it was actually super fun to make these gifs

this has been superbly overdue, but better late than never! i hit my first thousand a while ago and i’ve been wanting to give credit to where its due to the people i follow and make my experience on this shitsite super fun and actually not leave me bored even if my index and middle finger do an endless amount of scrolling through the dash

i’m super and utterly grateful i actually reached a big milestone like this! like 1k, holy fucking shit dudes…that shit is fucking crazy to think about. like a thousand of people decided to click a button and follow me, me, because i’m 110% sure all i end up doing is screaming into the tags about how much i love bangtan and bangtan and would you look at that, even more bangtan

regardless of what you followed me for, whether it be gifs or graphics or writing or whatever, thank you so much once again!! i don’t think i can be able to express my gratitude enough without overly repeating the use of the words thank and you and make myself sound even more damn annoying rip sienna ;___; </3

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Blueberry Pie

Prompt: Dean’s Flavor of the Month prompt by @balthazars-muse

Authors Note: This was super fun to write. I played around with a few ideas, but in the end, I wanted some cold-day fluff, especially since it seems like people are leaning more towards smut. I totally understand, with the theme and all, but I just wanted something fun! It’s actually really tempting to write a sequel. I don’t know, maybe if enough people request it :)

You hummed to yourself as you checked the bottom of the pancake in the skillet. It was a distraction, at least you tried to make it one. Every now and then your eyes would travel to the tangled mess of limbs and sheets on your bed. It was times like this you cursed yourself for not springing for an actual apartment instead of your flat. You could have hidden yourself away in the bathroom, but that would have made things even worse when he got up to use it.

Shaking your head, you flipped the pancake, smiling to yourself when it stayed intact. Cooking was never really your thing. You could bake a few things, but anything on top of the stove might as well have been rocket science.

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