it was all intentional

When Virgil starts spiraling down into thinking up catastrophic ‘what-ifs’, it’s Logan’s room he turns to.

Sometimes, when he’s very much on edge, he doesn’t feel the calming effect of the room, at first. His eyes are shut tight, breath rattling, as he lists every possible horrible outcome that could have-

Logan clears his throat. “Slow down, Virgil, I can hardly understand you.”

It’s not said with mean intent, not at all. Logan’s words are level headed and grounding, and Virgil begins to feel the effects of the room. It’s an odd, but not unpleasant thing- like looking through a telescope and finally having your view focus properly.

“So,” Logan continues. “My observations are you were afraid that Terrible Predicament x, y, z and so on may happen?”

Virgil nods, no longer trusting his voice. 

“I see. And what actually happened?”

The silence lasts for a few long moments before Virgil realises the question wasn’t rhetorical.

“Uh, I guess um…” he whispers. “Nothing.”

“Come again?”

Virgil raises his head to say it a little louder. “Nothing happened.”

“Good.” There’s a smile in Logan’s voice. “So what do you have to be afraid of?”

Virgil’s mouth twitches upwards in understanding. “Nothing.”

“What was that?”

“I have nothing to be afraid of.” The words echo around the room, loud and sure, and Virgil can hardly believe he’s the one saying them out loud. “I have nothing to be afraid of,” he repeats, and finally opens his eyes.

Logan is adjusting his glasses, beaming with pride.

“Well done, Virgil. A plus for today.”

Mob is the most pure minded character in all of media ok even when he’s being choked to unconsciousness he still holds his morals about not using his psychic powers against people even when they’re hurting him because he himself doesn’t want to hurt people. When he breaks into CLAW to rescue his brother he starts crying because he doesn’t want to hurt a women wHO WAS LITERALLY BEATING HIM UP! It’s only when she gives his explicit permission does he actually fight back. The only times he’s lost control to hurt people is when he’s unconscious and his powers go haywire and when his little brother is hurt. He even transfers all his powers to an adult because he went against his own morals and it stressed him so extremely that he was about to go 100% “murderous intent”. Listen all Mob wants to do is get fit, drink milk, confess his feelings to Tsubomi and walk home together and make sure his brother and master are happy and I swear to fuck if ONE continues to harm the little hairs on his little head then i’m fucking astrally projecting myself into ONE’s mind and fighting him there.

There’s those weird verbs in French, “foutre” its cleaner brother “ficher” and of course their well known grandpa “faire” who just means ‘to make’ or 'to do’.
And in fact all three mean that in everyday usage -with varying degrees of vulgarity- like for instance “qu'est-ce que tu fais” and “qu'est-ce que te fous” which respectively mean 'what are you doing’ and 'what the fuck are you doing’.
We won’t be looking at “ficher” so much in examples, since it’s basically useful only when you want to say fuck but have to do so politely. It’s as awkward as it sounds. It otherwise works like “foutre” for all intent and purpose.
Where it gets tricky with “foutre” morseo than “faire”, is that “foutre” is used in all kinds of semi-idiomatic sentences who won’t at all be translated with the same verb, if it can be translated at all.
“Je m'en fous” aka “I do myself in relation of whatever you just said” in fact means 'I don’t give a shit’.
Similarly “on s'en fout” means 'nobody cares’.
“Va te faire foutre” aka “go do yourself” in fact means 'go fuck yourself’.
Now the part I really wish translated better is everything based on “se foutre de qque chose” aka “to do oneself of smthing” meaning 'disrespecting smthing’.
“Se foutre de qqun” means 'to disrespect someone’ or 'to take someone for a fool’.
“Se foutre de la gueule de qqun” is the same thing but doing it to a person’s face, although it doesn’t add anything to the meaning of the idiom, you’re not actually doing it to someone’s face.
“Se foutre (de la gueule) du monde” aka doing that to the world instead of a person, meaning 'to respect nothing’ or 'to be an asshole’. Additionally “tu te fous de la gueule du monde” as a statement can be equated to asking “are you shitting me”.
Finally “je me fous pas de toi” aka I’m not doing that thing to you, means “this is a good deal” or “I’m not fucking with you”.

a-literal-trash-man  asked:

I got a big question for you Father. I'm not sure if my canvassing and voting for the Democratic Party in 2016 was morally just. I didn't take the issue lightly, and I firmly believe that life begins at conception and obey the Church's teachings. I've been getting involved with the Democrats for Life to try and change the direction of the party. If I were given the chance, I'd make that same vote, and am only sorry that it wasn't enough to stop the current situation. Am I in mortal sin?


A mortal sin requires grave matter, as well as deliberation and free will.

I doubt that canvassing for the Democratic Party could be classified as “grave matter.” If you were to canvass in favor of abortion, or the “right to choose” and try to convince people that this was a good thing, that would be grave matter. But it is clear that such was not your intention at all, so that is not a problem here.

As much as I disagree with the evils promoted by the Democratic party, along with the bad, I have to admit that there are good elements of service, justice, and the search for the common good in education, which are part of the Democratic platform. It isn’t 100% bad.

As to whether canvassing for the Democratic party in 2016 was morally just, I can not answer that question. I am no authority to speak for the entire Church, and this question speaks to an individual, their values, and what in particular of the Democratic platform they were trying to promote.

From what I can tell of your intentions, they seem like they were sincere, motivated by a faith vision that respects Life, and were seeking the good of the country. 

While I disagree with some of the politics of the Democratic Party, as many Catholics would, who are vehemently opposed to abortion, gay marriage, embryonic experimentation, and federal mandates for contraception in health insurance, etc.–from a religious and moral point of view, I see no intention on your part which was wrong or sinful.

After all, good and sincere Catholics can have very opposing and different judgments on specific political candidates, and specific political platforms. Each has different conclusions on what is most prudent and wise for the direction of the nation. No, I definitely do not believe you are in mortal sin. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Still makes me so sad that I waited all year for a new Season of BBUS. The first week or 2 was actually p good with a likable house, how it looked like Paul might’ve been going home, that wild veto…it had me excited for the rest of the season. Then everyone started throwing the game to Paul, letting Paul make all the game moves, showing their true intentions of only wanting to make it to jury, making bigoted comments, and have just boring feeds all together. It’s only week 4 or 5 and half of your audience is tapping out at this boring and disgusting season.

Stream of conscious

As I sit here at 11:45 on this Tuesday night I recall how relaxing it is to put down into words what I am thinking through means of stream of conscious. This is in no way meant to illicit attention or needs to be read and for all intents and purposes you can stop reading this. This is for myself and my thoughts but I will not stop you if you want to continue.

I’ve spent the day away reading books. Books filled with a story of mystery, intrigue, murder, romance, love. And this love is pure and faultless thought it contains flaws. This love makes me realize how badly I crave the aspects of it. The ability to hold a person that you can completely trust to admire you. Someone you want to keep safe and protect. A person who has a undying love for you. And yet a person who ignites in you a flame that can never be put out. A flame that burns with such an unadulterated passion. That produces such a raw power inside of you that you would stop at nothing to be with the person you love. But unrequited love won’t do. No the love I desire most in the world is a love shared by two people, who fuse their souls as one so that they may experience life together in harmony. This love is the ultimate form of friendship and though you may have your disagreements you will always come back to each other time and time again, and life and life again. Two souls that once touched can’t bear to be apart. A love rarely seen outside of a novel. And it’s for this fact that I am deeply saddened in knowing that the love I desire most, most likely does not exist. If it does it exist then it is a most rare form. As it would seem the concepts that I have just described have walked right out of a fairly tale them self, and indeed they might have. But I see no harm in wanting a love so pure. Even if this may be a forlorn concept it still one my heart desires to find. And my heart will keep searching. There may come a day I find a soul I want to spend my time with and indeed one of us may love the other with more passion than the other but until that time comes to pass, or doesn’t, I will be content in knowing that the utmost desire of my heart is yet a foreign concept to the realms of humans.

spaceravenclaw  asked:

Hello, i was wondering if you coul tell me something about miraculous ladybug and where can i watch it?


sure thing!

so, first of all i will give you a link to the series


miraculous ladybug is one of the shows you watch when you’re feeling down. it’s a good show, of course, but it doesn’t stand out for being dark or hiding mature themes through cute art style (i have nothing against those btw i love those)

it instead stands out because it’s sweet?? it’s so sweet but still keeps itself relatable and doesn’t unintentionally get too cheesy for its own good, all cheesiness is intentional.

and it has a very strong female lead while not making the male lead just be a sidekick either, and that is also a plus.

unless you’re not one for cheese than i can’t see any cons you’d find other than the purposefully unlikeable character(s)

anonymous asked:

Why are you worried anyway? They're mobsters and criminals. Shouldn't you WANT them dead?

I suppose for all intents I should?  

But…I don’t.  I don’t want anyone to die.  They are mobsters and criminals true. But they are still people. Dangerous people yes. People who have done terrible things where justice should be done yes.

But…still people. And even if they would never give me the same courtesy and its likely laughable on their end, it doesn’t stop me from hoping the best for them while still opposing what they do.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I was looking at the mystic messenger characters and their signs and I find it ironic that their personalities seem to fit pretty well for the most part, and at times quite literally (like with Saeyoung and Saeran being twins as Gemini) and I wonder if all that was intentional?

yo i had to reread up on my zodiac signs *finger guns*

They do fit pretty well, for the most part. Are there signs that might fit a character or two better? probably. but I’m sure it was intentional - when I made ocs before, that was definitely something I looked into! 

Flight rising is rated thirteen and up, because if you want people under that age to play on the internet, it gets VERY complicated, legally. That’s the only reason they have to enforce that rule. It’s not because it’s an actual age thing, it’s because american law is stupid about that sort of thing

so it is a kids game, by all intents and purposes. Just with don’t ask, don’t tell about your age. so stop saying ‘but it’s a teen game!’. It’s not.

I really don’t think people who aren’t Autistic or who don’t struggle with sensory issues understand that when it comes to certain stimuli, those things provoke actual feelings of pain, nausea, disgust, discomfort, etc for people that are Autistic/have sensory processing disorder.

Take “picky eating.” I was labelled a “picky eater” even as a little toddler. I couldn’t eat sauce, tomatoes, or have my food touching other foods. People said stuff like “She’ll grow out of it” or “She’ll eat it if she’s actually hungry” or “Tastebuds change; she’ll like it when she’s older!" 

But the fact was, if it was a food I couldn’t eat, I literally couldn’t eat it. I’d try to eat lasagna and start crying, and gagging, and I’d have to spit it out. Guess what? I didn’t "eat when I was hungry” if it was one of those foods, I just didn’t eat. This was especially an issue when I started going to school and daycare (I eventually got a note from my doctors that detailed my Autism diagnosis and sensory problems, so that the local kids center would provide me with alternative meals. They treated it the same way they did with kids with allergies, basically.) 

Also, I didn’t “grow out of it.” I still cannot eat tomatos, sauces, and most mixed food dishes. Because I just can’t even make my mouth chew and swallow without gagging and spitting the food out. Just a couple months ago I went to grab some chicken wraps from the local taco place, and I asked specifically that they hold the sauce. But they didn’t, so when I took a bite I got a mouthful of pain and chucked it right into my napkin (gross, I know. I’m making a point here though.)

So when Autistic people, or anyone with a sensory processing related disorder, tells you that they cannot handle something-whether that means being touched, wearing certain clothes, being around noise, or eating certain foods-remember what I just said. That’s how it feels, when people willfully ignore our reminders and warnings about our stimuli and triggers. That’s what you’re doing when you touch someone when they tell you it hurts them, or make them wear that suit or outfit, or put sauce on their food when they politely ask you not to. Granted, overload is different and presents differently in everyone, but bottom line-you’re choosing to disrespect someone’s boundaries, and their medical issues, and you are hurting them when you force certain stimuli on them after they’ve asked you to stop. Just respect people, and don’t shame people for not being able to handle or do the same stuff other people can. 

Reblog if you support artists with OCs and original art

Hey it’s blue and I wanted to talk about how not many OC based artists are getting recognised and the only art work that actually gets reblogged is the occasional piece of fandom art. Please go out there and if you would be so kind as to reblog these wonderful OCs and the original art of the amazing and talented artists who deserve to be noticed. It shouldn’t just be fandoms that are looked at mainly but it should just be the art itself. It shouldn’t matter if the drawing is from a fandom or not, what matters is that the person worked their hardest on their artwork and hope to get it noticed. please make those artists dreams come true.

Witchy Morning Routine Ideas!

Being organized is a wonderful way to find success and just enjoy life more in general. Having a morning routine can start your day off right and keep you running on a full tank of energy. Quite a few of you probably do have an established morning routine, or at least a list of things you do every morning. Regardless of how your morning goes, there are always a few little things you can do to witch-ify your morning. 

1. Choose your breakfast based on your intent for the day! Whatever you’re hoping for that day-whether it be for your crush to say hello or a phone call confirming that you got the job-basing your first meal off of your intentions can help bring a little good luck your way. If you’re hoping for something passionate or frustrating or romantic, choose red (make a strawberry smoothie or some toast with strawberry jam). Get creative! Find a way to get in the color black or pink or yellow. 

2. Start the day off with a glass of water, then the best part, tea. I say drink water first because that’s extremely important and utterly refreshing. After all of that is taken care of, drink some tea. Try to aim for some more caffeinated tea if you can (to give you an extra shot of energy and productivity). Add in some honey and stir clockwise for a little extra magic. Anything to incorporate some telltale mysticism!

3. Meditate when you get up. Many individuals choose to meditate in the morning. This calms them and helps them focus on what they need to get done that day. It will relieve any stress and anxiety you’re feeling, and most importantly, it’s a very popular Witchcraft tradition. Meditating is known to help with astral projection, as well as seeing auras and getting in touch with your chakras. It doesn’t matter if you only do it for five minutes, as long as you’re getting in some me time.

4. Pop a good ole’ crystal in your purse or pocket! This is one of my favorites. Not only are the options so endless (depending on what you’re hoping for that day), it’s easy and takes no time at all to do. If you’re hurried and in a rush one morning, take the time to just throw a little crystal in with your things. Bonus points if you set it on your phone while it’s charging to cleanse it. 

5. Eat your breakfast outside. Getting in some fresh air before your day begins is a super good idea. It will clear your mind and refresh your senses, which will also help with your Witchcraft. Nothing beats listening to the birds while there’s still a bit of mist in the air. Plus, you have food! Good job if the food you’re eating is based on your intent for the day. If you don’t have the time to physically walk outside and sit out there without multitasking for five or more minutes, no worries. Simply pop open a couple of windows and sit by them for a more toned-down experience.

6. Draw sigils on your face with cleanser, lotion, or makeup. Rub them in to activate. This is a really good hack for glamours, as well as just making you look good. However, your sigil doesn’t have to be for your physical appearance. It can pretty much be any sigil at all. As long as you sufficiently activate it and are confident in your workings, things should go smoothly. The best thing about this hack is that you don’t have to wear makeup to do it. Just use your cleanser or some serum. Even water will do! 

7. Make some fruit water the night before. Fruit water is especially good for color magic because you can find fruit in basically any color imaginable, even black if you’re willing to search hard enough (blueberries are close enough if you don’t have any other options). The brilliant practicality of fruit water is pretty obvious. It’s wonderfully hydrating, flavorful, healthy, and best of all, magical. Plus, it won’t take up any of your morning time because it’s pre-made. 

8. If you have any deities, pray to them when you wake up. Although I personally have no deities, it’s a great idea for those of you who do. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy exchange. Maybe just say good morning or a quick, respectful hello. Or if you’re a fan of multitasking, just have a nice chat with them while doing whatever you need to do. Anything is suitable as long as it isn’t downright rude.

9. Light some candles. Your house will smell good all throughout the day, and it will definitely help to magic-ify the atmosphere. You can also burn incense if that suits your fancy. Whatever smelly-ma-bobber you want to use works fine. It’s quick and easy so it won’t be a hassle, and you’ll leave your home smelling like heaven. Bonus points if you wave a candle or some sage around to clear away any negative energies.

10. Put some dried flowers on your breakfast. My personal favorite is dried lavender, but you can use whatever you prefer. You can pick flowers for any number of purposes, as long as they’re perfectly edible. They can be sprinkled on a smoothie bowl, scattered over some toast with peanut butter and honey, or if you’re up for a challenge, add them to savory foods. The choice is yours!

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and if you want more, please just ask! Questions, requests, and suggestions (plus a simple hello) are all welcome. In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!

Advice For The Signs

Aries:Forgiveness does not equal weakness.
Taurus:People will treat you how you treat them, be considerate.
Gemini:The world is not against you, I promise
Cancer:Stop living in search of validation, live life for you
Leo:Accept all the love you can, you know you need it
Virgo:Take a deep breath and remember to take care of yourself too
Libra:You don’t have to impress anyone, do what you love
Scorpio:Take time to find your center, you’re no help all stressed out
Sagittarius:Listen to others with intention to learn, not to teach
Capricorn:Reassess your priorities, no sign is more capable of manifesting their own destiny
Aquarius:Let people love you, stop running from them
Pisces:Stand your ground, you know your heart better than anyone else could