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Use your mind. Remember. Observe. You are not different from others. Most of their experiences are valid for you too. Think clearly and deeply, go into the structure of your desires and their ramifications. They are a most important part of your mental and emotional make-up and powerfully affect your actions. Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Yuuri Katsuki is Demisexual

First off a real quick definition of Demisexual for those who may not know about it:

Demisexuals are characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction.

Reasons why I think Yuuri is Demisexual:

-The entire show is advertised and described partly as ‘a sexual awakening ‘ for Yuuri

- at 23 years old  he has not dated or had sex or really put much thought into actively having sex appeal

- when presented with a sexy routine , he doesnt know how to define sexual attraction

- laments and repeats the definition of sexual attraction over and over again to the point he associates ‘losing all senses of reasoning’ with the gluttony of eating his favourite food dish

- honestly tries to equate craving food with craving sex because thats how far out there sexual desire is for him (which from all of the rampant ace cake jokes in the asexual community this is a pretty common expierence)

- privately scolds himself thats hes a man and 23 and should be able to have sex appeal ….if he only wanted to (which screams toxic masculinity and societal expectations of everyone being interested in sex , something of course the show explores and rectifies at least in the aspect of gender roles via Yuuri’s genderfluid eros outfit and mindset towards performing in a feminine way not masculine because hes more comfortable in that role )

- eventually figures out how to channel sexual desire into his routine by imagining seducing a playboy (a.k.a Victor who he is romantically attracted to)

- blatantly states that he wants Victor to watch him perform this routine , in a way that makes it clear hes thinking only of him/ only cares about his response

- Victor specifically helps Yuuri perfect this routine by stating things like ‘skate like youre trying to seduce me’

- as he gets more comfortable with Victor he becomes more receptive to Victors affectionate advances as well as his suggestive ones like look at episode 2 compared to episode 8:

- which is really important because a lot of the early part of their relationship is spent with Yuuri rejecting Victor , which confused a lot of fans because they are obviously romantically interested in each other

-but when you look at the specific scenes scenes Victor is rejected there is always a sexual element involved (Wanting to sleep in the same bed together , The offer to be whatever role Yuuri needs him to be , specifically be his boyfriend : in the context of power dynamics of coach and student its pretty easy to allude he means he’ll sleep with Yuuri to motivate him. ) versus the advances Yuuri accepts is more comfortable with and grows to repricate (hugs , affection touching , holding hands)

- the more time passes , and the more evident it is that Yuuri is falling in love with Victor , the more natural his Eros routine gets for him (and more intricate we go from flirty eye contact to licking his lips to blowing a kiss as his opener) :

- Yuuri establishes with words and gestures before every Eros performance that he specifically is performing and thinking about Victor.   and this evolves as he gets more in his element of his sexuality , not for the audiences consumption , but for Victors

- Its obvious even looking at how Yuuri interacts with Victor before he performs the Eros routine at different points of time in the show , sexual awakening indeed:

- last thing that really clinches the idea of Demisexual Yuuri is the Eros routine itself compared to other ‘sexual’ routines ( Specifically Seung Gil-Lee and Christophe Giacometti’s.  )

- Chris’s routine is overtly sexual in the body language that its clear he is sexually interested in anyone who will provide him sexual gratification , the routine is very ‘come hither ye who dare’

- Seung Gil-Lee on the other hand is much more so a focus on being a conduit of peoples sexual desires , but having no agenda himself in his performance except to win presentation points (his body language and face tell very different stories , and he establishes the audiences reaction means nothing to him)

- Yuuri on the other hand no matter what he uses as a story bases for his routine , ultimately thinks of Victor , of seducing him and only him , and the audience just happens to get to watch that seduction. This is visually established with the opening of the routine where Yuuri turns and looks at Victor and only Victor before dancing

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In conclusion : Yuuri is Demisexual , have a nice day.

  • Crits with Bismuth or Ruby icons: Will guard you with their life. Good and kind people
  • Crits with Garnet or Amethyst icons: Cool people, possibly memers. An artist with good redesings. One is secretly a Caterpillar
  • Crits with Lapis or Pearl icons: Proceed with caution, but cool none the less.
  • Crits with Steven or Connie icons: M E M E R S
  • Crits with Peridot icons: The most bitter next to Bismuth and Rubies.
  • Crits with Conie looking like Pepe: Evil. Does not pass go. Does not collect $200

My favorite part about a concert isn’t the band. It’s not finally seeing them and knowing they’re real. It’s not finally getting to hear my favorite song live. It’s not the crowd or the atmosphere.
It’s the kick drum in my chest. When that kick drum hits, you feel it in your chest. Your heart beats with it. When that kick drum hits, you became a part of the music. You are no longer just a fan. It’s no longer just blaring through your speakers or headphones. It’s finally a part of you, and I think that’s incredible.
That’s why I love concerts.

the signs being contradictory

(based off of expierence with each sign)

- leo: hates when others talk a lot, but NEEDS others to listen to them talk 
- pisces: doesn’t like clinginess, but are sorta clingy themselves 
- libra: strongly dislikes people who are pushovers, but their kindness makes them one sometimes 
- scorpio: dislikes people being very Extra, but are extremely Extra themselves 
- capricorn: thinks people should be more strong, but are weak themselves
- cancer: dwells in the past, but dislikes when others do the same
- virgo: can be picky, but they think it’s unneeded when others are 
- taurus: thinks others should be more considerate, but sometimes aren’t that way entirely themselves 
- gemini: can rarely make decisions, while they think others should make decisions easier 
- aries: doesn’t like dramatic people, but can be quite dramatic themselves 
- aquarius: thinks people with a lot of self-worth are just bragging, but holds their self-worth very highly
- sagittarius: thinks others should accept change, but can’t accept change themselves 

Don’t try to change the world.
First, change yourself or rather, your self-perception, and you find the world automatically corresponding to the level of your understanding.
You will find that it has always been you who set the pace and depth of your experience by recognizing and honoring your true nature.


this is probably not true but i can’t stop thinking about it so fuckit here goes… wild theory time:

Narti is a[nother] child of Zarkon and Honerva/Haggar

just hear me out because the similarites are uncanny

what Narti inherited from Momma Honerva/Haggar (either literally inherited through genes or taught):

  • immortal quintessence cat (which looks an awful look like the one we see having ‘aged’ with Honerva)
  • ability to teleport
  • mind control powers/manipulation (we’ve seen Haggar use her powers to look into people’s minds - “I can tell if you’re lying”)

what Narti inherited from Papa Zarkon (either literally inherited through genes or taught): 

  • his teeth/fang/whatever things
  • Zarkon was the Black Lion’s paladin, and we know Black is connected to teleportation… so Narti’s abilities could relate to that somehow too (what a reach lmao)
  • another reach lmao but Zarkon does have reptilian-like features and Narti has a reptilian-like tail…

other additions/explanations:

  • i mean we do know Narti is a half breed
  • it could make sense if Zarkon and Honerva/Haggar actually had two children… either 1) they were seperated at birth, Zarkon eventually chose Lotor for the throne, so he secretly enlisted and trained Lotor’s secret sister Narti to be his bodyguard, or 2) Lotor does know Narti is his sister, maybe the other girls do too, but it’s like their inner circle secret and it will be revealed as a huge plot twist later on in the show
  • random idea, to explain many things and tie up many loose ends: Narti was the first child, or maybe she wasn’t but she was chosen first by Honerva to be expermiented upon with quintessence as a child. this led to her blindness, which led to Honerva turning her cat into a seeing-eye cat for her daughter. and that could, in turn, explain why Lotor apparently was never been exposed to quintessence (he still has yellow eyes and pupils like Galrans used to - see this post).
  • also Narti’s muteness could be explained as 1) another bad side effect of a quintessence expierment, or 2) a vow of silence she took in regards to being Lotor’s secret sister

again this is probably not remotely true but also there are dots that can be connected so i can’t stop thinking about iiittt

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I don't think the calories on ur kickboxing session are accurate at all. Burning 1000 calories in 1 hour from just that doesn't make sense....

I could see why you might think that from your perspective / expierence. Let’s see if we can figure this out together.

For illustrative purposes, let’s make some assumptions about you. I am going to assume you are a 25 year old, female, weighing 175  lbs. (This is just an example.)

Let’s say you just took an hour long kickboxing class and worked your ass off. According to this burn tool, you would expect to burn about 550 calories! That is awesome! You should be proud of yourself and I really hope no one tries to diminish your effort. 

So you might be thinking, “If I worked this hard and “only” burned 550 - there is no way he could burn 2x as much as me!”

But, surprising as it may be to you, I am not a 25 year old, 175 lb woman. Our bodies process energy very differently. 

To illustrate this even better - think back to that kick ass class you had. What would it be like if you did that same class, but this time you were holding these. 

Do you think the class would be harder for you? Would you burn more calories? Of course you would! 

Now imagine what it is like for me to take this class. When I am doing the class, it is like doing it with these

Is it any surprise that I burn 2X the calories you do, when I am literally carrying 2-3 times the weight with every single step?

Now it is worth mentioning that wrist based trackers are not medical devices and will not be 100% accurate. They are designed to help show relative effort and encourage people to get active, which is exactly what they are doing for me :)

With that being said - I am a freaking athlete and I am proud of my burn and if you want to join me for kickboxing - you are welcome to, just try to keep up. 

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As a Venus in Gemini what's your expierence with the other Venus signs?

Venus in Aries: PRETTY adorable! They are very upfront and honest when it comes to feelings and they don’t really beat around the bush. They love a good time and are super playful from my experiences! They can be a bit aggressive and or intense when they like you or find you attractive aha! And they are so the types to play the field from what I’ve seen but unlike most fire venus they don’t go to far with “showing off” because they tend to crush and love very hard and don’t like to jeopardize an opportunity. They also chase and love to chase! But I’ve noticed my favorite version is when people have this in a water house! I usually see them in athletic or outdoorsy type outfits.(Venus in the 1st)

Venus In Taurus: slow moving and smooth talkers. They seem to know just what to say and how to say it. These guys frustrate me at times because they really do move slow when it comes to courting and they usually aren’t the types to come out of nowhere with something outlandish or from left field as they do like some sort of routine! They are usually wearing comfy clothes made from super nice fabrics and sometimes it’ll be loose things. They also have such a beautiful and sensual vibe about them that I adore personally! They also aren’t usually the pursuing type their more of the slow and steady let’s make babies type of guys and gals 😂 but I love em!(Venus in the 2nd)

Venus in Gemini: (aye it’s me) from my experience with other Venus in Gemini I’d say we are the definition of “fast paced” our moods are constantly changing and so are our desires. I’ve noticed that we’re easily inspired and entranced by ideals and situations and curious of how they may turn out. Most I’ve met though are more likely single then they are “hoeing” so to speak. I do think there’s a misconception that Venus in Gemini aren’t committal and run away from relationships because in my experience we’d much rather stay single then play the field. Especially since the concept of a relationship is something of curiosity for us but most of the time that’s all it is. But we’re very loyal and very dedicated once were in love and are very childlike! There’s a youthfulness about how Venus in Gemini express their love and joy in the world because they see it as a playground to learn and explore. But ones I’ve met have varying styles that are almost never similar lmao! And they tend to change their style and lives very often. Usually the more quiet types when it comes to having a s/o (Venus in the 3rd)

Venus in cancer: guys I’ve met with this are the dads while women I’ve met with this position are the moms Of the zodiac. They usually have extremely nurturing qualities and are a lot more emotionally resilient then I personally think they’re given credit for. Ones I’ve met are also super aloof and tend to play the field as far as romance goes and usually don’t get emotionally invested in a partner or love interest until like years later. They also like to keep their outfits traditional and I’ve noticed the guys(gay/straight/unicorn and so on) tend to always fall into the dad look like I can’t even explain it lmaooo you’ll catch them in sandals and crocs. While the girls usually wear jewelry and or pleasant and easy on the eyes clothing. I don’t find them to be clingy personally and I love how sensitive and caring they are! (Venus in the 4th)

Venus in Leo: well here’s the thing I personally my best friend is a Venus in Leo and she’s so amazing. But I’ve also known a guy with this and his ego is the size of our solar system and maybe even andromeda. They def have egos and def have a high level of presence about them that’s so captivating and comforting at the same time. They have high standards for themselves and usually aren’t easily taken down or belittled by anyone. They always stand their ground and for the most part they NEED A LOT OF ATTENTION. like seriously they don’t like partners or friends who fail to keep up with them and shower them with love. This is mainly from what I’ve seen due to the fact that their actually huge softies and super sensitive and in need of reassurance. Personally this doesn’t bother me but like Venus in Leo usually don’t get along with my “non Chalant” attitude.(Venus in the 5th)

Venus in Virgo: I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE LITTLE SWEET HEARTS. For starters they are so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo compassionate and they always try to actor to the needs of others before their own. They can be on the more “self deprecating” side of things when it comes to their self esteem and they usually don’t take themselves or life to seriously. They are hard workers when it comes to maintaining their health and their clothes and romantic endeavors. From what I’ve noticed whether they are OCD about cleaning or seemingly not..They are always CLEANING and they all no matter who it is needs things to be clean. The guys usually like clean and chill and easy natural beauty type partners(guy or girl) and girls usually go for either super messy and bad boys or preppy easy going foreigners. But they are so loyal and really do and are willing to sacrifice for those whom they are about. They’re a lot more “mental” about love like Venus in Gemini and don’t really do half ass relationships they need to see work and can be the types to test a partners work ethic when it comes to the partnership. So if they stop trying YOU BETTER WORK YOUR ASS OFF to get them back. Overall they’re so great! Just wish they’d also trust their heart in love instead of just their head.(Venus in the 6th house)

Venus in libra: honestly…I always end up crushing on guys with this. Like they’re sooo handsome and charming! They really know how to work themselves around an audience and any situation. They’re super adaptable and can be super easy to speak with and converse with! They usually don’t like confrontation from what I’ve seen even if it’s in a house like the 8th or 1st house! They usually also dress very nice! Women here can have a very graceful and curvy look to them while men also will have a more curvy and thick build. They tend to wear floral and or clean cut outfits and can be very stylish! From what I’ve seen also they tend to stay away from “romance” now this might sound weird but most I’ve seen usually are very slow when it comes to commitment and may prefer a flirty and friendly relationship before a heavy and weight full one. They need to know they can communicate and “hang” with you before starting anything serious. But they’re super giving and loving once you’ve got them! OHHH AND THEY HAVE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SMILES.
(Venus in the 7th)

Venus in Scorpio: okay so textbook wise Venus in Gemini and Venus in scorpio are hell on wheels together and shouldn’t interact. Well boo to that. I LOVE Venus in scorpios. They are very tense and passionate. They usually have more serious demeanors when it comes to flirting and romance and somewhat move at a pace that depends on the person they like and how much of a connection they can feel from it. They are super loyal and faithful as friends and lovers and don’t like to play games or “sneak around” from what I’ve noticed they usually play the field but they also play the field when they’re with someone either if they feel unsure about the relationship or seem to be holding on to past hurt. Either way they don’t usually cheat the worst they’d do is flirt with someone else but they’d never damage a connection beyond repair unless you cross that line with them first. They are sexual but not openly and are super private about it. Romance wise they’re full of deep eye contact that gets deeper the closer you guys get and as the years go on they change a lot and grow so don’t expect them to be the same as you met them. They are also looking for long term with things and move slow when it comes to trusting and opening up but I personally find them fascinating and vice versa! I’ve loved the ones who are in earth houses the most as it keeps them more peaceful and able to handle their passions better(Venus in the 8th)
Oh side note they usually wear a lot of black and sports wear and comfy clothes similarly to Taurus Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius: these guys are NOMADIC as hell. They don’t like being in a place or situation for to long at all. They can also be super fickle and sway when it comes to commitment. But they are so spontaneous and free and I love that about them! They can be super dynamic and unique in how they dress and present themselves. I’ve noticed guys and girls with this tend to have a resting face and seem generally unbothered or interested in the moment that their in a lot of the time. It’s a sort of disconnected gaze they have. They are also very in to trying new things and new places and usually are the ones posting on ig about “wishing I was_______” “can’t wait to go back to _________” they are also super passionate and turbulent people whom can seemingly go of the rails at the drop of a hat lmao but overall I love them too pretty authentic guys and gals who don’t bite their tongue. They usually like the chase and passion filled romances. (Venus in the 9th)

Venus in Capricorn: man..they can be very intimidating! They have a very heavy presence about them that you always pick up on. Guys I’ve noticed rock nice beards and look really good in them while girls can have really straight hair or long hair. They also tend to be serious and have moments of seriousness even if they have a super airy or watery chart. They usually also have a very well put together dress style that screams “mature” “cultured” “experienced” ones I’ve noticed don’t usually date younger partners. Girls/guys: go after older partners and can be attracted to older partners and vice versa. The guys sometimes go for younger gals but I’ve noticed this with Capricorn rising guys more then I have with the Venus signs. They also can have such a nature and serious view on romance and don’t like to rush or jump into something as they seem to relate it to a actual job. They aren’t the most tender or openly affectionate either and I mean I personally never had a problem with this because one thing I’ll say although they lack that initial tenderness they can be super loving and warm just through actions rather then words. THEY ALSO HAVE BEAUTIFUL SMILES!!!! oh looool they hate having their privacy breached so like don’t ever get in their bubble cause they’ll kill you.
(Venus in the 10th)

Venus in Aquarius: I usually like these folks! But for starters they are very trendy dressers like they are very stylish and usually are the thrifters and people who have something eccentric or new age about their dress style. I’ve noticed that they like dating unique or strange people and you know they guys scream emo culture to me and I’m here for it! They can be very magnetic because of the aloof and detached energy they throw out. They can seem like they don’t care about much and don’t really like to immediately jump into an emotional relationship until they’ve known you for awhile. Overall I love them and I think they’re pretty nice people! They’re super sensitive and ooey gooey once they open up to you as they do tend to have 918739182827338 walls up. I actually think they are like airy Scorpio venuses high key. Oh girls here are super into the bad boys and “uninterested” boys. (Venus in the 11th) oh and they date their friends from what I’ve seen like they end up having feelings for their homeboys or girls and they usually like to be ambiguous when it comes to sexuality.

Venus in Pisces: super ethereal and enigmatic. They can be soooo loving and caring! They usually wear really hippie and or baggy and cultural clothing. Their very attracted to “cultures” and can be a bit diverse in their styles from what I’ve seen. They usually are very quiet and have a far away vibe about them! They don’t usually scream “romance” to me and can somewhat be loners and the more isolated guys and gals! They love very hard though and can be extremely sacrificial to those they love and unfortunately can stay in abusive situations because of this and may not leave those people because they feel like they can save them! :( they are super peaceful and easygoing and don’t like people who are to abrasive or loud! They don’t strike me as clingy and tend to be rather independent! But they do attract co dependent partners and can somewhat reflect this behavior. They kinda are like mirrors to me! And they have super fluid energy and can seemingly be anyone at once. They are an old romance type of people and although they don’t show it they are super emotional and Romantic once you get to know them platonically and otherwise! Animals love them as much as Venus in Virgo! (Venus in the 12th-I have this)

This was long but I had a lot to say about all of these beauties!

NCT127-Reaction to you calling them oppa for the first time

-Main Admin, M.

Taeyong: You and taeyong were walking around the park when you suddendly saw an ice cream car and you really wanted one.

¨Oh, I want i cream, can we get one, oppa?¨

You never called him that so by you doing so he got really flustered and didn´t know what to do. 

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Johnny: You were really having fun with johnny at the Zoo, there were so many beautiful animals, the best one was the elephants, they could draw and even play soccer you and Johnny were amazed by it, by both of you being  from the States, you both have never seen something like that.

¨wow, look at the drawing the elephant did, Oppa¨

Johnny started blussing and started getting nervios.


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Yuta: Yuta always liked to film you, he would say it was for a ¨project¨ but Winwin already told you that whenever they travel he would watch those videos, you really didn´t mind that since you found it cute, and as usual Yuta was filming you as you make dinner for both of you, you look at him.

¨Can you pass me the tomatos, Oppa¨

He put his camera down and looked at you, He then turned around and passed you the tomates, and continued filming you, little did you know that behind the camera he was smiling so much.

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Winwin: Winwin was having an interview with all of nct 127 members, you were listening to them while you did your homework.

¨there is actually a funny story about Winwin¨ Doyoung says, and you were actually curious to see what did your boyfried Winwin do this time.

¨Well Winwin got called Oppa by someone really important to him, and he couldn´t stop talking about it, even now that is been 3 weeks he stills mentione its¨

¨oh!, he is getting all nervios now¨

¨look at his ears they are red¨

You laughed in your room, The moment you called him oppa, was a really fun expierence to you too.

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Taeil: you have never call Taeil oppa before it was never your thing to call him or anyone oppa, but you were curious to see how he would react to you calling him that.


Taeil looked at you while he was cooking dinner, and smiled a little 

¨soo… i´m your oppa, right?¨

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Doyoung: Doyoung really wanted you to call him oppa, but that was just not your thing, Today he was being so annoying with it, that you ended up calling him like that by accident.

¨why are you so annoying, oppa¨

He would get so shy that his cheeks would turn red.

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Jaehyun: It was a normal day for you and Jaehyun, the two of you would just lay in bed the whole day, doing nothing, like really nothing and out of the blue you just called him.

¨Oppa, I´m hungry¨

He would look at you but then look away laughing shyly, you really made him feel  flustered

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Mark: As you liked to tease Mark a lot, you tried by calling him oppa, in a really cute way, which is nothing like you, because you hate doing cute stuff, but wanted to see his reaction.

¨Mark Oppa, can we go for ice cream¨

you thought his eyes were going to go out of his face because he was really surprise by you doing that.

¨Mark..what?¨ He would ask you even more surprised.

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Haechan: He wasn´t your oppa since you guys were the same age, but Mark told you that haechan sometimes wanted to be call oppa, so you tried out one day and the result was really Haechan like.

¨Oppa.¨ you look at him to see his reaction but he was more like, gif

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