it was all just s dream though

This might be more fever dream talking, but I’m making my way through the various SDCC interviews (which I’ve honestly not done before, but I feel like I should do my homework) and here’s something interesting:

Dabb is talking about alternate worlds. Plural. 

On the surface that doesn’t seem all that exciting, but then I’m just thinking about what this show is and how it tends to tell stories… and there’s no way we visit an AU without purpose. Dabb confirms that SPN is a character driven show (“Sam, Dean, and Castiel”), so, really: the only reason to visit an AU is to show the characters something about themselves. Think of the AUs we’ve encountered so far, like The End or The French Mistake.

And after comparing the years of SPN to making a pizza in the most bizarre way possible, Jared talks about the “meta episode where we play ourselves,” and how the fans loved it, and how they could do more of that, and then came to the conclusion that the show has now figured out “who it is.”

Anyone else thinking we could be staring down the barrel of the most meta season ever?

Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 3)

PHEW! I think this is my last installment for now in the FFXV x DDADDS headcanons for you all. c: I decided to just go with three of these dad dudes in this one, since there are a few that I thought about but ultimately decided to skip on. Need more information! Or some of them were briefly mentioned as it is in the other headcanons and that type of thing. Gosh, these were fun to write! Perhaps I’ll write more about these headcanons in drabbles or more individualistic headcanons about them. If you all are interested in either one of those. c;

For now though, enjoy the last part of the FDS headcanons, my friends! Thanks for letting me write and share these with you all~


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Nyx Ulric, Titus Drautos, and Dino Ghiranze

PART ONE – Featuring Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio
PART TWO – Featuring Ravus, Ardyn, Loqi, and Cor

Nyx Ulric – Adoptive Father, Father of One Girl and Two Boys

Likes: Being the Hero, Smoking, Watching TV and Napping, Busting A Sick Dance Move
Dislikes: Guys Hitting on His Daughter, People Who Yell at Him, Having to Pay Per View

  • Nyx Ulric is a man married to his job as a police officer. There’s nothing that could be avoided about that with Police Commander breathing down his neck about Nyx doing his work so he can go home to his kids.
  • But the thought of that was really nice, Nyx thought to himself. To be able to go home and see his kids, kiss his spouse on the cheek, and just be able to have a good family life instead of going back to his crusty apartment. Not that he’d have a spouse anytime soon. Unless their name was the LPD, that is.
  • However, when he found himself investigating a series of domestic violence calls to a single address, he knew that the married life was a lot harder than it looked. He arrived and managed to get the parents away from the children, arresting both parents as the little girl held her face to cover her black-eye.
  • After having taken the kids back to the precinct, he was supposed to get their statements and then find a guardian who would take them. But no guardians were known in the area, and it seemed like the kids were refusing to go in the first place. The only one who could calm them down was Nyx.
  • So Commander Fleuret let out a sigh and asked Nyx if he can let the kids stay at his apartment to calm down and avoid being scared at the police station even more than before. Nyx agreed, but he’d need to clear out all of those empty beer bottles in his place first. Oops. Those aren’t for kids!

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nullmoonsims  asked:

7, 15, 31, 28, 67, 81 and 203 (i know you love to answer these ;))) for you jills!!

lmaoo juliet you know me too well! thanks for the q’s xx

7: My best friend?

well offline it’s a lovely girl from high school whom ive known forever. but obviously i consider you, @montysims​ and @yesdarlingsims to be my biffles xx

15: Favorite quote?

ooh i have quite a few! this isn’t all of them. just the ones i could think of right now!

“do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”
- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll

“and though she be but little, she is fierce”
- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Willy Shakes

“until then, my friends, tell the sun and the stars hello from me”
- The House of Hades, Rick Riordan

28: Favorite movie?

not the most artistic of movies, but i adore 10 Things I Hate About You. i also really like disney’s Oliver and Co (it was my childhood favorite!) and any Harry Potter and Star Wars move i can rewatch over and over again

31: How I feel right now?

pretty good! i’m taking the day off work, editing some screenies, watching izombie and eating cheezits! it’s nice :)

67: What was the last book I’ve read?

I Hate you––Don’t Leave Me

81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr?

in no particular order:
@nullmoonsims​, @montysims​, @yesdarlingsims​, @artesimsand @musicalpixls​. i cant get enough of their legacies/ posts right now!

203: Ever eat a pierogi?

yes!! theres a shop downtown that makes them. SO GOOD!

help me waste away the day!


We are glow-in-the-dark stars,
our plastic shining bright,
and it’s on a cosmic bedroom’s ceiling,
that we spend the night.

By day we sleep in amber,
soaking it deep into our pores,
and by the time we wake at night,
it has reached our very cores.

Our purpose is to shine in the umber,
to remind you of the day,
for when the world has gone dark,
our light is meant to play.

But stars are not perfect,
our transient bodies tell this well,
and sometimes stars forget how to shine,
even though they may not tell.

But to those stars out there,
trembling with fear,
just know that all the light wants you to dare,
is flip on the switch,
and then draw near.

s. n. dreams

(Written and submitted by @storrynightdreams)

sdkfjskdjf sister sisters… i don’t think i’m gonna do dream daddy for youtube…… it’s just… too much…. and my computer keeps crashing bc it has very lil memory left……. i’ll still do sophomore chapter 3 tho….. maybe one day when i get a new mac that isn’t just fuckin 120 gigs of memory… please don’t hate me… i’m glad to talk to u all about it though!!!!!!!!! send me asksszzzz whenever u want about it and i’ll still post screens as i play lmao 

People on this hell site: there’s one flaw in this game that I perceive to be a detriment to my enjoyment of this game. I hate the creators now.

A rational person: it’s not even in the game, though, it’s raw code that likely was cut because they thought people, like you, wouldn’t like it

The same people as before: nope shush I wanna be angry



So less the physical ship being the one haunting them and more a memory of the past. Could be multiple things: a night terror? Bill playing tricks and corrupting Stan’s memory? An actual haunting (maybe they’re someplace like the Bermuda Triangle?) So this is more the showing of that little idea, but after discussing it with @impishnature, she took it a bit further in what could be an actual ending to this story (below the cut!)

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do you guys want to know my saddest headcanon? holster has always believed, on some level, that one day he’ll play for the nhl and is just now realizing that he won’t

you know those dreams you carry with you for so long that just wanting them becomes a part of you? maybe ever more than the dream itself? despite the fact that all the evidence in your life tells you it’s never going to happen you keep moving on with the assumption that it will even though you’re moving at cross purposes?

at some point, in juniors, holster realized he wasn’t going to be drafted. going to college to play was the logical next step because college players make it to the nhl all the time, right? his family thinks he’s using hockey to pay for school and that his main goal is to get the degree, but he’s really using school to keep playing hockey. he doesn’t look too hard for a major, just picks the one he thinks will be most useful in the nhl (econ to manage dat nhl salary). throughout college he doesn’t hear from nhl scouts but they regularly come to the games - he knows they’re actually there to see jack (and remind me to make a post about how that plays into their dynamic) but he figures the exposure will only help. then jack graduates and there are less scouts at the games but still one or two every now and again and when he doesn’t hear anything he figures they’re waiting to see how the season goes. every time jack visits the haus holster hopes he’ll take him to the side and say that the falcs are interested, or that he’s heard chatter from another team and it never happens but hey, jack is there to see bitty and the guys and it’s not a business visit, right? then he thinks scouts are waiting to see if they make it to the frozen four. he tells himself that’s what they’re waiting for, that after they win he’ll get a call from someone. he tells ransom not to look for a job in consulting because in his mind, he’s not actually going to be a consultant, either. 

then they don’t even make it past the first round, and holster doesn’t get a single call from a scout. even as he’s taking his exams and making plans to move to boston and doing job interviews he tells himself they’re (and he doesn’t even know who “they” is in his mind) waiting to see who they get in the draft or after free agents open up.

the draft passes and then free agents are tossed around and next thing holster knows he’s living in boston, working as a consultant, and he has to come to terms with the fact that if he was going to play in the nhl then it would have happened by now. giving up the dream is harder than failing to realizing it.

Craig’s route but it’s not just the friends to lovers trope but also the fake dating to real dating trope too?

Craig keeps getting hit on by all the softball moms and he’s visibly uncomfortable with it. So, Dad steps up and pretend to be his boyfriend until the moms back away and they share a laugh over it. Just like college, huh? But it seems a little too real for Dad and he starts panicking because he realizes the feelings are real and doesn’t want to over do it but instead the two just share a tender moment together and confess the mutual pining. Amanda totally teases her dad in light fun

Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 1)

Okay, I’m far too impatient to wait until this is all finished. SO HERE! Have the first part to the FFXV x Dream Daddy headcanons. c: It’s fun to write, that’s for sure, and it’s cool to think about the fun scenario of all these single dads. I hope you guys enjoy the day I go on our Fantasy Daddies though!
(So weird to say that, not gonna lie…)


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Gladiolus Amicitia

Noctis Lucis Caelum – Divorced, Father of Three Boys

Likes: Fishing, Sleeping In, Telling Stories About The Good Ol’Days
Dislikes: Veggies, Cooking Heathy Things For His Kids, Not Being Able to Fish or Sleep

  • He was married to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret as part of an arranged marriage ordeal. But as time passed, they came to realize that they never really got the live they life they wanted to when they were immediately married at twenty-years old.
  • So they mutually divorced, yet they still remain very big and important figures in their kids lives, despite having a shared custody over them.
  • Noctis takes the kids for a month and then they alternate back and forth. But luckily for Noctis, Lunafreya just lives up the road, so they boys can really just pick where they want to go.
  • The boys ultimately decide that they’d rather live with their dad more than their mom. No offense to Lunafreya, really! They’re just, you know, more okay with Noctis being a chill dad than with Lunafreya being a proper lady mom.
  • Noctis is the kind of dad who will pretend to be asleep until noon on his days off, refusing to get up even when his little boys would jump on him and demand his attention.
  • Or demand food. Can’t they just make ramen like how Uncle Gladio taught them? Damn… Now he’d have to break out that emergency cookbook Ignis made him.

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I can appreciate how the kids in Dream Daddy cul-de-sac are all around the same age with one another.
  • Val is 25, (and even though she doesn’t live in the neighborhood, she’s still a part of the kids.) 
  • Amanda is 18, she says so. 
  • Lucien is maybe 15-17, we don’t know, but he’s in high school, though he’s not as old as Amanda (probably, these are my assumptions guys)
  • Assumably Briar and Hazel are a little younger, possibly 13-15 (personally they look older than Daisy, but maybe around Carmensita’s age.) 
  • Carmensita, maybe 13-14, (at the graduation party, in one of the routes, Amanda tells us she’s about to go into high school and is giving her pointers.) 
  • Ernest is in eighth grade, so he’s 12-13. 
  • Daisy is 10, Brian says so. 
  • Chris looks younger than Daisy but older than his younger siblings, maybe 9, possibly a young looking 10 year old. 
  • Christian and Christie are maybe 7-8. 
  • Chrish is a toddler, Mary says so, so maybe 2-3. 
  • River is a baby, maybe just about one 1. 

They all have someone just a bit older to get along with, or friends that can give them advice. And since they all live in the same cul-de-sac, it’s easy to assume that they all interact with each other even a little. 

Even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s a fun headcanon to have. 

Some of my headcanons ideas are:

  • Lucien and Ernest are friends that take pot shots at each other. (I honestly kind of ship them too, but maybe after a few years when their both older.)
  • The Cahn twins and the Christiansen twins can test out twin theories, (y'know, if the Christiansen twins chill out every once in a while.) 
  • Daisy and Amanda already adopted each other into their own families. (Kind of not a headcanon?)
  • Carmensita and Ernest can have that distant friendship where they pretend not to know each other in school, but if something goes down with them or any of the younger kids, they have that, “You don’t mess with the cul-de-sac kids” kind of reaction. 
  • Lucien gets Chris into the punk goth culture, (just for a little while, it’s just not Chris’s thing [that’s just me though, have fun with it]). 
  • As they grow older Chrish and River become besties watching an imitating all the older kids in the neighborhood. (Chrish possibly helping to teach River how to walk would be adorable.) 
  • Val helps Amanda through school, gives her some of those LinkedIn connections. Maybe even helps Lucien when he gets into college if she even can. 
  • Maybe when they get older, they stay in the cul-de-sac and their kids also be friends too as well also maybe???

Fun stuff all around. If you guys agree, feel free to share some ideas too.

Me before: There is hostility between Robert and Joseph. Robert dislikes Joseph’s picture perfect family and how happy he always looks even though he’s faking it all the time. Joseph pretends to be this sweet person but sneers at his neighbors especially Robert because Robert is a bad dad.

Me now: Joseph does what he can to support Robert during Robert’s rough days. Robert doesnt have the heart to be rude to Joseph so he just tells him that’s he’s doing fine because he doesn’t want to burden Joseph because Robert sees that Joseph is having a hard time as it is. Sometimes Robert gets drunk and the first number on speed dial is Joseph’s and Joseph comes to pick him up at the bar and takes him home. Joseph lets him spend the night at his house to make sure he doesnt choke on his own vomit. Joseph and Robert get along and Robert appreciates Joseph’s concern and kindness even if he doesn’t show it

Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 2)

Heeey~ Making good progress on writing tonight. c: I think two parts is pretty good, though I wonder if I can power out one final part to finish off all them dere dads and all. These are all so fun to write, so I hope you guys are enjoying them too~
Speak of too, let’s move onto part two of the headcanons, introducing even more of those single dads. c;


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Ravus Nox Fleuret, Ardyn Izunia, Loqi Tummelt, and Cor Leonis

PART ONE – Featuring Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio

Ravus Nox Fleuret – Widower, Father of One Girl and One Boy

Likes: Classical Music, Teaching His Children, Cake, Some Goddamn Peace and Quiet
Dislikes: Socializing With People, Babysitting Other People’s Kids, The Screamo Death Metal That His Daughter Loves

  • Poor Ravus can’t catch a break, especially in terms of loss and tragedy in his life. His mother had died in an awful housefire that left he and his sister, Lunafreya, devastated. And then as time passed and he married to a beautiful woman and had two of the most darling children, she passed away during a car accident.
  • And worth of all for Ravus, he was the one who had been driving that night.
  • On the way home from a night out, their car was hit by another, Ravus swerving out of the way and unfortunately crashing head on with a tree. His wife was dead on arrival and Ravus was left with an injury that forced his arm to be amputated and left him going through months of extensive habilitation.
  • His children were left to stay with his sister until he was finally able to return home to recover, but things in the house were tense because of it all. Ravus was no stranger to grief, but the fact that his children lost their mother too was a heavy toll on them all.
  • But nevertheless, his kids did their best to be supportive of him, even if they were only nine and six years old at the time. And so, he pushed himself to make sure he was the best father to his kids. It’s what their mother would have wanted.

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The GREATEST Dream Dads wear flamingo shorts and crop tops!! ;D 

Originally posted by ashisnotokay

In all 100% seriousness though, I actually really admire and appreciate Seán’s confidence to wear a crop top. Most people I think have a hard time finding that confidence to wear one because it shows a lot of skin but he’s just wearing one casually and extremely proudly and I think that’s amazing. So seriously major props to him for having that confidence.^_^ More people should try to wear crop tops and be proud of themselves for wearing one if they want to! :D

anonymous asked:

RFA+V+Searan with an MC that is a pro gamer/YouTube gamer? Like gets paid for paying games or showing off the newest games?

This is a dream job oh my gosh anonny I’m wondering why I haven’t pursued this career! I’m awful at video games but they’re a lot of fun to play and I bet the RFA and friends would definitely have varying opinions on video games! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • The amount of jealousy Yoosung felt when you told him your job was to play video games was insanely high
  • Even though he loved being a veterinarian and helping sick animals, he’s always dreamed of being a pro gamer
  • Once Yoosung is done with his petty pouty faze, he becomes supportive of your amazing career
  • He’ll give you all kinds of tips and tricks that he’s gathered throughout his own gaming experience
  • The two of you would spend all night long coming up with gaming strategies, guides for each other, and just generally playing video games together as a couple
  • Yoosung would also brag to all of his colleagues that his wife was a pro gamer, making his old gaming buddies green with envy
  • While Yoosung is still somewhat jealous towards you having the perfect job as a pro gamer, he enjoys the fact that the two of you share the same passion for the gaming world


  • Videos games were something that Zen had never seen the appeal for and why so many people were crazy about them
  • But when he found out that your job was to make videos showcasing upcoming games, Zen was intrigued
  • You sat him down one day and showed him an action/adventure game that you’d be reviewing and playing later
  • Zen tried the game out himself and his character died within the first two minutes, yeah he’d leave the gaming to you from now on
  • Instead, Zen would give you tips on how to get the best angles when you were filming, set the lighting properly, and would always make sure that your make-up was perfect
  • While Zen did typically watch you play video games on the sidelines, you were once asked to play and review a fashion based video game
  • Of course Zen stepped in and beat the game within a day, luckily you recorded it all to show your viewers
  • Zen now wanted to try out all kinds of fashion based video games with you and playing these games soon became a common theme for date night


  • Video games were always something that seemed childish and a waste of time to Jaehee
  • She’s never even truly played one until she met you and found out about your career as a pro gamer
  • Jaehee was honestly amazed that you could make a salary just by playing video games but she had to admit, it impressed her
  • Curiosity got the better of her and she’d typically sit on the sidelines watch you play the video game while explaining to the camera the game functions and mechanics
  • Your explanations were so well done that even someone like Jaehee with no video game experience at all could understand how to play the game
  • Jaehee would look through some of your older videos and was impressed at how consistently you would give helpful tips to your viewers
  • She liked watching you play puzzle games the most and even tried playing it herself as she found out just how much fun video games can be
  • Jaehee would never truly understand why video games were so successful but she thought that if they made you happy and gave you a job, then she had no reasons to complain


  • Video games were something Jumin never understood and the only good thing about them was they could make a profit
  • So when you tell Jumin that you’re a pro gamer and get paid to play video games, he doesn’t really understand
  • But since your unique job seems important to you, Jumin makes you promise him that you’d let him play the next video game that you would receive to review
  • Of course the next video game you received was a driving simulator game
  • You still kept your promise and let Jumin try the game but it was an absolute disaster
  • Many virtual people’s lives were lost that day thanks to Jumin but at least he didn’t drive over any virtual cats
  • So he left the video gaming to you but as an apology Jumin would buy you the newest gaming systems and filming equipment
  • Jumin would always watch your reviews and he eventually taught himself how to become a better gamer
  • With his newly equipped skills, you and Jumin became the top two players in LOLOL, devastating and confusing Yoosung
  • Jumin was slowly warming up to the idea of playing video games all of the time with you expect never again would he try and driving games


  • When you told Seven that you were a pro gamer he was impressed to say the least
  • To him, you had the coolest job known to man so Seven would often disregard his own work to sit and watch you play
  • Even when you’d shoo Seven to go back to his own work, he’d hack into your screen so that he could still watch you play
  • And when Seven joined in to play video games with you, it was an intense time in the Choi household
  • His favorite type of video games to play with is party games because he liked the fast pace of them
  • Seven would always manage to win the mini games based on luck and you raged at him for cheating even though he actually didn’t
  • After a round of gaming, Seven would give you the best advice on how to get the best angles and lighting for when you have to film reviews
  • He’d also let you borrow his best filming equipment to record and your views skyrocketed because of the best quality
  • Seven never tampered with your work and instead smiled at how hard you worked and how much fun you had working, but he was always up for some competitive gaming with you


  • V’s never had time to play video games coupled with his poor eye sight, that is until he met you
  • When he found out that you were a pro gamer, he became more interested in gaming
  • He marveled at your vast collection of video games as you casually said that you completed and reviewed them all
  • You offered for him to play a video game together and let him pick out the game
  • V randomly picked an RPG and found himself immersed in the game, the two of you didn’t stop playing until you beat the game
  • He couldn’t believe how much fun video games were and was slightly jealous of your fun career
  • But V also couldn’t believe that he stayed up for almost three days straight to finish the game with you
  • V then stuck with watching your reviews, loving every second of them and enjoyed how informative they are
  • He took some photos of your games to put on your website and you suddenly got an increase of followers thanks to V’s photography skills
  • V was sincerely happy that you found a career you were passionate about, he made you promise to play more video games with him whenever you both had the time as it became a new, fun hobby for the two of you


  • Having free time was a luxury to Saeran and he’d never spend it playing video games
  • They always interested him and he finally got the chance to play them whenever you told him that you were a pro gamer
  • Saeran would watch in silent awe as you would play through and review games, he’d listen intently to the advice you’d give to others and now he wanted to play with you
  • So when Saeran approached you asking if he could play a video game with you, you let him pick out whichever game stood out to him
  • And out of the hundreds of games you owned, Saeran picked out the most edgy looking game that still looked like it could be fun
  • Of course it was Shadow the Hedgehog
  • To say it was a stressful play through would be an understatement, Saeran threw the controller multiple times and almost broke your console
  • So you had to make Saeran play more relaxing and friendly games after that fiasco
  • He would give you gruff but helpful tips when you make your reviews on games and you saw an increase in your followers making your boss happy
  • Saeran still wasn’t convinced that video games were as fun as you made them out to be but seeing you happy with your unique job would always make Saeran happy
From the Dining Table

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Recently I’ve realized how extremely overlooked From the Dining Table actually is, and it’s been on my mind all day. So here’s a little short on this lovely piece, hope I did it some sort of justice! My other writing can be found here, be sure to tell me what you think! x

p.s. the gif doesn’t belong to me, all rights go to the original owner. 

He swore he saw you in a dream that night, the night he fell asleep to the sound of your voice in his ear, right there next to him. You looked so awfully angelic, some sort of heavenly aura erupting from within that no other could possibly rival. You barely spoke to him, though he’d been begging you to just tell him something to make up for all the lost time in the past few months that he hadn’t seen your face. His anxiety swam about the pools of tears in his eyes as all you said to him was, “Jus’ want you to be happy, Harry.” 

You’d said the same thing right before you walked out of his hotel room with your carry-on and a one-way ticket home in your hands that cold January night, his Harley tee still on your body as he insisted you keep it. It looked better on you anyway, he decided, the moment he saw you wearing it one early Summer morning whilst making breakfast in the kitchen. 

And he couldn’t quite comprehend why he felt so alone despite the beautiful girl lying across his chest rambling on about how good last night was. Any remnants of you in this girl seemed to wash away as he took a look at her face. How did he ever think she looked just like you? Too many Malibu Bay Breezes in one night seemed to blur his memory of you, just long enough for him to morph your image into this girl’s figure and fall between the sheets with her. She couldn’t be you, no matter how hard he tried to ignore the crippling feeling that tugged at his heart. He remembered the way she ordered water at the bar instead of your usual Mojito because it was the only drink with zero calories and how her hand didn’t hesitate to creep up his thigh. She wasn’t you. 

The girl had gone by daybreak after he’d realized how disgusting he felt, lying there with some stranger that he felt no connection to whatsoever. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t the same guy who sent flowers to your dorm whilst you were in the midst of finals week to egg you on, or the same guy who promised that you would always be his priority. He couldn’t possibly be. It was a couple shot glasses of the best liquor in the hotel minibar later that he decided that he’d lost such a big part of himself that he wouldn’t ever get back. 

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I love how all the Raven Cycle characters like totally do things just for the aesthetic. 

Blue: homemade clothes, purposefully messy hair, wears fingerless gloves even though they are impractical because they look cool

Gansey: has an antique car that always breaks down, lives in an old factory, keeps a patchwork notebook full of his finding just because he’s so dedicated to making his life seem full of interesting things (because he doesn’t think there’s anything interesting about him :( sorry this one got said.)

Ronan: all black, all the time. got a 900 dollar tattoo just to piss off his brother. dreams himself a pet raven. puts copies of speeding tickets on door. probably practices his shitty faces in the mirror

The Grey Man: has his whole gray thing

Greenmantle: Literally has a whole chapter in the raven king were he stands around in his underwear drinking from a bottle a wine contemplating how this was the perfect sad aesthetic for mourning piper

And then there’s Adam, who’s too tired and busy to have an aesthetic, but literally wore a Cocoa Cola shirt one time and thus gets called Cocoa Cola shirt for the rest of his life in-universe and is represented by Cocoa Cola in every photoset ever in fandom.

@nevilllelongbottom‘s first impressions of every member of bastille

dan smith: dan looks like that librarian that 17 year old girls have a crush on so they go and check out super advanced books or classics to impress him. and he’s never interested in them but he gives them a soft, validating smile and he likes to have long meaningful conversations with them and help them realize what career path they want or what they want to major in when they go to college cause he’s just really soft looking??? he also does a reading hour for kids even though half of the time he just ends up playing with them until their parents come to get them. buT THERE’S THIS ONE KID WHO’S THERE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY AND JUST LOVES DAN VERY MUCH AND HE’S LIKE ONE OF THOSE KIDS WHO’S STANDOFFISH BUT HE LIKES CUDDLING WITH DAN IN THAT BEANBAG CHAIR THINGY THAT ALL LIBRARIES SEEM TO HAVE

kyle simmons: he looks like a friendly beginning-to-lumberjack lumberjack who’s had dreams of becoming a lumberjack ever since he was little even though he knew that it was a lonely job but he figured that he’d still like to spend his life with the the trees and the lorax. but then he met singer dan smith who was like “well there’s a life outside of the woods” and he’s like???? so dan took him in like a super old car to the city and he’s learned to move on from his lumberjack dreams and find new ones with friends by his side

will farquarson: will looks like that one chill uncle that you can joke around with and he uses dad jokes a lot. he calls all of his nieces and nephews “kid” so whenever he asks one of them to get a beer for him like six kids come running up. but one day he finds you crying on the stairs inside your house while everyone’s enjoying the barbecue outside and he just lays down life knowledge and he takes you on a walk to the corner store where he lets you choose anything and he swears that if you look at the price he will never help you skip gym again

chris “woody” wood: woody is that friend that you’ve had since you were eleven and you guys met because you fell at recess and he threw a piece of mulch at you after you lowkey just laid there for like two minutes but then he got up to make sure you were okay and y'all end up graduating as besties but then you somehow end up losing contact cause he decided to stay home and teach this guy how to become a lumberjack and you went across the country to go to college at some ivy league school. and then you come back summer of your junior year and you go to a pub and he’s there and y'all catch up and talk about “back when” and he keeps saying “hey, remember when-” and hE LIVES IN THE WOODS AND IS FRIENDS WITH A BEAR WHO LIVES IN A CAVE NEAR HIS CABIN and you play mario kart until three in the morning

bonus!! charlie barnes: charlie is the guy who goes to carnivals all the time and his favorite ride is the ferris wheel. and he actually likes the annoyingly long lines cause it gives him the chance to become friends with the people behind and in front of him and he gets people to sing disney sings with him while they’re waiting cause everyone just sees him smile and they’re like “i want??to?? see??? this man??? smile??? forever???????”. he also has tried to go on a super cool road trip with his friends that none of them really wanted to go on but they love him sm so they said yes. and they rent one of those nice vans but the trip ends up being a disaster because they get a flat tire, get lost, someone loses a shoe, and they get caught in a storm, a n d run out of gas. but it doesn’t even seem that bad in the end cause he has an alternative rock and disney playlist that is on a never ending loop in the background and he makes too many puns and jokes that he laughs the hardest at. on the other hand, takes his friends aside and talks to them one on one and takes them on friend dates if they’re having a rough day and he makes his mom care packages and pies  and sends his little sister small gifts from everywhere he travels

and that’s it for this episode of rachel’s really good at catching vibes and if you think otherwise you can f i g h t m e

eritreayunani  asked:

Hey babe, could we get some headcannons on what kind of female s/o sebastian would be attracted to and actually go the trouble of courting? Characteristics: personality-wise and a few aesthetic-wise would be brilliant. Feel free to add on other characteristics you deem suitable! Thanks hun xxx

What kind of female S/O do you think Sebastian fall for? More character-wise but aesthetic related details can be included. Thank you! :)

I can tell you now that this is going to be a big one… Took me just over an hour!


As a demon, Sebastian is above the shallowness of some humans to base attraction off of something as impermanent as appearances. But I broke appearance down to four categories and answered them separately. I did say this was a big request.


He likes shedding his gloves after a long day and running his slender fingers through your hair, slowly and gently untangling any nicks. If he’s got time, he’ll braid and brush it for you.

  • For dark hair, he’ll compare it to starlight or the beauty of blood in the moonlight (reserved for those particularly morbid moods he gets into, usually after murdering someone or may or may not have deserved it).
  • For light hair, he’ll compare it to the sunlight or to having pure gold woven into your locks.
  • For unnatural colours, such as red, he’ll be fascinated by the true colour showing at the roots and will want to know all the reasons behind why you dyed it. 
  • Length doesn’t bother him, but he’s usually pretty content if it’s long enough to braid. If you consent, he’ll find out your favourite styles, learn them within a day or two, and then replicate the chosen style of the day each morning for you, taking it out and brushing it before you go to bed.

Eye colour

  • Any eye colour. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s for precisely this reason that he loves to look into them, his own magenta eyes boring into yours. 
  • For genetic mutations such as heterochromia, he’s completely entranced and just loves commenting on the individuality of the two colours.
  • In any case, some baser part of him toys with the idea of gouging your eyes out surgically, so that they’re fully intact and carrying them around with him because of how much he loves them.
  • He always talks himself down from this, though, because they have that little spark of life that he so adores and if he removes them from your person, he’ll never witness them light up when you see him walk into the room, and he can’t have that now, can he?
  • Besides, he’s pretty sure that you’d like to keep your eyes exactly where they are.

Height doesn’t matter at all because everyone’s the same height when they’re laying down.


  • With clothes, it can go two ways: pastels or dark. Sebastian generally doesn’t pay too much attention to what you wear because it’s your body and you can wear what you like, but he may offer to choose your clothes for you each morning or to design/make/order clothes for you to wear, completely tailored to you and your tastes. You wouldn’t know about this beforehand because he won’t physically measure you. Just one look at you head to toe, and he already knows exactly what you should wear. He has an eye for these things.
  • I think, with pastel colours, he’d appreciate the difference between his stark black and white outfits with very little variation, to your different shades of pinks, purples, greens, blues, etc. He’d likely compare it to the fragility and delicacy of the human body, almost going off on a tangent about how easily humans are disposed of, before remembering that you’re a member of said species and that you may not be able to stomach what he’s talking about. He’d apologise and change the subject.
  • With dark colours, he’d appreciate the similarities with his own clothes and make the occasional comment about how what you’re wearing matches his thoughts, his nature; he’s the epitome of darkness and he never misses an opportunity to tell you this.
  • He lives in Victorian London, don’t forget, so he wouldn’t approve of too much revealing of your skin. He’d tell you that “it’s unseemly and might he recommend something else that may be to your taste, My Lady?”. This would be coupled with comments muttered into your ear that is designed to leave you blushing.
  • Makeup doesn’t bother him, though it intrigues him. Why do you cover your natural face? He’d make it clear that he prefers you fresh-faced, though. Makeup carries a certain connotation in this time period.

Personality traits

  • The most important thing is that you’re not afraid of him. He’s a demon and capable of the biggest monstrosities you can think of and is mostly unfeeling, but he cannot court someone (yes, court, not date, “a frankly ridiculous modern adaptation”) who fears him. So, his s/o’s love for him needs to override the fear of what he is in all situations.
  • Full acceptance and understanding that Sebastian cannot love to the same extent that humans can and do, but rather, he’s possessive. You’re his and as such, he will protect you and fight for you, with you, with his life, if need be. Don’t expect declarations of romance and romantic proposals, it’s not in his nature. He will not change for you and the very suggestion would be most insulting.
  • Someone who knows that Sebastian can and will play games with them. Tell him your fears, he will exploit them for his own amusement. Tell him your dreams, and he will crush them if you let him. Tell him your insecurities and he will shut them down with logic in just a few sentences. But, devilish though he may be, he is still your partner, and so he will refrain from doing these things. He may still play tricks on you, though, not nothing life threatening. It’s no good courting a dead person.
  • Independence. He’s very busy with his contract, running the Phantomhive estate and doing all the other things that he does, so he won’t always have time for you. His s/o would need to be able to fend for themselves. His ward is a child and he doesn’t need or want another one. 
  • Confidence. He understands that this grows in humans, and he’d be willing to help you with that. He does care for you in his own way and will show you in every way he knows how that you’re a wonderful woman and that he loves you, again in his own way.
  • Someone who is okay with Sebastian being himself around them. So he moves a little faster, he speaks with a lower, more gravelly voice. If he realises that you enjoy that, or you tell him this yourself, then he’d be pleased and would make it a point to be a little less human around you. This links into not being scared of him.
  • Someone who is themselves. No false modesty, no façades, no masks or acts… just you. He won’t appreciate falsehoods, even if they’re meant with good intentions.
  • Someone who is strong-stomached. I don’t mean this in terms of gore, though that would help, I also mean someone who can hold their own. He will tease you on occasion about your weaknesses. For example, if you’re afraid fo the dark, he might grab your foot from under the bed. But that’s a different set of headcanons, which can be found on my masterlist.
  • Intellect. Enjoy books or writing, drawing. Plays an instrument or wants to learn one. Bi-lingual or wants to learn another language. An inherent appreciation of culture and class. Someone who appreciates the finer lifestyle. These things aren’t necessary but it would help your relationship, in that you have mutual interests.
  • This is such an important point that I left it for last, and it’s pretty self-explanatory: Maturity. Someone who loves Sebastian for exactly what he is, in all the right ways. No games, no competitions, no playing, just love. Love him for what he is, and he’ll return the affections in kind, though in a slightly different way. Respect him and he’ll respect you. That’s all there is to it.

You know what I love the idea of? Accidental rivals Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin.

Like, no life-changing, world-altering event occurs to make them come to despise each other. In fact, nothing happens to cause it because they don’t hate each other at all. They simply don’t interact. Either they never come across each other, or they get diverted at the last moment, or they just kinda…don’t really care to speak to the other? But it’s not antagonistic, it’s just apathetic.

The thing is, though, that everyone around them thinks it definitely is antagonistic. They discuss it amongst themselves and start watching the two continue to not interact, searching for clues in their behavior that could lead them to the reason. Eventually, the gossip gets out, and the fans latch on. It turns into a HUGE thing on social media, but the actual two “rivals” have no idea that it’s happening around them.

Except, one day, Yuri is greeting some angels when someone brings it up to him. Unfortunately, he has a flair for the dramatic (ofc), so instead of denying it, he’s just like, “WELL, IF HE WANTS A RIVALRY, HE CAN HAVE ONE.”

That gets recorded and spammed out to the world, and finally Otabek catches wind of it. He watches the video, but he’s just totally confused. They’ve literally never said two words to each other. He gets asked about it in an interview, and has nothing to say except, “Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on.”

So eventually, they both end up at the same party, like ya do, and they run into each other in the bathroom. It’s hella awkward, and they just sorta stand there looking at each other for a little bit before they’re both like, “what the fuck.”

They decide to take it outside, but when they actually start arguing, they both realize they have no idea what they’re actually arguing about? And that the other person is actually pretty chill? And they really wanna be friends?

So they add each other on all their social media accounts, and exchange numbers, and decide to hang out when they can. They walk back into the party, chatting and laughing, and everyone whips their phones out to take videos and snap pictures. It sets the internet on FIRE, and both factions of fans lose their minds, and the two new buddies just end up sending each other their favorite tweets and memes and laughing about it.