhone clip of Bisquick pushing around Wurm Egg. It’s literally just a weighted Easter egg filled with worms. They hilariously enough come with those holes, at the top and bottom, although I am going to add more. So far this has been his most challenging enrichment object, it’s an odd shape, and the food is hard to get out. It requires a lot of thought since he has to position his mouth over the holes and then use suction. After about a half hour of moving it all around he finally is mastering it, but I’ll save the rest of the commentary for the DSLR quality video clip.

Bisquick is a freshwater stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) and as always I have to remind you that stingrays are not pets for the inexperienced keeper. Their large adult size, sensitivity to diet and water conditions, and venomous nature make them ill suited for the majority of people to own. Please visit stingrays at your local aquarium and leave them to only the most well equipped and experienced keepers.

I’ve been meaning to talk more about Pancake’s story since I started this tumblr back up. After seeing Heather’s post about “share your animal caretaking accomplishments”, it reminded me & seemed like a good time to write this up. :)

Pancake came to my partner’s hedgehog rescue seriously overweight at 800g. She was renamed from Petunia because…well. She did this -

Granted, I’m small & have short legs, but she was just massive! Her previous owner had loved her a lot, but hadn’t had the time to be very hands-on with her.

We had a lot of trouble enticing her to eat and she started to lose weight. She was very picky about food and was pretty resistant to being changed to anything healthier for her. Unfortunately, this all came to a tipping point around Easter, while I was hedgie-sitting her. She stopped eating completely and needed an emergency vet visit on Easter for sub-q fluids, and to be checked for a URI.

I’d fallen in love with Pancake pretty much the night we met her. I asked my partner if I could keep her & adopt her, because I was in a better position to spend the money on vet bills. So, Pancake was my Easter present!

Unfortunately, the next two months ended up being pretty stressful for everyone. She ended up with a ringworm infection on her feet and in her toenails. She didn’t start eating on her own again & I had to regularly syringe-feed her. Further vet visits showed that her liver values were very high and something was going on there. Further tests were inconclusive - the options were either liver cancer or hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease or FLD). The vet suggested exploratory surgery and a biopsy to figure out which one it was, since there was no way to tell otherwise. 

This was a later picture of her surgery incision, where it was getting more healed up! She came through surgery fine, though we had a rough first couple nights where she was having a little more trouble with pain than we’d expected. Lots of hedgie & hedgie-mama crying! She improved after that though and we waited for the biopsy results to come in. They confirmed that it was hepatic lipidosis, due to her not eating enough and losing weight too quickly. 

At this point, I’d been syringe-feeding this little-big girl 3-4 times a day for over a month, I think. I was starting to think she was never going to eat on her own again. But just when the vet and I were discussing the feasibility of putting a feeding tube in a hedgehog…..

She decided that her syringe-feeding mix was the Best Thing Ever! She was climbing into the bowl to eat! I insisted on continuing to help some because she was better at getting the food all OVER her instead of inside her, but this was the point where we finally had hope for her again. The relief was overwhelming! And because it’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken of her, here she is waiting for Mom to get her for mealtime - 

It took at least another month to wean her off of the syringe-feeding mix and find a commercial wet food that she could be convinced to eat. But things were uphill from there!

Just over a year later, she is still one of my proudest accomplishments (though she did most of the work!) and she makes me smile constantly. I will never get tired of seeing how much she loves to eat now - she’ll come out of her sleeping spot and be waiting impatiently for me if I’m late with their dinner! She’s still very picky, but I’ve found a number of extra treats she’ll eat, like mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, and raw meat grinds. 

With being a healthy weight and recovered from all of her major health issues, she’s become one of the most personable hedgies I’ve met. She loves to snuggle and sleep on me, totally out in the open.

We’d discovered during the months before her illness that she actually likes belly rubs and they’ll put her to sleep sometimes!

She still likes to dig in her food while she eats, and creates a horrible mess! So I gave up and just started giving her little fleece place mats that I can change out.  And on the plus side, she also likes to clean her own paws, which is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen. At some point, I’ll have to get a video of it uploaded! For now, here’s a still from one of the videos.

I hope you enjoyed Pancake’s story! :) I think she’s really special and I love her a lot. She’s currently about 3.5 years old and I hope I get to have her around for at least a couple more years! ♥