it was actually her baby grandson

Babygate Masterpost: Important Evidence You May Have Missed...

On April 7, a Buzzfeed UK article was posted of Louis Tomlinson’s child “being a conspiracy theory” and how many fans believe that there isn’t even a baby at all. While the evidence was impressive… I could tell that many people weren’t taking this subject seriously. And most people loved blaming it on “deluded 12-year-old Louis girls who had nothing better to do.” I was insulted because: 1) it’s not just “Louis girls” who believe that babygate is fake and 2) we’re not all crazy 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do. 

After thoroughly reading the Buzzfeed article a few times (which was trending with over half a million readers in less than 24 hours) I found that the writer, Ellie Woodward, was probably low-key mocking Directioners as well. She led with “Fans believe…” or “Many Tumblr users have theorized…” and this is what makes it seem like we’re crazy.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands; I’d like you to read this post. It includes reasonable and more thorough evidence that Miss Woodward didn’t bother to include (and who can blame her? There’s so much!) in her article. No matter who you are, I’d like you to take this seriously… and you should be able to understand why this is serious towards the end.

You’re going to see why people are doubting Freddie Reign Tomlinson (Louis’ supposed “son”) and his existence. Please keep an open mind and just take all this into consideration before you decide to label me cruel things, such as a “psycho boyband-obsessed teenager.” 

I have tried to see both sides of the babygate argument: it’s real vs. it’s fake.

I have yet to find convincing and legit proof that babygate was “not planned” and how it’s “not another major publicity stunt.” I’m a very open-minded person myself, and I don’t often jump to ridiculous conclusions. 

Why would they plan babygate anyway?

  • Damage control
  • It’s all about keeping One Direction relevant… even on their break
  • Punishment for Louis (keep reading)
  • To diminish rumors of Louis being gay/bisexual 
  • Louis was also an easy target; he goes out partying and drinking so him getting a girl pregnant seems plausible 

How Louis reacts when the “baby” is just MENTIONED….

Babygate has been suspicious since it started from Day 1 back in July. But it was relatively quiet until Louis was forced to talk about it in interviews as the months progressed. One interview that stands out was when the boys were in Glasgow, Scotland back in October. Louis and Niall gave a painfully awkward interview that just adds to the massive amount of evidence which points to babygate being planned/fake. 

How is it “painfully awkward”? Well, if you’ve seen the interview and don’t understand (or if you haven’t seen it at all) I’d be happy to sum it up for you:

Louis and Niall laughing along with the reporter…. They’re having fun!

They joke around some more and they still appear to be okay…

The boys continue to share some laughs and give details about their upcoming album, “Made In The AM.”

Niall shares what he’s gonna do on break. Then Louis says he’s gonna enjoy relaxing…. but that’s when the reporter reminds him that he “has a baby on the way.”

Well, shit… That went just went completely downhill. You can tell this bothers Niall, too. If that doesn’t raise a red flag then I don’t know what else will. Louis starts to distance himself and nervously plays with his hands in his lap…

He’s forced to give a “satisfying” answer (most likely from management) so the reporter can move on. The whole setting becomes extremely awkward… The reporter seems to be the only one having fun now.

People have told me: “Well he only made it awkward because he doesn’t wanna give away details about his personal life!” … However, that’s the only “excuse” that the Briana Jungwirth “fans” and baby believers have given me. But when they choose to be ignorant of Niall and Louis’ body language, that’s just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

Like I said, this was just one of the first of many pieces of evidence. Anyway,  let’s move on…

How Louis reacts around other kids and babies…

Here we have Louis throughout the years, and recently, with children:

Here we have Louis around his baby siblings, Doris and Ernest, whom he is actually related to… Awww! So sweet! He’s such a good big brother…

I’ve never seen a genuine smile when he’s with Freddie. Hell, he doesn’t look the slightest bit happy with his “own son.”

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s how Louis reacts around “Freddie”:

Now with these three images you’re probably thinking two things: “What do you want him to do, smile all the time?” and/or “He’s only frowning because the paparazzi won’t leave him alone!” – Well, that may be so…. but if I was a die-hard fan of kids and I finally had my own baby (whether this baby had been planned or not) I’d be over the moon every time I was around him/her. Plus, in the first photo, it’s clear that he doesn’t even know there’s paparazzi. We have yet to see a genuine smile when he’s with this “baby.”

If the baby turns out to be real: Guys…. the media has told you that this is a grown man who’s “so sure that this kid is his” and who has “finally confirmed” that his baby is real but yet he doesn’t even smile or give a small grin around the infant? Riiiight. That’s very contradicting….

If they’re using a doll: I had to stroll around town with a baby doll in a stroller with people silently judging me I wouldn’t be smiling either. Hell, most of us would refuse to do this… but they’re pressuring Louis. That’s sick and inhumane. 

How Louis’ bandmates react…

Remember the Good Morning America interview about the baby back in August 2015? No? Well, go watch it…. 

These are the boys’ reactions when the interviewer congratulates Louis on “upcoming fatherhood”:

In case you can’t tell, here are their reactions up close…

Harry Styles with his “Do they actually believe that?” face.

Liam Payne looking at Louis like, “Are they serious, bro?”

Niall Horan’s expression reads something like: “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me…”

And none of them bothered to comment or show support for the news during the interview. They’re practically like brothers to Louis and they’d know if something like this was true or not. They’d also likely know if there really was a baby…

Also, let’s not forget Louis’ reaction the whole time:

He looks amused, to be honest. But he manages to keep a straight face. His expression could have several possible explanations… but you can’t rule out the fact that this isn’t exactly a face that reads “thank you very much.” 

Louis is careful with his words in interviews…

While we’re talking about the Good Morning America interview, it’s important to take note that Louis didn’t really “confirm” the news, nor did he deny it. That’s what gets most people; just because he didn’t deny it doesn’t mean it’s still true… 

Louis said: “Yeah…uh…it’s a very exciting time so… I’m buzzin’, thank you.” 

The interviewer then turns to Harry and remarks that he’s been “very quiet.” To which Harry looks like he knows something they don’t:

He pulls that face, the face he does when he’s about to tell or joke or when he’s about to laugh… Harry knows what’s up.

All he says in reply is: “Oh no, no, I’m having a great time!”

This is the look he has after he says that:

Silly, silly Harry. Oh! Look at everyone else, too:

How Louis’ family reacts…

Louis’ mother, Johannah, blocks people on Twitter who love to give updates on “Freddie.” She also blocks people who believe Louis and Briana are a “happy couple” that should be married (although this could just be internet trolls). Overall: instead of blocking people who ship her son in a gay relationship with Harry Styles, she’s blocking people who worship and “support” Briana and Freddie… even ones who aren’t harassing her. Sounds like Johannah is just as much done with this shit as her own son; this is a woman who should love hearing positive things about her own grandson but no, no, no. 

November 28, 2015: Johannah and Louis’ sister, Lottie, had to spend a day with Briana and her mother in Los Angeles. We got one fan photo of Lottie and Briana (who was actually cropped out) getting into a car to supposedly go shopping for baby clothes (it was never confirmed exactly what their plans were but this is what the media believed). That same day, before leaving with her mother and the Jungwirths, Lottie posted a photo on Instagram with the middle finger (”fuck you”) emoji in the caption. In the photo, however, Lottie is holding her fingers up, making the peace sign. The caption makes it seem like she was throwing shade at the Jungwirths; she resents them and hates having to go along with this babygate stunt (being forced to spend time with someone for the sake of publicity for her older brother). She’s a very sweet girl and likes most people connected to her brother, including his friends and bandmates… but Briana? Oh no. Even the look on Lottie’s face says, “I’m so done with this shit…” 

  • We should also point out that Lottie has never defended Briana or Freddie (her own “nephew”) and she’s been relatively quiet for most of babygate so far, avoiding most things that have to do with it. I mean, if I had a niece or nephew I’d be over the moon about it and I’d jump to their defense if people were calling him or her fake.
  • Pictures of Lottie with her siblings, twins Ernest and Doris, who recently turned two years old. They’re still babies and Lottie is so happy and tickled to be around them. Not to mention she loves talking about them, too. But “Freddie”? Nah. (1) (2)

The “Fizzy vs Ashley” Twitter Feud: Louis’ sister Felicite (aka “Fizzy”) is no stranger to slaying someone on social media. In the past she’s defended her brother from hate, particularly due to homophobic comments and slurs aimed in his direction. But in February 2016 she was slaying on Twitter for a different reason… 

It all started when someone tweeted a picture of a baby and claimed that it was Freddie. Fizzy liked it. 

However someone told Fizzy that she’d actually just liked the photo of a random baby and that it wasn’t Freddie. To which she responded with:

This got the attention of Briana Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, who thought it would be a good idea to “question” Fizzy: 

That’s a damn lie because….they are….

Well, Fizzy didn’t take to kindly to Ashley’s lie. So what did she say?

The fact that Fizzy also used those specific emojis tells us that she knows something we don’t and that she’s throwing shade towards the Jungwirth family.

And don’t forget that Fizzy’s boyfriend, Rishi, liked this tweet:

Wow….. could this get any shadier? Unfortunately, Fizzy knew that trouble would brew since thousands of people had just seen her call out Louis’ (supposed) baby mama’s family for using fake baby pics. She then deleted her tweets about “Freddie” and her tweet to Ashley. 

Later, she goes on to act like nothing ever happened…

Lucky for us… screenshots exist and we caught the whole thing. 

Fizzy once followed an account that debunked babygate: While Fizzy is being brought up, it’s also important to mention that sometime in mid-January she followed this Instagram account that was dedicated to proving that Freddie Reign Tomlinson didn’t exist and that Briana was never pregnant. 

Need proof that she followed? Okay. Here you go:

And the comments…

I doubt anyone can come up with an explanation as to why Louis’ sister–his own flesh and blood!–would follow such an account; the username just makes it so obvious, and she knew what she was doing. As far as I know, Fizzy only followed this account for a few days. Right around the time “Freddie” was “born,” she unfollowed them and re-followed Briana. That’s totally not suspicious at all *sarcasm*

Let’s talk about Briana’s Snapchat stories, too…

This evidence is one of those “no fucks given” situations. 

We all know about Briana Jungwirth, the “baby mama” and “victim of Larry shippers.” She made a Snapchat account a few weeks ago and one of the first things she did was drag herself into the babygate mess to get attention.

Here’s how it went: First, Briana wanted everyone to know that she was going to Beverly Hills (where Louis was, with his family visiting at the time). She didn’t meet up with Louis at all. Later she and her friend Olivia went driving, blasting music (very loudly, might I add) and at one point Olivia took Briana’s phone to (purposely) show a baby car seat behind Briana (who was the driver). But the car seat was backwards and apparently not even strapped in… and they were still blasting music. Great parenting, Briana *yawns*.

There’s more! And this made me laugh my ass off: Olivia picks up three half-filled baby bottles–all of which were uncapped (that’s very unsanitary)–and says: “Oh my God, Briana! You have so much stuff I can’t even put my Starbucks in here!” And they were laughing and being over-dramatic on purpose. It’s like they’re shoving this in our faces to “prove us wrong.” Yeah, but the whole damn time you didn’t even hear a single baby noise. 

Then they get out of the car and Briana is “struggling” to put together the baby stroller together while Olivia films and laughs, neither of them taking it seriously. Shouldn’t Briana know how to put together a stroller by now? “Freddie” is almost three months old and she’s also had her whole pregnancy to learn something like this. Yeah… really great parenting, Briana *yawns louder*. Oh my God…. did they leave “Freddie” in a hot car? Or did they set him on the ground? Because the poor thing wasn’t anywhere in that video.

To finish it all off, they recorded the baby stroller being pushed for three seconds… still no shot of the baby or any baby noises; Olivia sounded like she was trying not to crack up. 

That same day… “Freddie” was reportedly spending all day with Louis and his friend Oli. So either Briana and Olivia are shading babygate… or they were lying for attention.

One Direction’s management would definitely do something like this, given their reputation…

Modest! Management has a bad reputation with their past and present clients. They signed One Direction back in July 2010 when they were on the X Factor UK. Here’s what you need to know:

X Factor UK 2010 finalist Rebecca Ferguson took them to court in June 2012 after a barrage of mistreatment. She claims they watched her faint during an interview– instead of asking her if she was okay or taking her to receive any medical treatment…. they handed her a can of Coke and told her to finish the interview. She also stated that they were “vile” and would not let her take time off to see her children under any circumstances. Even at one point she was so physically exhausted that she couldn’t walk and they still made her work. 

Screenshots still exist of these tweets because they can no longer be found (since they were deleted). After the court settlement a whole year later, Rebecca stated that she was happier and healthier. In September 2015 it was reported that she was currently with new management and working on her upcoming fourth album.

Evidence has also pointed to Modest! Management controlling their clients’ personal Twitter accounts. Because when Rebecca was taking them to court and tweeted about her children…. “Louis” decided to respond.

He’s very protective of his younger sisters just like Rebecca is protective of her children. So why does Louis seem to defend management’s actions in this tweet? Oh wait. It’s not really him…. Look at the time stamp on the tweets! She didn’t even tag him… That should make you raise an eyebrow. 

That same day, “Louis” defended management once again:

Babygate is punishment for Louis’ past actions…

Louis has had a history of standing up to management. Undoubtedly, this would have consequences for him. Modest! Management has a negative reputation for dragging their artists through hell, as shown above. Let’s not forget this interview that Louis and Zayn did in 2013 (that wasn’t shown on most broadcasts).

“Telling porky pies” is an English term; for example… “Don’t go telling me porky pies!” It means “telling lies.” You can ask most Brits and they might be able to confirm this. So, essentially, we have proof that Zayn and Louis called their management out as liars. Not surprising, however it was a risky move. 

This video is also important to notice. After hinting that their management has been lying to the press “behind their backs”, Louis and Zayn’s body language immediately changes. Zayn even looks off camera (possibly to someone from the management team) and then puts his head down, as if he knows he’s in trouble. Louis does a better job at hiding his regret for saying what he said, though you notice that he “stutters” for a moment. That stutter is probably nothing…but it should be noted.

Louis always warns us with a selfie… It’s a pattern

Every time “Louis” posts something about the baby on Instagram, what’s the previous post? That’s right… a selfie! This may sound ridiculous but it seems that’s the only way he can warn us anymore. Not to mention the last two only have a time gap of one day. 

The post on April 7 is damage control. 

Damage control- action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error

What was the error that day? The trending article from Buzzfeed that called “Freddie” fake. But given that Louis posted a selfie the day before (and I told everyone to watch out), they were probably gonna post a pic of “Freddie” anyway.

Only “Larry shippers” believe babygate is fake… this is NOT TRUE

Larry shippers- people who believe that Louis Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles, and he has been ever since One Direction formed in 2010.

Yeah, one thing I continue to see since these “babygate is fake” articles have emerged is that everyone loves blaming this ‘conspiracy theory’ on Larry Stylinson shippers (who are also called “fake fans”) and no one else. I guarantee you 100% that if you were to dig around and ask most Directioners if they shipped “Larry,” they’d say “no” or “just as a friendship.” And I also guarantee you that these same people are also likely to believe that babygate is fake, since “Larry” has nothing to do with it… Here’s a survey:

Trust me…. there are way more comments like these.

Larry Stylinson and babygate are two very different topics.

Louis’ mental, physical and emotional health is suffering…

This one is very debatable; Louis has shown dramatic signs of unhealthy weight loss as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion. 

I’ve heard it all: “You don’t know what he’s going through, how can you know?” or “Ewww, do you like assuming things?” or “He looks fine! Everyone gets tired when they have a kid!”

But you can tell he’s lost weight… maybe not around the waist, but definitely in the face. Doctors attribute unhealthy weight loss in the face to eating disorders such as anorexia. Eating very little / skipping meals due to stress? That’s always possible! He’s gained the weight back… only to lose it again within the next few weeks.

I understand that in some of these photos it’s probably just a “bad angle,” the lighting, or he’s drunk… But with each photo you know he’s possibly not at his healthiest. I’m no doctor… but I am someone who’s very observant.

Why did he FINALLY do something after all this time?

Louis loves children to death and he is overjoyed to be around them. We’ve established that, yeah? So if he was “so sure” that he was going to be a father ever since the news broke back in July…. if he is “so sure” that Freddie is really his and no one else’s…. why, two days ago, did he finally “shut down rumors” that the “baby” was fake? Let me tell you what’s wrong with this:

  • Several people and fans pointed out that pictures of the baby only appear in black and white, with its eyes closed, and it’s “photoshopped.” Whoever is in charge of this stunt was paying attention, because “Louis” posted a picture of a baby IN COLOR… WITH ITS EYES OPEN…that appears to be REAL. Only one thing: it doesn’t look like the “Freddie” we’ve seen. Fail. A reverse image search found no results, so it wasn’t stolen… but why would they finally use a real baby? We should mention that this is the first photo “Louis” has posted of the baby where “he” isn’t holding it…. That’s weird, if he’s so desperate to prove it’s real (like every online article is saying) then wouldn’t he be in the photo with it, too? And the reason I say “Louis” is because he doesn’t have full control of his Instagram account either. 
  • If they wanted to prove to us that this was genuine and NOT fake, they would’ve had Louis shut down “Freddie is fake” rumors from the beginning when it first started. It’s also trended on Twitter before… and Louis still did nothing. All we got outta that was Briana’s family stealing more baby pics.

“There’s a video of the baby… why are you still in denial?”

First, I’m not in denial. If there turns out to be a baby that’s actually Louis’ then I’ll be happy for him…. But we have all this evidence that says otherwise.

Oh. That video that TMZ posted with the baby crying while Louis was pushing it? 

To management: I’ll give them props for finally using a real baby; at the same time that also makes them sick monsters. That baby still looks nothing like what we’ve been shown recently. The fact that they finally reached this level is actually really disturbing– because they’re running out of ideas and it’s down to the last straw.

Unfortunately, they can’t make Louis act like he’s happy.

“Well then if it’s real then who’s baby is it?” 

Great question. 

Although Buzzfeed already covered this, I do need to point out that SYCO’s Global Head of Media, Ann-Marie Thomson, had twins (a boy and a girl) a few months ago (although it’s not sure officially when). 

The first photo she posted of them was on February 1. They look to be almost three months old in this picture. Three months old? That would put their birth around late November, two months before “Freddie.” In a tweet on December 3, 2015, Ann-Marie asked if there was a spa in LA where she could take her newborn twins to. That would mean they would’ve been a few weeks old, in fact making their birth around late November as I said. Also, in the same tweet, Ann Marie wants to know if the baby spa would be in areas such as Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

Guess who lives in Calabasas? Briana Jungwirth and her family. Wow. I wonder if that’s a “coincidence”? 

We need to compare photos of Ann-Marie’s babies to the ones of “Freddie” we got from TMZ and other media outlets, as well as photos in general from the last few days:

They used the boy for Louis’ photo…

On the left is Ann Marie’s photo (taken on February 8). On the right is what “Louis” posted on Instagram (April 7). 

The ears, nose, and little fingers look exactly the same. The two month difference would explain why the right photo shows the baby with more hair. But the photo that’s on Louis’ Instagram may not have been taken the same day it was posted (and that would mostly likely be the case). You can’t deny that both of the babies pictured above look almost exactly the same. 

Now, for the photos we got yesterday they used the girl…

On the left is from February 13. The right is from two days ago (April 7). Yes the angles are different but the girl is different from her twin because she has chubbier cheeks. 

But now let’s compare the Instagram post to the paparazzi photo…

No way that’s the same baby. 

But with another photo of the girl twin…

Now THAT looks like the same baby (these photos are two months apart).

It would make sense to use twins for this stunt. If one needs to rest or won’t stop crying, etc. they can switch them back and forth, and although these twins look alike they’re not identical, they’re fraternal– you can tell. That’s why there are noticeable differences and it’s easy to distinguish which baby is which. It’s scientifically impossible for there to be a pair of identical twins that are a boy and a girl. 

Oh hey! This must not have been the first time they used the girl twin.

See, I thought that was a doll because the sun was in its eyes and Louis was doing nothing to protect it. But I guess it was a real baby (since I had people messaging me that they met Louis and saw/heard crying from the stroller). A real baby…. but not “Freddie.” These pics were from about two weeks ago.

So now you must be like, “Wait, why would Ann-Marie allow her babies to be used? Isn’t that illegal?”

  1. She didn’t sign a contract, but yet she’s probably getting paid. 
  2. Since she didn’t sign a contract for her babies to be used (which would/should be illegal as hell!) the idea is that maybe Louis and his friends/family will “babysit” her kid(s) while she’s doing her other work or relaxing, while the media and everyone else thinks it’s Freddie. 
  3. She’s BFFs with Simon Cowell…. gee, that should sum things up.

And it seems like they used her for Louis’ younger sister to pose with:

I really do believe that they’re using Ann-Marie’s twins now.

Speaking of the TMZ video…

Wait until they (probably) read this and force Louis to give a shit. He would never ignore a crying baby, and because he did….you know something is up. Hell, the paparazzi were watching him and all he said was: “Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal!” A baby. Not “his” baby. A baby….

Last but not least…. why are his bandmates silent about it?

Niall Horan: He has a three-year-old nephew and loves kids just like the rest of his bandmates. Not even a public congratulations to Louis on “his kid”– and this is surprising because Niall is the most active on Twitter and Instagram, apart from Liam. Everyone else close to Louis did that…. except for Harry….and Liam….. hell, even Zayn Malik is avoiding all this. But remember…. the first time the “baby” was brought up Niall looked like he was about to laugh his ass off. Then the next time it was brought up he looked really uncomfortable.

Zayn Malik: Sure, he’s focusing on his music right now…but if he had the time to congratulate the boys when “Drag Me Down” came out, and also had the time to acknowledge Liam on the band’s five-year anniversary, why hasn’t he said a damn thing about Louis’ “baby”? Despite what tabloids tell you, Zayn was (and probably still is) very close to Louis and he would surely have a comment to make about this……..oops! No.

Harry Styles: This man adores babies the most apart from the others. He even acknowledges pregnant women at concerts…. however, he never acknowledged Briana when she went to at least three shows. Damn. She even had VIP seats with Louis’ family!

Liam Payne: Alright, alright. Calm down. There was a magazine that ran a story on Liam a while back and “he” (because you know how magazines love to twist words or write their own made-up shit) said he couldn’t wait to meet Louis’ kid. But this was before “Freddie” was born… and still we’ve gotten nothing about Liam meeting his best friend’s child. 

So, in conclusion, this is all the evidence I have provided for you on why babygate was planned. This is why I believe there isn’t really a “Freddie Tomlinson.” Now I’ve received a ton of hate and people demanding to know how I can call “an innocent child” fake. At least I don’t just say shit to say it. I support my beliefs with evidence. So you can call me crazy. Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Because unless you can explain everything wrong with babygate (yes, including what Buzzfeed posted) and have solid (really solid) proof that this wasn’t planned….. I may change my mind. Actually, wait, I don’t think I can…. because you can’t explain ALL of this. But thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it changed your mind or at least made you think.

(And Modest! Management, if you’ve seen this… and you decide to “fix” some more babygate mistakes…. we’ll all notice because I’ve pointed them out. I have the right to freedom of speech. If you take this down it just proves that you’re hiding something and then everyone will know the truth.)

Have a nice day! 



Baby Dave was in the crater!

That’s why Bro had the tiny glasses for him!

In fact…

All the kids came from Sburb meteors!

So with that out of the way, that just opens up a whole world of screwy shit:

  • No wonder John’s dad doesn’t like to talk about how Nanna died. “Yeah, you came down in a meteor and crushed her along with our family joke shop. We built this house right where it used to stand. Sleep tight, son!”
  • Biologically, John’s dad is actually his half brother. He’s also sort of his grandson if you go by the logic that John “gave birth” to Nanna when he cloned her.
  • Rose’s meteor struck a lake, which killed “all aquatic life.” That’s an interesting parallel to the Land of Light and Rain where nothing is said to be alive in the ocean.
  • The familial resemblance between John and Jade is a lot stronger than Dave and Rose. Dark hair, big front teeth, glasses. Baby Jade is basically identical to baby Nanna. Likewise baby John looks just like baby Grandpa Harley.
  • It’s a little ironic that Jade was the first one to have her dream self awaken, but John was the last.

Alright, I need to stop, this could go on for a while.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I love your writing. Can you please do #14 with the Uni prompt. Also I submitted a prompt request last week, and I don't know if you wrote it and I missed it, or if you haven't gotten to it yet. I hope that didn't sound rude or that I'm rushing you. I'm sorry if it does.

Hey, friend! Do you remember what your request was? I have a few still waiting in my inbox that I haven’t written yet… If you let me know which one, I can bump it up though and no worries, it’s not rushing me, I definitely need a kick in the pants sometimes anyway! ♥ If I did post it though, you can check here

Extra long one for making you wait for your other request! 

title: Are You Still Watching
pairing: nalu
rating: K+
words: ~2100
summary: Lucy needs a break from her overbearing father. What better way than watching Netflix over someone’s shoulder at the library? (prompt from here)

Her father has Lucy on a leash even halfway across Fiore and it’s a little unsettling to the outside eye to see that he calls her the exact second glasses are supposed to end with a demand worded as a request. He only lets her go to school, really, so he can flaunt the fact that his daughter was getting a business degree to take over for him. Something to brag about to his friends.

It was strange, really, how she went from only worthy of marrying someone and granting him a grandson to the actual heir to his business. She doesn’t quite know which one is better, really, because at least as a baby-making machine she was left to her own interests, as far as though interests didn’t interfere with matchmaking. 

Now, as an adult, she’s stuck under his thumb worse than ever and it’s only the creative writing classes that keeps her going. Maybe it’s not polite to admit she’ll skip out from under his thumb and out of school the moment she can’t take them anymore, but she figures if he can bully her into attending school, she can damn well take a class she actually likes.

Keep reading


Prompt: Reader’s dad is Tony and Step-Mom Pepper. Reader is married to Steve and she has just given birth. They decide to give the child the middle name Stark. Tony and Pepper come to visit and get emotional. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Steve x Reader

This is a really cute request the anon who sent this is adorable!

It’s a boy!

It has been hours since you went into labour, now it was time for one final last push. The pain is indescribable, like nothing you have ever felt in your entire life. Steve was of course holding your hand throughout it all. Talking you through it, helping to calm you as much as he possibly could. He admired how strong you are being. 

That’s when you heard a high pitched crying, your baby was finally introduced to the world. You threw your head back on the pillow, totally exhausted from all the efforts of giving birth. Steve looked over to the doctor expectantly wanting to know the sex of the baby. 

“It’s a boy.” the doctor announced cheerfully, while they got your baby all cleaned up. 

Steve turned to you, his mouth open in surprise. Tears escaping both of your eyes. It didn’t matter what sex the baby is, knowing that they are healthy is all that was important. The doctor finally handed over the baby and you cradled him in your arms lovingly. Steve smiled joyfully at his newly born son. He sure looked like his father more than he looked like you. 

“Hey little guy, I’m your daddy.” Steve spoke to him, his voice shaking slightly. It is an emotional moment. Knowing he was a part of creating this life before his very eyes. Never in his life has he felt so proud. 

“What are we going to call him?” you asked Steve with a huge grin on your face. Names is something you have been discussing with him for the longest time. 

“How about James?” Steve suggested and you knew exactly why he had chosen that name. It had special meaning to Steve and you respected that. Plus James is a nice name, and you did like it. You could see your baby being a James. 

“Yes, I like it. His first name will be James. Can his middle name be Stark, for my dad.” you agreed to the name choice and Steve nodded at your request. He had no problem with his child’s middle name being in honour of his grandfather. 

“James Stark Rogers. It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” Steve rose his eyebrow, his face full of delight. You were both glad that you came to a decision of a name. Both having an equal input. 

“Do you want to hold him now?” you then asked, seeing the desperation on his face to hold his child. 

“I’d love to!” Steve’s whole face lit up. The last time you saw him look this happy was your wedding day. It truly warmed your heart. 

“It’s daddy’s turn to hold you.” you looked down at baby James, who grabbed hold of your nose briefly. 

When you handed him over to Steve you couldn’t help but look at his face. In his steel blue eyes, tears were forming. Somehow he managed to hold them back. It was amazing to see him being such a proud father already. Steve would be a great father. 

“You and your mommy are the two most important things in my life. I will protect and love you both with all my heart.” Steve spoke to James as he held him in his arms. You wiped away the tears from your eyes. Being married to Steve was one of the best moments in your life. This was the only thing that could top your wedding day. Starting a family of your own with Steve. The both of you agreed that four children would be a good amount. 

-A few hours later, during visiting hours-

Your father Tony Stark emerged from his car with Pepper (your step-mom). She was holding flowers and he held the balloons. He was over the moon when he found out his daughter had a healthy baby boy. Eager to meet his grandson for the very first time. 

They were both directed to your room in the hospital. As soon as they walked in they saw Steve by your side, and the baby in your arms. When you caught a glimpse of your parents, a huge smile spread across your face. 

“This is baby James Stark Rogers.” you announced to them and they both looked at each other. Pepper put a hand on her chest, not believing the baby was actually here. 

“You gave him Stark as his middle name?” Tony made his way over to his grandson slowly. Leaning over to look at him properly, giving Steve a quick nod. He was touched that Stark was a part of the child’s name. 

“Of course, that way he always has a part of you. Would you like to hold him?” you asked your father and he nodded. Taking the child into his arms. In that moment he became rather emotional. Crying as he cradled James. 

This is his grandson, he is such a beautiful little boy. You definetely made him proud, giving birth to something so precious. James put his hand on Tony’s face, which made him smile. 

“Hey there small fry. It’s grandpa Tony. Weird to think huh? When your old man is technically older than I am. But that will all make sense when you’re older.” he decided to speak to James. You couldn’t help but laugh about what he said, even Steve was laughing.

Tony held James for a while before passing him over to Pepper, since she is the only one who hasn’t held him yet. This is truly a happy moment for you all to remember. Everyone was excited to see baby James grow over the years. 

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Write more about James and Ginny's relationship if James was still alive

let’s go!!!!

  • okay so ron and harry would still be friends so eventually harry and ginny would become friends so some summers harry would bring both of them and hermione and neville and luna over to his house because he actually had one
  • and james knew it from the moment he saw them tbh because ginny looked at harry the way he looked at lily their seventh year when they were friends and he’d thought they’d never be together
  • so he tells lily this and she’s like “duh they like each other im so excited”
  • and one day ginny wakes up early and comes downstairs and james is sitting downstairs drinking his morning coffee and she’s like “oh hi mr. potter” and he’s like “ginny! sit down!” and she does and they get to talking and they talk about fred and george’s pranks and he’s legit dying okay because he’s heard about them from harry but the way ginny tells a story is just so damn funny 
  • and harry comes down and sees them talkng like family and a little something flutters in his chest and he can’t place it but there’s something he really likes about his father and his friend getting along so well
  • so then some time later james asks ginny what she plans to do when she’s older because she’s gonna start her sixth year
  • and she’s like, “oh, play professional quidditch of course”
  • and james has a freaking heart attack because oh my god this girl wants to play professional quidditch in this world james never had to become an auror to fight voldemort so he became a super famous player and even played for england’s national team and he almost jumps up right then and there and tells harry to marry her
  • and so he’s like “i know you’ll want to get in on your own merit and stuff but i know some people if you maybe want to go to a training camp or two? maybe see how much you like it?”
  • and ginny’s like “yeah omg sure!”
  • and before she knows it she’s being invited over to the potters for christmas break
  • and harry’s over here like oh my god oh my god dad
  • and then james somehow overhears ginny’s like spunkiness and fire and sarcasm and he just about dies like he runs up to lily and he’s like “this girl is a firecracker oh my god lils please we have to get her and harry together please”
  • and lily’s laughing and she’s like “james it’s okay it’ll happen on its own time”
  • and then when they come back for winter break (it’s just ginny and harry because the others are off doing something) ginny feels super awkward around james and he can’t figure out why so he sits them down and he’s like “what’s up”
  • and ginny’s blushing and harry’s like “uh we’re dating”
  • and james stares in shock for like ten minutes and then he’s like “FUCK YES”
  • (and lily from the kitchen is like “language, dear”)
  • “uh dad we’re not married”
  • “and actually mr. potter i kissed him first”
  • and james tries to act normal he really does but this is the best thing ever
  • and he’s soooo excited when she gets recruited by the holyheads like he throws her a little party and harry’s like “dad you’re embarassing me” and james is like “son, listen, idgaf”
  • and ginny’s always over at the potter’s asking for advice about playing professional quidditch like how to deal with the fame and the hazing and they’re playing the chudley cannons next week and what do you suggest i do to fake out the keeper etc etc etc and harry pretends to be like “oi ginny you spend more time with my dad than me” but like secretly he loves it
  • and he goes to james when he’s gonna propose and he’s like “dad i’m super nervous”
  • and james sits him down and looks him straight in the eye
  • “don’t be. that girl loves you more than anything and you love her more than anything and it’s obvious to everyone and there’s no way in hell she’ll say no to spending the rest of her life with you”
  • and they arrive the next day at the potter’s house and she’s got a ring on her finger and james is like “now you are part of the family!!!”
  • and harry’s like “dad… we’re still not actually married”
  • “close enough, son”
  • and at the wedding oh my god okay so lily’s tearing up a little bit and she has this smile on her face but james is full on bawling like he can’t stop the tears because his only son is getting married and he couldn’t have picked a better match for him and he can’t deal with it
  • and then ginny announces she’s pregnant a few months later and james pretty much dies he’s going to have a little quidditch playing grandson/granddaughter
  • he totally goes baby shopping with ginny
  • and he babysits all the grandchildren all the time james loves kids so much and his grandkids love grandpa too and he plays quidditch with them and dresses up for tea parties
  • and basically james and ginny are very important so @lordvoldemort thx for nothing
Christmas Drabble ♥

While she sat on her chair on the porch of her house, the children played with the snow and ran around too fast for her to identify which was which and the old woman couldn’t help but to chuckle; she would never have thought her life would end up that way. Hoped? Sure. But actually happen was a surprise.

“Do you need anything, Grammy?” Neve, her oldest granddaughter, asked Juvia and the old woman couldn’t help it but to notice how she resembled her younger self: blue hair falling in waves and blue eyes but her personality was an inheritance from her grandfather – she had been just as reluctant to fall in love with the man who was now her husband as her grandfather were.

“I’m fine, honey.” Juvia smiled and raised her hands a bit. “I could use to have my great-grandson on my lap, though.”

Neve chuckled and kissed the baby in her arms on the cheek before carefully putting him on her grandmother’s lap and Juvia cooed in happiness. She loved her house during Christmas time, filled with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“I’ll go check on the other kids, Grammy. Are you okay to hold him for a while?” Neve asked and Juvia had to roll her eyes.

“Juvia had three children by the time I was your age, Neve-chan.” Juvia remind her granddaughter kindly. “I helped all of them with their children. Trust me, the little one will be quite alright.”

The blue haired woman nodded and left the porch, trying to put some order between her cousins and second-cousins.

Juvia looked down to the baby in her arms and smiled. “How about a story?” She asked. “You look just like him, did you know that, Gray-chan?” The baby stared at her with a frown that was just too similar to her husband’s, his eyes and hair were also the same, black. “Juvia bets you will turn into an Ice Mage to live up to his name.” As the infant continued to look at her, she kept talking. “Did you know that your great-grandfather was one of the most powerful Mages of our time? I was too, just so you know.” The baby made a sound and Juvia pretended to be offended. “Yes, I was, mister, and I was quite beautiful; Juvia has her fair share of wrinkles now, but I used to be very pretty. You come from a great line of Mages and when the time comes, if you look like him, you’ll have many girls after you. Gray-sama was so handsome, just like you.” She touched the baby’s nose.

“Between us, I was lucky he wasn’t interested in having girlfriends when we met, otherwise the competition would’ve been awful.” She chuckled. “Well, the first time we met we were enemies, so it wasn’t the best first impression, but sure it was memorable. By the time he admitted he was in love with me, we knew each other for almost three years. Before that he almost died and I almost died but we managed to live for each other.

“Juvia was so happy she thought it was all a dream.” She sighed in nostalgia. “We were at our prime, fighting the most powerful enemies of our time and having tremendous fun. It came as a surprise when he proposed; it was snowing just like it is now. Of course he would propose when it was so cold Juvia could barely feel her hands.” She looked to where the children were. “I remember tackling on the ground and saying ‘yes’ over and over again. We got married two months later and it was a dream come true.

“A year later I had your grandfather, and a few years later your grandaunt and uncle. We were so happy, sweetheart.” Juvia told her grandchild. “We had some bad moments, we fought a few times but even then we loved each other.” She smiled. “We were together for fifty-three years. You don’t understand time yet, but it means a lot of it, which is funny because to me it seemed it all went by too fast, in the blink of an eye. When you are happy time seems to run, but ever since Juvia lost her Gray-sama, it seems as if time takes much longer to pass.

“Don’t get me wrong, darling, Juvia is happy to be here with all of you because I know when we meet again, Gray-sama will want to know all about our family. Especially the little one with his name he didn’t get to meet.” Juvia’s eyes burned a bit with unshed tears. “And I’ll tell him you’ll make us proud. All of our family will.” She tried to blink the tears away. “But time is sure longer now.”

“Are you alright, ma?” A male voice startled her a bit and she saw her oldest son approach the chair she was.

“Of course, Ur-chan.” She smiled to him and couldn’t help but to remember the first time she held him, a mop of black hair and red with all the crying. “I was just telling Gray-chan here about his great-grandfather.”

Ur smiled to his grandson, touching his cheek gently. “He does look like dad, doesn’t he?”

“He does.” Juvia said. “You have my eyes, but this little one managed to get Gray-sama’s.” Juvia looked sad for a moment, feeling the loss of the man she loved with all of her soul.

Noticing the change of the mood, Ur put a hand on his mother’s shoulder. “I miss him too, ma. And so does Silver and Mika.”

“I know you do, baby.” Ur could be almost fifty-years-old but he would always be her baby, along with his siblings.

“Let me take him, Mika says dinner is almost ready and I’d rather help you inside before there are ten children running and risking you lose your balance.” Ur took Gray from his mother’s arms. “Come on, ma.” He offered his arm to Juvia and, with a bit of difficulty she stood up and grabbed her cane.

“This used to be much easier.”

Ur snorted. “Tell me about it. Last week Iggy asked me to get something up in a shelf and I almost broke my back. Of course she almost died with laughter.” Juvia chuckled, she liked Ingrid since she was a newborn, as she was the eldest child of Lucy and Natsu Dragneel. The ruckus they caused when they started dating would never be forgotten in Fairy Tail.

Juvia looked once more to where the children were playing and for a moment, she felt the presence of her husband right next to her. She knew wherever he was, he would be watching them. Soon, she would be with him again and she needed stories to tell him. “Let’s get inside, baby.” She told her son. “We have a Christmas dinner to make memorable.”


I hope you enjoyed it and Merry Christmas!  ♥

Levi tries to make Eren and Mikasa’s kid a true Ackerman, but he’s too much like his dad.

Okay, so I ended up not exactly following the prompt and it just turned into Nicolas being adorable with Levi but whatever. Grumpy old Levi of course only gets his heart melted by kids, even if he’ll never admit it to anyone (Hanji knows though).

“Are you coming or what, kid?” Levi looked behind him to see not only Nicolas Jaeger not listening but also trying to feed some stay cat the rest of his lunch. “Leave the cat alone, it probably has worms or something.”

Nicolas dropped the rest of his sandwich just in case the shy cat wanted it as he stood up, hurrying back over to Levi’s side and grabbing a hold of his open hand. “Like earthworms?”

“Not really, no,” Levi said, making sure the four year old stayed by his side as they continued down into the somewhat busy area of the town.

“What kinda worms?”

“Gross worms.”

Nicolas wrinkled his nose. “Gross.”

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Glass Flower

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chapter o7. Epilogue

All oceans are but tears mixed with sweat, collected together to form a larger, more alluring pool for once a droplet hits its greater mass, it loses its identity to the violent waves and the endless tides.  And once lost, is irretrievable but the flower will take the dive, hoping to drown with that one salted dewdrop.  Yet, even in death, he uses his last strength to push her afloat.  So day by day, night to dusk, dusk to dawn, she drifts ashore, dreaming of the day they will meet again.  

Stay!  Stay!” you sobbed, running down the hospital hallway with one arm cradling your baby and one hand clutching onto Joonmyeon’s motionless one.

Your lover’s blood drenched your white nightgown; the stench of mercury and metal knocked hard against your chest that even the glass flower could no longer become clear and empty.  Byungsoo’s cries echoed into your ear in place of your soundless ones.  Your throat shut tight.

The love of your life was whisked away into an operation room; your hands harshly torn from his by one of the surgeons.  Large metal doors slammed shut in your face as you stared soullessly in front of you like a lost child.  For you were a child once again, so vulnerable and naïve, begging, praying, bargaining with God, tricking Him into fulfilling your wish.  If only You do this then I’ll do that.  I’ll disappear.  I’ll be invisible.  Is that what You want?  Just…

Your vision landed to the adorable kitten slippers Joonmyeon got you, a few days ago, because he didn’t want your feet cold and bare.  Little sewn-on mesh flowers created a crown on the blushing cat.  Automatically, you wiggled your toes, causing the golden center to flicker with the overhead lights.

Heart of gold.

A dewdrop fell onto a petal, sinking into the center like a whirlpool.  And then another and another.  Until it gradually began to rain.      

It finally dawned on you: No matter how wilted you were, you were not invisible as long as you have a heart of gold.

In your arms, Byungsoo wept until his voice grew raspy and he began to hiccup.  Knocking yourself from your reverie, you snuggled your little boy closer, patting his back to comfort the tiny being…or perhaps to comfort your own sinking heart.

Was it possible to feel filled yet empty at the same time?  To be hydrated yet thirsty?  Was it greed?

If it was, then let the flower go.  Let her die.  Don’t save her.  Please.

“Se-second chance.  Give me se-cond chance…” Joonmyeon’s dying plea haunted your mind.      

A droplet of dark red dripped from your dress onto the flower petal, turning the golden core into the color of amber.  You bent over, hiding your body on your lap with the baby, who was still sobbing for his father, sandwiched in between.

You…just…didn’t know what to do.

A lady’s voice cried out for you as her feet scampered down the hall.  Behind her was an older man with the same golden proportional features of your angel.

“Omunim!” you sobbed as she brought you to her chest.  Her husband patted your head and blinked back the tears.

“Shhh…Joonmyeon will be okay,” your former mother-in-law consoled, though her voice shook with uncertainty.

“It’s all my fault,” you whispered.

Immediately, Joonmyeon’s parents shook their heads and denied, “No.  No, of course not, Sweetheart.  It’s that man’s fault.  He hurt our precious daughter-in-law and now hurt our Joonmyeon!”

“Even if Abonim has to sell his company, he will make sure that man gets put in jail!” your former father-in-law vowed, his nails dug deeply into his pants so that folds and wrinkles appeared on the silk wool.

“I’m sor…ry,” you apologized not only for this but for everything.  For constantly taking pieces of their son without giving back.  For leaving without notice.  For keeping the secret of Byungsoo’s identity even as you saw them treating him as their own.

“Shh…” your mother-in-law hushed, taking her grandson from you, “Sweetheart, do you want to go wash up a bit?”

Shaking your head, you responded, “I want to be here when the doctor comes out”.

“That won’t be for a while, Dear,” the elderly man spoke and patted your hand, “Listen to your mother-in-law and go wash up a bit to clear your mind”.

Despite your desire to counter, you obediently trudged off to the restroom because you didn’t want them to worry.

Splash.  You splashed water onto your face.  Blood mixed into the clear liquid, creating an almost captivating marble effect.  Briefly, you lifted your hand to touch the nape of your neck, anticipating a jolt of pain but even that had healed up quite a bit under Joonmyeon’s tending.




You stared at your reflection in the mirror.

A metallic taste lingered on the corner of your lip.

The sleeves of your nightgown were completely stained in red.  Sucking up the tears, you pulled your left arm into your shirt and soaked the cuffs into the sink.  Immediately, the pool of water dyed cerise and you could no longer distinguish the difference between the two liquids.  They were both him.  Your lips quivered.

Do not cry.  Do not.

And yet, a raindrop fell to accompany her lover.  A circular ripple caused waves in the ocean of unsaturated love.  The plug was pulled, allowing the two separate entities to finally become one.    

Will you also give me a second chance?

Drying your hands off, you traipsed back to the waiting area, where you caught Joonmyeon’s parents silently weeping to themselves.  Instantaneously, they straightened up and feigned a brave smile at your appearance.  You lowered your head.

“Everything will be okay.  Our Joonmyeon is a fighter,” the woman consoled.

You nodded despite your aching heart.

“Plus, Joonmyeon would never leave you and Byungsoo,” she spoke with determination, “You two mean the world to him”.

Do not…


You burst into tears.

“Aww…Aigoo…my Sweetheart…” the older woman sniffed back her tears and brought you to her chest, “It must have been hard on you.  My precious daughter-in-law,” she sobbed when her slim fingers grazed across the bumpy scar along your neck.  She squeezed you tightly and swayed you back and forth just like how you imagined a mother would to her baby.

“Joon-Joonmyeon,” the man began, “When my son begged me to accept another man’s baby as my grandson, I honestly didn’t want to.  But then he…” your father-in-law’s voice trembled, “Myeon-ie knelt down in front of me with tears in his eyes.  My Myeon-ie never cries.  That’s when I knew…youyou meant everything to him”.

“Abonim…” you tearfully called, “Byungsoo is actually…”

“Byung-ie is our grandchild no matter what,” he cut you off.

“He’s really your grandson,” you started to explain but your mother-in-law squeezed your shoulder.

“We know.  Myeon-ie came home a month ago laughing and crying at the same time, saying that you confessed to him,” she spoke, stroking your tear-stained cheeks, “My poor, precious daughter-in-law, our Myeon-ie has made you suffer a lot, hasn’t he?  If he cherished you before none of this would happen”.

You shook your head and pressed your lips flat.

Abruptly, the large doors were swung open.  Several nurses rushed out like freed birds.  You sprung up on your feet and grabbed onto one of them.

“Ho-How is he?!” you frantically asked.

“The patient lost too much blood!  We need to get more blood transfusion packs!” she spoke in one breath and bowed to excuse herself before scurrying off down the hall.

Your eyes trailed down your stained dress.

Byungsoo began to wail again, in which his grandfather heartbrokenly rocked the little boy just like he once did when Joonmyeon was that age.  The older man broke down in tears as your knees buckled in front of him.

“Myeon-ieee,” he wept, his voice straining in agony.  His wife silently wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

The nurses dashed pass with a bucket full of red packs back into the operation room.  As the doors swung open, you craned your neck to peer into the room but the blurriness of your eyes stopped you from catching a glimpse of your fallen lover.


Within ten minutes, another nurse rushed out.

“Julie, there’s no more!  We are out of AB!” a voice hollered from the room.

Joonmyeon’s parents and you scanned around, lost, confused, and dwindling in hopelessness.

“Hello,” the female, clad in pink, bowed, “Are any of you Kim Joonmyeon’s family?”

“Yes!” the three of you said in unison, each already volunteering your identities even before the nurse asked.

“So, currently our storage room is low on transfusion packs for the bloodtype AB and the rest are reserved for the other surgery rooms.  Technically, we could order some from the hospital a few blocks down but the paperwork will take way too long and Joonmyeon-ssi needs help as soon as possible,” she explained.

“I’m AB.  I’m his father!” the elderly man informed.

“No.  You have hypertension, Yeobo!” his wife warned, “I’ll do it!  My blood type is A!  I am his mother!”

“No,” you shook your head and stepped forward, “Let me.”

The nurse blinked a few times, overwhelmed by the amount of information given to her.

“My blood type is O and I am Kim Joonmyeon’s wife,” you spoke.  The two elderly guardians turned to you as they wiped their watery orbs.

For some reason, you used to think that having an O blood type was a disadvantage not because of the questionable Korean stereotyping but simply because “O” could only give, give, give while everyone else can take, take, take.  You envied “AB” because when in need, everyone can come to their aid.  There was something poignant about that thought…as if simply being a certain blood type made you less valuable.

You were guided to a room where the nurse instructed you to relax and lay down on a recliner.  A rubber band was tied to your arm.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  The nurse tapped your skin to clearly expose a vein before penetrating a needle in.  It felt like a tickle compared to all the broken bones and torn skin you endured over the past year.  And yet, tears kept rushing down your eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’ll only take about ten minutes…” the nurse tried to console, misunderstanding your tears as that due to pain.  Instead, it was due to the fact that you realized for once, you were finally giving instead of taking.  Your blood was essentially the gift for the years of water Joonmyeon supplied you with.

Heart of gold.

“Oppa will be okay, right?” you murmured to the nurse.

With a half second hesitancy, she diplomatically replied with the cliché, “We will try our best”.

“Take more,” you instructed when the nurse began to seal in your punctured wound.

“That’s enough for now,” she informed, “Your blood pressure is dropping too fast.  We’ll tell you if we need more later.”

But what if best is still not enough?

Shunned from accompanying Joonmyeon in his battle, you reluctantly got up to wait outside once again.  Byungsoo was asleep in his grandfather’s arms while his grandmother kept instructing you to drink water to replenish your fluids.

But what if…what if the water is no more?

“If…when…” you whispered, “When Joonmyeon Oppa is better, can Byung-ie and I come home?”

Your lover’s parents turned to gaze at you with glossed up orbs that were shiny enough to mirror your reflection to perfection.

“Of course!  Of course, Honey, you can come home any time.  Whether it is Omunim and Abonim’s home or Joonmyeon’s.  We’re family,” she exclaimed.  Moved to tears by your willingness to return back to the Kim household, she hugged your head securely against her warmth.

“Joonmyeon will be so, so happy,” the glassy-eyed male added as he squeezed Byungsoo tightly against his chest.

With a tearful smile, your voice quivered with utter gratitude, “Thank you”.

The golden crystals sparkled in your orbs.

Moments later, the operation lights turned off.  The three of you rushed forward, piling the exhausted doctor with question after question about Joonmyeon’s well-being.

“Kim Joonmyeon is a fighter,” the doctor spoke, “His heart stopped four times but he woke up each and every time, especially when the infant’s faint cries drifted into the operation room”.

Byungsoo bounced up and down in his grandfather’s arms.

“It’ll take a while to fully recover but we were able to take the bullet out and stop the internal bleeding.  And thanks to the emergency blood transfusion, he is now in a stable condition,” the doctor sighed in relief with the three of you.

You felt your head spin and your heart jolt out from your chest at his confirmation.

“Thank you so much,” you bowed countless times.

A sleeping angel was rolled out in a cot.  Instantly, you bent over, stroked his cheeks, and kissed his forehead.

“Oppa, thank you for not giving up on me…on us…” you whispered, making sure not to wake him up.  Byungsoo clapped his tiny hands at the sight of his father.


~One Year Later~

Heaven’s heart of gold took center stage in the periwinkle blue canvas, casting streaks of God rays down like spotlights in your little flower shop.  Dressed in a white maxidress, a red cardigan, and a ribbon headband, you tidied up and watered the plants and shrubs along the shelves.

The door chimed.

Happily, you placed the watering can down and waddled your way over to the entrance.

“Welcome!” you chirped with a bow.

The attractive male smiled cheesily at you.  Shaking your head, you rubbed your round tummy and plopped down onto your pillowy chair to rest your aching back while also attending to your little boy.  Byungsoo rocked cheerfully around in his favorite wooden horse.  Giggling, you leaned over and picked him up to sit on your lap.

“Muah,” you kissed his chubby cheeks, causing the toddler to squirm around.

Finally, you turned back to the handsome customer who was still grinning like a fool at the sight of the mother-son interaction.

“How may I help you, Sir?” you questioned teasingly.

“Uh…” Joonmyeon laughed, “I want to get some flowers for my wife.  She likes ones in pots and preferably still a seed or a bud”.

Gazing at him half dreamily and half in amusement, you stood back up and placed Byungsoo back onto his wooden horse before going around the shop to scout for said flower.  The young father immediately squatted down to his son.

“ByungByung,” he ruffled Byungsoo’s hair.

“Apuuuuupaaaaa,” the little boy giggled as he knowingly tilted his head up to plant a loving smooth on his father’s cheek.

Tapping your chin, you steered up and down the shop wondering which flower to present to your last customer of the day.

Roses.  Daffodils.  Tulips.  Peonies…

“Hm…” you pondered out loud as you bent over and sniffed in the sweet fragrance of Heaven on Earth.

A drop of water seeped through a top shelf, landing onto a flower bud on the third tier.  Instantly, its petals vanished into thin air as if acid had burned it raw.  Only upon closer look, did a small smile curl up on your lips.  Flattening your feet against the wooden planks, you blew a bit of life into the drooping soul, like a mother bird would in order to dry her newborn’s wet wings.  The bud transformed back to white, creating a veil to once again hide its golden heart.  Because, hey, that’s the thing about hearts, only certain people receive the privilege of seeing them.

Carefully, you picked up the pot with both hands and toddled back to the front register.

“Would this be something your wife would like?” you questioned.

Joonmyeon turned from playing with his son to pause before the diphylleia grayi.  Warm smiles mimic one another at the familiar scene.  No longer just water and flower but now bonded together by pure love and adoration, and well two little blossoms.

“I think she’d love it,” he answered, looking deep into your black pearly orbs.  With the tilt of the chin, he leaned in for a kiss but you playfully turned your head and pretended to dig through the cabinets for some ribbons to decorate the pot.

You suppressed a giggle when Joonmyeon grunted in disappointment.  From the corner of your eyes, you watched him slip a certain sparkling jewel around the stem of the glass flower, but you pretended not to see.

“That would be $500, Customer-nim!” you cheered when you finished tying the ribbon around the flowerpot.

“$500?!  Jagiya, that’s robbery!” he played along.

“Oh, but Customer-nim, that flower is called the diphylleia grayi.  I had to get it specially shipped from Japan,” you innocently explained while holding out your hand to take the money.

He slipped his hand through yours instead.

“$500 isn’t that much though, actually…” he spoke, once again leaning in for a smooch but you expertly dodged it again.

“I’ll add in a pack of seeds!” you laughed while taking a pack from the shelf.

But Joonmyeon skillfully tugged on your wrist, wrapped his other hand around the back of your neck, and pulled your lips onto his.  You gasped into the kiss while he grinned goofily.

“$500, right?  Here,” he piped and handed you the bills.

With a sad smile, you took it, counted $50, stuffed it into the cash register, and gave the rest back to Joonmyeon before walking to the back of the store to water the dehydrated beauties.

“Jagiya!” Joonmyeon called after you, sensing that he had upset you.  With an apologetic grin, he wrapped his arms around your body, from behind, and gave you a loving peck on your cheek.

“Hmm?” you hummed.

“Those flowers were for you,” he spoke as if you didn’t already know.

“Really?  I never said I would marry you though,” you half-teased only he took it to heart.

“Why? Jagiya, you’re already four months pregnant yet you’re still going to keep rejecting my proposal?” your lover questioned, disheartened.


He had a point, really.  Kim Hyunjun was out of the picture and sitting behind bars for attempted murder.  Byungsoo and Joonmyeon were both alive and well.  And you had moved back into Joonmyeon and your love nest a year ago…and well…managed to conceive another baby.  Your cheeks turned a rosy coral at that thought.

Yet, you rejected Joonmyeon’s proposal a total of seven times.

“Hmm?” the handsome man inquired, placing his chin on top of your head and swaying you from side to side.

“I…” you started, feeling that the golden speckle was appearing due to the water’s touch, “I’m just still a little scared…”

“Scared?” Joonmyeon asked, a bit taken aback by your confession, “Of what?”

Placing your hands over his that were on the center of your stomach, you chewed your lower lip and played with a loose thread on his cuffs to distract yourself while emptying your deepest secrets to the man of your dreams, “Because I’ve been married twice…and…well…” you paused to even your voice, “Well…”

Joonmyeon spun you around so that he could look at your expression while you ridded yourself of your reoccurring nightmares.

You took a deep breath and spoke while staring at the third button on his suit, “Well…both times the marriage didn’t end well…”

“This time will be different,” he firmly spoke, pulling you into the center of his chest.  Habitually, you looped your arms around his hips.

“But…I…” you stammered, frustrated with yourself, “I…”

“I’ll wait,” Joonmyeon concluded, easing your tensed shoulders, “I’ll wait patiently.  However long you need.  I’m already happy that you gave me a second chance”.

With a deep breath, you cuddled closer to him, “Thank you, Oppa”.

This time you took the initiative and tiptoed for a kiss.  The baby babbled and knocked the bells on his horsie friend three times as if asking for the attention of his parents.

“Aigoo, Appa’s Byung-ie must be hungry,” the young father observed as he picked his son up.

“Byungsoo’s Omma is hungry too,” you playfully pouted and rubbed your belly.

“Okay, let’s go eat!” your lover chirped, already strapping the toddler into his stroller.

Nodding, you turned the “OPEN” sign around and shut the lights off to your little shop.

Though it was already half past six, the summer sun still glowed brightly in the distance, lighting the way down the busy streets of Seoul.  Fairies danced mid air, sprinkling pink petals above your head like a scene taken straight from a fantasy love story.  Your nostrils flared up to sniff in the sweet scent in attempts to aid your struggle at pinpointing your momentary craving.  Despite your stomach grumbling over and over again, your baby wouldn’t settle for anything.

“Sour.  She wants something sour,” you spoke while patting your tummy as if communicating with your baby girl.

“Sweet and sour chicken!” Joonmyeon suggested as he pushed the stroller forward with both hands while you looped your hand through one of his arms.

“No, I don’t think she wants that,” you laughed when Byungsoo punched his pony plushie.

“Tomatoes?” the male asked as he squinted at a menu taped to the wall of a restaurant.


“Ommmmaaaaa…” Byungsoo babbled while chewing on his animal friend.

“Fi-” you began.

“Joonmyeon Oppa?” a soft, elegant voice called.

The two of you turned around.  Your lungs immediately locked at the sight of the girl seated on the seventh row, first seat during your first wedding.

Ah, Luna,” Joonmyeon greeted.


Your heart dropped.

Her skin was a perfect healthy tan, her sharp nose flawlessly proportional to her almond eyes and thin lips.

She’s so beautiful…

Unknowingly, your hand unlooped from Joonmyeon’s arm but he instantly took it back with a squeeze.

“Wow, already another one?  You two are busy!” Luna teased and you flushed.

“Yeah, how about you, Luna?  When are you going to have one of your own with Minho?” your lover questioned as a young man, dressed in a suit and tie, ran down the street and stopped in front of the three of you.  His arm automatically wrapped around Luna’s shoulders.

“Joonmyeon, were you talking about me?” the young man chuckled.

“Yep, just wondering when Luna and you will have a baby,” he laughed; the wrinkles on the corners of his eyes proved his sincerity.

Sensing that you were the oddball of the group, you distracted yourself by chewing at your cheeks and rubbing the baby who was kicking your stomach in quiet secessions.

“Oh, by the way, Minho, this is my wife,” Joonmyeon introduced and once again painted your name with the colors of the rainbow, “This is Minho, Luna’s husband”.    


You blinked and then shied away when you felt your cheeks heat up.  The younger male bowed politely and you mimicked his action.

“Minho Oppa, let’s go!  Krystal and Sulli are waiting!” the girl tugged her husband into the restaurant while waving goodbye to the two of you.

Once they were gone, Joonmyeon turned to you and narrowed his eyes to study your expression.  When you recoiled further and began to walk away in panic and embarrassment, the attractive young man tugged your arm and expertly pulled you into his chest.  You shrieked and closed your eyes when he cupped your face and gave you a big, wet smooch.

“Muah!” he emphasized.

Your pearl eyes gazed innocently into his twinkling ones.  Those corner wrinkles showed up again to apply sugar against your blush

“Fish.  The baby wants fish, doesn’t she?” he concluded and you could only nod as he motioned you down the street to a famous fish restaurant.

That night, as the two of you got ready for bed, you gently detached the diamond ring from the diphylleia grayi bud and slipped it onto your slender ring finger.  The gold sparkled under the moonlight, creating a honey glow on your water-filled orbs.  Joonmyeon draped his arms around your body and craned his neck to kiss your cheek.  You squealed happily until your eyes glittered more than the diamond around your finger.


Without letting go of you, your guardian angel brought the Polaroid up to his eyes and grinned in approval.  It was placed on the vanity table next to a similar one taken two years ago.

“Now, I want one on the lips,” Joonmyeon wiggled his eyebrows as you squirmed around in bed.

His moist, soft lips captured yours as you swung your arms around his neck and closed your eyes.

When the water melts along the petals of the flower, she becomes transparent again – not in the way that she vanishes to invisibility, like glass, but instead she becomes completely unguarded under her lover’s touch, allowing his water to slowly drip into the depths of her golden heart.  So that no matter how bare and delicate she was, she was never clear and empty but filled and merry.  That…was true love.        


My buubuu bear sent me this link a few days ago which I would like to share: Us as flowers because it’s true, whether you are a glass flower, a daffodil, rose, tulip, a forget-me-not, sunflower, or poison ivy, we all have a special trait or feature, unique only to us, so instead of hiding that scar or birthmark, wear it with pride :)!!!!

I love you all!!!  Take care and like, comment, spam my inbox.  hehe  and JUST FOR FUN POLLS.  


Thanksgiving at the Swan-Mills House

Everyone has gone around the table and said what they’re thankful for. Snow and David’s answers are almost identical. Baby Neal, who’s three is thankful for ice-cream and pie. Regina and Emma go back and forth arguing whether or not Thanksgiving is actually a ritual sacrifice commemorating the Fall Harvest, ending with Regina putting her foot down.

“I’ve hosted a few ritual sacrifices, Emma. I know what they look like.”

The table is silent and then Emma just start laughing and soon the others follow. Regina just sips her cider, content that she’s at least won the debate.

Then Snow turns to her grandson, Henry, now 16 and asks him what he’s thankful for.

Henry thinks about it for a moment and then gives his reply.

“I’m thankful for the Moms finally mastering a soundproofing spell for their room.”

David’s face flushes. Snow is trying to look at anything but Regina and Emma. The Savior nearly coughs up her turkey leg and the Former Evil Queen chokes on her wine. Henry smiles victoriously and turns to his uncle Neal.

“Come, Neal. Everyone’s being weird again. Let’s go get ice cream and pie.”

Baby Neal claps his hands excitedly. “Yay! Ice Cream!”

And the boys trot away as the adults try to recover. Finally, Regina breaks the silence, turning to Emma.

“Word vomit,” she says. “I blame it on his swan genes.”

“Hey, I wasn’t around for the first ten years,” Emma defends herself and her DNA. “He gets that smartassness from you.”

The couple quickly dissolves into another heated debate and David leans over to Snow, whispering to his wife.

“So, Christmas at our house this year?”

Just for the record, someone living their normal life and sharing videos of their friend’s baby is not gross. People are not responsible for how Larries will twist their totally normal actions. None of these people “know what they are doing,” the way Larries will interpret things is not obvious to anyone else, and they make literally everything point to Larrie so there is actually no way to avoid sending the “wrong” message regardless.

From what we know, it looks like a major reason Tammi is not posting pictures of her own grandson is the hostile reaction from Larries, which makes this reaction particularly inappropriate.

Family Reunion~Chucelle,Daire, Ladler(C.B)

Piper  ended up on her sister’s house, preparing everything for their small family party. She was a little nervous about Jon, meeting family and all.But, she was willing to see Claire’s face, when she’ll realize that they’re somehow related. She texted Jon, the adress and apologized in advance for what he was going to see today.

Chuck woke up and he wasn’t willing to leave his bed. Classes have finished for a while and not even a small family reunion was going to stop him from sleeping more than usual. When his mother called him, the moment he heard her voice, he jumped up, wincing. “Okay, okay. Yes, I’m dressing, mom. We’ll be there. Stop it”.

Claire wasn’t used to the fact that she was meeting part of Damon’s family today. She wasn’t actually believing that Marcy was pregnant, but the more she was informing her about it, she felt happy. She was going to have a grandson and she was willing to make Damon drive her after that party and check on Marcy and feel the baby kicking. She just dressed herself and waited for Damon to arrive and drive to the dinner.