it was an entire two page spread

i’ve been getting quite a bit of asks and messages about bullet journaling, so i figured that it would be better to make a helpful post about an intro to bullet journaling. i’ve compiled the basics + terminology around bullet journaling as well as some brief explanations and advice.

this got long, so i decided to put it under the cut! click “read more” to learn more about the basics of bullet journaling :)

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Review of Recollection’s Planner

I decided to finally buy a pre-made planner/bullet journal for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s so much easier than hand drawing everything. Secondly, I have more time to focus on making custom pages for you all. Finally, they are just so pretty and I had coupons. 

I went and bought the Recollections™ Creative Year 18-Month Spiral Planner. (That’s a mouthful.) Recollections™ has always been one of my favorite brands when buying stickers and washi tape for my journals, so I assumed they wouldn’t do me wrong here. I wasn’t disappointed either. 

Let’s jump right in. This is the cover of the one I chose because I love elephants and I had already spent ten minutes deciding based on the cover. (Funny how we are warned not to do that.)

When you open the planner, there’s a beautifully designed page. I thought that there might be more pages like this one throughout the planner, but this was the only one. Which I’m totally fine with. 

I skipped the page to add contacts by name, address, phone number, email, ect. I also skipped over the page to add important dates for the whole year. It was a simple layout to list important events, and that’s not really something I thought to take a picture of. Moving on, there is a simple calendar layout. There are big boxes and two places for notes. 

The weekly layouts are actually kind of dull, but again, it’s a planner, not technically a bullet journal. Each day has it’s own space for notes, and then there are two more extra spots for notes. (Also, I want to note that each month has it’s own color scheme, which is a plus for me.)

After each monthly spread and weekly spread, there is an entire page for notes. I plan on using them for my monthly challenges. 

Then, I got to the end and guess what? MORE NOTE SPACE!

I didn’t read the label carefully on this purchase, but I was happy I didn’t because what I found was a pleasant surprise for me. STICKERS! Four whole pages of colorful, fun, and useful stickers. 

And at the end of the planner are two pages that are designed to be pocket folders and a zipper pouch of sorts to carry around your supplies. 

Overall, I’d give this purchase a 9/10. It’s functional and so far the pens I use haven’t bled through when I did my test of the thickness of the pages. The spiral is a bit larger than it needs to be and the lack of blank pages kind of makes it less creative than the title of the product implies. Either way, I’d recommend this to any of you who have coupons for Micheal’s because the price was also a little ridiculous on it’s own. ($30.00) It’s cute, beautiful, functional, and worth the buy. 

carasauruswrex  asked:

Ms. Prophet, I have a serious Cockles question for you. So I was watching JaxCon 2017 footage of Jensen saying that "Destiel doesn't exist" in response to a fan asking about Dean's crush on Dr. Sexy and how come Destiel can't exist ect. The crowd boo'd her and cheered Jensen's answer. So Misha seems to not necessarily agree with Jensen as he is always playfully shipping Destiel. Maybe it's just heteronormativity, but do you think that Cockles could exist in a world where Destiel doesn't exist?

Okay well I think I can answer your question by first explaining something about the whole “Destiel does not exist” thing. Look back on any question that Jensen has ever been asked regarding the show and his interpretation of it— the question doesn’t even have to be about ships or anything even remotely “meta”, but Jensen will still only ever give very short, direct, not very in-depth answers. More often than not, he’ll start his responses with “Well as you saw [on the show] … ”  or  “Like it said in the episode … ” because for Jensen, what’s in the episode and what’s in the script is just the way it is. He doesn’t like to sit around and hypothesize or read between the lines. Everything he needs to know is printed right there in black and white. No where in any of the scripts has it said “Dean and Cas are dating” or “Dean is Cas’s boyfriend” or any variation of that (except for in the 200th episode, but then of course—the emphasis was that it was all just “fan fiction”). So to ask Jensen “Are Dean and Cas a romantic couple” of course he’ll say no, because the script has not told him as much.

Now, with that being said— as fans, we see the show as a whole. We don’t see words on a page, we see entire worlds spread out before us; therefore, our interpretations will be far different than that of the actors who don’t even film scenes in the intended sequential order. We have the luxary of interpreting sub-text and that’s what makes us all have such differing opinions on what we’ve seen. Lots of us see Dean and Cas’s journey together to be this epic, tortured saga—where two individuals are happiest while together, so it makes sense that it could possibly be romantic. Misha is the type of person who enjoys making those types of connections as well. He enjoys reading between the lines—he likes making assumptions and speaking on behalf of the character, far beyond what is ever written down on the pages. Since this is something he enjoys, then it’s no surprise that he can also see Destiel as a possibility, and not be as dismissive about it  as Jensen.

Now—all that’s not to say any one actor is right in their actions or any one is wrong; they’re both simply processing the show and its happenings in the ways that make the most sense to them.

So, all in all … yes, Cockles can exist in a world where Destiel might never actually come to be in a script, because Destiel, as well as any other sub-textual interpretation of the show, boils down to individual opinions. Jensen and Misha probably don’t see eye to eye on a bunch of things, but they are obviously still very close. The way they behave when they’re around each other is most likely the reason why their acting across from one another is so full of chemistry. What we see in the show as “Destiel” is thanks to their in-person connection; and thanks to that connection … we have been blessed with the overwhelming love and joy that is Cockles.

Patater photoshoot (nsfw)

(OKAy so this was meant to literally be me just writing down the prompt. But then I ended up writing a whole oneshot… anyways enjoy with a bad quality bit of smut at the end….)

Kent Parson comes out as the first “official" gay player in NHL history. Three weeks later, Alexei Mashkov announces he is bisexual. Reactions from the public are mixed between disgust and acceptance.

The two follow each other on social media, but other than that and a few interactions on the ice, they don’t know each other. After a month or so of them both being out of the closet, they are approached by a very well known magazine. The magazine plans to do an edition about NHL hockey players and want to do an entire five pages of Kent and Alexei. Together. Naked. In extremely suggestive positions.

Something about ”encouraging the public to accept people of different sexualities" is all Kent really knows. He doesn’t care. Mashkov may have agreed to it because spreading awareness is important to him, but Kent is only agreeing for one reason. Publicity. The fact that Mashkov is incredibly sexy and Kent has had a crush on him for months has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

So Kent shows up to the photoshoot. He’s whisked away immediately by stylists who wax almost all of his body hair. Makeup is applied all over his body to cover up blemishes and imperfections. Then his eyebrows are groomed and filled, his hair is styled and he’s been changed into a pair of tight, short, black under armour boxers.

Once he’s finally done being made beautiful, he’s lead to the first room they will be shooting in. Mashkov is already there. The lucky bastard hasn’t been waxed, Kent notices immediately. The second thing he notices is how fucking huge the man is. Yeah, he’s seen him on the ice before, but cmon, everyone looks big in hockey gear.

Wow, those back muscles are amazing. And shoulders and legs and okay literally every muscle on Mashkov’s body is toned to perfection.

Eventually Mashkov turns around and notices Kent standing in the room. Kent’s eyes immediately wander south, seeing he’s wearing similar under armour boxers, only his are dark grey and about two inches longer. They really don’t leave much to the imagination and Kent has to force himself to look away from Mashkov’s bulge.

He looks back up and meets Mashkov’s eyes, blushing lightly as he sees the man’s slight smirk. Great, he was caught checking him out.
“Um, I’m Kent Parson, from the Las Vegas Aces…“ he introduces himself quietly, sticking out his hand. The other hockey player smiles and shakes his hand gently. “Hello, little captain. I’m Alexei Mashkov. You call me Alexei,” he replies, and holy shit that Russian accent is hot.
“So I guess we’ll be shooting together today?“ Kent tries to make small talk. “Yes, I’m very excite,” Alexei says enthusiastically. Kent is about to reply when a woman and a man who Kent assumes are from the magazine approach them.

”I see you’re all warmed up to each other, huh? Great, well if you are both ready we are going to start now,“ the woman says. She’s very tall and gives off the impression that she’s a hard worker. Kent likes her already. “I’m Kara, with my co-marketing manager, Brian. We will be here to instruct you through out the session. If either of you have any questions or are uncomfortable with the poses don’t hesitate to say anything. Alright?” Before Kent or Alexei can reply, Brian is gently pushing them off in the direction of the set.

The set is simple, three white walls and a white floor to match. Kara tells them to stand in the centre of the room.
“Good! Now Kent, dear, angle yourself directly at the camera, and look down at the piece of masking tape- yes there, perfect.“ Kent feels more than awkward, standing there while the photographers, assistants and other workers watch intently.

“Okay, now Alexei, stand behind him with your hands on his waist.” Kent hears movement and then a pair of large hands grip his hips. The touch causes his face to redden and he ignores the tingly feeling he gets up his spine.
“A bit low there, Alexei, but I like your enthusiasm,“ Kara says, glancing between the two men and a clipboard. Alexei coughs awkwardly behind him and slides his hands up a few inches, wrapping them around Kent’s waist. “Wow you have small waist,” the Russian murmurs behind him. Usually Kent takes pride in his feminine features, but now he’s just struggling to keep the pink out of his cheeks.

“Okay, now move closer together.“ Alexei moves forwards a step and Kent feels his presence, along with warm breath on his hair. “Closer, please. As in touching. And wrap your arms around his waist, it will feel more natural.”

Alexei has to bend slightly so his arms fasten around Kent’s waist. Soon he feel’s the large man’s crotch pressing against his behind, along with his toned upper body against Kent’s back and shoulders. The run of Alexei’s skin against his own is insanely satisfying. Kent couldn’t stop his blushing if he tried.

“Perfect! Now Kent, focus on the ground and try to look shy… yes, that’s good. Alexei, stare right into the camera. Looking dominant and confident… yes, just like that, FREEZE!“ As Kent stares at the ground, looking shy, the camera goes off and he can’t help the feeling he’s getting from being pressed against the other hockey player.

They do more poses that aren’t so bad, like just simple hugging and hand holding. Alexei and Kent begin getting more comfortable and stop looking so guarded in the pictures. Brian claims they want to try everything. Kent isn’t sure if he can make it through everything without getting a boner.

They are lead into the next room with an actual set. It’s made to look like a fancy living room, with a large velvet red couch in the middle. Mashkov offers him a sweet smile of reassurance which makes Kent’s heart skip a beat.

“Alexei, lying on the couch please, with your feet on this end and head at this end.” The hockey player follows instructions, laying across the velvet piece of furniture. Kent struggles to keep his mind out of the gutter as he watches the attractive man get into position.
“Kent, honey, go sit on him, with your legs on either side of him.“ Kent rolls his eyes at Kara, “You can just say straddle him, you know. You don’t need to give me fancy instructions,” he says. This earns a few laughs from the lady.

Kent takes a deep breath and moves towards Alexei, who’s watching him intently with deep brown eyes. C'mon, Kent has done this multiple times in real situations, why can’t he just fake it this time?
“Uh, you’re okay with this?“ Kent whispers to Alexei, waiting for the small smile and nod that follows. Kent smiles back, before climbing onto the large man, straddling his hips. Kent settles over Alexei’s crotch, his cheeks turning bright red as Alexei let’s out a soft huff of air before biting his lip. Kent’s entire body is on fire. “You very pretty,” Alexei whispers softly. “Sorry I’m not control body well,“ he adds, his face growing red to match Kent’s. Kent feels butterflies in his stomach. “Thank you, it’s okay, me too,” he says quietly. Alexei’s smile makes his heart flutter and they don’t break eye contact, even when they hear the camera going off.

“This is going well boys, you two have a lot of chemistry,“ Kara says. Kent breaks his gaze away from Alexei’s adoring one, accidentally shifting slightly over the man’s growing bulge. Alexei lets out another soft huff of air, that sounded oddly similar to a quiet moan. He looks back at the man and smiles sheepishly, but sees him with his eyes shut as if he’s concentrating really hard on something. Speaking of hard…

The camera goes off again as Kent watches Alexei. Kent doesn’t think he’s ever met a more gorgeous man.

“Kent, grab Alexei’s arms and hold them above his head on the couch arm.” Kent’s face manages to grow even redder as Alexei offers him his wrists. He leans forwards so he can reach, causing him to rub against Alexei again, and this time it’s him who lets out a loud, embarrassing moan. Alexei’s eyes look oddly hopeful as he looks down at the man bashfully. This should be much more awkward than it is.

“Maybe we should take a short break, try this again in fifteen?“ Kara suggests, and Kent gives her a playful glare as she giggles to herself. Kent feels Alexei’s hands on his waist as the man sits up, then he lifts Kent off of him and places him on his feet as if he weighs nothing. Seriously? Is everything about this man sexy? How can he just pick Kent up like that?

“I’m go water,” Alexei mumbles, scratching the back of his neck and offering Kent a small smile before he heads out of the room. Kara smirks at Kent as he stands there, watching the larger hockey player leave.
“Oh, be quiet you,“ he says, blushing for the hundredth time. “I haven’t even said anything yet!” She giggles. “But look, if you think he’s attractive you should go for it.“ Kent isn’t sure why he’s taking advice from an almost stranger. He shrugs and sits back down on the couch. “I don’t think he’s interested,” he says sadly. “I wish he was though. I’ve been crushing on him since he was drafted in 2010. I was 17 at the time and I may or may not have had his poster in my bedroom.“ Kara laughs loudly at this, and places her clipboard down on the prob table nearby.
“That’s a hilarious story. But listen honey, he’s definitely into you. The whole time we were waiting for you to arrive, he was asking all the assistants if he looked okay for you,” she tells him. Kent’s heart flutters with hope. “And they were all like, ‘he’s a gay man and you are wearing tiny boxers, I’m sure he’ll think you look good…’“ Kent laughs, just as Alexei walks back into the room, wearing a different pair of boxers.
“Brian tell me put these on,” he says, and then yawns, touching his hands to his neck as his upper body stretches. Kent’s eyes may or may not watch as the man’s skin strains against his muscles.

“Are you both ready to start again?“ Kara asks. Alexei sits on the couch beside Kent, reaching an arm onto his shoulders. “I’m ready. You okay? Looking cold,” Alexei says, as an explanation for putting his arm around the small captain. Kent blushes and nods. Kara giggles to herself again.
“Okay sorry, but I totally ship you guys. Anyways, maybe you guys can come up with some of your own poses. The pictures so far have turned out better when you didn’t know we were taking them…“ Alexei nods beside him, his hand gently rubbing circles into Kent’s shoulder. He’s flirting, right?
“Maybe I have idea,” he says, standing and pulling Kent to his feet. “I’m pick you up?“ He asks with a raised eyebrow. Kent nods and Alexei smiles wide at him before wrapping his large hands around his thoughts and pulling him up. Kent goes willingly, wrapping his legs around Alexei’s waist.
“You have a nice smile,” he says quietly. He feels Alexei’s hand gently squeeze his leg. “You have nice everything,“ he says back. Kent is sure he is blushing as Alexei holds his gaze. The camera goes off a few times, making Kent remember where he is.

“Maybe Alexei can hold Kent against the wall? It will make the pose seem more… provocative…”

Next thing Kent knows is he’s being held up against the wall, with Mashkov’s hips holding him in place. Kent’s hard. He couldn’t stop it from happening, okay?! Alexei is really attractive and the idea of him
fucking Kent against the wall is really hot.

Kent has his arms around Alexei’s neck, head tilted back against the wall, his eyes shut and his mouth hung open as if he were letting out a loud moan. Alexei has his face buried in Kent’s neck as he holds the small man up. The shot is from the waist up, making it really look like Kent is being fucked by the other hockey player.
“I’m get many chirps for this…“ Alexei mumbles.

After that the two are a lot more comfortable with each other, as far as the sexual poses go. They do a lot more. Kent’s favourite was when he was bent over the couch, with Mashkov standing pressed against him like they were fucking again. Alexei has a boner through out most of it, and Kent bites his lip every time he feels it press against his bum.

“So, this magazine is like lowkey a big porno?” Kent inquires, as he gets into another slightly awkward position with Mashkov.
“I’m not minding. I’m get talk to and touch boy with beautiful body,“ Alexei says, then mumbles something to himself in Russian. Kent flushes, his stomach dipping.
“You think I’m beautiful?” He asks, as his arms wind around Alexei’s neck for the pose. Alexei’s hands grip his ass. “I’m thinking so. I’m also think you like me,“ he whispers, smirking down at Kent. “Hey, don’t get all cocky just cause your hands are on my ass.” The camera goes off. “It’s very nice,“ Alexei says with a shrug, moving his hands up to rest on the small of his back instead. “Well thanks,” Kent is definitely not blushing again.

The next pose is quite simple, just a hug from behind. Alexei decides to be bold and press his lips to the soft skin in the crook of Kent’s neck. Kent shivers, and then Alexei starts sucking a hickey into his skin. Kent’s knees go weak and he moans loudly, cursing to himself when the camera goes off to capture the moment.
“I’m not sure they’re acting…“ Kara mumbles to one of the assistants. Alexei asks for another break. Everyone leaves the room, closing the door behind them and as soon as they’re alone, Alexei resumes kissing his neck.

Kent moans quietly and tilts his head back against Alexei’s chest. The taller man trailed a hand down Kent’s chest and stomach, before dipping into Kent’s boxers. Kent bites his lip as Alexei takes hold of his cock, slowly pumping as he sucks on his neck. Kent is a moaning mess. “Cum,” Alexei whispers in his ear huskily. Kent is about to make a comment about how he can last longer than five seconds, when Alexei nips at his ear and whispers again, “Cum for me princess.“ It’s the rough, Russian accent that has
Kent releasing in his boxers as Alexei strokes him. “F-fuck Alexei…” he mumbles, moving away from the larger man. He blushes as he turns to look at him.
“That was so hot. I’ve literally never finished so quickly…“ he says sheepishly. His body is tingling as Alexei smiles lazily at him. “I’m make you cum again later if you are wanting. I’m make you whenever you are wanting,” he says, wrapping his long arms around Kent’s waist. Kent smiles, before leaning up to kiss the man softly. “I’m definitely wanting.“

How to Draw Someone Getting Punched in The Face

AKA: The first of many posts where I don’t just lose my shit over Hajime no Ippo, but I explain to you, in stupid amounts of detail, whhhyyy.

Layout Disclaimer: Any sequential pages will be laid out right to left. That’s how it goes in Japan and it’s important to the motion of the page to keep it the way the artist intended it.
Also, I don’t own any of the following artwork. If you’re a publishing company and want me to take it down, just ask and I will.


Let’s start with the basics. Let’s have one of Japan’s greatest living artists, Inoue Takehiko, rewind like thirty years of his life and show us the early years of Slam Dunk as an example of how most artists show someone getting punched in the face. (Non-sequential excerpts)

So on the right, we have a decent and typical page: we can’t really see the person who’s hitting our protagonist, his eyes are flat for comedic effect, and we’re in the split-second right after the punch. To tell us the strength of the hit, we have strong motion lines, mild distortion of the character’s face, and some ink splatter for blood from a split lip. In the other page, we get even less info, not even seeing their faces. We still get the sense of the strength of the big guy’s hit, both from the motion lines and by how much the guy dominates the panel. 

It gets the point across that someone was just punched in the face, and it does it a lot better than most. (Have you ever seen someone get punched in a shoujo manga? It’s pathetic, they really need to pick up their game over there.)

But in order to talk about this, let’s introduce a timing/effectiveness numbering  system:

So 0 is the point of impact. 1 is right before it. -1 is right after it. So a 5 might be “Hitter walking up to Hittee” while a -5 might be “Hitter walking away from struck Hittee”. So that’s the timing numbering. And then let’s add a second number in there to account for power. As you can see in 1:2, it’s the moment before impact, but it looks a hell of a lot more effective than 1. and in -1:2, that impact actually looks like it hurt, as opposed to -1. 

I’d put the Slam Dunk panels at -1:1. So they’re both right after the moment of impact, and they’re effective punches, but I’m not thinking that someone’s gonna get knocked unconscious.

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omg I just went looking and apparently the “arobot is a slur” bullshit troll post is currently circulating again. Can you believe it’s got like 2.7k+ notes, essentially all of which I see regarding how terrible and ridiculous aces+aros are

This is absurd ppl constantly spread misinformation and lies about us and run with them, they hate us so much holy shit

Like the post was 2 years old to begin with, now more like 3 years, the blog has about two pages of content, if you look around there it’s very obvious it is a troll, in the entire notes I can’t find any aces/aros supporting it

But sure “look at how bad aces and aros are lolol they don’t know what oppression is they want to be oppressed so desperately haha” is how the notes go.

Why do ppl hate aces and aros so much they won’t even be a little critical before pulling this shit in huge huge numbers, why do they hold all of us accountable for one obscure troll blog’s bullshit post, why do they use this as justification to say nasty shit about all of us. I bet that troll is very pleased

omg I’m done


here’s some other WIP shots for my zine submission! I gathered a bunch of references to try to make a sketch of the funbari onsen bath and changing room, then i tried to figure out how to place the characters. i considered doing a two-page spread so that i could include ryu, but in the end i went with my four favorite (sorry, ryu!) in a one page illustration.

i also practiced drawing the characters in their funbari onsen yukatas– for yoh and manta, that was my first time drawing them in over a decade! i had actually drawn ren and horohoro at least once in the past five years, haha.

i painted the entire background behind the characters…… for some… reason………..

(i’m most proud of how i drew the yukatas on ren and horohoro while maintaining the body silhouettes that i wanted for them)

Journaling Tips! (by deskgoals)

Hey guys! In early May, I started my first *real* journal - I’ve been attempting to journal on and off my whole life but this is the first one that’s stuck - and I’ve been collecting some tips on the job. So if you want to keep a journal but don’t know where to start or what to do next, here are some tips!

1. Buy a thin journal for your first time out of the gate. You don’t HAVE to do this - and in fact, I didn’t do it, but I’m realizing it might have been a mistake - but it might help. A lot of people give up journaling because they feel like they’re not getting anywhere. If you buy a thinner journal rather than some massive tome, you’ll finish it faster and feel more motivated to keep going.

2. Make lists. One of my favorite things to do in my journal is to punctuate normal written entries with random lists! Not only does it make the journal more aesthetically pleasing to look back on - variety is the spice of life - but it forces you to think about what you value, what you like, and who you are. Some fun list ideas: places you want to travel, your favorite restaurants in multiple categories of cuisine, your favorite books/films/TV shows/songs/bands/artists/albums/etc., wish list of things you want to buy (clothes/stationery/books/etc.), list of favorite quotes, goals for the next week/month/semester/year, etc!

3. Write poetry. I don’t use my journal as a poetry journal per se, but I really love copying down my favorite poems I’ve written into the book on pages that I pretty up with washi tape and fancy pens. I usually do two-page spreads with one poem on each page, and I take a lot of time writing them out so the handwriting is super neat. That’s another great way to break up the monotony of normal entries, since I tend to write long blocks of text at a time.

4. Fill every page! I don’t mean you need to fill every page with writing, but make sure there’s not a lot of blank space! If I finish an entry for the day and there’s space at the bottom of the page, I don’t force myself to keep writing; I block it off with washi tape and return to it when I have an idea for what I want to put there. Most commonly, I put a line from a song or a quote from an author I like, and I use a sort of modified calligraphy to spice it up (I have no idea what I’m doing calligraphy-wise, btw).

5. Collage your memories. My spring semester of my freshman year of college, I kept a jar on my desk, and every day I wrote a happy memory from that day on a scrap of paper and then put it in the jar. When I was journaling, I took the jar out and made a couple collages of the scraps of paper. I also taped museum tickets, receipts, cutouts from show programs - really anything I could find that mind something to me - onto the middle or sides of the pages and wrote entries that snaked around them. Again, it’s all about making your journal interesting from an aesthetic standpoint, if that’s what you’re interested in. Which brings me to my next point:

6. Don’t blame yourself for skipping days. I skipped like three weeks of May with this journal–I only got through like a week before I dropped it. Partway through June, I wanted to get back to it, but I worried that I couldn’t, because I’d have to explain my absence, or somehow summarize all that had gone on in the last three weeks. But then I just decided not to, and I started in the present and kept going from there. I’ve only skipped two days since, but you can stop for any length of time and pick back up with it without ripping out pages or summarizing your life for the days you skip.

7. Make quote pages. Sometimes I break up entries by using an entire page to write a cool quote in large letters. Pretty straightforward. If I go for a while without a quote on the bottom of a shorter entry, I’ll throw a full-page quote in for fun.

8. Make lyric webs. I’m a singer-songwriter, so I do this with my own lyrics, but you can do it with songs you haven’t written, of course. To do it, break up a page (or two, if you want to do a double-page spread) into polygons. They can be large or small, squared or rounded, or a mix of shapes (which is what I do). Then, whenever you’re bored or trying to kill time, fill every space with a line from a song you like. I recommend using pencil for the lyrics so you can erase if you misjudge how much space you need, but you do you. For an extra challenge, try not to repeat any songs (every space should have a line from a different song)!

9. Figure out what materials are the most fun for you to use. For me, the journaling experience is enhanced by changing up my writing utensil from entry to entry–sometimes I’ll do a few back to back with the same tool, but I like to mix it up. I also like using washi tape to section off or border pages, and I sometimes go back over old entries with highlighter to mark the most interesting or insightful lines. But it’s up to you! Decide if you’re pen or pencil, dark or colored ink, printing or cursive, expressive or minimalist, or some fusion of the above. And most importantly:

10. BE YOURSELF. The most cliche piece of advice on the books, but–if you make your journal as though it’s being prepared for an audience, you’ll give up on it. Make it for yourself. Make it messy. Change the aesthetic halfway through and then change it back. You can show it to your friends and family or keep it 100% to yourself. Just make it something that you enjoy doing, rather than another chore.

my thoughts and notes on the brief lookthrough I did of the Journal: (Warning: contains major spoilers for the end of the book)  In no particular order because my thoughts are pretty scattered.

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Ya like talking about Eddsworld? Ya REALLY like Eddsworld? Ya wanna talk about it directly with others?

Then join the Eddsworld Network!

I’m currently in another network with quite a few people. Over 20 actually! We spend a lot of time talking about the character the network was created around as well as just casually chatting about anything we please! So, it’s quite an experience and it’s quite fun to just chat with others!

To Apply:

  • You do NOT need to follow my own blog. [Don’t worry. It’s fine. But if you want to, you can. :) -is 30 away from 700 at time of making this post-]
  • You HAVE to follow the network’s blog: eddsworldnetwork
  • Check the FAQ and the Rules pages on the EWN blog.
  • Fill out the form on the blog. [Click APPLY.]
  • Reblog this post. [Spread it around, ya know~!]


  • Well, ya know, ya get to talk to others who also like Eddsworld!
  • You might make some new friends you’ve never met in this fandom yet!
  • Group chat to talk about Eddsworld or just chatting casually about whatever!
  • We may sometimes have a day or night or two every once in awhile where we all join up together on in Rc’s private chat room and watch some Eddsworld eddisodes together or something else entirely! Maybe even play online multiplayer games together like Town of Salem! :)
  • Badge to promo the network on your blog once you’re officially in perhaps~? -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

Network is always open and there is no limit to how many people are accepted.

Have a good day~

anonymous asked:

Are there any sources you could recommend for someone doing Rammstein research?

The answer is: yes!

Obviously one has to look at various interviews and articles and try to keep up-to-date with them. There are years’ worth of those in video/audio/written form - Rammstein’s been around for two full decades, so just looking through them will help to piece a lot of things about their history together. There is not a specific one that I would recommend fullheartedly; sometimes interviews do suffer from contradictions (as things are reported or recalled wrong) or bias (given that many interviews are conducted with one or two members of R+ only), so reading just one or two won’t help too much. And some interviews are either not translated or translated poorly, which is always a drawback. But if you have a lot of time and patience - and most importantly, if your ‘research’ really is about Rammstein’s history as Rammstein/the band members’ opinions of each other and the world/logistics of tours or future plans etc., interviews and articles should serve as your primary source. 

I can also recommend the following books (which I have all read and do possess), if you are also interested in Rammstein pre-history or want a lot of context as to why sometimes they say/think/do the things that they do. They lived through a very different, and if I may say so, quite an unusual period in history. There’s a lot you can gather from wider research.
These are all primary sources, they all come directly from the band members or related parties.

The Rammstein Autobiography (ISBN: 3931126323)
This fetches a pretty high price nowadays b/c it’s out of print. It’s from 1999 and can provide no information re: the post-millennium exploits of the band, but it is beautifully illustrated, contains long and really quite insightful interviews from everyone in the band (except Olli, who only has a two-page spread of photos, and Flake, whose entire contribution basically reads like ‘this_band_has_caused_me_nothing_but_suffering_and_misery.txt’), and also contains some lyrics and Till poems from a time before either Messer or In Stillen Nachten. Some of those clearly went on to become Rammstein lyrics. Best of all, all the text here is translated side by side in German and English, which is not a common attribute to many R+ ‘primary’ texts. I’d check this one out, if you can get your hands on it. 

Mix Mir Einen Drink (ISBN: 3896029053 for the 2010 edition)
The quintessential ‘where were they before they were R+’ text. This is actually an incredibly detailed biography about Feeling B, which is still a band you ought to know quite a bit about if you are researching R+ or East German punk rock as a whole. There is no translation, but it’s still a solid 600+ pages of info; what you get out of The Rammbrick this book is a detailed picture of their younger years, and it’s also funny as hell. I think this book has literal historical value; The Rammbrick’s its appendix comes with things like Stasi files that were kept on the band, for one, and it’s a vivid firsthand sketch as to what life in East Germany actually was like. You see it through the eyes of people who were, in that state’s terms, living like outlaws - and the stuff they went through? They’ll come off as at the very least quaint and at the most horrifying, once the implications sink in. (The bit about Flake being the only one to escape arrest at Schoenhauser Allee station during the 1989 protests and later turning up to a completely empty rehearsal room comes to mind.) Highly recommended.

Rammstein Liederbuch (ISBN: 0711972206)
Can you read music? I got some good news for you, and some bad news. The good news is that R+ have had sheet music published of their Herzeleid and Sehnsucht songs, and they’re here. The bad news is that this is out of print, and it can sometimes fetch some truly insane prices (used ranges from £25-£430 what the literal fuck). There is basically nothing there except for sheet music, either, no bonus photos or anything. So if you can’t read musical notation/aren’t so much interested in the actual musical structure of R+ songs, you can give this one a miss. Otherwise, it’s stellar in quality and contains every instrumental part and solo - if you play an instrument, worth checking out.

Messer (ISBN: 382180730X for 2005 but I swear there is a later edition)
Till’s first poetry collection. I think it’s obvious why I recommend this. If you are interested in the literary merits of Till, you are going to want this, full stop. As for translations, I did a full translation project of this in my blog here, and am slowly in the process of doing secondary clean-up of the translations in messerstein. But you really need the original German texts in front of you, too, because this is poetry and it’s often impossible to preserve devices like rhyme, meter, aliteration, puns, and such that make poetry what it is, you know? I think the 2005 edition is out of print but I swear to god I have a later printed edition that isn’t asking insane prices like £99.95 jfc it was less than £20 when I got it brand new in October 2011??!?!

In Stillen Nachten (ISBN: 3462047779)
The second book of Till’s poetry. Poems in there are shorter but there are more of them, and the illustrations are… quite something. You also want this if you want to think about Till’s literary merits, and if you are a fan of Mayakovsky’s or Brecht’s or Rilke’s poetry, you are probably going to like this collection quite a lot. The Brecht is especially strong in this one. (If this is the case, I’m going to assume that you have some familiarity with Marxist critical theory and audience alienation and East German political history, though none of those things are strictly necessary to enjoy anything in Till’s repertoire.) I’m also working on translating this in messerstein and I think there is a translation coming out (don’t quote me on this) but again, same old. You need the original texts in front of you for maximum appreciation. This thing is actually affordable please for the love of god get it support Till hhhhhh

Mike Oldfield im Schaukelstuhl: Notizen eines Vaters (ISBN: 3938686618)
I’ve written about this recently. This had a reprint in… 2006, I think? If you are in Germany, you’re in luck; if you aren’t, well… yeah. I’m not sure whether to classify this as an (auto)biography of anybody, whether of Till (called Timm here) or Werner Lindemann (who wrote this book). It is a book vastly about Till at nineteen-twenty years old, and covers a relatively short timespan of maybe eight months, but it’s seen through Werner’s eyes. There is very little pretense in his writing and everything is portrayed with efficient, sometimes even superminimalistic, starkness, and I think sometimes that had led people to have false impressions about how Till and Werner treated each other. If nothing else, this is a very good sketch of life in East Germany, along with the generational difference between those two. I would recommend it more because of the East German aspect, to be honest. I’m translating this bit by bit; there are fragmented translations floating around from years ago, too, though I don’t think there is a completed version.

There are also quite a few third-party publications about Rammstein, usually in the form of unofficial biographies or actual academical texts; I would advise being far more cautious with those, obviously, but if you are willing to gamble, you can gather some original insight that you might not otherwise had. ’Outsider perspective’, in other words. I’m thinking of The Little Black Rammbook (close literary analysis of some R+ songs, discussion of their lyricism, other literary references that you might like to have, etc) and Bis das Herz brennt: Die inoffizielle Rammstein Biografie (exactly what it says on the tin). They are vastly optional. Flake also has a book out. I don’t have it, and I haven’t read it, which is why I have said nothing about it so far bUT JESUS CHRIST I NEED IT SO B A D. I shall have to add that entry in later, it should be really interesting.

Finally, as part of far broader context, I would recommend reading up in East German history, especially around 1960-1989, 20th century German poetry, WWII and the rise and fall of the Nazis (important, because R+ is frequently accused of fascism, and it is absolutely essential that every true Rammfan knows why this is an objectively wrong and horrible opinion), 19th-20th century German theatrical aesthetic theory like Gesamtkunstwerk/Verfremdungseffekt (explains the philosophy behind their stage shows), Das Nibelungenlied (Till seems to be heavily influenced by it), the structure and devices associated with poetry, and Marxism because why the hell not. But they’re the most background of background readings: in most non-academical cases, interviews, articles, their actual lyrics and music, and some knowledge of their history will do the job. Happy researching!

… Now I feel like I’m setting up textbooks for a school of Rammsteinology.

Jay/Tim [Band!AU] Part 2

No one asked for a second part but I wanted to write it anywaaaay

So here’s a small little bit extra from this (that AU where Jason’s in a band and Tim’s a reporter) that will probably get another little bit sooner or later.

When Tim comes in the following week with his first draft of the article for Jason Todd and the Outlaws, his editor isn’t exactly happy. Shocked, maybe, and certainly pissed that Tim didn’t get any of Jason on a recorder, but Tim’s not all that worried. He sits through the ever so slight chewing out for basing his entire article on about three sentences of conversation, but it only lasts for so long before it really dawns on him that Tim actually got an interview with the Jason Todd, no matter how short it was.

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Arigatou Project: MESSAGE FOR YOU!
Messages filled with six years’ share of love and gratitude from the Love Live! seiyuus to readers of Dengeki G’s Magazine, the very place where Love Live! began.

NItta Emi: Thank you for creating miracles together with us☆

Love Live! started in Dengeki G’s Magazine. At that time I didn’t know left from right, and just like everyone else I didn’t know how Love Live! would turn out. But I thought to myself, that if I put my heart into dancing, something amazing might happen, right? Up until today, it’s been a chain of really unbelievable events… They were all things that happened because of Love Live!, because of all the people who were supporting me. Thank you for always watching over the trajectory of us and μ’s, and for creating miracles together with us☆ Whenever you hit an obstacle, or whenever you’re feeling happy, I would like you to keep remembering us from here on out. No matter when, μ’s will always be by everyone’s side. Thank you for the greatest youth of my life!!

Nanjo Yoshino: “Thanks for the hard work!” “Congratulations on running through these six years!” And also, “Thank you”

Really, for the huge amounts of support, thank you very much! Though that’s part of it, the readers here are also people who granted our dreams together with us, so “Thanks for the hard work!”, or maybe “Congratulations on running through these six years!”; I’m lost on what to say. However, it’s certain that this project couldn’t have grown so huge if any one person’s support had been missing, so as an actress who’s been given so many different experiences and chances to mature: thank you very much. My comrades. From now on in our lives, let’s do our best at each and every one of our paths!

Pile: Thank you very much for the tons of support and tons of love

For us, between the time when we knew nothing about each other and now, a lot of time has passed. Thank you very much for the tons of support and love. From here onwards, Maki-chan, Pile, μ’s, and the other members. We’ll always continue on together, so we’ll be counting on you from here on, too. With all my heart full of gratitude and love.

Kusuda Aina: Seeing so many dreams come true together was all because everyone was there for us!

Ever since we first started, when the group now known as μ’s still didn’t have a name, all the people who supported us, and everyone who came to support us after finding out about us in all sorts of ways. Really, seeing so many dreams come true together was all because everyone was there for us! Just like the name suggests, Love Live! has become a product overflowing with Love! I believe that it’s precisely because each and everyone’s love was there, that’s why we managed to make all our dreams come true together up to this point! I would be happy if it becomes a special existence to everyone. No, I believe that it has already become that! A product filled with mutual affection is amazing, isn’t it!! Up until now, thank you very much for the huge amounts of love! I love everyone!

Kubo YurikaSuddenly recalling the precious time we spent together puts a smile on your face–

My feelings for everyone are extremely similar to my feelings for Hanayo. When I asked myself why that is… I thought that it must be because everyone who has watched over me for so long, might feel as though they are something like a family to me. There were many things we couldn’t do alone, and that we could only realize with everyone together. That’s why, if I put my feelings into words, it’s still ends up as “Thank you” but… Just like this, I would be happy if suddenly recalling the precious time we spent together puts a smile on your face.

Tokui Sora: μ’s will still always be μ’s from here on! Please let us cheer for your dreams from here on, too!

Thank you all very much for supporting μ’s during these six years!!! Just like the tagline “A story realized together”, it’s all thanks to everyone that we really had a lot of our dreams granted. What was your dream six years ago? During these six years filled with lots of singing, I would be happy if μ’s managed to become a part of your strength. Though it’s the Final Live, μ’s will still always, always be μ’s from here on! Please let us cheer for your dreams from here on, too! Thank you all very much for these six years!

Iida Riho: Everyone watched over Love Live! this whole time.

In the beginning, Love Live! started here in this magazine, right? From a two-page spread. From a time when Love Live! had neither form nor substance, it was the readers of Dengeki G’s Magazine that watched over Love Live! this whole time. And the ones who made the entire project with us, that was everyone here, too♪ The voting for our subunits, as well as the name μ’s that everyone knows now, arose here. I’m really grateful that there’s this place where Love Live! could always be conveyed to people. Everyone who supported us through Dengeki G’s Magazine, thank you all very much♪

Mimori Suzuko: The path we walked here was always accompanied by everyone.

I remember that six years ago, when we made our first appearance in the magazine, I was so, so happy that I went to the bookstore myself to buy a copy. In the few years after we started, when there were no concerts or anything, it was through the magazine that we could feel all the encouragement from all the fans. Deciding on subunit names and center positions for our songs… I can deeply feel that the path we walked here was always accompanied by our fans. Thank you all very much for the tons of love♪

Uchida Aya: It was because of everyone’s support that we made it here.

To all the members of the Love Live! Club! ( ・8 ・)
There was a time when I yearned to be a part of Dengeki G’s reader-participation content. Starting from following “Sister Princess” written by Kimino Sakurako-sensei, and ending up being part of one myself made me really happy and excited at that time! (The first time I went to Animate, I bought an Aria-chan notebook! lol)
At the start the casting was secret, there wasn’t any notice that I would be acting as Kotori, so I felt very impatient. To think that with all the readers’ support, we’ve managed to make it this whole way from a time when μ’s didn’t even have its name. … For us girls who didn’t have a name, thank you very much for believing in our potential! I want to tell my past self: “The excitement you’re feeling is the real thing!"♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine May 2016


baby im obsessed with your dick

Wow, lucky you. TWO pages AND a dick joke? You are all lucky so lucky please.

If you’d been enjoyin the lovely adventures of Crange, please consider telling friends about it. I don’t really do ads and have only in my entire life online relied on the work and you to spread the word. So if ya wanna link some friends? Please do! And thanks.

Eto is the King

Here’s a nice summary of all the hints of the King’s identity, and how they all point to Eto.

First, some clarification about the title of the King:

  • The King is a symbolic figurehead, not a real person, and is the leader of Aogiri.
  • Whether the role of the One-Eyed King as a title changes in the future remains to be seen, but as of now, the King is the head of Aogiri.
  • There is a very clear leader of Aogiri, Eto, and this is both hinted at and stated clearly throughout the series.
  • Therefore, at this point in time, Eto is the One-Eyed King, and multiple characters acknowledge her as such.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, the evidence is all under the cut because this post is gonna be long.

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shakendust  asked:

Hi Hi!! I've been in a dark mood lately (in contrast to all your other requests) I was wondering if you had any angsty/moody Sterek fic recs? Something hurt/comfort-y (extra points if it's a werewolf slavery AU). You always have such amazing suggestions! <3 <3

Angst, Hurt/Comfort:

  • Cornerstone by Vendelin (E, 83k) Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.
  • Play Crack the Sky by Derbobbs (E, 100k, WIP) Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.” Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.”
  • Safety in Silence by Survivah (M, 67k) It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate. 
  • Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll (E, 77k) “Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.
  • Yes is a World by jezziejay (M, 10k) When the nemeton casts a protection spell over Beacon Hills, Stiles can finally go to college. Derek thinks this might be a good thing. In which Stiles falls in love and Derek learns a lot.
  • lodestone by llassah (T, 5k) “We could…we could be something, couldn’t we?” Stiles murmurs, eyes slipping shut. Derek looks at the IV line in his arm, the bandages covering his chest, his leg. His hand, pale against the hospital sheets, palm up. Derek waits until he’s sure Stiles is asleep before he responds. It takes Stiles eight years to ask the question again. It’s okay. Derek can wait.

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2015 Bullet Journal Setup

Greetings everyone!

I have gotten so many questions about this lately, and something tells me that it’s not just me that is excited to start organising for the new year. Oh yes, and by the way, happy new year and welcome to the first official post of 2015. Now let me try to walk you through what will probably be a very image heavy post about my 2015 Bullet Journal Setup.

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