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Frat!Luke Part Eighteen (Smut Imagine)

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But how and why would you plant someone on tumblr?

How? Are you kidding? The same exact way you or I or anyone else would get an account. All it takes is an email address and a couple clicks. 

The manner in which GBA launched her blog to high attention and got her initial core followers was, in retrospect, a marketing masterstroke

If you weren’t around/paying attention when it happened, she started the day after the heavily blogged Toronto shows and just before the heavily anticipated NYC shows. The fandom had seen some shifts in behavior from the boys from the South American leg and European leg of WWA, and the North American leg of prior tours had also brought behavior shifts, so when they finally kicked off the North American WWA dates, we were all watching with a veeeerrrry careful eye. 

Anyway, everyone was glued to the internet. It was also high summer and hot as fuck and we were largely all hiding inside from the summer in the AC, off from school, and generally bored out of our brains. 

She started by sending me the London PR anons, although I actually think she also sent me THIS ask about Cara Delevigne to give her prompt to “reply” to that anon as London PR anon.

London PR anon has this gorgeous story about seeing Harry and Louis together and acting coupley multiple times in industry-only settings and her timeline matched up with the range of physical possibility AND less substantiated stories other people had heard of them attending LFW parties (not just runway shows). Every ask she sent had more and more detail. She sent each one about an hour apart, and there were 8 of them, so by halfway through the process of receiving and publishing them, an absolute fever pitch had formed. My inbox was getting BLASTED by people asking me to ask her things, or asking me to tell her that they wanted to her to start a blog. It was crazy, I got LOADS AND LOADS of messages that day, well into the multiple hundreds. Her ask posts were shooting into the hundreds of notes immediately upon publishing. It was *the* thing that happened that day. It was CRAZY.

Anyway, she eventually messaged me privately and essentially said, “hey! I’m London PR Anon, I started a blog and this is it, but I’m probably just going to lurk quietly for a while, so don’t mention it please!.” THEN, she turns around and immediately sends an off-anon ask to lapelosa (who has been around a looong time and has an immense readership) saying HI! I’m new! wherein anyone who clicked on her blog name on the ask could see her bio which conveniently was the entire London PR anon story truncated. Right in the middle of everyone foaming at the mouth over her.And this was coming from an established PR professional whose JOB it is to know how tumblr works and would damn well know not to make her bio that didactic if she wanted to lay low. It was and remains the ONLY off-anon ask she ever sent.

She absolutely leveraged Angela and myself to launch her blog to great attention and she did it SO cleverly. We got played like harps.

She immediately got the attention of the entire analytical corner of the fandom in less than one day. It was nuts.

As for WHY? Simply put, to control the conversation. If 1DHQ (or whomever) knew that a slow-rollout of a Larry coming out plan was commencing, making sure that the most heavily invested and influential Larries are informed and can spot the signs and help spread the message is all in their best interest. 

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"the next time he’ll kiss her, would not be because the world was ending." I am little dumb to understand certain philosophy. could you please explain me what did john mean when he said these words.

From my point of view:

When Astrid asked John if he was going back to the liar for any other reason (besides helping), she was really asking about Cara. She actually wanted to know if the previous kiss between them meant something to John or if he was just going back to Cara again.
So John gave her his jacket and said: “I’ll be back for it” but what he actually meant was ”I’ll be back for you”.
Then, when he told her he’ll kiss her again he confirmed, again, the same thing: not only he was gonna save the world, but he was gonna go back to Astrid, to be with her.
What he meant, not only with this line, but with the whole scene was “Okay, I’ll go help my friends save the world, I’ll save you and I’ll save myself. But after that, I’ll come find you, because that kiss meant something, it wasn’t just a way of saying goodbye. I will kiss you again because I want to, and not because it may be the last time I’ll see you”.

So, basically, Jostrid is happening and it’s not because of all the stressful and desperate circumstances they’re living in at the moment; it’s happening because John and Astrid are falling for each other since they first met. It’s happening because it’s meant to be.

And that’s why I need a second season, so I can see my babies falling in love.