it was an amazing ride

long drives with Jungkook

- he’d do most of the driving
- looooves taking you on long car rides because the aura with you is just amazing
- you two would take turns playing songs off of each other’s playlists
- “y/n, play some Justin Bieber!”
- "what song?”
- “surprise me”
- while driving during the daylight, you’d play very uplifting, fast-beat music
- once it starts to get dark, you’d put on some lo-fi/hiphop and/or oldies
- his hand will either be interlocked with yours, or caressing your thigh at all times
- “Jungkook-ah, sing Sofa”
- he’d smile wide and clear his throat jokingly
- he’d sing the entire song without any flaws, glancing a couple times at you during the song
- his voice would start to put you to sleep, and when he noticed he’d squeeze your thigh lightly
- “y/n-ah, get my jacket from the backseat just incase you get cold. sweet dreams, babe”
- drives until you wake up
- immediately pulls over and forces you to drive so he can get some sleep