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Fic Recs #2

Wow! The response to my last fic rec was amazing. So much Olicity love!

As I try not to disappoint, here’s another! Who knows how many there’ll be?

Here Part 1.

Present Tense Series by @punchdrunkdoc - Felicity and Oliver are settling into Ivy Town post S3 Porsche’s and sunsets, but there’s a bit of trouble in paradise. Basically, it deals with Oliver finally allowing himself to feel all the things he’s been repressing for years. He can’t do it all on his own, though, so he and Felicity do some research and find a therapist. Dr. Martin is a totally awesome OC.

Curiosity Killed the Cat by @thatmasquedgirl - FRIENDS. This fic is so fun! Oliver is a vampire! A totally weird giant cat has started helping him on his missions around the same time he starts going to Felicity Smoak in QC’s IT department for some vigilante-related assistance. I know the premise sounds kind of odd, but TRUST ME. It’s amazing.

Hang My Head, Break My Heart (Built From All I Have Torn Apart) by @ciara2531 - OH MY GOSH. I saw this in another fic rec and couldn’t believe I had forgotten about it. It’s like a cult favorite in this fandom. I think my brain was trying to block it because this fic is beautiful, heart-breaking, and entirely gorgeous and hasn’t been updated since 2014. Felicity is homeless. She befriends Thea Queen. Everything hurts and I’m dying. (If anyone can find Ciara on Tumblr, PLEASE POINT ME HER WAY.)

Hunted by @spicypepper_sweetsugar - (Anyone have a Tumblr for her?) Felicity is a hybrid (think Klaus from TVD, as far as I can tell). Oliver is a hunter. He gets contacted to find her, and it turns out she contacted him because she needs his help. Her Maker is planning something and she can’t stop it without him.

Aunt Felicity by @honorthedeadbyfighting - Tommy and Laurel were married with two children. They died in a car accident, leaving custody of their kids with Tommy’s sister Felicity. She’s adjusting to losing her brother, suddenly having two kids, and the super-hot Oliver Queen that the kids seem to like better than her and is also dealing with losing two of his best friends. Heartbreaking, beautiful, and sweet.

The Bodyguard Series by @kayleegee - (anyone have her Tumblr?) McKenna comes back to Starling City and interviews for the job of Felicity Smoak’s bodyguard. I totally didn’t think I’d like this, but I LOVE IT. McKenna is smart, dedicated to her job, is utterly charmed by Felicity, and starts to put the pieces together pretty quickly when the vigilante keeps saving her boss. There needs to be more bodyguard AUs in this fandom, tbh. They’re one of my greatest weaknesses.

You’ve Got a Fast Car (Is It Fast Enough So We Can Drive Away) by @69fastback - Fast & Furious AU! (Sort of). Cars. Hot street racers. Felicity and Roy are siblings and she always watches the street racers from her window. Eventually, the insanely-hot and usually-victorious Oliver Queen notices her.

Timejacked by @queenklee​ - Felicity and Oliver go to a WWII-themed Escape the Room. Turns out, it’s actually a portal-thing and they end up on the beaches of France, behind enemy lines, during the Second World War. Amazing, fun, heartbreaking, and totally awesome.

We’ve Come to Burn Your Kingdom Down by @miss_alli - (anyone have her Tumblr?) - BRATVA AU. My weakness. Felicity has been on the run from her Bratva Captain father ever since she was a child. Her mom was killed and she became the charge of one John Diggle. Eventually, they can’t run far or fast enough and he has to take them to his friend Oliver Queen. As a rival Russian Bratva captain, if he can’t help them, no one can.

Darkness and Smoak by @somberclown - The tragedy of an exciting, sexy Bratva fic that only has three chapters and hasn’t been updated since April 2015. Felicity finds herself running a poker table in an underground casino (it was an accident, I swear) and it turns out, Bratva Captain Oliver Queen owns it. Oops? I LOVE THIS FIC. I WANT THE REST OF IT.

Destiny Burns by @justanother90sbaby​ - Bratva. Soulmates. Felicity keeps getting these weird scars, and she’s been told they’re from her soulmate. She doesn’t put any stock into that nonsense until she’s kidnapped and brought to Bratva Captain Oliver Queen. Who has all the same scars she does. (Will she finish it? Who knows! I love her either way. I’ll just read the chapters we have and be happy.)

For Blue Skies by @SJKDarling - (Anyone have her Tumblr?) FELICITY GETS CANCER. This is literally such a beautiful story. I feel so many things. It’s very realistic as well, as I’m almost positive the author is either an oncology nurse or has some personal experience with cancer. The companion piece For Darker Days is equally amazing and from Oliver’s POV.

Keeping Hope by @melsanfo - The synopsis is “A good deed on Felicity’s part lands her in the hospital, leading her to make a deal with the devil in order to keep an innocent safe.” BRATVA AU, BTW. I will read any Bratva AU. Any of them. There needs to be more. I’m so excited to see where this one is going!

Defend Not the Man, but the Mind by @alexiablackbriar13 - FRIENDS. ROMANS. COUNTRYMEN. This fic is amazing! It makes me feel so many things in every chapter! Oliver was experimented on when he was on the island and now he’s not a human but some weird hybrid of predators and they’re basically biologically wired to be vigilantes now. I literally can’t wait for some righteous murder to happen to some people in this story. (Not gonna lie, mpreg is a major squick of mine. Don’t like it. Never have. Major turnoff. Thankfully, it’s only been talked about in this ‘verse and I can totally move past that. So, if it’s a squick of yours too, be not afraid! I mean… I hope I don’t have to be afraid… Alexia?)

Shamless Self Promotion:

There’s nothing wrong with that, right? HERE are my works, including an AU where everything is the same but Tommy is a doctor (inspired by Chicago Med), a few one-shots, and my WIP about Olicity’s kids! (mostly their daughter who is karmic retribution for pre-island Oliver).

Request: Hi:) I know you're pretty busy and have a lot of requests to do, but I was wondering if you could do a cute Samandriel one? (I may or may not be in love with him.) Please and thank you! Love you so much!!

“Shit!” You screamed, pulling your hand away from the oven. You were too excited about eating the cookies you’d just baked, and forgot that you needed an oven mitt. 

“Are you okay?” A familiar voice asked with concern. 

You turned around and saw Samandriel looking you over, trying to find out where you were hurt. “I’m fine. I just burned myself, is all.” You told him. 

Samandriel was quickly by your side. He took your hand in his and examined it. Any pain you felt quickly disappeared, and you were left with a tingling sensation in your hand. Although, that could have just been because Samandriel was touching you.

You’d had the biggest crush on him since you’d met him. He was just so cute! He didn’t understand most things about the world, but you loved that about him. He enjoyed watching people, and he always hung out with you, excited for a new experience. 

“How did you burn your hand?” He asked you.

“I tried pulling the cookies out of the oven without a mitt.” You told him, turning around. You remembered to use the proper protection and successfully pulled the cookie sheet out. The smell of chocolate chip cookies instantly hit your nose. “Do you like cookies?” You asked him.

“I haven’t tried any.” He stated.

You spun to look at him, your eyes wide. “Sit down now.” You ordered. He was startled by your seriousness, but obeyed. You placed the cookie sheet in front of him, and he slowly picked one up. 

“It’s hot.” He informed you.

“I know. It’ll burn a little, but you’ll enjoy it.” You told him. You watched as he took a bite. Some of the chocolate melted and stuck on his top lip, making you laugh. His eyes widened and he stared at the cookie in wonder. 

“This is amazing.” He stated. “You need to try it.” He held the cookie out to you. You laughed but moved to take the cookie. His hand was covering the entire treat, though. You hesitantly opened your mouth, and he gladly fed you. Your face heated up and your heart raced, but damn that cookie tasted good. 

“You need to try it with milk.” You told him, moving to your fridge. 

“Ok!” He said, obviously excited. 

You smiled and poured two glasses, then handed him one. You sat across from him and took a cookie, then dunked it in the milk. He copied you, watching very closely. You held it in the liquid for a few seconds, but pulled it out before the cookie could become too mushy and break apart. Samandriel copied you. Then you ate the cookie, as did the angel. 

He stared at you in awe. “Why does it taste so good?” He asked, examining the cookie like it was magic. 

You laughed at him and shrugged. “I don’t know, But you want more, right?" 

"Please.” He said, taking another cookie. You ate the entire batch of cookies with Samandriel, and by the time you were done, he had a ton of chocolate on his face. 

Laughing you said, “You’ve got a little mess on your face.” Samandriel absently wiped his face, but did it on the wrong side. “No, other-” Samandriel moved his hand, but just ended up smudging the chocolate. You laughed and said, “Here.” Then you got up and knelt in front of him. You licked your thumb, then wiped the chocolate away. 

“You have some chocolate on your face too.” Samandriel told you.

“Where?” You asked, touching your face.

“Here.” He said, licking his thumb and wiped right above your lip. Your heart raced at the contact, and you made eye contact with him. You desperately wanted to look away, but you couldn’t. “You also have some on your lips.” He told you. Then he leaned down, kissing you. 

You melted into his kiss and wrapped your hand around his neck. He ran his hand along your back, pulling you closer to him. His mouth tasted like cookies and milk; it was perfect. 

You pulled away, needing to breath, and pressed your forehead to his. “Can we make more cookies?” He asked.

You laughed and nodded, then pressed your lips back to his for a moment, before breaking it off and moving to the cookie dough. “Wait, Samandriel, have you ever had cookie dough?” He shook his head and you smiled. 

(I hope you like it!)

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South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio
Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television
North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe
Rosenbergs, H-Bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom
Brando, The King And I, and The Catcher In The Rye
Eisenhower, Vaccine, England’s got a new queen


( scalpelsuperstar )

vinga hated waiting with such a burning passion, the uncertainty stuck in her stomach and the feeling of the world crashing around her made her want to cry. but the thing she hated more was being in a hospital. she hadn’t been into one since she was born and that was honestly the way she had always wanted to keep it. the small cafe in the hospital was her only source of comfort as she held the small black coffee in her slightly shaky hands. she exhaled heavily and turned to get herself a table so she could drink her coffee in peace. that was when she collided with another person and she groaned loudly. “fucking watch it,” she growled impulsively. she wasn’t herself today.