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What placement or aspect would make someone be bored w the idea of relationships?

Venus/Mars in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius (their preferences may change often)

Hard Moon-Venus aspects (would be hard to satisfy but may not actually be ‘bored’  with the idea)

Hard Venus/Mars-Uranus aspects (they require change often but they may not settle into a relationship in the first place)

Uranus/Aquarius in the 7th house (they need variety in relationships) 

Date ideas for the signs

Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

Leo: walking dog(s) together, going to a concert, flying kites, going to a beach for walk

Virgo: reading books together, playing horror games or watching horror movies, writing stories together, going to a botanic garden

Libra: coffee date in a small shop, Disney movie marathon, going to a theatre or a cinema

Scorpio: shopping together, cooking, go ice-skating, Netflix 24/7, sleepover, going to a fancy restaurant

Sagittarius: dancing in the rain, listening to really loud music, taking pictures in the photobooth, doing some sort of sport togehter, walking outside at 3am

Capricorn: going hiking and taking pictures, staying home and listening to both’s favourite music, amusement park

Aquarius: going on trip somewhere you’ve never been before, playing video games, museum, laser games

Pisces: watching sunrise/sunset together, going for a walk around the town (and holding hands obviously !), cuddling

Things to do after a new moon

just some things i do every new moon, thought it would be nice to share:

Your bed sheets, phone screen, crystals, tarot/oracle cards, chakras. it’s a rebirth – start with a fresh slate and really dig out the nitty gritty cobwebs, air out the laundry. there’s a lot of potential energy brewing, and cleansing allows for full potential to be realized.

like i said above, it’s a rebirth and that means a new you. reflect on the past lunar cycle: what have you realized about yourself? what was difficult? what was easy? what was blah? take note of all of these things – journal, meditate or both. drink an extra glass of water, make some peppermint tea and really feel yourself come alive.

the tarot is all about new beginnings and harnessing new energy. play around with some fun new spreads – really tap into that third eye. ask what can you learn this lunar cycle? what should be left behind?

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Do you think on the ride home Dean took off his flannel and made Cas put it on to replace his bloody shirt?

“I really am alright, Dean. You don’t need to sit back here with me.”

Dean ignores Castiel’s reassurances, just like he has been ignoring them for the last fifteen minutes.


“Cork it, Cas! Mom’s drivin’, Sam’s shotgun, and I’m back here with you, makin’ sure you’re really holdin’ it together. That’s just the way it’s gonna be so stop tryin’ to fight me on it!”

Both Mary and Sam give each other wide-eyed looks, but stay quiet—knowing that Dean is still processing everything that had happened back in the barn. He’s still drowning in the feeling of being out of control, and it’s driving him absolutely nuts.

“Here, Ma” Dean grunts, shoving the Impala’s keys at the woman and then turning back to tend to his angel.

She swiftly nods and takes the keys before ushering her other son around the far side of the car—and then, all at once, they climb in to join Castiel, who has already been carefully placed in the backseat by Dean’s steady hands.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Dean asks—slightly calmer now but his voice still has a rattle to it.

“No, Dean. I’m feeling fine—just like I said before.”

“Well, you don’t look fine. You’re kinda pale. Sam, doesn’t he look pale to you?”

Sam turns around and gives Cas a sympathetic look before shrugging silently at his older brother, knowing that his opinion doesn’t really matter right now anyway.

“Yeah, see—Sam thinks so. You should lean back a bit.”

“These seats don’t recline, Dean.”

Dean frowns at him. “Then scoot down a little! Jesus, Cas … I’m just tryin’ to make sure you’re okay!”

“I am okay … I have already told you—”

“Scoot down, Castiel!” Mary grits  firmly from the front of the car—glaring at him through the rearview mirror, eyes flicking back and forth between the angel and her eldest son.

He wants to protest again, but then Castiel nods, finally understanding that the only one not fine right now, is Dean, and doing what he asks—no matter how pointless it is, will make him feel a little better … a little more useful. Cas scoots down in his seat.

Dean smiles, happy that his friend is finally listening to him. “Alright then … better?”

Castiel stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yes … better.”

The proud smirk that immediately graces Dean’s face seems to trim away the tension in the car—until the moment that the folds of Cas’s coat fall away, exposing the dirty, blood-stained white button up beneath. “Oh … shit, man! That looks bad!” the man yelps as soon as he sees it.

Castiel squints and cocks his head to the side, finally following Dean’s eyes down to where the usually clean looking garment, is now a tattered mess strewn about his body. “Oh. Yes, well … I can just—” Cas begins, already lifting his hand to will the mess away, but he stops mid motion—cutting the magic short because the man beside him is starting to fidget in his seat. “Dean? What are you …”

Dean teeters back and forth, wriggling from side to side in the confined space until he finally manages to free one of his arms from the black coat and plaid overshirt that he’s wearing.

“Hold on … almost …” Dean soon rocks all the way over until his head is practically in Cas’s lap—but he doesn’t seem to notice because he’s too focused on freeing his other hand. “There!” he yelps victoriously, finally holding up the plaid shirt for everyone in the car to see.

Sam nods and Mary holds back a chuckle, and Cas just continues to stare at the man—confused and slightly annoyed by everything that he’s doing.

“Okay, Cas. Your turn” Dean says after another moment, eventually turning happy eyes back on the angel.

“My turn?” Cas asks, feeling suddenly nervous about what he’s expected to do.

“Yep” Dean chirps, looking Castiel up and down with a long pull. “Strip and put this on.” He holds the flannel out towards him, but he doesn’t hand it to the angel just yet, as if he’s planning on dressing him himself … and at this point, Cas wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Dean had in mind.

“Dean …” Castiel grumbles again, now—rolling his eyes for all to see. “You realize that I can fix this, don’t you?”

Dean only grips the shirt tighter in his hand.

“I am an angel … I have the power to—”

“Just put on the damn shirt!” All three Winchesters bark in unison.

And that makes the angel finally throw up his hands in defeat. “Alright!” he exclaims, quickly sitting straight and leaning forward so that he can work his body free from his coat. But before he can completely shimmy it off, Dean’s hands are on him, fiddling with the buttons of Cas’s dirty white shirt. “Um … what are you doing?”

Helping” Dean snaps, but his cheeks are turning red and his hands are starting to shake against the angel’s chest.

Cas stares at him a moment, and then up to the front of the car where Sam and Mary are vehemently avoiding eye contact with anything but the road. So he turns back, just as Dean undoes the final button and pushes the cloth aside, displaying every inch of Castiel’s unmarred skin.

The man then stills for some time—never looking away and holding his breath until the second Castiel is finally able to speak.

You see, Dean … I’m all healed.”

Dean quirks up the side of his mouth, but his face quickly falls flat again, while his eyes bounce away and back several times, seeming torn as to where to look now.

After that, it only takes another minute for Cas to slip out of the ruddy, old shirt and into Dean’s flannel—and for the first time since they left the barn, Dean doesn’t interfere, nor do Mary and Sam act like anything is happening just behind their heads. In fact, the frenzied tone of their drive has seemed to mellow, and even Dean appears to have settled down; although, his hands still twitch with the need for something to do … which doesn’t go unnoticed by the angel at his side.

Castiel sighs, flicking his eyes down towards the soft plaid that’s now draped over his own shoulders—the fabric is warm and smells like Dean; so just as he begins to fasten the last two buttons, he purposely skips one—so the thing is now bunching up across his stomach. “There” he confirms, drawing Dean’s focus back to the task at hand, and of course—Dean notices the mistake instantly.

“Ah—jeez, Cas … you’re helpless, ya know that?” Dean mutters with a smile, reaching over eagerly to straighten out the buttons and get them all in the right order.

But Castiel just smiles too, taking the moment to take in the worried Winchester—his charge, his family … a man that he loves—and he nods. “You’re right. What would I do without you?”

the signs and their beautiful features
  • Eyes: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn
  • Lips: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Skin: Libra, Pisces, Aries, Leo
  • Laugh: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra
  • Smile: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio
  • Movements: Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Aquarius
  • Words: Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius
  • Ideas: Taurus, Cancer, Aries, Virgo
  • Voice: Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo
  • Mind: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Heart: Aries, Libra, Pisces, Virgo
  • Soul: Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Taurus
Bucket list ideas for the signs


  • go on 5 adventures this week
  • deep breathes, take a deep breathe and relax
  • search for new songs then send them to the people they remind you of
  • buy someone their favorite thing (flowers, candy, etc)
  • go on a bike ride


  • look up puns and spam them to a friend
  • write a perfect love story of your dreams
  • try to make someone laugh by just laughing
  • listen, listen to whatever anyone has to say
  • call someone, and talk to them in lyrics


  • research something you don’t believe in, and look for proof/evidence
  • call up a friend and go somewhere to eat, talk to them about anything that’s bothering you
  • pull a prank on someone who will laugh along with you
  • randomly try to twist your friend’s words or confuse them 
  • play a board game that you’ve never played before


  • just cry, no one will look down on you for being human
  • reward yourself with something you love
  • have a sleepover that’ll last for 2 days
  • go camping, go stargazing
  • look up the most dorkiest joke online, and send it to someone you haven’t talked to in a while


  • play beer pong 
  • go karaoke with a bunch of friends
  • teach someone on something you’re good at
  • tell your friends at least one thing you like about them
  • have a race on who can drink/eat what faster


  • do something without thinking of the idea of perfection (ex. draw something with a blank mind/ or no idea what to draw)
  • break the rules once in a while
  • let your mind loose for a minute
  • go hiking
  • bake cookies and give it to an acquaintance 


  • tell them how you really feel
  • stop backing out on things
  • take a bus ride and blast some music through your earphones
  • do something, you’d never thought of doing
  • go for a walk alone and buy something you’ve always wanted


  • loosen up a bit
  • go on a boat ride
  • have a movie night with your favorite person
  • night drives are great, you should go on one
  • write a poem


  • make up a word and put it in urban dictionary
  • list 10 things you want to achieve and send it to a random address
  • practice something you’ve been bad at
  • listen to 5 songs, and try to make a whole new song by mixing in the lyrics
  • write nice things on someone while they sleep


  • go to the library, get random books and try reading them
  • help someone on their work
  • write little letters to people then give it to them when you’re both fading away from each other
  • never give up, you’re almost there!
  • get a pet


  • give someone a cheesy nickname 
  • create a wishlist
  • make a new trend
  • ask friend’s what’s something different about you
  • make silly faces to a cute stranger


  • next time you see a fountain, make a wish on it
  • travel the world
  • draw something no one has ever seen before
  • text/call someone and bring up a thought that’s bothering you
  • next time you’re talking to someone about something, randomly continue to talk, and let words slip out of your lips
cute things the signs are likely to do
  • aries: tell you about their crazy ideas and genuinely ask what you think
  • taurus: hand the popcorn bucket over every 3 minutes at a movie
  • gemini: acknowledge your story when nobody else in the group heard you
  • cancer: talk about you to their mom all the time
  • leo: cook for you and ask if it's good after every bite
  • virgo: whisper the answer when the teacher calls on you
  • libra: talk to somebody that's mad at you to try and get them over it
  • scorpio: pop out from behind things and scare you but laugh with you, not at you, when you scream
  • sagittarius: pick you up at midnight to go to dairy queen
  • capricorn: stay up all night to listen to you complain about something stupid
  • aquarius: mooch your food 24/7 but always offer you a bite of theirs when they have some
  • pisces: buy you things after you've had a breakup
the signs and forgiveness
  • forgives and forgets: sagittarius, gemini, aries, libra
  • forgives, but doesn't forget: cancer, aquarius, pisces
  • forgets, but also lowkey remembers and doesn't forgive: capricorn, leo, virgo
  • neither forgives nor forgets: taurus, scorpio

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If it's still open, maybe #80 for Chat Noir and #9 for Ladybug?

I was so excited to work on these, especially the Ladybug one, because these palettes have colors that are so different but also work together so well; great choices!

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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the signs as cards against humanity cards

aries: Taking off your shirt. // Penis envy. // Pistol whipping a hostage.
taurus: Appreciative snapping. // One thousand Slim Jims. // Exactly what you’d expect.
gemini: Fabricating statistics. // Friends with benefits. // A look-see.
cancer: Home video of Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine ™. // The miracle of childbirth. // Teaching a robot to love.
leo: Bitches. // Getting drunk on mouthwash. // Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.
virgo: A balanced breakfast. // Genetically engineered super-soldiers. // Statistically validated stereotypes.
libra: A homoerotic volleyball montage. // Child beauty pageants. // “Tweeting”.
scorpio: Sweet, sweet vengeance. // A cooler full of organs. // Giving 110 percent.
sagittarius: Bosnian chicken farmers. // A Gypsy curse. // My humps.
capricorn: Republicans. // A mopey zoo lion. // Getting in her pants, politely.
aquarius: Actually taking candy from a baby. // Seppuku. // The forbidden fruit.
pisces: Puppies! // A really cool hat. // Passive-aggressive Post-it notes.

Jupiter: One day, life will bring me _________.

Aries: Good Fortune
Taurus: Wealth
Gemini: Communicative Opportunities
Cancer: Healthy Relationships
Leo: Recognition for my Talents
Virgo: Good Health
Libra: Endless Love
Scorpio: Self-Improvement
Sagittarius: Adventurous Opportunities
Capricorn: My Dreams
Aquarius: Tranquility
Pisces: Recognition for my Creative Ideas

Neptune: I wish for ________.

Aries: Humanity
Taurus: Money
Gemini: Healthy Mental Health
Cancer: Healthy Relationships
Leo: Fame
Virgo: Health
Libra: Romance
Scorpio: Pleasure
Sagittarius: Adventure
Capricorn: Success
Aquarius: Peace on Earth
Pisces: My Dreams to come true

Juno: I need a lover that’s _______.

Aries: Strong
Taurus: Trustworthy
Gemini: Communicative
Cancer: Nurturing
Leo: Loyal
Virgo: Efficient
Libra: Balanced
Scorpio: Intense
Sagittarius: Intellectual
Capricorn: Responsible
Aquarius: Humane
Pisces: Intuitive

how the signs experience romance (check moon & mercury)

aries: through the chase. not necessarily just in love, but in all other points of life; aries finds a reward in something they’ve gone after. not being typically hard-working, this doesn’t mean working to the bone to achieve. aries loves the idea of not having something straight away.

taurus: through relaxation. taurus loves the feeling after accomplishing something big or overcoming an emotional bridge. they romanticise a comfy area or someone who gives them warmth - whether it be family or a lover. they love the calmness of sleep & the comfort of reading.

gemini: through the social aspects. through friendship and meeting new people. gemini romanticises human nature and love to observe and relate to other people. they find comfort in a friendship atmosphere and the joy of someone new in their life brings possible romantic experiences for them.

cancer: through music. cancer needs escape and being an emotional sign, they tend to connect to music more than others. whether it be listening, dancing, singing, a movie soundtrack. they are eternally nostalgic and connect love and music together beautifully.

leo: through self-love. being a fairly insecure sign, the greatest way for a leo to attract any sort of romance is through loving themselves. though this may make them appear vain or full of themselves, that simply isn’t the case. a leo is their best self when they find the romance of their own laughter, intelligence, beauty & soul. 

virgo: through detail. a virgo is the first to find beauty in a flower or painting, or an unnoticeable trait in someone, as they are highly observant. they want to create an aesthetic of their life and find comfort & romance in being in a surrounding that compliments that. 

libra: in every way possible. libra is the most romantic sign in my opinion. they will excite over visiting a new place, watching a movie, meeting up with their friends or buying something nice. they love to share love with people and let them know how they feel about them, making them lovely companions.

scorpio: through achievement. scorpios love to put their heart into something or somebody to find romance. they like showing off their skills and charming those around them; scorpios believe that romance begins with them and the way they begin it.

sagittarius: through adventure. no surprise of course, sagittarius loves the start of something new. not just going new places or travelling; but a new face or restarting who they are to someone new brings sagittarius excitement of romance & exploration.

capricorn: through ideas. capricorns love to think of the life they are going to have and think to the future often. they love planning and imagining things they’ll do and have and the people they want in their lives, whether it be romantic or not. they are born doers.

aquarius: through independence. aquarius finds romance through the idea of doing things by themselves and growing up. although this leads to slight rebellion, it makes aquarius quite maternal and compassionate, making them a strong friend, which is one of their most important values.

pisces: through their dreams. through goals & aspirations, through things that seem impossible. pisces love to daydream and love to explore the unknown and push themselves. there is the stereotype of a pisces having their head in the clouds, but they can actually be quite grounded with their ambitions and love to exceed people’s thoughts of them.

*** when i say romance, i don’t just mean two people romantically interested in each other. i mean the way they look at the lovely aspects of life.

When the signs are hinting for you to stop talking
  • ARIES: short responses and limited eye contact, maybe even reduced to a grunt or animalistic sound
  • TAURUS: looking around maybe not even responding, most likely to just ignore them until they fade away
  • GEMINI: trying to change the subject and wishing for someone more entertaining to come along
  • CANCER: probably the most blatant, can literally just cut you off and not care
  • LEO: if you've been talking about yourself for too long, they're not going to keep listening, you should know
  • VIRGO: maybe the nicest about it, they'll try and listen for as long as they wish to torture themselves, but don't count on them to look entertained
  • LIBRA: tries to wait for a small pause and then changes the subject or sees a new person and calls them, v smooth, v sneaky
  • SCORPIO: cannot even contain the sarcasm and disinterest in their eyes
  • SAGITTARIUS: they're usually actually interested in what everyone has to say, but they will respond with complete honesty of their opinion so watch out
  • CAPRICORN: will listen and maybe make faces, but can't wait to tell someone what dumb thing you just said
  • AQUARIUS: they know who they don't like to hear speak, they might just pretend you're not even there, real cold
  • PISCES: will try v hard to look interested but can't help but looking interested in absolutely anything else going on, if you're not getting full attention, you're barely getting any
The Signs with Ideas and Decisions

Aries - “I have a lot of conviction, but I love to play devil’s advocate.”
Taurus - “I have an idea. It’s a good idea, right? I’m going to do it.”
Gemini - “This is either the worst or best idea. Probably the bestworst and worstbest.”
Cancer - "Don’t question me.”
Leo - "Of course it’s a good idea.”
Libra - “Show me the facts and I might be persuaded.”
Scorpio - "I already made up my mind even if I change it.”
Sagittarius - "Life is an adventure. If it’s enjoyable, I might try it.”
Capricorn - "I had that idea like a million years ago.”
Aquarius - "I love all ideas, but decisions are out of my control.”
Pisces - "I know what I want, but I need support.” 

Cosas que los signos jamás te dirán

ARIES: Jamás tienen la minima idea de lo que están haciendo.

TAURO: Les asusta enamorarse.

GÉMINIS: No entienden porque hacen las cosas que hacen.

CÁNCER: En realidad estan enojados mas de la mitad del tiempo.

LEO: Podrían estar necesitando un abrazo justo en este momento.

VIRGO: Son icreiblemente autocriticos, y nunca estan conformes consigo mismos.

LIBRA: Siempre estan procastrinando.

ESCORPIO: Solo quieren sentirse amados.

SAGITARIO: Les aterra el compromiso.

CAPRICORNIO: Tienen problemas de confianza realmente serios.

ACUARIO: Se sienten diferentes y raros en cualquier lugar a donde vayan.

PISCIS: Se encariñan con alguien mucho y muy rapido, y lo saben.


Aries tattoo ideas

Aries tattoos not only symbolize a date of birth, but are also said to represent the attitudes of a person. Those who have an Aries personality are supposed to be:

  • Outgoing
  • Idealistic
  • Freedom-loving
  • Intense
  • Resourceful
  • Courageous
  • Inspirational

All of these are great attitudes to have, but there are also some negative aspects:

  • Selfish
  • Sarcastic
  • Jealous
  • Uncontrolled
  • Impatient