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GOT7 Introduction Post

ALRIGHT. You requested, I have written! In honor of the upcoming THOT7 comeback - may our souls be stolen and wallets be emptied.

Member by Member introduction, from oldest to youngest.

Mark Tuan, stage name: Mark. ‘93 line, rapper. Also in charge of acrobatics / fly boy stunts. From LA, USA. Quiet, very intelligent. ISTJ personality. The only one who can pull the hyung card on Jaebum and BOY, WHEN HE DOES. Sometimes pegged as the ‘bad boy’ but lol. Mark’s laugh cures evil and creates butterflies. Deep ass rap, will make you shake in your boots. I know you want me, so stop fronting.

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Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. ‘94 line, vocal and leader. Korean. Also writes / releases music under Def (used to be Def Soul, soundcloud here). A tsundere hoe, to quote myself. INFJ personality. Very intelligent, typically takes a more subdued role in the group but DAMN, MEMEBUM. Don’t let the rude exterior fool you, Jaebum is a straight up meme. There are hours of footage on Youtube to prove it. Owns like, a billion cats and they all sleep in his room. OG cat is Nora. 

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Jackson Wang, stage name: Jackson. (Chinese name, Wang Jia Er). From Hong Kong, China. ‘94 line, rapper. ENFJ personality. Was a nationally ranked / world class fencer until he was 17. Convinced his parents to let him audition for JYP, moved to Korea and followed his dreams of music. Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. Jackson is pure sunshine in addition to being the most extra variety star in existence. Will do a forward flip every chance he can. Is a gigantic mama’s boy. Would never hurt a fly.

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Park Jinyoung, stage name: Jinyoung (IF YOU CALL HIM JR OR JUNIOR, HE WILL FITE U). ‘94 line, vocal and dancer. ISFJ personality. Korean. Before debuting as part of GOT7, debuted in a duo with Jaebum called JJ Project. Tied with Jaebum for first place at 2009 JYP auditions. Has melodious, beautiful falsetto. Is an actor, appeared in multiple web dramas and was the young main for Legend of the Blue Sea, in addition to the lead in the independent film, Nunbal. Writes fucking bops. Is basically good at everything, the boy to bring home to your parents. Also the man who may take over the world. Idk. I’m not biased.

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Choi Youngjae, stage name: Youngjae. ‘96 line, main vocal. ISFJ personality. Korean. Only trained for 7 months before debut, POWERHOUSE vocal. Composes under the name of Ars. Often compared to an otter bc SMILEY and ADORABLE and just actual sunshine. Anyone who hurts Youngjae answers to Jaebum. Hates cucumbers. Co-owns a puppy named Coco with Mark. Constantly damaging Jackson’s hearing with his yelling.

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Bambam, stage name: Bambam. ‘97 line, rapper. ESTJ personality. From Thailand, trained with JYP for three and a half years. Legal Thai name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul but is rarely used except in legal circumstances. Bambam is his name lol. ANYWAYS. Bambam has rapidly switched from adorable maknae line to fly-ass fashion mogul. Loves memes, all things pop culture and fashion. Speaks Thai, Korean and English. Loves to interact with fans, especially through Twitter. Constantly calling fans girlfriends at fanmeets, WILL DAB WHENEVER HE WANTS TO DAB.

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Kim Yugyeom, stage name: Yugyeom. ‘97 line, singer and main dancer. INFP personality. Korean. Maknae. Main dancer in GOT7, performed twice on Hit the Stage and won first place the second time. Like Bambam, has transformed from adorable maknae to champion of sexy dance. Yugyeom is coming for us all. Is quiet and sweet but also loves to troll hyung line. Specifically Jinyoung and Jaebum. Is the biggest JJ Project fan in the world. One day, Jinyoung might actually kill him. 

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  • Stacy: I'm gonna be honest: I can find something to like about pretty much every body type because like there all just different, you know? [...] 'cause like, y'know, you can look at people and it's kind of like you can like their personality...
  • Mari: ... that makes you find good things. [...] It's like when you first meet someone and you think they're okay but once you get to know them you think they're really hot.
  • Stacy: Oh, for sure, yeah.
  • Mari: Because then suddenly things look good.
  • [...]
  • Mari: In case you guys ever feel that way on a date or when you're about to have sex or WHATEVER, I want you to tell yourself this: if they didn't think you're attractive, you wouldn't be on a date with them or you wouldn't be having sex with them. [...] So everything about your body is attractive to them and if they say otherwise, they're a fucking asshole and don't hang out with them, don't have sex with them. The End.
  • Stacy: [...] I don't know if you ever had the experience of like going to sleep with somebody and like taking your clothes off and having them react negatively to your body; it sucks.
  • Mari: Um, they're the asshole.
  • Stacy: Yeah, but they're the asshole, it hasn't... If somebody is [...] that hung up about like just the way your body looks [...]
  • Mari: If they were loving it when you had your clothes [...] on and then you took your clothes off and they didn't love it anymore, guess what, they're the weirdo. [...] Them, it's them, a hundred percent, okay? Because at that point nobody should care because you're about to initiate in some sort of physical contact with somebody that hopefully you kind of like, at least a little bit.
  • Stacy: Yeah, and also I don't think there's one particular body type that's like... [...] I know everybody can have a lot of hang-ups about body types and stuff but believe me, there are so many people out there in the world, like there are people who love every type of body. [...] And there are some people that don't care at all, y'know?
  • Mari: Remember everyone, boys, girls, and in-between, non-binary, whatever: there is no such thing as leagues, there are only types. Because sometimes I get asked out by people and I have NO idea how I pulled it off, and I just go with it and it's great. So no matter [...] how somebody looks, there's no such thing as [...] leagues. Like nobody's ever "out of your league". You could find somebody that you would think is "in your league" and [...] like you're just not their type, and you could find somebody that you think is like way more attractive to you than you, but you could actually be their type. So it's not about like how you are in terms of this one to ten, like seven out of ten scale that we all have.
  • Stacy: Well yeah, cuz that [...] also makes it seem as if there's one thing or the other that is more objectively attractive, you know?
  • Mari: Yeah. Some people are genuinely attracted to certain traits. [...] Like everybody has their own things. Some people love tiny boobs, some type of people love huge boobs; some people LOVE armpits. [...] You don't need to define yourself by how attractive [sic] you think the world is towards you, just know that [...] there's no scale.
  • Stacy: And I just want to point out that like in case [...] anybody is sitting here thinking that like "Oh well, that's like great for you to say, like you have like great confidence and whatever", I don't always feel great about myself and it took me a long time to like get more okay with how I look, so [...] you don't know how people feel about themselves.
  • Mari: [...] Somebody who's really beautiful might have body dysmorphic disorder; you know.
college tips

hi i’m majoring in secondary english education, graduated with honors for my associates in general studies, left my campus with a 3.8 gpa, and received an excellence scholarship from my dream university 

but how did i do that while still being cool and relatable?? 

here are tips–do with them as you may;

get to classes 10 minutes before they start. personally, i went about 15 minutes before class started if i could help it. it gave me time to set my space up, review anything if i needed it, and to just relax before class started. plus the other kids there are probably on the more studious side, and they usually helped me study or practice speeches or helped answer any questions i had. i also made a few friends this way. 

do your homework?? for the love of god PLEASE do your homework, read those readings a few times, get a jump start on that essay, it helps you in the course and it helps you in your free time bc then you can have more of it if you manage time right and do what you need to do right away.

keep a planner. use it for everything. 

even if it’s just getting the mla basics down, start essays right away after getting assigned them. the more you chip away from day 1, the less you have to do the night before. 

make friends with your professors!! literally two of my professors are some of the coolest people ever and i plan on having them over for games and drinks and stuff in the future. once you have a bond with them, you’re more comfortable to ask them questions, ask for help, everything. it’s super nice. 

get a nice big backpack and carry everything you need. you need a laptop and 9 water bottles? carry them. 20 notebooks and 4000 notecards? put them in there. snacks and pokemon cards? shit i’m sure they’re important put them in there. this is to say that each student has different needs in college. i liked to carry 10 different colored highlighters and all my text books, but my friends just brought their phones and a few sheets of paper. you. do. you.

study. please study. but if you do your assigned work and participate in class, you wont have to study as much. it’s nice. 

take a different variety of classes! i had a set amount of certain credits i needed for my associates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with what you take! i sucked at histories, but i took a film course regarding it as social history and I got an A in it! i hate sciences, but i took a sexuality course an astronomy and aced both! you might hate subject, but try <3 

have fun. take hard courses, make friends, date, fall in love, get your heart broken, take internships, fail a course, join a club, do sports, adventure, be stupid, learn from your mistakes, college will probably only happen once, so make the most out of it. 

ask for help if you need it. especially other students; they love feeling super smart as they help you! my s/o and i met bc he asked me for help in our math course a lot, and eventually i asked him for help in our biology course a lot. my best friends and i formed a study group for our gender course. i met one of my best friends because i went to an english lecture that i had already attended once. reach out. make friends. expand your world

Mineral Mondays: Moonstone

Other names: Hecatolit, Chandrakanta, Feldspath Nacré


Moonstone is a type of Feldspar that has excellent light diffracting qualities. The ancient Romans considered moonstone to be solidified moonlight. Deposits of moonstone are found in Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States. 

It is currently the state gem for Florida to commemorate the Moon landings, though it does not naturally occur there. 


Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chakra: brow
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Gods/Goddesses: Most Lunar Deities, Diana, Selene, Artemis, Isis, Chandra


Body: It cleanses the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system and helps fight signs of aging giving the wearer a youthful glow.

Mind: Moonstone cleanses and strengthens the aura helping the wearer feel more energetic and positive. It is also said to help stabilize emotions, prevent mood swings and hormonal imbalances as well as relieve PMS symptoms.

Magick: Moonstone can be worn to attract true love and arouse passion. Wearing moonstone can help protect sensitive emotions. It can also be worn to enhance divination and encourage prophetic dreams and pleasant dreams and to prevent nightmares. It is an excellent focal point for meditation and can also be used for scrying. It represents the yin, so it attracts peaceful energy and brings about a calm, balanced state. Typically, Moonstone is protective of travelers, particularly at night and/or by sea and is considered generally lucky.

Tips for Use:

If you give your lover a moonstone necklace under the light of the full moon, there will always be passion between you. It is also useful to help settle disagreements between lovers and return the relationship to a peaceful status.

Sewn into garments, moonstone is said to enhance fertility.


Moonstone is relatively soft stone, 6 on the Mohs scale, so it should be handled with care as it can be easily scratched or crushed.  It can be cleaned with plain water and a soft cloth. If it gets scratched, take it to a jeweler to have it polished out. Charge your moonstone in the light of of the waxing moon and keep it out of direct sunlight.


Feldspars like moonstone contain aluminum which should not be ingested. However, tumbled moonstone is safe to wear as jewelry and hold in the hand, even for long periods. It should not be crushed and added to elixers. Always wear a mask and take care not to inhale the dust when grinding and engraving moonstone.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Celesitite, sometimes called ‘The Stone of Heaven’ because its Latin name comes from the word ‘heaven,’ is a stone of heavenly peace, celestial feelings of safety, feelings of divine protection and connections, especially with angels, ambrosial restfulness and sleep, and is truly befitting of its ‘celestial name’.

It wards from nightmares, helps with dream recall, and emotional rehabilitation.

Celestite is an excellent choice for clearing and balancing the chakras. It is associated with the throat charka.

Elements - Air, Water
Chakra - Throat
Zodiac - Libra, Cancer
Planets - Neptune, Venus

Gracious heavenly Father, I thank Thee for Netflix and libraries and English Breakfast tea. I’m really extremely grateful for them. And that’s all the blessings I can think of just now to thank Thee for. As for the things I want, they’re so numerous that it would take a great deal of time to name them all so I will only mention the two most important. Please let the Netflix Anne of Green Gables series be super good; and please let me be good-looking when I grow up.

I remain,

Yours respectfully,

Do you ever think about how Bill and Ted actually just hang out with one another, they don’t have any other friends because they’re socially awkward, maybe even anxious but they’re still happy because all they need is one another, their friendship is so strong and beautiful and i cry

Metal heart, human soul

Yup, here we go again, but can you blame me?

We start this au off with little preteen Hunk who loves robotics and is a genius with it; but doesn’t have any friends. Like at all. So what does he decide to do? Well, he dives right into anything electronic; old televisions, microwaves, computers, anything with mricochips and wiring he broke down to its very basics and put back together to work even better than it did before.

Somewhere along the way, he started building his own robots to help out and just to see if he could actually get an idea to work. His mother and father knew that he had a talent with engineering and robotics, so they would do their best to get him whatever he needed to help fuel his creativity and whatever they couldn’t pay for, Hunk would somehow find it at either the dump or the impound in decommissioned and expected to be destroyed cars.

And then, around the beginning of high school, Hunk started his most adventurous and probably mad-scientist-y project; project F.R.I.E.N.D. At first it was all very basic robotics and a small handful of responses and commands. But Hunk didn’t just stop there. He continued to make new designs, new prototypes, expanding on controls and commands and responses and the more he upgraded and perfected project F.R.I.E.N.D, the more invested he became in making the best robot he could, a robot that could actually emit human emotions and desires. Of course, he always made sure to put in back ups and shut down codes in case his creations ever ‘turned on humanity’ (he watched way too many horror movies with his dad about robots turning on their creators to ever even chance it.)

Somehow he almost accomplished it, creating an android that was both helpful in everyday tasks as well as able to register its human companions’ feeling and taking appropriate actions to help them if needed. It was because of this prototype that the garrison offered him a full scholarship to their school, which Hunk excitedly accepted. Being able to go to one of the best and most electronically excelling schools in the world was a dream come true! But he still wanted to be able to complete his project. To create a real friend.

And he somehow did it. Hunk is still not sure how exactly he did it, but he did it. He made the most life like android ever. Both in physical appearance and in programming, it acted like a real person. Someone who was loud and proud of themselves as well as Hunk. He decided to give this android an actual name, something that he can call him and for others to call him by; Lance. Hunk knew that if he told the Garrison about Lance, they would take him away and open him up and deconstruct him to see how Hunk got him to work, and Hunk didn’t want that. He finally had the friend hat he always wanted, he didn’t want to give him up. So, thanks to some well made placed delicate pieces of animatronic master pieces that replicate human organs and uploading Lance’s motherboard and memory chip with everything that he would have to know to get into the garrison, and some extra stuff to give him more of a personality, Hunk was somehow able to get Lance accepted into the garrison as well. Although that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t freaking out every step of the way, worrying about the what if’s and such, but Lance was always there to help calm him down and remind him how amazing his work is, and that no one would be able to tell anything was wrong.

And that’s how Lance came to be and joined he garrison, and soon enough, Pidge joined their team and Lance was moved up to fighter pilot when some kid name Kogane got kicked out.

Every night, Hunk would do whatever maintenance and upgrading he thought of for Lance while Lance would ask about Hunk’s childhood, wanting to know everything he can about his best friend and his creator. What Hunk didn’t know was that while Hunk slept and Lance was charging; Lance would go through anything and everything he thought would help him protect Hunk better, even in slim to practically impossible cases, Lance wanted to be able to protect Hunk and whatever friends they come across as best as he could. He uploaded fighting styles and shooting parameters onto his data base, he even upgraded his own eye sight so that he could farther and clearer when needed so that he could scope out any potential aggressors. He even uploaded ways to disarming different types of bombs. Lance knows that he was going to extremes, and he didn’t want to hurt anybody, but he didn’t want anyone to hurt Hunk and Pidge either. He was programmed to be a friend and a person. But also to protect what he cared about.

And then voltron happens, and everything is happening so fast and it’s all pretty crazy but they somehow end up in space fighting in a war they didn’t even know existed. And to say that Lance didn’t take a bit of a beating during then is a lie; hun lspent hours making sure that nothing was damaged and fixing whatever problems he came about.

He started to upgrade Lance so that he wouldn’t take as much damage, using the Altean technology at his disposal to help reinforce Lance’s outer shell (aka, his skin) as well as the more important parts that would need extra protection so that he wouldn’t malfunction.

And it turns out that all of the extra programming Lance has been adding to himself actually pays off; he’s a wicked shot and can even go head to head with Shiro for a while. That of course is when Hunk figures out that Lance has been adding all of these programs and upgrades by himself. Hunk is of course scared that Lance has been acting off of corrupted software and doesn’t know what to do. Later that day, Lance goes to him and explains that he was learning all of those things to help be able to protect Hunk and their friends better; but understands if Hunk wants to shut him down and agrees to let him do so. Of course Hunk doesn’t want to do that, and he’s scared that if he messes with Lance’s main hard drive and his memory core, it could not only destroy his best friend but also put voltron at risk. Hunk decides to leave his friend be, but keeps an extra eye on him as well as do more routine diagnostics on Lance to make sure that no corrosion or corruption happens.

Now let’s fast forward a little bit, to the arusian party and everyone is enjoying themselves and Lance watches from the sidelines as Hunk talks animatedly to Keith and they both seem to be enjoying themselves. And Lance can’t help but actually feel sadness; he’s not jealous of Keith or the friendship that Hunk has started to created with him, he’s more than happy that Hunk is starting to find solid friendships with their teammates. he’s sad because someday, Hunk won’t need him anymore. He’ll either become an outdated version and Hunk will have created something even better than him or he’ll just be left behind to collect rust as Hunk moves on in his life with real humans who can give him the things that Lance can’t. If he could, Lance is pretty sure he would have started to cry. Instead, he removes himself from the party to find a more private setting.

Not realizing that Coran follows after him to make sure that he’s alright.

They start talking about earth, and Lance talks about the rain and the grass and the ocean. Things that he never really got to experience in person, but things that Hunk programmed him to visualize during his ‘sleeping’ mode. Things that Lance could say was the closest things to dreams for him.

And then the explosion happens and Lance protects Coran automatically, taking the brunt of it all. And it was a harsh explosion, not only cracking the armor but destroying and twisting much of Lance’s outer casing and much of the wiring and interfacing that was situated in his back, even disaligning his spine into broken pieces barely staying inside and much more damage to the rest of him. When the team comes upon the explosion and Lance, Shiro goes to him and picks him up somewhat, the groans of Lance’s damaged body scaring them even more.

Hunk is almost too scared for his friend to even explain, but he somehow rambles out a quick explanation out what Lance really is and he knows that he and Lance have a lot more to explain later, but right now Lance needs to be fixed.and soon. But without power to the castle, Hunk can’t even hope to get started on working on him. So he and Coran go to the Balmera to get the crystal while Shiro and Pidge stays and makes sure that Lance doesn’t get worse as well as protecting the castle.

It’s definitely a tense and hectic day or so; Sendak taking control of the castle and Pidge having to go up against him and his lackey by herself while Shiro and Lance are out of commission and Keith and Allura are locked out of the castle, but they defeat Sendak and regain control of the castle with a surprising shot from Lance who should have been literally out of commission with the amount of damage he retained, and yet he somehow powered himself up enough to make that saving shot.

Once the castle is hooked up to the new crystal Hunk, with the help of Coran and Pidge (who mostly just watch in awe and hand whatever tools Hunk needs) they get Lance back as good as new, still acting like himself much to Hunk’s relief.

They of course explain in more detail to the team about how Lance actually came to be and answering any and all questions (most of them by Pidge) they have about Lance.

And it’s hella awkward. For a while. Keith and Shiro aren’t sure anymore how to talk to him or act around him, not to mention there are some trust issues when it comes to missions and letting Lance make a call. Pidge sees him as some sort of…thing to be examined and poked and prodded to find whatever answers she wants. Coran and Allura aren’t exactly sure what to do to try and fix the rift that’s been forged between the team and Lance, mostly because they aren’t sure how to relate to him anymore. The only person that still treats him like an actual person is Hunk, who does his best to defend Lance whenever his choices and actions are called into question.

It’s hard, and it hurts. It doesnt just hurt Hunk because his best friend, his first real friend is being treated just like Hunk thought he would be by the Garrison; but it also hurts Lance. It hurts that every decision and move he makes that isn’t considered ‘normal’ for an android is called into question by everyone. It makes him question himself and his past decisions. He starts to think that maybe there is something wrong in his coding, or that he is going off track of his directives.

And when he goes to Hunk and asks him to do a total wipe of his system so that he can be rebooted as a clean slate, Hunk has enough of it. He takes Lance by the hand and calls he others for a team meeting.

And he doesn’t hold back.

He goes off on all of them, screaming and crying about how their recent behavior to Lance is not only unfair, but inhuman. He made Lance as human as possible; to feel emotions just like humans and to make decisions for himself. Yes, he uses his lightning fast processors to calculate percentages of survival and chances and whatnot, but that doesn’t stop him from making decisions that have less than 5% chance of succeeding because he thinks that it just might work. He tells them how even though he isn’t made of flesh and blood, doesn’t mean that they should see him as some kind of object to explore all they want because he isn’t just some machine! He continues to explain just how incredibly important Lance is not just to him, but to all of them, and that he isn’t just some robot; he’s just as human as he rest of them and deserves both their respect and their trust!

But the end of Hunk’s speech, Lance is hiccuping into his shoulder and hugging him as much as he can, the others not far behind apologizing to both of them.

It’s still a bit awkward at times whenever the team actually forgets lance isn’t fully human, and most of the time Pidge likes to join Hunk and Lance during his routine maintenance, but they respect him and his choices, and treat him like he deserves. And if Hunk even think that one of the team has forgotten that, he has the courage now to face it head on and remind them of the fact that while Lance isn’t human by body, he is human in soul.

“The only woman who’s managed to turn outer space monster hunting into a recreational sport”

Through the years sketches of the space queen from my phone.

anonymous asked:

How do I write a female character that doesn't fall under the "Beautiful Badass" trope? I feel like she either ends up a Mary Sue or becomes a cold, heartless, pessimistic, combat-ready-yet-gorgeous queen of badassery. What's the middle ground?

By making them characters.

With female characters, many writers feel there’s an underlying need for them to be “better than” when it comes to combat. They can’t just be. They end up written in comparison to male characters, and whether it’s a conscious or subconscious belief that they need to be the “best, best, best” and better than all the boys or they’re worthless.

Sexism is pervasive.

Whether you’re male or female, the vast majority of media consumed over the years will have taught you that objectification is the status quo. And yes, both those two characters you listed are treated in their narratives as objects. Struggling to hit the societal standards for what a woman “should be” in fantasy, beautiful, desirable, wanted, powerful, but also dependent. The fantasy society dangles in front of us. The issue with the fantasy is that the fantasy woman in question is always an object. A vessel to insert your desires into and not an individual, not a person with their own wants and needs. Being the desirable vessel is what women are told they should want to be. It’s a woman’s duty to exist for the pleasure of men.

Why are the badass and the Mary Sue always stunningly beautiful?

For women, our physical attributes are paramount, linked intrinsically to morality and goodness. You can’t be a good woman if you’re ugly. If you’re ugly, you’re most likely morally moribund. Our desirability is a necessity, it’s treated as the ultimate form of freedom but is, in fact, the cage. If you can transform a woman from a person and into a fantasy, she goes from challenging uncomfortable gender norms to being “safe”. The vast majority of female characters that we’re told are challenging gender norms are actually safely inside the narrow band. What is treated as “girl power” is often just a different version of the fantasy, as much for men as it is for the women it’s ostensibly appealing too.

A woman’s narrative importance is determined by her fuckability. Many of these characters are at once both the hero and the hero’s girlfriend. They are still the hero’s girlfriend, while masquerading as the hero, and thus must be worthy of their love interest. They aren’t actually any different, we’re just told that the hero’s girlfriend is the protagonist now. And the hero’s girlfriend is a moniker tied to the man, her existence about the man, and not herself.

She must be accessible, objectified, and always within reach. Better but lesser. Capable of nurturing the hero, taking care of others, and self-sacrificial. Her backstory is about the men in her life, and often she’s had to take on a masculine role due to circumstances outside her control. She doesn’t “choose to be”, she’s “talented enough to become”. She’d give it all up if she could. She’s dangerous but not too dangerous. Outstanding enough to defy the gender constraints, able to run with the boys and beat them, but still deeply insecure in herself and looking for someone to “tame” her or “take care of” her.

It is a woman’s role to be subservient.

When you are a fantasy, you are no longer dangerous or in defiance of the status quo. You are not a deciding actor, but an object moved around by the narrative’s will. There to be pretty, no matter how much ass you kick in the meanwhile, until you go away.

There is no way to stop writing these characters if you’re unwilling to unpack the gender norms and societal expectations which creates them in the first place. You also need to stop writing them in comparison to men, with men as the norm, and the gold standard that they must defeat in order to be worthy of a role in the story.

Why does the badass need to be beautiful? Why can’t she just be brutal? Why does it matter what she looks like when she fights?

These characters can be mediocre and struggling, and it’s better if they are. Badassery is not a state of being. It’s a title earned through the character’s actions in the narrative. It’s not a single standard, but a contextually changing one based on the challenge.

A woman who fights to escape an abusive environment without violence is a badass. The teenager who studies all night in order to pass an exam in their worst subject, overcoming deep seated insecurity and self-doubt is also a badass.

Greatness is not what we are, it’s what we fight to become.

Women are asked to sacrifice their own desires for the good of others. So, let these characters ask, “what about me?” Fill them up with wants, desires, and dreams. Let them travel the path from mediocre to excellent. Weak to strong. Figure out their feelings and their emotions and figure out what they want. What they could be or can be, dreams that are perhaps stolen from them in context of their narrative.

Writing well-rounded female characters requires breaking past the fantasy in which we perfectly fit into society by the standards demanded of us. That we can fit into the dimensions, force ourselves into shape, while simultaneously defeating them. To recognize, whether male or female, that not only are those standards unfair, they’re also unnecessary.

If you’re stuck between the Mary Sue and the stone-cold beautiful badass, it’s because, on some level, you still believe a woman needs to be more than human in order to succeed.


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