it was all supposed to be in colour ugh

anonymous asked:

Hey! Can you do ISTP INTP ISTJ INTJ studying together for an exam?

ISTJ: Let’s study biology today.

ISTP: Again? But we just did it yesterday.

INTP: Biology is fascinating! You learn all kinds of wacky facts like-

INTJ: That’s irrelevant. Let’s just study what we’re gonna be tested on, or it would be a waste of time.

*30 minutes later*

ISTP: Ugh, reading these chunks of texts is so boring. I wish we could do practicals instead. That would be so much more interesting.

INTP: Yeah, like for the chlorophyll experiment, we could use different coloured filters and see how it affects the rate of photosynthesis.

ISTJ: The last time we did that, you ended up adding in random things like soap to test your “hypotheses” of how different substances affects photosynthesis.

ISTP: Well, to be fair, it was all in the spirit of curiosity.

INTJ: We weren’t even supposed to do that. It was a guided practical, for goodness’ sake.

INTP: I agree with ISTP! Wait, what if we injected ourselves with leaf extracts? Would we turn green and be able to photosynthesise???

ISTP: Who wants to be our first test subject?


INTJ: …ISTJ, let’s go study somewhere else…