it was april fools

Just a daily reminder to screw your heart up :)

Zen was alone majority of his life because he ran away from his abusive parents, and then at the age of 23 he found you and suddenly he wasn’t very alone anymore. But then he finds out that you’re not even in the same dimension as him… and suddenly he’s alone again.

Things that March could end with, at this rate:

-Someone releasing a sex tape

-An onstage fistfight

-Sister Imperator getting a Twitter account for the sole purpose of getting into arguments with Puppet Master

-The reveal that this was all an overly elaborate April Fool’s Prank

-People bringing signs that read “Bring Back the Old Ghouls” to a Ghost concert and Papa struggling to pretend he doesn’t see them

-A new Summoning video that makes a bunch of references to a rival church that needs to be brought down

-Martin’s “Why I Left Ghost” video being released and having “EXPOSED” somewhere in the title 


Hey Y’all,

As a reminder here are the prompts for the next week!!

They will be as follows;

March 28 (Ransom’s Birthday): Celebration or “Remember that time…”

March 29: Engaged or “In the open air…”

March 30: Pressure or “Each morning I wake up…”

March 31: Faith or “The door clicked shut…”

April 1 (April Fool’s Day): Human or “Right around the corner…”

April 2: Revelations or “A well-deserved rest…”

April 3: Mainstream or “Left on the dance floor…”

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Please let us know if you have any questions!