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Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

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oKAY BUT imagine alec’s first Pride like aaa
  • everyone at the institute Knows because he keeps bringing it up in every single convo and they have inside jokes abt it
  • “did you hear alec today at the briefing” “yea lol he only mentioned pride like ten times” “i think it was a record”
  • he’s super excited because he’s finally allowed to feel happy about who he is and who he loves and he can’t wait to be able to show it to Everyone
  • izzy and jace (and everyone else) being supportive and excited for him
  • the weeks drag on and alec’s planning every detail about the day just to be sure nothing goes wrong
  • finally it’s The Day and alec wakes up too early bc he can’t wait
  • magnus makes him paint rainbow flags on his cheeks and he’s grumpy but actually thinks they’re super cute
  • he paints magnus’ nails w/ bi colours (bc he’s painted izzy’s nails before he’s rly good at it)
  • they hold hands the entire march and alec is grinning so hard his face feels like it might split
  • magnus giving him these knowing Looks and smiling and being so glad to see alec so happy
  • alec excitedly pointing out different flags and pins and shit and thinking all the puns are rly clever and creative and he loves them
  • alec buying pins for himself and it feels like a quiet rebellion against the stuck up people at clave
  • alec taking pictures of different sapphic signs and sending them to izzy like “look it’s u”
  • and sending jace bi memes with captions like “so sad you’re there all bi yourself, wish u were here”
  • alec feeling like he Belongs for the first time in his life, like he’s finally where he’s supposed to be
  • that spark not really leaving even after they go home and it’s dusk and everything’s settling down
  • alec sitting down with magnus and just talking and feeling content and it’s all sweet and domestic
  • just. alec feeling accepted and accepting himself and being content :’))
  • i want to cry
Pokemon Go with EXO

A/N: I’m trying a bit of a different format with this one–lemme know if you guys like/hate it lol


~never would want to go outside to play pokemon go so you’d always have to drag him outside 

~BUT once you got him outside he would turn into the legend27 and somehow manage to catch a bunch of ridiculously rare pokemon without even trying?

~definitely on team valor and would always brag about how much better his team is than yours (and you couldnt even argue because he’d just beat you in a battle)


~always dragging you outside to play with him even if it was straight up storming

~”jongdae theres a LITERAL storm watch going on right now”

~”okay but theres a gym like three streets down though”

~he’d try his best but literally would only catch rattatas which would be followed by a really loud “WAAAEEEEEE”




~he would be so impossible to play with because hes so gOOD????

~which would be frustrating because he doesnt even take the game seriously he just plays casually but somehow has all the best pokemon?

~and he would always laugh at you when you caught ANOTHER caterpie like okay thanks for nothing 


~he wouldn’t actually care about the game at all whatsoever but because you were so into it he definitely would be too

~would try really hard to get good pokemon and would choose whichever team you were on

~honestly just rly cute about the whole thing and would buy you matching tshirts with your team name on it




~”baobei why does this dog have stripes what do i do with him?”

~”yixing you literally just got growlithe how???”

~would name them all cute names like “max” and “pumpkin”


~team mystic fer sure

~not really into it, doesn’t really understand the point of it but humors you nonetheless

~fast forward to a week later and somehow he has like twenty charmanders and is the leader of his team

~still doesn’t QUITE care enough and ends up deleting the app even though he was like one of the best


~this aNGEL is too pure and sweet and just loves playing this game with you and would definitely call you his pikachu

~which isn’t even romantic???

~but shh let him call you that he loves that you love this game and he loves playing it with you

~keeps playing it even after you get rid of it even though he still isn’t quite sure how to even evolve his pokemon


~not really super into the game himself but enjoys watching you wander around aimlessly so he’d definitely accompany you to search for pokemon

~probably has like five hundred pidgeys 

~but he refuses to get rid of them because “they have feelings too, jagi”

~he names half of them lyrics from EXO songs and the other half super immature and inappropriate names and then giGGLES like crazy when he shows you


~team valor team valor team vaLOR

~caught a geodude once so he thinks he’s basically the best thing to happen to pokemon go

~despite the fact that you beat him every time you two battle

~his favorite and most powerful pokemon are named after his members

~which is super endearing but don’t tell him that because he’ll get all defensive and say its not a big deal

~(its a big deal)

oKAY SO when i first created this blog i was just getting back into writing (bc of b99 ahhh the inspo) and i was like y’know it’d be so cute to post my first b99 fic as like a present when i reached 100 followers! (bc im milestone trash) but i didn’t plan for y’all to? think im interesting? bc i’ve only written 1k words total but already surpassed my goal by like 200% sO INSTEAD while i get my act together pls enjoy some random domestic peraltiago headcanons (yay!)

  • so okay hear me out but, like, spa nights
    • like it starts off so simply like maybe every other week amy just likes to use a lil simple face mask bc skin care is important jake and he like teases her a bit bc you look like a zombie arrrghh but maybe after a couple times he’s just rly curious and asks if he can try it too and it becomes a routine thing
    • but then after a few months jake’s like hey! look at these other cool skin things i bought! and amy’s so confused but she goes with it bc okay its nice just sitting in front of the tv with jake while he complains about the lack of cucumbers no jake that’s not - okay fine whatever i’ll get cucumbers next time
      • he just eats all the cucumber slices
    • and eventually it progresses to like full on spa nights (at least that’s what jake calls them) whenever they have free time in the evenings and they aren’t too busy
  • and because i rly like routine things: baking nights!
    • ok so its canon amy sucks at all things food and i know some of u think jake is a good cook but honestly i find nothing funnier than both of them being absolutely terrible (i mean jake actually might be good but he just doesn’t rly care about cooking and never tried to learn sooo)
    • but like ok one day amy is like this is ridiculous we need to know how to cook right so she suggests practicing sometime and jake is 100% sure it will end terribly (and that’s 100% of the reason he agrees) and while amy rly wants to make actually healthy meals jake convinces her they should start small and make like cookies
    • so one day they start like right after they get home from work and it seems so easy i mean everyone can make chocolate chip cookies right? no they cant they’re up until 3am trying to get it right and jake’s having the time of his life bc amy’s covered head to toe in random cookie ingredients and she’s adorable but amy is livid (which is also rly cute until she rips an oven mitt in half and then its terRIFYING)
    • anyway jake convinces her to try again somehow (ok he kissed her until she forgot what she was agreeing to) and its not as often as spa nights but its definitely a Thing now and they’ve made approximately 3 cookies that were almost good so like that’s progress right yes amy’s doing it bc of the progress not bc of how happy jake is every time no of course not
  • oops this got long quickly okay i’ll end on a short one so anyway nothing is sacred to these competitive nerds theyre constantly hiding random objects around their house i mean it started off innocently enough with jake just sticking a mug on top of the tv for the lols but then it turns into a full fledged war but its still casual until jake hides amy’s keys and she’s late to work bc now there are Rules and its all very intense and has caused several arguments
    • also one time it accidentally spread to the precinct and caused a slight epidemic that everyone is too scared to mention ever again
my bookmarked fics

@fictionismynationality asked me to dump the entirety of my bookmark folder on y’all so here’s what i’ve got (somewhat organized)

(mostly does not include all the WIPs and “to read”s i currently have open in my 21 tabs)

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anonymous asked:

hey i really love your art and how you draw anatomy. is it alright if you could give any tips on that? recently, everytime i try to draw the anatomy doesnt look right and doesnt seem to fit the art style im going for?? im sorry if that doesnt really make any sense but a few tips would be really appreciated!

THANK U!! I CAN SURE TRY Lots of figure drawing and real life drawing and studying anatomy
I know it sounds boring and dry but yeahhh pretty much. Figure drawing can be fun tho!
Learning to draw the body fast and loose is pretry much an essential, breaking it into shapes is too. Everything is shapes. The world is just mae borowskis nightmare

Also try “why your drawings suck” on youtube (the title sounds harsh but it isnt that bad dw) she gives the good tips. Just pick what u actually wanna do from those

Ermm random basics maybe ok here goes
These are just general they rly dont apply to everyone irl and especially not if you draw very stylized

- Wrists start at the crotch lel
- elbows are kinda at the waist, line up with ur belly button?
- Ur foot is about the length of your forearm
- eyes are usually an eye width apart (i wouldnt do that w big ol anime eyes tho)
Eyes kinda line up w the ears i think??
- err
- shoulders exist
- hands are usually the size of your face (not the head just . Covering ur facial features with it
including the fingies)
- erm
- i cant think of anything else


Dont worry about a style yet, practice the basics and let it come naturally. Styles change all the time for everyone and only obsessively sticking to one thing just hinders your artistic growth!!

Dont i sound cool saying all these things!!

Voltron Headcanons Pt. 3
  • Lance has pretty severe depression. He puts on this mask that makes him seem confident and clever and tough, but in reality he’s just sad and tired and honestly just rly needs a good hug.
  • Its usually late night or early morning, when everyone else is asleep, where Lance is the most vulnerable.
  • During those times he listens to the Hamilton soundtrack. “Satisfied” to be specific.
  • Lance cries very quietly. So quiet that he could cry while wearing his helmet and none of the others would hear.
  • Keith walked in on Lance crying while listening to “Satisfied” and looking out of one of the big windows on the castle once. He thought about going to comfort but decided that he might just make it worse if Lance knew he’d been caught. Not to mention Keith isn’t very good at comforting people.
  • Keith, Hunk, and Lance are all rly good singers. Pidge and Shiro aren’t very good, though.
  • Keith is actually super good at rapping?? Like he’s rly good at rapping
  • Lance is the best singer out of all of them, but he’s too afraid to sing in front of people. The only person he will sing in front of is Shiro.
  • When he sings, Lance sings quietly. Not because he’s nervous, that’s just how he sings.
  • Hunk isn’t afraid of singing in front of others and will often break out into song at random times. 
  • Shiro once heard Lance singing and later asked him jokingly he wasn’t joking if he would give him lessons. Lance was very embarrassed but said he would.
  • If Pidge gets angry enough she’ll start to cry. She hates it but she can’t help it.
  • Lance and Pidge both cry if they get embarrassed enough
  • Keith has the same problem but he refuses that he wasn’t tearing up, he just had something in his eye…
  • Hunk can cook normally difficult dishes no problem, but he sometimes has trouble with simpler dishes.
  • Shiro has tried improving his singing during his lessons with Lance but is still terrible.
  • One of the reasons Shiro wanted to do the singing lessons with Lance was to give them both a little distraction. To have a couple hours a day that they could just relax, laugh, and not worry or stress out.
  • Lance was hesitant at first but ended up rly enjoying the lessons with Shiro. He considers Shiro one of his best friends so he most comfortable singing around him.

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i can't get away with using rly obvious stims at home (aint parents grand) but for anybody else looking for a casual way to keep your hands busy rubiks cubes are rly great! they're a decent weight and go clack clack and if you wanna actually try to solve it then you can keep your eyes busy too!!

that’s a rlly good idea!!! it provides an audio stim, a tactile stim, and a visual stim. thank u!!!

this was supposed to be a doodle cause i wanted them to adopt a dog but i ended up spending way too much time testing out brushes rip my studies

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omigosh is russel actually ur fav?? cos he's mine too and like i never see much russel love and i just love him so much it makes me sad :'0

he ‘s lookin like it

tho tbh im havnt much time spent w/ thse characters to uh. rly determine Th One True Fav (like. ~3 days)

bt from wht ive seen of him like…………

1. Shaped Like A Friemd

2. Possession Crud (tht im a Huge Sucker for in general)

3. him jst. randomly B I G at one point tht i domt understand bt fully support

4. Th Good Eyes™

5. TH T U M


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Who is your favourite villain in bnha??

I don’t… really… like the villains in bnha… sorry - the one I’m the most interested in is Twice, I feel like I could end up liking him soon enough, and the one I like the design of the most is Overhaul? I’m waiting for the day Horikoshi will make Dabi interesting to me, since as of now he’s a pretty bland and anonymous character and if I knew him more the chances I’d like or dislike him are more or less equal, but that’s about it for now

Anon said: i am just going to say that i am really inlove with your bakushimanaris (like, all three of them, any one of them, tbh you just opened my eyes on bakukami though, they’re so cute and love!!!) and bakusquad i hope you draw more and more and more of them and never ever get tired of them <3 please draw more bakushimanaris, and bakusquad, or bakusquad teasing bakushimanari omg.

Awwwww thank you so much!!!! And I’m super glad you like my squad stuff!!!!! I’ll definitely draw more of it soon, don’t worry about that, they’re my faves to play with at the moment~

Anon said: Every time I see one of your drawing from a new show I’m like welp! Looks like I’m starting a new show. I think I started watching like three different shows and read the entire bnha manga just to understand more of your comics because I love your art!! Seriously it’s super amazing and beautiful!!

BOI thank you!!!!!!!!!! I hope you liked all that stuff you started because of me hahaha and if this ask was about my latest LWA sketches, I hope you’ll enjoy that too!!! The girls are all amazing and both art-style and animations are incredible, it’s a really fun show!

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moemoeprincess  asked:

I'm really hoping vvtz becomes the next Undertale~

OMG, if I get even 5% of that popularity it would be so great! But I am not that confident, really. Undertale is just too good and I LOVE it to death! I even sent Tobyfox a mail that I wrote last year, before even start developing Virgo expressing my love for the game, and how it inspired me on actually getting into game making after I saw that story and gameplay could come together as one to bring a cool new world for people to enjoy, and I added a link for Virgo there (can you imagine? Senpai noticing me?) but didn’t got an answer. Oh well, he’s just too busy, rly, I didn’t expect anything, but it’s always nice to acknowledge people doing great work like that :3

Reasons Ray Stantz is The Worst:

• says “what the heck”
• apologizes a lot for things which aren’t his fault
• “of course, you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration”
• accidentally summoned a giant Stay-Puft marshmallow monster
• cares a lot
• “the heart of the Ghostbusters”
• he ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts
• plugs his nose when he swims
• sang to ectoplasm
• wears one-piece pajamas
• waves like a 5-year-old
• smokes cigars bc he is #classy
• worried about other’s welfare
• tries his best
• likes pizza
• thinks Thai food is “too spicy”
• cute af
• when tasked with acquiring a company car he chose a horrendously broken hearse
• dances a lot
• soft
• really smart
• fluffy hair
• will drop kick u, don’t test him
• “it looks like a giant Jell-O mold”
• believes in people
• good
• uses big words
• just constantly is saying cute things
• has never done a single thing wrong in his whole life ever
• badass af
• all his friends adore him
• as they should
• “groovy”
• loves everyone
• smiley
• so cute
• rly nice butt
• pure
• sang his own name
• actually jumps when he gets scared
• nice to every person always
• tired
• supports u
• when asked if he was a god, he didn’t say yes
• lives for the D R A M A
• gets excited about slime
• excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• did I mention that he’s really smart
• would not hesitate to give u the shirt off his back if u were cold
• studied a lot in school
• Ray Stantz or Hermione Granger? 9/10 will get this wrong
• has good ideas
• “we can really bust some heads … in a spiritual sense, of course”
• the only one who ever has a plan
• we would be nowhere without him
• basically the sugar daddy of the entire Ghostbusters operation
• got starry-eyed about having a fire pole in his house he’s honestly so cute I don’t know what to do with him
• likes sleepovers
• a puppy
• everyone who has ever seen him is a lil bit in love with him
• a Nerd
• “listen … do you smell something?”
• sass master
• warm
• turns on music instead of confronting his problems #same
• asked a ghost nicely to leave
• honestly who is this guy and why is he so cute
• doesn’t want to fight but if he has to he will kick your ass back into the shadow realm
• unattainable coolness
• people hit him when they’re excited but he’s okay with it
• would make u breakfast
• took time in the middle of an intense confrontation with a malignant supernatural force to do the tablecloth trick
• loves his friends
• sings his own theme song
• “ungrateful little yuppie larva”
• takes charge of the situation! don’t cross him!
• smiles a lot
• *sees a ghost* 😍
• really just wants to take a nap
• uses “fuggy brain” as a hard insult
• loves u
• would be the little spoon
• wants to help everyone
• would smile at u if u saw him on the street
• everything about him is good