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Hello noodle!I really want to make more fun drug thingy stuff and like stuff of my own, but I'm having some serious lack of confidence when I'm drawing. How do you draw things like faces and heads or even bodies? I hope I'm not being bothering

I’m self taught (and actually drawing is my very recent hobby) I don’t have any cool-professional-art-reference-stuff to offer (sorry, heh). 

To be very honest, i don’t even think those things are that important. 

because drawing is literally a HOBBY and there’s no reason to be stressed out while you’re drawing! your artwork is super cool and no one can judge you, friend. enjoy yourself!


Mind Chess Battle

I can’t even play proper chess game on a board. How the heck they remember all the positions on the chessboard?? Is this a normal thing for smart people??

Though I’m really impressed with people who are actually good at playing chess. Looks so damn cool and very…intellectual. *goes off to play chess with computer*

a slip of the tongue.
  • when james deflates his head and matures a bit, he actually manages to become friends with lily evans
  • like, really good friends who have comfortable conversations and make each other laugh, and it’s great, really great
  • but there’s a problem: james is still in love with her
  • like, crazily in love and he tries to hide it, but he automatically smiles when she walks into the room, and his eyes soften when he sees her, and his gaze flickers to her lips when she speaks and he cannot help it
  • and it is painfully obvious to literally everybody… except lily
  • she somehow remains oblivious to the fact that the boy who is quickly becoming one of her closest friends just wants to hold her and run his hands through her hair and tell her every day how desperately in love with her he is
  • (he also wants to push her against a wall and snog her senseless, but that’s neither here nor there)
  • and james can accept things as they are because lily really doesn’t see him in that way and he’s not going to risk losing what they have
  • so he just swallows his feelings and feels like he’s dying a little every day, no big deal
  • but then they’re all in the three broomsticks, squeezed into a smaller booth than normal, and when james ends up next to lily, he’s positive the universe hates him and he’s going to go mad because he’s never been so close to her in his life and it’s simultaneously ecstasy and torture
  • but he manages to play it cool because lily seem completely unperturbed by their proximity (damn)
  • what he doesn’t realise, because she manages to play it cool too, is that lily is actually very aware that james is pressed up against her; they’re literally shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, knee to knee
  • and it gives her tingles
  • ‘oh,’ she thinks. then it clicks. oh. oh no
  • because it suddenly hits her that maybe the way she’s been thinking about james lately, like admiring his physique in his quidditch uniform or the cute way he adjusts his glasses or the captivating way he runs his fingers through his hair, hasn’t been exactly platonic
  • and now it’s all she can think about; he’s all she can think about
  • and suddenly it’s her turn to try and hide the fact that she’s in love
  • she does about as a good a job of it as james does
  • and he does about as a good a job as her at being oblivious
  • (everyone else in the school is going mad)
  • at the next hogsmeade visit, when they somehow end up alone together because everyone else is conveniently busy, they both try not to make too big a deal about it and fail horribly because it’s a massive deal when you’re in love with the person sitting across the table from you and shit, did this count as a date?
  • but they’re still friends, so they somehow manage to get through lunch despite the romantic and sexual tension between them
  • then james steals some of lily’s food
  • “oi!” she moves to slap the back of his hand, but it’s too late and he laughs as he comes away with a handful of chips
  • she shoots him a murderous glare which just makes him laugh harder and she adores the sound of his laughter so she laughs, too
  • she shakes her head. “you’re incorrigible!”
  • “you love it,” he jokes
  • “i love you,” she says

  • shit
  • shit shit shit
  • they’ve both frozen; james has forgotten how to breathe and lily is wishing she could sink through the floor
  • “do…” he starts, but trails off because he’s scared, terrified, of finishing the question, because maybe she’ll give him an answer he doesn’t want to hear
  • and lily does briefly consider taking it back; she knows she could add, ‘as a friend!’ to the end of that sentence and they could pretend it never happened and everything would go back to the way it was and they could stay friends
  • except she’s so bloody sick of being his friend, she’s so tired of pretending that friendship with james potter is enough for her when it isn’t, it’s never going to be enough
  • so she takes a deep breath before whispering, “yes.”
  • she watches in awe as a familiarly warm grin spreads slowly across his face
  • “you’re the only person i’ve ever been in love with,” he finally admits and when her face lights up, it feels like he’s swallowed a sun

The Last Goodbye, N7 Day Edition

So the new Andromeda trailer looks very cool actually but if anyone is still down to cry about how much we’re gonna miss Shep and the gang then I AM HERE AND FULL OF FEELS and I painted this lil series as a result.

Happy N7 Day, everyone!


I’m sure this has been done, but

  • Slim blond dude in his late 20s;
  • Tries very hard to be cool but is actually over-dramatic;
  • Cares deeply for the children he mentors in their spirit-related powers;
  • Doesn’t really have friends his own age;
  • Kind, but also a great liar.

I mean, Reigen may not have powers himself, but Spender really wants to be an anime…

You finally received an action figure for Rogue One’s Galen Erso — what was that like? Were your kids excited?
It was very cool. I haven’t actually seen it yet, but they have texted me that it’s on its way in the mail. Because I have made a big thing out of not getting one. I was actually moaning quite a lot. I was moaning my way to get one, and finally I achieved it, so I’m at peace with that.

Well, if you’re going to be in a Star Wars movie, you have to get your own action figure.
I invented the Death Star — I mean, c’mon guys! [Laughs] -Mads Mikkelsen

Rating of PJO based on mentions of peanut butter
  • The Lightning Thief: 2 mentions. Nancy Bobofit throws peanut butter and ketchup sandwich pieces at Grover. Disgusting combination, used for a disgusting act. This book slanders the good name of peanut butter. 1/10
  • Sea of Monsters: 3 mentions. Percy buys Tyson an extra peanut butter sandwich at lunch one day. Percy also can't bring himself to look at Tyson's face bc he is distracted by peanut butter in his teeth. Finally, there are PB+J sandwiches aboard the CSS Birmingham. Good amount, sets up Tyson's continued love of peanut butter throughout the series. 8/10
  • The Titan's Curse: 2 mentions. Tyson thinks Annabeth is the coolest thing since peanut butter(and he really likes peanut butter). Peanut butter is not actually present in the scene, but it is acknowledged for being very cool. 6/10
  • Battle of the Labyrinth: 3 mentions. Tyson wants to relive the good old days when Annabeth, Percy, and he used to go on quests and eat peanut butter sandwiches. Later, Hera serves them all peanut butter sandwiches, which Tyson inhales. Although Tyson is incorrect in the amount of peanut butter sandwiches consumed in the Sea of Monsters, there are still a good amount of mentions. 9/10
  • The Last Olympian: 10 mentions. By far the most. May Castellan makes PB+J for a son that will never come home. This is very sad and makes me cry every time. On a lighter note, Tyson and the cyclopses use peanut butter as their battle cry, which Zeus finds odd. All in all, a robust amount of usages, all of which are very important to the plot. 27/10

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waiT THOUGH - in the book, jeremy's squip says that, if jeremy were gay, he'd just help him get guys?? i wanna see rich's squip help him w jake dammit

just let rich :( be happy :( :( :(

Life Update

So, I did say on here that i was moving to san antonio for the summer, maybe longer, but due to what happened the night before i moved out, im not going back to illinois. 

here’s a video of what happened, after the worst of it had already passed, for anyone who is curious or doubts me. 

basically, that video was taken after my stepmother got home from indiana from her overnight trip. anyone whos followed me for a while probably knows that i have some issues with her

as soon as she got home, she completely tore into me. that video was after the worst of it, actually, and the worst of it was around the time that she made me get on a scale and made fun of me for my weight (as a note, she’s incredibly overweight, im average and have gained about 10 lbs from hormones), screamed “FUCK YOU!” at me and then got mad at me for cursing when i asked my dad “what the hell did i do??”, and then told me i should go sleep in the car and nearly made me do it. she told me that im taking advantage of my partner and his family and that i have no responsibility or drive and that im crazy and that this won’t work out. she told me im disrespectful and terrible and that no one will want me and that spawned a lot of bad body issues that ive been dealing with for the past week. 

the video i linked was taken when she started screaming about how she was going to go through my things since i hadnt yet cleaned out my drawers. for context, she never told me to do this, and it was also 10 pm and i had to catch a flight at 8 am the next day which means getting up at 4 am since im autistic and airports are hard for me and i need to be there early. i was tired and she hadn’t told me to do this before and as you can hear in the video, i started begging for her not to go through my things. she ended up doing so anyways and i had a full-on breakdown afterwards. other stuff happened that night but it was along the same lines as this. 

everything got better once i was at the airport. there was literally no trouble. i got a wheelchair and someone to help me since my ticket was labelled with ‘intellectual disability’ (id called ahead the night before to tell them about my disability). the flight went fine. i touched down at about 11 am in san antonio and it was so warm and nice and my boyfriend was there to help me with my bags. we talked for a long time since he’d helped me through my anxiety attack the night before after all the screaming, and we met up with his sister (who i love). i showed them the video i took and they looked–horrified? idk if that’s the right word for it. and then i started tellng them about everything else. they both told me that they want me to live in texas full time and i said id look into schooling and everything.

and, well, it’s great here. i fucking love it. my in laws are awesome people. my sister in law and i hang out all the time and i call my partner’s mother ‘mom’ and i get to hang out with him all the time too. i have my own space as well and the weather here is nice and warm and there’s 4 cats to keep me company too. im in the process of getting all the details worked out (for example, they live in a strong gated community so im confined to a 1 mile radius when im alone until they can get me on the list of residents, shouldnt be long though). the school here looks like it’s able to transfer 3 years worth of credits and im working on finding a job. everything is actually pretty great. the only bad thing is that my allergies have gone absolutely nuts, but that’s calming down a little. i think it’s just due to me being a northerner suddenly moving about as far south as the US gets (i only pray that im not allergic to cats)

my mental health has been a lot better. im a lot happier. ive started reading and collecting books again. i do think about my body image a lot though because of the weight stuff my stepmother said and im terrified that if im not attractive then ill be sent back to illinois which i know no one would do and i know that sounds shallow but w/e. ive been having a ton of nightmares about that sort of stuff (having to go back to illinois) but i can imagine that stuff will get better with time.

ive decided that im going to get accepted to the college here and work out all my work and credit stuff and then write a letter of no contact to my step mother. ive decided to be very politely aggressive–different from passive aggressive, basically saying exactly what i think but leaving out all the swears–during it and will bring up specific things, such as asking her if she thinks it was really appropriate for her to make fun of my weight and asking if she’d be alright with someone saying that to her and asking whether or not she thinks it’s alright to call your child a bitch for not wanting to text every morning. itll have to be after i get everything worked out, though.

overall, im very happy. i still have some work to do but im in a much better place than i have been. i made a decision to fuck everything and leave and im not going to turn back. sometimes, i think, there doesn’t have to be a lot of planning. sometimes you’ve just had enough and it’s time to go. i hit that point the night before i was supposed to leave. fuck living like that. im not going back.

My thoughts on BatB 2017 - Part 4: What I Loved

Part 1: The Songs | Part 2: The Ending | Part 3: The New Scenes | Part 4: What I Loved | Part 5: Things That Bothered Me

Ok, to be honest, I loved most of the movie, but here are some things I especially appreciated :).


Dan Stevens as the Beast
Dan Stevens is to die for in this movie. He is amazing in all his scenes - even when his face is all CGI and you can only hear his voice and see his eyes. After the backslash the CGI Beast received (some reviewers even called him “too much of a distraction”) I feared the worst but I actually think that the CGI is very well done - especially the close-ups - and his face is amazingly expressive, which (I believe) could not be achieved with prosthetics/make-up.

● Emma Watson as Belle
I actually liked Emma a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Her singing voice is sweet, though not very powerful, but as I’ve stated earlier, I really do not think that Belle (as a character) has to be an accomplished singer (unlike e.g. Ariel) and personally, I do not care whether her voice (or anyone else’s for that matter) was autotuned or not. She sounds pretty good to my untrained ears.

The prologue

“Shall I join you for a dinner this evening?” - “Sorry, not this evening.” - “Busy?” - “No…”

I really loved the Beast’s portrayal as a well-educated person who forgot the joy reading brings and finds his sense of humour. I am sure there are some things that could be problematic regarding the change of the Beast’s character, but I will leave it to other reviewers. Overall, I was very happy with the changes and I also loved that he is still that melodramatic dork we all fell in love with in the animation and in the Broadway musical. Also, I am super biased because I loved Dan Stevens’s performance so much.

LumiereXPlumette and CadenzaXGarderobe loving relationships. I wouldn’t mind a spin-off about these ships :).

● Instrumental version of “Home” from the Broadway musical plays two times during the movie: first when Belle is shown to her new room and later when Madame Garderobe helps her to dress for the ball.

Belle slipping under the elaborate gown Mme. Garderobe put on her.

Belle planning her escape and making an improvised rope.

The stakes are higher for both the Beast and the servants. Similarly to the Broadway version, the servants are slowly becoming more and more like lifeless objects as the curse progresses. And the castle crumbles a bit every time the rose loses its petal. So, if the curse is not broken, the Beast is doomed to remain in the crumbling castle and completely alone.

All the book references and book quotes. I wouldn’t mind if there were more :).

Beast throwing a giant snowball at Belle. (Also, I am pretty sure Belle got her payback for this the next winter XD)

“I set her free. I am sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.“
THIS. This right here is such an amazing moment that I’ve been sorely missing in the animation and the musical. The Beast acknowledging that he fucked up his servants’ lives as well and he actually apologizes for that. #character development

Gaston shooting the Beast with a gun (but actually having a crossbow prepared as a plan B as well).

Belle destroying Gaston’s arrows. And while we’re at it, her line “Where is he?!” (aka “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BOYFRIEND YOU ASSHOLE?!”) was SO VERY COOL.

“I am not a beast.”

Gaston actually recharging his gun (although it does take him impossibly short amount of time given the type of the gun).

The coat-stand/Chateau saving Chip’s life. I cry every time I see it.

● Mrs. Potts’s name is revealed to be Beatrice :D Much Ado About Nothing, anyone?

“How would you feel about growing a beard?” - *the Prince laughs and growls*

I’ve stated before that I am not ecstatic about this exchange as I would prefer if she asked his name or made a book reference or something but…the backslash this dialogue received is so unbelievable and so unfair. Some people interpret it as “oh no, she’s trying to change him already!” Like: hello? This is Belle we’re talking about, she would never ever mean it like that. And some fans go as far as to claim that it’s a confirmation of Belle being a furry? Are you kidding me?! I think that this conclusion tells more about the people who make it than the scene itself.

Belle is simply teasing him, testing his reaction, wanting to know if behind a different exterior he is still the man she fell in love with. Which is actually pretty sweet.

(Besides, did nobody notice Lumiere literally smouldering after he kissed Plummete? So they made the fact that there were some side-effects of the curse left in them canon.)

(Not so) Public Displays of Affection

Relationship: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen

Summary: Jonas would like to be grossed out at how in love they are, but he can’t. Isak spends the rest of the night curled around Even’s chest, still animatedly debating with Magnus over some stupid topic while playing with Even’s hands. Or his hoodie string. Or his sleeve. Anything he can get his hands on, really. Or five times Isak was comfortable with PDA around his friends, and the one time he was comfortable with it in public

(Read on AO3)

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You finally received an action figure for Rogue One’s Galen Erso — what was that like? Were your kids excited?

Mads: It was very cool. I haven’t actually seen it yet, but they have texted me that it’s on its way in the mail. Because I have made a big thing out of not getting one. I was actually moaning quite a lot. I was moaning my way to get one, and finally I achieved it, so I’m at peace with that.

Well, if you’re going to be in a Star Wars movie, you have to get your own action figure.

Mads: I invented the Death Star — I mean, c’mon guys! [Laughs]