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Marvel Announces New Defenders Title By Bendis & Marquez

Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, heroes who are headlining their own shows on Netflix and are to team up for a show called Defenders, will now partner up on the publishing side.

Brian Michael Bendis, one of Marvel’s most popular writers, and artist David Marquez, who worked with Bendis on books featuring Spider-Man and Iron Man, are behind the new ongoing series, which will launch in June, after receiving a preview in the publisher’s Free Comic Book Day offering in May.

“I wanted to do a sprawling, Godfather-like epic at the street level of the Marvel Universe, really putting out hooks down and creating a modern, elaborate organized crime story that is different than what has gone before, but builds on everything that has happened to these characters, as individuals or as a team, and putting them in the hardest battle for the street that anyone can imagine.“

“You will get Jessica Jones looking out her window, street-level, and my return to Daredevil, which will be different than what I and Alex did before,” says Bendis. "And Luke and Danny, characters that I have a strong affinity for. I spent most of the oughts being mocked for the love of Luke Cage. Now that Luke Cage is a household name, I just sit back in my chair and laugh and laugh.”

In keeping with the tone of the Netflix shows, which, of course, are based on the gray worlds of the heroes’ stories, Defenders sees the group banding to take on the various criminal empires vying for dominance in New York City and the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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Robert NOT being big on romantic gestures

Aaron: “He’s just not big on romantic gestures”

1. pulls contract on Wiley’s farm so he and Aaron could call the barn theirs.
2. books a grander hotel and yells at staff because room might not be perfect for his “date”
3. changes into a jacket and tie at Vic merely calling a beer w/Aaron a “date”.
4. decorating “their” barn and practicing speech in order to make the perfect proposal.
5. willing to give his last breath to the man he loves to save him or die trying.
6. dives BACK into the water to the sunk car in order to retrieve engagement ring so he can properly propose again.
7. created an elaborate birthday surprise to make his fiances birthday amazing and special.

can you imagine if Robert ever DOES do romantic? heehee…..


This photo thing though.

It’s so… elaborate…

And how’d Shredder get copies of these photos that big?
He and all his henchmen are either mutants or robots now.
Tori said Stockman probably sent robots that looked like humans out to do it.
Could you imagine if Shredder had gone to like FedEx Kinkos before he mutated in preparation for this?
“I need these photos enlarged to 4 by 6.”
“Uh… they are 4 by 6.”
“4 BY 6 FEET YOU IMBECILE! I mean… please and thank you, my good man.”

Of course he’d probably describe the photo sizes in centimeters…

…Yeah, DG that’s the only weird thing about the scenario you just described. Go to bed.
Okay, self. I shall.

When you picture a serial killer, what do you think of? Do you think of Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant and sophisticated doctor who treats murder with the joy of a foodie at a gourmet mac & cheese bar? Or do you think of John Doe from ‘Seven’, a man who goes out of his way to create the most elaborately constructed crime scenes in order to make a thematic point to the police?

Either way, you’re probably imagining someone way more competent than an actual serial killer. Real murder is messy, and the real reason serial killers get away with what they do is because they’re brilliant at feigning human emotion. Evil, yes, but they’re not super-geniuses, laughing maniacally at a collage of pictures and string on a wall.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the hosts of the podcast 'My Favorite Murder’ to discuss the common assumptions we get wrong about serial killers, theories surrounding the JFK, RFK, and JonBenet Ramsey murders and, of course, some of their favorite murder stories.

Serial Killers And Famous Unsolved Murders

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Tom losing his temper

Interviewer: Tom when’s the last time you lost your temper? gif

And he remembered when he saw you, hugging your ex boyfriend; (he hugs you, like, you were still his girl) Tom he finished the play and before he went to the dressing room, he saw that scene, so he approach to you and without any control ask you:

Tom: what are you doing with this man? (gif)

You: Please Tom, calm down, he came to see the play, just that.
Tom: Don’t be so naive, he never came with that intention. He still trying to…he still wants you.
You: well that’s doesn’t matter, please calm down.
Tom: I can’t, you know I cant; you know what, you two belong together, man, she is all yours.

I little more elaborate this imagine tom.

imagine trans iruka!

  • he didn’t die with mizuki’s fuuma shuriken because his binder + flak jacket protected his spine.
  • he keeps his hair long to piss people off because “if you’re a man, why don’t you just cut it?!” and he gets to flip them off.
  • hiruzen was so important because he was the first person to accept and acknowledge iruka as a man.
  • when hiruzen dies, some people think they’ll get iruka out of the academy for being trans, but tsunade shuts them down even more severely than hiruzen did, saying gender identity is a fundamental part of one’s health.
  • tsunade secretly invites iruka to assist on sakura’s training sometimes so he can learn better chakra control to maintain a constant henge and appear more masculine without affecting his stamina so much.
  • iruka is still uchinanchu.

Imagine finding out that your co-worker Chris Evans, has a crush on you

You nervously walk up to the blonde man who stole your heart and cleared your throat to get his attention. “Is it true?”

He looked up at you in confusion and opened his mouth to answer. “Is what true?”

Sighing, you shook your head at his question. It was impossible for him to not have heard the rumors being spread about the two of you but you obviously needed to elaborate. “What everyone is saying about us.” He continued to gaze at you quizzingly and you let out a small noise of irritation. “That you like me. People think that we’re a couple and I want to know if there’s any truth to it all.”

“Yeah, there’s some truth to it.” He shifted his gaze to the ground and you opened your mouth in surprise, having not expected such a straight-forward answer. “What about you? How do you feel about it all?”

I think the key image of the 20th century is the man in the motor car. It sums up everything: the elements of speed, drama, aggression, the junction of advertising and consumer goods with the technological landscape. The sense of violence and desire, power and energy; the shared experience of moving together through an elaborately signalled landscape.
We spend a substantial part of our lives in the motor car, and the experience of driving condenses many of the experiences of being a human being in the 1970s, the marriage of the physical aspects of ourselves with the imaginative and technological aspects of our lives. I think the 20th century reaches its highest expression on the highway. Everything is there: the speed and violence of our age; the strange love affair with the machine, with its own death.
—  J.G. Ballard

This fic is dedicated to @howlnatural, because its entire existence is her fault, and several of the pivotal plot points are definitely thanks to her ridiculous imagination. It stemmed from a terrible article I found about a man whose back hair was shaved into elaborate patterns for a calendar. “I can’t even begin to fic this one,” I stupidly said, and the challenge was on. 


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They’d been sleeping together for about four months when it happened.

Okay, not like Stiles had been counting or anything, but…well, he’d been counting. It’d been three months, twenty-five days, and an assorted number of hours that might be ticking to a close if the fury boiling off Derek’s shifted skin had anything to say about it.

Sometimes, see, Stiles had an idea, and it seemed fantastic at the time, but he didn’t stop to think about what might happen after his fantastic idea had been carried out. Which was why he was locked in the bathroom with a fur-clogged razor in his hand while Derek pounded an angry fist on the other side of the door.

Stiles slid to the floor, and after another loud thump and a world-weary sigh, Derek audibly did the same.

“Just open the door,” Derek said, his voice muffled enough that Stiles figured he probably had his face pressed against the wood. Stiles hadn’t actually flipped the lock into place, and they both knew it. It wasn’t like any of the house’s flimsy doors would hold up against a werewolf who actually wanted to get through, but Derek didn’t use his strength for that kind of thing. He pulled back, constantly. Kept his distance when he could tell Stiles wanted some space. Respected the sanctity of closed doors. Wouldn’t, uh. Pull out a razor when his unsuspecting partner was sound asleep after a particularly invigorating round of sex.

“No,” Stiles said, setting the razor down and wiping his fingers - fuzzy from the now admittedly terrible idea - against his pajama bottoms. “You’re still mad. I’m staying in here until you calm down.”

Stiles. I’m not mad,” Derek lied.

“You’re lisping. That means your fangs are still out.”

Stiles heard a huff and a soft crack as Derek shifted his bones back to their fully human form. “Not mad,” he tried again, this time without the soft slurring that Stiles secretly adored. “Now get out here so we can talk.”

“You’re not going to rip my head off?”

“Not all the way. You’ll probably heal.”

“You still sound like a total creep when you joke like that,” Stiles informed him, opening the door to find his - boyfriend, maybe? assuming Stiles didn’t screw anything else up - sitting against the frame, his feet propped up on one side and his back firmly pressed against the other.

“Good thing you’re into it, then,” Derek said dryly, his eyebrows pulling down in a too-familiar glare that Stiles hadn’t actually seen targeted at him in a couple of years.

Stiles scratched uncomfortably at his chin. “Can I, uh. Can I see it?”

Derek’s eyebrows intensified, but he gracefully stood to his feet and turned around. He cracked his neck, shook out his shoulders, and after a moment, a soft sheen of fur rippled down his back. In, uh. Patches. That spelled out “STILES WUZ ERE” with a clumsily dick-shaped arrow pointing to Derek’s gloriously naked ass.

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Gif source:  Tony

Imagine putting boobs on every single Ironman suit Tony has as revenge for his pranks.

——— Request for anon ———

He marched into the room in full Iron Man gear, only, it looked more like Iron Woman when you’d gotten through with it.

“What is this?” Tony gestures to his chest with annoyance and a bit of incredulity that you’d been able to pull off such an elaborate prank.

“Looks to me like you’ve got a major case of man boobs,” you tease back, reveling in your handiwork as he grunts in aggravation, removing the chest piece.

“You put boobs on all my suits? How did you learn to do that?”

“You know how I’ve been really into hanging around the lab while you’ve worked for the last few weeks, ever since you started this prank war?” you begin, watching as he nods his head before you let out a chuckle, “Well, payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, Stark?”

Okay Shadowhunters, you’ve pushed my ability to suspend my disbelief to the breaking point. I can buy it that the world is full of vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries. I can accept that descendants of an angel fight demons to protect humans. But now you’ve gone too far. How did Lydia and Alec put together such an elaborate wedding ceremony in a matter of days?

Somehow, I’m supposed to believe that Lydia had her dress made and perfectly fitted, Alec had a suit constructed from scratch (have you seen the man’s wardrobe?), ditto for Jace, the chapel has been beautifully decorated, and someone managed to get all those dignitaries from Alicante there at the same time?

They must have had warlock help. I can’t imagine who was doing all that work during Izzy’s trial for her life and the hunt for Valentine. If they did, I hope Magnus never finds out who it was!

April 1, 2016


What has happened today to cause another apocalypse?  It seems in every scenery that I traverse today there is some form of prank or declaration concerning lizards for president or the actor that portrays myself in another universe being declared “Overlord.” What ever is going on?

This particular day used to be Gabriel’s favorite day, though he would not clearly ever state just exactly why April 1 would spark such a sudden amount of energy form him. I would see an elevation in his antics annually on this day, but I would assume his energy would seep into others somehow. They would stage elaborate antics and practical jokes on one another claiming jesters to be the cause of the mischievous pranks. Today, however, seems to have one person being deified into something else entirely.

I heard of rumors regarding the mythical “Mishapocalypse” from past years, but I had never realized its extent across the social webs until there was nothing but a rather disconcerting mage of the man resembling Jimmy Novak plastered across every possible scenario imaginable. It seems this man has turned psychotic and is now releasing his army of identical clones onto the Earth. Now, that is highly illogical therefore I am nothing less than utterly confused as to the extent of what this “April Fool’s” Event is doing or planning on doing.

Was it’s original intent to be to frighten the nonbelievers? Or perhaps nothing but a harmless creative way to express one’s love for one particular person? I will say that seeing a picture of myself that I have no recollection of taking is not something I would like to experience again. The last time this occurred Gabriel had convinced me I was in an alternate reality with Sam and Dean not being hunters but rather normal humans with their human, non-celestial being friend. It was all very convincing and thus very confusing; that is, until I saw the picture of the actor and not the angel.

The more that I ponder this the more I suspect there are other powers at work behind this apocalyptic 24 hour event. Nevertheless, the net aggregate appearance of twitter, tumblr, and other social media avatars has risen exponentially today and shows no sign in stopping for at least 24 hours after today ends.

I have just heard movement from outside and various forms of chanting. Perhaps something supernatural is happening in connection to this apocalypse after all…



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