it was all set up from the start

okay but hear me out, demonic possession would be a really good diagnostic tool. Especially for illnesses like fibromyalgia that are hard to test for and have “subjective” symptoms (like, you can’t externally measure pain and fatigue, and someone who’s had it all their life won’t always know it’s not normal.) You just draw a nice pentagon, set up all the protective candles, and summon a demon into the patient’s body and ask them the sacred Questions Three, which are “okay Demon Todd how bad is it in there,” “where are the main places that hurt more than the last thirty humans you possessed” and “got any wisdom to share?” and then you give Todd a beer and politely excise him from this material plane and start drafting your new treatment plan. 

When Harry becomes the DADA professor, kids constantly ask him for an autograph, but he refuses, saying the only thing he’ll autograph is a detention slip. Eventually, though, he starts carrying around a stack of autographed pictures of Ginny, which he gives out when people ask for an autograph. It gets really popular, so he starts mixing it up with autographs from other people, mostly Ron and Hermione. But the students love it, so he adds more. Soon he’s giving out autographs from like fifty different people, including all the teachers at Hogwarts, and a bunch of other random people like Luna, Lee Jordan, Oliver Wood, etc. He even has some fairly rare ones from Krum and Fleur. It becomes a game in Hogwarts to collect all the autographs, like chocolate frog cards. Some of them are more limited edition than others, like signatures from all the ghosts (though Harry won’t reveal how he managed to get those). George starts to offer a discount at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (and a prize autograph from Peeves, who will only sign Bertie Bott’s scratch-and-sniff cards) to anyone who can prove they’ve collected the whole set. Harry provides him with up-to-date lists of autographs to check against. Every Hogsmeade weekend there’s a line of Hogwarts students in WWW’s Hogsmeade branch trying to get the discount.

At some point a seventh year comes up to Harry and asks for his autograph, but not as the Savior of the Wizarding World, but because they now have the autograph of every other Hogwarts teacher and want Professor Potter’s to go with them. Harry–trying not to tear up–agrees, but only in exchange for the student’s signature. He begins offering this deal to all departing seventh years, his autograph in exchange for theirs. He tells them it’s in case they ever get famous, so he can add it as a limited edition autograph, but really he keeps them all in a big binder just for himself, to remember all his students. (A couple times, though, when a students does become famous, he will contact them and ask if they’d like to be added to the game. So far no one has said no.)

When Teddy starts at Hogwarts he begins a black market autograph trade because he has access to a lot of the people Harry gets autographs from. Harry’s other three children proudly continue the trade when they get to Hogwarts. They’re all secretly aided by Ginny.


.08 august issue

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🚨The Rise of Skywalker Detailed Review and Spoilers Ahead🚨


George Lucas: “If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office”

The “fairytale” we got: A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a curse of pain and death in a family that just went on and on.  They were never able to break it and they all die, the end. 

Well, you did it JJ, you little punk…you ruined 40 years of cinema. Kids are coming out of theatres crying, they can’t understand. I guess this was the “fun and hopeful ending” you were speaking of during the press tours.  Are you on crack or something, or just sadistic….why would you promote it like that!? Did you forget Star Wars at its core is a story of hope, light, a fairytale in space for children? They did it…they united Reylo’s and Fanboys through hate. 

JJ you do realize tragical romances are only tragically romantic if there was romantic buildup? Romeo and Juliet married in secret, Anidala did as well and flirted in the fields. How was this supposed to be satisfying? A five-second beginning, middle, and end. How this went through multiple execs is beyond me…. I would have understood if Reylo was Rian’s creation. BUT JJ LITERALLY was the one who told Rian to go forth with it…he created Reylo so you can’t say the last Jedi derailed things on that front. JJ wasn’t brave enough for his own vision. This movie was like “the crimes of Grindlewald”, a lot of stuff happening that made me feel nothing. 

Okay, first things first. The OG trilogy was necessary, the prequels were necessary to set up that Vader did not start off bad. What was necessary about the sequels? They just dismantled everything the Skywalker family worked for. Why did we have to see ALL of our favorite characters die? Was the aim that a villain can only be redeemed through death? How original. I’m convinced what they were planning for since force awakens was a journey from villain to hero…but instead we got this a 10min redemption resulting in death a la Vader. Why call Adam Driver’s character a “Disney Prince”?When did Happy endings become so controversial? We go to the movies to feel hope, to escape reality…George Lucas understood that. JJ’s trilogy is uninspired, bland and contributes nothing to the saga. JJ went as far as to recon his own “The Force Awakens”.It had the chance to define generations but no. Literal and utter garbage. Rian made some odd choices but he was bold, unafraid and had the vision. HE knew emotion was at the heart of Star Wars.


BUT my problem is not with the ending, it’s the bloody entire movie. This movie made me realize that it’s not Reylo that I am a fan of, it was Ben, Leia, Han, Ani, Padme, and all those other characters. I’m upset because this movie is not my Star Wars: of family, love and above all else hope. This is just a 2.5-hour video game with no emotions. This trilogy was all angst with NO payoff.

Okay, you will never ever convince me Palpatine was planned the whole time. This whole movie was retcon for the Last Jedi that pissed off the fanboys. Lucas films did not have an outline for the three films and Rian derailed whatever they wanted to do….except they didn’t even tell him what they wanted! This should be a cautionary tale of why you need to plan. Kylo ain’t bad, Snoke is gone….well pull out Palpatine I guess. This whole film is JJ’s mad scrambling.  Alright, I will humor you, tell me how Palpatine came back when he fell down a shaft and exploded….not *boom boom because of force*. The force in this movie is not canon George Lucas force, it’s just an easy out whenever JJ wants one. 

1. Opening Crawl: As soon as I saw this I knew all the leaks were true, I wanted to bolt from the theatre. When I saw them in August I laughed cause it was so ridiculous it couldn’t be true. How could Disney let a whole movie leak? The plot seemed like a bad fan-fiction. Actually, fanfics are way more true to lore. Anyway, so Palpatine “announces” that he’s back. Is this the shrewd Chancellor Palpatine we know? Certainly, not…why in the world would he announce it rather than keep on the DL and just attack. Yo Palps ain’t this dumb why would you let them (the resistance) prepare?? Because of plot…well okay. 

2. Did Last Jedi even happen:  this film is the sequel to the force awakens, like TLJ never happened…except it’s acting like there was some movie in between that JJ made. Okay, so why is Kylo trying to run Rey over with his tie fighter…he doesn’t really want to kill her. It’s just meaningless action shots.  And don’t get me started on exposition, the dialogue: “hey look its the Knights of Ren”. Except they do nothing. Cool cool.  Kylo’s character goes back to Force awakens era like no development had occurred…except he’s not even there he’s just messing around not even being a real villain.  JJ’s specialty is set-up and he does this beautifully….but he can not wrap up and follow through. 

3. Rose Tico: yup last Jedi never happened, she has nothing to do. She and Finn are irrelevant. Finn has reverted to being obsessed with Rey. Cool Cool.  I honestly feel so bad for the lovely Kelly Marie Tran. How did you relegate a relatively big character into the sidelines?? Why introduce two new characters this late. Rose could have filmed in for them…but alas we must snub Rian at every turn because that’s just how petty JJ Abrams is. ( don’t get me wrong Jannah was cool)

4. The Rise Of Poe Dameron: Finn has been relegated to a side character who does nothing and just yells “REY!”. It was a great setup, a stormtrooper who was force sensitive but doesn’t want his life to be fighting for nothing. You could have explored trauma, the discovery of the light but nope nada. Tell me the point of his character journey. So flat and static. And with Jannah and the ex stormtroopers they could have gone with the arc of these lost, sad kids coming together to find family. 

5. Leia:  Okay you’re telling me our Princess would give up on her son before he was born, just throw away her lightsaber and accept Ben’s fate? Cool alright. And she knew about Rey Palpatine and didn’t say anything…my princess would never.

6. Mary Sue Rey: Ahh Rey this girl feels no emotion in this movie…just like the audience. Sure she’s trained but she can just do stuff with the “force” that even Jedi masters can’t. Stopping a whole starship, something even Yoda could barely do…yup she can do it. Beat Kylo all the time except one, yup she can. Manipulate the force in mind-boggling ways, heal people…sure Luke couldn’t but Rey certainly can.  Cause she is the chosen one…hell even Ani wasn’t this talented and he had years of training. Poe and Finn have a genuine connection, Rey just seems disjointed (totally understandable why)…but if so the ending is even worse. She doesn’t even find peace with her friends. She’s not realistic and human like Luke and Leia were. 

 Force sensitivity in the galaxy:  What a perfect setup, the boy with the broom at the end of TLJ that was force sensitive. The message is that the power to use the force was spreading through the galaxy. No longer confined to the elite. People were hearing of Luke’s battle of Crate and rising.

7. Kylo/Ben: I still maintain that he, other than Ani was the most nuanced character in the whole saga. His arc from Force Awakens to Last Jedi had progressed. How great that even someone from the legendary line of skywalker and solo could fall to the dark again. He wasn’t flat, he was a tortured boy that was conflicted since the first movie. How great would it have been to see him as a conflicted supreme leader, which was set up in TLJ. But *gasps* a plot of his very own, no can do, this is the nature of JJ’s crush on Rey and Daisy. 

Disney released comics that made us sympathize with him, to see that all along he was manipulated by Snoke, and Palpatine the voices in his head. Neglected by those who were supposed to love him. Adam Driver was cast perfectly, he had almost no lines that weren’t related to Rey’s charcater arc. If he were a woman I’m sure everyone would be offended. That single line’s delivery “Dad-”

Come on Poe had more lines than him, and Driver according to JJ was half of the protagonist. He was pitched an arc opposite that of Darth Vader that’s why he signed. Man JJ really did do everyone dirty. 

8. Ben had no lines while redeemed other than “ow”…I am so sorry ADAM that this nasty ass JJ did this to you…this part was 100% improv by Adam, I am willing to bet my life on it. You know why “ow” was brilliant? Cause it meant he felt pain and emotion, he was no longer hiding behind the hardness of Kylo REN. Adam’s performance as Ben left me speechless, he was convincing as Kylo, intimidating…but as BEN he shines in the way only Solo’s can. The way his eyes become determined once he accepts he must give his life, and he does so happily for the love of his life. His soulmate. Star Wars and JJ never deserved the talent that is Adam Driver.

9. They are supposed to be equals in the force yet they missed the opportunity to fight Snoke together. Tell me how they are equals. He existed only to further Rey’s plotline. 

Oh and the other Jedi including Anakin whisper and help Rey…when his own grandson has been asking for help in distress for like 30years. Nice real nice.

10. Finally Reylo:  it felt unearned cause there was no buildup, JJ just threw it in for kicks forgetting all the P&P parallels he was shooting for. An afterthought. Driver and Ridley’s acting saved the day, they had no lines.  Adam Driver is truly one of the finest actors. You could see the difference between Ben and Kylo in his subtle gestures…the sass was pure Han Solo.  

11. And then the death: I wouldn’t even say we won, but at what cost. We won in no way. Had he died fighting I would have understood, but this death was so unnecessary and put in just for the fanboys. Let me say again I would have been okay with death had it been justified.  How is this any different than Vader x Luke. JJ can only copy not create. How crazy that you can just bring people back from the dead…Anakin is here like, am I joke to you? I could have brought Padme back say what???? What was the point of his whole fall to the dark. The force is infinite, that’s the whole point…once you know how to use it you can’t run out of it like juice. Oh, and Ben did not become one with Rey but rather the Force according to the Disney website. So why pray tell did he not appear as a force ghost? I’m convinced JJ was on crack.  

12. No Mourning BEN no acknowledgment:  5 seconds! And then she moves on from losing her soulmate, half of her soul. She loses it over Chewie but nothing, no emotion not even a second over her other half. Seriously? No one ever knows Ben came back…nada. JJ set up Reylo, time and time again he has said that he crafted the story around the romance. He was left scrambling after Last Jedi and this was a last-ditch shock ending. No Reylo theme song, no across the stars

13. Last Jedi told us you don’t have to come from a powerful family to be important. THE WHOLE thing was that you could be force-sensitive and be a nobody. Nobodies can become somebody. A Hero is not born but made. The force lives in all beings, not just powerful families. It inspired me, what a great message to young guys and gals. Kylo’s line, “you come from nothing, you are nothing…you have no place in this story” finally turns out true. You have to come from something to have a part in the Star Wars story. And Rey had darkness inside her cause she was human. Because none of us are pure, we are shades of grey. But no, it’s cause darkness only runs in families. In the Last Jedi when she wants to see her family all she sees is herself and a shadow (Ben) who joins with her. Please do explain this JJ. And if this granddaughter thing was set up I would have had no problem…but they pulled it from their asses. You can have nothing but mean something. But no pander to the fanboys. In the end, a Palpatine lived and all the skywalkers ended….and we are supposed to have hope. Palpatine really did win. 

14. Rey’s biggest fear was ending up in the desert alone, we were told “the belonging she seeks is ahead not behind” and “there’s someone who could still come back”. They mentioned she felt just as alone with the resistance. Only the other half of her soul understood her. This is truly tragic and sad…I am so heartbroken for her. And don’t tell me she isn’t there to stay…the soundtrack is called “a new home”. Enjoy the rest of your days being exactly where you started Rey….but hey at least you got a droid boo. I’m convinced this is not the balance JJ envisioned in the first movie. At one point in TFA Rey looks up sees an old woman alone, scavenging in the desert. This rattles her to the core and it starts her journey of wanting a better, different life. I am so sorry Rey. Okay so you may say she has the resistance and her friends…but let’s consult the last Jedi. In the end when everyone is on the ship…Rey is surrounded by friends yet looks more alone than ever. No one but Ben, maybe Luke, Leia, and Han understood her pull to the dark.

How sad that these two hopeless souls who had never known a moment of belonging and true love, found it for all but a few seconds.

I will quote: “preventing female characters with strong, compelling narratives from experiencing love, intimacy, and affection is just as regressive as reducing them down to sexual accessories. Assumes that women must choose between a romantic interest and depth of character

Men really can not write good female characters, can they? A woman really can’t be a badass and end up with the love of her life

15. The Skywalker’s and Redemption: How truly truly sad that Han and Leia gave their life for their son who also died at a young age. ALL the Skywalkers and Solo’s have a tragic end. This is not what George Lucas wanted. What a tragic way to end this saga…they weren’t able to break the curse. AND to all those troubled kids out there that lashed out and made terrible mistakes in their youth….doesn’t matter what you do dying is the only way out. You could have exiled him, made him pay in other ways. Nothing can be done to make up for your sins but death, no amount of good means that you can come home. To the young boys that get wrapped up in terror organizations, sorry the only way you can be redeemed is death…don’t bother changing and coming back. They could have exiled him, had him start an academy with Rey for Jedi kids. He could have spent the rest of his days redeeming himself. Why tell us he was literally preyed upon, haunted, and manipulated as a child. Even in a fantasy world, a victim of mental illness and abuse can not catch a break. Ben as a child could not fall asleep due to the demon-like voices in his mind. Everyone abandoned him in his time of need. Ben never desired power like Anakin, he went over to the dark because “the voice” of his grandfather promised belonging. I am shocked that this is the message Disney sends us. Oh and yeah you can totally take on the Skywalker name for kicks…the disrespect I swear

16. The worst bit is that I am 90% sure there was another ending that was scrapped.  There was a promo shot of Jannah in a field, soft lighting, lush planet. It was exactly like P&P. Daisy Ridley said the lasts scene was known to only Her, Jannah on that panel (Driver was away). Convinced Jannah was looking at Rey and Ben starting a new life away from the desert which she and Luke hate so much. Hence the production of “A New Home” soundtrack. Hence why the “Farewell” song played behind Reylo kiss was hopeful. Why Luke’s soundtrack when he became part of the force was not triumphant. Why the death scene was sudden and cut weird and no sorrow from Rey. CAUSE THEY SCRAPPED THE ORIGINAL ENDING LAST MINUTE.  Everyone knows JJ was still editing one month before. The concept art which was supposed to be released this month has been pushed to March. Why you ask? They need to remove the pages with a happy ending. He just didn’t have the guts, pandered to everyone and yet no one. He was successful in creating a beautifully filmed action-filled movie with none of the heart of Star Wars.

And then she goes and buries Anakin’s saber on freaking TATOOINE. He HATES Sand and Luke wanted to get away from there as soon as possible. Of course, a Palpatine would torture them that way. But nostalgia is the cash cow so. JJ can only generate nostalgia, not create original stories. IF he had any creativity she would have buried it at Padme’s grave.


The fanboys say “leave the romance for the romance movies”….have you seen the original trilogy or the prequels? Star Wars has always had hope and romance entwined with it. 


…and people thought the prequels were bad 

JJ you also said that your goal was for people to come out of the movie feeling more hopeful and happy then they went in…yet here I am. My roommate literally had to console me and buy me ice cream. I am just so numb. I am sure the casual fan will enjoy this, as seen from the rotten tomatoes ratings. I think the critics were too generous with this one, 

Star Wars is very simple at its core, Good vs Bad and Dark vs Light. The kids are expected to understand that a Palpatine being the only one who lives is hopeful? That is the conclusion of three generations of Skywalker sacrifice…

This is how the Skywalkers are remembered…In Tragedy and Curse??

Pong Master : Harry Styles

Summary: You’re Harry’s best friend and he invites you down to the tropics while he’s writing his new album. You’ve always been secretly into each other and it comes to a climax over a game of Strip Ping Pong.

Warnings: i mean. its smut. but it’s also soft.

Word Count: 9.4k


     When you’d arrived at the remote villa and realized that the casita living room had a ping pong table, it had been obvious that copious amounts of time would be spent with playing against Harry who was a known lover of the ‘sport.’

     As one of his best friends in the whole world, Harry had invited you down to the tropics to hang out and have fun while he worked on a new album. You’d known when you agreed to the ‘vacation’ that a lot of his time would go towards working. Most of the people he invited in his entourage were musicians, you being practically the only one who had no obvious reason to be there.

     But Harry had insisted on you coming. You supposed it made sense. He could spend hours working and surrounding himself with musically inclined people but at the end of the day, he often just wanted to collapse on the couch with you and put on some cheesy romantic movie that you’d both seen way too many times.

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concept playlists

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summer of 1989, u sit in a 7/11 parking lot in the back of ur friend’s truck sipping on a blue raspberry slushy. the sun is starting to set. u both gossip about school, and crushes while the radio plays. a day you’ll yearn for when ur all grown up.

getting lost on a road trip with ur best friend. its around 3am and ur both tired. you decide to sleep at a motel. you can hear the sounds of people as u walk to ur room. laying in ur bed you can hear the faint music from the room next door. the tv is playing as u both pass out on the bed.

ur the protagonist in a coming of age movie. ur 16 with so much to learn. the world is at ur fingertips. this is ur soundtrack. 

laying on ur best friend’s twin sized mattress. her head resting on ur lap. making plans about the future. talking about college and moving in together. singing along to her record player. staring at the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. hearing crickets outside the window. you both laugh into the night.

love. the soft kind. the type of love you’ll remember well into ur 70s. the dance with ur lover in the kitchen with a record playing kind of love. the type of love when u know they’re ur soulmate from the start. days filled with laying in their arms in the morning sun, giggling and talking about marriage. the love that u tell ur children of. the best love of all.

being a teen and the innocence that comes with ur first love. the naive part of u thinking you’d be with them forever. the nasty heartbreak that comes for u when u least expect. laying in ur bed at night and crying urself to sleep. it feels like the world is ending but little do u know it’ll be okay. not right now but eventually. this is the lesson ur first love teaches u

knowing ur not ur lover’s only. choosing to ignore their scent on ur lover. all those late nights waiting up for ur lover knowing they were with someone else. it hurts but u refuse to lose them. you’d rather share than not have nothing at all. a little love is better than none.

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avatarconner  asked:

Were did the inspiration for the Greek Gods comic come from?

I was really stressed one day XD 

My husband told me to take a break from Blood Stain because I was writing that one strip for over 3 months and suffering through it because a lot of the writing required finesse and me forcefully trying to resolve it only made it worse.
So I decided to take a break. 

Step away from it for a moment and come back with fresh eyes.   


But I didn’t want to do “nothing” during that process..  I wanted to at least practice… something. 

So I remembered an Artemis/Orion story I once read years ago and how it was cute and how I used to want to make a short comic out of it, so I decided.. well I most definitly don’t want to work on ANOTHER comic right now, but I can try and have fun and do some redesigns to see how much my sense improved over the years.

I had a simple rule.
I will not overdo anything. I will make it as simple as possible  
to the point where I don’t even have to finish stuff. This is a thing I am doing to relax, and to get my motivation going and nobody even has to see any of it. 


But of course. To do those designs I decided  remind to myself of some of the old mythology stuff  I forgot over the years. It was easy to set the mood given that I studied Minoan culture in school already but still needed reminding.

Anyways… so I went on the internet to check on other myths and ended up losing myself in reading those for 6+ hours.
And not just the myths either, the ancient rituals and wedding ceremonies and all sorts of stuff from that time period.

and… started doodling. On a paper no less.


some of them even made it in the final cut ;D


(Now just to be clear right away. I’ve never read any fiction. No books or webcomics other people did. I’ve just recently found out about dresden files and lore olympus and uh.. Percy Jackson? To be perfectly honest I’m not a bookish type. I don’t really.. read fiction. I think part of it is also that I don’t really have the time either. I pretty much draw from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep with some food in-between.

So yeah.. the only thing I will read is stuff for research.


…so anyways I stumbled upon the Hades Persephone myth and went—”heh.. I wonder what they would look like, lets doodle it.”

An image of Vlad and Elly just popped and wouldn’t leave my head.


I couldn’t imagine Persephone looking any different from Elly because her features felt so absolutely perfect specifically with the flowers and a rather bubbly personality I had in mind.

And before I knew it I started drawing their interactions together. And so Punderworld was born.

oops! O_o

The Avengers doing the same thing footballers do so every time they take down a big bad villain they’ll pull the weirdest/ most extravagant celebration you could think of. Thor takes out a magician and then insists on giving them a piggyback all the way to SHIELD containment. This is 39 miles away. Steve saves New York from a bomb threat and spends the next two minutes spinning on his shield like he was in a Disneyland teacup. Iron Man knocks out Doctor Doom in under 4 minutes one Tuesday and then automatically sets his audio-systems + any local speakers to play Low by Flo Rida and just starts slut dropping in the suit. Doom wakes up half way through. He doesn’t even know how to act.

neil melting into andrew’s touches makes my heart ache because both of them were so fucking touch-starved and they finally found comfort and love in each other!!!! imagine all the casual touches and hand-holding and hair-tucking and face-tracing…!

• neil loves when andrew is playing video games and casually reaches down to play w neil’s hair where he’s sitting on the floor reading for his classes

• andrew always moves his hand from his car’s stick shift to neil’s thigh when they go on long drives together. and neil just sighs happily and places his hand on top of andrew’s

• when they are lying together on andrew’s bed, neil often asks to touch andrew’s face. and then this love-struck boy spends hours just looking at his boyfriends face while tracing his lips and nose and cheeks softly with his fingers

• when neil starts getting stressed out because a crowd is forming or something like that, andrew places his hand on neil’s lower back or links his pinky with neil’s. and neil feels so safe and grounded and loved.

• andrew is constantly brushing neil’s bangs away from his eyes but always wrinkles his brow when neil says something about getting his hair cut

• neil constantly getting as close to andrew as humanly possible without touching and side eyeing andrew to give him hints of what he wants. and andrew sighs and just tucks neil into his side and wraps an arm around him and neil just melts

• and the foxes start picking up on it and teasing them for it. and neil starts freaking out because he thinks andrew won’t want to touch him in public settings anymore because of the shit everyone’s giving them. and andrew just rolls his eyes, brushes neil’s bangs away from his eyes and puts a hand on his neck, squeezing it lovingly


Everything about the throne room sequence in The Last Jedi is incredible. 

The set starts off beautiful and gets better. Stark red and black, the gold of Snoke’s robe, the Praetorians in their samurai-inspired armour. As the curtains burn, raining embers on the protagonists, the view opens up behind them—and finally, as Kylo makes his proposition, there’s nothing but ash.

Everything, from Rey being brought before the throne to Kylo Ren’s betrayal of Snoke to the duel with the Praetorians, it’s all masterfully shot and choreographed, the tension builds and builds and reaches a crescendo when Rey grabs the lightsabre from the air. Rey and Kylo both make choices which come from character, not from plot demands. The battle that follows is brutal and inventive in a way Star Wars hadn’t done before and will never do again.

The acting is fantastic throughout. Adam Driver is one of the most talented actors of his generation, and this is the only Star Wars script to come close to letting him play as good as he actually is. Of course, Daisy Ridley is no slouch either: every word, every glance, is laden with meaning, with uncertainty, with tension.

“There’s still conflict in him,” Rey says earlier in the movie, but she leaves unspoken that there’s conflict in her, too—and both of them play it beautifully.

I’m not a Reylo, I honestly do not care who is in love with who, but the chemistry between these two as performers, as characters, is scintillating. I think viewing it solely as romantic tension is absurd and a sign of how reductionist fandom discourse really is. There is so much more going on here than physical or sexual attraction. Each character can offer something the other craves—answers, a partner, a place. That could be read as romantic but I think that’s simplistic in the extreme.

Of course, the best part of the whole thing is the revelation that Rey is descended from nobodies. A resonant and intelligent thematic and character choice which was pissed away on a half-baked retcon in the next movie.

Actually, most of this scene’s interesting ideas were wasted by the follow-up. Dispatching Snoke so unceremoniously was a bold choice and it was the correct one. Rey and Kylo Ren are the lead characters of this trilogy, even the movie’s billing reflects that. Who was Snoke? Where did he come from? It doesn’t matter, the movies aren’t about him, go buy the books if you want to know that stuff—just like no one knew who the Emperor was or where he came from in 1983 and it didn’t matter.

Movies aren’t video games. They shouldn’t revolve around collecting information to advance a plot. They should let characters drive plot—let the choices and mistakes and triumphs of characters take us through the story. This whole sequence, and the scene above in particular, is a masterful example of that, but it’s an element of filmmaking we’re losing, particularly in big budget blockbusters, because of CinemaSins-style nitpicking and fandom-level purity politics.

This scene could only happen in a Star Wars movie but it doesn’t belong in a Star Wars movie. This is what Star Wars is if George Lucas’ aesthetic vision is given to a talented writer and filmmaker. I shouldn’t be surprised that so much of the fandom rebelled. For the first time since 1983, and probably since 1980—and I say this as a big, big Rogue One fan—Star Wars gave us an actual movie, and the children lost their god damn minds.

Star Wars doesn’t have to be good, apparently, it just has to be loud. I love this scene, both because and despite the fact it represents everything good and everything bad about Star Wars.

Hallway Kisses

Little Dad!Shawn Blurb


It shocked you to see Shawn’s Jeep in the driveway when you pulled in from picking Skyla and Raul up from school. 

It was a Thursday which meant it was a studio night for him, homework and bath night for you. Skyla was in kindergarten now while Raul was in second grade, meaning you’ve grown into a routine what the day after school looks like for them.

“Is Dad home?” Raul asked puzzled at the sight of the Jeep too.

“Um, I guess so, I thought he was working tonight.” 

“Me too, he told me to help you clean up dinner when he dropped us off at school this morning.” Raul unbuckled himself, leaning over to undo Skyla’s buckle. 

She’s new to her booster seat, and Raul has taken it upon himself to help her in and out of the car. 

Shawn had made a comment a few months ago about opening doors for girls, and while Raul knew Shawn was always opening your door, he wanted to be the one to open Skyla’s.

You waited by the porch as Raul held Skyla’s hand as she jumped from the car. Her backpack was swung over your shoulder so she could carry her new art project by herself. 

You checked the door and sure enough it was unlocked, going to prove that Shawn was actually home. 

“Mom can we have a snack before homework?” Raul asked, shutting the door behind him. 

“Sure bud, I cut up some apples earlier today, get some for your sister with some peanut butter please.” 

“Come on Sky!” 

You watched with a content smile as your kids ran off to the kitchen. Turning on your heel you started to head to the kids play room where in the corner you’ve set up a homework station, stocked full of arts supplies. 

On your way down the hall Shawn stepped out of your bedroom, wearing nothing but his basketball shorts and some socks, holding the full laundry hamper you’ve been meaning to get to all day. 

“Hey Gorgeous!” He smiled as he saw you. 

His silver wedding ring sparkled as the sun from the window hit it, and when it flashed in your eyes so did everything around you.

You had this astounding human being as your partner, and damn did he look good without a shirt on. 

You smiled as he started to walk past you, but before he could you reached over and grabbed his chin, pulling him down to your lips.

“Woah,” He mumbled, turning slightly so he could properly kiss you. 

And kiss you he did, when you sucked on his bottom lip he slipped his tongue in your mouth, giving you a heated kiss you haven’t had in a while. 

You pulled away satisfied, starting to walk the rest of the way down the hall. 

Shawn though had other plans. He dropped the hamper and turned to chase you down. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked, getting you to look over your shoulder. “You don’t get to kiss me like that and walk away. Get your fine ass over here.” He turned you around to face him, pushing you back against the wall. 

His kiss was heated and passionate. It was wondering hands and swallowed moans. It was all the pent up sexual tension unleashed. His hands found your ass, giving you an appreciative squeeze. 

“Come here,” He murmured into your mouth, pulling you up. You jumped, legs wrapping around his narrowed waist. “God I’ve missed you.” 

It’d been awhile since you and Shawn had a moment like this. 

He was busy writing the new album, having a set writing and recording scheduled that worked as best it could with yours and the kids. When he did come home you were dead tired, or vice versa. 

“The kids are in the kitchen.” 

“So we have a little time?” He grinned against your neck where he was successfully sucking a love bit to your skin. 

“No,” You giggle, sighing as he licked over the sore spot.

“We can swing it, it’s not like we haven’t before.” 

“Shawn!” You hit his shoulder, earning a his husky chuckle. “It’s like you’re 19 again.” 

“I like that complement.” He pulled back to look at you. “We were pretty adventurous then.” He raises his eyebrows. 

You blush at the memories of your dating days. You guys were crazy, constantly finding ways to have a little alone time. 

“That’s how we got Raul,” You warn him, “And Skyla.” 

“Three wouldn’t be so bad.” He shrugged. 

You scoffed pushing his chest enough to get him to drop you. “Right, well this time around you can push them out.” 

He laughed, wrapping his arms around you and walking with you to the kids room. “Come on, you’re telling me you don’t want another? Skyla’s 5 now, she’s not my baby anymore.” 

“And what are you going to say when the next ones 5?” 

“One more?” He bites at your ear lobe.

“Oh my god,” You giggle. “You just like babies.” 

“They’re so cute, especially when they look like you.”

“You might be able to sell me on a third, but that’s all you’re getting buddy.” 

“We’ll see.” He grins, leaning back in for another kiss.

A Light in the Dark

Crowley rapped gently upon the closed and locked door. There was nothing to keep him out of it, except his respect for the occupant- Crowley had never met a lock that wouldn’t sigh and release at only the whisper of a caress. He received no response, and shifted the bag over his shoulder to knock again, feeling a little more foolish with every passing second.

He had no business being here.

He had no business doing what he was about to do.

He had no business intruding upon what he knew had to lie beyond this door.

Carefully, he shifted the bag off his shoulder and nearly set it on the ground, but he stopped short. He couldn’t leave it so exposed in the doorway. There was no telling how long it would be before it was found, if it was even found by the right person. It could be stolen, and he’d never forgive himself.

The lock undid itself for him, the door swung open on silent hinges. It would be an angel that trusted the world enough to remove that kind of warning, he thought as he stepped across the threshold, the hinges squeaking shut behind him. He’d fix it again later, if he needed to.

The dwelling was small, at least compared to the sort they would usually occupy if they stayed anywhere full time, but it still took Crowley several tries to find the bedroom. There were no candles lit to drive back the dark of evening flooding in through the open windows, but Crowley didn’t need fire to see. His slitted eyes gave him a perfectly clear vision of Aziraphale’s back where he lay curled in the bed, his wings up covering his face. Crowley could taste the salted scent of tears in the air.

“Aziraphale?” he called softly from the doorway. “It’s uh… it’s Crowley.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write this? Hours after the end of the battle, everyone gathers in a circle and Arya sits next to Gendry. They don't know what they are to each other and are confused about their feelings. After some thinking, Arya decides to put her head on his shoulder and Gendry his arms around her body. Everyone notices and react.. Thank you!

Gendry smells Tormund before he hears him, some kind of meat and ale on his breath, as the wildling leans to the side to whisper loudly in his ear.

“They say the little one killed him.” His eyebrows go up in a way that makes his quick look across the fire comical. “With a little dagger.” 

“She did,” he says softly. 

His eyes haven’t looked away from Arya since they collectively gathered in the hall. It was a meager fare, a handful of them sitting by the fire rather than a grander set with tables and all. But it suited Gendry just fine.

From where she sits next to her sister and brothers, Arya looks up and catches his gaze.

Lots in Winterfell suited Gendry just fine. 

At his affirmation, Tormund makes a soundless whistle and leans back, running his hands up and down his thighs in a way Gendry suspects is to clean them from whatever he’s been eating.

What he says next has Gendry choking on his ale.

“You fucking her, then?”

He starts coughing, praying to the old gods and the new that no one heard the self-professed Giant’s bane.

Tormund shrugs, nonplussed. “Should be, if you’re not.”

“That’s none your business!” He finally manages.

He narrows his eyes at him, then widens them in surprise. “You are fucking her! Ha!”

Shut up.”

Tormund thumps him hard enough on the back that Gendry pitches forward, then stands. 

“Try an’ be man enough for her, yeah?” He lowers his voice into that loud whisper again. “She killed the fucking Night King. Everybody’ll be wanting that bed.”

Then the wildling stands, smoothing his unruly mane back with a hand as he clicks something out of his teeth with his tongue. “Now I’ve got to go find the big woman.”

Tormund leaves, and Gendry sits alone, watching her with his elbows resting on his knees. A small, proud smile makes its way to his face. And he feels like a right idiot, for the worry that’s starting to make its way into his stomach now that the battle’s over. 

They haven’t talked. ‘Bout anything.

Not that he was upset, because he wasn’t. She was a hero, and heroes always had something people needed them for. They had kissed after they found each other on the field, but he knows that that might not mean anything more. Neither of them had promised anything beyond the night before, and he was starting to feel stupid. They were friends. He was an idiot if he wanted his hopes up more than that-

He doesn’t even hear the approach, instead he feels something warm resting on the side of his arm. He looks down, eyes widening.

“What’re you doing?”

Her eyes are closed as she leans against him. “Resting, stupid.”

“You sure you want that? There’s people all around-”

“Shut up and let me sleep.”

His grin is wide and feels like it’s going to split his face. And on impulse, he kisses the top of her head.

Arya lets out a little hm noise, adjusting as Gendry puts his arm around her shoulders. It takes less than a minute before he starts to hear short, soft little snores.

He might just be the luckiest bastard in Westeros.

Soaked | Shawn Mendes

Summary: You and Shawn get caught together in a storm after a show and it ends up being the push the two of you need to take your relationship to the next level. [non au setting] 

Word Count: 1.1k

|Masterlist In Bio|

Shawn’s been off stage for five minutes and you’ve already lost him. The man moved too fast and his long legs carried him strides ahead of you in any situation. You circle the back side of the arena’s concourse and find one of the exit doors to the loading docks open. From the end of the hall you can see the rain coming down in droves, lightning crackling across the sky.

Your phone starts buzzing and you pull it from your pocket to see a flash flood warning. Great, the arena is right on the river side. You check every room on your way to the open door to see if anyone hauling out equipment has seen Shawn. You pass Mike and he’s already soaked from being outside.

“Hey! Mike, have you seen Shawn? I can’t find him and Andrew wants us to head to the bus so we can go to the hotel.”

“He ran out just a few minutes ago. I think he was already heading for the buses, but uh, they had to move them out front because of the flash flooding. Did anyone tell you?”

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what happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

Summary: You somehow manage to end up under the mistletoe with none other than Bakugou himself. After that one kiss, you can’t help but see him in a different light…but does he feel the same way? 


“Um, whatcha got there?” you asked, staring at where Mina and Denki were sneaking down the hall holding several sprigs of what looked suspiciously like mistletoe. 

They looked wide-eyed at each other, then turned back to you. “Decorations?” Kaminari said. 

You rolled your eyes. “Mistletoe, seriously?” 

“Putting mistletoe over every doorway and wall is a sacred and romantic tradition!” Mina protested. 

“It’s based off the Norse legend where Loki tricked a blind god into killing someone by throwing a spear made of mistletoe,” you countered. “Real romantic, guys.” 

“You’re just salty because you’ve never been kissed!”

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anonymous asked:

Hi Kylee, I've been a huge fan of yours for almost ten years now and I had a question for you. I've been having a really rough time lately, I'm failing in school, I just lost my job, and I don't know of I'll ever make it in life. How do you cope with stuff like that and keep going? Because I feel like I'm drowning and I'm really scared of the future right now. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.

As somebody who dropped out of college and spent much of my 20s completely miserable and lost—it does get better. In my case it took getting into therapy and reworking my definitions of success and happiness + managing my expectations better, as well as repairing the massive damage to my self esteem that came from feeling like a “failure.”

Everyone’s mileage may vary of course, but there’s just so much more to life than this disgusting pressure put upon us by society to have our “shit together” before we’re in our late 20s—because as it turns out, the definition of having one’s “shit” all the way together needs to change dramatically thanks to our current, HORRIFIC economic and educational climate. I cannot tell you how many times my therapist has reminded me that a huge number of millennials and gen Zs are depressed largely BECAUSE we feel like failures thanks to an antiquated and outdated set of expectations that no longer fit into our current circumstances—and we can’t keep beating ourselves up over a game that’s been rigged from the start.

Luckily with therapy or counseling (which i CANNOT recommend enough), you can work toward rewriting the rules to that game in a way that actually makes sense in today’s world. And more often than not, you might find you’re actually doing way more ok in life than you’ve been conditioned to think. Even IF you’ve failed some classes, dropped out, been fired, etc. SOUNDS FAKE I KNOW but hear me out. The world has changed, and so too must the way we view and judge ourselves.

The one nice thing about life is, while it’s constantly kicking you in the balls, every new day is still another chance to start over. Just because things didn’t turn out the way you expected at first doesn’t mean there aren’t a thousand other paths you can potentially take instead that could be just as good—if not better. It’s just SUPER hard to imagine while you’re in the throes of all those ugly “oh my god i’m a worthless idiot and i already fucked up my WHOLE LIFE” thoughts.

If you’re lost and downtrodden for a time, long or short—that’s ok. Have compassion for yourself and know that so so many people your age are in a similar situation—and even then, even THEN, I’ve heard so many stories of people whose lives fell apart in their 50s or later, and they had to start all the way over. And if THEY still managed to make it and thrive, what the fuck are we accomplishing by kicking our own asses and giving up on ourselves because of some arbitrary expiry date society set for us? I’m 30 and I’M still figuring my shit out. But oh my god. I’m still doing SO much better now that I figured out how to just stop DESTROYING myself & my self-esteem.

So if there’s anything I want you to take from this bigass text wall (I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THIS TOPIC IM SORRY,,,) it’s that there’s NO expiration date on you and your success. You are not a loser or a lost cause for having a rough time in your youth (you could not pay me a MILLION DOLLARS to relive my 20s). NOBODY knows what the fuck they’re doing. So please, please give yourself the same kind of understanding and patience you’d give to others you love, and let yourself have room to make mistakes—You’re human. Life is a bitch, but there’s still many little pockets of happiness to find that are worth slogging through the oceans of bullshit for. Take it from someone who knows.

I have faith we’ll both be ok. Love u dude.

quick tips to just get started when you’re struggling

  • break down goals further and further into easily achievable tasks/steps
  • visualize your end goal
  • visualize all of the steps
  • tell yourself you’ll just do the first part of the task/work for five minutes (and then see if that momentum carries yourself forward)
  • ask a friend for encouragement
  • close all of your tabs/apps, close your laptop, and start over
  • change your physical environment (go somewhere else, even if it’s just a different room)
  • picture a goal and then set a short count-down timer. try to complete the goal before the timer runs out
  • picture a reward – could be the reward of that good feeling that comes with completing something, or it could be a piece of candy, etc
  • come up with the first step (should be very easy, like “stand up”) and then count backwards from 5. you should be doing that by the time you reach 0.
  • make a schedule even if you have no intention of following it.
  • if you don’t want to do the first task you have to do, just start in the middle with something you feel capable of doing
and even if I’m gone, there’s always a place for you here

Tony leaves something precious behind for Peter. 

(This is my coping mechanism)


“Oh, Peter, come on in,” Pepper said, opening the door and stepping aside to allow the teenager in.

He just nodded his thanks as he brushed past her, stopping just inside the door. He felt out of place in the small house. The last time he’d been there was under much different circumstances, and he tried to push those memories into the back of his mind.

“Can I get you something? I know you just got out of school, I’ve got some snacks in the cupboard–,” she started moving toward the kitchen, rummaging through cabinets stocked with snacks that clearly belonged to the five-year-old living in the house.

“I’m okay, Ms. Potts, thank you though,” Peter said, still standing like a statue in the front entryway, as if he was afraid to walk any further.

Pepper looked older than he remembered, and he had to keep reminding himself that he’d missed out on five whole years: five years of moments, of memories, of moving on.

“How’ve you been, Peter?”

“I, uh,” he stuttered, trying to find the right words, “I’ve been okay, I guess.”

He didn’t want to tell her that the last three weeks had been a roller-coaster of emotions, that coming here had ripped open the stitches in a wound he thought was healing.

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