it was an abortion michael

back to you || ashton irwin

Running into Ashton was like a punch to the stomach.

Of course you should have expected to see him. Why wouldn’t he be at Luke’s engagement party ? He was one of Luke’s closest friends.

You, on the other hand, hadn’t seen him since your junior year of college. He was a year older and you’d had the romance of the century for the three years you were together.

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If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine.
—  Michael Jay Tucker

I have so much respect for the JTV writers tonight

because instead of dragging out their season finale cliffhangers, they get them right out of the way in the season premiere

s1 finale- Mateo was kidnapped

s2 premiere- Mateo is rescued by the end of the episode

s2 finale- Michael is shot; Xo is pregnant; Petra is #petrafied

s3 premiere: Michael is alive/they know it was Sin Rostro; Xo actually told Rogelio the truth and we’re probably getting an abortion storyline; Petra is still #petrafied but not for long I hope

I’m just so happy with tonight’s episode. They could have had Xo keep that secret for 3 episodes or more, and possibly a secret abortion. They could have had the police suspect Rafael for shooting Michael. 

Just so many different paths they could have gone with, but thankfully didn’t. They don’t need the added drama i’m guessing :)


They call us the hug generation

The always on the phone generation
With no communication
While they destroy our nation
For power and green paper
Some states don’t have sex education
Those states have the highest number of rape cases,
So excuse me if I don’t have the fucking patience,
To be called the hug me generation
We don’t need a hug we need a reformation
Of every system and branch of the American nation
Our food is cancerous, our media is brainless
Kim Kardashian is know world wide for her sextape, we’re shameless,
Setting yourself on fire just to be famous,
Do you get the point I’m making?
It’s endless list of complaints,
and I’m trying to make people change,
But I can’t do it alone, I need those at home,
We need a different mindset than we’ve ever known,
Jump out of our comfort zones
Try to see it from a perspective that’s not your own
We need to spread the word, make some art, talk about it, write a poem
Don’t be silent, it’s time for a revolt,
For a riot on every city street and every back road


the second the camera flashed, Michael ran back into the hotel, “abort!” he shouted, grabbing your hand and running into the elevator.

“we can’t spend forever in the hotel room.” you laughed.

“says who?”