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The Victuuri Theme Song (Victor's POV)
The Victuuri Theme Song (Victor's POV)

So ever since episode 7, when it is made very obvious that Victor has strong feelings for Yuuri, I’ve believed this song to be Victor and Yuuri’s theme.

Now after episode 10, it fits the relationship between Victor and Yuuri perfectly! Especially if you listen to it while imagining it is being sung from Victor’s POV. Listen to this and then come talk to me about it! :D

(gif by @sawtsuki​)

(actual song is called “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last)


I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I was living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain

Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are
For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours
Well I would have known
What I’ve been living for all along

What I’ve been living for

Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell
When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well
With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas
Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees

The Signs As Cliches
  • Aries: The "Bar Fight" Cliche
  • Taurus: The "Strong Female is Always Underestimated" Cliche
  • Gemini: The "Bad Guy/Good Guy Comparison" Cliche
  • Cancer: The "Not Actually Dead But You Thought" Cliche
  • Leo: The "Kisses the Love Interest at the Last Second When There is Literally No Time for Kissing" Cliche
  • Virgo: The "Awkward Elevator Scene" Cliche
  • Libra: The "30 Second Makeover Scene and *gasp* She's Beautiful" Cliche
  • Scorpio: The "Disappear into the Fog" Cliche
  • Sagittarius: The "'Get A Hold Of Yourself!' *slaps*" Cliche
  • Capricorn: The "30 Second Bomb Takes 5 Minutes to Go Off" Cliche
  • Aquarius: The "Beaten the First Time but They Get Up and Beat the Enemy Even Though They're Weak" Cliche
  • Pisces: The "Popular Guy Falls for the Unpopular Girl or Vice Versa" Cliche

(finally gets to New Years requests a week later lol)


> You know it’s coming

> He’s got his visor off, and you’re sitting on the windowsill looking out at a snowy Hanamura at night, with fireworks blooming in the spilt-ink sky

> Genji’s got an arm wrapped around your shoulder (suave) and he leans into you as he murmurs the countdown (super suave)

> The kiss lasts 2 seconds - one before the year, and one after

> You pull away to see a huge banner of fireworks being fired off across the sky


> “You want to do what?”

> “What an interesting belief”

> Gets SO flustered as the countdown is going

> You can hear his processors just going WHHHRRRRR as you’re learning in

> You kiss for only a moment, right on the dot of when the year turns over

> The shyest and purest

Soldier: 76

> Says he thinks it’s silly but actually really wants to do it. This man has a cheesy dad’s level of romantic deep inside and you can’t convince me otherwise.

> You: “Okay I suppose we won’t do it then :(”

> Soldier, immediately: “WELL I GUESS IT DOESN’T HURT” jack your tsundere is showing

> You guys go to the square in King’s Row for the countdown

> I imagine the rest of the team is like piled up around the corner watching this happen. Tracer’s almost vibrating with excitement, D.Va’s got her camera out and Reinhardt is begrudgingly handing Ana twenty dollars.

> He presses his lips against yours when it counts down to one and doesn’t pull away until the cheering has stopped. 

> Later you probably pay D.Va a solid amount of favours to get those pictures of Soldier being blushy and you two being gross lol

> Admin GK

how did i get to thinkin’ that you’re kinda hot?

you thought i forgot about sakacchan? i can never forget ✧sakacchan✧ 

for a friend‘s kissing prompt: needing to kiss to hide from bad guys** (but there weren’t really any bad guys, they trespassed into their school in the wee hours of night to save a stray pup from other doggos and the guards caught them – almost. sakamoto got a little carried away heh)

One Last Kiss

Hey, @mouserzwuzhere here is your gift from the @mlsecretsanta exchange! Sorry it took a little while to get it to you. It just kept going!

I went with some Marinette and Jagged Stone brotp and fake dating in one, so I hope you enjoy this! It was fun to write! :)

“You want me to what?”

“Please, you’re the only one Fang seems to actually like. We need an evening to rehearse without interruptions.” Penny sighed. “Look, I’m willing to pay you very well. It’s just one night.”

“I’d have to ask my parents. I dont know if we have enough room for a crocodile.” Marinette glanced over at her mother who was looking increasingly concerned by the conversation she was having.

“Oh, we’ve already rented a room in a hotel nearby. You could stay there with Fang. He really just needs someone to keep an eye on him. He gets lonely.”

Marinette smiled. “Well…”

“Please, Marinette.”

Marinette glanced up at her mother. “Mama, could I stay the night at a hotel with a pet crocodile?”

Sabine raised a brow. “What?”

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alex looks so lost throughout the scene like it only hits her when maggie’s lips are actually on hers and she raises her eyebrows like the speech she just heard about maggie wanting to kiss her wasn’t enough of a hint of what was about to happen she’s in disbelief until the last second

Boy Next Door

can you do one of a neighborhood crush? pls 💞

Hey can you do an imagine where like you and your crush and some friends are having a sleepover and you guys are just friends but he has to sleep in your bed and you like talk then kiss and stuff like fluff maybe even like you just had a fight or something if you want a little more drama hahaha thank you!! xx

Could you write an imagine where you guys have been friends for awhile and your over at his house hanging out and you guys end up kissing (like major make out scene) and he confesses his feelings!!

You sat in your room, working on your latest music playlist. Your computer was hot on your legs as you moved songs around into a perfect order only a person like you could love. This particular playlist was actually just for you to listen to in the shower. Adding one last song, you quickly hit save and then pushed play.

Stripping all your clothes from your body, a chills came across your body only making you more eager to jump in. You felt the water with your hand, it was warm enough so you just stepped in letting the water fall down your body. The music just poured into your ears, bringing you to a world of music.

You stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel to soak up all the water. You wrapped it around your body and stepped over to your drawers for some clothes.

Your last drawer held all your bras and underwear so you bent down, immediately hearing a whistle from outside. You grasp your towel in shock and look out. Of course, from straight across your window was framed another of which none other than (c/n) lived.

“looking good babe” (c/n) yelled across the houses. Fixing your towel a little more, you slowly walk over to the frame, “(c/n) why don’t you go find yourself a magazine instead of looking through my window all the time”.

(C/n) lived next door for who knows how long. You liked him for who knows how long. With your windows aligned constant looks have always been shared between the two of you. You looking at him when he’s shirtless or him looking at you when you’re in a long t shirt with no shorts.

“now what’s the fun in that (y/n)?” He says leaning out on his forearms, biting his lip in the process. You grabbed your pajamas and held it in your arms. You open your window a little more so you don’t have to lean, shrugging your shoulders after. “Now if you excuse me, I need to change clothes”.

You strut to your bathroom and turned around, giving him a wink before closing the door. You quickly changed into clothes and took a deep breath. You looked in the mirror one more time to make sure you looked okay and stepped out. Grabbing your phone with one hand and the door with the other, you stepped out and once again looked through the window. He still stood as it window, but on his phone. You mimicked his posture on your window, he still didn’t notice you. You coughed, causing him to jump, and hit his head on the frame. He rubbed his head on the spot and clutching his phone while you giggled at him.</p>

“So any reason why decided to look through my window at this time?” you ask playfully while watching the blush disappear from his cheeks. 

“Well I was playing video games until I heard just some awful cat screeching from your room,” he says. Its your turn to blush as remember not more than a half an our ago you were blasting your music not to mention screaming and dancing to the words. Your curtains were closed at the time so he luckily couldn’t see you.

“Hm thats weird must’ve been my sister,” you lie to him to hide from this embarrassment. He looked at you like he knew you were lying but didn’t say anything. “Hm okay (y/n) let’s pretend I didn’t hear you replay the same song over and over again”

You guys continued talking until you decided to go grab a drink. “I’ll be right back,” you say sitting up and stretching. He nodded and stretched a little bit too, letting out a yawn. You walked down stairs grabbing a bottle before quickly heading back up, in hopes that he doesn’t walk away from that window anytime soon. You haven’t talked to him for this long in a couple months, and you were really starting to miss it.

You walked back up, closing the door behind you just to make sure your parents wouldn’t complain about you being up and talking with a boy. You looked through the window, weird. (C/n) wasn’t there anymore. Your shoulders slumped and you were about to go into bed when all of a sudden a voice made you turn around, “don’t pout”. You yelped in shock and turned around. (C/n) took a step towards you and turned you around, pushing you towards the wall. You continued shyly talking over him about how he shouldn’t be in here and that your parents would get mad but he did nothing but put a finger over your lips and shushing you.

“Please stay quiet or I might just have to make you,” he said while taking one more step towards you so your bodies touched and your lips were closer than ever. You nodded your hands got sweaty and your lips got dry as you tried not looking into his eyes. After a few minutes when your breathing calmed a little more he let go and took a step back.

“What are you doing in my room exactly?” He shrugged his shoulders and looked around in your room. You stood there nervously waiting for a reply. You eventually just flopped down in your bed out of boredom from his silence.

He finally spoke, “I noticed how small the spaces between our houses really were.” He plopped down on your bed next to you and continued, “I didn’t like being so far.” You shifted farther away just to keep your legs from touching as you both sat up in your bed. He left his arm on your leg, having only his fingertip touch your skin. Goosebumps rose and you guys kept talking about school and sports.

“I like you (y/n), if you haven’t noticed,” he said looking up at you, “I see the signs when we look at each other, you like me too.”

You sighed, that lifted so much off your shoulders for him to just clear the waters and agree. You nodded and smiled at him. “I’m glad you feel this way,” you said, grabbing his hand. He moved your hair, pushing it behind your ear and kissing your temple. “Can we try something else?” He looked at you confused but agreed nonetheless. You took his hand out of yours, and placed it on his jaw. You turned it towards your face. He slowly understood what you meant and followed direction. His empty hand was placed on your neck and rubbed his thumb back and forth. You finally leaned forward, starting the kiss.

You both still lay in bed, he grazed his hand along your leg for the longest time and you didn’t want it to go. Your clock read 12:00AM but you felt like right now was never ending. “Do you have to go back?” He chuckled and stretched a little. “We can do whatever you want.”

“Can I kiss you again?” You ask him shyly. He nods quickly and places his hand to steady himself. His lips squish against yours in a sloppy manner earning a giggle from you. He smiles but fixes his lips to better align with yours.

“I think I gotta go,” he says and looks at his watch. He stifles a yawn and leans his head against your shoulder. You mumble out, "mhm just another minute.”

“I don’t know I think we’re gonna have to glue these windows shut from now on (crush mom)” You hear a little clearer as you barely open your eyes to see your mom leaning out the window talking to whom you see is (c/n)’s mom. “We may just do that, I don’t want these kids sneaking in and out at night, and I definitely don’t need some grand babies yet.” You heard (c/n)’s chest rumble a little beside you. Your eyes were closed once again but you could tell his chest was to your back. Your head rested on the pillow so you must have fallen down a little so you weren’t sitting up while sleeping.

"Should we wake them up (mom/n)?” You heard (c/n)’s mom ask. You could sense your mom was looking at you guys and it was clear nothing had happened except the two of you guys clearly holding hands and still fully clothed.

Your moms left you guys about ten minutes later and that caused you to eventually fall asleep. (C/n) shifted down so his head was lower and more against your shoulder. He wrapped his arm around your waist and held you tight against his body.

Your eyes fluttered when you felt his lips placed on your shoulder. You stretched and looked at the clock, it was 8:00.

"So uh, as my girl, can we do this more often,” he says to you. Nodding, "sure thing neighbor.” He rolls his eyes and climbs back up to your lips, giving you a big kiss.

Alright, so I understand that everyone will love it if Victor and Yuuri get engaged in episode 10 (I even saw some people discovering/postulating that some of the scenes next episode take place at churches around Barcelona, so there might be an engagement). It will make me hyperventilate and melt if I see a proposal scene.

However, let’s take a small step back and realize that Victor and Yuuri have only actually known each other for around eight months. The romantic side of their relationship only picked up around episode five, which occurred in mid or late September. They kissed at Cup of China, which would be first weekend of November. Rostelecom Cup, being the last event before Grand Prix Final, traditionally takes place over the last weekend of November, and Grand Prix Final tends to be the second weekend of December, so the duration of the romantic development between Victor and Yuuri will only be about 11-12 weeks long by episode 10.

It is unlikely that they will get engaged after only 11-12 weeks of romantic development. We admire and love this relationship because it is beautiful and healthy, and while there are people who have gotten married in less time than that, I don’t think their relationship will grow or benefit from such a development yet. It is also not in Victor or Yuuri’s character to get engaged after three months. It is true that they lived in the same house and interacted everyday in the eight months that they have known each other, but I personally don’t think it’s enough of a basis for an engagement yet. I don’t quite think it will lead to a stable, healthy and long-term relationship, which is what I want for Victor and Yuuri.

But I really hope they will do an epilogue/OVA/movie/second season where there is an engagement (and wedding)!!! It would make me the happiest person in the world.

imagine a modern bonnie & clyde au !!!

  • they’re in a hotel room and muse a sees the police car from their window. “oh sHIT, we gotta go!” but muse b is still in the shower ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ
  • gimme one last kiss because we go in, not because I’m scared we’ll get caught but because shit, those lips.
  • muse a gets shot in the foot. muse b gets revenge: *kicks the attackers knee* DON’T *kicks their ribs* YOU *kicks their private parts* TOUCH *hits head with side of their gun* HIM/HER
  • “the only thing you’ll ever steal from me is my heart” — “…well actually I’ve stolen some of your jewelry once too” ¬_¬
  • muse a helping muse b escape from prison
  • muse a waiting twenty years for muse b to come out of prison
  • muse a not being able to wait for muse b to come out of prison ಥ⌣ಥ
Chapter 45

Can I just say that the build up in this chapter was amazing? I was actually worried that the author would just wake senpai up right after the kiss but the fact that we got a flashback and a dream sequence relating to what Serinuma was doing in rl was really a great way to connect his subconscious thoughts and reality, meeting in the middle, waking him up from his slumber. But that’s not the only things that met in the middle. Her feelings were also developed a second time by repeating her dialogue in the last chapter, and this time, portrayed in a school setting, kinda similar to a confession scene. But she still wasn’t aware of her feelings during this time, no, not until the final part of the chapter. 

What I’m looking for in the next chapters are: 

1) How will Serinuma act upon her feelings? will she start being awkward around him? will she be straight forward? seeing that this is her first time of maybe being truly in love with someone irl, I’m not sure how she’ll act. 

2) How will the squad react? Will she tell them? will she hide her feelings from them? Or will it just naturally show on how she’ll act around him? Igarashi and Shima-chan will be the first one to understand, I’m sure. 

3) Marriage

What I’m pretty sure of is the series will be ending with them being together. But I want to see the others support their relationship. I’m so happy the guy, who would likely be just the background character if this is any other reverse harem manga, will get the girl. He deserves Serinuma as she deserves him and I think it’s amazing!


Prompt: A McKirk where Jim gets Len to go back to theater after having been away for so long from the bad memories. @yourtropegirl @gracieminabox , I know others were involved in the conversation about this, but I can’t find the actual thread.

Warnings: mild language. Fluff and stuff!

Pairing: Kirk/Bones

A/N: First McKirk. The only prompt I had with kirk that was close to being done. So Happy Birthday Jim Kirk! This was a lot of fun, I’m fairly happy with it!

Word Count: 1620

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“Wait… Hang on.” You giggled. “Harry-”

“Shut up.” Came Harrison’s weightless growl as he pressed you against the wall of the corridor. His lips were everywhere all at once and there was absolutely no other place you’d rather be… You felt Harrison pull your bottom lip between his teeth before running his hands down your arms and threading your fingers together. He was good at this and you wanted nothing more than to melt in his arms.

It felt like days since he last kissed you but in actuality, it had only been a few hours since the two of you were able to sneak off to spend some time alone. He was starting to get tired of hiding this from the rest of the team but neither of you could deny the enjoyable little rush that lit up your insides at the possibility of getting caught. Not that anyone would be surprised to learn you were together… Cisco had been teasing you about the thirst around the lab and had even made a few jabs at Harry after his gaze lingered a little too long.

“Okay!” Cisco barked suddenly, causing Harry to rip away from you and turn toward the lab to see the entire team staring, completely shocked. “Maybe no one explained the rules to you guys but in order to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, you need a closet. Or a room. Or something! Gah! Gross!”

Barry cleared his throat… “Yeah. Maybe you guys should you know…”

“I think Cisco’s office is clear if you two needed a moment to…” Caitlin blushed. “Um talk.”

“Oh, excuse me?” Cisco growled. “Those two are like cats! No way in hell…”

At that harrison smirked and grabbed your hand before pulling you down the hallway to head for Cisco’s office… “See you in seven minutes, Ramon.”

(X) (~♫♪~)


Ben and Leslie in every season: Season 7

Finally Alfora! I am so happy for them that they could share an actual moment.

But of course they set up the scene that one of them will not make it in the finale.

The next and final episode is aptly titled “Remembrance”. This title is significant on so many levels: Alfred’s memory (always been the key focus of the entire show), Remembrance Day (a national day of reflection in Canada for our veterans) and also the entire X Company series is based on a short of the same title by Morgenstern and Ellis.

So last kiss and background of Remembrance, I have two possible predictions:
1. Only Alfred lives. Heartbroken, marries that Polish girl, returns to Canada, resumes his showbiz act, but his memory haunts him.

2. Only Aurora lives. Also heartbroken, but soon discovers that she is pregnant, returns to Canada, gives birth to a son, and remembers Alfred with every look at their child.

My ever shmuck heart hopes for option 3: they both can remember together.



2004 Yearbook: Makoto Morimachi (15).

2006 Yearbook: MC (15), Ayato Hidaka (15), Ichiya Misono (15), Takamune Kitami (15), Riku Morimachi (14).

Note: MC, Ayato and Takamune entered middle school when Makoto was on his last year of middle school. Riku entered middle school when the MC, Ayato and Takamune were on their second year of middle school.

A little while ago someone reblogged this post and asked for a closer look of the yearbook pages, the only problem is the writing beside their photos is actually a Photoshop brush that looks like tiny, tiny paragraphs of writing when in reality they’re just unintelligible scribbles. However, I decided to attempt to enlarge it a little more, and add random notes (translated into Japanese thanks to the always unreliable Google Translate) from their respective Wiki pages.

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Some SS facts
  • All their romance is in the canon manga drawn and wrote only by Kishi in the official 700 chapters
  • They have the most moments by far
  • Involves 2 main characters
  • Had the most love confessions in the manga
  • Had all the main characters supporting and defending it
  • Tied to the main plot
  • Was the pairing decided since the beginning
  • Kishi said he was thinking about them throughout the story and said they were the flow of the story
  • Were the only pairing canonized and confirmed mutual on panel
  • Have something confirmed “better than a kiss”
  • Have actually hugged each other, several times in fact, the most hugs in the manga
  • Kishi said their love is the real thing
  • Had chapters dedicated to them
  • Kishi said they looked like lovers in 181
  • Were mutual in the manga and loved each other since part one
  • Even in his spin off, once again Kishi choose to write about Sasuke and Sakura and their kid
  • Before Sasuke was even redeemed he equated going back to the way things were as playing romance with Sakura
  • In the last ever chapter 699, many pages were dedicated to SS
  • Doesn’t rely on fillers and one shots and novels and games
  • Kishi told the VA’s about them being canon in 2002 and mentioned no other pairing
  • Kishi said he decided against NS because of Sakura’s love for Sasuke and went with his original plan of SS
  • Sasuke and Sakura were seen as each others family since early part one
  • SS is the most popular het pairing despite other pairings getting wanked in filler material because what they have in the canon manga is enough to keep them that popular
  • SS was the main romance bond in the manga and was one of the main bonds behind SNS along with NS
  • Kishi said their feelings are always connected
  • Have the most romantic art Kishi has done
  • Both have saved each other several times and risked their lives for each other
  • SS have only liked each other in the manga

Here’s the images from my last post, so you can see how unimportant I was in a BIGGER SCALE! ( I mean, I actually PAID for the R.A.G. episode, so I should at LEAST share a full-size image!)


The guy in the second image wearing the toque and the sweater? That’s Joe Pingue, who I ONLY KNEW from Boondock Saints. He was the guy Willem Dafoe kissed while Dafoe was in drag near the end of the film. I had pointed that fact out (perhaps a bit too loudly), and he heard me.

The look he gave me was… AMAZING. Such anger, yet such regret.

I loved it.

Teasing = Punishment

Shadow Dui x Krioff x Scorpio x Reader

You heard Scorpio’s voice before you saw him as he rounded the corner in the mansion. He was flanked by Krioff and Dui, all dressed in their Punishments uniforms and headed your way. You were sorting through some paperwork that some of the other Wishes gods had given you. Your last stop was to find Leon to file said papers. Your stomach churned as the gods got closer. You were wildly attracted to every single one of them, and had let them each know it over the course of time. It was reaching a fevered pitch lately; You cornered Dui in his room just last week, teasing his lips with yours but never actually kissing him. You whispered to Scorpio as you passed him standing at the the front door, telling him how hot he looked in his uniform. Not long after you actually walked by Krioff and squeezed his ass, only throwing him a wink as you walked away.

“There’s the little tease,” Scorpio said as they walked up. He stopped, but Krioff and Dui circled so that you were surrounded on all sides. You ducked your head and feigned innocence, saying, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” It was Dui’s turn to laugh. “Look at her, playing all cute,” he said, and he pinched your side before he let his hand slide around your waist. He pulled you close and continued, “You know, she almost had me last week. It was this…close…” He leaned in like you had, about to kiss you, then abruptly pulled away. "She’s a quick one, isn’t she?” Krioff rumbled. He put his finger under your chin and picked it up. “It’s a shame she can’t just let us know who she wants, or we could be doing something about this. Teasing us this way for months…” He shook his head. “It’s not nice.”

“I’m not teasing,” You said indignantly, stepping from between all of them and straightening out your dress. “I’m single. A girl’s allowed to flirt, isn’t she?” You looked at them. "Heh,” Scorpio said. “You’re doing more than flirting, stupid woman. You’re playing with fire.” Was he smirking at you? “Yeah, you can’t rile all three of us the way you’ve been with no pay off,” Dui agreed. The two had stepped to either side of you. You just rolled your eyes and said, “Relax. It’s all fun,” before turning to walk away. You ran right into Krioff’s chest. The intimidating god looked down and murmured, “We’ll see just how much fun we can have,” before stepping to the side and letting you pass. You quickly snatched up the papers and made your way towards the front room.

Neither Leon or any of the other gods for that matter were there, so you went about doing things on your own. Your back was turned to the door as you filed in a cabinet in the far corner of the room. You took a quick break and sat on the arm of the couch next to you, reaching down to take your shoes off your sore feet. It had been a long day, and you were still a little shaken from your run in with the three Punishments gods. You were about to get back to work when you heard the door click open. You turned to greet either Leon or Karno, but was met instead with Krioff. Dui and Scorpio soon followed, the latter of which shut and locked the door behind him. They must have trailed you through the halls when you walked away before.

“Hey, beautiful,” Krioff said lowly. "We’ve been doing some thinking,” Dui said, taking a step towards you. "We’re getting a little tired of you calling the shots,” Scorpio added. “Especially when you’ve got no authority over us at all. We are the dominant ones here, and we think you need to be reminded of that.” You took a step back, right into the filing cabinet, and felt it rock a little under your weight. Dui smirked and said, “Well, she’s stuck now.” Smiles spread on the rest of their faces. "Look,” you said quietly, “I’ll stop. I do like you, all of you, but I can see now how it’s not fair of me to toy with you, so, I’m sorry.” You put your hands up to them, palms out in surrender. “Truce? We good? No more flirting.” They were all standing before you, within arm’s length.

“Get on your knees and beg forgiveness,” Krioff said. Your stomach flipped, and heat shot to your core. You still started to protest, “Wha-“ But Scorpio cut you off. “You heard him. Get on your knees.” You looked over all three of them and could see there were no more smiles. They were serious about this. Now they just wanted to humiliate you. At least you were the only ones in the room. You slowly lowered onto one knee, then both, and looked up. “Please forgive me.” To add to it, you laced your fingers together and said, “I’m begging you.”

Dui ran a hand over his mouth and said, “She looks good like that, doesn’t she? All submissive.” Your eyes met his and you realized it was now Shadow Dui staring down at you. "I know how she’d look better,” Krioff replied. Not one of them had taken their eyes from you. "How’s that?” Scorpio asked. Krioff looked to him and grinned then took a step forward. Your face was level with the crux of his thighs. He slowly undid his belt and zipper, then pulled his cock out. You whimpered when you saw its thickness and the bead of pre cum threatening to drip off the tip. Krioff slowly stroked it and said, “It’s not going to suck itself.” Scorpio snickered as your eyes widened. “What?” You asked. "You heard me,” Krioff said more forcefully. “You’ve made it clear to me that you want my dick, so I’m giving it to you. Now, let’s see what you can do.”

You licked your lips and gave it another look. You did want it, wanted to lick the tiny bit of cum right off it. You swatted his hand away and languidly stroked before circling the tip with a pointed tongue. His leg muscles stiffened and he groaned, a full blown sigh coming from his mouth as you enveloped his shaft with your lips. "There you go..” he crooned. You felt a hand on your shoulder, but realized it wasn’t his when you heard Shadow Dui say, “Hey, he doesn’t get all the fun.” You rolled your eyes to the side to see Shadow Dui’s cock waiting for you.

You moved your mouth from Krioff, still jerking him with your hand as you closed your lips around Shadow Dui’s dick. You sank slowly down his shaft, and once you got to the end he held your head there tightly. The tip tickled your throat and you started to gag. “Choke on it, come on,” Shadow Dui coaxed. “Get it nice and wet.” You moaned as he pushed your head harder, tears threatening to spill over as you struggled for breath. He let go and you ripped your head away with a pop, only to have it be turned in the other direction and shoved right onto Scorpio’s cock.

You held onto both Shadow Dui and Krioff’s dicks as you sucked Scorpio off. “Fuck, that feels incredible,” he choked out. Strong hands pulled you up by under your arms, and your face was brought up to Krioff’s. “This dress needs to come off,” he growled. Shadow Dui was quick to rip the zipper down, Scorpio to pull it off your body, pooling it at your feet. Krioff spun you towards the couch, shoving your body into a seated position. He dropped to his knees before you. Shadow Dui sat on your right side, Scorpio on your left. Shadow Dui started kissing your neck while Scorpio ran his lips over your shoulder then down to your chest, in the valley of cleavage your push-up bra formed. Krioff kissed down each leg. He backed away, hooking his fingers in your panties to yank them off. At the same time Shadow Dui snapped your bra open and Scorpio pulled it off your chest, mouth going right to your nipple. Shadow Dui covered your other breast and you shivered, the feel of their hot, wet tongues on each sensitive peak driving you crazy. It was compounded when Krioff’s tongue whispered across your clit, and you cried out.

“You want more?” he asked, peering up from between your thighs. "Yes,” you breathed. Shadow Dui pulled away and smacked your tit, saying, “Yes, what? You beg or you get nothing.” Your heart raced "Yes, please..Krioff, please, I need more.” Shadow Dui looked down at Krioff and shrugged his shoulders with a smirk, then bit your nipple before pulling it into his mouth to suck. Your head dropped back and you moaned as Krioff’s tongue flicked across your clit more harshly. He closed his lips over it and you bucked your hips. Scorpio knelt next to you on the cushions and Krioff slid your body down the couch more by pulling your thighs so your face was level with Scorpio’s dick. You grasped the clothed thigh of his pants to steady yourself and took him in your mouth, bobbing your head vigorously. Shadow Dui squeezed both your tits and Krioff worked faster, your moans and groans louder by the second.

"Cum for us,” Shadow Dui snarled, leaning up to bite down on your neck, hands still working at your nipples. “Do it quick so we can fuck you.” he said in your ear. "And don’t you dare stop sucking my dick,” Scorpio commanded. You put a hand to Krioff’s head to drive him into you, orgasm within reach. You finally let it go, Scorpio’s cock in your mouth stifling your screams. He wrenched your head away from him suddenly, Krioff stopped and lifted you by your hips, and Shadow Dui slid behind your back. He took you from Krioff’s grasp and shoved you down on his cock. You screamed out in a mix of pleasure and pain, trying to adjust quickly to his size. He pushed you forward roughly and Krioff’s dick was in your face again. You sucked it, bouncing on Shadow Dui’s cock. "Fuck, she feels good!” Shadow Dui cried out. “Such a tight little pussy.” His moans were low and sexy. "Not when we’re done with her,” Scorpio chuckled. He stepped next to Krioff and you alternated running your tongue up and down each of their shafts.

Shadow Dui smacked your ass, hard, and you cried out in pain. “You like that?” he asked gruffly, and you murmured a “Yes” around Krioff’s cock. He did it again and said, “Couldn’t hear you, seems you have something in your mouth.” You ripped your head away from the other two gods to turn to Shadow Dui and say loudly, “Yes, fuck I love it when you do that.” Your head was swiveled back by Scorpio’s fist in your hair. He yanked so you were sitting upright, still bouncing on Shadow Dui. He gripped your chin tightly, forcing you to look at him. A smirk crossed his face as he could read your thoughts and you felt a twinge of pain at your pussy. He pinched your clit again, then smacked it rapidly. Pleasure cascaded through your core and you whimpered. “Cum all over him,” Scorpio said through gritted teeth, working your sensitive bud to the point of pain. “Show us just how much you love what we do to you.” You weakly nodded an ok and shut your eyes, focusing on all the sensations that would take you over the edge.

Shadow Dui groaned your name when you came, bearing down hard as your pussy fluttered. Scorpio pinched and rolled your clit in his fingers, stopping only when your hips ceased to move. Krioff pulled you up and sat in Shadow Dui’s spot, but Shadow Dui was quick to shove you to your knees and fist his cock, wiggling it in your face. “Taste yourself,” he said lowly. You flicked your tongue out to lap up some of the wetness there and he shook his head. “Clean. It. Off.” Krioff’s fingers weaved into your hair and he shoved you forward, lips sliding across Shadow Dui’s shaft. You swirled your tongue and pulled your head back and forth until there wasn’t a drop of your juices left.

Krioff pulled you back and turned you so you were facing him. He teased his dick at your pussy, but dropped it and instead nodded to one of the guys standing behind you. He yanked you in for a rough kiss and said, “Well, you taste sweet.” Fingers slid into your sex from behind and you turned your head to see Scorpio standing there. He handed something to Krioff on your other side. Scorpio caught your lips in a kiss, his fingers traveling from the slick of your pussy to your ass. He toyed the tight hole, dipping a fingertip in. You moaned and grabbed the back of his head, forcefully shoving your tongue down his throat. “Mmm, I think she likes it,” he said through your kisses. There was a sudden cold, wet sensation at your ass, and you looked down to see Krioff’s fingers there. His other hand was stroking his hard cock, and to the side of him sat a bottle of lube. “Turn her back around,” he ordered Scorpio, and when Scorpio picked you up Krioff propped himself up against the couch arm, legs splayed open on the couch. The two men fixed you into a straddling position over Krioff, facing away. Shadow Dui before you, sloppy kisses attacking your mouth. There was pressure at your ass, breaking as one of Krioff’s fingers slid in. A second followed and you groaned against Shadow Dui’s lips. He reached down and rubbed your clit in quick circles.

Krioff’s fingers were gone, but something much thicker replaced them. Shadow Dui continued to rub your nub as Scorpio held your hips steady, coaxing you to sit down on Krioff’s dick. You were halfway there when it started to feel comfortable, so you pushed Scorpio’s hands away, leaning back with a palm on Krioff’s chest until he was in to the hilt. You pulled up the slightest then sank down, repeating the action but pulling up farther each time. Krioff was moaning below you. "Man, she takes it well,” Shadow Dui said as he nipped your bottom lip. He started to lean into you but his body was jolted to the side when Scorpio shoved him. “Excuse me,” Shadow Dui said, irritated. “No way. You already got some.” Scorpio glared at him. Shadow Dui rolled his eyes and stood up, waving a hand in your direction to let Scorpio take his place, as if waving someone through an open door. Scorpio said a pointed, “Thank you,” and got to his knees in front of you, between Krioff’s legs.

He held onto the back of the couch with one hand and snaked his other around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and Krioff suddenly grabbed your hips, pounding up into your ass. You cried out and flung your head back, yelling, “Oh, fuck! Oh my god, that feels so good!” Scorpio tugged your head back to him, growling, “It’s about to get better,” before sliding his cock into your pussy. You held on tightly as he slammed into you in tandem with Krioff. You felt full, body aching from all points as both of their dicks rocked deep inside. “Can I cum?” You gasped. “Oh my god, I need to fucking cum, please! Please, I’ll do anything.” You pleaded. "Now she’s begging!” Shadow Dui shouted, a maniacal laugh following. “Cum, beautiful, make those sexy little noises for us when you do.” You went boneless between the two men, letting the intensity of your orgasm roll over you. A drawn out wail left your lips, ending abruptly in a guttural cry when Shadow Dui grabbed your hair. He’d come to stand at the arm of the couch where Krioff’s head was.

Scorpio got up straight on his knees and threw your left leg over his shoulder. Krioff’s fingers dug into your hips and he scooted his upper body to the side so that when you leaned back fully your neck was resting on the arm of the couch. Shadow Dui’s cock was waiting, dripping. You craned your neck back and he slid the tip in past your lips, fucking your mouth as he reached down to hold your breasts. You moaned around his shaft, body buzzing with the feel of another climax. Shadow Dui spat out, “Can’t last, fuck she looks so good like this,” before giving your nipples a pinch and moaning to you, "Mmm fuck..” his cum spurting down your throat. You swallowed it carefully, fighting choking at the odd angle, groaning the entire time.

“Ah, shit!” Scorpio cried. His thrusts became jilted. You sat up, Shadow Dui helping prop you that way as his cock just empited, and dutifully opened your mouth. Krioff continued to slam into you from underneath as Scorpio pulled out and fisted his dick. He steadied your head in front of him as he shot his cum onto your tongue and lips. You heard Krioff mutter, “Fuck,” and was soon picked up off him. Scorpio sat back on his heels and you put your palms flat to his chest as you leaned up and turned your head to watch Krioff cum on your ass.

You cleaned up the bits of Scorpio’s cum that hadn’t made it into your mouth with your finger, licking it clean. He grabbed you by the face again and said, “I bet I taste better,” eyes flickering to Shadow Dui. You opened your mouth to say something, but Shadow Dui cut you off. “Like hell! Did you hear her when I was cumming in her mouth?” "Knock it off,” Krioff chastised them. He was squirming out from underneath you. He stood and tucked himself in, the others following suit. Krioff leaned down so your faces were eye to eye. “I told you we’d have some fun,” he said with a seductive smile. They walked out, leaving you panting on the couch, aching for more.

anonymous asked:

I hate that SP had to make Sakura look miserable the last fucking episode of the series. She is part of the main cast and yet they treat her like crap. And of course they didn't even animate the Sakura Novel. Now she isn't even a main character anymore in Boruto. I gess Kishimoto was wrong all this time and the real main female character was Shitnata. Sigh

Just don’t anon. The one and only heroine in “Naruto” is Sakura Haruno. The strongest kunoichi and the prettiest one.
I’m sorry but the World when the can Actually Fly and Kiss to the Moon isn’t Naruto anymore. It’s a bada shoujo anime when the plaid and unwanted selfish girl becomes the heroine. That’s hinata’s role